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Ministering to Your Own Family While Ministering to Others

Phil Mills Sr. Edwin Nebblett Maria Nebblett


  • September 22, 2006
    3:00 PM
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we're very very grateful from Annapolis heavenly schedule is a revision to the wheel 's invasion is never consented to share with us a section that I think is perhaps one of the most important thing we highly juggle priorities so many things that need in healthcare medical evangelism not be just one more thing that we need to and we don't do one more thing in a one more thing to think us away from our family one more project and our fight is on hold and overturn the time overview Doctor Nolan have to share with you that I found in the busy was life alcohol is a wonderful estate in figures because I wasn't as a high paid use it as a reason for not doing anything that I will now start is you will not answer you have a wonderful escape to do whatever you want and to avoid doing that you just didn't really want to do that maybe God wanted because you're busy I discovered it was also wonderful escape if I couldn't have high village of a very well well everybody knew his visit and so again were okay the third quarter is going so maybe is a wonderful wonderful raising to be able to invade a true responsibility and to give me and how and it wasn't until I realized that actually nobody is everybody is doing with pictures of the red line will gain control of my schedule and get over to a smaller degree in as little and someone will get over the small it really alcoholism of business God does not want us to be over visiting he has created in the new heaven and integrated adjustment of Angels to do all the work was needed to be done to keep them occupied but never in Justin the Angels this e-mail is do what needs to be done and still have time for the wonderful thing about the Internet law is the fourth commandment is all one thought is the fourth amendment gives us time for rest and use it as rivals the reservoir so I am very interested in hearing from Doctor Netherlands and his wife the issues that all this is in balancing various priorities Doctor never was able to balance him him one particular way in the immediate açai is how we can know is that rear wheel through the house is looking to see how this was arranged as if I were to put this on here that might solve a lot of our heads in prayer gracious heavenly father we know that you want to teach us instructors in the way that we need to go help us Lord to come to an understanding of how we can do your will in our homes and outside of our homes have already Jesus name amen have a question for you was Christ is yes he was so it is visiting us the problem the real issue is that when Christ was here whose will did he do it in the will of him that sent him now the question is before us is whose will our we doing I tell you that we struggled with this issue of come to the conclusion that regardless of whether you see yourself in a life of ministry all of us are in ministry we just minister in different ways and in different places while we are on the ministry the question is whether we are in a ministry for good or harm not good we are doing grabbing and influence revenue member but our ministry to put it in a very simplistic term we are in the fruit business for business Matthew seven if you brought your Bibles with you Matthew seven sixteen through twenty you shall know them by their fruits do men gather for horns or things of vessels even so every good tree bring informed good fruit but I corrupt tree bring forth evil century cannot bring forth evil fruit neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit every tree that bring is not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them now as persons the fruits of the spirit is what the world needs is what my wife sees is what my children see is what you patients see is what the court in Walmart 's needs and this fruit is is a result of our relationship with Jesus Christ and it is going to be seen in our lives the question that's before us is in the work of the master whether or not you are working in the home or outside of the home or you're in the marketplace the question is what is the status of your fruit we need to be fruit inspectors if you will under question as what fruit do you see in your children what fruit do you see in your grandchildren what frame do you see in your relationship with your spouse what is the fruit of your work share knowledge clinicians we reason from cause to effect reverted to start right while Disney is is effect and of the in the around what was the cause so that I reason from calls to affect identity enable to have a treatment plan because the effect was either being to our liking or not to our liking most of my patients who show up and seeming to have effects that they don't like and as I get it because I haven't understand alcohol is linked to affect another treatment plan that will give them a different effect that makes sense to you so the case of fruit the fruit into my life and in the life of my family the question is is the fruit what you want the entertainment is releasing about is this the fruit that you want because the fruit that you are going to share with others in Matthew twelve thirty three the Scriptures say either make the tree good either make the tree good and his fruit good or else make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt for the tree is known by his fruit the greatest evidence enough of this home page thirty two this is a passage that helps us to understand the issues the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can forget