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Ministry After Retirement

Arthur Weaver Lloyd Dayes


  • September 22, 2006
    3:00 PM
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him or her the readers you will not have as these are you relying that I have an appointment to go and women who are you and you and more known EES is not as easy no is your eye and you know I know you and you and I love is when you know in losing the national retirees in England as I recall we will have yes as I know you and by following your word go on in order for the years whenever I was those really was the thousand dollars a you will need where it is you send is anything you retire you know me here is your one of their souls also belongs results of a humane original medicine with a van is you are is outed I know I put them on trial are all in the all of you know where environment all you don't environment the small 's passing he was intimate as a zone in theology and reviewed what I know it must have been very is as anyways in your home was later made an weight as able as part of you are unicellular no-no when I was I ruled home to Jamaica and all you need happy to know that I just got my medical degree and practice in Jamaica is handling the medical cost sorry we're British and we do not accept a United States medical in my eye as he is things my wife and I will all the weeds in Montréal McGill University I was really interested in internal medicine and what we had was vulnerable to infections it was here is a will to go to knows that I is everything and sure enough when I was through his neurosurgery and can you give neurosurgery really are a certain area is is is was a rotating for two weeks and months on the love that is as when I was a neurosurgery resident was nice to you in the world some will be involved in all the things you can do it all on this young resident is young intern here all the usual engineers are either neurosurgeons in Jamaica so I said no sir why I really don't want to one hundred miles from his wages and she varies in your tendency of the first of July so I is you want to make no cost and practice in an interview Matthew Rees sorry we don't have enough money to be a brain surgeon will I was crestfallen I reviewed a few weeks on you and you will actively consider the campus is like the word neurosurgeons can output will either want to the schools to apartment for a little more so I said so happy to send Lord thank you I drove all the way from Montréal all the way across Canada and Louisville was no a variety names using the C5 to be a nuisance policy for years and who I retire as hard as it is and dynamic range Maurice is a real lesson one that I told Johnny coffin is still love you all as well as one two hundred seventy degrees as the is revered know what we're doing now is going you can rise as thanks for the phone one will that his presidency is what you give you all my pain it won't cross the blood brain barrier to put another and so we are going to get as operating on the rest of the trip is over I will follow was very you know when you receive a retirement so I hesitated and one hundred is tired for the advancement is a bit the expression I use them I said well you know is free when just changed lanes bowling was sorely run class today and using it as well how are you doing in your mouth hung well as a Abilify is my last operation was seventy 's and manages the farewell all over with that that was eight years in an praise the Lord England man so anyway yeah I will I didn't have to retire loving will not yes several things have I wasn't having an address to show you the bad most of my referring man by all yes that is really obvious I know what you mean it's interesting and on the referral the people that do refer to people while they're saying the jihad usually bother same ethnic background is there Indian is a sender and delete immediately as I called is okay by you to the property is blind minute of this on major centers in for the general letter to all the truth is my biggest referrals and they all got cancer Hornaday I had guys who were my engine zone of my practice was down to the other problem is you can really slow down as a Yankee Montes and I have to always going to know why I thought well in life enlargement follow some cancer patients and has aligned with the problem is with the cost of malpractice ally will and he is you want to keypress and resulting movie fan who were Saturday five thousand dollars a year for malpractice in California as yet as you presented five thousand dollars a day on a VHS coming in so all of you so you know that I was well alone the entire eyes dilemma skills is enormously irrelevant summonses lives in old dollars in the operating room and the three murders some as a hands-on way in which she and I figured I go out of the top of the game rose in the bottom of the games another one someone is doing you know I think you're really tired and am so all I do for you seventy five and I will hang about but we had in around one way will we're going to go to with the one who recorded in so similar in Florida regarding the song while we had to work and still live help outreach in and doing that Malan and wanted to see the garden one or we give we get very busy lately and we have a lot of projects we rescheduled the group to Ecuador in order to build a church in the will be our sixth six church home I the window along the lonely bill on going to read a lot about his euros listening to probably is my idea I had the this year were going to believe it is also also witnessing my day have logged on as a I would guess maybe twenty percent of our group Sigma forty milliliters can of the lunar and lose all that is the people that we know people we have a you have some relationship with maybe the members some of our Bible studies will certainly they been doing some of our health programs and the like and go through witnessing to use a bath and these people get down there and they meet all these advantages you know that as you know you are in and in South America are very friendly and is expressly losing streak and so appreciative that you come to help them with church in addition as he is a good witness and and we've done several not those along with other churches may want to come back again towards the ideas make friends and category help them get to the place where they were they want to make a decision and action lay in the online nurses the judge last week to she's been into larger building projects will solely have that and then of course we don't run our health care and you wanted and fascinating day in every way we do there is basing the most was a very few of those are community of friends and people of the men who are some of our other programs all are of read/write below published in the papers or something about having some of our brand-new and humans new friends and well as all of you have a are there were Bible studies nine hundred and twelve a is a mother in conjunction with again we do have a section of miles that are interested although not at all again is going to the selective and when I got my ideal number eleven Joomla! they will study and I so I may make a list of several topics interview the M Jericho LR than I have in place for topics that they would like a fan they would like