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AMEN 2006 Progress Notes, Part 2


  • September 22, 2006
    7:30 PM
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father in heaven is our prayers ascend to you we pray that your spirits Romans would go with them that they might be interpreted to you we also pray that each heart and mind here would be prepared to receive a full outpouring of your spirit animating us to speak your words to the people we come in contact with to our families and to our patients blessed the Sabbath day make a special day of learning and instruction by your Spirit of truth and not only may it be a day of knowledge but also a day in which we receive your power in Jesus name amen still I'm a semi- if you would come up it this time we have some progress notes here for you tonight and I would dare say these of these progress notes come from a different portions of the world and this weekend the world stage the United Nations is then put in the spotlight but I think all the speeches at the UN will probably be dwarfed by what you hear here in the next few minutes and Philip tell us a little bit about some first of all on where you're from or you want to medical school how you came to you and you was born in Zambia this in southern Africa and I went to nickel schooling at you this does undo where did my training and eighty meters up they finished I decided to come to getting getting medical Center and to be made three is already busy I wasn't present to us to be there yeah and I look up the teaching position at Kittery and that only he was getting the medical missions as well and admissions department and him medical school in Zambia courses not everyone here is have the advantage of attending Loma Linda University I know one of the reasons why I attended was because of the Sabbath issues and actually are several issues that came up while I was there because not all the teachers understand that of course a practice that but of course the administration was always sympathetic attitude that was never really a problem at NL on you I you did run into some seven from is an absolutely is usually this wasn't as a government institution and as always we are and sometimes to take exams I will float with us taking something doing that in one seven and many times as I think you said group within the compass McCain had one head-on collision with the registration undoing many times that we had tool of corn seed if I sensitive it the Dean of the medical school that were not going to write exams exams on the Sabbath and because of that they made special provisions that it on the annoying sounds to be taken seventh part of the help was that was radiant and fellow students there were also of Seventh-day Adventists on and so it's good to know that am asked how many of you did not attend her physician or dentist did not attend Loma Linda University let me see your hands we have probably a good job are maybe twenty twenty five percent of our group here tonight comes from my anonymous medical schools well I was ill and Zambia there are some health issue thanks that country telephone about those health issues we had a public presentation on over the eye Rebecca can help us with the following presentation can organize beyond the public visitation I assume as unjust as one of the highest HIV AIDS rates guy not become about one in every full patient will never won one in every forties infected with HIV and the about the results are often cut about flow median children suffering from HIV old offense rather love been affected made by HIV soul that's one of the major crises so I remain solvent in southern Africa solely we've been involved at different hospital of me that trying to provide education at all funds every year we have medical missions to Africa and budget ready this program was blown out of all one of the mission trips every hot tool Africa when we went to you can advise their slaves went when we went tool one of one of these mission trips are deceased doesn't it often is can we set a children are asking if we would just help find some resources to take them to school and then when we came over to Café hospital we said we're going to come up with a project will be able to find the some resources which unit but the school as because of holiday hybrid and will ball all funds in Zambia day next you can not unlimited as extent of the next General Malone the point where you have run parties now taking twelve children and sometimes even children themselves they can count on June is not at home and find that you've been waking breaking stones just to get it corrected using public school on sought kitchen these gentlemen would be biblical support about hunting the children's books some of those pictures are from are you obviously with these orphans how often do you able to send about one CA taste of how we process of structuring the program donation program and am hoping that sometime into Joe biblical but now is not made so that we can physicians going to send as little debacle of the process of helping a week we saw a twelve million orphans in Africa Uppsala sets are of the sub-Saharan African end of most of those orphans are you a HIV most of them and what percent in Zambia alone of the general population would have HIV about one in every fall I some others like to send the luggage of the provision of HIV and so that means even more orphans will call funds on so there is obviously a need for orphanages but there is also need once they got orphanages there's no guarantee that they're ever going get an education possibility of sedan this will be enough