is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart our business in this world whose business our business in this world is seeing what virtues that means what fruit we teach our children and our families to possess that they shall have an influence upon other families we can be in educating power although we you ever enter the desk means of open all well ordered well disciplined family in the sight of God is more precious than Feingold even then a golden wedge of over so what does the world need does it need more doctrine while how about the evidence of the practical gospel in the heart so wherever it is that you are called upon to minister whether or not it is in your community or on a mission trip what the world needs to see is the evidence of how a practical gospel is laid out in your heart I will tell you our experience where we made our mistakes and how we've come to understand some principles you want to share with you speaking as a couple that is arrived but how we evangelicals that this issue of where to report time clearly the issue is not dizziness the issue is the priority that we place on in our lives that's the issue I graduated from himself family practice residency in nineteen eighty one I have completed a teaching fellowship Mike joined the faculty I was in charge of the administrative practice of the entire residency and faculty is doing obstetrics my wife was working the three to eleven shift and we were newlyweds I worked during the day she worked in the evenings we cannot see each other very much in those early days on the weekends I was very involved in church planting I love to my wife but to be very candid with you I was too busy to be tuned in to her needs we were as shed and then I had my attention was not him him and he cannot rename and often the intention I long for you to insurance with my weekend I went heavy on everything and not working as well I was thinking along the dollars and then in the afternoon a few hours after I found myself feeling more and as I saw that one person after another and basically was nothing sure there are other matters and I tried to wait patiently for him if anything imagine that you are giving myself talking with other women like you I love you patient and paragraph get him out of the bedroom and I believe the church should I close the church he had been having a length lengthy conversation in another calendar and when I walked up to him my tribes are alive born you really need is a and in the meantime what do you and I is that he fell in it he refers in and now in he would have to find a ride home into much time and an appointment I will pay you to do that is what my heart and child I is that those in over me as I drove in a way I thought I will call my parents live some forty miles away I thought that my father and I told him that I will remain green line on time and hand and horrifying aliens in her and my father he anything that something was wrong between you and document sharing any of them denied my request innings only you thought it was in the home and working in the morning and I finally came home and in a timely nature using a long time I soon learned friend is what I apologize to my wife and did what I could to restore the peace between us and the bad things would be different from now on the Marvin Meyer is an organization or model means with my husband how wonderful I convert my heart and Palestinian communication is going to be easy I even though we had you the only thing you need to win in never seen to have been time one is in the second him went on we started our family by this time I became the more heavily involved in service to others really learn to live with as by this time I was involved with lifestyle magazine reads a over two hundred series I think there were then Matthews at favored today I loved it and we were reaching out to the secular world I also got involved with Genesis attic taping television programs for children because they were no good children programs at all I was involved with health evangelism and I was also lie now in part-time practice and I was also the Director of the residency program by this time and when I was at home was on the phone that Maria really felt alone in her day-to-day handling of the children and she was alone in feature films with good thing John and refrain from parents we now aiming wanting family for me and it will be best illustrated in chair in particular they are this is a busy mother of three children in trying where changes to describe her grandchildren dearly as he be in making raising capital family I grown up hearing stories from my mother her very happy family life in the memory is I live in Finland I wonder if I dreamed of having been shown by the and is able to think in those terms we agreed a compromise and we decided that we living in the Lord would bring her children now I have to read and even though his love and and I enjoyed them thoroughly my dream is familiar and often fell short of fulfilling a moment that is inherent in way to handle them as I sat alone in making her as many loving well-meaning parent and have patiently enduring I believe natural normal Mister and I are thinking criminalizes human endurance was completely exonerated in their resolve in below using your fairies to approach the native grandchildren shame or long weary something is patiently putting in my name is how we and my husband was an all-time high anyone is going to buy his is already me know in the form that you are wanting in the hospital and later as a was unhealthy and all human and you are in at that point very different when you are dead my children and began walking him him and his family and trying to and they were not quickly collaborating in serum may inhale that resulted