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Alden Ho

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  • September 22, 2012
    4:00 PM
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our father in heaven as we come to this afternoon once again we seem to be fed like this is my story my testimony not rated you will use it in such a way that would touch somebody out here that would bring them on a closer walk with you to awaken them to the shortness of the time in which we living please Lord guide and direct them I could record my words be with us as we worship again in Jesus name we pray amen some of you look at me and you wonder how what what am I give always get that question are you are you Korean now I you Filipino note they don't make them in the size I tell them I'm Chinese but you're so tall for being Chinese you know you are what you eat the right eye extra long grain rice some Americans eat pizza I was sound and when I say Chinese many people are newbie assumption and that was born in China no I'm not born in China you don't have to be Chinese to be born in China in fact I was born in Singapore some people are like oh lets China isn't it Singapore is about as far from China as Canada is to Rio de Janeiro you guys are American I hope you know your geography I am I was born in Singapore my parents immigrated from Singapore Vista which is always kind of a joke to me too because people say all you speak English so well that's because I grew up in Canada before I was speaking I left Singapore before I was too high blood in Toronto Canada which is why my English is more pure than some people who are a little south of Canada and any Canadians here is good well I grew up in a knot in his home but my parents would not send me to an Adventist school so I went to public school all the way through I was very interested in music at the age of five and a half I started playing again on my parents and me for kennel lessons and by the time I was in the fourth grade I took a violin that violent fourth fifth sixth grade moved to a different school was still playing piano but he didn't offer violin anymore so they said well what instrument would you like to play so I said at that age I was very small in seventh grade I said what I want to play the tuba they said okay that's great then I looked at the till then I realized it was bigger than I was so I couldn't play the tuba so I took up the clarinet instead so when I started playing the clarinet I was so involved with playing the clarinet I was self-taught and then by the time I was in the eleventh grade they asked me to do the clarinet teacher at the Academy side of being self-taught and clarinet I started teaching clarinet to students and I had seven students why was only sixteen years old then that kind of spurred my interest I thought while I would like to be a music education person prior to that I thought okay mechanical engineering didn't know what was that sound good and then numb I thought I'd be a kennel technician and then I finally settled on music education I didn't go for my last year in high school and in Nintendo Wii had a thirteen race and I decided for great thirteen I would go to Kingsway College is an Adventist Academy our education is a little bit better but the naming convention somehow does not fit correctly because although it's an Academy Juliet communing Academy because the college within our colloquy namely University also so I don't know how they figure that part out but when I went to there I finished my first year at Kingsway College which is really thirteenth grade I thought honestly more formally so I went to Union College in Nebraska anybody been there union College in the middle of nowhere I play the cattle sang in the choir I was the pianist for the voice teachers and I enjoyed that a lot for the first week my advisor run me out I guess on a normal schedule if you're in semesters you take a normal load is what twelve to sixteen credits I had twenty one my GPA was one some my second semester was no better I made it into the two that time for my GPA it was a struggle and I got really burnt out I was tired of playing on the anybody really very proficient in general nobody building in order to select the plan account of it is not tuned correctly right for some reason now this I can say with confidence many of you are in the medical field now imagine union college you're going to learn music but they give you up a panel that is so out of tune it hasn't been tuned since nineteen forty nine the Windows don't close so with all the snow comes in the wintertime and action on this they are studying medicine in Uganda Loma Linda University indicating the scalpel for surgery and is like rust on I got frustrated with music I got burnt out I never thought because I sully classes thirteen classes I was working two to three jobs such as Sydney and I I need a break from this and I was looking for some way to get out of this for a little while and somebody came to me and said hey why don't you believe the student missionary not interested what is it but you can take a year off to school tell me more time on years so I was very interested in becoming his admission I thought where could I go to be a student missionary and I thought you know since the whole field was open I thought I would alert about my Chinese ancestry Samina wanted to China sorry not open Singapore not open with radical site looked in the book I found Japan know that's a little too far from Chinese culture that I found Korea I found that the Koreans actually use Chinese writing in the formal writing so I thought okay let me go to Korea so I did all the interview process I was accepted to be a student missionary today you have to be a college graduate with a degree in order to teach over in Korea back then I went to create at the age of nineteen to teach was very interesting my understanding was I was currently teaching English as a second language teaching them how to speak English I didn't hear all the other stuff maybe I was just so excited about getting out of school but I totally admitted all the other information on the plane flying over there somebody came to me at about thirty nine thousand feet is all the student essays were there and they said they supported teaching for your Bible study Alpine revival class I said the no I don't have a Bible study class this is yet you do to know I don't guess you don't know I don't I mean this went on for a while finally visit and go talk to him Elder did there because remember Dick Darren DeGuerin was not a short guy he was sitting in first class because he didn't fit in the economy