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Mission Possible: Short and Long Term Overseas Opportunities

John Chung Richard Hart


  • September 22, 2006
    3:00 PM
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I have a father so much for this how can come together and talk about mission to other places of the world I pray to you be with us at your Holy Spirit and Opera hearts and minds could receive you and what the things that we learned today help us to put into action it with me as well as the heart and bless us a position Jesus thing and I will be speaking about short-term missions and Parliament speaking about long-term missions you need to think about Jesus it involved in the US waking on the desert came as a long-term missionary for the one he was on the circuit went through different villages it is native and longtime right but he was very effective in in his ministry in those small villages everywhere and you know I have had experience with a never done a long-term mission in part was dressed in long permission but I've done over the last many years short-term missions one week to something two weeks and I did really really blessed by the large handling submission service it is we would get blessed and therefore some I want to a mission trip it was to Guatemala and down there was one filled village gave very remote village and no physician have you ever gone there none run anywhere from no country and here I was with the two other doctors and these people are living in you know this like cardboard boxes and and they gave us an incredible meal and they bought out everything they had to give us a new way to catch me and them even though I like there tends their twenty eighth of Donald Donald Mister nobody they only go on to the doctors and those people came to already touching was there was a man who came hard about us and he came for three days he walked for three days come car to the clinic and or Doctor when he got there without not out of all medications except Tylenol and he had classic symptoms of ulcers any as you know ulcers you don't treat ulcers without a low and so here you know what I I felt so bad at that time because they think you can put me days and he was having so much pain he was almost doubled over with pain and them I said no tenant only given what we have in these hopefully this panel can give them some relief but am I don't know how much you gave would can write a prescription we couldn't do anything for the thing is the missionary mission trip the medical mission trip was in Junction with all spiritual with administrator who gave the gospel message to all these people and don't be a really receptive and this man went to that person would want to the pastor about the truth of the gospel about Jesus and not we couldn't even the prescription for his medicine but we actually do them a prescription for eternal life and that's what it's all about because you know it doesn't we can every supervision that when we reach shore we talk to me at your business life they all die that you're not alone every single person that Jesus raised from the dead were either denigration on high so the initial service missionary work in a short-term mission it may not we may not think down immediately any good but it can need somebody to write a life my daughter recently went to Panama and when she was there she went with a doctor who was a radiologist and then that the men student and medicals for the medical student who was totally bald and had no eyebrows and they found out that he had this Madison there is no not only was the new venue was on the cancer and so what they did was they they try to treat it with something chemotherapy but it was not a specific one I know exactly has no treaty so this this radiologist said one of you come to the United States will help you figure out what would you have is that he came in now he's living in our house there trying to figure out what he has in defining innovative pet pets can not be said and they did a great retroperitoneal biopsy and they found out he had has a poorly differentiated squamous carcinoma that is spread all of his body and last Wednesday which was two days ago in Niceville we had an unrelenting service and he gave a testimony about how this mission mission trip had affected his life how it changes life and his testimony was so beautiful he said United set of blaming God he said you know what this I'm so thankful that because God has given me time for me to prepare is only twenty two years oh it already has this great perspective in life and hopefully doing this you know he do in American medicine he made a miniature low level needs lonely that was what happened to him though none were operating under better within the elementary service directory patient three people with our Bible studies everyone tonight for some time these people do not make any decisions yesterday I got a call from them and said John I like to say something 's name is Michelle and her husband 's one of their friends here were so moved by that worship service which he had and I feel like you guys have the truth how do I become how to become seven thousand net could join your church to hear was just this law into submission service is short short terms is going at once is changed a people 's life story here they many more people being affected by by the service and by his testimony and so you know and when Jesus went from town to town there was basically short-term mission although his mission his mission was a long commission on this earth but did a lot of short-term missions all over the world and what baby when he died at thing is that tomorrow the world who will I wanted in this I'm sure all these people who were listened to him after his is that were converted so you know some people criticize the short-term mission thing but I think it is not a benefit because I don't