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The Tree of Life

Benjamin Ng




  • August 18, 2012
    7:00 AM
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father in heaven thank you Lord for bringing us this morning to come and listen to deal with as we open the Bible once more help us to understand that this book was put just with the blood of the boxes of the same to preserve that down to the dock exists lots time helpless old holds open this book with reference with solemnity and with a mind mode what is it that you have lots have for us this morning please Lord bless our time together please send us your Holy Spirit that he may illumine our hearts and our minds and draws closer to you this morning we pray in Jesus name amen here yesterday morning we looked at a message of fear God will and I want to recap that really quickly because this is connected to what woman we looking at this morning one is a means of fear gotten the story of Abraham sacrificing almost sacrificing his son Isaac what was that obedient to the stepfather even though you don't understand the reason why I'd only looked at this question that I gave you the very beginning was what was the focus on living a righteous life that focused my friends is not so that we can go to heaven is not so that we can of soda life because that is what we call righteousness by works we don't live in the slightest life just so that we can have entrance into heaven at the end of time but that is the byproduct of living the righteous like a man there is a blessing for those that do that lots we will not ever become a balanced Christian and we don't learn to what wins souls for Jesus what was the text that we ended off with yesterday and problems eleven in the study and that is a Texan I want to join your attention to again and this morning must go back to province chapter eleven adverse thirty province chapter eleven and will looking at this sex once marvelous study the Bible here says the fruits of the righteous is lots page for me all the life and receive that when of souls is why the fruit of the righteous is a real life under those that win souls are wise so according to this passage I know it's a Hebrew poetry here we have a parallelism here that is outlined in this bus tell me a coincidence was cool all those that are wise what is a comprehensive tree of life those that are wise are like a tree of life and when you win souls that is the fruits of the righteous you look at me but you don't get me out from my face you have to look at the Bible text that so those that will soul out of those who have from is the righteousness and those that a wise mother tree of life or we could also say is are those that fear God Karen because the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and those that alive the ones that win souls and another was the fussy message in the first Angels message Sue God calling us all to be a tree of life amen was I using thank you thank you but let us look at this one is the focus of the tree of life which we all like what was the focus of the tree of life it was to give life in Genesis three twenty two one Adams and East End God said would put an angel at the job the way to the field life so that they don't take up this tree and as a result live forever so the purpose of God 's people here on this today is sincere and people like no I'm not saying the SVGs is what they want to lead others to Christ even this is the sole reason of why we exist as Seventh-day Adventists people will not choose some of the evidence shows because that's how you can be saved that's not why he chose the suddenly honest as he chose us because he gave us a mission and that mission whether it be in your backyard when rereading your family will be down the street will be across-the-board alive whether it be across the sea the only mission that he is given to us is to save souls enter but I want to look at this tree of life concepts of this morning the real police suddenly to problems to the farina it's very interesting of the tree of life is mentioned in several places places in the Bible problems the three is one of them and ominous thought would be threatened on all the conclusion of this fits in Lewis eighteen province chapter three verse eighteen the model says she is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her and happy is everyone everything is what it is she who is she one is that she is a tree of life sounds like a woman ready to but let's go back one of us the most loyalty for the merchandise all of it is better than the merchandise of silver and again in their off than fine gold we still don't know what this is but the Bible has attached agenda through it it is a sheet let's go to bus eleven out of me plus thirteen happy is the man that find wisdom and the man that Joseph understanding what is the subject matter here that would help him out and most of the wisdom or those that do not feel as beginning of wisdom wisdom is a shield of sites all problems notice what it says I read was sporting a musket ball a bit too much I'm sorry you lost from the button verse fifteen is very interesting she is more precious than rubies where else in the Bible doesn't talk about something being more precious than rubies my friends problems chapter thirty one let's go there if you're not familiar with this was from a study one and ladies if you need to become familiar with it and gentlemen you also need to become familiar with and province chapter thirty one the Bible says you can find a virtuous woman for her price is one far above rubies of voluptuous woman she's hot five she's on the phone I hope rises far above rubies in the Bible illustrates this in problems three not applicable so mundane yes in equation two wisdom she's like a tree of life missiles into no woman you are likely to be of like steel family is another you are like a tree of life seal family applauded in the garden of your home and your children and your husband safely trusts in you when they come to me on the fruits of your labor they only praise you because you all that real life indicator of insults about how a woman out of the conversation can wait another ungodly husband is a