section selling to talk to tell the Baron and I went to visit over there on some leases I have to teach a Bible class but that's not true is it extends up towers over me Nice is wildly you're going to Korea you have to teach a Bible class that's news to me now there was such a thing as a hijacker I wanted to be a hijacker because I want to get that plane turned around and go home because I didn't know my Bible I was baptized the thirteenth I didn't study my Bible I mean I knew a few Bible verses you know for God so loved the world in the beginning and Jesus wept yet in that that's about it you can't base theology often those three versus Ray much you know the saying is you cannot lead anybody close to the price and you are yourself so when I started this Bible class I panicked when I teach at a friend of my Cantonese is why don't you teach the book of Matthew is an okay sounds good so I study to Matthew I I didn't quite make it to the first chapter I die in the bee deaths and I thought this is what it's all about one of the biggest so-and-so begat so-and-so I mean is that all they do finally made it in Chapter two praise God it was chapter two an image of the whole thing I started answering some questions as I studied more I was able to answer more questions but there was together send you teach five English classes for new NEDs five yes English classes have one Bible class so that students don't normally get to practice their English very much so they pay for the English classes but the Bible classes are free so they come to Bible class that's all about the evangelism part of it and they take the Bible class and they want to talk why don't want them to talk because of the top in the asked questions and I don't have answers but it was one for you not the thing is you nineteen the educational system is far different than our educational system here because over there look I don't care with your doctor whose esteemed higher in the US a teacher or doctor the doctor for sure but over their teachers because you pass information on to teach knowledge so even though I was nineteen I mean there's levels of respect over there when you when you greet somebody it's not like a man you doing it all you need do is everything over there different you now in respect and you know for somebody who is younger than you you would just kind like this if there's somebody who's a little bit older than you you might do this but if it's something was very old slowly you know you don't just kind of what you had on your knees or anything like that it's very respectful so I I learn this respect level they would give me so much respect as in nineteen oh teacher but this guy in the class was a troublemaker as he asked she asked so many Bible questions that I didn't have answers for in the first time he asked these things I freaked out I ran out of the classroom I know how my friends the rest of the zesty winners in this lesson is what I come tend to be a little bit of an excitable person and my friend coming down he says just how little studying and get back tomorrow that that's a novel idea why deny think of that as I study the topic and I went back and I love my knowledge and he asked me another one the Lancers went back studied it this happened over and over and over until one day for some reason he liked my class he asked me this question and I was about ready to say I don't know when all of a sudden I had this out of body experience I stood there I'm thinking I don't know my mouth goes into autopilot and starts moving I'm looking at him and he's going when my mouth got done I look at them I said do you understand what I said it is just wonderful tell me what I said for the very first time in my life I experienced what it was like for God speaking through you people said we should be a preacher my estimate might might answer that was step into this I didn't want to be a preacher I changed my major city like I said forget it with music education I'm burnt out I love photography so I started looking at all the places I can go to because I wanted to learn how to shoot photography correctly so as a result of all this I started looking through the book with my point study photography if it wasn't you know like it is now this was the old the old days when we had film some of you guys are like what's that I look at all the books I decided Andrews University it was pretty easy as it was the only one selling to enter university I studied photography I graduated within Fernandez University and I got married one week after I graduated that's how it's supposed to work into some of you didn't know that let me just put a plug here glad to stand up here and you guys hear me a seeming when you stand up the better okay the legal arena so let me slinky little bit of our education system works for those of you are having your parents spent a great deal of money sending future avenues education not so much for the education so that you'll find a spouse there is any sense see if you go to a non- Adventist school and you you take that bait the big Frank and you tested out into the ocean the sharks look at that they say that looks like me not me but when you cast them into the vegetarian Lake Bischoff so used to getting the Franks from the can that's why your parents and you Japanese education so it worked out that I graduated from Andrews University and then I got married the next week the problem was I was supposed to work for a company in Chicago but the job that was promised me was no longer there I got squeezed out by corporate mergers and everything so the job of the premises of the week we'll have this job anymore I suppose a self photographic equipment professional photographic equipment so that wasn't there anymore and I realized when I get to do now I mean come on Canadian I got a get married I got a get connect I got it job here so my photography what was hanging up in the gallery on campus and a guy came to me his name is Tom Pangborn Humana business doing aerial photography and art gallery he said what you do when you graduate I said no he says I would like to work for me doing what he interviewed me I got a job working for him so right after I graduated I got married when on the honeymoon and then I started working for this type of northern Michigan we photograph sailboats we would go out on the lake in a one seventy two Cessna and we photograph these huge yachts some of them forty fifty sixty foot yachts the reason we would photograph is so that we would blow them up into big huge murals so that the owner of that boat can hang up in his office and say that's my boat that basically it people were willing to