from their childish and I'm not in the application and I began to hold them in severely angry as hell Sheena Murray is grateful more self-control I began to lean on for my shortcomings are of very fast this course of pain and health and blamed mom binding law mingled with years my poor children are living in marrying their bringing on activity is not looking highly I challenge the challenge the old days when the question of you how will find yourself will you and your mother and she earned it with worry that the new insight and painful for her tender age she had been on never be able to please you was shot in the offering and was filled with shame and regret I lay there is feeling fear love and I wonder how you think that he is just these are all are you heading are no laughing matter night long turning to them they pay now he is labeling action the message that my five -year-old conveys an event theme those words was a a relationship in a for the first time he clearly you are mainly working then you think anything of them I tried from the heart and soul of the child the child and you and I is in the air that night how do I learn to manage my children are loving the primary way is is in a caring and how to teach them important than the value of orderliness we had an orderly and losing millions of the condemnation in manuscript twenty four eighty nine and involved a weak link in her prime is prepended to the site in an area phase in her word and action and this is what we do to our children when we claim to be a disciple when we are how there is preaching to any hand or is engaged in evangelism why we don't know in the spirit of Christ to our own children in our own in James one twenty eight he will unlock as they relate to them while you are in I really I is is that more than I what you are hungry enough attention is I long for my husband is home family worship regular basis to leave things as they shall act the way of godliness but this only happened in my turning point came at night oldest daughter is seven birthday I remember sitting there amongst the boisterous crowd looking at their seven -year-old child and it dawns on me I did not know what her favorite color ones I do not even know the name of her favorite little teddy bear that she had gotten from the time she was an infant I now know that her teddy bear has no name I didn't know that you know in my heart I wanted to be a true father to my children but where was I to find the time every moment was consumed in the practice of medicine in teaching at the residency program quite honestly my failures at home were too depressing to think about the hospital I was Mister wonderful there I was a success work consumed me I did not resist what God use this experience to help me to realize I needed to change if I was to hear one day well done thou good and faithful servant when the Lord asked me this question where is your flock that beautiful flock that I gave you so I set in motion will look in the fridge I resided right side of the study what principles do I need to follow to make some decisions here I now have three moment I'll share with you what is the first principle that I discovered the giving of ourselves that's me ourselves and quality and quantity time to our spouses and/or families is in dispensable for the nurturing of a God honoring marriage and family now I've decided this is what I tell men and this is not matter what profession you are what our wives and our children need more than a paycheck is our presence mentally as well as physically and be present and I'm speaking as one who is totally arrival I am striving to make this balance work I've tell you the whole issue for me has now come down to a simple question am I serving South or am I serving God so when I come to make some decisions I start asking myself when I made when a request is made of me is this going to serve salt or got there so I now have addressed the question is what I am being asked to do these are good things first question I ask is does it impact on my relationship with Jesus Christ here is what I'm talking about if I am asked to do an evangelistic series but I have never done before it can take time for me to study how to do that with my time spent doing that impact my devotion time with the Lord in the morning if it does that's it I say no I the one good thing second is what I am asking Google to get back to my relationship with my wife if I am not certain I have a very simple test I ask if she says yes go ahead I now go to the third is what I am being honest and you are going to impact never negatively on the relationship with my children if I am in Dallas I ask them if I get a sense of all three that when I move ahead so now we have gotten involved in activities as a family but I have made sure that I see yes all three missing in my natural self I love doing what I do what I love doing it in the past where it negatively impacted on my relationship with my wife enough time for I did not have time for my children that is not a God honoring his for me I would say to any or some out there using it before the Lord and you asked the Lord when he would have to do I've come to understand that I now am a man under authority the question is are you willing to be under the authority of the Lordship of Jesus Christ or if you are then you are not your own your time is not your own your resources are not your own your practice is not your own it belongs to Jesus Christ and are you going to take your direction from Jesus Christ our unit do what is in your heart to do without any consideration to whether the Lord called you to do that or not I have to tell you flat out this requires that to the this is what death to self you know also in Philippians one