long it never says that a lot of you don't find in the Bible a village was mad although we argument is the name but the woman has the power in the whole convert the husband succumbed to the children to bring their children into the law the woman has this in responsibility in the home because she is like the tree of life to the family machine it is the responsibility of all that all the husband to bring in a children's alone yes we know that the husband is the house that if the pre- sell the home all that is what you should be the woman always has a greater problem have you noticed when woman they recently name of this woman going date non- Adventist men in the get married and they really the children will always end up bringing the children to she has great influence over the children the husband does so gentlemen it is even more important when you find the right woman scenario because she will always have full power over you in the holding you will have over woman you are like a tree online single-family and Paulson 's important role I want to go so far to say that the home the mother it's much more important than that of the pasta the preachers and missionaries because he goes so much for a through the children influenced society considers hallucinations she is like a tree of life to in Revelation chapter twenty two the Bible also talks about the tree of life and it gives a very interesting description please come with me that's a Revelation chapter twenty two because you see Fred and we must be trees all allies wherever we go and whatever we do and wherever we are God is calling us to be a free of life in this world today I'm not saying once again for those that are coming in that we are being like Jesus in a sense that we are replacing them no friends we ought to be a tree of life that we may lead people to Jesus who is the way to do that in the light that is our responsibility that is omniscient this is what God has called us to today Revelation chapter twenty two unless one is that the niche showed me a pure river all will life as clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the midst of the street I don't either side of the river was the tree of life which is there as well matter of prudence and yielded her fruit every month and the leaves on the trees for the healing of the nation that will be the tree of life at the end of time when we get to heaven we will have the rights it says Laurent in relation twenty two that those who do his comeuppance will have the right to the tree of life and as we partake of that food only then will we live forever amen only then will we be able to enjoy its design it seems and beyond not feel tired but you do this long not feel hungry film the low-paying the one that you like but is very interesting Psalms one is a very very very strikingly similar description of the tree of life video please don't make the songs just don't want to spend some time here this morning as will looking at this purpose of this tree of life today saw a chapter one and starting with verse one models is the less that is Amanda Walker is not in the counsel of the ungodly nor sadness in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful tell me friends according this bus what is the subject matter that we are looking at here sorry man what type of man not leaving the righteousness of blessedness although it spends a lot of time most of us I would say seventy five eighty defendant was talking about what we should not be the main subject matter here is the blessed man that is very interesting that this blessed man and he's contrasted with the description of this cousin who walks in that hellhole and not me but he's bad news in the way of sinners and they say that in the seas on the let anybody else have a number of the version now that one is another word for school until economy scorn my to make fun to ride right you don't when people begin to do that then we don't become law is overnight in the process of high the possibilities and walking in the way of the side so he sat for a while but he gets one five so he says that to be unrighteous on Don Lee does not happen overnight friends is the process of time it's what we call the model backsliding you know how the Bible does not say Max I think is another one of those the fact that they even ask don't back away from Jesus to backsliding because I mean we also all the other related and soulless so that we don't realize that in the end of the day marking on the homemaking fun of them who makes fun of the message and the messenger doesn't happen overnight but it's a slow long drawnout process posted but his delight is in the Lord of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate how day and night and then bus three and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water to bring us forth his fruit in his season his leaf also shall not win the title what so ever seem to work shall cross this is the sort of person that you want on your side this is a thought about the fact that you want to your company this is a thought of us is that you want to get charge whatsoever he thought it shall prosper but notice the description is so strikingly similar to that of what we find in Revelation twenty two you see a liberal order use see the tree you see the fruits and you see the movies let me ask you this question in order for a free user role what does it mean anything water what else sunlight anything else sorry nutrients in the soil right but not as the Bible does not describe all of his numbers on the slide that the tree is wanted in a place where the sun is nice beautiful leaves but let me also in the Bible does call about the sun and the sun only one reason to abolish reason in order read Isa 's soak up the sun 's rays one must be good about it the leaves in a long time since I am looking for science so please feel free to correct me one wrong but I believe when the suns rays hit the love of the leaves we have a single photosynthesis is that right and Eloise nutrients I don't know I'm the lead on that I got that part right but but in order for the stream to be healthy anything in the sun 's rays operating in the leaves are healthy but that's not