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How to Study the Bible, Part 3

Anthony Baca



Anthony Baca

Literature Ministry Director for the Arizona Conference



  • September 7, 2012
    4:30 PM
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hi guys go ahead and now began with a word of prayer and what really seem to do is apply some of the hottest thing the Bible principles that we've been talking about and see if we can understand a couple more methods of how to say we look at the most helpful method the last hour it was the verse by verse method is the most helpful in fact they were appearing in in a daily study the verse by verse method is often the most helpful and we studied and applied the verse by verse method the verse by verse method was taking one verse at a time concentrating the mind on diversity of understand that thought that God has put into that verse and in thinking upon the thought until you become your own it's a three-step process first you pick the verse second you think about the person to understand diverse and we need finally understand the roots you actually stop and think about what he does learn from the verse until the thought becomes your own this is how got to study the Bible and it is wintry sanctifies like John seventeen teachers God 's word is with the changes in transform us many times it doesn't not because he doesn't have the power to do so but because you don't allow it to marinate in the minded to change this semester we talked about the last hour is going to get what the word of prayer and will begin our last session today gracious heavenly father we thank you again for the opportunity to study or work please Lord be with my mind in view of my mouth that they may be used with your honor and for your glory allow the spirit of God yet he who searches the deep things of God to be here to teach us and to guide us into truth and also how to come to an understanding of truth for ourselves Lord there is so much the cover and so little time but I pray that you would impress my mind what to share that it might be beneficial to the salvation and the souls of my friends hope was that as soon in Jesus name we pray amen so we decide in recap we could talk about the verse by verse method as being the most hopeful method of wireless they but there are other methods and the next organ to talk about is word study words they should be taking notes you want to write down words studying at all about it I'll explain each method in the retina practice the method citizen anymore hopefully more hands-on so words that he got been a revelation chapter ten and verse seven Revelation chapter ten and verse seven Colleen you have a hobby that you really enjoy how many you have to invest money into hobby to do that hobby that your hobbies are free it'll cost any money all really okay some of us have free hobbies usually tell me what those are because those are rare usually need some type of biker camera something even a bottle of water but most of our hobbies are things that we do it cost a lot cost money now I have friends really enjoyed rockclimbing azygos at the investor money and shoes and hard to say then we got this little power staying that holds talky stuff I find a couple times and I realize it's probably not for me but it it's it's fun and kind of fun and so but they invest money in now how do you want to understand the Bible this is of the night 's other one before you get into are applying these methods I use computer software I use a computer program to do word studies into living without inherited up with the computer couple of us could you know what don't sell yourself short if you and invest money and hobbies invest money bingo hope you understand the Bible I don't thought it would just settle for any old anything if you are not software I use actually I recommend two free ones Julio 's PC can't figure on the back a nine and nine I ADD on a PC you can download ease sore it's a free bottle study software with free modules you can get multiple Bible versions and a lot of things in invention you sort like a swordfish with an infinite E sort defense for electronics store would've gotten the sorts of you if you have a Mac anyone a free one that's called Max sort of figure asked the unsightly change is an updated name and have a whiteboard it's called eloquent now EL Oak you you you in T I don't know why they changed I like Mac sort but they call it eloquent now visits you feel and if you want to do to invest money in one there are things like a accordance is a good one and PC study Bible for PC is a good one an online Bible robber but that's sexy free if you find it online there's their homepage in other words be willing to use good software event if it will help you that is in the Bible why wouldn't you use it especially to three so please use it another thing that helps me with what I do a lot of my bubbles that is when I'm traveling is an awesome little Gruden 's concordance it has all the has many of the words in the Bible and the verse where those words are found is actually good if you want to do what when you're no word studies so let's go to practice deceit is know how I do what I'm about to do it would be with one of those two things go to Revelation ten verse seven actually wanted to people and auditors listening what's good for them I think it is good if I disclose my Parkway cellular software what an without even official for you guys I show you how actually use the software not to do it I'm not the type residence the benefits okay let's attempt this move is closer let's attempt this me closes down so where and what book of the Bible