pay for that so we went out and we photographed me photograph golfers during the week and even cellular level Tom Tom was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor emphasis was he left the church in the early eighties thanks to Desmond Ford he sold all his books all the spirit of prophecy books didn't keep the Sabbath anymore consequently he and his wife who was also pilot they photographed on the Sabbath I did not photograph on the Sabbath Sunday rolled around it was Labor Day weekend we went on the photograph photographing Arent Fox Regatta small boat J twenty two 's small little syllables all scattered on the lake I think that morning we went to the airport we arrived at the airport first thing I noticed was the Winsock it was very windy now if you've ever been to a small airport you'll notice that if it's not very windy that Winsock kind it just hangs there floating around it was a little windy most like this anything is straight out it's very windy if it's gone it's a hurricane we got there and it was sticking straight out small plane and racism are you sure you want to go out today Tom was an opportunity sister school said okay so he said you load up the camera equipment in the back to see in all the preflight preflight means you check everything out now let me give a little bit of the layout this is a one seventy two Cessna anybody here pilot one seventy two Seth has a four seater plane the wing is about the main fuselage that's one reason so when you photograph out the window you don't photograph the wing you only have instructed you have to deal with the support part of your slider see that you can actually get a nice unobstructed picture there's two seats in the back visit there's a pilot seat and there's a copilot seat in the pilot seat there is a sister-in-law and there's the rudder controls at the bottom in the copilot seat they have the same thing why is that I've figured that out because why don't they do that in a car you know many of you are married for many years and you wonder sometimes what you just drive in the back seat it's very small it's tiny to small people can sit in the back I put all the camera get back there when we took off I slid my seat as far back as I could so I'm like this I slid my seat as far back as I could like in a car you pull the last decided that but I didn't do one thing I didn't wiggle around a little bit to actually locked in place you had a feeling and also you come to stop lighting like it locks in place keep that in mind it didn't lock in place so now the window it was here is out of the window that was back here as I move was in front of me so now I can photograph out the window as I like the car in a car you push a button or you wind down in the window goes into the door in a small plane in the Cessna the Windows actually lacks in its like hinged at the top of the window and you have to open it this way but I do want to photograph through a cheap piece of plastic so we would open up that when all the way and we would use a wooden dowel the folded up in place now I can have an unobstructed view of what I'm photographing we went up to about a thousand feet the clouds are very thick he was not instrument rated so we can go into the clouds we stayed right below them we flew for about ten minutes we got to the lake that were supposed to be photographing at Tom looks at it and uses it to go that's my sign the region of vaccine rapid camera and load up the film examined that we are shooting with was a Pentax six by seven if you know anything about photography the Pentax 35mm is a small strip of film about that big the Pentax six by seven FC takes six by seven centimeters negatives it's very large hence a very large body in a very large lens I had that lends between my legs could you change building generally take twelve shots and that's pretty much it you got to change again so I love photographing out the window he would always take the plane and he would bank to the right so what were flying in the air that plane would basically go from this angle here to hear physically went this way when I put the clouds clouds don't type pictures so we always go this way and we would just continue to circle around the plaintiff until I got all the angles that I needed were bought for five hundred feet in the air were still fairly close were so close that were actually grading a little wind turbulence for the sailboats they don't like that once in a while you can hear them yelling at you so we have to move to the next phone bothered them we did this three times by the time we went to the fourth boat he thought well maybe we would have better access if he did something in on the dashboard he reached down and he flicked the switch I do know and that's which was for and I known I would've popped it back up again that's which was the lowest lots more you do that when you're getting ready to land were overwater in Wonderland as we started to think again that when continued to buffet us that enforced because the Red Wings going one way and you're going in a circle you're fighting with it on one site admitted pushing you into coming around the other way was somehow in this particular maneuver we were doing that when you spot us and we went from this angle to this angle now you know you looking out the window it's not so bad but you physically looking straight down so what he did is he corrected form and we went way when you do that very quickly you stall the plane that means engines turns when you lose the ability of list with the way the wind flying over your wings and immediately we dropped just like you would throw a piece of paper up and would fall right down and we dropped out of the sky we dropped so fast it was no time for anything to be spoken there was no gasp for air it was not all my lookouts know that happen we hit the water that over a hundred and twenty five miles an hour hitting water is like hitting a brick wall so they say the only difference is if you hit a brick wall in your live you can still dream if you had water in their photograph we hit so hard that in the intact we were already submerged underneath the water we broke out all the windows of the plane so there was no error talking inside in fact we hit so hard that the left wing was bent back forty five degrees and forty five degrees the last piece of the tailwind was sitting up in the in the sky just above the water within a few seconds that disappeared underneath the water we're only in the air for a few minutes the gas tanks are in the wings and that was awful so there was no air pocket because we crassly broke the windows no air pockets inside that see it