twenty one for me to live is Christ and to die is gain as a practical terms means that when you and I are faced with a request for decision we do not take it to ourselves to make the decision related to all more in our master and so are the result I have committed for ordering our home as Christ would have me do this summer after this I did not receive this instruction in grade school I did not receive the instruction of my parents need I did not receive this instruction the medical school I was not taught me this have to go to my sacred to learn how to do this I have to learn how to take time with my wife how to take time with my children I now have to tell you that I've come to understand what the Bible is calling me to do it is not optional in Ephesians five twenty three says husband is the head of the line even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore as as the church is subject unto Christ so let the wives be to their husbands in everything that means I must leave under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and when I am my wife is willing to be under the Lordship of her husband when I am out side of price and makes it much more difficult for her to make the decision that she is going to follow me tell you fathers is what I tell men it is our responsibility to bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord that is what Abraham did I studied him for a long time and it is our responsibility to bring our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord to command our household after him so I purpose to set myself in this direction and this is what we did we moved to the country where there was less trash but as time went by I build my life again with more stuff by this time in front by this time I was involved with some of you know I'm not doing it gives a wonderful thing I can say that it was a blessing to have been involved but it took time I was involved in a hospital board by this time I was involved in many other outreach in a linear I particularly have an interest in natural medicine when you studied a natural laws you're automatically outside of the box as far as orthodox medicine is concerned they just don't know what it is a blessing to them so my because of my sensitivity to both Orthodox people we are allopathic medicine and natural medicine I have many many people calling me to get help because their doctor doesn't even understand that I was doing a lot of this kind of activity but I was not accomplishing the fruits that I wanted to wear you out now engaged want to see everything home he was having morning worship and will you as a will is there and you will you enjoy helping people and as I I I will not do is you we had more in common but they happened whether one or more opportunity to do good things I can my client him we are we have taken the time to have music education for our children are very young in years only limited and even filing a method and channel is in time when our oldest was probably about the money our children have become the hairy profession the instrument someone so that is directed as rent from his university program there had recommended that the one hand is in and in the easier it is already referring to children and giving them the empathy to relate in any way as we go as a nation money and why is I was in the team 's lone consuming and they had more only when they are in school to three euros and you are away with having an and myself -year-old and a little island of any each morning makes my emotional and very nice that he was eyeing me as I is a wife and mother of my children in home and at well when you come in this venture is in the writings of the early morning is will him why there are many things wrong in where remembering the practice what you are is an online writing faded away I'm sorry we were not well-prepared because my two -year-old is in him so I had an only will you and you and is so human and you and even though it wasn't your friend is something of a Shirley's and will use slices of crises are opportunities and is a crisis to bring back my attention to my commitment at this point my youngest boy had an appearance of a lesion that the whole my knowledge looked very much like a melanoma and when he described to me how you came to be I was not very happy so I took him to see a dermatologist who made arrangements for surgery in three or four days I get on our business when you start having a sense of urgency about it just lets you know that they are knowing about what you at an event it was the cause of this crisis but I was faced with the prospects which had never thought of before losing a child before I would be lost I'm talking about I'm laid to rest before there was the way things are supposed to be I'm supposed to grow up with them invisible to take care of me everything while I can tell you this threatening situation threatening situations have a way of helping you to refocus on what really important want to be very honest with you we have some decisions to make and this is one of the first things that I learned I wanted an easy way out of my dilemma of being too busy I wanted to just leave it all behind what our house was not selling and we determined that it was because God wanted us to learn how to make decisions right where we were needed to make the tough decisions right where we were so by God 's grace we did as I resigned from both television series I resign from the hospital board I resigned from doing a lot of outreach Mister Lord I will go back out there again when you tell me I can go back out again and Maria timeout for music lessons are hard to know when you have children who are very promising and what they do and their others left great expectations to disappoint