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Ellen White Outside Adventism. Honored Outside the Church

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 18, 2012
    4:30 PM
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the triathlon and I had to work relative thought it within the last presentation bother me just thank you so much again for being so willing to share with us Lord the secrets of the universe thank you God that we don't have to be important available to take this half of them we ask and pray that we would see some more born in the sand the beautiful things that you have in store thank you Jesus for your love for us we pray amen rights last presentation out Alan White outside Adventism so honored outside the church militant some very interesting things regarding Ellen G White now on woman has been one of the most special gift that God has given to me I know you've been a a special gift given to you as well when my frame first encounter with this all woman into place now is becoming baptized the person wanted to the Lord failed to tell me who she was as though averaging the baptismal studies and our Sabbath school teacher was getting a full study as he was talking behind you why I never forgot I turned to my friend who is this woman he turned to me that I don't want about her just like that but you know that brothers changed a lot but in the event yet you brought me to the Lord but in the beginning yes some issues with Ellen White but as he continued to grow in the Lord he became very convicted about her writings when I became a baptized Adventist you know I did as I said before I came from Hinduism and Hinduism teaches pantheism the idea that God is in everything he's in the lock season the trees I rule out coloring pictures of God a picture of a tree and the captain saying God in the treatment I got the linkages of the Boris and the captains they got in the fourth not that God created the fourth but that God himself is in the worsening in actuality and so did the idea pantheism after I became baptized one of the very first thing she met in the writings of Ellen White was volume chapter nine where she and she deals with the subject of pantheism she's writing to Harvey Kellogg and she addresses the issue pantheism with such clarity it helped me to understand some things about God that I previously did not understand so I praise God for those writings when I was about to leave for school to go up and Abington school up north I never forgot one of the church ladies we gently she came to me and she says this she said that you need to see a difference between those who study the writings of Scripture and those who studied the spirit of prophecy and scripture she said you will see a difference in their knowledge in the devotional life in their spiritual life in their witness and as I went to school I noticed that there was vacant land demarcation between those who studied the spirit policy with the Scriptures and those who just letting the Scriptures themselves and it was so powerful I never forgot I was praying the Lord please blessed with some books the death of the lease only shows up to open up their trunk and has all the Redbook visit here is offer you this awesome how they have relied you got them right we all had the Redbook screen was one one one Peter said he said down because the unread books these days and then you know when I thought friends I I just baptize such about two years guided evangelist cc is an awesome guy 's name is George he just gotten baptized two years ago and you know when you bring up Alan why you the and you know you don't make it a doctrine that people die on you speculate herself if you have the people both born in the trust and test them out themselves nothing like the people I tell people of the what we believe about and why I said you have to study at the right yourself to alternately know what the truth is regarding this gift from God but this friend his name is George I told him about that and he she actually said okay but check it out and delete later to get this call from his uncle and vocal was somebody who cleaned the house this formula state and the uncle said hey there's a box of books here do you want them and Dorset final take them but George is like yelling at the lucky evangelistic series you know you're like you're just like super careful of anything Catholic I'm enough I was it like I want to read anything if it's got just a little bit of Babylon in it and so that's our last also interesting if uncles and I got a box of books they are just there do you want that we read a lot study like a veil taken and sure enough they were the hardback cover of allergy wipes entire conflict of the ages series it was a hardback books those who think that the one thing on if you come from figure from Cole Porter but I wish it didn't hit the blade he got both books he knew that it was a gift from God and with full blown away by it I've been so blessed by her writings and promoting understanding things and she invites you to come in and to learn more about the truth that God has given to us as a wheel and some interesting things about the Spear prophecy here some unusual fascinating facts about Ellen G White during our ministry Ellen G White while more than a hundred thousand pages a total of more than twenty five million words the text most often referred to in a White's writings is not a survivor fourteen to sixteen she mentioned that two hundred sixty four times the text refers to Christians as the light of the world more specifically she said you are the light of the world and feel at that lifetime one of those baby names left wing peace like a River shield is absolutely attending Healdsburg College Colorado like baby dishes were big corn soufflé tomatoes and eighty and tiny mustard greens cook and I can it's really interesting