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The Call To Country Living

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 2, 2012
    3:00 PM
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room for him he is very very very sorry you are myself always speak as if my family is Leslie Williams on behalf of my family and I will examine the year of the Lord is is is is is that really needs to be understood as a lot of the same about country living space and being because it is I literally got sent a blessing to his people and I guess because of fears and misunderstandings and maybe even some individuals who took fanatical positions on this message that was designed to be very beautiful and not become very and a lot of people will fight against his message but it ought not be in my hope my presence is that in the few moments that we have that we can get at least a glimpse beauty of his recall the goddess leads us to the soul of an inducement to first on prayer and then after we prayed and he will be the long-term presentation so if you are able to uncertainty will continue to bring your article father in heaven we thank you Lord for the privilege and opportunity to come together and here very timely message we know that this is perhaps one of the reasons amongst other why we see we has such an unprepared so Lord we pray that you please speak to our remark manner that you will bless us as we seek to understand discreet call to me to put all of our students the call to country the more I pray that a great blessing will take place in all of our hearts as we escape this topic to us open our eyes send your Holy Spirit amici come and beyond we ask it all in Jesus name amen will how do you like to do the one invited turned about and accepted enact the third chapter we find that God needs something Great Plains Lombards as it relates to his desire of what he wants to accomplish in us and through us for his glory now when we look at this I want to keep in mind that accept and read it presents a very powerful principle as it relates to the finishing of the work Jesus is in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary amen renowned because Christ is in the most holy place we know he's not there to simply forgive sins these not be a justice of the compass including what to do something you must do what was once the blotted out now I want to live in the step-by-step process of how God shows his house and he blotted out it says in the book of acts unreimbursed nineteen notice what the Bible says it says repent you therefore and be converted that you what that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall send Jesus Christ which before was preached on to you whom the heaven must receive until a certain time with home the times of restitution of all things the Bible makes it very clear that the step-by-step process of victory over sin the step-by-step process wherein Jesus is able to block out our sins the Bible says the first thing that has to happen is true repentance that after repentance is true conversion and it is through these two experiences that are sins may be blotted out and then ultimately Jesus will be able to come and it says that at times of restitution shall take place in other words all things shall be restored now my question is restored back to what okay so what would God want to restore things back to the beginning right in and so that means that one of the things that God wants to do now can we haven't even now before we look for precedents and to come what when you read the book education page two fifty it says that when God gave the family and when he gave a Sabbath to the family of God says that the Sabbath and the family together was supposed to be an experience as it were even on earth so do you know that every Sabbath deal yesterday usable dictionaries even yesterday I was supposed to express even and that's why one of the great questions you want to ask yourself is does the Sabbath scene like there was in the times of the gardening and you'll find it until we entered the experience you'll never got to step up and you certainly will give up your job or anything else for and God wants us to understand that in the times of restitution and the restoring of all things he was to bring things back to the original course before sin ever touched dessert and there were two things that were there in existence before send the Sabbath and the family and people existed in a wonderful place called he did not even whether the city home over the country home and then even with a country home even was a place where there was beauty surrounding all the wonderful things of nature there was no smog there was no point in the year it was none of these things when God made even he knew that this was the environment that was most conducive for Adam and Eve in their growth processes Adam and Eve were made instant adults but they still have to develop character and in them having to develop character God put them in the best area that this would take place and that was none other than the garden of Eden a little country home if you would God wants to restore all things brothers and sisters and the things that he wants to restore you to listen there is a way that we can experience it even before the reality the same way that would looking forward to heaven at his home tells us that we can still have a little what on earth now heaven on earth now the Senate would looking forward to even made new God Santa Teresa the family get-together vestibule what now even so therefore God says that even though I have the great off highest level of reality in preservation for my people he said they don't get a snapshot of it even now in the same way in the earth made new they were all that have ourselves some nice properties of the Bible tells about how all the properties window houses that we know lazy people there would be building houses would be surrounded by the wonderful season creations and all the things of God God says I want to get a snapshot of that now now the book of Mark the thirteenth chapter with me and I want to see something market thirteenth chapter we find that Jesus was making with law parts that there was going to be all sorts of court last day events and in these last eight events we are told that several things were going to take place Jesus pointed them out and he says something in verse fourteen that we would do well to consider Mark thirteen and verse fourteen the Bible says but when you shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where it ought not let him that readers understand and then let them that he and Judeo flee to the mountains and let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house neither enter therein to take anything out of his house and him that is in the field not turn back again for the take up his rate his garments but woe to them that are with child and then they give suck in those days and pre- that your flight be not in the winter for in those based on the affliction such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time neither shall be Jesus was pointing out that an abomination of desolation was going to be coming in at that time he gave several instructions of what was going to be taking place now one of the problems that many individuals have when we study this topic of country living is many individuals they is that because of the fact that the abomination of desolation as we would understand it to also play a role into the issue of the son-in-law crisis that was so come amongst this world and certainly affect God 's people there a lot of people who say that I don't need to try to get out of the city until when the Sunday law now brothers and sisters we would do well to consider the whole of Scripture and the whole of spirit of the spirit of prophecy if he works it just simply approaches just from a thinking standpoint how in the world anyone I cannot acquire property when a law is passed on the federal national level that prohibits you to buy or sell it into a means is that logical no that's not logical at all it makes no sense to say I'm little waiting for prices to come and then