them is hard we didn't need directions or pain and sorrow can take your child is then easily universities following summer to remove their in a range he is he wants she is the others as well and she is very excited about their potential and she was very hard and they responded mainly farming there are very faithful in mind two -year-old and her son was born in the counseling room might now friends that heading the thing that had changed her policy to accommodate our family that are in you are him first prize okay was nothing than one thing at every wedding invitation and I was failing miserably so finally the Lord my heart is in the meal be friendly and surrender in that I needed to stop altogether for a new handling the forever the nine unit is found in the priorities outlined in my home and grandchildren are the practices the things I was learning and only then when I have freedom from the Lord Google back into you visiting all of you and with prophecy only one in trying to causing people to repentance and reformation preparing people for the first coming of the way and we are told that the clock is also applicable in the end of time in order to prepare people and coming of the Savior anytime if you have your Bibles in Transamerica four versus organizing things and behold I will send you Elijah the money he made his restful day of the Lord and he shall turn the heart of the fathers of the children in the hearts of the children to their and we named him and probably you and I get a small wooden handle during the heart of the fathers to their children grandchildren there is the cause and soul arranged modern life but a consistent and caring don't have time for their children they don't have time for communicating the original values the children we are him how his lonely one way when we do now than when we write parents know I is him and playing with the children and he and he is no longer that indexes and the hearts of our children are more brown and is in here and use them in the admonition and an absolute norm is all entirely long I sold a little time and learn the crash is reasonable that I have given you in the same validity as I counsel these words which I command you today shall be insane for them herself teach them how diligent you regularly enter thy children shall you and you and you and you are here and learn children naturally more maddening morning inspection and prevention that she's awake in the mother as we are with our children all available all over the management of the present in their life and then give instruction in also in refreshing Association and companionship in recreation or parents and children in a bar and you a child page one forty eight she then my window action you winning and religious truth is there are we made some significant changes in please told you if he told you him hitting me in the next even whether I is not a situation we now have the following for me and we didn't know how long this is to take time out even if it may mean anything importantly where traffic he actually has gone an hour before varying quiet the entire location in the country we had sold our home we had saved enough money to purchase a piece of property will have enough money left over is how you can't do that I'm learning thinking her and why there is an man and wife planning manager and was we might have the money that we not we had to provide for a year when we took time out he had the Lord and we hear more as he can the Bible is that you and I are blessed companion we wanted more than we wanted anything else is a result we are trying to leave their time in nature we read prioritize and give the word and will in our life both in and in their personal devotional time the first hour of the day each of us and for each of our children are known and who is him I believe those six seasons in nature and that you are drawn to each other the friendship and is and is the minimum the following week and we had one family particularly was very very you is the longing of our children will will will will will will will and will is in handy when you have a question in the long haul and we are all who are in easy to each other to be the encouragement to each other and so we are trying to her there was no one else there there were two charges and accounting an internship there were no young children our families and they are undermining again tomorrow the only I had waiting your only family out of it actually many friends and people that we love and a busy the secret is this you don't get a place in hopes that it will do the work proves that you're looking to achieve you ask yourself what fruit do we want to see in our lives and our marriage and our children and then you match the location to accomplish that that's the reason why we chose where we chose we knew what our children like we knew what we like and you are the Lord was calling us to do so we chose the location to accomplish the fruit we want to have enough in our lives and we disappointed a lot of individuals it was perceived that this and you focus on our family would result in the neglect of the wider mission field we were told that we were hiding our life under abortion industry that for a time our primary focus became the spiritual nuclear family binding our hearts to Christ and one another we spent a lot of client communication with God and with one another and we gave things like the study of God 's word memorizing Scripture a higher priority so that the weather principles by which we would govern our lives not only where we were but for the future as well and when people are children for the sole and a precious children we call this the first work in any who said you are hiding your life under a bushel we get here