didn't lock jammed me all the way forward right up against the dashboard so what was back here away in front of me was right here now in fact we had so hard that I broke the steering wheel golf with my chest when I all this happen I close my eyes to meet you you're going down your thinking this is not to happen everything will be okay in a way out and hit so hard I'm underneath the water I'm holding my breath and in the milliseconds it to comply very very slowly you pondering you're going to and your life flashes before your eyes look you just graduated from Andrews you just got married it just started this new job and in the big question mark of why this is happening you can sit there and ponder all you want but in the realities minister then get out I'm sitting there thinking I got a get out I'm leaving out I went to open the door I like in a car when you pull a handle you lift the lever anyplace I lifted and I place but nothing happened people similarly it was the pressure of the air there was no pressure remember that we were equilibrium with water it wouldn't open because my door jammed shut in the entire engine was bent to the left how was ruled by water in my door was just jammed consequently on the other side the pilot 's door was open in the plane you have a choice of seat belts unlike in a car once you pull this evil the cross you've got two parts and see the upcoming processor but in a plane you have several options one option is you just where the waste the second option is you are the waste and the shoulder or you can just wear the shoulder or you can wear nothing at all I chose just the waste because I needed happen movement unrestricted in the impact it slid me all the way up in the front of the dashboard now what I have to contend with was my knees under the dashboard which I didn't know the ceiling was still right here and the back of the seat was here in the window now was from here while from here to here some but I couldn't get out I'm everything I got it out but I couldn't the next thing I know I'm on the outside I don't remember actually transitioning to a member singer got a get out and I'm on the outside people civil media blackout said no I don't think so she got designer by in such a way that if you black out you lose consciousness you continue to breathe you continue to breathe I know I can do that is if I did that I would've drowned so how did I get out I will I never getting out of planar member pushing my feet on either side of the window as I pushing this wherever it the wing was making my eyes are closed but I'm just going by field not difficult to know which waste when your eyes are closed and your underwater try that sometime you don't know which wakes up at your eyes open you let some air out of your mouth you can see the bubbles in it the bubbles go that way that leads up I didn't do that I just kicked in pushed in everything I could somehow I got up the surface of the water when I got up there I looked around and there was there was debris from the plane people were yelling and screaming the bolts were still in the race for the canceled I heard the air among the last to signify the race is over people were driving and try to reach me but they were still far away because they were sailboats it can turn around quickly here I am floating in the water no life jacket jeans running shoes light jacket it was like a scene from the old Baywatch TV show two brothers were fishing this little aluminum boat comes flying along and one brother on the throttle these hang around that hold the other one jumps in and he grabs a hold of me he drags me to the boat people or diving in now try to find a plain try to find the other person the plane I'm hanging on for dear life the ski boat comes along they get me over to the steamboat somehow I climb out of the steamboat with one leg and one arm I get into the boat and I sit down very carefully I'm getting very busy and as I sit down I noticed that Mike can't relate on this site winds up a little bit work tour and I see the bone of my left knee and thinking not very good thoughts at this point as online down there on this boat I I raise my fingers up and move my fingers and I said praise God every second so the played piano people asking me questions and nurse jumps on board they rushed me to the dock the ambulance comes twenty minutes later beginning the ambulance and I thought for the longest time EMTs are the dumbest people in the world because they can't remember anything they kept asking me what's my name would you live how old you are and I kept telling them all these things like what's wrong with that I think most men I'm telling you how old I am I telling you what my name is I was a difficult patient they put me on a stretcher to gurney gurney was too short my neck was hanging off my ankles are hanging off my left foot was so swollen that it looked like a rugby ball the neck race they put me against the right side of my right side of my body to put it against my wall in my left foot is sticking out this way and every time in the hallway was right there every time and this is a note to you nurses be careful with people 's delicate broken appendages they came by they would take the clipboard and accidentally knocked my foot and in the neck brace I sent my front to it's like the little hairs that you have on your legs just become very very sensitive to even disco I was so much pain and indignity painkiller if you know what was wrong with me became in the X-rated nude X-rated nude X-rated me finally the doctor said he had a doctor since we got it in for surgery let's take a minute I didn't know what they were doing I come out of recovery into the ICU I was well enough recovered from the anesthesia orthopedic doctor comes in the kicks everybody out of the room close the door and sits down right next to say the words and I'll never forget Elton I don't know what you realize it or not but you're living on borrowed time you license instead you should be good he's a limitary what happened to you somehow in the impact of displaying you hit really hard you shattered for bones in your left foot which is why was so swollen that the cotton recasts me five times in eight weeks from here down to the bottom I shuddered one third of my left kneecap of my knee all they did was take up the pieces of cartilage try to smooth it drill a few holes no pin is no metal stitched it up and stapled shut they put me in a CPM machine yes really with that most irritating thing you could ever imagine if you sleep on your back it's fine CPM is a constant passive motion so while you're lying there this thing just slowly slowly moves but