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God's Right Arm Resurrected

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training


  • September 23, 2006
    7:30 AM
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this morning am pleased to welcome you for this second the series of presentation by Don McIntosh on the unit on the aspect of the right arm and then since God is the near yesterday already and introduce him not been a good great detail is in production except to say that he comes my back on a medical background being a registered nurse in the pastoring and he brings a passion that while the right arm and its potential for the full day for the Gospel ministries of this morning within a minute what hadn't have gone Macintosh procedure this presentation will confess something to you today's message has been a kind of burning in my heart for a while and as I thought about it right over painstakingly worked on it I remember the quote that fools rush in where angels fear to tread and so as I was in the room before I came out Lord there is so much material here I don't know that I can cover it as you having to a major help so I got down here I looked in my computer and the doctor was there but half of it was missing and I couldn't find it I will tear the last ten minutes so I accept this is the will of God and I recognize that at the end of time were told that we will have to use simple means probably not going to be PowerPoint is probably not going to be all the different things that were used to but still were going to be called to give a testimony for Jesus and if the medical missionary work is to be the final work that means that you are on the frontline you are going to be heralding the final message I don't know or the passes will be maybe they'll be doing prison ministries I'm not sure what's how it's all going to come down but I do recognize me that you will be on the frontlines and I also recognize something else that the Sabbath will be the testing truth at the end so I want to talk with you about today is medical missionaries in the relationship to the sale the title of my talk is the right arm resurrected you might fully understand why going to ask you to kneel with me in prayer before I begin father in heaven I thank you for today that you have resurrected us to newness of life to be able to speak a word in season for you those who are weary I thank you for each clinician here I thank you for each dentist and doctor and nurse and allied health professional and anyone else is in this room today thank you for those that are listening thank you that you remind me offer what is now by my normal power moved by your spirit I thank you that you reminded me this morning that we cannot make arm we cannot trust in chariots or in horses but only and you and so I ask you to enter into this place I ask you to help me to represent you today you know the liabilities with each of us in representing you but in your grace and your mercy you have called us to do so and in your calling is your enabling we thank you and we come in price and on the right arm resurrected yesterday we learned two things well I hope you learn more than two we learned that the right arm the right arm is a metaphor that LOI uses the talk about medical missionary work but we challenged ourselves we said what did she really may what the Scriptures say about the right arm and so we discipline ourselves to go back to Scripture and look at the right arm in Scripture we discovered two things number one that God 's right arm was offered to the creation he is says in Jeremiah created with his arm and in Isaiah and says what is right hand C-SPAN for the foundations of the world and the universe is always right arm is powerful in that creative act and that was memorialized in which amendment in the Sabbath commandment remember the Sabbath day to keep it all in six days of labor and do all I work the seventh day is the sample the Lord my God it announced on not doing work why is win the command was looking forward for an six days the Lord made heaven and earth sea and all within them it so that first act of God with his right hand was memorialized in the Sabbath command it was a picture that first Sabbath of hell and of goodness and of rest of sanctuary with God were told that God would walk and talk with enemies in the garden I can only imagine the first Sabbath day he had just met her husband and vice versa and the first sample of joy in your picture of rest within the interloper came in the corrupter the devil came in and he called into question everything about that he said that this is not a complete creation it are not complete unless you listen to me and pleasures what the right hand of God forevermore I don't think so what about pleasures from my hand will get this fruit so you stretched out her hand and took the fruit and as we learned yesterday he's been attempting to corrupt right hand a person we look at some passages this out how he attempts to corrupt the right-hand Leslie did but praise the Lord 's arm is not shortened we learn Second Life that that right arm also is powerful and redemption that is alleluia and he stressed forth his right hand is right arm and we see that illusion then in Exodus chapter fifteen throughout the book of Exodus Genesis sends a cop and Exodus leaves us out and in Exodus chapter fifteen it's clear that it was bought right arm that was leaving them look at that with me just to remind ourselves were going to go forward here today is a little review is necessary and some of us are new here today Exodus