if the more interesting facts like LA 's last known riding in the letter and how the victorious life she what this went on June fourteen nineteen fourteen a reading book testimonies to ministers the letters a message overflow with hope and assurance for Christmas I challenge you to take up that that message along with the Lebron animals Arthur L White wrote that she knew how to feed and treat animals with affection she aboard any of what any practice about pain or discomfort animals and she had four awards of disapproval for anyone who misuse the horse or abuse account we can connect with environmentalists amen the other still okay Grace why the grandma 's granddaughter Ellen White stated that Mrs. White was a blank person never did we feel under a strain or stress in her presence a man she had people lies a deep blue grey eyes that were kind of alert she looked at us with love Matthew chapter five or seventeen by fifteen to seventeenth Jesus talked about profits but very interesting we usually differ this interesting apologetically concert in a Helen White will stay on the various reason what why you should believe her to be a prophet Jesus actually hones in on one primary thing to identify a genuine from the fake he says this beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing similarly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their what fruits do men gather grapes informed bushes or figs from this oath even so every good tree bears good fruit but a bad three they are bad fruit in other words link Jesus identified a pop it was by their life he actually honed in to enact a very interesting particularly experiential apologetic in other words as you partake of the foods of her life you will know very clearly whether or not that is good food or body fruit amen and so this is very interesting to get into some unusual encounters that people had with Ellen White individuals who were not happening fifth and you can see through their unbiased unprejudiced ways that were never mildly given to contract a concept without like they can clearly see that she was the real deal amen as well as this abundant life has been given for people in these last days whether or not my life is spared my writings will constantly speak and their work won't go for as long as time show what laugh in other words people assume that we has lately I wish we had a prophet to really shake things up in the right affect people right use of a important obedient to the life that God gives us with the purpose of godliness more like a man so you see what you says writer she says my writing so I'm going to laugh as long as time shall last another work these writings are going to be used at the very end of time as well can you say amen to that I praise the Lord for that they blown just thought me away as I learned more and more about got my rights are kept on found the office even though I should not leave these words and had been given to me by the Lord will still have light and will speak to the people amen it's like the story of Elijah and Elisha a right to rely deliberate father was friendly right but Elisha the Bible teaches that he cannot when he was not transmitted yet she got sick and he died of a miserable death what's interesting about Elisha is that when he died bones were placed there came one day to another group of people walking by kind I am man was also getting the same table and the bone starts the bones of Elisha happened with an answer so both Eliza began back alike right to imagine that when they Elisha get to heaven is my widely translated it is going to develop off exactly enjoining with me and then I went and got the gap but how many profits can resurrect people at the third and anything and look at the writings of Ellen G White he's even after her death those who come into contact with car riding life amen and a beautiful picture of God you see those writings that are abundant in there they are presently need to start taking advantage of them and start reading them one of things am I challenge you to do is in this very next year is to finish every one of her books that she has written an understanding that you don't talk the third seminar your UFO that but here's the thing I really wanted to do with this you guys should really think anything about it there was knowledge in land that God has given us that God has given to Jeff to art as a people that we needed to commit and mouth is affecting Chronicles chapter twenty verse twenty believe in his pocket and you shall prosper on about you but I want to prosper amen in all areas of my life out of the demands of those rights now this is a book written by W a spicy with an old Pioneer and is the oldest beer and coffee in the ad that will delegate right down that book title because you want to get a hold of this book seek one of course individuals who came into contact with Alan White's writing for unbiased unprejudiced when I had printed and some of the things that they said the speaker policy in the ad that moment the lady said when the designer may does was bought in Great Britain a society radio North upper ocelot in either burn a copy she was agitated she said to our people all people not to have the circulation of a book like this it ought to be in the hands of the big London publishers it seems inspire amen amen I forget what else letting the Bible with the Bible somebody elected I hate that I given up a steps of Christ hate to the Facebook it's a biblical help you the next day we study comes back and reflect these are not real love this book even if I just inspired house like me know what is in the large cities a natural looking over books in a secondhand store he asked for the religious book and was directed to a miscellaneous assortment in the back of the book and back of the store he remarked the proprietor that he saw not in