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The Spiritual Foundation of the Right Arm

Ted N.C. Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • September 22, 2006
    7:30 PM
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I would like to say a few words about our speaker at night we will be blessed to hear Elder Ted Wilson from the General conference he's a general vice president of the General conference has actually nine of them and were privileged to believe that two of them here tonight is Mark also a general vice president yes I and I actually both of these men would make God a exceptional general conference president side as well and actually attended the nominating committee and even tell me any of this but I know little bit I came in a few of votes of being at in the last session I am certainly looking forward to the time of the Lord takes the reins in his own hand aren't you cat is involved in several things at the General conference level at this world radio he's also involved in the and advisory fashion to the health ministries Department of the General conference and he will be speaking to us tonight insights in regards to the spiritual foundation of the writer and we are very broad it was to have you here Ted were certainly looking forward your message to the Manhattan salad thank you Neil O'Neil is asking how he should introduce me I told him just don't tell them I'm their brother and their brother because really when it comes down to it when you think about this room and all the people in it all the education that is represented are you one of you all the degrees behind your name when it comes down to it when we kneel at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ we are simply brothers and sisters owner tell you how thrilled I am to see this group how exciting it is to see how God is leading a group of people who have a passion for the mission that Jesus himself has given to his church amen what a beautiful acronym Adventist medical evangelism network it is a privilege for me to be the advisor to the health ministry 's department and I'm going to return and give Doctor Hannah decides a tremendous report I wasn't here last night and I wish I had been I know that presentation was excellent because I heard about that many of us since this morning and what a privilege it has been to to hear lectures presentations and God 's Spirit poured out in a in a wonderful wonderful way you know you've chosen a theme that is on Hannity and powerful in its relevance for today the right arm the right approach right now it couldn't be more relevant as we stand on the very the end of this Earth three truly I believe that Jesus is coming very soon it is a privilege to be part of health ministry and health activity fact at home I'm surrounded by my wonderful precious wife Nancy is a physical therapist loves her work and her patients as a godly person what a wonderful thing to have a godly spouse my daughter is Emily our oldest will be here tomorrow she has her mph and works with Loma Linda and placing students in different short-term mission arrangements was about our second daughter is a surgical nurse she and her husband are in an evangelistic field school in Medford Oregon right now her husband is a pastor at the seminary taking classes there now youngest Catherine is down in Argentina just graduated from PT and is volunteering for a few months helping with their new PT program that they have down there for the last four years they've been offering so I'm kind of surrounded by health professionals are surrounded by people who love Jesus and who love to help people in physical and the spiritual way I want to tell you the church at large needs people like you people in the health professions people who are a passion for medical missionary work were told in the spirit of prophecy of the last work that will be done on the medical missionary work they were not too far away from that period of time we want to see that the only kind of work that will be done will be that which will touch people 's lives in a very personal personal way in a seminar that I attended today David DeRose and Neil Jeanie Finlay presented aspects of medical missionary work the right arm and how to integrate it into daily activities of this particular subject has fascinated me for a long time when I was in college at Columbia Union College went to school with fill their and that that time I apply to different conferences to become an intern and I was graciously received by some of them and my father told me if you really want to challenge go to greater New York conference so I decided through God 's blessing to do that in spite of the fact that I asked the conference and told them of my plans they agreed to accept me because at that time we had a con joint program between an M.Div. at the seminary and an SPH of the school of health homeland and agreed and since that time and the integration of an understanding of spirituality and health I have had a fascination with what medical missionary work releases working in New York City is an enormous challenge effect during that time is when I met Mark NT they were up in southern New England ever since that time we had a on we love God 's special work for cities and medical missionary work we haven't seen the fruition of everything that we've seen God 's blessing in so many ways and the indication of your presence here at this conference tells me the Holy Spirit is working in a marvelous way to bring about people to renew an interest in this dynamic subject for truly medical missionary work will be the last work that we will be able to do I'm convinced that an emphasis on this area is needed more and more as we come to the very end of time you are part of the great advent of movement around the world I'm really very impressed about the emphasis that you given on an international aspect for these reports just before our special music