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Healthful Living through the Eyes of Grace

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference


  • September 23, 2006
    11:30 AM
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my topic today is God 's gift of healing through the eyes of grace we needed a gift the Arjuna getting of the gift purpose of the gift and the reception of the gift let's pray father as we open your word and study about heaven 's gift of healing we pray that you don't get our eyes take us from the dim miasma of earth and transport us to the heavenly portals of the eternal world give us a new view of the need of the gift the origin of the gift the purpose of the gift and the reception of the gift we prayed in Christ's name amen the daughter of the nineteenth century was filled with promise the union of states were now organized into a loosely knit conglomerate in America was rejoicing in the presidency of George Washington then something extremely serious happened that hung like dark shadow over America the beloved president was ill in America wondered what would happen to their leader when the White House staff learned that George Washington was ill the first thing they did was call for a leader not a physician and as the believer appeared in Washington's room he quickly determined that what was needed was to slip the president 's wrists and believed him because he is fever was quite high that indicated of course when Martin on the medical parlance of the nineteenth century that he had to much vitality in high temperature empty much vitality only cure for that is leading so they blend in and drained fourteen ounces of blood when his physician came there the next morning he recognized that he needed to consult so-called two of the most renowned physicians of Washington DC before they came the physician led Washington again when the two learned physicians gain the three can consult because of course three are better than one they determined that they would leave him a third time this time thirty two ounces of blood were drawn Washington was so weak that he pled with his physicians to let him die in peace which they gain now the next morning after the death of George Washington I want to read you the words that were carried in the popular press in Washington DC the beloved leader has die but he has received the best of medical care is untimely death occurred in spite of all that human knowledge and medical genius can accomplish slidable scale that we could do to arrest the course of the disease what was the condition of medicine from eighteenth eighteen hundred to eighteen fifty what was the climate in which the Adventist health message ruling what was the backdrop to the origin of the Adventist health message that we learn a little bit about that backdrop to the Adventist health message in a medic journal written in eighteen fifty eight Doctor Washington Hooker wrote about modern medical practices in the eighteen hundreds any in the eighteen fifties and he listed five of the major medical practices in the eighteen fifties number one the combination of calomel and opium is of great value if you have an inflammatory disease that you live in the eighteen fifties you would want this combination of opium and down secondly Mercury is one of the best remedies for chronic disorders Mercury one of the best remedies thirdly bleeding is very effective David used judiciously fourthly if a patient has a fever you need to get them to sleep in the best way to get them to sleep is given alcohol because it will put your patients to sleep safely if you have colic or even tested it on intermittent fever use quinine is quinine is the most effective Doctor Chapman wrote a whole remedy book in eighteen thirty five and he taught in the home remedy book was called but the family medicine chest dispensary had very low in America should have the family medicine chest dispensary now one of the remedies he gave therefore longs for any lung diseases was cigars and cigar smoke and this is what the family medicine chest dispensaries as eighteen thirty five the patient should frequently draw it in the rest of cigar smoke freeway so the internal surface of Arab vessels may be exposed to the action of vapor eighteen thirty five the tennis health message through in this context of university in the contacting you can only understand the gift of the message now in eighteen sixty three Doctor J Boyd developed a unique treatment for children who have high fevers if your child living in the eighteen fifties and sixties had a high fever this is what Doctor J Boyd said let the little patient being bled freely at the commencement of the case jobless rate for five years old slit their wrists but this is no offbeat medicine on sloppy mess is on tape this is a lofty medical cure this is the popular medical cure the eighteen thirties eighteen forties eighteen fifty let the little patient be bled freely at the commencement of the case and give the child if there three years old or upwards wine mixed with a medical doctor if necessary repeat every half hour into giving him wine reduce somatic target on that daughter and execute a bond that so functioned there is the second dose does not cause vomiting double the quantity of wine and Annette Don unless it is very mild the vomiting should be encouraged if you have a fever by warm drinks that his wanderings of this liquid of wine and daughter and so the nausea is continued for a few hours this is the setting of the Adventist health message now can you understand why from eighteen forty four eighteen sixty three many of the early Adventist leaders were incredibly sick and eel and some of them were dying too young in eighteen sixty three at the