to discuss so so they feel like you covering what they want rather than drives your desire to do other than trying to force feed him with what you have that every Sabbath mode are in our church not only you have our service first son was a class basically is not all in well inversion driving time when it runs around ten members of these are people that have expressed an interest in Bible study and one solo show was and then we give them the fly don't you like to come on Saturday morning with a small group meeting is that even the weekly starting with and a than a week made by him overlong the have a so basically it's a matter of will friendliness friendly visit to spread the word and I guess the best you rebaptized for a hybrid car of the Bible to resume working on some and am about to try to plug-ins more people are using is new or newer is all that plus you will be gradual you have two too many you have a seventy yeah yeah yeah sure I seventy hours we started losing his video and is alleviating down about three kids is all the seventeen grandchildren alone Greg is allow how the boy was making is that the one you when your family knows that you you have a little flexibility as they find things for you to exactly for you is in for you to do as well as I like her mama Genji baby sit to address them as only and of course the mother was always willing to do that exactly as the then for Grabow who has you know myself some practical building in connection to a range of values we only design your opinion maybe how one of the graduates will put in the system yeah I have a painting or drawing rioters and I so know we don't have any trouble keeping busy in but we still are actively involved in the Lord of the evangelism of one sort or majority Sinhalese and I like the idea I enjoyed the students in your residence was a joy vibrations that enjoy the the nurses revolution was no energy and time given to man to marry Sharon Ashley my son Donald is chairperson is Wednesday of that he was one of my residents of years and I are you sure you talking so yeah I was very very good student sure but as a way of Rose F is interesting that in all I would always be the operating quizzing the residence above and you show indications is the other thing is I never get to never get to embarrass him or he never remembers me as is yeah he came to the operation broke been drinking and even wise that is and how and and will not arose as I passionately you will look bad and will be emotional in if you may have a twelve dollars million that is how it was in my graduate nineteen fifty two where the other guys in the class of nineteen fifty three a fooling my plasma and you know LOL Iran Loma Linda with Doctor Whitlock in digital asset as Doctor Bailey he was a dressing surgeon is on interviewing the owner he was in your class the thoracic surgeon and eighty eight heart pounding on that I'm not that I is a mother when please do you do what you have said while there was on notice that which I was just looking to have this out and are the loan is not one argument is when one is in I saw a mom what are you doing in your return as she refuses to return to Gigi is going to Alaska is in a will remember how to have a minimum and injection has an and you and you have is a general examination is so years will still actively involved as is good because that stuff bills over United so what are your opportunities to witness your move around your lowlands earlier in a ghetto is that it is present in all the organization here in a and I said makes you so wish this is only the campus in the face because it is very well done and organize it all and I was there for aggressive institution I sometimes go to require no disease will and Papua New Guinea have been in the business in Nigeria that means the Dominican Republic with your rulers is not know I have fallen into law and so he was aware to go overseas what do you basically free clinics general examination of patients and will city or village or town I find out the name of the nearest doctors or special NICs of them know about visiting screen is firefighter someone were to get involved in the nurse visit with you only you you are doing preliminary work for us we love it is you are not the examined the seventh inning of game his growing is enough is very important point sometimes you may want to also examine the same time it is a statistical who would supervise all the while is that the session is all I have a very interesting problem from what is it okay as is with my office tomorrow so that you doesn't have any money or will find your state government is so the guy had his surgery is very as is my son the ladies in your life the will reach millions of servers and are yours every error one hundred four of I think he does teaching there and maybe I'd always thought some other hospitals of shopping surgeries and you know I'm a fan of down ideas I think they made him a honorary member of the Indian medical society and homeland he will get easier now than it was an exclusively to your son is not in the Muslim and he and not exactly sure when he is in seventies that he wasn't in one of my students that I probably will have no love is the Lord 's we've done some overseas were games in August the Williams is the smoking limos and I didn't want in a in Moscow that was associated in the was Phillies are in the we did I think fifteen hundred patient persons that are available that I a woman's library say yeah and that was that actually for missionary one of the below home and able to then I got a got those orders connected with the Adventists there is so that we do more than some Taiwan is a long as one required our always interested in short-term in a month or so retains the nations are limited in my confusion I believe only unity easy antibiotics and things like that some as women and young adults in severe bronchitis is an pneumonia and use of violence in addition to refer to a well you will do is use the region nursing and impacted me so that is really going where it was personal I is you write personal letters is around say what you need in and that is a swallowing vintage in the school of nursing energy is always a moment and is growing all I can say is the region heart is as I see that you have is the first in something as a right is an open admission fee in his brother 's father was an anesthesiologist as a matter is our was one of the messages making maximum and reviews and is a is a so the boys and heart boys a visionary guy I met him several blazes but I remember running across in Russian in Russia is a and that I think I frankly been impressed with the administration of Loma Linda and as there are either images reflected in their data center mission outreach and I have reviewed in San Bernardino although they sent me an invitation to donate every year yeah I is okay you have student missionaries were wrong and on and went on Mexico and Central America the job is maybe laughing with you as well they were willing to envision the site is as long as we have breath and we have life alone we as an opportunity to share we should enjoy leisure as is will will will bless you and you've been a very wonderful missionary for the low lying on 's vision is utilized for folks to the Nation of Islam


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