chapter fifteen I will sing until the law Courtney has thrived gloriously a horse and rider thrown into the sea and as they're singing that song they attribute all praise and glory to Moses that right no Isaiah we learn that it has with his right hand but no Moses and Mary and the rest things of the Lord and they say your right hand the verse six oh Lord has become glorious in power your right hand award as best the enemy into pieces Soledad an attribute of the redemptive redeeming restorative act of God to his powerful right arm what a lesson for medical missionaries do not take credit for anything but to give all the praise and glory to God we learned that just as in Genesis there was a sanctuary experience that was connected with the Sabbath and with perfect health salt and the restorative redemptive counter movements of God 's right arm the sanctuary came in the focus and the he left them with his arm verse sixteen fear and dread will follow on by the greatness of your arm they will be still as a stone so your enemy 's Passover awards of the people pass over you will bring them her seventeenth and and plant them in the mountain of your inheritance and the place of Lord which you have made for your dwelling of the sanctuary all Lord which your hands have established and sell this redemptive right arm would take them out that leads them to the sanctuary and we learn about the journey they had mental and physical healing their cognitive distortions ten of them are dealt with in the Exodus experience and those ten cognitive distortions are about dealt with on a massive scale then we learned also as we moved to the sector the sanctuary that their physical needs were dealt with as well they while they drank water they had plenty of sunshine and not only that when you look in the same where you can see that they move from the unclean means of Egypt and then memorialize there were several gotten the sacrifice of playmates within the holy place were introduced to things bread and grape juice and then when the incident of the most holy place was manner and there was Allman and pomegranates on bottom of priests role overall quite medicinal and it was as if God was leading them back to Genesis one twenty nine he and in that same contact Exodus fifteen verse twenty six week wait we see the direct linkage between the redemptive right arm and healing if you diligently lead the voice of the Lord your God to do what is right in his site and give ear to his commandments and keep all his statues I will put none of these diseases on you which I have run on the Egyptians for I am the Lord I am your way where who you was the first IVF languages in the Bible right when the Sabbath the first set I am the creator I am now the Redeemer and then we learned that that redemptive act was memorialized not in access and actually the Sabbath commandment but in Deuteronomy look with me there are only all I just love this busty love this the Sabbath the sanctuary and medical missionary work altogether you like that you are calling is in the midst of the Sabbath commandment Deuteronomy chapter five seventh amendment there observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy versus well as Yahweh your Ellie name commanded you six days shall you leverage all your work with some of the is the Sabbath the Lord your God it is a liability work you or your son or your daughter nor your manservant or your maidservant we rocks or your donkey nor your cattle nor your stranger who is within your gates why was lifting remember that you were a slave in Egypt and that Yahweh Elohim the Lord your God brought you out from there with a lot a mighty hand and an outstretched which are right thing when the day of the line Deuteronomy thirty three two you sent your firing isn't that powerful tree nation and redemption memorialized in the Sabbath commandment along with the sanctuary at along with medical missionary work now when I reviewed it because I wanted to do now to the last exodus of our new growth first exodus was to teach us these things work written for your admonition upon whom the in the world is in the VA were told by Paul so go with me to the last exodus revelation chapter ten relationship then this is why we have the movements this is channels in God 's network fell one and in Revelation chapter ten we see the same as soon as we now picked up for the final remnants of God what does it say I saw another angel a mighty angel coming down from heaven call with McLeod and a rainbow was on his head 's space was like the sun in the screen like pillars of fire with that with that in Angel is a messenger of the covenant were told that Jesus and is leading a new activists noticed yellow book opened in his hand and he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land his parting the waters for this new access movement they're going to that final Red Sea and as he goes for he stretches out his right hand in the solemn oath were told in verse five the angel who I saw standing on the sea and on the land lifted up his hand usable that was probably both bands were the predominant with the right you look at Revelation chapter ten in parallel with Daniel chapter twelve and you see that same angel back in Daniel chapter twelve who gives the prophecies and says the Daniel go your way and rest of the time of the end and then we pick it up and that's saying Angel picks up his hand again and says let's pick up where we left off there we are at the end of the processes he swore verse six by him who lives forever and ever who created heaven and earth what is that right arm