India Africa your evangelistic meeting in Ghana I live in west Africa for about nine years so I I know the kind of each one can talk about and can experience but I want to point people here to pray for also places that are some tough and difficult such as your home you rock we had about three hundred members it's bundled since the difficulties of recent times and yet God has of people there I want to pray for the people of the Middle East next April and May God willing my father and I are going to return to Egypt right Ron evangelistic series in the Heliopolis church in Cairo Egypt what you pray for our people in Egypt because all across the Middle East people Adventists have felt the burden and pressure of the difficulties of that region whereas we had many members in certain areas we have very few now please pray for those few people in the in the city of Cairo with sixteen million people we have approximately one hundred twenty five Cynthia enormous challenge but the emphasis that you have in this organization on reaching out internationally and in your own practices in your own settings exactly what God wants to see happen the right arm the right approach right now you know sometimes that right arm is whether the accuracy length even twisted appreciate so much Don's presentation early this morning come tomorrow morning for another installment again on the right arm sometimes cannot really work in the way that it should but it doesn't mean that it can't work that way because the Lord can infuse it with the power through through you to accomplish what that right arm is to do in fact you know we don't like to twist arms necessarily that's not the Christian way but in a nice kind way the right arm can also help the twist maybe the left arm in the church to accomplish what God wants to see happen in medical missionary work so in a very careful and behind way I encourage you to work with your local pastors to work with the church structures to keep working and working so that people understand what medical missionary work is God through prayer and through the Holy Spirit can accomplish so very very much there needs all over the world I just returned from Russia a few days ago and I have pastor come up to me and some of you may be interested in this after the meeting Mark tomorrow you may come up and say look I'd like to the e-mail was faster and faster came and told me his name is Sergei Shum of you works in southern Ukraine and he told me that there is an organization that has provided a whole area of a renovated sanitarium in the Crimea on the Black Sea for use by Seventh-day Adventists in a health lifestyle arrangement if we are willing to do so and he didn't know what to do instead what am I supposed to do how am I supposed to do it presently normatively speaking to a group in just a few days and I'm initiative and there may be someone on the Lord will place a burden on who will say you know at least let me investigate to see how I can try and help and advise or encourage in that particular situation because you see the pastors and the physicians dentists and health professionals must work together to reinvigorate the power of the right arm medical missionary work the right approach for the right time and what is that spiritual combination what is that power that provide yes with an understanding of what it truly means to be part of God 's great advancing movement and blended ministry well in the spirit of prophecy we can read many different approaches in many different councils that the Lord has given to us I don't know if you have this little book it was referenced actually this morning a call to medical evangelism and health education you don't have this little book a compilation of some beautiful quotations by Ellen White spirit of prophecy you need to get it and you still get it at the end of this book center Doug sales is here from the review may be able to help you obtain one minus Mark through and through underlined it just is inspiring when you read my GNU put you to sleep it's getting a little bit late and we still have to get into our spiritual message but listen to this medical ministry to thirty nine medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering it is the highest near work of the gospel it is the gospel practice the compassion of Christ revealed to understand the import of medical missionary work the compassion of Christ of this work there is great need in the world is open for God grant that the importance of medical missionary work shall be understood on a tell you it is not understood very well in the church today unfortunately and that new fields may be immediately entered and then another beautiful aspect from medical ministry again how shall we reveal Christ I know of no better way than to take hold of the medical missionary work in connection with the ministry took us calling each of you to be part of an unbelievable advance in the work of God in terms of reaching people with the specialized ministry was and was interesting quotation from volume three of the testimonies one seventy two the relation of the Bible is not detrimental to the health of the body or of the mind the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine that can be received by a sick man or woman listen to this freight this is absolutely priceless heaven is all help and the more deeply the heavenly influences are realized the more sure will be the recovery of the believing invalid half to be poured out in your examining in your office in your hospital in your church medical missionary work is as the right hand and arm to the third Angels message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world and then this beautiful quote from medical ministry the gospel ministry is organ is an organization for the proclamation of the truth and the carrying forward of the work force it and well and integration in medical missionary work a spiritual basis for