you don't know who even reach and yet as so many of organizations that you can go in life my daughter went with him share him you know that is this with Doctor O'Neil Fogelberg the mechanism and also you can go with it is written and also with amazing facts so you had to be just the willingness of being with amazing fax it to go for three weeks India young places like if you want from from the long-term placement coming as far way you need to spend me EEG is pathetic these three weeks to do that is takes by like four days to get there I think another few days to get it back so now the only respected on their sense of the cover we can go to India and stay there for like three hours and come back to emphasize you have let him I don't have been much more to say about the short-term mission now account my time to Doctor Hart make you John this is due to be with you all signature to think without ever been an audience where I been talking to both of former teacher and my students that's happening today my form of my teachers in grade school and try to lend as a number of my students movement is so good at you all here by a dog you come down with me Don is on the fact that school public health and is also involved HI so as removing some questions and so on while we may want to put some of that to him what if we thought we would do that we have till four thirty as I write I used to talk a little bit about what HI is some you know Gail Miller working within it Nigeria and enjoy DVD Henry got a couple options on math and will pull here and would we want to see if any of them and then have some time to some questions and so on at the end to talk a little bit about where this is going H I versus the Adventist church owns and operates about hundred and seventy five hospitals around the world now about half of those are the US were running around eighty five to ninety depending upon to call at medicine what year it is in the US and our systems here that leaves about seventy and what I like to call the majority world in the developing countries of the world that's twenty five in Africa there's ten in Inter-American there is eleven and India and there's ten in the Philippines and in a few other scattered in other places many those institutions once in the US are doing quite well judge that for yourself in terms of how they're doing many of those in developing countries are struggling and have been of the last twenty years as a variety reasons for that I spent a lot of time going into that is politics it's economics its church politics it's a number of different issues with these institutions got into trouble Pentagon on a long slow slide and I fall some of us who been around for a while that the church basically made a decision back in the seventies that we were in the process of having more and more young Adventist nationals going to medical school and nurses goes on in these countries and that they would then come on out of that take over situations in my could be good in carry-on I was happy about the same time that the mission giving in the church was getting less and less so with your budgets to support missionaries going out so those two trends seem to match each other pretty well nationals coming up less money going out less missionaries and so but they would pick up and move unfortunately what we didn't put in that equation is the concept of management and maintaining institutions and so made a decision started going downhill in terms of the physical plants in terms of equipment and the nationals and I cannot blame them at all for this says you want us to the work that you won't watch and wait when the pharmacy is empty the latter doesn't work x-rays broken the payroll has been met for three or four months no we can't practice of medicine we want to practice either don't expect this to the workflow settings and so we ended up with institutions that increasingly didn't have neither staff nor facilities development of themselves and I can tell you a series of poor stories and institutions around the world that you would shatter them they admit us on the front of the building because they become so bad they become dysfunctional they become demoralized staff their bills aren't paid their taxes are paid there he went to the church and all the tithe able help from employees is paid up the pension fund payments or ten years out of date I go on and on and on terms of the kinds of things that a deteriorating institution gets into and we've been dwelling about in the number of these institutions it was in that context that a group of us in Loma Linda actually with the encouragement of our board about ten years ago now said that we ought to do better than this easily out to be politically strong enough to say we don't want mission nostrils and want to shut them down but it's not really fair to you the church or to our people out there that just let them graduate Diana by which is what we were doing and and I committed this church but I can tell you that means some of these the comments it came back from church leaders high-level church leaders was basically we don't have the political will to say within a shut them down we don't have either the resources or the technology to make an goal so our only choices eleven gradually die and that was a stated objective of some divisions of the church is about that process not within that context then that a group of us a moment to struggle with saying and basically has said well okay but not on our watch within everything we can to try to keep these things afloat and basically put together a system that operated on us a few key premises one that the real issue with mission hospitals isn't a lack of buildings or equipment it's a lack of governance and management and if you can fix that the equipment and the buildings are relatively easy to fix because if you can fix governance and management then you can