you can't you can't turn on your side you can't do anything I was in so much pain I think I found my classical I totally cracked Western from top to bottom from hitting the dashboard because that steering wheel is attached to a solid steel shaft which I broke off my chest behind the sternum is your heart and bruise my heart consequently it ended me up and CCU for forty eight hours on open-heart standby eye lacerations up my headache compressed to this in my back and then the doctor said to me you can be in the hospital for thirty days don't even think about getting out any sooner that was Sunday on Friday they allowed me to attend Tom's funeral it was a very small church kind of like this in size and dropping in wheelchair my leg was sticking straight out what you put somebody in a wheelchair right in the middle whatever the task right here I had an unobstructed view of toms closed casket and I will tell you I fly like I've never cried before because that should've been me there's nothing initialization underneath I should amend that to win back to the whole hospital room and I was so angry and was yelling God what he wants what you want with my life tell me what you want patience is not my strong virtues I wanted answers there was no answers nothing I woke up in the middle of the night all I heard was the plane like falling from the sky and you would wake up in this cold sweat for months I had that six months of physical therapy but I can tell you this God was always by my side because I walked out of that hospital eight days after the accident eight days I had a very rare opportunity had the accident not happened I had a very good chance of photographing the eighty eight Olympics in Seoul Korea for Sports Illustrated but that never happened went through all the recovery of the physical therapy one thing that was interesting that happened I was doing also stepped as soon as the cast came out I wanted to do stuff and I went out and played flag football my knee got swollen up with water not at all this is not good and the doctors recommended me for doing that they said no pounding action he gave me this board that you put these the like surgical socks on with your shoes and you basically slide back and forth this way the singularity of this is the action and you're supposed to do no accounting advice was doing this in my house I realized this December this is exactly like ice skating selling the class and I pulled out all my hockey gear and when playful contact I saw instead in March I get a phone call from the company that was supposed to work for Mrs. Altman we got an opening if you want the job in Chicago to sell professional photographic equipment it's yours three days we went down there we look it over Chicago my wife got her old job back working as an operator for acting as health systems retains the hospital where she eventually became the director department I started selling professional camera back to the days when it was only still the Lord moved me up the Lord blessed gravely gave me many many opportunities the average order for the company was two hundred fifteen dollars took ten minutes to get an order that they are customers I knew I can contact and I can produce a five thousand dollar order in less than thirty seconds that produced me to be the top salesperson selling three million dollars a year I became the consultant for the FBI and the CIA and photography they would call me up and asked me things I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you by the human a lecturer for the National Park Service in Washington Washington DC on historical photography the Lord opened up many many doors for me I became the employed year for the company they were grooming me to take over the company they told me go get your MBA will pay for it but I was impatient I was hungry for one thing and S with two vertical lines in it I left the company after five and half years and I started working as a vice president of marketing for company in Chicago our two biggest clients werewolves finest chocolates would you guys don't have on this site but it would be equivalent to seize chocolates and Ace Hardware I worked for them for a year and a half I covenant that job because it was great you know people ask you so what do you do when you pull on your business card and say I'm the vice president look at the public wanted me to do in April about a year after I started that job I'm lying in bed was a late-night person one two o'clock in the morning that's you know that's when you get your best done I woke up in the morning at four clock I was wide awake I sat up in bed and I was wide awake and I thought what woke me up we would nearly nicely but you don't get up at four o'clock in the morning and I woke up and I thought no dog barking no porn no accident no big noise I sat in bed awake it is positive for a moment and out of the darkness it was a voice that called me and said Eldon there's much work to be done and the workers are few I knew God would call me sometime but not now the vice president the next morning Sunday same exact time same exact voice same exact words has said but I can quit my job but we tell you something young people can't is not in God 's vocabulary can is December of that year the owner of the company who are shared the office with he came and said I'm sorry health and I don't understand what's going on we were doing so well in sales but all the sudden we bottomed out I hate to do this but I the Leela pink slip see I guess you don't understand there's a thing called Chinese pride at we don't comprehend pink slips where the doctors where the professional people I'm standing in the unemployment line with a pink slip this is going why why you felt the pressing need to go talk with my pastor because two years before the youth pastor the church came to music out when to come help me on the youth department I think you would do well so he trained me in youth and youth ministry the Lord spoke to me in April in May he came to me says I believe I accepted a call to Southwestern as youth pastor you've got to take over no more vice president so when I got laid off I went spoke with the senior kept senior pastor that time and I said when we tell you what God told me a few months ago can you shut that door something consists of a novel on Aaron thanks so when that happens that senior pastor put his hand around my neck put me in his car drove me to the conference office pulled me into the president 's office and became the past effect church they went to fifty resumes a confined youth pastor so they hired me as the interim youth pastor from there I went into setting