when the crisis comes that's on the go ahead and call a realtor until the list are looking for eight ten twenty thirty acres and go ahead and find for me and then when the try to work out a deal so I can purchase the Castle use credit or whatever else doesn't make any sense no it does not present system so we find that if we would just simply approach this with some simple spiritual logic we would see it makes no sense to wait until a Sunday law crisis would come and then tried to go ahead and get out of the city into the country that is illogical it doesn't make any sense so God wants us to understand that right now we are living in a time where we should be already preparing for the final crisis we should be dealing with this thing because it's a very real crisis Jesus has spelled out what is there to be some tremendous trials but not the political group and processors as it were not prepared for it and guess what those law unprepared for the final crisis will be unprepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ those who are prepared for the final crisis are those who will be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ now there are lots of questions that people ask as it relates to country living and its relevance when you should be doing and the list goes on and on and on therefore what would I do is to take some of the slides now I actually was we could meticulously in the very small pattern cover this topic and hold but it will go well beyond the time that unpermitted in relation to these presentations somberly give you some snapshots vivid visa means in some resources that you can get more information company gimme some snapshots of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy to help us understand this topic of country living is that all right now one of the reasons why individuals will talk about country living and they say well I don't know if this is for me and so on is because they can country living is a message about hiding a lot of people present country living as if it is a topic where individuals are supposed to try to go somewhere we even Satan couldn't find an edit and brother this is not what you think about this it really makes no sense the reason why a secular human being Orazio spirit is the spirit of Erskine traveled just about anywhere that right all right so if if Satan is a spirit and if Satan can possess the minds of human beings then you can move as far as you want and you can hide behind as many blessings as you want as long as Satan remained the spirit he knows exactly where you are and all you have to do is take possession of an individual 's mind and he can send them write down our road as they turned left on right individual hive mind was numb and thirty he can find you very easily so therefore the first thing we want to do is want to make sure that we understand some things as it relates the country living when we talk about it let's talk about reasons that God has given us on why we should leave the cities and before we talk about life God tells us to leave the city that he first got you some reasons not to leave the cities one of the reasons we do not leave the city 's brother this visits is to try to hide the reason why is because they tried to hide from the devil is trying to see a man hiding behind a twig tree when he can be seen on either side are you filing to China the possible that if you can be say no matter what you may think I discovered a great investment nobody can see them when he is absolutely evident are you following so you know the reason for country living is not for the purpose of hiding because there's no way that you can hide from the devil are you following so therefore we need to get to an understanding of what country living is for as well as what country living is not all it is not for hiding purposes does not like I got gave a positive because you cannot hide from the enemy but less notice what it is number one one of the first reason is that we are then look at as far as why does God tell us to leave the cities is the book of Matthew chapter twenty four in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter you remember that the Bible tells us something very important that was a harbinger to let us know about the soon coming of Jesus Christ and the nearness of the final crisis the Bible says in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter when you get there please amen Bible tells us there were several harbingers that Jesus laid out in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter and one of them was he says in verse four and Jesus answered and said and then taking that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many he's on your wars and rumors of wars see that you be not some of all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and their Saudi famines and pestilences and what else earthquakes in divers places not if we were to go ahead and compare Matthew twenty four with the book of Luke we would find that Jesus also gave greater lists of several calamities that would start to take place in the world now one of the reasons why God says that he wanted us to get out of the city is to avoid his judgments God is pouring out his judgments upon the earth so when Jesus was talking about earthquakes when he was talking about cyclones and tornadoes and all these different things that would come upon the earth Jesus knew that not only were these things that come on the in this sweet woman ahead cities now notice this when we think about all these things we think of earthquakes and tsunamis we think of conflagrations and tornadoes we think of all these different things that are now taking place in the world we decide a tsunami just the other day did we not seven four these things are happening and rapid tastes the thing that I found this very interesting about the Bible is that it shows that things are not just simply happening but it's the wrap of which is happening you remember in verse eight of Matthew twenty four Jesus and all of these are the last beginning of sorrows and the great the beginning assault is equivalent to a woman going through what first things now when a mother is getting ready to deliver that south deliberately get more rapid yes they do so is that when Jesus says that all of these different calamities about to take place it was not simply that calamities of that happens but we should be paying attention to the rapid entity of the events this is where volume nine of the testimony to the judge tells us that the final movements will be rapid ones and so you'll find that it's not just earthquake not his congregation and tornadoes is not the fact that is simply happening but it's the rapidity of the event that we should be taking notice of we had never lived in a generation witnessed so many back-to-back tornadoes we've never than a generation with so many back-to-back earthquakes you know one of the application that I put on my iPad was after something that monitors earthquakes that take place throughout the world do you know that that thing that truly being almost every twenty to forty five minutes consistently in a five four earthquake is happening in Brazil two four such as this does happen here so what is so forth so even when we read the nose the nose is not necessarily reliable the news it shows weakness on one report the really big stuff but this is these things are happening at rapid pace even under the radar screen of what the new news media is catching now specifically the prophet of God says in volume seven of the testimonies of the church age eighty three C said the ungodly what cities of our world are to be swept away by the dozen destruction it said in the calamities that are now being falling immense buildings and large portions of studies God is selling is what will come upon the whole or he has told us now learn the parable of the century when his branch is yet tender and put forth leaves you know that summer is not so likewise the way you see all these things note that the coming of the Son of Man is near even at the doors God is allowing his judgments upon open the cities because it is in the city that