age of thirty four years old J Eddie Andrews who Ellen White said was the aimlessly among us who later wrote the history of the Sabbath memorizing Jane Andrews was asked we heard that you memorize the whole Bible is accurate any as response ones I could not repay reproduce the Old Testament but the New Testament I can certainly reproduce for memory that were lost Andrew spoke six languages he joined South Korean any foreign cell paper Ellen Weiss it is the ablest among us here is where he was thirty four years old I quote Andrew is my general strength is easily exhausted I find it difficult to perform the labor which devolves upon me as a preacher and sometimes I'm so sick I can get a little guys eighteen sixty three now Andrews talks about his own health practices in his own health habits and this is what he says I suppose that all agencies was good for digestion so the owner that she is the more moldy the better I thought of my digestion so I consumed large quantities as to meet mince pie and sausage I thought they were not harmful they were helpful I love hot biscuits butter doughnuts pickles and preserves tea and coffee and worked in every form I commonly used but I was so sick at forty four years old I could not even difficult J the luck was on his deathbed but you know ultimately with the ninety two years old because of God 's gift of health here's luck Israel begins to speak about his health and the he says oh Loughborough when he was eighteen had cigars prescribed by a physician a cigars that you are on his lung efficiency Loughborough goes on to say that he loved pork and pork gravy and he said he worked in the morning meet are consumed in large amounts for new and slices of pork and beef in evening eight almost no vegetables and almost no fruit he could need existed largely outside the diet lost Marilyn Andrews and James and Ellen White as well as many early administrating forty four to sixty three were suffering the consequences of abusing their bodies and they weren't dying and has been new it must act heaven knew it must move heaven new that if this message was deleted taken to the ends of the earth did God did not intervene with these early Adventist pioneers that many of those brilliant minds like JN Andrews would die young so it was June eighteen sixty three at the home of Arron Hillard S legal Michigan that a young woman now in her thirties now before God and praying and praying for a light and prayed that God would mean in heaven drew close on that beautiful June morning in Michigan this and half it was open as it was Ellen White was taken off invasion and she wrote about that vision in her own handwriting and we still today at the Ellen White estate in Washington DC at the regional letter the original document that Ellen White wrote as she described that vision that saying many Adventist pioneer and here's what she wrote I was taken off the vision I saw that it was a sacred duty to attend URL but this was a godly responsibility she said it is not safe nor pleasing to God the violator was a Dell then asked him to care for our health and keep us from disease when we are leaving contrary to our prayers God 's children that there would be deleterious practices within the end it would destroy the health of his people he urged her to teach the value of fruits nuts grains and vegetables the value of exercise and fresh air and sunlight it was at that meeting in eighteen sixty three that have been gave the gift of health to this insurance does saying early Adventist leaders from destruction the message of health is not rigid legalism given by analysts dear God where men and women gloomily marched to have been with sadsack faces gritting their teeth trying some of how to live in harmony with all those health laws and be given so that they can be saved the health message given to this church is a gift of grace as a gift given by a loving heavenly father because he desires for you and need to live the most abundant life possible not careful study of Scripture reveals there up there are four basic purposes outlined in Scripture for the health message like the studies with you this morning first the health message is a gift given to God 's people at a time of need it's given to accomplish for basic purposes as rooted in Scripture purpose number one God is a God who will instead and to enable us to have good health and the best quality of life the first purpose of the health message is to produce half the first purpose of the health messages to present God longs for you and me will win the most abundant life possible the reason I follow the health message one of the first reasons is because although I am sixty one and imaged from around the world the Lord I would have a lot less energy than I do if I didn't I want to be climbing mountains when I'm ninety playing tennis when Andre Jesus does not go the purpose of the health message is not a legalistic requirement to create your teeth so that you can finally someway somehow achieve three hundred and forty seven health laws given by this paragraph out up there that many so you can achieve heaven not at all every one of those principles is a gift of grace given to us by God who wants every nerve and tissue in our body to be helpful Deuteronomy the fourth chapter before you burn security is it's a classic this enables us to understand the character of God in the life health and all of God 's commands Deuteronomy chapter four verse forty you shall therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you today why why do I keep his statutes while I keep his commandments your is Deuteronomy four verse forty you shall therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you this day they may go well with you for the purpose of