to than the transceiver we can help the children with the school was over is going to be a generation ago where you love all funds of the myth behind without hope without ill prospect of going into attending education and so that one will we can help out by trying to help the children find some means of going to school and does the number means of subsistence so as to I counter medical Center is teamed up with you to to help particularly the education of these orphaned children right and if you would like more information about that how would they be able to get them well enough some residency in dictating the SNL guys who like the Rorschach will be industries up your Honda newbie and ready to give you their handouts so that you can see ways in which you can help out thank you for the work that you're doing a disarmament diamond catalog if you are deck actually if I understand correctly are around Mary James told me before this meeting that the nominating committee are nominated two additional board members and I think the next two on the progress notes I have been nominated for members and the general members of a man will have a meeting Saturday night about that and some other issues that David Catalano was nominated for a board position at the Adventist medical evangelism network but that's not the reason why is here he was actually I came to the seminar last year was our first payment seminar and I David you are here and what impressions you particular about that that seminar move you and what were about ready to talk about as well love was pretty mind blowing actually because the physician for twenty years and have not ever really experienced mission in my practice means asking screws patients is one thing but such a mission minded focus was on recently actually since that time changed but I have the opportunity go to India with the firm team the eleventh phase as I jumped out of to Palestine where urine every practicing with your specialty I'm a radiation medicine specialist radiation oncologist so actually to do mission work in the Third World is out of my comfort zone but Tony often actually with the team awesome team of gospel outreach and Mary Nothstein is very easy and sound mind you heard about if I'm not mistaken you have heard about this and your project here and a man last year that correct yes we were just putting together the team that renewing was saying to get some physicians together unfortunately there was enough room to have many of us has already been closed marinated in and I squeezed in but the Farley family is at my home church so everything is okay we'll talk to lament about that was in the interim will typically it works so well because gospel outreach prepares the way the phone is that FAQ answer it is going to have is important to go back and gospel outreach prepares the way by arriving months ahead and link to these villages asking now are you interested in this group and if they say yes then there's a commitment to build the church to give each member was baptized a Bible in their own language which is called Telugu and then the Americans arrive and in the short three weeks we see the baptism suite we basically do the reaping were not allowed to actually baptize them because it's against the law to proselytize and also if we are even present it would appear that we had purchased her we had bought baptisms so in three weeks time typically between twenty and twenty five thousand people will be that in your just a few years ago we would hear about how India was impossible to reach you know when the paganism philosophy and those type of things it just wasn't something that seem to be and now were hearing about numbers like this when what a difference yet I think what's happened is some there are Hindus who are disenfranchised from their society and particularly in the province of Andhra Pradesh Christianity gives them of brotherhood and actually elevates their social status it gives them hope where they had no and so it's just a wide-open field either they're coming in droves some of the baptisms occurred in families who are already quote Christian would happen it is a hundred years ago the English had come in and baptized the grandparents and great grandparents of these folks since you're Christian but they had no idea who Jesus Christ was also little bit about the pictures why am I you might be on advanced through me it typically what we do is we come into the village and were greeted like a royalty basically children's stories are taught and we do a lot of praying fancier can see the visit as many homes as possible and in each village and we greet them with the standard of him pretty absolute and we invite them to her meetings and typically they will ask for prayer and even grab your hand and places on there had asked for prayer there's a few more slides of that and then the Virginia learned that there's not enough time to pray for each person so you bunch them up and pray for bunches of them and the kids are of course very human wonderful occasionally even though we were asked not to do any medical work it comes up this fourteen -year-old boy had his hand bicycle how long is that the bout four years so we thought it might be leprosy was hard to tell others they are lepers there unfortunately there is no diagnostic test with this in her pocket so we sent him to the hospital this man had a scorpion bite on his farm and so I whipped out my chuckle a little poultice for him eight so everything we do during the day is we dedicate the churches that are being built this particular phase saw one hundred churches being built again they