we find the most gross wickedness you know this opposite being in California you know what's taking place in Los Angeles me being in Georgia I know was taking place in Atlanta Atlanta has recently even beat California in the highest level of homosexual behavior and act as the number one city right now for homosexual behavior as it was in the days of lives lost you'll find that this incident was seeing all the while wishing that is the city in New York City in Chicago and in his volume of it also uploading is seeing that these high levels of some of the most basic crime for some of the most base and are taking place right there in the cities and God is allowing his judgments the following and this is one reason why God says I want people to get out of it in front of his news article is from Newcastle Herald and this was actually on June sixteenth two thousand eleven and I thought at the article was very interesting as they look about the calamity that would take place worldwide it says natural disasters are destructive and often deadly forces of nature that can lead mass devastation and aircraft the world has had a disturbing start to this year with a variety of natural disasters destroy what this is around the world you'll notice that if the city that are being swept away when you think about the places where the earthquake in Haiti in two thousand ten was wiped out over eighteen thousand precious souls that took place right in the city of Port-au-Prince we see that all right all right over again it is in the various city areas that all of these destruction the comment and not all of them have been sent by Satan God says I'm allowing my judgments the fall and we may say where in the Bible we find examples of God Linda ever heard of a place called Sodom and Gomorrah God said on the sin and judgment to those wicked cities what a godsend of people to do first get out so when we talk about as I was in the days of what we would do well not distantly consider homosexual behavior we should also consider the fact that when destruction was coming to the city 's God told the people get out of the cities in the same way that God gave that instruction to those in the time of the day the box as it was in the days of not so started the goddess that left it out and brothers and sisters let me tell you something as powerful as Noah was and as righteous as Noah was you know what I'm thankful of the Bible as we know Manila no I definitely preached a message that do not and when Noah preached that message we find that ahead it's affected but once this what would've happened to know if all you did was preach his message would never build an ark he would've got swept away with the flood you remember where the water was talking about what the Ark representative represented a place of refuge remember that number this is there is no refuge outside of Jesus can you say amen to that so in other words there is no location alternatively you and I can simply hide from the enemy will try to avoid judgments and so on without Christ the whole method is that Jesus must be with us and look all that we do and the same you see that's instructed Noah build an ark in the same ways on you when I get out of the cities and go get some property of the Council from God if the counsel from him but he's telling us to deal with so that we may cooperate with it and don't forget this Hebrews the eleventh chapter go there with me but what does the Bible describe Noah's following through on what God told him to do what God told Noah get out and go ahead and build an ark while he was preaching his message business this is God gave us the message was the message the three angels message but God also told Noah to build an identity we need to build arts are you following is not enough just to have a message we must also build our arts now he was the eleventh choppiness of the verse says by faith Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet what do they do the move is an action word is not the Bible says he moved with fear and let me know in the pattern art and whether to do the saving of lives household amen by why she did what condemns all and became heir of what righteousness by faith so when Noah collaborated and follow the instructions of God the Bible says that with an example of righteousness by faith therefore when an individual follows what God says and to get out of the city then they build their country property that God told him to do that is not self righteousness that is an act of the experience of righteousness by faith are you following righteousness by faith is cooperation between humanity and divinity God gives all the power he gives all the resources he gives everything but he says you must exercise the will out one of the reasons got to get out of the cities is because he says my judgments all falling in the city this piece is now was another reason another reason for leaving the cities practical preparation for trouble sometimes Joseph do you remember Joseph was entering the showerhead was a dream that are handy so what he saw seven cows and one the condition of one thousand work was what they were fat and big rack but that he saw another setting cows in the condition of those jobs they were very skinny now what Joseph Wyomissing tap into God 's resource of wisdom and Joseph revealed the two narrow what was taking place what was the interpretation of the dream that it will go to be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine right now I want to the notice when they saw the seven years of plenty to do is walk around the same one will discuss the load when you defend them wanted going in the seven years of plenty they went making right to call preparation for those seven years of crisis time periods are you following I want to see that one bad experience of Joseph with the seven years of printing to seven years of famine what a type of what God bundled with the last days yes it was so therefore we would find then that is another reason got called out of the city and called us into the country is so that we can make practical preparations for the final crisis are you following practical preparation with a practical preparation was noticed farming getting out of the city learning how to grow food is another reason why got to get out of the city to get to the counter he said I want to do it because the study practical preparations because the average individual right now only knows how to survive this on Visa MasterCard Discover or Annex that's the only webinars five a process is what are you going to do I'm serious when I answered this question am a very logical practical person what are you going to do when you can't use that anymore time from an educated do not Revelation thirteen tell us very clearly that at times when you than to be able to buy or sale so the question is what you do what you continue to sustain yourself you know to do what God says says again and again now I thought was interesting to the prophet of the Lord would would have to say things like this again and again in other words God knew that his people were stubborn it wouldn't is no reason for the quotation is safe I began and again the Lord has shown you this is again and again the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families always from the cities into the country leader clan the places where they can raise their own provisions for in the future are the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one some of us don't even know how to fast for the one woman to do when we find that things that we once thought was so convenient and available to us on no longer available to us from this incident should not have to come to a a a G Y C Southwest to learn this kind of makes me think to be taught in all of our churches these things are the top of the situation having seminars workshops group getting together all the time here wow how do we make this impractical how do we put this into action because this is God 's program notice I said we should now begin to see we should win now it is a later visit with the new law passes it says we should now begin taking the instruction given us over