in which after looking at ten verse seven go ahead and let's read this verse as my eye this is what that's not to pop up I think Revelation ten verse seven the Bible reads but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as yet declared to his servants the prophets okay so in the days of this seventh angel what would be finished or this is confusing backwards okay history of God would be finished right okay I'll followed the floating something okay so the mystery of God so how do you like understand what is will try one more time what is the mystery of God writing would like to understand in case you want that now I want to do once in his family due to worries her hands on him and how people want to understand it look at verse fifteen revelation eleven essay Revelation chapter eleven verse fifteen and the Bible says and the seventh angel sounded and there was a great learning voices in heaven saying the it seems I'm on this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever so what happened at the end of the seventh angel Christ coming in establishing superior numbers the second okay now the new one understand what is the machine is finished we wouldn't involve the same to write a nineties I'm a preparation for the second coming we don't understand this were not preparing for the second coming it's right so revelation Kendra seven during the days of his angel Domitian got to be finished okay I think we're good to go now yes need I see it okay a revelation can verse seven okay there now with my program what I can do okay I want to understand what is the mystery of God the sewers is where you can use in any Bible study software you go to where you type in words and okay so I type it in one person to give me from one verse was going to look at Claussen is really coming up with Colossians so I want understand Mister God 's idea was that young mystery of Michigan got Colossians chapter two verse two Colossians chapter two verse two so here we have another Colossians is talking about the mystery of the mystery of God notice of classist university says yes or Colossians givers to I'm Simon flipping skewers Jim God he asked me Colossians Davis Junior the Bible says that their hearts might be comforted being knit together in love unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding to the acknowledgment of the what ministry have gone and of the father and of Christ okay so use it whenever one is that a verse and I find in here and try to read fibers before and fibers is guesswork after we call that context you have a reverse or is always always I don't care how long it takes to get the reader Hunter versus initiative of God you always wonder me the context of each verse let's go five versus back rumors to that verse one verse twenty nine twenty twenty seven twenty six pseudo- viruses back class and wondrous twenty six even the miss you with God has which hath been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to his saints to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this what ministry among the sense of smell in the context of this positive time at the mystery of who Mister died in the context may come back to it again so here's another machine right so I was even a short time I hear it must be the mystery of God based upon the context everything is remaking the Bible a dozen you were about to say you look at the context of it so Mister God which is Christ where in you the hope of glory let me ask you based on this passage what is the mystery of God what is it Christ in you okay is Christ in you that's right verse twenty eight cool we preach warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus whereunto I also labor striving according to his working woodworking in the minor league now Gordon's happy to for I would that ye knew that great conflict I have for you as for then asked Laodicea and for as many as of us has not seen my face in the flesh that their hearts might be knitted together be at the comforted being knit together in love unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding to the knowledge of the nation God and of the father and of Christ so here in this passes which represent initiative who God and praise from the caucus of the passage what is the history of God Christ in you now is the relation can plug in they were doing what I was studying in their words that he revelation chapter ten verse seven or going back there one more time okay Revelation chapter ten verse seven in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall be given to sound than Mister God should be what finished what is the mystery of God Christ in you okay not against separately rated Internet are not okay so when you use about a software like this you always want to know you can you things a bit all software 's agreement universal we see little activities but there that will now look for any form of the word God when he gave you an example it will also give you like a word like this when his essay godliness so this hospital are seeing lookup every form of the word God with anything African or what is so edgy was how remembrances was a phone okay notice what he says and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness and you can describe what is Mister Dominus God was manifest to where justified in the scene of creations of the believed not enough received up into glory it's visit the fact the mystery of godliness a Christ dwelling in the flash and doing all these amazing things went in intellect relations and now recited but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mission got to be what which is finished which is Christ in error and