reassure donors that turns on resources again you can attract quality staff it's a skill back on board again and you can track grants and services of various kinds and institution indeed even in the poorest country and come back around and flourish now we put that postulate forward what real clear whether we are right or not but we thought we probably work and started down that road then in nineteen ninety seven roughly we took on two hospitals gimpy Edmonds hospital in western Ethiopia and get Davis Memorial hospital in the country of Guyana between Venezuelan Surinam in the northern shore South America and worked on that premise for a year or two I started turning those two institutions around and start doing better and better and have gradually been expanding taking on another one or two hospitals each year every citizen we now have thirty one hospitals in thirteen different countries that are part of a shot at a number of others lined up that would like to come into that system we only can handle about one or two year takes about five years to take a dysfunctional broken hospital and get back to where striving again unprecedented second happening in the economy in any country on advertising up in some of the poorest countries in these a good example of publisher your DVD you can be your second Yu-Gi-Oh before the poorest countries in the world can you give me hospital has one ID budget envisioned by the the missionary budget all the mistakes rest of the hospital of the staff of roughly a hundred now are supported by activities generated the hospital patient revenue by some contracts getting they started nursing school I mean things will when you finally get the management and governance piece fixed so that's what a giant describes the evolve into system now the Senate has thirty one hospitals we keep gradually expanding as we can there are seven countries with sixteen hospitals in Africa Ethiopia Rwanda Zambia Chad Cameroon and Nigeria I'm about to start and allowing there are five countries and in America that are part of that Guyana Haiti Trinidad Venezuela understanding Honduras and then the country of India with ten hospitals in India are part of that system there are several issues that are still in front of us and we have I think satisfied ourselves and I'll invite you know buildings in one of these hospitals with her husband to comment on this if you wish is I should be satisfied that the usual reasons given for closing anadromous hospital can't find staff for country it's in the wrong location of all the things you usually hear to that frankly none of them are valid reasons by themselves now there may be reasons not to argue the we should enclose some hospitals but the usual thing I hear are you is it hasn't worked therefore that are close and there's many reasons why doesn't work and location frankly is not the primary one of those in my hand and we got some that are thriving and very poor circumstances and some that are that are thriving in better circumstances the challenge we still face in their several years number one the continued decreases in a division bison the church is still there were shrinking the missionary budgets so having to increasingly guess it is a strong enough so they can usually call cold for budgets instead of cold one budget four budget our budget center supported by the institution itself with the same salaries and benefit packages are just the money comes in the institution as a cold one budget comes from the general conference and some of our cities are similar institutions based in cities or in larger metropolitan areas can do that and we're getting closer to that so that's one transition is to have to happen if we keep these institutions it's very clear to me and I'll end with this then I want to check on which video to show that the other argument that we sometimes hear from the church and unfortunates a very real one that you hear is money spent on healthcare doesn't produce the same returns in terms of soul saved as money spent on other things either on evangelism or money spent on education I beg to differ with that strongly I think frankly the church in many countries its reputation that attracts members come from healthcare as much as anything certainly more than than that our churches probably equal with education at least and you know if I can tell care the two stories from the two original hospitals in Guyana had every duty times united out for board meetings there was a little church right next to the hospital that they would never let me go to now not accurately got to take you off the big church in town of Georgetown 's current number of churches and so we get all over to the other nice churches I now want to go the lower the hospital church in the little church is not a lesson hundred members Littles cement block building narrative meanwhile the hospital finally about two years ago and I was down the one time I saw a foundation starting to come up around the outside of that church building in a quite a ways around the outset a much larger building and was going on always starting to build a new church and every time I was a red watch the walls come up on the month I had all facing toward down the church inside the building I had to speed in the church and I was a year-by-year year and half ago that I was there we had the inauguration service at seven hundred members in the new hospital church now the largest church in the country and basically at it it proves a point which I think is very true that nobody likes to join the losing team and we have a dysfunctional institution that's a strong disincentive to join the administered when you have a successful thriving institution people are more attracted somehow this this this this this thing is working that we can argue all we want whether or not that's good evangelism the weather that's the theology and I'm not here to