this great work was started back in Genesis three where God gave the formula for healing the brokenness and Christ would come in the great promise of Genesis three fifteen it culminates interestingly in the third chapter of the last book of the Bible in Revelation three where were crisis talking about Laodicea which we are indeed Christ's righteousness of his road to cover the eyesalve med medications and we can see better the brokenness and generate Genesis three culminating with Christ saying one come in have a meal I want to enjoy fellowship with I want to truly carry out medical missionary work in your own life and I want you to follow my pattern no Christ's death and his life and his resurrection all showed us the love of God in him 's love of God first John chapter four verses ten and eleven where it tells about Jesus and his incredible love for each of us that he intends on the love of God that health and spirituality are inextricably combined for John verse two of course emphasizes that as well but the health is both in the spiritual and in the physical what an important part this medical missionary workplace and reaching people for Christ if you turn to Mark chapter two one of the most poignant explanations are just a few moments I want us to look at how Jesus himself integrated this aspect of spirituality and health Jesus had been in the desert in a solitary place praying it came to Capernaum as he entered the city the news went like wildfire and immediately a large crowd gathered in Peter 's house was impossible to find a place to sit or to stand in the crowds filtered out around that house people love to hear what Jesus had to say because it says there in verse two chapter two he preached the word unto them yelling our churches and in your offices and in your interaction with people they don't want to hear just pablum they want to hear just nice sweet phrases they want to hear the good solid word of God is a lonely afraid to bring God 's word into engineer examining room into your office don't be afraid of sharing these precious truths because people want to hear this precious truth well nursery we get into the story here and briefly you know the story well let's look at some of the aspects there was an individual who was a paralytic in this paralytic had heard about Jesus he heard that he even healed lepers but he he was hopeless when it came to remembering what really his illness was a result because it'd been caught I like his own sin so we desired relief from the burden of sin and many today have that same kind of burden he wanted to see Jesus he wanted be assurance to us and so he asked his friends because he had no time to waste the flesh were told was even detain on his body as he was speaking me asked his friends to take him to see Jesus friends obviously were very spiritual friend very spiritual individuals because they talk there for ten as soon as they could to see Jesus and when they got there of course there was no chance for them to get close to Jesus because there was such a crowd it says there inverse for they couldn't come to them because of the press of the crowd they uncovered the roof where he was in this man was so anxious to see Jesus that he asked his friends to take him to the top of the roof of course in the Middle East get to the top of the roof you can uncover some of the branches and whatever was covering can you imagine Jesus preaching in that room talking to the leaders of that particular town to the disciples who were gathered and their in the midst of his discourse to them just begins to fall everything stops people look up to see this man descending into the next verse five are given a clue that this sentence were truly medical missionaries they truly were godly people because it says when Jesus saw their faith their faith he said to the paralytic the words that this man was longing where he was longing to hear these words by sentence the forgiven and says he heard these words peace entered his heart the forgiveness of God rolled through his body the burden of despair absolutely disappeared desire of ages page two sixty eight says in simple faith he accepted the words of Jesus as the Boone of what happens in your offices that's what happens when you talk to patients he urged no further request a delay in blissful silence too happy for words the light of heaven he radiated his comments and the people looked with all upon the sea such was the power of forgiveness from God of course those who were there in that area the doctors of the law the Pharisees and others immediately began questioning how can Jesus forgives sin and when Jesus perceived it says in verse eight that they were reasoning this is why are you reasoning things like this in your heart whether it is easier to say to the sick of the palsy thy sins be forgiven thee or to say arise and take up thy bed and walk but that ye may know that the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins he said arrives to the pipe that and go thy way one two nine house we see hear integrated in a most powerful way physical healing and the beautiful healing of the spirit for forgiveness from God himself what a powerful powerful explanation that we see for Jesus himself provided this paralytic the piece that he needed again from desire of ages the paramedics found in Christ healing for both the soul and the body this spiritual healing was followed by physical restoration and that's why a man exists best like each of you are partners with Christ in this great medical missionary endeavor an opportunity to allow Christ to work through you in a most powerful way and of course that paralytic pastor the crowd blessing and praising God people said we seen strange things today God can do strange things in your office in your hospital in your dental clinic he can do wonderful things the power of medical missionary work the right arm the right approach at the right time God wants to