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Genocide In The Old Testament. Finally, Some Solid Answers!

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 18, 2012
    3:30 PM
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him I had fun in heaven thank you so much again for the truth but that's a three log your showing of how privileged we are to have the strength Lord we pray and ask that as we go forward in this study we pray that you would send the greatest of all teachers and preachers the Holy Spirit to us the floored to show us great things out of thy law in Jesus name and rights on some people were asking me they said they were to make a copy of the presentation as far as the audio on this can be an audio verse but as far as that the visual presentation there's a little piece of a bigger after the obsession you can fill it out and you can just write your e-mail I promise you once anything to spam mail or the fact that I won lottery in the UK and Europe are that winning today's presentations and how the Bible and genocide finally some answers finally some answers to stop by sharing all you with you that it's just the story of this mandatory leasehold of anybody know when this individualist a very interesting man a very interesting that he was asked in the Jewish intern camps became now and just used as done some wonderful things and he has met with various VRC has met with various president and he speaks on tolerance for all races can you say meant that God hates racism he hates anything that has to do with the thinking up of casts but God loves all people but this individuality while some books his current position religious leaders Eagles back and forth between agnosticism and otherwise believing there something out there but not knowing and theism believing that there is a God Eagles back and forth and you will find a doubt expressed in a lot of his books but he won't about a very interesting encounter this is actually a picture of him you'll notice them in the second in a row at the top it was a young man but see describes the horrors of being the Jewish intern and ignore internment camp but that even one day while he was laying in bed you notice something he popped his head up because either of them talking and there you look in my theory in the middle of the hallway that was right there between the two sides of the Romans had been drawn it did notice for rabbis with a notice for rabbis and he saw these four rabbis doing something unusual and one of the rabbis what has happened up in the air and he said I like to call this court case into order the individual who is being tried right now is God Almighty and so even if the was walking this whole thing and he was watching the thing play out as these rabbis were having a mock trial and some of these rabbis would stand up and they would accuse God of clients they would accuse God of all the evil things that he is not at the very end of it even the judge stands up anything I pronounce God guilty event you beheld this whole thing and it really changed since concepts about who God is both you can imagine that people abandon from flying circumstances people been Seminoles difficult things in life things that you or me will never ever deal with promptly it's very interesting to know how quickly they would change their religious beliefs and this world is a world of ideas amen and frame point that we get the right idea at what they've my one my favorite Christian apologists that they said that the truth is the most important thing in the world it's so important it's often hidden by a bodyguard of lies folks need to understand the truth about who God is a man enough within capsule in the Adventist message me take a look at this world today you see some of those vicious things you see some of the horrors of past history of the Wanda genocide we have identified that a stilted in place today as we speak you read about all sorts of evil things that have taken place in our history and many people questioned the goodness of God the lovingkindness of God the justice of God if all these wicked things are taking place very interesting in India right now there is a genocide taking place as we speak it when I praise God for that one day during the thousand year judgment God will make all things clearer amen I don't melt like this as we get into this topic about genocidal testing she makes him a remarkable claim she says if will be this will take place at the very and she said that every question of the long-standing controversy has now been made plain the results of rebellion the foods of setting aside my statute having been laid open to the field of alternate intelligences the working of Satan 's will in contrast with the government of God has been presented to the whole universe now watch if they cancel along with condemning God 's wisdom his justice and his goodness and bullying what vindicated and is the most beautiful part is seeing that in all his dealings in the great controversy that all your feelings and the great controversy have been conducted with respect to the eternal good of his people and the good of all the worlds that he is created in other words what we will understand the Barry and that all of God 's feelings his intentions and motivations I've always been best for all of humanity and I praise God because this needs to get it this will give us a good prospective astral looking at the Old Testament but not now this is very important that anything that God has done or have allowed to take place has always been done for what motivation to the eternal good of his created beings beneath a man to that is very important to notice because as we get into this we need to understand some very simple things the whole idea of genocide this idea that God is exterminating people that he is complete one-stop people in Old Testament on it being used by skeptics and infidels to show that God himself is not consistent at the bottom the Old Testament is much different than the God of the New Testament and it's good for us to worship Jesus but the guy Neil testing were not around when I got right there but you're going to discover that the God of the New Testament is still the God of the Old Testament anything into that God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow amen amen amen now look into the first line of reasoning we need to understand God does not violate his old law amen his law is simply a transcript of his own character the first thing that people tend to bring