argue that is probably not the right reason join a church but it happens and I would argue that even if people join for the reasons that they feel good about the institutions that are part of the church and then grow into the theology I that doesn't cause any problem with me at all the other the other example and give me if I can show that men will than with look at something Ginny we start off with the the hospital church McCulloch on the compound and probably had had enough of the largest recovery had three four hundred member Senate when we started out it can be today that Church has is packed to the gills it basically doubled the capacity of people hanging out the windows and looking in from the outside in there are two more churches in the town that now been built so that the membership and give the town itself is probably gone up three or four fold since the hospitals become positive once again and I'm convinced that happen anywhere I have a million that is not to happen we have dysfunctional dying institutions that you hesitate just to identify yourself with now I'm suggesting we look at a DVD I I want to do a quick check how many of you seen the DVD on Chad Mary Jack Kings of Helsing if you have any missing the one on duty more recent one of a few lesson you have there each about half an hour long I would thought we would show one of them because it gives kind of a sense of what's happening out there and then we'll still have some time for questions at the end can't talk about this some thought any questions now that that we can now deal with before we start this in the open Mac are is far as personnel or equipment her we are getting closer that we are in the process of putting together a database right now at Loma Linda that and in many of you are moment peoples let me explain this we have about three or four database needs in Loma Linda and different parts of this it started intermittently and never get maintained so were trying to do the final one that will fix it all the databases we need is we have one database is trying to manage the DMA program all the deferred mission appointee succumbing to longer residencies in Sausalito those there's another huge database that is alumni who want to serve on a short-term or long-term basis from Loma Linda another huge issue we have a growing number of non- alumni others who just right in Loma Linda saying hey you know we hear you to something we like to participate some of the management of some of them not that want to be for something track of volunteers and the want to debug and something the flipside of that were also concerned about which is many people melt with want to come and rotated Loma Linda for a week or two her mother to learning a particular skill learning ultrasounds are running this without the other thing which conveys a sense of the David's move the other way so we are in the process right now of refining is pretty well put together a database that will basically manage all of that type to banner which is our software program for managing all the video thirty five thousand people on the scope meaninglessness of which are all alumni are some others we have only give you two examples of that we color consultants online haven't got a refining smartly like yet but I had one next year to about seven years ago now from Doctor we off the bully off the ophthalmologist exam uses his twelve year girl shows up at my clinic this morning went blind walking to school it'll give me some ideas and little e-mail then we could connect them with the ophthalmologist was stuck back out there I had one just last week last week I guess it wasn't John Wilson some you know one of our recent graduate family medicine guide on Guyana 's more awesome granite who just been out in the jungles is in the project and came across a gal with tremendous kind of a bolus dermatitis just all over entire body of a sixteen -year-old Gallo just and misery and send it up with pictures order and on that of Melvin Abel Torres and dermatology artifacts and diagnoses suggestions and so on we made them so we wanted to increase me do that our goal is to have it so we can have turn around within twenty four hours of any medical question coming in from anywhere in the world to some sort of a specialist Loma Linda and back I is one thing he is in the understanding of examples you gave his and at the hospital there will always very long time ago as to why will a you will always will literally trying to any is in use operate in isolation is also in the is for you to use on all you know whatever reason my view is beyond their individual in this process is only as we as a hack Randy is a hospital in a city is historical and how results will exist you ask what you need available as long as you know whatever is you have no idea I find I don't know if his fellow is fun what you are in is there in all I mean there is always how they are now in a what is the quality and is a is a mold and the best quality where we have been overgrazing is a is a is a healing ministry that are passionate about the need is a is a and the other thing that we are working on his multimillion this company is we've sequestered about about four thousand square feet of space in the medical center 's warehouse for medical equipment logistical support base and I worked on now without a Southwest fan with a number of the places that basically medical them comes out with collecting and were working on refurbishing of Regina we tried the last ten years to avoid this then tried to make with a number of other criminal a lot of places do this our problem is been insistently is that unless you control the process you don't get the good stuff on related containers full of gurneys and bed pads that's great but we don't get the ultrasounds and that an surgical tables and lights so we reluctantly step in this ourselves to set up this warehouse and that's