creation of the sea and all the things that were invented what's that Sabbath alludes to that there's the one pronoun 's no longer no more chronology at the and of the time prophecies God is moving and there is this moment it on the piano has something else that he does he takes that little book what available big and existence of those spots and exaggerated off they ran up and what happens this way is high on the glycemic index and then what happens it becomes acidic that may come sour doesn't it what that means there was this moment that arose during that time the pricing of William Miller led to a group of people that believed with all our hearts and all other minds that Jesus was coming again it's what's been termed the magnificent disappointment and as they study this passage after this great disappointment when Jesus and regardless of all this is what happened in verse eleven says he said to me you must prophesy again among many peoples nations tongues thinking and this new exodus began the final Exodus the restoration of all things the resurrection of truth think about the great wonderful truth of this church think about the state of that think about whether or not we do have a help message without that wonderful doctrine of the statement that think about other churches that have understood that group operated on the idea that there is dualism but the body has evil and that the soul is precious and holy what's their health and life there are bodies on Purdue University let's sell the worst help of different denominations and those that hold that document are the highest comment was coming at the wonderful doctrine of the saver that I was I had my little computers cellular studies NL e-mail them to you later by ever find them again doubles attacking my Macintosh computer and got to Macintosh a little one stone so safe at ISI filter that all men of the sulfide known in the programs we wanted different things I talk to these medicines they come to the program and they say why is it that you have this message was a well is because we understand what happens to people when they die that was what you have a help message because you understand what I'm being laid off and I explained this to Elizabeth after they've gone through the health program in a scene always results ago why this must be why my church doesn't really get it I remember once I told the class it up to you today I was invited to go to a charitable man who had gone through our health program and it was the last he was the pastor of a large church in Wichita so it is that you know you want to come down to my church as well it should be no problem you come to my serves like a new charge measured on a different day than I do repeat the roster traffic to your church is so great leaders have to go a day early because I know you're not telling me the truth is that I know but I knew that you and that's go no line you know I said that why went down there is a jerk and I arrived there in his church and I got blisters will delight because my brother-in-law was limping to love them on your relatives blame you prevailing anyway at the latent search with him when they were just beginning to start the service and the only raw that were often where the front row so I came down and send down the front row Baptist Church the front rows are sacred roles very front row is reserved for the end of the service when people who accept Jesus for the first time come forward so I came down in the front row of unreliable facets are many don't try to the Seventh-day Adventist minister at alike that I fully appreciated that but in his kindness at the end of the service you let me lead the prayer of invitation and he showed how is cholesterol and all of this number is a dry sodas why is wife handed out to everybody as they were leaving a recipe for my wife's lentil low praise God for the doctrine of the sentiment that lays the foundation so I can about your great summary of all the doctrines of the other lizards is found in Revelation chapter one regular relationship to one nine Angels fan puts in John the revelations of what and will provide one of the book of Revelation Blessed is he who ran number one foundation documented discharges the Bible we believe is inspired from Genesis to Revelation we live by its principal what's the major methods of the Bible secondly in Revelation chapter one notice there relationship the woman is going for myself in relationship to one what kind of better methods of all men are leaders quickly do this relationship the one major message of the Bible what's the second that the major thing we have to understand is the Bible is is the book we base these on what's the major methods of the Bible verse for Grace to you and peace in Britain diversified data and allow this and washed us from our sins and what if the methods of salvation and framework reviewing bubblelike what's the next message we see their verse seven the only astounding with my father that I will say hallelujah point of the people that are ready lets the next message there I was in the spirit first then on the Lords day and I heard behind me a loud voices of trumpet it's the methods of what Sabbath what's the next message in Revelation when I looked in the Met 's first thirteen of the seven lampstands one like the Son of Man what's that that's the sanctuary we know that Jesus is not in the earthly sanctuary bunnies ministering and only sanctuary for revelation revelation eleven to write after the disappointment Revelation Chapter 11 one sunrise measure the temple of God working measures the word Jesus