which he was interested being asked what authored he preferred he said Mrs. EG White's no watch the response of the store owner all said the proprietor that's different her writings are not classed with with those books back there at all we happened in the front with the Bible they are in a class by themselves payment a man of the Malthus argued was downloading phrase okay this is a very interesting experience and this was at the very end of his chapter in this book entitled the writings have their own credentials he describes how one Adventist and came into a University University of Massachusetts and the professor had actually returned from a long trip in Europe was studying literature this one was not Adventist but she came in on the very first day of class she said something very interesting she said I want to share the records with you I want you to tell me about the three quotes showing up what she was sharing with action from the desire of ages what this wall class that is from the pen of Ellen White she spoke at length saying that she knew nothing of the author 's religion over the teacher did not Adventism but you felt able to declare herself as to the literature and said it was the pinnacle of writing were not better known in the literary world she said she was going to make a strong statement and by what she meant any word of all the writing she knew outside the Bible that was not soulful and beauty so pure and yet so simple as the writings of Ellen White a payment of that a man amen this is very interesting this is one of best-known archaeologist that ever lived on the next brother had sold many PhD 's I mean like it was the entire alphabet after his last name William Foxwell Albright was America and perhaps the world 's foremost archaeologists in the twentieth century Michael lot about the local archaeology he earned his PhD from Johns Hopkins University age of twenty five and during the next fifty years he received twenty five honorary doctorates and colleges universities and seminaries a Protestant Roman Catholic and Jewish faith Sewell one eight hundred publications on archaeology the Bible is an subject in this man was not a Seventh-day Adventist in the nineteen fifties one of his doctoral candidate at John Hopkins late harder on introduce Albright out like writings his curiosity the famous archaeologist undertook his own investigation of the life work and claims about life and in his book from Stone Age to Christianity Albright named Mrs. White as one of the five individuals of whom he considered to be authentic prophets during the past in an interview anything into that the writings of their own credentials amen by their fruits you shall know them when I got my friends in the past up in Yuba City before the election impasse was working in the city he said that she went to a Pentecostal convention and he saw the most remarkable thing take place apparently one of the leaders and speakers of his Pentecostal convention is the place appears that stood up and he began to talk about different religions and different faith even talk about adding there's an overall Pentecostal infidels Adventist they will profit to not use it somebody else will and nineteen fifty five a German sociologist on our guard finally published her doctoral dissertation in which there was area dealt with them and the advent of the life she should get her doctorate thesis on this and she started out at brokerages all the different culture inside America subculture she said in part she was talking about the white in part she was without fear of men courageous and consistent she struggled within the movement to solve the many problems she thought bonds which the churches did not expect to see solved in many decades finally unable to find adequate scientific explanation for our length vision and remarkable experiences she held opinion that had islandwide been a woman confident that with Seventh-day Adventist she might very well be canonized in due course with you to hide this is our speaking in spite of a strong death the static union with God 's will is not a Seventh-day Adventist she rarely lost the ground of reality on the contrary she tackled many practical questions in life undoubtedly it was in with the establishment of a realistic vision of God which work is a powerful radiance on her fellow believers enabling her to be their leader without holding onto an official office in the church is where it's very interesting she functioned as a messenger between God and the churches through the members had in part in the divine being is only delimiter but this explains a strong position e.g. what had one among Adventists in spite of a high position e.g. white never felt the temptation other founders of various movies have done where they claim to be elevated thence where they claim to be elevated themselves above the evening weaknesses of human flesh but when the sermon and did not claim the honor that belongs to God the way of in the seventy fifth the only on the spam you do want and only felt by the parentage live on the Abington saddle future and a payment of that name interacting with them going up my spine nine oh praise the Lord folks God has given us the real deal amen now this is very interesting this is boy on the strawman she was actually somebody get a lot of recognition the educational system of America not a seventh day Adventist short dealings with not a Seventh-day Adventist but she did a lot for one educational system dividing curriculums during the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties this woman is well known in the educational world she was invited just about agitation to a group of Adventist teachers not being it hasn't has herself she says recently the book education biology White House been brought to my attention as he went reading it took it ran at the turn-of-the-century