a lot in France are just out for himself in the menu bar and when you think that will involve serving greater than or rendered before to those in one language he is on chemo and you are reasoning for fermentation samples all go to work on your share of actually wonderful as is age of thirty two in addressing are working with our families are trying here shortly after this will him hello hello are you requiring welfare social division and I is no sacrifice in a lamb however small it is barely learning maybe they mean is he is as lovely as the significance of that small life may be the means of lighting other color sphere of influence and will never ever as long as I is you is or how to do a faithful use of the opportunities are evenly with all your heart and home principles of life we shall he is a form for hiring him I give you a primer on those screens are using bringing me from the rear there is a new lease on that experience we can in trying what happened naturally as we actually been invited while we were nearby and he he he he is a leadership in all of them it is a story is powerful and so will I hear a car for years they were in him I will enter the house and should prove that we should raise more during that time we had to share me and shiny and clean your engine is for those people but in trying we were invited to conflict areas and meeting there was an accident his lectures and your family are saying in their testimony and he invited as insulting in and actually shared a message on the health benefits and we did in the family and won't be in the message of surrender in the morning and I find during the time to meet with all our heart we are in an election we were branching you serve the children and the children of each other it is obvious that they love you and miss you guys are there sharing in we are as sure as OES is a wonderful and tell you something is fishy here we will help you learn that I have to warn you on your line is a you and him and him and I will you and I is getting very familiar selling online and even if you are in an and he is more than that is an unstable full-time practice where I'm working in New Mexico and is he is in share price is what I believe in you is there but he who is in you and you well he is in people in who you are and you are you are holding in and in a in a you as an result is is measuring of our home is likely only dream going on vacations love and in the family in the car him and he will and will even though it is that it is a reminder for me wondering with you it was our young people as you want Sharon didn't even question it don't use the money is not him I want to share the family will be wanted in the way when he was at Waikiki I pray more thinking frame will be what we can from Alaska and we decided a game that was fine as anything kept providing the indication we would continue to revive the patient was about turning filled everywhere in your church and it was shortly after that that that will restoration during those quiet years in other ministry we had been engaged in one ministering restoration we were restoration Internet international yet the more home meeting where we would have restoration international and the ministry now see the nurture individuals and families speaking personal wealth management strengthening our marriages and made our families involved in the family is a result each fall we would return to the Indiana design Windows Michigan and we were going to restoration international camping was about the time when we were convinced that okay the Lord is only an administrative now we have to he have to make the IV Elizabeth we had to find a a partner someone who would be willing to come out to our area which is very remote and make less than and a desire of recognition is an solely and actually got provided in marvelous ways no doubt in her mind that it was after Jesus came into the thing we got the restoration international enzyme and they are hard to have our family is and him would mean some of the blessing that we can gain what the nurturing that we received through the ministry of restoration learning that he is there currently home to the will of the Lord jerking my selfish inclinations and is in Christ Vivian Howard to do his bidding so is being shown away and our hypothesis is this that crime is time that we took our families are doing their thing I think you'll has been numbers in the investment we now have a army of you and for young people like Tony DeVore is the Lord our time what had been in college for a year he had he was doing drafting and design loudly was doing and in the first year is actually a wonderful life is going to be in the tournament is priced that if you think of the years who love their children and so he is actually at home now doing corresponding and getting in between the correspondent Eileen Nations and he is playing out his first speaking engagement all I himself is very far from other he is nineteen years old near a laugh as often as great now zero in the Alaska Canada Highway is a matter from the pastor had hosted a meeting in just staring at the morning when you think what a powerful impact on me our daughter in nursing school and she's going to school just flowers from our home to visit some friends there is today's a week and then she's actually a I think they are it home and the rest of the time in her passion a sharing in the new three on the virtual other one has thrown someone accountable was a graduate of the College of evangelism in regards now because of our commitment to the ministry is difficult for a children's advocate you three months or however long it is an carrying in the VM and pastor was married that fast for the regular work each you have the manual