uses and Matthew Saban says with what judgment you judge that he will be another this is just an illusion notice the revelations of the Leavenworth one and so the sanctuary truth will it became clear message the devil got the altar of those who worship there where that phrase the Temple the author and those the words of their new market down looking up later allowing time Leviticus sixteen thirty three it is the same free groups that are memorialized in the judgment or the day of atonement methods the cleansing methods of Leviticus sixteen hundred two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings themselves sanctuary that plans the sanctuary through was understood and it is understood that Jesus was now Natalie Siefert and he was cleansing the heavenly sanctuary someone asked me the other day in an airport why is it that you believe the Seventh-day Adventist Church has a help message was that I think very simply those who believe that Jesus can cleanse the heavenly sanctuary also believe he has no problem cleaning out their coronary heart he is a member that he was playing them physically he wants to clean them spiritually and so this people the first thing the first doctrine that the Advent movement then recapture was the doctrine of sanctuary but after that what came out for watching you read the days are extra you go through the comments we see these people as well these planning things out says we better playing things downstairs brother all rules barn became a place where they were walking into the street then came the Sabbath conferences because notice Revelation Chapter 11 verse one thousand measure the temple of God where is that simple of God Revelation Chapter 11 in verse nineteen and the temple of God was opened in heaven and the archivist covenant was safe once and then are the ten Commandments and they discovered that there was a demand him with the only one God that not to forget they had not remembered so some of them were rebaptized leaving the know widens rebaptized listen watch us we weren't ready for you to come and now we see why we must tell the world so the sanctuary messages sent another message laid the foundation for our health methods the sanctuary must've laid the foundation for the help message the Sabbath memorialized the redemptive right arm of God in creation the Sabbath commandment and Deuteronomy memorialized the redemptive right arm of God and bringing people up creation and redemption of the right arm now in revelation relationship to one of the provocative things to space over to get out of here relationship to one notice something we seem to say something to set we think that if she was still slowly here we say the Bible is the foundation we say salvation is the major methods of the Bible we've saying that Jesus is coming again behold I come quickly in Revelation chapter one we sing the Lord 's day which is the Sabbath we have seen the sanctuary and now notice what we see in acts of seventeen Welliver sixteen he handed his right hand seven stars right hand of God cares about the Church of God medical missionary work must be connected with God 's church to be effective in his right hand is a bows it be the leaders of the seven churches right but notice something else there is right candidates whose right hand explains it in person when I sign my fellow business leaders that is but he laid his right hand on word that we need right over when were sick we need the right hand I said do not be afraid I am the first and the last I am new list and was then behold I am alive for evermore I for this amen conference that Artest isn't it I am the resurrection and the life on man a physical resurrection all men are spiritual resurrected by the right hand of God now the devil wants the counterfeit right in God he wants you to go away from the resurrection message of Ahmed and his attacks were told two things that reminded us last night over Wilson that the medical missionary work will be a file work and secondly with the final test is the staff development of a relationship for me in Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen notice what it says the last use of the right hand in the Bible revelations at the thirteen over sixteen this is the picture of the beast power there are two powers in Revelation chapter thirteen the first of these in the second basis as the second beast notice what it says verse sixteen and he causes all both great and small rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right and I have never really considered it before but I right now as I write a chill went down my spine I recognize that the final attack of the devil is on the right-hand is the hand that created it is the hand that restores it is all of that but it's also the help message the devil will specifically attack the help message and it makes perfect sense to look ecumenical missionaries and it makes perfect sense because they are the ones who will have the final loud car may seventeen those that received the mark on the right in remember that the direct allusion to what the men fourth amendment Deuteronomy those are receive a mark in the right-hand what's going happen they don't have it they cannot buy or sell except one who has the mark of the name of the beast of the number of his name what will be the biggest challenge some notable missionaries of the time they will have to choose between economic success or the God of the set in my writer my wrong and the test will come here and now today and how we choose to observe the Sabbath as doctors and nurses as tennis what do you do on the