and over again get out of the cities into rural districts where the houses are not crowded closely together and where you will be free from the interfere oh enemies at Minnesota one forty one God is letting us know that the same way that Joseph saw the need for practical preparation the same way that John has always instructed his people for practical preparations now remember Isaiah thirty three sixty and I get to see in advance because I know people to use it people like to use Isaiah thirty three in verse sixteen to try to say what this is what I'm doing I can bias eligible notice of the Bible says Isaiah and thirty three and verse sixteen now and Isaiah thirty three sixteen the Bible says he shall dwell on high is place of Defense shall be what the munition of rocks bread shall be given him his waters shower be sure now when you study out this person you will find that this verse is speaking about what Jeremiah thirty in other words a comparative text Isaiah thirty three sixteen is Jeremiah thirty versus five two seven we look at Jeremiah thirty versus five two seven it talks about God 's people going to what's called a time of Jacob 's trouble during the time of Jacob 's trouble there is what's called the close of probation Cleveland now on the run this is Revelation sixteen lakh with the place begin to fall to Psalms ninety one with a plate will fall to the right after that what a sound that comes nigh the now during the time of Jacob 's trouble it is to operate in the water shall be sure we will be fed angels who definitely exciting time for this visit is there not an early times are and in the early time of trouble God has given us practical instruction was a practical instruction God says I want to get out of the cities he says I want to get to the country where you can raise your own provisions that will start practical solution and let me tell you something invite five the testimony to the church pays eighty one LI said the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul the market vis-à-vis erysipelas and those less step-by-step and yielding to what he demanded conforming to what the customs will not happen automatically yield to the powers that be rather than suffer the dangers of imprisonment persecution and death seizes at that time the goal will be separated from the dross and starts so there's an outcome a split that a great number of people in the seven administers right now who are in the church making a part of the seventeen eighteen million relief believe in buying five the testimony to the church page one thirty six she says the majority of metaphysics or debate about the eighteen million eighteen million seventy Adventist the majority of the relief prominently the majority great controversy six oh eight as the storm approaches a large class will profess faith in the third Angels message but who were not sanctified by obedience to the children will abandon their possession and joint rates with the opposition to become the most bitterest enemies of their former record the great majority of seventy administrators and systems of them turned away from Jesus 's truth and his church we just read that the Spirit of prophecy with it in the Bible Matthew chapter seven Bible says in Matthew the seventh chapter where we see that the majority 's will be lost when we see that the majority not just of the world with all the world means of any luck with them adopt how do we see in the Bible that the majority of the religious people of any lost notice with a Bible says in Matthew seven chapter watch this the Bible says in Matthew chapter seven verse twenty one it says not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord so much into the kingdom of heaven but he that is what the will of my father which is in heaven many will say to me that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in dining cannot aim attack on them and in thy name done many wonderful works and then will I profess under them I never knew you depart from me ye workers of iniquity so the Bible makes it clear that Jesus is not to look at a bunch of religious people and administrator them I never knew you even going to get a hold our work in my name the question is how many of these religious people is that the Bible sold already lost verse thirteen the Bible says in verse thirteen of the same chapter if his auntie Anat Woodgate if his auntie had at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and how many many many which go in there at now some may look at the word many and so will many doesn't say majority many can be just five people for premium in many many is not majority classroom but we know that the many however people have a number whatever number they are that many is going to go on Woodrow Brock wrote right with Lisa where this accident but then look at verse fourteen in verse fourteen gives valid this is because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which made it onto what life and how many fear will there be that find it number of this is the question if I have to compare many with you which is the majority many and so he'll find at the Bible spelled out that it will be a majority but it turned their backs on Jesus the wonderful festivals the one they claim to love and this is what I'm telling you this is why I learned this in ministry to so many things I'm learning about this one of the slick things that Satan is try to do right now in our movement is you get people who will say we'll talk about victory over sin as I like to disseminate on it and a lot of people don't know what's in your cabinet epidermis and once you begin to call sin by its right name is a whole different ballgame because it's one thing is a pic of us and because the no idea what your Minamata might understand what sin is mobilized and began to colonize my nation and his wife and once we begin to identify what is this an individual now realizes if you really surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and I would let them take even that darling sin that has just been pointed out are you following brothers and sisters I believe with all my heart one of the reasons why a great number of seventy administered by turn away from God 's truth I believe is to be on the point of appetite I believe is to be on the point of lack of preparedness is to be as a result of not following God 's counsel and brothers and sisters I'm sorry when somebody tells you listen we will freeze your bank account a you will not be able to spend that time if you live in in whatever city you are living in and the only way you know how to survive is by using any of those pieces of plastic is a good chance that will last is a Lord you know I believe in you but I'm dissembling work with these brethren any and compromise kicks in God is giving instruction so we don't have to be put in a position to compromise and he gives clear counsel so that we may follow his counsel 's score is not intended to cover another reason God tells us to get out of the cities is because he wants to teach us lessons on faith it's another reason tells us to get other cities looking at you consider this in other secondary well I'm sure you remember Romans ten seventeen so then faith comes by way hearing and hearing by the word of God right the question without I say having on her was the answer yes verily they are what sound went into all the earth and their words unto the ends of the world now the primary application of this is talking about God 's ministers as they were able to present his words around a while that's the first application of this is to does this not sound familiar this sound when all the argument worth into the envelope with well soon the Bible to be final exact same words when we find some nineteen note to the Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament show with his handiwork it says how did they utter a speech and night unto night a short knowledge what is next now there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard it says they are mine is gone out to all the earth and their words to the end of the world Psalms nineteen versus one through four almost the exact same thing