greet you like royalty they put lays on a courageous to the streets this is one of the churches that we dedicated I think she was inside a packed these churches with four hundred plus people we also did a foot washing service there can then numb in the evenings we had multiple villages brought in trucks to a central site and there was an evangelistic meeting this is one of the pastors is to be giving one of the health talks and by the end of our campaign we had up to eight thousand people attending just our you alone we had the seven venues and her baptism the immigrants of baptisms all during the campaign is that we did not witness we had to see them on video is quite possible that Wynette because it's it's illegal to proselytize one of the pastors in fact the one that I showed mistakenly put that he was a pastor of these he was made to write I promise not to preach well but we got there we need him to preach as well I serve a higher power reach and well I if these things are part of an EMS medical evangelism network are several things were working on but I one of those is to increase short-term mission trips by all medical people here in the states really are no matter what field of work into and David if there was an interest amongst the people here and also did to let and other individuals know about the opportunities have they find out about letting the the first team is going in November and that's been organized three men as well as amazing facts in this case but our organization use gearing up to do this on a regular basis some rights to the organization Rebecca Rebecca yes they can contact you and find out so contact Rebecca if you would any closing comments you'd like this one I would just encourage everyone to consider going on these short-term missions it's a great way to get your feet wet it's they hold your hand hallway and mean it's very safe it's very clean a is a great way to experience the Third World and and I get into it thank you very much Damon and now I arrives to my are right Jeff I is from the great country of Iraq and that she at the age of five was being raised by an Adventist minister over there in Iraq and identify what you write down that you wanted to me because of the principle of the cool rock on my graduation certificate export SQL being future a doctor and a preacher and all of the principal had written that down rides it ended up not coming to this country or medical site in Iraq but then she did her family medicine training here in this country I joined a group in Fontana and eventually became the CEO of a large private well a midsized primary care clinic in Fontana and had really slipped away from those principles are and you know we had a seminar today about our children and priorities in regards to children in this case it was her son who helped bring her back into the fold tells little bit about that and was in college and now last year college in its a lot of you know it's a very liberal but he got together with the youth that were on fire for God and they start studying with him and with other students and he come home to the guys that even we got is pretty deep in my heart I really wanted it but I resisted resisted and resisted far the timely lunch with soul and psyche 's take on if you are not only become mini eight thirty and I have to go to my parents home have chronic concrete bill among them and take care of adoption is the active ten ten thirty go home this permits you to take Karen and I think the drop of a needle I was losing his temper and sometimes I feel so sorry for myself it was Mister Phil wing Eric my friend started bringing this heat forgot to me and I said friendly I said okay he started teaching me Scripture songs he wrote he learned from friends in high Sierra recycling meetings coming to when not to have any snowball and the conversion with which they very fast as you know it is a personal growth between the ground you cannot just glean Olympics you know that they are converted you work and get me yesterday 's word and he grew and grew and grew to act now I cannot contain it it's beyond just its explosive she was I rebaptized in March April April thirtieth two thousand and five shortly thereafter attended the Aman conference here and I began instituting something that she hadn't done before and that is praying for patients tell us a little bit about how that was going on I stopped witnessing to my patients and to guide an pastor Randy skied a lot he known started memorizing Scripture is the first in a year after my baptism I memorize two hundred versus him for doing so knowing this person I start talking to me patients can approach each patient according to their needs and how I start in terms of health message and inject Christ tonight and bring versus empiricism versus is different for them and give them to enter the connect home leaving himself in the Bible and praying within the visit and then he will come I pray one of them and she's African-American lady I hugged her depraved and returns the night of the hotel with Chris and I face as to license according to Doctor people are embarrassed of the way Jesus and here's my Doctor pizza on I've had Pentecostal ministers come to me and one of them was quite overweight and down he was referred to need to ingest kids and plantar fasciitis because he's not big enough to do it from the medical director so everything comes to me I injected his NIS said he went to you got the sunlight is too much to get healthy first talking to him about the dangers of meat each each bag of meat I talked in hunt animals are treated with their intent and with that said