all God 's command that invaded lots of becoming that anyone in they do not go well with you God wants it to go well with you and what else in with your children after you you follow the principles of health and built in Everett in the genetic fabric of your body you pass on to your children and you bequeath to your children a positive health lifestyle one of the greatest motivations to be done with drugs and alcohol and unclean foods and live a healthful lifestyle is the past genetically onto the next generation we were understanding some amazing things about Jean today one of the students in medical school shared with me but there is some evidence is beginning to come into that good into the medical community that some forms of cancer may actually be genetically transmitted fascinating studies that there may be a cancer gene in addition to Lysol practices are not sure where that's true or not but I know this proclivity to alcohol to it can be genetic I know this that there can be various genetic predispositions that make people more capable of having a heart attack what as physicians you do one of the first things you do when you talk the patient is a music industries after a heart attack is for your family right God says that if you follow the principles of health it may be well with you and your life children and your children God has a desire that we pass on to the next generation of Jesus carries sound bodies of sound mind so that we can understand the things of eternity but look here verse forty North therefore keep his statutes and his commandments which I command you this day that it may go well with you and your children after you that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord God is giving you for all time since I give you my commands my health message so that it goes well with you today but so that you prolong your days health message is a gift of grace I love John chapter ten verse ten I've come that they might have life and they might have it what noir am abundantly why did Jesus heal one of the reasons Jesus healed is because he wants people to have a more abundant life now what is the purpose of the Adventist health message is to give you and me and our patients the most abundant life possible today the day it it is not a denial that the blog alcohol and tobacco is not eating all sure people are addicted one must deny themselves but it is the pathway the happiest fullest most abundant like possible for Biblical reasons why God gave us an advantage church to help message first the most abundant life here to be the radius radius about the happiest people in when I see some proponents of the health message who looked as if they are ready to criticize new and examine every single single thing you meet with the microscope they are not very good advertisements of the most abundant like the one of the reasons for the help with so that you will radiate so that our radiant health and joy and happiness communicate that everybody around second reason God is a God longs for us to have deeper fellowship with him and since our health habits affect our spiritual life God is interested in our health the Holy Spirit does not communicate with your big tall he communicates with your brain and if the quality of food and the quality of of your exercise program and the habits of your life pollute the blood going to your brain the Holy Spirit cannot communicate as fully there is an integrated intimate relationship between the physical health and the spiritual health and so since human beings are not compartmentalized as Greek philosophy teaches since we are not separate units of mine here in body or in spirit here you know the Greeks believed it that the suicide after the Romans who accepted Greek philosophy believe that suicide was an honorable release you could do nothing to inhibit and affect the soul so they said well if you die the soul leaves the body and mind and body and soul are separate and distinct Seventh-day Adventists believe that wearing integrated unit that what affects your body and the quality of blood that goes to the brain affects your relationship with God we understand the integrated unity of the physical mental and spiritual dimensions of life we recognized that the brain is not right nourished by the quality of blood is nourished by the oxygen and good food and positive emotions this is why Alan Wright Ellen White writes the hell should be physically gardens the character don't like to take in old familiar text and look at it with you in a new way that clearly points out the biblical foundation of the relationship between spiritual life and physical health but the text you know well but you may have not looked at it in this context first Corinthians chapter six verse Corinthians chapter six old text in the way first Corinthians Chapter six and we're going to look at verse nineteen and twenty do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you which you have from God and you're not euro for your bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body your spirit which are God 's now notice there are two key words in verse nineteen and twenty the keyword in verse nineteen 's Temple Temple the key word in verse twenty is glorified or glory now is the body a temple or a sanctuary is it is there are real sanctuary it happened so there's a sanctuary in heaven but Israel is not only make-believe up and have the real sanctuary and is there a real God beholds the sanctuary and had when was there a sanctuary on earth what the Bible we find that Leviticus Exodus Deuteronomy Johnson let them make me a sanctuary that I may do what dwell among them did the Israelites make a sanctuary today when the sanctuary was completed was their inauguration service and