increasingly be part of the system allow the hospital systems have friends only comparable systems want to get involved with international projects struggle with how to do that effectively an awful lot of them have been in and out with projects he has somebody gets of some interest was the place and doesn't think is a wonderful trip and and I agree John that certain trips can be valuable but leaves very little behind in terms of the infrastructure system trying to fix and then something else comes up want to go another place and so what we've been quite a German 's would cyclically involve involve enough to change the system to fix a thing and their removal and I limited the lawn that we have the same problem in Loma Linda we there have a system where we've had a number of our clinical departments want to do their own mission trips are often do them wherever without consultation with anybody this is plastics is an ophthalmologist Mrs. emergency medicine in a number of different ones and were also told and listen you know that's great stuff but let's focus list try to make sure will go on the someplace that can be sustained the committee that can grow and develop the system rather than just doing the advantage everywhere and that's really helped a lot started to come together focus all of them and make the trips much more meaningful or worthwhile as far as leaving something behind anywhere frankly in my view can be tremendously educational on the people who built no question that's what sin is all about I'm an wee little you impact the people goes educational trip but it doesn't do much about capacity out there and so that's what I do is develop capacities and were increasingly in NL the mid- to feeling some guilt about this what were basically saying is the last move the help but we really would prefer you would help in HI Hospital in the last not all the Adventist hospitals because there we can do deal with management we know the infrastructure we know the people we know the players and so we can guarantee a result if you want to go some place else will bless you but but we don't have the ability to have the same connection with them as as an HI situation know when we aren't we make use of in fact not looking fairly intensely on a major USAID grant right now that would be to you if through HI for HIV-AIDS education prevention and treatment policy care programs so increasingly getting involved with the with USAID processes and policies on the east of clarifications we know we have a big project yesterday partition of Palestine that is not part of a child and left that tied to the University that stage I only dealing with Adventist institutions not with other was a child and I'm not a song tears talk about are not part of HIH eyes only yet at those hospitals to some of the years is so a very personal and a the owner is and we know all human kindness is located on it as you begin all in that sentence is is is will is there no part is there anyway on NGOs and in a program or in five years two years later and the reason is all gone those great years in a in a system that can be made in her life and you will analyze some of the system are a very poignant as a self time I know I will we are filling a others is you solarium and a worry look at this DVD and then was lesson time for some questions on afterwards cut down those lights who the speakers will find as you use instead a you a you is organizations usually a guy you know China is honest on are not part of a child they are directly linked Loma Linda eliminate side only saddens institutions both of those in government hospitals which we carry contracts with to help manage but they're not Adventist hospitals cellular phase I used to do that stuff he says he got Gail can you help me shut down the projector will a murmur as a known as a interest in you and your team as you as you will you he is one of my own I is working on personnel and is more modern and will and as you is you will love you and a and a is wrong and you feel and you and you and there is a is a you asking Todd whether there's a listing of needs are you asking what is a listing of volunteers who were moving closer that I'm not sure where want to get quite there frankly because we need to vet people considering more than your message was amassing on the website we are getting a quite a number frankly and just young people across the world that are saying I want to plug into something you know what you have I wish I will bet you know the church typically is pretty conservative out there as far as letting on and was come in although from other than very strong force and a lot of good stuff so we has some happening that a lot of her own young people and so on so it's a mixture of things I'm not sure how whether we'll ever get quite to the point of putting everything up on the site are not we might wish anyone have a database and list everything that keeps us up to date have faith is not my a display of a earlier on and the all is you are a you your window appropriate technology as well a time and in and in and in and who are the online is to you is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is an and is permanently and in and is living on you will see is a you he is as he is a you he will and I know he is in a and he is in and who is in and will and is not only the here and he and these I will ruler who is not a little you as you as you is in is is is years and a way to be in the man he is and is and nine and in and in and see you and I and you and is in is is is is is is is is is is is an and is a is and is and will and is he a he will be a meeting aid in an for you to know that a is is is is is is is is is in and in and he is in a and in and is in is in a little as is her view of the movie will review is as low as he is a is and will will will and you will you will will and is in the cell phones were as soon as