that we find my new Romans ten seventeen nature is God 's second bulk nature is God 's second Bible nature God gave to us as a means of teaching us lessons on faith as he revealed the character of God that's why when God can speak these things Leslie says God is surrounded us with nature 's beautiful scenery to extract an interest of mine is designed that we should associate the glories of nature with his character it says if we faithfully studied the book of nature we shall find it a fruitful source for contemplating the infinite love and power of God Advent Psalm one forty four nature is God 's second book nature brothers and sisters reveals the word of God and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God so when we surround ourselves with a seen the matrix this is why God put Adam and Eve in the garden we surrounded them with those things that make them able to receive God 's work in audible form and also in visual form as they would field make sure speaking and pointing out the wonderful things of Jesus in fact you'll notice that you see this is a classroom of it and having a class a different things I get education right one of the first of February seven thirteen manuscript three fifty through our teachers need to educate far more from nature than they do nature is God 's greatest goal business and on these grounds resource of outbound call acquiring greater knowledge of the wonderful works of God how many of you know we always at the abilities of these once a year right positions did you know whether this is a benefit administered getting to sixty four the pure air the glad sunshine the flowers and trees of orchards and vineyards and outdoor exercise amid the surrounding our health giving life-giving physicians and nurses should encourage their patients to be much in the open air outdoor life is the only remedy that many in the latest need we spend millions and millions and millions of dollars to come up with all sorts of things on how to even enjoy the common cold and healthcare figure that out and here it is godless recent pieces outdoor life is the only remedy that many invalids need help helpful majors it says you have a wonderful power to heal diseases caused by the excitements and excesses of fashionable life a life that we can then destroy the powers of body mind and soul that you remember last night classic yelling he talked about how over ninety percent of diseases start where in the minds and brother this is the best lack all sanitarium are supposed to be out of the cities and be in country locations mountain locations locations were surrounded by the sea the negative because I can guarantee you when you and I get surrounded by the things in the city even just the very visuals can become a stress factor on the mind that right imagine what would happen when somebody gets out of the city location and begin to beautiful mountainous country locations and able to literally breathe impure air I was in New York a few weeks ago and it broke my heart to see literally on the Billboard from around the web on those signs are you driving on the highway on those signs it would actually say warning low air quality to dangerous level and what is said that if an enemy going checkout weather .com I sent out webinar my phone intimately said if you have respiratory problems it would be better to stay indoors the air quality is that into thousand New York Brooklyn New York and my heart out to them as important mercies of David in Atlanta the air quality is down to seventeen percent this is a get down to twelve percent of people will literally start dropping dead air quality I remember when I'm one for my wife and I were looking for country location and one of the things we did we found this little area Monticello Georgia and one of the things that it was a check report on air quality ninety five percent fuel as a honey I think we found the right place is so sad nature shows us around by breaks in buildings and people and cars and snogging the noise all the time and we think that women be able to help them truly learn about Christ and his character and his truth it may happen but is risen says it will be ten times harder the last thing I need is anything that makes it harder whether this is taken from some items in the country I'm telling you even when you're in the country this building of the battles that will take place inside to get our children to grow the fear and admonition of the Lord the last thing I need if anything that'll make it ten times harder are you following well the school when we talk about the planning phase human abilities as he said that I go to do what prepare a place you Jesus believes in preparation God does not want us to just go around and started I has gotten itself because that's what happens typically ineffective meetings we go hands-on and eleven I guess I'll start listing you know how to quit a job on our legal time by County property don't know what the world are doing and if you know to make out spoonfuls onto themselves and the Gospels and the niggling and get mad if I hunt down brother limousine is Paul to get out I figure anything up into a godsend this is we need to understand that God also tells us to plan God movies in planning so we are not supposed to jump up and sporadically difficult solid guys telling us to do what God tells us to do in the planning phase we are told it says that everyone take time to consider carefully consider how carefully it says and not be like the man in the parable who began to build and was not able to finish you remember in the fourteenth chapter when Jesus was teaching about the qualifications of disciples and he says in Luke chapter fourteen this earned them as they deliver that the fourteen because there's a lot of people who approach country living in this very same manner and we ought not to notice what the Bible says in Luke the fourteenth chapter because this is all that happens in this is what has happened to many individuals who made rash moves the Bible says in Luke the fourteenth chapter it says very clearly right here it says in verse twenty eight for which a few intending to build a tower what is the Bible say that it knocks down what is an account of the cost when you have sufficient to finish it last happened the Appia laid the foundation and is not able to finish it all that behold it begin to mock him sing this man began to build and was not able to finish Jesus teaches us brothers and sisters that we ought to count the cost before we make moves you do not just get up and jump and go get the count the cost yet the reason it out yet the factor in all of the things that make up human life income that's something you think about that part considering carefully if I move to the country 's afterthought I may not have a regular job I have anymore then why need to know how I take care myself perhaps even as not needing to learn trades as much litigation of this is the greatest gift that God gave the man type because it within the mind of all the children of Israel the own none of the children of Israel was supposed to grow up and not military all of them was for the military unit average young person is able to raise the know that you get our young people today looking at somebody talking with the trade what is that immunologists so therefore you have to can center shaft belief and society itself how do we make this practical in our circumstances situation are you following so you have to look at that Brothers and sisters now watch this it says not a move should be made but that movement and all that it portends are carefully considered everything weighed so when you move to the country you must way out every consideration you cannot just by Mandy at the Mesa that that man is okay to grow things is one of the reasons are going to its growth over that right so therefore you can't just move anywhere because you might move somewhere with a land it wasn't because of a nuclear power plant just five miles away and this site has gotten into your soil are you following so there are things that you have to consider about what's around you so that way you can know if this is a conducive