up when it comes to the things that were taking place in the Old Testament is that God kills was it a good look at person on the commandment in some translations of the Bible the second commandment is stated thou shall not kill or thou shall not murder the Hebrew word used is my thought it means literally to dash into pieces to murder or to be a man slayer what does God ever take life yes he does does he murder no the difference being one is justified and one simply is not the justification always required the most necessary circumstances and the most selfless motives and in today's world you will see why sometimes the taking of life is completely justified and no one will argue that point murder then would be unjustified taking of life and very incorrect intentions underlining the actions themselves Jesus himself a quantitative murder with being angry with out a what costly difference with the murder and the taking of life is that murder is unjustified taking of life so when God have to take life he is an no way of violating his own marketing agreement that the law is the transcript even Jesus said the law is written in my own heart right when he brings on sporting now this individual is a well-known atheist we learned a little bit about him he was somebody be read from his book the God delusion of a selfish shape he makes a point to point out that God is a genocidal maniac of the Old Testament he makes a point to show that God commanded the destruction of little kids are babies that this God is a mass murderer without watching to see the inconsistency with this individual to this match about a book called the spirit of the song in this when he said there was a well-known television chef who did the phone recently by cooking human placenta and serving up as apartheid brought pride with shallots garlic and lime juice everyone said it was delicious the father had several helpings a scientist can pay now as I have done that this is actually active cannibalism war since cloning is such a live issue at the moment because the placenta is a true genetic clone of the baby science cannot tell you if it is right or wrong to each her own babies called but it can tell you that a container that is what you are doing then you can decide for yourself whether you think it is writer walks to the same individual was basically saying there is no nothing wrong it's up to you to decide whether or not this is wrong this particular idea of eating the placenta and that he is also saying on the other side they gone is a genocidal maniac but it is big and a look at it you can see that there is an inconsistency with what this individualist published atheist himself is believing very interesting to know as the continuing misunderstanding as we take a good look in the Old Testament will find that God many times commanded the Israelites to do some very unusual asked some strange acts it all began when the gone free the children in Israel want to get the agreement from Egyptian rule and so he sent them into the land and this is what the Bible says right here in Deuteronomy chapter seven one two the Lord your God brings you into a land that you should go to possess and after so many nations before you bid types of herbicides and downright and the Canaanites and the parental rights and the like and the Jebusites seven nations greater and mightier than you thought vagueness specifically I want to send you to the day heart all the world at that time she was very interesting the on the geographical region of Cano Israel was completely surrounded by huge nations it was a bit cultivate center and what God was trying to do he was spending the people right into the very core or the heart plan and get a very intentional our reason for that and that is that the gospel could spread to the entire world it would be the most important place to drop you could say the payload and when the payload would be drop in that specific area it then would bring the cure upon the entire world plus helping the entire world with the promising it was very specific and strategic of God to make sure that the children of Israel the the present preservers of truth would get to the very center of this world and that was the area of Israel retaining as though God gave them a very interesting man because I want you to go into this plan and this is what I wanted to alert you also pay attention to this that God sent his people but they were not racially motivated in conquest in other words it wasn't that they simply just how we don't like these people we hate them we hate the color of their skin we hate the way they local what you know of just who they are rather it was geographically motivated not racially motivated in conquest but what you will find out in recent history is that genocide actual genocide is racially motivated as racially motivated and that when Hitler what was being his conquests the boyfriend I have FF to exterminate Jew not just in Germany but in other parts other neighboring country he actually had a hatred for these do what's also interesting is that God never sent his people to go destroy the cane knife in the other country on the other countries nearby it was specific to this one area I noticed there was a geographical geographical motivation as opposed to a racial motivation that's very important to understand as we continue in this in fact it was a very special law it was provision for the aliens in the land or the foreigners Leviticus chapter nineteen verse thirty three thirty four and if a stranger dwells with you in your land you shall not let the ministry him the stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you and you shall love him as you love yourself for you were strangers in the land of Egypt I am the Lord your God did God command is listed to treat strangers are aliens and foreigners correctly amen in fact if you think that guy was just bent on destroying all these nations what you will find out if these great nations or a land that God sent people into in some of the people wanted to join Israel they could case in point story of Rahab saving up she was a candidate and she once enjoyed his life and there was no problem with that whatsoever and this is important to also know because God gave very specific commands about how to deal with those leaving to get a look at the fourth commandment it protects the corner a payment that God cares about people amen principles of war Deuteronomy chapter twenty verse eleven through twelve when nuclear to a city to fight against