I was always around and is as long as all is going on this over the world will earlier the regular will the is is is is is is is a and a is is is is a is a you and is in a long and is is is is is is is is is is is an is and is is create a painless and I is as is were the very remunerative you will love the is a you will realize that is in a desire is working with hospitals as a diseases is the quality is a is in a will I is a is a is will I have a a will is I will is is is is is is an and is in a you a and is and will and will is here and I is also a set is a busy and will you and small will you as a will here is an and that's a little as he is and will and will and will and he is and he is and is and is not as he is in is him her is a and is a he will and he is will he he he he will go wrong and in and on and as we say in the young moves you see is an and he will is is is is money and move in and about you is is is is is is through Susan is a movie as long as this is that you were users over schools and is and is he is will will is will will for you and will and he is in the eye is a is an is is an is is is is is and is and is and he and he is a you the air as you are a you are and will in him him and him and is in a meeting in an and in the hair he is he will will will is is a girls on a little and you and is in and that is a is is is is is a is going in a version made the it is as is a you is that here's in a you UMass the nozzle is a thousand dollars is run the guru and is not a murder is using most of your hospital he and he is in you is is is is is is is he is a nice and is living in an is he is in and is is is was added as a review and add a you thing is that I had for as low as the United Kingdom will is is is is is is is is is is is a you and is is is is is is is is is is is is is is a is a will and I will and a in order to very low and moderate is is a is as old as he is and he is who he is and how he will learn and I say is as an is an we had to say is you are you will you I is in the thing is as in times that will be in you the very tomatoes agreement as a child is a you know you as you will will and will and all of the eye in my is known as an is will and and and and you know a little earlier or a new and there are in play and I is is is is is is is a you he and he is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is sucking and as I is is more and he is and maybe a little and is in is a is a so is is is is is is is a less is error to error is there are to close on an as is any is will is is a is a losing is in the last known as they are is is in a a a is is is is a is is is is is is is so is is either that he is in and in and in you are in is in and is in and he is so your are in and is in a you know is you is in error him him them them by skimming is one place there's a pretty more places around the world without similar stories China is running out on Honduras taken out of the hospital force down there now once questions comments this gives you leverage your Doctor Weaver has a niece primary right I very did give me many years ago the ruling on vital we are talking increasingly about that is frankly suppose would like to start some new stuff not disagree that no place to want to stop continuing at hospitals is longer some still enjoying we have a number of countries and actually asked to start entirely new work by Mozambique and Angola in Africa Portuguese speaking countries we often talk about the French-speaking areas in Africa being neglected but what you speak your neck even more because just don't fit in the system out there so the judge requested that Mister Einstein things of both Mozambique and Angola the places and asked about Somalia huge challenge Mauritania the West Coast French-speaking Valley Muslim area in the end it wasn't pornographic so yeah I worked were open all that bad take some time investments and as Don suggested earlier we were seeking not to be easy and quick and and see what happened we are there for a long alternate front step in and an established system and surviving on bugs that were very much looking at some starting some new errors in our lives of all or you will hear data on the other is a will and will you as a you and and and we were saying now is living in your time and help you know that you will always be stored in a home is a is a is a hospital is a you are a is an and in here but is not as you will have easy as you will be as easy as you and I in the world other only a work that is a nice lot in my paragraph seven is the linear or a job well done movie there is John are best industry is healthcare itself so by providing jobs and so on healthcare we do tremendous boost to the economy and then we are increased in other places getting the submissions on the gardens and starting their visit variety of other industries are gradually letting within our running it by clearing a taxi service by conflicted of the age is a number and running Internet café the number little things like that individual situations are probably coming up responding to the local sorts of things it's hard to predict what will work best in setting us very much an individualized sort of thing I would just about major donor under thousand dollars each I set up setup scholarship fund I got internships for young people to work for one and two years to develop the skill sets so they can then go off and get a job and so we start to work on trying to grow old Catskill among the admonition people that come in as well so it's it's it's it's really hard to package it everywhere but it's a thing that is very much encourage at the local level okay I think our time is gone thank you all of it outside take some questions there are high when the last ten reports of HI in another brief summary back here for me getting lost to take some of those thank you all


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