I have permission to use the manual the use of the program figuring fighting about going to work is in you and for you it may not mean you have to take portal site for you it may mean that you simply have to sit down and make some hard choices the same now many will try and you and God is according to remember we are in the fruit business what fringe do you want out of a corrupt tree certain kind of route out of eventually will come another kind of every errors in pajamas that I want to leave you with on an event is on page thirty three it is an possible for any of us to live in such a way that we shall not cast on influence in the world no member of the family can enclose himself within himself where other members of the family shall not feel his influence spirit the very expression of the continents has an influence for good or evil is there his words and his actions is added to what others are unmistakable it is living in selfishness he's around his soul with a malarious sphere while if he is filled with the love of Christ he will manifest purchasing when you wrote courtesy kindness tender regard for the feelings of others and will communicate to his associates by his acts of love eight tender grateful happy feeling it will be made manifest that he is living for Jesus and daily learning lessons at his feet receiving his life and his peace he will be able to say to the Lord by gentleness made me great is what I want to say to my colleagues will run out in dentistry medicine whatever walk of life you are in one is true service formats than to reflect jaw hurting world what Jesus can do how do they know this they see it in your life you can find more powerful when you are poor and is in your anger I am the way and why parents and children when they see how you conduct yourself with the stresses of this life it occurs as inevitable when crises come your way when any situation comes really see how you handle it the French they will say I want that brings in my life and you will disloyal individuals is this is a service time I think you that you must do it easily enough but sometimes by no means but I am saying is him him real hard fruit inspection start in the mirror what did your life look at how it works between the two of you will look at how it's related in your own home and then go forward in the strength of Jesus Christ to minister to the world as he calls you to do it in the way that he calls you to do it how he calls you to do it on our contention is it must start here how are you in a colorful and are as well via as I was always the other hand outside so we have a little hand out hundreds of is called is entitled our first working we just think some of the passage is thinking that we deliver in our heart that on her right treatment and he is very marked as a blessing of him and him and him push comes to shove the only people who care about you as far as if you want your children to the nursing home is that Van and you and millions they will do for you would you talk to buy a him and now want to continue the thought of why are you system certainly have him a few others that are going to be sharing one one early in women come forward doctrine Shannon have been an effective team and load and I live in deeply held by observing their ministry and I have learned that it's not an effective ministry is are not as effective it is just one person but it is a behind every successful man is a surprise wife pushing him down share how you have been able to Allen's strains and stresses of being a doctor 's wife I think this is a I enjoy and I I call you and him and him and he and and Air Force policy he will now often he now is a you I will and will and I and is a you can enjoy playing in in that I him on the Mannesmann way I is you are waiting ancillary and I have found that he is in or will we we have with my and is well below the we leave you in a you mean as in a busy and he is okay I love you okay I will pay you and I are not in the locality and that he will release is in he is is is is not as an way you and I had a full head of Yahweh I have had a face and letting the last time we had no time you will now that he is he is getting that my love is he is he is selling power in the evening one of them and in him have you as is and he is in here and he simply do class black is he I you as you may motivate and so are you a young man is again one of these you will pay you all and you are in a you a way and how talking with you and he is and he is able and he had and they all have in our view is so I is will we be united he is voting with the community as he believed that I is going on I have probably not really and maybe adding that you know and as I find I is relating that the only thing that is how is that they are living in a very masculine and in doing and he is in you and you can probably be enough land in and leaving happy now as well year I'm doing this you know when I asked him to notwithstanding them I him we are all in the community we are not as confident in her honor of a man is in sanitation is a wealth this is an opera is what he painted on there is only how people keep coming that you and your family reunion planning and being that at all soon he now believed to you how and why the meeting and I will and in all one of a lot of frustration they are very easily join in any way and he is I I he I believe eventually as always I is going as he is and what you are going to write about moving again and I leaned uneasily I miss you yes so he will and is not around me my wife will face as he is one is as he is able to avoid meeting the men and Joyce are not as how many people will say where I should him him and I have not seen the by I is in is a young one is is that he is well aware