it and then proclaim then proclaiming offer of what please do it and it shall be that if they accept the offer of peace and open to you all the people were found in it shall be placed under tribute to you and serve you this was a time of war and so bonded very specific commands that Delwin is what Galactic Congress that would attack another nation that if they came across them they were first to offer what an offer agrees that have a treaty right and this is important to understand because you see how God actually carried out some of these principles right here but that has more to this they develop this than usual due to all the cities which are very missed you shall did all the things which are very far from you which are not of the cities of these nations now watch what God says he points his finger right on the problem but on the cities of these people which are the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance you shall let nothing breathe remain alive and you shall utterly destroy them the Hittite Empire the Canaanites the present identify any gems that just as the Lord your God has commanded you now watch is less they teach you to do according to all their wet abominations about way that same word abominations also found when God gives commands for people not to have sexual relations with animals which they have done for their gods and you sin against the Lord your God notices this is very specific God is putting the children in Israel to go clear out the land and bought been very interesting morning he said be careful and make sure you utterly wipe them out because if you don't they're going to come back and avoid to corrupt you and they will teach it to do according to all their abominations God wanted the destruction of his religion more than at the Canaanites themselves when the children is across the during the very first city they came across with what Jericho inevitably gets very interesting here is how life is okay trucks and profits Jericho was one of the principal seats of idol worship being especially devoted to Ashtoreth the goddess of the moon 's year censored all what file with any most degrading in the religion of the cane in other words the very first day that they were to deal with an utterly destroyed was none other than the city of Jericho Helen went a little she pointed to Jesus on the city 's insane and all the other people this was the most degrading animals of my list of all the this was the first opponent of Israel and had Israel failed to do this job it would come back and they would utterly destroy Israel very interesting in fact what they discovered about the city is very very interesting thinker a cultic prostitution was practiced in order to ensure the fertility of the land fertility of the field blocking family was not depend upon the sexual relations between ball and off according to a pattern of sympathetic magic the worshipers about imitating the actions they desired all to perform such male and female worshipers engaged in sacred sexual acts in the Temple in order to assure for themselves the blessings of nature is the main point they moan a little story phone and they said this land was known for ritual prostitution ritual what to watch a second thing they were known for another practice associated with the Canaanite holy places with child sacrifice do things ritual prostitution and what child sacrifice by the way when they first come into the land behind under woman's house under woman's rub what was her name recap what was she a prostitute one with a interesting the Chevy children she had no children she said her household right when she got out she manages right was a child think boa 's but would not bimbo as if she fit in that city they did sacrifices of the firstborn Bible lessons on point because he married who roof and Ruth Ruth a great brand love David and Willis David that I symbolic father insists in fact you wonder what the word would work Hannibal Campbell comes from cannibalism to what tainted and bail historians record that these priests were actually even the firstborn that's what capitalism that for you without word from you can check it up yourself cannibalism that one and a watchable mail they were doing some demented things with children as the fifth this place needs to be wiped out and will continue an assailant and what a signal in the history is acting to historians right near there was in their city a bronze image of wireless expanding its hands palms up sloping towards the ground so that each of the children were in place they are all down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire no signs of this the whole area before the statue was filled with the loud noise of flutes and drums that the cries of wailing of the children being sacrifice should not reach the years of the people 's elected taken place radon type they were still caring for the same practices can I go about without the generic term for all the other nations that were in the way as well CC some that evil things that were taken place in some really demented things here is also a powerful than what nineteen twenty one the largest summative sacrifice infants in the ancient near East was discovered at Carthage it is well-established that in this right of child sacrifice originated in finish up and get Israel's northern neighbor I was brought corrupted hyphenation colonizes hundreds of burial urns filled with the cremated bones of imprint mostly new brands but even some children up to age six years old as well as animals have been uncovered at Carthage therefore the carpeting car Virginians believing that the misfortune Continental got become themselves to any number of supplication and wind power in their zeal to make amends for their mission they sacrificed two hundred of the noblest children and sacrifice them publicly and we can go look at what they can play so you can see why God had to make sure the pawn was taken care that God gave several warnings and Deuteronomy do not left there got otherwise you will be sacrificing your children out there was a country across the sea that was doing this who wouldn't support an armed force going over there to go soft who was support that but I want you to also pay attention to this event but absolutely things were taking place God had to make sure that they were completely wiped out in dealing with them in fact what they also discover is this the Bible warns about sacrificing your children in the value told fit with interesting but I told that that's