youth ministry I didn't want to go and get my MD degree because you know that he studied Greek and Hebrew I'm working with young people one incident that changed my mind on that was wanting one of my young persons called me and said and because my friends here is of the force majeure is getting ready to blow his head off and on what I tell them I realized that no amount of Greek and Hebrew can tell you what to do so I went in for counseling for working for preaching to young people incidentally that young man called me soon many different courses of events he said to me when I grew up our view youth pastor just like he is tackling handicap the Lord work things out from there after I graduated I pass through North Carolina and then I passed in Texas as senior pastor and then I could believe from ministry ten years ago I felt God calling me to preach wherever he would open the doors so for the last ten years I've been supporting ministry of the church not paid by the church ugly on preaching the message that needs to be preached the Lord spared my life there's no doubt about it my life is on borrowed time we don't have very much time on this earth to bring Bibles with you chose me to Philippians chapter three in Philippians chapter three Paul is talking to the church shared Philippi I like Paul very much and I can understand him and I I relate very well one of the things Paul says here in verse seven he says but what things were gain to me these I've counted lost for Christ menopause experience Paul is going to do a little number with the people the Christians he was getting ready to take them out but on the road there all of a sudden what happens he has an encounter with God that encounter so changed his life to the point that he couldn't even see in that moment of the flash of light he became blind it scales oversize you can imagine for Ananias Lord spoke and licenses Ananias go down the street street is in man there by the name of Saul who given site so all you said like the salt you what he wants to do he is my anointed Paul in that instance three days three days of total blindness he learned to see better blind and he did with site that's why Paul could say what things were gain to me all the things of this world and UK he would lose them so that he would gain Chrysler twenty says in verse eight yes indeed I count all things lost for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have some of the loss of how much all things and count them as depending on what version you have rubbish or dung that I may gain Christ was positive for a moment what the Greek word Donald doing nothing is done this poop right now exactly what Paul said I count all things lots and companies I daresay I walked outside right now there's a whole lot of nice dung mobiles out there people are living in a lot of nice down homes covered with even more that's when God looks at a nice cars a car gather safety practices reliability knowledge stuff but the luxury is all you say Paul saying all things are done he would lose all the things that he would gain Christ not from just that perspective verse nine says and being found in him not having my own righteousness because our righteousness is what filthy rags which is from the law but that which is from faith in Christ Jesus the righteousness which is from God by faith notice what Paul emphasizes in person that I may know him and the righteousness than the fellowship of his suffering being conformed to his death all that mattered to Paul was to know Jesus when was the last time brothers and sisters you hunger and thirst for righteousness we don't know what it's like to hunger and thirst I remember a few years ago was I kind I were in Cambodia relationship together I did one of the presentations they came in a hundred of them sat on the concrete patio area no shoes they left the mosque beside NASA just sat on the floor there I was talking to them we're talking about this type of stuff and I said you know we would talk about a refrigerator a City Hall refrigerator there looking at me like this in your refrigerator is right is out again refrigerators you know I asked you that I mean you have refrigerated everything everything I asked him honey refrigerant you know no we race ahead I look at the translator said did you translate the current eleven refrigerator plug in the wall teacher food cold I suggest that nobody raised their hands he looked than they identify with or what they need a refrigerator they don't have the dung to skew the rise it's simple to have those distractions we don't know what is likely without a refrigerator the power goes out for a little time and we freak out because the need in our freezers and if all we don't know what it's like to go hungry because I was always some of the place we could run to we don't have any clue Paul writes in verse twelve pieces not that I very attained or am already perfected but I press on it I really hold of that for which Christ Jesus is laid hold of me he's pushing forward he says Brett and I do not count myself to have apprehended but one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching avoided those things which I had I press toward the rise the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus pricing for Nepal Road and first Corinthians chapter nine is writing here about a little bit of the Olympic style things were going on in verse twenty four chapter nine he says do you not know that those who run in a race all run do not know I guess I would say from this perspective all of you who are called Seventh-day Adventists are all entered into a race you will have a number and you can run you all in race one in such a way that you may obtain it obtain what personifies for everyone who competes compete for the prize is temperate in all things they do it to obtain a perishable crown but we for an imperishable crown what's wrong with us or call seven database we have a health message is tied to the right on I think the three angels message we were not well living like if you feel like they get old enough to be able to make it into the blue zone age group the majority of us don't majority of us will get justice cancerous tumor laden is everybody else in the world we need like world that we watched like a worldly list like the world may look like the world distinctness is no longer there were peculiar people my stepping on shoes I was preaching truth truth hurts before you preach to you at the beach myself life is a gift from God doing the what you do with your life is your gift to God glorify God in your body the Bible tells us Paul says here they do it for a perishable crown but we went in