if God manifested in the in other words it's when you reproduce the character of Christ with another as Christ will live with a new and reflect himself through you and the promise is when the seventh angel begins to sound Christ in you the hope of glory the reflection of his character Christman 's life out in you will have been accomplished and she says that in Christ object lessons page sixty nine CE to see guys know if he did know when this verifies you said something I bet my bottom dollar that you can find in the Bible if then the word of God we discover how to study the Bible so we had a spare posse to help us out there so you so this is what we call the words they do see how beneficial that was it helps me know understand how I can compare if you inseminate to Scripture with what Scripture line upon line present upon precept here a little very little and consonant understanding of what is the mystery of God and to say no I'm not getting it these studies are much more in-depth wood is doing shorter shower one for us the whole cause the whole seminar would be just the reverse okay the next one is not a worse fate but it's a thought study the study now what even if I think Anthony Woody mean by us thought study Western Mark all which risk of registry all Hjalmar Martone persuaded forty two yes thank you I'm sorry that I was confused BS that was it that's it we did the first reverse method surveys as greatest influence in all explains you anyway thought that he got me Isaiah sixty one percent now that maybe is harder than a word study because you can't just search for thoughts and easy he can for words Isaiah chapter sixty one verse ten but there is still true nonetheless you see the Bible was written by different authors who all inspired and impressed and moved under inspiration of the Holy Spirit amen but you only speak differently than how what I speak I know a bigger vocabulary than you are you may have been the vocabulary than me so and God were to give you a thought you might have like a really eloquence and beautiful way of expressing the thought and I might have it is really topping like very poor grammar with expressive about what the so is not there's no God spot right and this is expressed differently by different people yesterday I sit at the sixty one percent the Bible reads I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul also be joyful in my God for he hath closed meet with close me excuse me with the garments of salvation he has covered me with the robe of what righteousness as a bridegroom that gets himself with ornaments and as a bride adorns herself with jewels let me ask you this what the rover garment is one God want to give you is what good Isaiah sixty four verse six now the rotunda was that everything were now a thought study Isaiah sixty four hundred six the Bible says but we all are as an unclean thing and all our righteousness are as filthy rags and we all do fade as a leaf and are in the twenties like the win have taken us away so all of our righteousness is what filthy rags what is I want the club knew it his righteousness any cause a role of righteousness right good as a greater degree now that another passage Zechariah three one to six we see that okay my righteousness is filthy rags God wants a close me with his righteousness Zechariah chapter three of reciting verse one now based on what we have read so far but one guy was the clothes with what we and what we are close with I wanted to explain to me this passage Isaiah chapter are psychic rights of the three starting in verse one the Bible says and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before an angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him and the Lord said to Satan the Lord review BOC ten even though Lord had chosen Jerusalem review the is not this a brand plucked out of the fire verse three now Joshua was clothed with white limit what Isaiah is a filthy garments are our own righteousness okay self-righteous in our own righteousness and stood before the angel and he answered and spake and said that this did before him saying take away the filthy garments from him and hunt ahead he said behold I have caused nine in Lakewood seats a pass from the disunited unrighteousness is sin and I will clothe me with a change of insisting he's got a clean the filthy garment and give us a new one a new row now what is left of the government representative unrighteousness and here's our iniquities rights another as God horrifically are self righteousness and artists in a user 's agent says new garment now quite nicely at what garment does not want to give us he want to give us is so what is happening in this verse was happening in his process on explaining to me I finished explaining to you when you get a splenectomy again an exchange of what a bar mitzvah what are the manager present righteousness C causing of God trying to take away our self-righteous and give us his take and you see that throughout the whole thing what did he give the prodigal son in Luke chapter fifteen Mister Nevitt fifteen Mister and their easy all of the Bible what you can have repeated over and over again is not constantly talking about changing your clothes begin other Luke chapter fifteen verse twenty two you have a prodigal son he comes back covered in dirt and mud and things from pigs could he's been feeding swine in one scene their food is in a even a very filthy and unclean condition and notice what the father says to give him Luke fifteen verse twenty two verse twenty two that's right he got it but the father said to his servant bring forth to what best throw so in other words you have this uncertain