where the Vatican on this in a humanist Canada I was afraid I was the place that Jesus referred to in talking about hellfire they were sacrificing their firstborns at this place they found a subscription to our Lady Teutonic the face about and twelve boards of all common that was bound by fans on the fence he could see the deity heard the voice and the bless and best blessed in what they found underneath this rock sculpture were hundreds of parents children of children this is something I will stick in place on a massive scale in other than that one or two this was on a massive scale these things were taking place in the very heart or center on this earth the double set of the most violent worship practices you want because he was trying to corrupt the picture that God would send is firstborn he said upright in the May Center so when the Israelites were trying to understand the patient redemption they found this disgusting picture of these firstborns being killed by the way helicopter driven poppet that when Abraham came into the land obtaining what he knows on Mount Hobbs sacrifices she said this was the first thing you notice in my life when God then tells it the sacrifice is worth what is questioning it I don't get why would you do this never require something like that you know that it was inconsistent incompatible with the Gagne come to love and no but he faltered with a God 's voice and showing up at the door no no no you don't need to do this I'm going to send my first payment Genesis chapter fifteen and sixteen the something remarkably takes place your God was about to send the Israelites to go destroy nation within this but in the fourth generation they shall return here for the Indian equity although what Amorites is not yet complete in other words before God that is what the judge a nation want to take out a nation he had to wait until they were at a level of intolerable in the key allowed for generations the past reporting with it enough is enough enough is enough and when nation would reach that point where they quaff some serious line this is a you need to stop them right now you need to put them out right now utterly wipe them out get rid of him destroy the religion of the case it has so infected the Canaanites themselves they need to be completely wiped out and had they not been wiped out they would eventually grown and infected other other other nations and as though God was using leaping off spiritual surgery to deal with these Amorites is also interesting to note this only talks about inheritance and she says by inheritance an example of the sun 's example the sons become partakers of the father sent long tendencies perverted appetite and baseball as well as physical disease and degeneracy are transmitted as a legacy from father to son to the third and went fourth generation notwithstanding transmits all the way to the fourth generation is very interesting Abraham Isaac and Jacob enjoys talking about generations of the people but the picture of the godly godly people the grandpa the father 's that picture right there but these Amorites got even louder one more generation we find before they finally reach that point where they were doing some wicked heinous things badly that God had finally said something up is enough like amount language and destruction this is very interesting points and noticed it moreover Deuteronomy seven verse two to five uses the word utterly destroy immediately followed by you shall not intermarry among them highlighting the fact that at least in some instances the biblical authors employed rhetorical exaggeration all degrees utterly destroyed commented ancient near military accounts into near East military counsel for interesting I was looking at the report of one Middle Eastern Congress and he would talk about his validator he says I utterly destroy them utterly wiped them out but in actuality he just the freedom he can complete destroy them but there was an exaggeration language used to indicate the intensity of that battle we was at war talking about the destruction of the wicked endocrine for ever and ever God is using exaggeration to show it's not about quantity but it's about quality but this is an intensity that is happening here and so oftentimes both a you will need to complete wipe them out this was something I was being used in other other cultures around that time this leaves open the possibility spaces may express some degree of hyperbolic language and thought that no noncombatants were actually killed if elected she thought every interesting to note from this election could on and to solicit good on market on when you need any swap policy SMEs bleeding when we got invited the three courses of actions taken always with a filler if you respond to any one of these you also accept and withhold yourself from doing them any harm invite them to him it infected with what Islam means submission forceful summation if they respond you accept it from them and desist from fighting against them if they refuse to accept Islam demand from them just you if they agreed to pay excepted from them to hold off their hands as they refuse to pay the tax think all this help and fight them as interesting as this got never commanded the destruction of these other nations intentional message purely because they rejected God as their name Ellis is because Wendy Jesus is walking out his disciples and the disciples benefit Samaria rejected them and what the disciples of Jesus shall we call down fire and what utterly destroy them I do know Jesus Redman don't know what spirit you are not comes with contemplative state in other words God does not destroy nation simply because of acting merely reject it has been there impact needless study Revelation chapter twenty and you find out when God shall suspect what both low loss in those mistakes those who are outside the gates and knows what's inside to get what you will discover is that more are outside the gates for violations of the last six commandments in the arm the first four were the last six commitments up to do with our relations evangelists more people are out of the gates because they are there wall and believe about what they can worship got one people out of heaven because of the way they treated each other one of the reasons my God commanded the destruction the nation is not simply because they rejected him as God nations adapt but because they are behavior I reached a point where Gothic the line is drawn right here the line is drawn right here and very