Sabbath I believe that we are involved in this era of God 's history and what I call a vegetarian rebelling we need a team of the one minute when I was a nurse many of my colleagues and I would work extra shifts on Sabbath it was a vegetarian rebellion the pastor would not come and visit us because we were doing good on the Sabbath but who are we fooling nobody how do you relate to the Sabbath Jesus performed seven Sabbath miracles I wish I had time to go through the mall he did a lot of things on the Sabbath that could've been done the next day he healed someone who had a problem for eighteen years with their back because of probably wait another day I would think probably so we'll see you tomorrow it's been eighteen years so let's not hesitate to say we can do good on the Sabbath but let's not play loose with God medical missionary is eloquent on this point that we need to protect our relationship with God what do you do how do you schedule yourself how do you allow yourself to be scheduled what do you do with the funds that you receive from the Sabbath we have specific counsel as to what we should do for fun on the Sabbath what are we to do let me review of testimony from someone show you a blessing here easy why the double attack my computer and you are one silent as I know I'm right my testimony written by physician friend of mine goes back over twenty years when I finish family practice residency I felt unprepared lacked faith that God would help me start from the milestones that I join the family practice group in the small town with the residency departments within his reforming one small problem will they were of a different faith than mine initially this didn't bother me but as time went on things begin to change the final straw was their desire to open the office on Sabbath for routine patient visits by this time my wife and I had become increasingly convicted that we were outside God 's will run on the equally yelped in a medical practice where we had nothing in common with our partners accept the practice of medicine is still remember coming home one night after a long office meeting were announced I want to say hallelujah to this or I announced I could no longer see routing patients in the office onset that wasn't good at iron again I still think but I won't like to do again the response was what I expected and I knew that our days were numbered Smith and one receive a mark in his hand so my wife and I chose to leave what appear to be a very successful family practice group and move back to the city where I did my residency and begin a solo practice chair inexpensively good friend looking back now I know that without a doubt this was the wisest choice I ever made knowing we were doing the right thing in following God 's leading gave me the confidence to move forward through a number of prominent Celebes got provided me within this medical practice which I enjoy very much in your salary how many people don't step out and see what the Lord can do several years after the move got once again begin making me feel uncomfortable about the relationship between my practice in the Sabbath I began thinking about the revenues I was generating on the Sabbath when I was on call a hospital in the Lord led me to the following quote by aligning medical missionaries page two sixty since neither cultivate a spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice it may be necessary to devoting hours holy Sabbath to the relief of suffering humanity but the fee for such labor to be put into the treasury of the Lord to be used for worthy poor need medical skill but can't afford to pay for I thought the Lord leading me to take the revenues from Sabbath work and put it into a medical emergency fund of the church over the years this fund is grown with the help of others into a sizable sum is that a real joy to see and help many church members who simply do not have the resources to meet their emergency needs frankly has made the difference between individual getting needed medical attention and suffering about and through this all has gone left me to languish absolutely not not only has he given me in this practice but also not the staff it's been a joy to work with finance and the Lord has blessed me beyond measure I found it interesting to see in a recent medical economics magazine of my personal income ranked in the top ten percent volume I have to say goodbye football again because who ever does not receive the mark in the right-hand will lose it all but don't you think that if you make this kind of decision it's probably going to be easier to lose it all looking back I shuddered he continues to think what might have happened to our family if I had not made the choice to leave when everything seen in our favor someday maybe I'll be able to run the videotape of what might have been but then again I probably wouldn't want to watch how many minutes where the third when we say this to you can you see the connection between the final conflict and Sabbath observance for the position and use it but I pulled us out of a hat is it biblical is a consistent room I do in Genesis at the perfect creation the double attack sanctuary and the Sabbath and the health of people let reminds you that in the Exodus when they had gone all the way through with God 's redemptive arm got the devil attacked again with the golden calf and what do they do they bowed down at their residences Oregon and he will take us back to sanctuary within and they went back to Egypt and they called in Beloit Al Army capital that is the God of creation and the God of redemption