up with the enclosed filthy garments and anyhow the father saying that goes on in and get them the best so let me ask you this what is the best robe robe of what okay you see how you can drag you see how you can deduce that the Scripture how got coffee with thickly are filthy roads and gives us a new role we saw that the hero represents our own righteousness are self-righteous our iniquities and a good role that you that God wants to give us represent his righteousness and so throughout the Bible easy and wanted to change your clothes now it is always use the same work one uses garments one uses rain the other uses grow are they different that's right a senior hearts so we see that it uses different words to describe what clothing about the thought is the same and not the key to the thoughts that he that seem to the five that he is at the thought remains the same but the profits are at liberty use different words to express the same not so I said a worse that you can't do it with this as well unless you and identities of anything where all the way you can express this thought knows when I did a study and clothing I think of the Bible Re: no role Garmin maintenance cloth I know these words at the Bobby's to describe close so I can look for that trying to understand the thoughts is any sense in and out to get so and honestly how does it really help you need every more the Bible sets for that to come more and more to liking it we really need to be readers of the word of God as your mind is a putting together thoughts bases in the Bible K have a little bit of time left when he skipped this written a jump down to Ahmed go over what I call the six safeguards for Bible scholars going to write it on the six safeguards for Bible students so the treatment is a talk that was the verse by verse method though work study and the thoughts that he idea recommend a lexicon our mission is many different work I do recommend a Bible study software I will hope we do it we did but again if you don't have this available if you have a computer do not fear on you can get your hands on an actual concordance weekend it looks up words if you want to see this average lap by all means come up and take a look at it I went first was thing about Wellington ABC had even know it Ms. had a book center also amazed and I wouldn't and I think it's since his books and I went over to the Bible section a member getting a viable and I was so happy and I remember in accordance I do not want to pick and I saw this huge was this thick and is about that very kind but that they think that they could go beyond analytical concordance and I was like icing and strongly got the guns but it's okay I like being young but strong is getting so I remember I saw this massive thing and other weight this is all the words in the Bible and is all the words of filing of final word I can look up in this book in I can understand the Holy Spirit click on them every time you use the word spirit by the way he does the whisper myself in the long journey to the Scriptures alone trust me long journey so but it all about the city Valley except high in your regarding before guarding okay he had to be a rocket scientist regarding item relating on writing in an garlic and tomatoes and other things and I I didn't know anything I was able to do it though budgets would suck if it time and work in other words I had a foot but we got over Greece into it it took hard work but it didn't take a lot of not sure I could agree the guy better argument I can without I'm sure I'm sure they got more tomatoes for a plan to get better so I not seen that it's not good to hear research in the same that but what I am saying is I love gardening because it takes hard work we don't need genius to do I think the Bible is the same way you want to be genius that is in the Bible you discard a study and often whispered hoping you started so anyone understand the word mystery of God if you type Mister God and give you one hundred versus the semirigid you have to read a hundred times five for the context now ask you a hundred times ten for the real context so you have a thousand verses not a study to understand one thing is that the news and I forgive unusual venues other very limited very nice you may want to thank this unit up at the risk of it with Scripture and to sit down and he's got a delight and I suppose for the help you guys please let that's my major villas these things these methods are not hard anyone can do it you just got to do it by the grace of Jesus amen okay so if I was six safeguards six things that will help you with your Bible study things that would keep you safe when you state the first one is oh with prayer and self distrust opened the Bible with prayer and self distrust and other words you do not trust yourself to understand the word of God treasure your preconceived opinions when you open up a Bible with the intention to understand what saith the Lord it's right C1 open the Bible with prayer and self distrust let's look at this while you have the versus from the previous session if you are here right in first Corinthians two fourteen with the bed earlier first Corinthians two fourteen how we need the Holy Spirit to be the one to teach us and to guide us and help us to understand these things number two and someone may throw something at me for this one but it's a chemical cancer use a variety of Bible translations if anyone here know Greek and Hebrew mailing list in your pocket Greek and Greek and Hebrew history of the Greek only self they know Hebrew great great praise Lord Jesus I wish I could read Hebrew and Greek I'll look for it that's good soon I would've