this volume was more than fifty years I had a time and I was surprised to learn that it was written by a woman with but three years of schooling the breadth and depth of this philosophy amazingly if concepts of balance education among his development and of thinking and acting on principle are advance educational concepts the objective of restoring and now the image of God the teaching of parental responsibility in the emphasis on self-control in the child or ideals that the world desperately needs anything into that machine .net Mrs. White do not necessarily use current terms in fact she did not use or curriculum in providing what the book education part three of important curriculum printable this is a woman who has a PhD in mastering education curriculum this one was writing curriculum she was saying of wow I never want to know the most important aspects of the money and curriculum by the foods you shall know she was concerned with the whole learner the Hmong is about a mental physical and spiritual powers today many are stressing the development of the intellect but feelings and emotions moment are equally important in our changing society the ability to act on plot in terms of principle is central is this harmonious the knowledge that is so greatly needed if so generally neglected today I am not surprised that members of the SDA church hold the writings of Mrs. White in great respect and make them central in developing educational program in their venues a mentor that both the defendant we need to understand that God has blessed us with her riding and made us ahead and not the tail can you say amen to that in fact when you go to India what you'll find is the most effective form evangelism is not just the vandalism goal and then Opry can we compare what I do or a evangelistic system is doing nothing wrong with both things but what is the most evil that the form of reaching Indians who have nothing to do with the Christian God education you will find that the educational system really helps people understand what God is why because it's a complete call troll understanding not simply an intellectual there seeing God in the teachers there seeing God in the curriculum and they become so convicted that they do they want to come back to that school and help out folks God has given us such a special gift in the writings of Ellen she wiped a statement that those guys are interesting he was a professor and the macro attempt to pronounce his first name professor and the will of Japan the University of Bonn we had a Tokyo Museum of science and director of social education for the Japanese Ministry of education recommended education to parents teachers and students we called it the most profitable meeting in our understanding of the new education education written by the inspired patentability White House for fifty some years been a well-known book which has rendered the greatest possible service and like the students teachers and parents the world over when I was studying at the University of Illinois it was my privilege to read the book in its original language I was profoundly moved by the book at that time she has been my desire ever since to recommend it to the educators in Japan it is my sincere joy to hear that the book has been finally translated into the Japanese language in fact this is just the only camp there a lot of non- Adventist Japanese educators that have taken hold of the book educated education and really tried to inculcate into the current education system folks by their fruits you shall know them amen and these are non- Adventist and you really bloodletting bugs me more than anything is when you have Adventists who are the wars the worst when it comes to talking on July eleven averages so what were you when you read these writings in the face of the foolish like all my mom read that my mom for me to read it or they'll say something like she was just like this woman who had like dreams and not just me that's wow that really sounds in making to me in our and nonstop this was really a funny story right here the Ministry of education in the southern European country has been fighting at teachers College Columbia University he is computing I think for the newest and best educational policy and program of the newborn state upon his return to southern Europe Roger are they actually are not to pronounce boom of the author a work on religion and moral education it was great in the Serbian language published by the state University press and the claim by the institution on the best book on religious education about that language when Adventist church leaders and seventy read the work they recognize that you nearly it was a translation about my education with an introduction and by the Serbian instant education eighty percent of the new booking directly from our wife and the brother plagiarized from writing the plagiarizing right now you think you would think a bank nonevent that is the bank if you take the credit for yourself alternately and it's been if he did God the credit as were goats you know when I sometimes you know of when I was working away right of the pastor is little I would sometimes visit the Sunday schools and no distance how to answer questions you things like that and the time a planet I never got like I was always like quoting Scripture in our courts and things were like but I would say like it was like my own thing and I never got the sound schoolteacher stockings like he's like he said this is even if he said he ought to be a pure teaching and finally he said to me that way to get the knowledge of the line or I got a phone but if you happens I didn't get God credit for what I was trying to do was trying to show this man but there are things out there that needs to study more interesting encounter Paul Harvey Ranges Inanna here is the party is is going to