and the test was the Sabbath in the first accident and it will be and is the task in the last exit is the implications are profound you eat out on Sabbath do you allow others to serve you on seven to people watch what doctors do I believe I say this humbly because I am just a fellow journey with you that we need a revival of true godliness sources while the logistics will allow me to do this or that how they can stand up for the judge of the ages Sir I'm a pastor our society is to be up after a storm for one more week and as I look at my sheet as I study with them I study within the Sabbath truth is there you need to leave your job so you need to do this I proven to them from the Scriptures and God give them a heart to do that to keep his commandments in a silly way happens is a born-again experience is not legalism it's a result of being born again and these people is there born again within a final give that up and God blesses them my great-grandmother candidates are the only one sermon with a market-based was in the middle of the depressingly sad lot SDRAM my grandpa on my mother side door my middle name and he left his job and he went home and he was walking home and he says well I don't align with Illinois car stopped the laser I need help fixing my car can you fix it anything he gave them she gave him ten dollars and then she called her friends and other friends and amphibians it was lately is a hallowed and he started the practice taking care of cars on the front of his car practice is automotive shop nearly put the ten Commandments Avenue second somebody will work on your car is what any of that some of it as the ten Commandments on the front of some of the dozen some of the Los Angeles Sam Gibbons draws my grandfather bequeathed that hair does to me I'm so thankful for it I well remember the stories of how he would give the Bible studies there in his job he had to memorize the script is is is and for all dirty and he said I'll give you ten percent if you listen to me talk and they would look up with Bible studies as he was fixing a car for some reason it would take longer but it needs charge the last and many people came into the kingdom I remember how my wife when I met her in the Hinsdale Hospital sanitarium C was Wells no senator anymore but as I met her there I began to talk with her about it all maybe the future for us and she said to me why is it that you work on the Sabbath was a while you know I gave her a life as you said well I can understand that but what do you do with the money facility in lieu of the money order and she said I put it all into a Sabbath on this for some of the produce of that is okay I'll try that so I started put into his cell phone I was working as an emergency department down and in Benton Harbor an analyst money Guild building up in a similar like in a deal with this while unregulated evil sorcerer to give away to people and I can tell you what you give away money you got a lot of friends as is the closest I came to having everyone in the town come out to see me pretty soon they would look for my car coming of the parking lot little odd in this is areas that involve a similar run out I was sitting in the triage desk one day and there was about fifteen people lined up to see those about fifteen too many for the charge nurse who called his supervisor who called the head of the hospital onset done we need evidence that so they called me and said what you doing so I felt convicted about the Sabbath I know I have to take care of the sick notes emergency room when you would think that it's probably emergency so I feel comfortable working on the Sabbath but I don't think uncle with money and I'm getting away I said please don't do that I said that chivalry is my money is not in this no he said yes I still I'm sorry darling my sort of money you want to supervise a sibling she said you're done we really like you we do we just can't help like you for some reason the want to make a special request could you find it when you feel bad if we never scheduled you again from Friday night through Saturday night I said well let me think about that that's no good God bless when we ask him to be in this area brothers and sisters I want everyone last fact is an encouraging text of the text I hope the deal with tomorrow with my computer if I don't along towards armaments or here is the text all it is a wonderful tax Revelation fifteen to and I saw something like a sea of glass mangled with fire what's that's the way it standing before the throne of God it says Revelation four this is those that are on the sea of glass those who had what to say next strain over the base over the market and therefore at her in the ranting is alleluia do you want to be there one everyone in your staff to be there and what are they going to be doing they have victory over the market over the number of the name place and understand glass having the harps of God in a lesson allusion to Psalm ninety two Memorial life of the Sabbath and they sang a song what are they saying wonderful song that they say nice things about song of Moses and all the last would be one they sing a song that memorializes God 's right arm of creation missing a song that memorializes God 's right arm of redemption in their victory someone said the other day I don't know what the next step is spiritually in my practice let me commend this one to you because the Sabbath is the last great test and medical missionaries are the last great group of individuals who will give the lack of the Lord bless you


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