place for me and my family to live so God does not believe in getting a running rash moves plan and I pray that nobody would do that in here consider carefully everything must be waiting you know more than likely would have a longer commute if you keep your job you got a way that it will be able to afford that you have to consider that they are pleasant that I may go have to visit that now that he pushed for the land way out therefore you have to consider that even at the way out every point now it says to every man was given his work accordingly several abilities then let him not to move hesitatingly but firmly and yet humbly trusting in God country living page twenty six this law goes on to tell us they may be individuals who will make a rice to do something it says and entered into some business they know nothing about it's as if God does not require it says think candidly prayerfully studying the where with all carefulness and travelers with mind and heart awake to hear the voice of God to understand the will of God is a great thing number of visits is on the pause right here one of the great problem that we happen to consider God 's call to country living is a lot of times we listen to what people say that respect for the surface several ministries out there that are teaching about country living as at the end of the day never make a move as it relates to your family they saw was some of the ministry said you don't do that you don't make a move for you and your family basin with some other persons that you make a move for you and your family because you heard the voice of God speaking from his word Northwest as they translate prayerfully studying the word with all carefulness and breathless I know so many people who passed by client country property and he gave it up because of what they've heard from another ministry that was not God 's counsel at all God does not give specific amount of acreage to purchase the CA out of any of that in the Bible the spirit of prophecy God and as they get ten acres so that you can go ahead and do this visitor that will I think about it to a good start and I say that God just principles you annotate the principal and then we do is we see properties that the principles can be applied it's that simple but when we start writing out human man-made law is that I must get a minimum of ten acres of in less than ten acres this is the best fanaticism Bible are you following God may have a wonderful eight acre property waiting for you I know one brother he yes two acres and many people believe in country living will probably sell manual crazy only to but they didn't understand that in his two acres that he owned he had a hundred acres behind him that a farm owners that you can use as much of it as you want to do all and was responsible to wake us when you set to one hundred two acres that's the danger when we start telling people specific you got have ten acres when you have fifteen acres TFF twenty acres don't do that if God didn't say that all the earth keep silence before on Sirius because too often we introduce man-made ideas and we put unnecessary pressure upon the people of God because been outside to fulfill what a man says rather than following what the words it that's what the first thing my wife and I did as we cleaned out everybody was able to pick up the Bible to pick a medical country living and with a legal point by point and underline in everywhere that gives a description of what a country property is what does it look like how big-city beat where should it be and the list goes on this will protect your some people you are between thirty four hours away you got a have a whole tank of gas worth of driving the being that bastard distance of my car I can go for hours on wanting to get this then you know that something will rule tells you that devices that you need to have a whole gas tanks work of distance from the city by the sisters shall mean that in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy on the following so I'm serious limited this is my burden for many of you is now modern anymore because I made my decision on up anything anybody says about the words and I got to see the you stop calling these man-made ideas is putting undue stress and put many of you and definitely not as money applet twenty eight a thirty acre property and you know you can afford and eleven at twelve twenty eight but this is the best presumption safety always be traced back to promises that God gives in his work best date when you say I believe something which got nowhere in the Bible that you can support your belief in Oakland before the Bible to spare prophecy that can support it but this is that my faith that is presumption and God is not obligated to fulfill our presumptive decisions are you following speak to the word amen and it now this will we also told that there be nothing done in a disorderly manner this obvious great loss or sacrifice made upon property because the ardent impulses speeches which stir up an enthusiasm which is not after the order of God is is that a victory that was sent to the game itself for lack of levelheaded moderation and proper contemplation and sound principles and purposes be turned into a defeat that every wise generalship in this manner and all moved under the guidance of a wise unseen counselor which is God so we must make sure that God is the one misguided God is the one is given of the counsel or assist are you finally so far event are noticed what really is a high purpose of budgeting any Westar purposes if it is some type of self preservation movement is the foot is presented on to think about this goes on to tell us notice this Jesus came to this earth to accomplish the greatest work ever accomplish among men you believe that even if said he came as God Ambassador to show us how to live so as to secure niceness results if and what were the conditions chosen by the infinite father for his son knows the conditions that was chosen by the father it was the Libyan hills now notice this it says a secluded home in the Bolivian Hills a household sustained by on a self-respecting labor a life of simplicity did have a conflict with difficulty and hardship self-sacrifice economy and patient glass and services that hour of study at his mother 's side with the open scroll of Scripture the quiet of dawn or twilight in the Green Valley the holy ministries of nature the study of creation and providence and the salt communion with God these were the conditions and opportunities of the early life of Jesus country living page fourteen and is basically wanting to be simple steps of country living normally if we had regular class time not as we have regular class time will go from Bible verse spirit of prophecy Bible verse spirit of prophecy but because of the time crunch on this given you the straight shot principles are you following so there's more than what we presented but I'm doing this because at times they are now noticed that all of these things I describe the life of Jesus when he was in the Bolivian hills you know that means that neither the messages country living in the country location if you get that the message is country living upcountry locations do you see the lifestyle that God gave to Jesus in the Bolivian Hills God did not just put Jesus in the Bolivian hills so he could just go ahead and be there what God they would be put in there but he gave up a lifestyle honest self-respecting labor that means that when you move into the country is not remote control lifestyle is not to realize that we need is minimal to the country and live as you and I may have lived in the city would have to understand what it means nothing to honest labor when I move into the country but this is hardly ever used to when I move into the country of the First Amendment out of your handyman are the kind of guy that always pay people to do something for me I literally but I'm ridiculous is this principle that says well whilst I do it when I can pay somebody else to do it and then I can go ahead and keep my hands busy making more money FSU not wise you know why because when trouble sometimes come you don't not acting more