be evangelistic phase right this man never became an Adventist unclaimed and became advocates him is what actually went to Adventist church for a number of years the data in subsection never became baptized Advent as I read that the letter from the pastor of that church she talked about them but this individual came across a Ridings fell in love with for writing and this lady role in nineteen fifty Paul Harvey American broadcasting Company 's commentator unites the United feature syndicate columnist sixteen article BJ Alan White to begin once upon a time a hundred years gullibility youngling in a white she was as brown as a child completed only grammar school actions you never really finished the great and no technical training and yet she lived right scores of articles in many books on the subject of healthful living whenever this was in the days when Doctor Bristol bloodletting in performing surgery with unwashed hands this was an era was left in an era of medical ignorance bordering on barbarism the outright wrong with such profound understanding of the subject of nutrition that all but two of the many principal she is a spouse has been scientifically established that's very interesting coming from the man was also consider one of the best known broadcasters the most one most honest broadcasters of all time coming across more and more a lot of people you bring up the help message every ten years ago this is very interesting ten years ago messaging presented evangelistic series is no difference between grand remunerated vegetarianism and we eventually get to be in his own right we talked about the idea talk about the provision that we talk about good and talk about the ideal but many times after something like that it was a lot unbelievably local law clean quickly needs no one doesn't it knows no one argues that point anymore why because science has shown over and over again the clear distinction between food that's good and not good that the design argument I don't like why mental a sixties of a year to run my church the first year people sometimes present low ritual is clearly glinting in the Bible of the more now no one denies it I wasn't yet that's very clear we can be it is there that the writings of Ellen G White are becoming more and more used and people can see just the truthfulness of what she was saying well ahead of her time to segment that and you can use health for editing him as average as it will be upheld people just want to hear more and more and more about it in me my friend she went to John the juice of the place went to John just and that we are just talking out that the different fruits and vegetables are being used and the gondolas there feels like listening to your dislike of warning that right now because I get this problem will be back on the like some of that money from the energy as you like are you guys like medical professionals and particular thing from it because I'm English and old youth anymore because like Lord talking up what is the thing you think you understand and this impending sunset is that those lies what you saying about how people know about it people want to know about he spoke in Loma Linda couple months ago and I told him they needed to be healthy spare to help it like that but then I told them they need to expand the borders of the health message to nearby cities not just be concentrated in one area and that it's very important for us to really use it and work and work it I work it so much we need to help there at our church outcome across different people and I would think anyone over the most longest living people in the entire Earth like to Seventh-day Adventists and if they really like you come to this helping find out more about them we got even working in hearing it I want these people to be saved amen the anymore did you say that health message that the Linux and you are you that somebody else will notice this idea came out accusing it was a half it was you can buy this on Bono 's website one is considered the most recognized question authority on getting statistics and doing research passes under the age of forty meanwhile were more likely twice as likely to mention books on prayer only half as likely to include the purpose driven life and just one sixth as likely to place the purpose driven Church in the top ranked volumes in fact one third of all passes over forty mention at least one book by Rick Warren just fourteen percent of those under forty bits up the under forties passive champion saddle author not ranked highly by older church leaders the authors include business consulting James College seminary professor Tom Rayner 19th-century Seventh-day Adventist icon Ellen White's and he said this was an independent cost me American pastors they knew they were saying that one of the top authors these pastors hamper inspiration under forty years with Ellen G White when my friends was a nondenominational church came to me he recently set a definite feminine passes library what patiently taught me about this shiny desire of ages the wooden commerce underneath it she had me out this difficulty I was advised not let any man without a witness statement begins a witness he is alike to every man's world takes a mentor that is a saw somebody can enter coordinates Alito who was based in basement newspaper the Toledo Blade it was the newspaper at that time and if the editor was not adding to the deficit at the time of her death he wrote this this is why early manifested some of the gifts of prophecy with the formation of the church of the Seventh-day Adventist she immediately developing influence and that influence was maintained to her our for death a greater seventy years besides the unusual talent as a preacher she had organizational and administrative powers please login to her church it cost her and grew until it was until it has spread