what the old the sanctuary when there was an ardent inauguration service of glory or the presence of God Seventh-day Adventist lettuce sanctuary message believe that the body is the sanctuary on earth so there is a sanctuary and earth today a temple on earth and that your body and mind every time the Bible uses the word glory it means one of two things the honor of God or the presence of God there are three hundred and ninety passages in the Bible that talk about the glory use the expression glory most of them are acquainted with the Old Testament the glory of God fills the Temple and it deals with his honor or glory when you read first Corinthians six nineteen and twenty in the context of the sanctuary this is what it say with you back and look at verse nineteen do you not know your body is the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit just as there's a sanctuary in heaven where God 's physical presence dwells so your body is the sanctuary on earth to be field with the glory of God as you live in harmony with the laws of health so this spirit of God that fills my body reveals God 's glory through me as I leave in harmony with the principles that God has given now if you take that reasoning in turn to the book of Revelation now notice were studying the relationship between the sanctuary and the body Temple and how what that has to do with God 's last day message we are looking at the idea that God gave to the Seventh-day Adventist church a health message because in that health message we are drawn to a deeper relationship with him so that he is cool already can fill our body temples and that glory of his presence could be manifested a world Revelation chapter fourteen we look there at first six and seven the last message to the world then I saw another angel flying the middle of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those of you out under your to every nation tribe tongue and people so here's God 's last they message those of the ends of the earth verse seven saying with a loud voice fear God and do what give glory to him why is the Army 's judgment is not where does the judgment take place it takes place in what it has been a walk in the sanctuary so while God 's judgment is going on in heaven in the sanctuary we on earth in the sanctuary of our body temple draw close to him and commit ourselves to him physically mentally spiritually and emotionally so his glory can shine out of us this is the uniqueness of the Seventh-day Adventist health message the popular health reformers of the world knows nothing about what were talking about now and in the time message we get in which the sanctuary of the heart is filled with the presence of God to reveal the glory of God the waiting world watching universe now compare this to Revelation eighteen verse one revelation eighteen verse one after these things I saw see this is in the crisis of this artistry charge in-state there aren't natural disasters the economic bottom falls out but it happens these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was filled with his lot glory what is the glory of God fills the earth it is the character of Christ revealed in the people of God who follow the principles of Jesus physically mentally spiritually and in time and reveal before waking world and watching universe that God 's ways right so Seventh-day Adventists have a uniqueness in their health message so what's the purpose of the health message first the purpose of the health messages to be helping to live in London life now it happened a second the purpose of the health message is to draw us closer to believing Christ to this Jesus and it was a deep relationship with him so that our minds are clear thirdly God 's gift of health biblical is part of his last day message to prepare people for the Souter Jesus you find that in first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three the message itself thirdly is not simply to give us a deeper experience spiritually today but is to prepare us for and in time of crisis is the birth of the coming of Jesus Seventh-day Adventists believe that Jesus is coming soon and Adventists believe that Christ is coming not to redeem an ethereal soul but to redeem the entire person first Leslie Shaffer five verse twenty three now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely may your Holy Spirit soul and body your wife spirit soul and body be one reason the preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Jesus is coming to redeem all of us and because have installed the early Adventist health was breaking down and saw the bodies were not prepared for the great event and the coming of Jesus have installed clearly that the health of these early ideas of being destroyed God revealed a precious gift of grace in the Adventist health message fourthly God 's gift of health is part of his witness to the world God 's gift of him is part of his witness to God gave ancient prophet Ezekiel of vision of the health message going to the world do you remember that patient a Ezekiel forty seven there is a waiver and the river flows from the throne of God in the sanctuary no water in the Bible is a symbol of what water in the Bible was a single of what people that is true in Revelation it's a simple peoples that's okay but Jesus now give you the water of life healing water as a symbol of life and healing it is in Revelation simple peoples as well sometimes the money of multiple symbols of water is a single when Jesus love you to the water of life the river of the water of life it's a simple generally of life and healing in Ezekiel forty seven there is an absolutely incredible vision Ezekiel looks up and he sees coming from the sanctuary River he sees a man the man is walking the record