because you don't know what to do with your hands this is the back and become a personal crisis God expects us to know how to work and to labor with our hands and when I was privileged to get out into the country of the first time I saw to get his think now I understand how to run his field when they want to Home Depot and Lowes and an examinee now I understand that you do not terminate before isolated presently brothers with all this time you cannot admit that I couldn't relate now nano 's minutes on the correct tools a man is nice to you now now like this is not because now I get it I understand it now I understand the power and the benefit of being handy school now notices when we think of that man of God walked on his or and God in him would take is that the wonderful walk together they got eventually told to listen you closer to my home than yours Alonso does take you home with me what was his name enough when you think of Enoch we think about one walk with God out of the fact that LOI said that Enoch there aren't enough even today but you know what it things that I thought was very interesting LDL is summarized the whole life of you not go to the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 you're everything that Enoch did you did not do it because he felt compelled he did not do it because he felt like I'm in danger if I don't do it but the Bible tells us the reason why he not been everything that he did ultimately cost got to say I have to take you home with me I want to know is what the Bible says in Hebrews the eleventh chapter and verse five the Bible says in Hebrews eleven verse five this is by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death I was not found because God had translated him for before his translation he had this testimony that he was that he pleased God Enoch light was totally engrossed in how can I best please God that was his mindset so when Enoch when we look at the life of cannot even knows what is racist as it says it cannot did not make his abode with the wicked now look at this point here because I know this question always comes up with some opportunity he can not locate and decide I'm thinking to save son are you following comments are the often if all we have to say the city because if we don't however is the people you meet and just like United and I did not have to live inside of the Cézanne and Daniel did not happen there in the city the recent people in the city Jesus could not have been left in the city the recently when the city can anybody in this room witness better than Jesus and Jesus knew how to raise the people in the study even though he had ability and alternate item so therefore when we talk about country living we are not saying that we should get out of the city and leave the people to die and for the what was saying is that we need to get out of the city to get into the country so that character can be developed in such a manner that when we go to the city will know how to minister effectively to the people there because we understand what it is to develop a true and is home and then watch what Enoch did every time we went to the cities it says he did not locate inside and thinking the same side of the placed himself and his family where the atmosphere would be as pure as possible now notice this after proclaiming his message he wiped all ways felt back with him Julia 's place of retirement some rent received the warning some of these became over comers and died before the flood came manuscript forty two nineteen hundred Diaz policy with unvented going to the cities I went to reach the people and those who respond industrial unvented bring them back to my home let them see what real Christianity is seen by this is when we get things right in the home telling you it effects our witness not a sadist or do not impress you but I wanted presence upon you as a friend of mine from New York he came to my house in the country and we would get rid of worship on Friday night and having other people come within what you are these other people come with him they came into the house and that it was just a runtime opening the Sabbath so we so well welcome to come over and over the Sabbath together they said no problem so all of us are sitting together were opening up the Sabbath and we're just worshiping the Lord well what happened was we sing a song design and giving thanks and everybody testifying in all these things and the people that came with my friends which is watching this and they were amazed while they ended up leaving one year later I got invited to a church in Brooklyn New York came to the church and I went to the deacons greeted me and guess who was it was that guy who came with my friend from New York in all site and he has an important longer to see if any city I had the disease is as you see if I don't it's ours now and how that plays God in December listen to the money let you know something that was that he said when I came to your home that night he said when I saw children in two thousand and ten the fear was when I saw children two thousand ten praising God lifting their voices in insolvent thanking the Lord and a family having worship on a Friday night rather than partying and watching a movie he said I have to tell you you said that minister to my heart and he said and that left an impression upon me that when I left there he says Lord I want to have that life and I want to have a family like this is that with a something my family and I will very imperfect people answer yes but I'm grateful that this brother came and he saw something we ought imperfect people but we are striving for perfection to the righteousness of Christ and brothers and sisters it's amazing how our homes can have such an effect on those visits that when they leave they could actually not understood that and that's what United and sometimes it says he always took back with him to his place of retirement some who have received the warning it was a nice policy to let the people see what Christianity was really all about it should be yours in my policy as well country living is not about hiding from people country living is not about saying what I can let you know my exact address because I love to become one of the apostates know I'll be honest with you I wish I could laugh with you but you know what one of the reasons why can't because I know one brother that did that exact thing to me he called me I literally said this and you caught me at that time can I call you back he said brother I can't even give you my phone number but he claims he believes in country living brother can I come visit you also can see how you struck your cudgel on sorry we don't let just anybody visit our home I'm talking a serious fanatics out there serious fanatics that's one put these goals it because I know that sometimes got people to be prone to fanaticism and that's why the Lord especially had we pulled that quote the high purpose of country living brothers and sisters is to actually win souls did you know that I say this watchlist is close on volume on all of you read this before but it serious times are before us and there is great need for families to get out of the cities into the country now if I said there is great need for family to get out of the city into the country that such a sentence that what is the word that we because in other words this is the purpose behind it are you following limited it says cereal fiber before that is great need for families to get out of the country that the truth may be carried into the byways as well as the highways of the earth it says much depends upon laying off plans according to the word of the Lord and with persevering energy carrying them out more dependent on consequent activity and perseverance that upon genius and learning country living page seventeen ninety one and the like happy for that quota the reason why got heavy put that quote up is because the know most of us when we moved to the constant move for selfish purposes I say this with all due respect and I know this will more than likely be on audio personnel on the little my friends in Tennessee note that I'm not talking about