he cringed when I start talking to him about being verses from the Bible one of taking a quick first test when the manure in the dipeptide and I gave them and consequently our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost twenty six nineteen and twenty six but when you dictate versus Anthony sent back to this talking tech preacher I so this picture on his way after I was done him three or four months ago he lost twenty six pounds he told me Doctor nobody has approached me like you the same approach and I do with other patients that come to me or for me for dermatology dermatology so from patients from other practices continued when they are overweight whether very unhealthy lifestyle I need to make a special appointment with me here but a lifestyle change he's been in miracle that had never happened in the past I've always wanted to get to talk health to my patients and healthy lifestyle I exactly Christ into the formula executes miracles had been losing weight sites you cannot believe that the healthy way mind you the healthy way and I remember a young lady that worked on her life in bars I was telling you about it and it is she she she could talk alarms she wouldn't even give me a chance to speak to sentences without interjecting her own way and that is after I talk to her about lifestyle and stuck out in droves if you think you to go six weeks later she comes in she has lost seven pounds was so skeptical but God showed even this woman can be reached while you also learn about short-term mission trips in a memo last year and you embark on a mission trip to Africa tell us a little bit about the pain I also attended a aside and down in my they had talked about tech trip to Ghana West Africa took place January February and was succeeded in winning school in the him will be turned into my IndyCar meowing so excited I started preparing for the trip while the demo was sharpening his tools he filed me like you cannot believe it am i.e. reshape the chance to talk about go on what I went through I remember two days in a row while I was in Ghana mightily and weathering gone and ways you might be worse to glottis and air-conditioned area like I gave my migrants got in the hallway to make a call to to California in the past and makes likely to looking like that it was miserable week for two days the air-conditioning and inmate in three days before that she hadn't had sleep I travel all over was two days late and it was a number of factors there is that she hadn't slept for probably about a total of five days at this point in time she got there just in time your first message you can go through the pre- session beforehand and I barely made it through that and I'm so a couple of days later no air-conditioning whatsoever their quartet singing lift up the trumpet in their evangelistic series and she sang I can't even look at myself and I doubt either that time and here you are supposed to beat after the court that's the I also was seeing patients for RAR and a half before each preaching session so I think in this wide-open area outdoors and in the heat nineteen three paint and sing pieces for our health and then after that actually like exit activity said after five days of having our as I said Lord I can not go up there and preach on until I can so where do something about I can and I was praying so I thought it was believed he was singing I was gagged and then summed was just about over the weekend I climbed the steps to take to get up to put him stopped again and paid I was practically in tears something IQ and it was so hot and muggy night you can read nothing I stood up on the Pope had a powered microphone I looked at the people waiting for me to say something on this site cool priests over from head to toe I was so grateful and I think that's a very certain that I preach that night was one of the best sermons in English the entire evangelistic many souls were one actually although they almost canceled her site because they weren't sure if you come there were fifty non- Adventist souls who did come in out of those twenty gave their hearts Lord and formats is so forty percent rate and so the Lord really blessed and someone who is determined to do his work in short-term missions in any closing comments you'd like her writer of the blessing I received from that trip is beyond words it will be so close to the Lord it gave me the drive to press on and do it for the rest of my life I young not only witness to my patients and I had an help active learning and this next year I will also not a interesting theories are not sure where but I'll definitely do it in my practice my patients and I invite them to our church to evangelistic series of evangelistic series of plastic Einstein Tuskegee it's actually ongoing I invited my treatment patients were given actually he made an appeal couple days ago who wants to give their lives hundred percent to come over sitting next to me patients cut a couple came different and he was on designed and Sarah 's last kingdom I think I speak it's electrical signaling in the past and they weren't really not much with God at all thank you for your nice note from the patient gets hot and goes training I I thank God elements for this great if so yesterday night I didn't wonder zero because I went to be with my patient again that night after she giveth life to Christ so I still be recommended strongly recommend that you get a blessing like you can not even contain another that year I said as they only excused absence we will give for not attending a man meeting and it certainly and Excel


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