what the Bible says one what makes this three hundred fruits and good lease its clients and by what a stream Walter is involved correct it does not say that is wanted in the rainforest weather when the temperature is nice and human kind it soaks up the water from the air no it says that his closet next the river of water and tell me friends in order for the tree to be healthy one must be good about it its roots as an owner for this reason be healthy because we seem to listen twenty two the tree of life as the River of life running right through it the trees on both sides of the sum total is forty the fact that the Bible tells us is next to a river of water and meetings that what is good about it is as the plot that cannot be seen now it is the Bible says that is the next cerebral water and its fruits are that had us raise our is leave home with three what is that about it also this was arguably Kenya's Seafoods no but how do you know that sultry arcuate from its use of helmets leaves no fun sometimes we as Seventh-day Adventists we see the fruits of a person is that we see that leaves littering and you know we do why you doing that don't you know any better don't you know it's not good to eat late at night don't you know it's not good to eat between meals don't you know that you should be playing ball on Sabbath put it away in all we do with the fruits fruit zero horrible get rid of in a next to grow good fruits leaves the level we do so many kinds will be preexilic reason we shall talk about status it's so easy to be a friends also learn and a leave is over and we'll dissolve and we was up but you know there is nothing wrong with that but it's what we still that becomes a problem growing up in a Sunday I miss home I knew what was right and what is wrong my mom came and slowly bend you should set up a team you knows that always like okay sure when she walks out of the house is live Cinema now you know what happened so many times that we try to fix people from the outside that we don't deal with the roots of the problem we don't deal with their roots and makes civilians as though the next year the food comes out again and was shot because the fruit face our way in the legal didn't I tell you lost your and we condemn we become these foods so those in fruit pickers without ever dealing with the roots of the problem friends tell me according to the three buses we went and songs chapter one what is the root 's experience what is it what is the root of experience talks badly flooded by the stream yes but what is the root experience equal to just light the tree of life is equal to the person who wins souls is easy to write folding with them twenty fear God what is the experience is according to Psalms one hundred and eighty including the Arthur's on my face -year-old had me expecting me onto waiting for him I get it but I must knew the question friends what is that would experience a color dishonest of the one verses one through three major lights in the lore of God what an night they meditate upon it I am not give us you will what do you think of the devotions this morning I sure hope you didn't because this must not be a replacement of your time with Jesus I know what conferences like this you get so tired of these sweet legacy of friend you haven't even four yard for a few months or a few weeks and you want to socialize with them as the jet hit the bed about eleven twelve o'clock when you wake up at six thirty if you put all of you shower when you come in the argument you pray you walk out the door I guarantee you your friends can not be good down the fruits of righteousness the treelike is he that wins souls to Jesus when he put it simply friends you know why the church is in trouble you know why Canada is is a homeless secular mindset than what we were making excuses students and why we cannot reach the lowly Jesus the research was done by Atlanta's graduate citizen two thousand and three to two thousand seven in the interview below for the foster 's growing administered to the North America that sustained a suite of five percent growth in membership and insightful five years and were only a handful churches and they went to the hospital late members and had interviewed the discharge that was really so rapidly and then Rachel time to interview the sweet shot shows a rounded as to why the church was dying and the reason of the plot of the plot is going to the game it was the same reason all those that were dying the same reason as the wind would all in Seattle I know that was one in the North 's new well local West there see her all of the secular place so it's hard to reach people that Jesus is the end of fossils Windows is like it's great Seattle is a succulent place and because of that we can reach people when Jesus Canada is not dieting or dad because it is secular Canada its Seventh-day Adventist churches are not dying or dead and because people are not having an experience of Jesus becomes of these conferences and substance use the spiritual life for what the preacher says that this morning is not the own roots experience he was this is why people are not coming to Jesus because Timothy says we have a form of godliness we dress good real good we each good appraisal of silly people here this morning you generally can we be missing the very power that God could give a circumferential at the entry of life in Canada have you had you would experience this morning if not don't want to I don't need to know I'm not a priest you do not confess to me it's not too late in the day 's not over yet friendliness breakfast make sure you have lunch if you missed lunch make sure you have enough evidence that any myths that make sure you eat dinner and went having had to since this morning because they are the byproducts of all of our devotion with Jesus as our filled life to the Holy Spirit you don't get what they did in the book of acts here is what bullpen with his shadow healed people want that phone of our but you have to have that folded emotion to Jesus followed the Princess Senator flip for you to learn him about life in one day and what to do that you must spend time with a pleasant food soul convicts them of their sin all roots