perishable Paul says therefore I run not with uncertainty thus I fight like one who beats the aircraft but I discipline my body I bring it into subjection lest I have preached to others I myself should be what I might be disqualified myself we are the latency and church I get scared for people I really do I have a global picture of what's going on in the church because I get to preach in many different countries and I see what's going on and until you I'm shaking in my shoes because of the apostasy that I see in the church every wind of doctrine is flying you mean when doctrine we're told that the last days apostasy will be universal but I together a little bit were in such a dilemma here because we want to be distinct we want to live well but is there a line that needs to be drawn as to how well to live is your line it needs to be drawn as to how much we share our faith or we don't share our faith we face it if we truly believe what we preach we would be a light to the world to angels Internet but were not alike were not right enough at all from the standpoint we have no life in and of ourselves that will but the balloon has no source of light the moon is like us we are just a reflector of Jesus other people Jesus is waiting and has been waiting for the last one hundred and sixty seven years to come back to realize that do the math twenty twelve less eighteen forty four hundred and sixty seven years God has been waiting to send his son back to get his people but he cannot because when he looks at us he does not see his reflection did not see the image of his son you see each and every one of our sinful carnal natures because we are not covered with the white robes of righteousness we're covered with this filthy rags of sinfulness what's it going to take what you can take first awaken to the times in which were living from the fifth line of testimony page seventy six many of our people are lukewarm they hear the words of Christ but they do not do them if they remain in this state he will reject them with abhorrence many of those who have had great light great opportunities and every spiritual advantage praise Christ and the world with the same breath they bow themselves before God and men they make merry with the children of the world yet claim to be blessed with the children of God they wish to have Christ as their Savior but they will not bear the cross and where his yield may the Lord have mercy upon you for if you go on in this way nothing but evil can be prophesied concerning you listen carefully I've been known to tell it like it is and I want to do that in a loving way but it's difficult it's difficult to tell people you're wrong and smiling we live in too much excess I live in too much excess it's called Lady C&S were comfortable this is a struggle that we face this is a struggling young people face today as well in Matthew chapter sixteen verse twenty four Jesus and talking with his disciples he said to them if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and what followed me for whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it notice persuade six for what profit is it to a man to gain who gains the whole world and yet loses his soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul here is the quandary that we face today on one side you are offered the crown of life on this side draw for the cross simple ones would one school but we were told over and over Matthew tells us you can serve two masters one heat the other you can't serve God and man in a mysteries retells this can two walk together unless they want yet two things when he and his background was across both are freely offered to both but a new method of choosing understand this if you choose across you will eventually obtain the crown but it features the crown in the evidence across it won't it's impossible Jesus says without me you can do nothing at all nothing I don't know what your dreams and aspirations are but I can tell you this you need Jesus you need to make that change this morning some of you made that change some of you made that consecration step to be able stand up and I commitment say I'm getting caught up media on a cut on all the things that are an abomination to God the distant life is a gift from God I been living on borrowed time the only people you know that survives plane crash get out of a window that was all by the way the diver the Coast Guard diver that went down define a plane the next day he made it back up to his master he says okay found the dead body in the plane 's door was open the other doors jam shut how to right out of the plane is into the window through the window how big was this guy the city six one about a hundred and eighty five pounds he said impossible there is no way possible that's not invite language when I got up out of the water I remember I as I looked around I looked at my left shoulder and I saw Reese all the way down my light jacket I kind of freaked out a little bit because I'm a clean freak and it was a white jacket and it was Greece would I get the grease from I sat in a one seventy two Cessna a few years later and I asked an aviation mechanic as I had to know where to increase from any said look there's three places that you could possibly rubbed up against it there's greasing the flaps of the wings disagrees the doors there's greasing the wheels he said but it's not possible because you said was clean grease and even if you could run up against one of these areas that are sealed off it would be dirty either theory very simple theory there are two Angels that one was on the inside of the plane with the top of Greece the other one was on the outside one obvious I put it on my shoulder and said love is too big you pull all question about is impossible what man says impossible is not impossible for the three years ago I was writing my motorcycle to speak appointment because I do a funeral I couldn't afford to change my plane ticket I thought all ride the weather on the way back to look really good but the weather out wasn't looking so great fifty five degrees raining all the way hop on my bike brand-new high biz brand-new jacket first ride writing from Andrews University up to the Hagerstown Maryland for the Maryland state hit the Pennsylvania Turnpike came around the corner in fact you know a number long time ago I could martial arts I can react faster something happens right before you can see the old I was already slapped on the ground my front wheel went out on the corner and I was sliding down the pavement I heard Jake brakes behind me from the truck praise God they worked my bike spun around I spun around and you know the