use you in a most powerful way to integrate this incredible power that he provides through the Holy Spirit medical missionary work to seek Jesus to seek after him with all your heart and then to help people to be fulfilled in their seeking for him as well spirituality and health become one in Christ the master physician treat the whole person as a medical missionary worker treat them physically mentally socially and spiritually and is reviewing page one forty four we should ever remember that the object of the medical missionary work is two seven sick men and women to the man of calorie who taketh away the sin of the world by beholding him they will be changed into his likeness wheat we are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live that is the work the right the right arm the right approach at the right time to point people to Jesus what a blessing it is said that movement to have the belief that the health ministry has a spiritual base and spiritual connection and database is Jesus Christ the master physician to face some pretty big challenges as you try to develop the organization of a man to face people organization well you know what you have to offer is a bit outdated it's really not practical I want to tell you the practicality of medical missionary work if we look at it in its very basic understanding is not to develop enormous institutional activity in all of us are products of institutions and thank God for institutions but when it comes to doing practical missionary work medical missionary work were talking about innovative creative ways in which the Lord is to help you to reach out into the homes of people in the lives of people to help them in a very personal way that's why churches need to be centers of medical missionary activity why you need to be helping to train church members to know how to do simple things that will help people physically and spiritually mature to be facing a lot of resistance to want to encourage you through the power of the Holy Spirit not to give up not to succumb to the frustration that people will cause in your lives by saying a new something else I was designing more productive or let you don't understand or let don't give up this precious mission and passion that the organization of a man hands I am than look forward to seeing how this influences going to multiply and multiply this is a bright spot and I praise God for it but don't give up because God the master physician is going to protect his people who are carrying out the exact work that he is ask them to do a medical missionary work practical medical missionary work God will stand by your side he will never ever leave you he will be a constant companion some of you may have heard of an interesting experience I had two years ago involving a beautiful encounter with major and told me how important it is to remember that God will always stand by our side I was walking as I enjoy doing for exercise related kind of in the country suburbs of Washington between Washington and Baltimore and as I was returning home on a country road where we live I noticed something on the side of the road as I got closer it was a small bird in the burden flyway I got closer and closer and I saw another bird on the road and it was dead and I put two and two together and I realize that probably a car had come by it the one bird as the two were flying in the live bird was standing on the side of the road as I got closer and closer I expected it to fly away but it didn't and I went over to the dead bird and gently pushed it off of the road onto the grass at least it had a place where its final resting wouldn't get run over again even though it was dead and I began to apologize to the library and I told her I'm so sorry that this is happened I just feel terrible about this on such burn didn't move the burn just as there looked up at finally got down and almost on my knees and was just talking with the Burger King imagine that bird didn't it just looked up and finally I love syndrome by November and went to my home and immediately told Nancy that value Nancy is a PG she had a patient who is an expert in birds and when she told him the story she this expert said well don't you know bluebirds because it was a beautiful blooper and Eastern bluebird beautiful pastel blue and orange just send bluebirds are monogamous and many times when there makes his heart or kill the live bird will stand guard over its dead mate not taking water or food until it dies as well now as you face the challenges ahead take a lesson from the bluebird because just as at bluebird stood guard over it snake God the master physician will stand guard over you as you do medical missionary but unlike that Little bluebirds the master physician will never die as you work for the Lord doing the right work at the right time and the right approach our heavenly father is bless your work and most powerful way so that when we get to heaven the Lord will look at you directly and say you have followed my example you have cared for people and waited I asked you to do and you've helped so many enter this beautiful kingdom and you have got all the glory for it because this is the work is commission for us to do the right are the right approach right now God bless each one showing our heads father in heaven we thank you for this message we thank you for the message that you give us your inspiration and we pray that each one of us would adopt this message in our own lives fully and also sharing with others we pray for these holy Sabbath hours and you would bless every element every blessing you prepared for us on this day may we not missed because of our lack of attentiveness or distraction but may you make this day special high blessing for each one give us rest and bring us back to learn more about you and how we can incorporate this message in our daily lives in Jesus name amen


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