experience on the show with you some data full of theological seminary I thought I share this with you already but I wanted to the shed this is more indignity to the dentist research a few years ago and they interviewed tosses from North America from US and the average in Minnesota he was a son about five to seven minutes in prayer every day the average in Minnesota whom posted was meant to be involved with the spiritual affairs of the church the person who is mentally presenting these messages that have less evil with the one God these people are spending five to seven minutes in prayer everyday friends that's not even enough to save your own soul nevermind meeting will take us on the big double voting in the book the big four economy is a research on the SH two thousand three to two thousand seven and again at some statistics in an personal and private prayer the people in the analysis and interview glosses laymen those elders deacons different various people and seventy three percent of the people they interviewed to spend time daily in prayer twenty one percent of the people that will interview to spend prayer once a week and in the sixth sense I don't know maybe once a month whenever his brains out the right but only seventy three percent of the people pray daily present is personal Bible study spending time with Jesus and the woodlot every day studies seven percent facility for their Bible every day thirty seven I hope these statistics are not true in this conference I hope is a hundred percent to forty three percent of the people studied in model once a week and I don't know whether that included just the chosen opening of the Bible twenty percent we don't know maybe once a month whenever these are statistics to listen they administer and we wonder why is autism trouble is not because people are living the one that just is not a signal of the iceberg problem when the rules problem lies in our own hearts with us when we spend time with Jesus or not now here's another shocking one reading Alan like books only fourteen percent of the seventh day Adventist see full network interviewed spend time daily reading her books sixty seven percent more than is the consensus majority of God 's chosen people that are being given a mission can we be being human is wrong but in the lot I think it was a very very clear message not meeting twenty nine percent once a week really want to cut you sometimes their policies everything you know what the purpose of devotions is not treated like a work gone I pray for ten minutes of a I've read slides as of the Bible which means I will finish the book of the Bible books of the Bible would be your unrighteous don't treat your personal devotions like the requirements that we need to do everything to pick personal devotion friends simply this God speaking to the heart sometimes you might not get a phone line that is why I make sure I restored a prophecy every everyday only fourteen percent green profits writings everything one more time we worship you know you don't have to you are finally when it is husband and wife Italy finally when you have kids you are a family when your husband and wife twenty eight percent do it daily thirty three percent once a week and thirty nine percent on conviction Marmol that we really needlessly think preaching is not getting what finish friends his people was studying their Bibles we wouldn't have conferences like this because would be going out there I'm sorry I'm too busy thankfully for me to give you another goal in the amount my father 's business is I don't have time for as we heard last night my means listen to the will of my father that sent the roots experience at the end of the day many will find that our foundation was not on the solid rock of Jesus Christ but will know God is sending us trials today to help us to realize that trials for the focuses files are not given that we may just simply develop character the main purpose of files is that it may reveal what a person does not put file that God gives us is not because he wasn't trying hard enough it's because he was not spending time with Jesus in his room and his closest in her private place of prayer she was not struggling with God that you cannot fire on his victory over that center over that foul mouth over whatever it's certain that it may take that pervades our lives today the only thing that can change us as the Bible front it's Jesus and when she does that alike will have so much power so much power that Canada will be reached from the Toronto will be reached for God our best efforts there not meaning anything until we are right with Jesus that he is hard thought and with a few close I think I've gotten my point clearly across select the messages volume one page one twenty one oh revival meeting the access is only been on such a threat you don't get revival from preaching my friends the revival can only be expected in the nonsense of Karen if we are not having a route six feelings are lies below the revised but such is life will not be revised Canada will not be won to Jesus and many of God 's people do not see the employment of self-knowledge and self-control they do not want to pray lest you enter into temptation and they would watch it would be acquainted with their weak points where they are most likely to be a semi- temptation with watchfulness and from there we just points can be so God is to become the strongest points and they can encounter temptation without people will come in green follow-up does that include us in today amen every follower of Christ should daily examine himself that he may become fully acquainted with his own conduct there is with nearly all merely all sound like ninety nine percent of the there is with nearly all the neglect of cells examination to know that is what we must do in a private time of you wondered why sometimes you are not overcoming sin and yet is still reading the Bible and is still praying for Natalia is because we don't go at the end of our dates while room and we start thinking about all day and so let me read this you administers would make the actions of a safe subject of careful thought and the liberals reviewed with object to become acquainted