an English and Hebrew not read English sensitivity because looks cool and so what because we don't understand he was a language and I'm not I'm not I'm not a linguist I'm not so guess I use a variety of translation now I'm taking about when translation values all and enjoy nature nicely afterwards I went relations I strongly prefer I obviously I did a couple of people think about Young's literal translation I like that one in every heard of before Young's literal transition this couple of us at the deadline revised version King James new King James and you can ask me more about Bible versions afterwards okay so use a variety of Bible translations a lot she hope you do get a broad understanding of the verse I just translated multiple facets if it's a literal translation and not a paraphrase please do not use a paraphrase of you want to study the Bible if you just want to read through it I'm sure I guess it's good for reading value but for really understanding the thought of the intent of the there is no intent you want a literal translation of the Bible so please if you ask the people if you don't know if it is finishing a paraphrase and a literal translation of the Bible number three spend most of your time with the easy passages and not the difficult passages I'll explain spend most time with the passages that are easy and that are clear and not the difficult passages there is hellfire is a good example for this in Luke chapter sixteen of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus if you wanted it to someone who know nothing about how fire the truth about how firewood you start with the parable of the Richmond Lazarus why when you set with the parable of the Richmond Lazarus okay for those who regularly get access who doesn't know the parable of the rich minimizes of use will not praise Jesus okay good doesn't the Prince Levinson got it back so we all know the parable well so we do start with that parable the teacher your non-Christian friend of the truth about how far will you wouldn't write you and start with the mice even if equity you and are positive he donated about the speed of the dead know you want it right you will start there you start with the dead know not being because of silicon atrocities it easy it's clear to many times we start with a difficult passage first and then we try to understand you deposit in light of our understanding is now a difficult path is when if we start with the easier passages first they will shed light on the difficult I think of things in Revelation that people struggle with I believe that if we would stick with the easier passages first and understand the basic principles than the other things become easier same with the spirit of prophecy I want to get into a discussion on the subjects of the major ones that are heavily talked about but I believe it is over the easier quotes first the easier things first those hard qualities that become petty subjects in the Adventist church wouldn't be so difficult event is that the easier things first about no price and other things an ominous topic number four so spend most their time with what kind of passages easier and then move into the dip more difficult hockey have a firm foundation number four compare the results of your Bible study with a general reading of the Bible compares your conclusion to talk about this in the first seminar and I was when I comes a conclusion on the state of the dead I need to compare with the rest of the Bible to make sure my conclusion doesn't contradict the Bible does that make sense so in other words you need to spend time reading your Bible to make sure that with your specific resetting and contradicting something ousting is found in the Bible so compared with a general reading of the Bible I like to think of it like the big picture we know when you fly over of Forest you can kind of an idea of the layout of the trees learning right and you can discern it works and what you have a good idea like let's say you knew that the outpost was north of where you're at you see the outpost at the bottom you know that you have had with direction yet that might help us yesterday said to said North because you resolve the big the big picture big picture is out of balance I don't want to spend your entire life studying just one passage of Scripture but also make sure that you have a generating of the Bible so that your the Holy Spirit in your mind can connect box when you read fire fund and the Holy Spirit will connect all the thought that passes and you're right about fire for not having to give you an understanding exactly so I compare the results of our study with a general reading of the Bible number five K careful attention to the criticism of your peers at the hardware for us pay attention to the criticism of your peers especially those you disagree with how many of you when you have someone a friend and you know that you disagree in a certain subject in the Bible are honestly willing to listen with open heart and open mind on what they have to say no razor hands Cavalli administrator has known the phone okay so another words we need an open mind and open heart to the criticism of our peers this actually those we disagree with me and her friend had a really good friend I love that there's about three different theological things that we both may have we disagree on anything other than the sum of our conversation everything we need it's high how you do if a year and a new rate high gear year that it wasn't he is magical it is good what about the subject on his iPhone as I found and then we can have a beautiful discussion on these these of these of these of these topics