of the singles of your letter I think we'll is a huge forty seven there's a man is a Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel still there before then they moved to prevent seeking forty seven okay see you forty seven verse one then he brought me back to the door of the temple what is this temple and allergies are what sanctuary language rugby back to the Temple of the northern there was water flowing from under the threshold of the Temple authorities for the front of the Temple facing east and the water was flowing from the right side of the Temple so the altar and then the water is running crisis was going over the place verse three then when the man went out to the east with a line in his hand he measured one thousand units a brought me the water the water came up to my ankles always in trouble the water came up where first four last part of what it was where wastes and that the water is coming if wasn't is wasted in the man is wondering what's going on here verse eight a centimeter were closed for the Eastern region goes down the valley of interest to see when it reaches the city its waters are you verse twelve along the bank of the river on this side and that will grow all kinds of trees used for food their leaves will not weather their fruit will not fail they will bear fruit every month because their water flows in the sanctuary to what a country where the sanctuary food in their leaves for medicine the water represents the life that enables the tree to produce the leaves from this water is the water flows from the sanctuary specifically of healing what is that medical ministry three seventeen we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress because of the flowing of hundreds of thousands of three was the whole earth is covered with water the promising so why is closing from Ezekiel forty seven and she says that God will have a great and that the missionary movement men and women who unselfishly go out to serve others men and women with a compassion for others men and women went to desire to see others feel that physically mentally and spiritually that will be a great witness to the world because here is a prediction in Ezekiel forty seven concerned with that is confirmed by the modern-day prophet that something will happen what is it from the fraud of the sanctuary of God the rivers of the water of life of medical missionary dealing will flow and as the waters cover the sea it will produce healing and the weakness of God 's people will go to the ends of the entire Earth this is the uniqueness the NSF message out don't misunderstand it is not true that Seventh-day Adventists originated natural remedies you can go back and read Doctor Jackson you can read Doctor thrall I was looking on the net Doctor Jackson a Seventh-day Adventist he talked about fresh air he thought about walking a dog whole-grain diet before and would like Seventh-day Adventists have never claimed to be originators of the health message in fact we read a quote or two EJ Wagner soon we think today is a new argument that Ellen White supposedly copied some of these health things I was as a people dog that you copy from patrol I say this but you know what the copy was not gotten some but anyway here's Luigi Wagner said that argument was that her day and Wagner made a point is the point in one eight now Wagner says that when placed on a level with the great truths of the three Angels messages by the sanction and authority of God 's Spirit and soul declared to be the means whereby a week people can be made strong to overcome and are diseased bodies could be cleansed and fitted for translation then in the health message comes to us as an essential part of present truth to be received with the blessing of God or reject it at our peril this is the uniqueness of the evidence of message and uniqueness of the others health message is not one single walking for exercise secular postmodern people can do that and they can be lost it's not that you're a vegetarian their play a human visitor vegetarians so it is not that you go out and get sunshine fresh air that's not the uniqueness it was not the unique is that when Ellen White did is to the truth that God showed during vision she will give other writers in her day pulled those things together the jury was left off the errors but second in the context of spirituality and prepared the people the coming of Jesus where the seventh evidence help message is unique and aviation not in the fact of the individual parts but in the fact of it is a message given by God to prepare a people for the soon return of Jesus Christ to enable them to live a better quality of life here to enable them draw closer to him in a spiritual experience and to enable them to be a powerful powerful witness to the world here are the unique aspects of the NSF message there are three one the message of health is part of God 's lasting message to compare people to the coming of Jesus Noah the church has to that's unique to a healthy body contributes to a healthy spiritual life most postmodern secular people in the fluid three a positive religious experience in your life ads for you better health watch an opportunity seventh day Adventist physicians and dentists and medical personnel have the beginnings for a double blessing one message that we have been entrusted with to be able to use spirituality as a modality on the third point the world is just catching up with what is working you know that fifteen years ago and only three medical schools in United States that had a distinct course on scores of spirituality and healing today happen there is a sentence today with the will is catching up and maybe going beyond were something of Fahnestock with some Adventist medical personnel may