you but I want to say this nine times out of ten when I talk to people who live somewhere on the east side of this country almost everybody I knows his man on get into the country I'm going to Tennessee he won the one of the reasons why because Tennessee is one of those states that is known to have very cheap land very cheap land Tennessee has become almost a mecca for Seventh-day Adventists in other words if it are these wanted to go ahead and get probably fifty percent of Americans that had been assaulted I was in lockup Tennessee are you following now you want to know so perverted about that does God want us to consider finances of course he doesn't separately when everything was this I know something this person knows what from all the beautiful West Indies yoga say many times within an object on the back following a country out there and many a time I thought when you know what this is the reason why because you can grow fruit all year round number of this is is is anything wrong grow fruit all year round when it's your motive that's a problem when she landed a motor that's a problem what is gotten us out of the country so that the truth can get out to those various places out there it is not your job to tell God I want to go here because the land is cheap what our prayers to be his father where do you want me to go thirty one adults this guy needs the people here in California if he does this even in the cities nor does it so therefore you want to beware in the country certain amount of molasses watch this but sometimes they are if Sally Spicer Don says doesn't it have been in a recession are you falling for this is my good buddy Christian but all he said it is God 's will is God 's bill I like that I think just saying I'll be taking that one is right it is God 's will that is what Gaza all you have to do is make sure I know I am where God sent me is with key when I stop all this salvage that although Luke one NSG and big medicine understands that his analysis and is a way to put your financial burden is dressed in but God needs people and freeware so we need to be praying father where do you want me to go let the financial issues and let the fruit growing all year round all other personal items that every secondary thoughts but the high purpose of country living is so that the work may be done choose me get out into the highways and byways as bring these things to affiliate is a lot to cover this and this is says what should we look for now when we talk about what we should look for this reason says it is racist is this get out of the cities into what kind of district rule so wherever you go it must be rural it must be ruled not her event is certainly not and not suburban it should be rural property now in addition to that this is where the houses are not crowded closely together and where you would be free from the interference of enemies country living page nine when it's also not free from the affairs of enemies you should be able to have enough from your property and your neighbors property that if they want to come outside and address in a very lewd or illicit manner it does not have to affect you in your property it should be enough distance of it should be enough surrounding that if they come outside they are appearing in such a manner that is of a ungodly so that you know would be a horrible example set with block children or even husband-and-wife then would you want to do is whatever property you get you what to make sure that if you are next door to people who don't believe as you believe that their lifestyle does not have to affect and cross over into your home this should be in a space between you and your neighbor that if they decided to blast out of play loud music and a car that you should be able to have in the space between you and them that the music will stay more so unverified and not have to cross over on your software now you're being interfered in your handiwork music creeping inside of your home so this should be enough space that if people do not believe as you believe their unbelieving lifestyle does not have to have an effect on you there is no measurement that God gives but he gives a principal in what you do is you apply it with my wife and I when we found our property we found a property that was completely surrounded by trees so therefore we know that we can sit on our part even if we were in our pajamas and would be nobody else's business I couldn't tell there is enough space that even if unable one of the go ahead and turn the music up and bailouts of what I made about the cross over into our property we can still have the privacy only the songs of Zion can be heard are you following so baffling you don't know how to do this as your prayerfully property are you following notice what he says next that no temporal advantage of ten parents for neglect the training of the children this is the big one because a lot of times parents are scared to death because of sin well what about the Temple advantages of city life we say all that provides also the wonderful advantages for children knowledge and notices it's as whenever possible it is the duty of parents to make homes in the country for the children the children and youth should be carefully guarded they should be kept away from the hotbeds of iniquity that ought to be found in our cities let them be surrounded by the influences of a true Christian home a home where Christ abides so therefore you want to be mindful when you looking for that property that you want to make sure they have enough space between city lifestyle and influences and whatever it is it shouldn't reside you shouldn't be a place where the bill was a right down the street and all the noise and all of the day and then all these different things that can affect his situation so therefore says to do that and now watch this goes on to say fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are Kings and Queen from this this is an idea how blessed how much of a blessing it is with privileged to have these type of properties and to do it in God 's order and follow his instructions it leads to such wonderful results I close with this simple question are there some advantages of living in the city many people ask that August some advantages living in the city will notice about this God says very clearly he says in country living thirteen there is not one family did not have a family is on one family and a hundred will be improve physically mentally or spiritually by residing in the city are you hearing there were not approved spiritually mentally or physically by residing in the city faith hope love happiness can far better be gained and retired places without field and held entry take your children away from the sights and sounds of the city away from the rattling din of streetcars and teams and their minds will become more healthy it will be found easier to bring home to their hearts the truth of the word of God and so you'll find that when we move from New York and then move down to Locust Grove Georgia brothers sisters we moved into a little town a suburb and we moved into that suburb we found that there were several challenges that we face one of them was that eventually parties and all these things happen and he got appointed there within the gunshots that's either take place in a neighborhood wasn't like that when we moved in but changed his he got a be careful when we moved that it was a neighborhood of white black Indian Asian beautiful nice mix community it was like a little heaven on earth everybody was getting along them I was visiting each of assault was very nice but then some dynamics of place were all of a sudden a lot of the people moved out this argument welfare section eight inside the community and has resulted in a lot of things that had a limited activist and affect the value of my home is just the way it is so therefore they moved out what would happen was a lot of people started moving in and inside the behave in ways that was ungodly low mold parties that go on fight started to break out gunshots the police NASA my wife and I said that'


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