in the dead and is not really is an know what is now a Yankee I will be doing it in the rest that are as meaningless as he will advise you in the same relief as is in a museum and seeing as I thought you will a lovely house so I is for you and I have been thinking that is right when I think of wonder woman I suppose it have to be ready to do that and we're very grateful that she was willing to share from the wife's perspective that he and issues in half he has learned to find a spring also mother Lulu him Wednesday year working on her and have them you have really in people is going as I is a you know you some of you know really well and then not even counting how many times in this information more accurately I is in pain and regret is unlimited as things are here is and here and here and there are restoration and is brand-new in the early girlfriend and his mother is lying to you yes we learn or I cut them all everything I didn't know her when I first met her in that he is in places like I I am using a free CRS created I can add my funerals and is and so we were as I is sitting around in program visiting on the dinner table I know you are you using the invasions anything I say how I know how to add notes as he is seen as I do not believe he is my him and raising her side welcome your provincial and who is that I is I combining is willingly going out he was able to go and I is not in any and as you call it in their advertising okay and we would go out and he was laughing in my town planning is usually a I think that he is an and in an town wasn't an easy night and I will worry me anyway nor any year and I certainly am so Angel or Leslie is equipped with all the things down and talking out and say the Lord is even who he calls you and you and me and I don't really I and I and I and my time to learn something I will focus on the matter is working on her on Monday and it is my mother and I is and will call as they has to live in my education that really is I feel as I is missing type because I decided to download and find out him a the and in government are not the only way to me I try and I is is you know things that I have been playing here is related however as we have is our and I is in my morning in a way that will loan me fairly apply low on another and is going to something in my heart when I is an incredible or no money that is in you is incredible and is remembered as you will be on the move is not as lower and silly and more and I won't have anything wrong with his relaxed years and I is in you is working after she was born in a tizzy here and Kathy she was really as my early years in Seattle is doing Brad and neither is any of your eye and him to an him him him anyway and he's a man again it is early on as I know he is in you and you and I will hang that no shareholder these limonene is making time I made sure all is okay and the Lord to give me with the engineering and in the again I'm slowly adding and eleven zero and really really is about his desire for the well-being of children and I is inherently as he is in our family is well fairly New York and I you are hearing as crazy as he is the stifling and is in the one person you get boring after a while are you and why are sending us time before we were married and he said he will always be free I really hope you are feeling is I can hear that he has demonstrated is usually drawn as he's always given me freedom is never forcing until I are you that he's never said well because my mother and more I is the only thing I'm training how they are naturally I will only go to rehab is not worth how I had his children is not having any reader easily laugh in his anywhere my prayers and me I do remember that it really is and I and I were all in my prayers anyhow that he's no an eye that I like to share is like no other children being busy marketing analyze learning to him as he is had off as I is you and you and her seniors in North Carolina housing and community busy doing things and our family has moved to a NASA in California in Houston where you people here that will have we not able to tolerate any kind you really made as I get home I is a family to have grateful for that and I is growing we believe users as so as is and you and I and he is and he is a will to win is that this morning and is and is proving to you soon I is you versus working in his I was waiting and I and and and and now is having ways early on as I is in Christ alone is a atom is an you why we are the aroma that he is the you will not like meetings I is okay as great as his wrath is saying is that I is right you know really trying to how I is okay as is his hero I ourselves as he comes my heart is for your family is like to be in this world on the screen as hard as you and this year three degrees ago we became empty nest syndrome and are for our children now personal nurses are interested in the versus but as I was listening to these testimonies are realized that I work time for inherently will now manifest from you so have young children is a yes I can tell you that is extraordinarily soon him him him has been my desire that this set of seminars more in the afternoon the something was tedious all how to strengthen the home base manager Ron is held by father never really heard some very interesting material I'm grateful that you allowed me to hear this now will ever improve practice I will help me a eye has another maybe somebody else is who also feels they would like a pray in the their priorities right you do that is one of your hand law will continue my career father in heaven using these hands I pray that you will help us to have a hard home remodeling information we thank you for hearing as an is


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