thought was relating this is what it is like to be in a motorcycle accident that in so that didn't get a mark on my helmet not a mark on my boots I mean does this bike was tricked out not one of those crotch rocket bikes a Bluetooth in my helmet I can take phone calls while his writing stereo GPS the whole thing in there and I was it was great until you sliding in and realizing that seven hundred pounds pushing me bounced off the apex of the wall in the bites winter down to guys stopped to help me with my bike up they were Harley bikers but doing cars they listed my bike up a check it all out everything looked fine mechanically cosmetically I wrote to an opening in the wall of the construction zone police seek sugarcane by each of you look at Mimi said if there's anybody ready to go down for I think with you because I was fully armored to ambulances showed up visit we need you to unzip anything because we need to examine you to make sure there's no broken bones I said look I still have to half hours to go I know I don't have broken bones are not taken off my jacket because it's what if I get it off I can get back on see a later and I continued writing no broken bones interview vintners felt like I was eight years old try to walk up the stairs of that point so I got that fixed Sunday five hundred miles I wrote home I'm a high tolerance for pain I should've been smeared I shouldn't get in the accident to I'm a little scared to tell you the truth of going to heaven because I was feeling my guardian angels of them say they come here in another sense I believe each one of us we've been spared a certain time and we don't even realize but we live life like there's plenty of time I keep focusing on this I focused on it last night a focus on it again today and I'm focusing on it again because we don't realize how short life really is probation closes the moment our heart stops for us he realized that I could be at any moment any moments in all I truly truly surrender to Jesus Christ have you really seen in your life to him I'm talking one hundred percent not talking ninety nine percent I'm talking laying it all out for him in the inner cities there was a bus Pastor he went door-to-door to try and take little kids and bring them to church he went to the White House and as he stepped up the stairs they were dilapidated the creaking knock on the door little boy named Jimmy answered the door the bus Pastor Sennheiser monitor your dad know that I fear they lead me to take care of my brother how old you are nine anybody else got my little brother and your parents are gone you he said son you know about Jesus said who Jesus to connect tell your story so the bus Pastor told him the greatest story ever told but Jesus about God giving his son to die for him Bill Jimmy was in tears because I believe that so many would die for him enough right down there with the pastor and yes Jesus into his heart the bus Pastor said wanted to come to church with me with what the police were people go to worship Jesus so the bus Pastor picked up the next week Jimmy came into the church should never get into such a big place like this before and he came into the very back of the church and just stood there with his open how any notice of the five there were some people standing there in ending they were grumpy old men they were standing there and he had this wooden plate in her passing back and forth to meet and see what they were doing it was too short but when it came closer to where he was he quickly ran into one of the aisle he sat down he got down there any sitting at any noticed that people were passing this wooden plate along a new putting money in the plate any semi- thing must be putting money in there for Jesus so he starts looking from his pocket he didn't have any money at all and when I came down he just hung onto the plate recap the minor children says son is electrical me luckily Jimmy let that they go anyone says it went behind him he turned around they just follow that with eyes expanding when it finally made its way to the back and idea came to me he jumped up and he read about any brownfield grumpiness Japanese admission is fifteen I hold the plate Neil Deacon gave him the plate Jimmy took the plate and he said Jesus I don't have anything to give you except me and with that he put the plate down and he stepped into the play God does not want your money he wants you to see he just wants you she was huge and make the change to love him enough that you and you can consecrate earlier in her life everything I turned from the world I turned from trusting in his salary and income say Lord a list for you I'll go when you want me to go I'll say what you want me to take out what you want me to be I want to live for you but what you are the things in your life are you willing to step into that place yourself and say Lord take me to don't just wash my feet bathing water but you life is a gift from God what you do with your life is your gift to God are you serving God in every facet in everything that you are is not in control of your wallet your bank account the plastic cards using seed Jesus doesn't come just to clean house he comes to be the Lord of your life it comes into your heart the heart has one a capacity of one exit there will be no other gods before him Joshua said that's choose you this day whom you will set the underdog of the Amorites in whose land you dwell in regard to your fathers well he says as for me and my house we will serve the Lord we will stand for the Lord we will stand in the plate for the Lord what about you don't say yes just because somebody else sixty was standing I don't say yes because you want to look good for somebody else don't say yes because your spouse stands out you do say yes so yes because you will die for him to sell the willing sinners if you are stay forth in heaven while every head is bowed in every eyes close but we give you our lives we consecrate them to you asking that you would take us that you would will this and you would make us into the people that we need to be this day there is a lot of error running around shoes can be found only in your work so Lord give us that hungry for truth this was with the power the Holy Spirit to speak mightily upon a hard to convict us of what we're doing something that is and not in accordance with your will the Lord please time is quickly going by and we are not ready please prepare us please use us as instruments of yours to give a message to a dying world out there give his passion for lost souls please look status and kingdom fully ask and pray in Jesus name and


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