be hesitant hesitant to champion our uniqueness in the area of spirituality just the Seventh-day Adventists were pioneers in the area provided one stop smoking I believe it said that its physicians have a chance to be on the cutting edge of scientific research in the area of spirituality and help I've no question about it in my own mind you are cooperating with God every time he went to that office every time you see a patient you are not simply dealing with the body but is the seventh day Adventist medical person you are looking at the wholeness of humanity to seeing the whole person physically mentally spiritually you cooperating with God why to produce healing in the body so the mind will be clear to understand God 's will for your patience life that is a mission statement for your practice I want to cooperate with God to produce healing in the bottom so the mind can be quite to understand God 's message and so this person can live the greatest quality of the I think of when I present this into your office you gain access to their heart a confidence bond is built up you have metaphysical need and people will be open spiritual and when you help them spiritually my point is that it will transform their lives physically I was looking recently at a survey that was done in America regarding patient's attitudes to their physicians and went to aspects of the survey that have to do with spirituality seventy percent and percent of the patients said they like their positions pray for seventy seven percent then seventy two percent said we would like to have a spiritually faith-based conversation with our position that means forty fourths of the people coming to your office would like you to pray for them three fourths what if their longing for prayer and you just saw forty patients that day and they walk out without what if the person comes into your office obesity overweight they've tried to give up overeating they just don't have the power one physician prescribes drugs to help them the other physician gets their arm around praising looks for the root causes gets them on some natural program I'm not suggesting there is no time for Medicaid no time or place her medication your far wiser than I in that area I'm a preacher there certainly is a time for medication but I would suggest to you that we live and not under medicated society overmedicated society do you agree with me that our society is under medicated is overmedicated Aslan in a SNS early administrators of this it takes three ropes pulling in opposite directions to give the Temple 's drinking of these early others used to have a tent meetings he said it takes for a robust pulling out all opposite direction to the Temple Street but he chuckles and resembling Zohar and is robust because the tent sleeping so far in the other direction even his ears to hear them here with us and went with the spirits as the churches reasonably so hard on this rope with natural remedies is not because we are under medicated but because were overmedicated what about that godly position against his arm around a person talks about spirituality introduces spirituality as a therapy I have been amazed as I have been looking recently at a series of studies showing how spirituality makes a difference in physical life this study is a unique contribution of them just rattle on about five or six studies international Journal of psychiatry medicine Journal twenty eight page one eighty nineteen ninety two thirteen here's a study of blood pressure the relationship between religious activities and blood pressure was examined in a six year prospective study of one thousand older adults know I recognize that many of these studies in religion and health the samples too small I understand what it on the preacher but still in research and I read so I look for studies there their guilt the statistical analysis is larger so here's a study four thousand older adults among subjects who attended religious services once a week or more and Prater study the Bible once a day or more like the systolic hypertension was forty percent lower forty percent lower and these people are studying the Bible pray study number two gets a study of depression that said published by George Peterson and encoding down in June nineteen ninety eight American Journal of psychiatry one fifty five Journal one fifty five page five thirty six he found that depressed patients what a strong intrinsic religious please remember seventy percent faster from depression this is why this is so unique we can help people with spiritual modalities I hear is a study done in Marin County nineteen thirty one older residents of Orange County California study done by D Ullman and D Reed nineteen ninety eight American Journal of Public health in a five-year prospective cohort study of nineteen thirty one older residents of North County California persons who attended religious services were thirty six less likely to die during the follow-up period here is a study that is done that deals with interleukin six and it deals with largely the immune system and the question is what findings are there that suggests that religion helps to build a stronger immune system to keep to deal with disease this is Journal of psychiatry and medicine Journal twenty seven to thirty three two fifty is the study findings suggest that persons who attend church frequently has stronger immune systems than less frequent attenders he talks about how they are in poverty studies in nineteen eighty six nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety two predicted that they would be lower plasma interleukin and it's it's amazing study that deals with the building of the immune system here's a study of lifestyle done by Strawbridge in nineteen ninety