through many lands universities were founded medical schools hospitals and schools particularly since missing White Mrs. White was a remarkable woman she has had she lived in an earlier period of the career Christianity and escape the biggest and the fire she would most surely been canonized we heard that before she was of the flesh of which things are mean to pontificate that the end they fell interesting to see something your people who were not Adventist or testifying to the truthfulness and just her life how legitimate was it really represent Christ and they meant that it is going to stand if the unusual encounter I would actually knew anything about with reasonably difficult to deal with things difficult like I really appealed to him in a skin peeling day after everything doubtlessly peeled is laid on heavy and they were just like almost borderline borderline eternal hellfire but not like that analysis laying a pick on him anyway I could not get anywhere with that back when I get less of a book to read is a several weeks later and he called me about a basis is drastically coming from the gap he comes in a different marketing existed down the chair and he says I want to be baptized I delighted when he baptized anything that will give genuine by agents really spoke to me I went about five thousand twenty two and is point to the steps to Christ and given before so let a guy don't really like they would like that guy if you gotten with Edgar G White not telling you what but you know what there's something to preach in Ha'aretz 's brother anymore as soon as the Holy Spirit convicted in this time along with those writing became boys I want to be baptized a payment that the Lord of the work and the Lord doesn't work and is a very interesting story you can actually find the story still on YouTube and add a second opportunity painter and it's a very interesting countered that he had he's interviewing Danny Shelton felt his interview with Danny Shelton Figgins hit there but recently what takes place of that he was apparently more college and that he was convincing today's well-known painter and he was painting a picture right there and the will from that one individual was there he was a Rabbi by the name of Rabbi Joel Kagan and jumping was actually somewhat for the cabinet for Ronald Reagan he was a well-known Rabbi to help I hope that being a president understand more about the Jewish culture and new layout on between him and the president and with a lot of Jews in America he understood he brilliant doctor thinking group this now with a well-known scholar he got sick and went away Mark he properly was talking to them when they get some descriptions about the Old Testament 's Lincoln put make them in his painting and Joe Kagan helping out with that but he really despise Christians and the reason why you despise Christians is because his mother was raped with a will what's the what how does that connect with that despite an Christian his mother was raped while a Catholic priest with across the Dobermans and you deserve this and so he utterly hated Christians despise the God of the Bible really had no taste for Jesus whatsoever I mean he was just really just lately just angry towards the New Testament concepts are there waiting if they get the point and how belief starts talking with him and the house he's there Joe in his spare time there discovers the book paychecks in profits any such meeting and he comes off of the oasis who wrote this book of relief as well it was written by you know this woman who is one of the founders of the seven demonstrators and he says in this woman know Hebrew efforts the notion of the third-grade education he said the rhythm the symmetry in the meter is as if it was translated from Hebrew into English and he says this woman must know Hebrew and said no she doesn't know Hebrew and in the next Lisa was so blown away with he said when she did the knowledge collections why don't it will cost me this from the machine which is busy a commentary that majors causal printout and it wasn't released until thirty years later the world is what she is writing comes straight out of the mission how did she get this knowledge is often we begin to explain to him about that and explain to them about Jesus and about the entire church this man Joe Kagan was baptized in the river in Sacramento and he was at his baptism I'm now a complete you he said after his baptism he said I accept at face I believe in Jesus I believe that God inspired this woman and I believe that finally I understand that the puzzle piece that was missing in my life I'm a complete unit folks God has blessed us with these writing segment and he wants us to do something a special event you want us to read family also wants us to share the election innovating but doesn't find it on YouTube just typing opportunity painter testimony you find out more about that second Chronicles chapter twenty verse twenty says believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his office and you shall prosper god wants you to prosper amen he is given a special gift and the more you read it the more you begin to understand more about God 's plan is character and his will for your life amen let's now has forward print father in heaven we thank you so much again for the many ways you blessed us Lord thank you so much for the gift of Ellen G White's and her prophetic ministry Lord and I can't wait to see it having a big hug for thank you God that our works even after the time we passed was still carried her to continue to work special report is automatically upon any way is coming that will still feel like this will thank you Jesus Christ is this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how universe is like the more so than please visit www. nonuniversity .org


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