interesting when you begin to see that a little bit deeper into its body was not only Israel to judge other nations but these nations themselves were used to bring judgment upon Israel and over Scott wasn't just completely report Israel union nations of Babylon and Egypt and Assyria to bring the same judgment that Israel was bringing upon others as she all like talks about this concert been chief of fifth that where greater light is shown as a greater measure of accountability a greater measure of accountability I was so interesting is that many of these nations that were destroyed by God they would actually know about the miracles and the power and the plan of God prior to their destruction when God came that is what came to see Jericho and those two of those despise winning to Jericho and they were hidden under Rahab 's rough what did she say about their God we've heard about your God and the miracles he has done in Egypt we saw what you guys did when events across the value that we crossed the river Jordan using about one who did got sent about one Daniel industry friends right even networking as a song Jesus in the midst of the fire using when God has to finally take action he wants you to understand that he has done everything he has to tend to actually save them without violating their freedom with their freedom without violating the freedom what about the children that is a very interesting point don't miss this point right here now I don't I believe the answer then we the easy answers amen we left the question why would God command the destruction of children and again as I said before I don't have all the answers but this is a very important point to note is for you that when the children Israel failed to accomplish the work completely their mistake could come back to haunt God commanded the destruction of the malachite I thought Pitino happened because he failed to do it generations later a man by the name Mohammed in the story of Esther but the Bible says because Haman the son of him adopt the Haggai the enemy of the Jews to annihilate them had cast consume them and destroy them whenever they failed to do it those who are left over would come back for Israel do you know that this man payment even Amalekites and white he was seeking to destroy the point about leaving because of the enemy and juicy for some reason and the domestic service into his hatred of Jews it doesn't say what when you go back into the history you realize why because these relations were on war and where Israel failed to do the job the descendents of the opposing nation would come back and seek to utterly destroy them and by the way you came in almost complete annihilate the Jews almost the almost there we almost succeeded in this and so you can imagine what options were open what are the options then when you come into a land and destroy the land the children are left alive are the options the options and if you let that child simply suffer and die and convoy started up in the world it's okay that doesn't work up to number two you take that child and now imagine this the child grows up and learns about the nations that now are taking care burn his mother and father when you think the issues of enemy to see what God was faced with how he had to make tough decisions tough decision found him know all these answers I want you to understand something that anything did you get with always always the eternal God of the people and by Lennon made this point I mean it's one hundred percent because somebody is taken in judgment does not necessarily mean that they are being judged images that because somebody is sick in judgment it does not necessarily mean they are judged if the given example Moses Moses was not allowed to go into the whole NY because of his sin but was the judge he was driving was taken in judgment he down on the mountain and down the mountain you know he's in heaven Aaron the priest about that because of his transgressions he was stripped of his priestly garments on that mountain is well under pronouncement he was thinking judgment but you know he's going to be saved I was running the survey controversy when there are describing the destructive Jewison how there was this profit was that was going back and forth for several years in the city whether with a feed with Second Life and he was telling people that what was coming upon them he was a man sent by God it see himself was destroyed in the destruction of Jerusalem just because somebody is taken in judgment does not necessarily mean they are judged but they are judged enough Barbara God raised up against the Chapter eighteen verse twenty five shall not the Judge of the earth to rights amen shown at the judges at the right alike this is in production profit she makes a very interesting statement and you can imagine the position that God is putting a left punishment had been speedily visit upon transgression the same results would again have been seen in other words they would've been a duplication of what was taken place God have to stop infection and that infection with the very heart of the earth unless punishment had been speedily visited upon transgressions the same is also advancing the earth where they can't become as corrupt as in the days of Noah by Leland Weisel little is said about the pre- flood world because what they were doing was so heinous we could probably just talk as much about minimizes the language there to get people and ideas because of the length or the depth of wickedness they had came to come it was not a dentist the mercy of God that thousands should suffer to prevent the necessity of visiting judgment upon millions and you say to yourself will does not bear if not there because you don't know the future bundles future so he has to act in accordance with what she knows the same into that and he knows very well what the options are he knows what's on the table and you know that it contains a specific action than he knows what the effects of that actually works and you can imagine that the probably the person with most pain in making this decision with than God himself to say that many he must punish the few she goes on it was not just message simulations for what she says right here and it was no less a mercy to us sinners themselves that they should be cut short inner evil course and I was asked to continue to live they would heat more and more judgment upon themselves not as now I'm putting you out of your misery I don't want you to suffer long in the judgment had their