with their own habits of life they would let her know themselves by a close scrutiny of their daily life under all circumstances they would know their own motives the principles of which is actually what is scrutinizing it's a critical examination critical we must deliberately at the end of every day review on hot days I is a God did I say everything I represented you rightly for my actions a clear representation of what you should do this stuff as well and if we find that it is not let us go in humble prayer to God and Oscar has given us an awesome phone bigotry over this action only when multiple we need to eat daily to examine our Linux luminosity many days do not have before I go to the car loving for myself then why did you say that you do not close examination this is a review of our acts to see whether conscience approves his conduct is unnecessary for all who wish to arrive at the perfection of Christian kinds of friends the bleeding before but if you don't need a big fight on your hands is also selling like I love telling you that he readied himself she's not saying don't focus on those only comfort food there is no such thing but we must all perfect all Christian cards and Christ but he was and we went in on Mike to this point I'm sorry but we will not be part of a hundred and forty four thousand of the undefined there are many carnal cotyledons of that era many ungodly people out there that we are not a citizen of the not saying that we should be the highest I have been for the last three days of two days since the start of the conference we need to review our acts everyday print everything have you wondered why our life sometimes on devotions a socialite and we know all of this unless Sharon with you anything you been gone since Oslo the old ways don't forget how do unless let us in on all teachings of loss history it'll will than to look for you ten years ago if it'll work for you you devotions it's called the holy place of the heavenly century what you find the word of God and prayer and the Holy Spirit that's always there that is needed is revival thousands life no more my last quote for you this this morning there is one genuine cure for spiritual laziness about his work working muscles need your help I want you to see this is very very clearly okay maybe short devotional life is not where it is today that's okay woke for souls who need your help and you will see your devotional life revised DC that God is not waiting for perfect people to go and do his work changes the sinful O-ring humanity the opportunity to present salvation of all the people and friends when you begin to sit down for a Bible study when you give the topic of the second coming to the Jesus of the cousin who doesn't know about Jesus and his friends to go to get your life-threatening because Jesus is coming soon we don't know what can happen but until you identify that everything in the morning feeling melting as iPhone is to be gone from this pulpit is going to be gone the car is going to be gone it reminds you that I need to change my life so many times even in Taiwan in this last year has not been given Bible study got really appeals to my heart than you to change your life you need to reinvestigate how you live your life to as we work for the souls of all the people in pure spiritual laziness spending high with Jesus it's a cycle to cycle where you are now maybe you don't did anyone place maybe I'll bring any souls Jesus maybe enough spending enough time to really vote not at all you go unsolved looking for someone and you will find the need to go to God in prayer underneath because he come back in like manner wirelessly with horrible I feel silly him to make sure I cited a model before I go out for Angela Bible study and make sure that I don't meanwhile properly handle over my summons and finds the voice that at the present seven I will share with you my experiences and go back to Gaza Walt Disney because the people of Congresswoman only I want him to be than the big message because I thought it's identifying with you and it seems as my social life work and pray and watch woke and pray these are the watchwords of the Christian thing friends God is not calling you to win Canada today this morning she just once you are he wants to talk he wants your attention and he wants your devotion he wants to spend time with you that he may feel you mom with his Holy Spirit give you a vision for his work and then without Holy Spirit and how would you subdue his life but today he wants you cannot see once you would you give him your heart again when you go back to your rooms this morning before breakfast is available in a given because I been unchristian with a form but no power I want to stop there to spend time on today's monolithic data condos they will forever more I noticed that I would view to survey the sun high in the one God that when I go out this afternoon knocking on doors I actually will have power people may actually want to come to know you because I neither know our world could be so much more success if only we drink from the fountain of life is showing let us go back and spend that time with Jesus must father in heaven loan you are so patient with us you look down from heaven you desire to spend time with your children every morning every off the new and every evening Lord fellowship with you to know you a small portion of the more precious than anything else that without that what we know this but you are spirit is willing but the flesh is weak Lord today as those of the focus message when you remind them father that you still love them but you still want to do mighty things through their lives if only they would spend time with you today father especially on the Sabbath they remind us as our hearts and him I've been overburdened with Karen the pleasures of this world help us to use our time and not walking with one another but if you want and we have not done that this morning they we leave this place and illustrates what we would say Lord can close the help us to be a tree of life in Canada today for you for claim Jesus as a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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