within the regular goodness and losing up the good conversation I mean to each other we love it we enjoy it and we both really sincerely want to know to bulimia here how do realize was okay are we really listening to each other with open minds or we just coming at each other with what we think to prove our point so we talked about it now we have open minds and otherwise we need to be willing to say okay this is my conclusion take it to the brother DC light in this especially a special event difference if you ever come to ideologically united different than his as you've never heard of before it is a very wise to share with those your consecrated to God to stay on as well to share with them and being open-minded be willing to listen to them there are too many people in our history who made a shipwreck of their faith because they were unwilling to listen to the criticism of their peers on their on their ideas I think of a dozen for the Windows Vista foreign-policy thinking of Doctor Kellogg and others have made shipwreck of their faith because they're unwilling to listen to the criticism of their peers under their different ideas so it's hard it takes humility but got nothing on and he can help me with that because I knows I need it number six the last one the proper use of the spirit of prophecy as God 's remnant will have an excuse to not use the spirit of prophecy we really don't if you're not convinced that the spirit house inspired by God then you have an excuse studying for yourself and come to the conclusion whether or not it is part of God are not I asked they needed to myself and am thoroughly convinced the word of God that the spirit of prophecy is inspired by God and it is a gift that God is given to their managers to prepare a people for the soon coming of our Lord and therefore it would be unwise for me to neglect its will that God has given you what you agreed to neglected to not have given you question the death that's true and I'm not talking a new Congress I'm talking about us here I hunt on those you are convinced that this group probably inspired by God and yet we neglect to read the books if you are convinced any negligent reading that's equivalent to say I'm convinced Paul to profit but I'm not very good vessels in his community test Old Testament UN unite all know if someone doesn't know if you are talking to a Jewish person and a Jewish person doesn't believe in the New Testament is located to the Old Testament it's a hundred percent fine I'm okay with that but if you're talking so than now a few government viewers to Christian Nagel even older in the news tonight is old enough new and we talk into one visit member of the resident denies the old menu and the spirit of prophecy that's right so they give a clarification you're very right and so it is a progression of things that we can use reach people but as God 's remnant as God 's people who will be in the testimony of Jesus Christ this is very promising we do not an excuse to neglect the reading of the school and to get the guys of grace given us understand the Bible so that's six one what would he be saved comparing it I set up properly using the spirit of prophecy I love it if you wanted if you have joy in your heart studies of the Bible and reading as a proxy and squashes it is a belief in the conclusion of all this new dress alike yes I I got it right by Jesus Grace are right we are at five ten are there any question on what we have covered so far in the seminar and how to study the Bible we look at a few methods we led that will further look at the preorder problem the heart work and he wants is a citing the Bible then we looked at the actual study the Bible itself how to proceed forth I will address and methodology are some methods on how taxi study the Bible with any question on what we've got you covered so far and we concluded with on six principles in six safeguards for Bible students think that help keep us safe whether any questions on the things we talked about the affair with the six safeguards were with number one open the Bible with personal distress never to use a number three time in easier passages number four comes plated dinner in the Bible the revised be willing to listen to your peers and let them criticizing your conclusions and every sixth use the spirit of policy can as God 's remnant we are without X I hope that I hope that some this summer has been beneficial to you I hope more importantly that you just spent time reading your Bible 's that you spent time studying to show yourself approved into God a workman who needs not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth that when he comes again you can look and say low this is my God I have waited for him he will be my God and I will be his people and I'm is that your desire please spend time in the Bible every day let's pray gracious heavenly father we does thank you for this time and was able to have these seminars today I know that each seminar was a blessing Lord for each of the ones that took place around me think you for being with my friends as they spoke in being with us here as you spoke help us Lord to just take the time every day to study the Bible to apply the basic things we learn I know this was nowhere near exhaustive but I just pray that it would encourage referendum and motivate them to disband a moment every day in the Scriptures looking to know Jesus more that they might be sanctified but they find similar will help in ending is not your friend is namely asking her to this media was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. nonuniversity .org


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