lives been spared the same spirit that led them to rebel against God what had been manifested in hatred and strife among themselves and what she says they would have eventually destroyed one another you can see the position that God was put in in trying to deal with these nations that were inspecting the very center the strategic center of this plan Jesus has had to make some tough decisions designed to make some calls decisions he knows more about those people really do I knows all about their lives in the intricacies of their life he knows all about their upbringing and the purposes he knows all about their motives he knows all about the things they cultivated an inherited and he has dealt with them with their eternal good in my that is been the motive of all God 's dealing from the old testament but was so interesting is if there is one of the most unusual songs in the Bible I read this now I said to you that with one race to hinder congruency background also I read this on my birthday last year I felt like it was a birthday phone for me I just opened it up and it was totally long-overdue students who know God is speaking to you Sunday setting a song for the Suncor a song his foundation is in the holy Mountains the Lord loves the Gates of Zion more than all the drawings of Jacob glorious things are spoken of you OCD have gotten otherwise the writers take up the new Jerusalem and Nice hearing the conversation about the new Jerusalem at the end of time he's hearing the most unusual things being spoken their latter years sailor I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to those who know me behold also if the entire with Ethiopia this one was born there in other words what this writer is hearing about he is hearing about the many individuals who come from those nations who are actually in heaven and their birthplace is being recorded as the writers hearing this I want to that of Zion it will be said this one and that one Lebron in her and the most high and so shall establish the Lord will record when he registers the people this one was born there and I was gotten over every person was born he knows all about the birth now forgotten all about me in a landline you know all about the data came out back in you and her notable that in here by the way if you know that involving you that is very interesting when they're talking about all the redeemed your people are coming from the land of Babylon people coming from Phyllis via these are some of the nations that God commanded to be destroy down and examine some of the negative is often because the next time I read that song was on my mother 's birthday and he knows her birthday typical son admittedly dousing me know your mom was not converted now was born in the different man admits of Hinduism and while the Harper I know all about her birth really big guns give me a special promise about the future folks which understand something God has a space special plan and that's to bring all people of all nations of all tries of all genders of all lands and he said he said there those of other flocks and they will hear me because they know the voice of the shepherd him I've dealt with my uncle and my uncles when I became a Christian and when I dealt with them and in the very beginning my Christian expenses for a difficult because they went on with my decision I was at odds with their decision new Christians even zealous to come out with all the guns blazing at work Psalm earlier this year my uncle was visiting from India old man is going back into the pilot working again and look against too much longer to live in a friend I think God I failed the last time I reached out I may never see him again can we do something special this time was that down the Mongol records let's take off to the airport and local basalt and other new uncles are very zealous people though if this is you being a cup and then they suck talk with itself that I know of what will you live I live in Modesto that reuniting us past thing still I told you last month in LA anyway then I I can't figure that one when dealing with reimagining the Bible out the gambling of the Bible and they all became Anderson on my arms like Lord I really don't want to be like last time I talked with them by Jesus but you need help out his pride and out again but I felt more than it does the Bible say about missiles Thailand else on that forgiveness of sin I was really getting nowhere with him on beholding with you and I can finally it came out I said you know it's so interesting the Bible talks about a specialty in the future he was just that moment just like now it seemed like an ice of the Bible talks about the future and described seeing Zechariah chapter thirteen mouth is that many will come from that day and say where did you get the scars on your head Lord himself were piles how'd wounded in Houston my friends other words two things that were once I told them I said one day there's going to be Hindus and Muslims will point to be in heaven I never be blown away by something when they see the scars on his family there it's like like I knew that life was penetrating her and there gave a beautiful picture of God God does not judge based upon ignorance one who gives light and desires like to grow as so often because I knew that the Spirit of God will struggle with these men I don't know the future and the Lord us closer to be surprised and get to heaven I would find the most beautiful things that I would be slow sold one way and realize that God has always acted for the eternal good of his people this seminar expenditure for seminars is much more information to share about you do get a glimpse have been blessed by this presentation you feel like you know little bit more about the Old Testament amen praise God without heads father in heaven we thank you that nobody here has to give their firstborns away because you gave your thank you for his righteousness for his blood that is shed for our sin and God we praise you not because the demons are subject to us but because our names are written in heaven or we have property in heaven right now your property there and I thank you that you know the birthplace of every person here and all the people of the world of all the people built testing older birthplace involved father we pray that has been bringing you learn and grow Jesus unless there is a use is a this media was wrong audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. audio tours .org


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