seven he studied mortality over twenty eight years he said frequent church attendees were more likely to stop smoking increase exercising increase social contacts and stay married even after all variables were controlled for the mortality difference persisted if you have not seen the MAS NBC September nineteen two oh six a new study that was just published on faith and healing it is certainly worth looking at it is the study which is a study that points out that seventy two percent of all Americans say they welcome persuasion with their physician but it then goes on to say that I felt was quite fascinating the woman who did this particular study looked at a hundred and fifty studies on religion and health she was not greatly impressed and I could tell from reading the study that she was not not impressed with the statistical difference of spirituality as it going to help but she comes in the last paragraph I was reading the articles you come to last paragraph here's one that I would call a skeptic and she says one not however quote blew my socks off now here's what I think is located skeptically Jesus this blows my socks off people who regularly attend church and a twenty five percent reduction in mortality that is they live longer than people were not churchgoers this is true even after controlling for variables intrinsically linked to Sundays and Saturdays and appealing social support healthy lifestyle she says and the strange thing is all this data is called primarily from Christians so here she say that Christians who are committed to God in charge will tend to live significantly longer can I as a Seventh-day Adventist position help practice with all the information on health reform that in with all the evidence before him that clearly indicates the studies that the more I read my patients to Christ the better their health is going to be can I turn my back on can I deprive my patients of that knowledge of the Bible text of that prayer is to radically change them inside to improve the while you want than helping wanting to go and do something what a gift God gave seventh day Adventist positions and twenty ideas to improve the quality of our lives and to enable us to live the most abundant life possible here with you again address closer to Jesus spiritual sore bodies could be the sole Temple went to I give the prepares of people becoming Jews when he feels that as a witness to the world went as we integrate physical mental spiritual dimensions it makes a difference echoing in re echoing down the course of time speaking to your heart mind this morning there is an appeal we studied the need of the gift we study the origin of the we study the purpose of the one about receiving the gift what does God want to do in your life and mine right now please take your Bible and turn to Romans the twelfth chapter of Romans the twelfth chapter what does God want to do in your life and mine is this merely information or is it a deep spiritual appeal from a loving God Romans the twelfth chapter Paul is urgent his message spoke that it's fixed now his message touched lives than it touches them now his message move men and women then it moves men and women now Romans twelve verse one I beseech you therefore brethren what language I beseech I urge you I appealed to you this is now half hearted a call this is the apostle pouring his soul into something that for him his life this is no active course in Christianity one oh one this is no pre- printer this is not something on the back burner he says I beseech you I'm concerned about this I'm appealing to you with all my heart on my site usage and therefore brethren by the mercies of God is a God is giving you this health messaging mercy is given you the sales message to his grace and besieging you to do something about that you present your bodies a living sacrifice again what language is living sacrifice what language is that what is done from sanctuary mark this point in market well the sacrifice was brought to the sanctuary ally but it did not remain alive if any man will come after me let him deny himself the sacrifices brought alive I bring my body to Jesus Christ alive but I die to these mortals fleshly body with its passions is there any physical practice in your life now it's not in harmony with God 's will is there a physical practice that you as a health practitioner that God is calling you to die to notice I beseech you therefore brethren that you present your bodies a living sacrifice their brought alive but they don't stay alive holding the land that was brought was wholly without blemish acceptable to God you see what it says which is your reasonable service now in the new international version of the Bible it does not say which is your reasonable service does anybody have new international anyway have that wasn't said second first verse life are not reasonable service way what this is your spiritual act of worship when because you have failed as a physician anxiety and you reach for maybe a couple or when there is some lifestyle practicing your life Jesus as I appeal to you as a spiritual act of worship give me your body and let me have full control of the God is calling health professionals to be helping God is calling out professional to give him their bodies as a spiritual act of worship as I get in my body is a spiritual act of worship I say Lord what is it in my life is in overwork is it lack of exercise is it nervousness and anxiety that causes me to gorge myself between meals is it still a struggle with me what is it going what is it in the area of health that I haven't surrendered you in my body you see the issue may not be the very thing that you are doing at all the issue is this conversion comes at a test conversion columns at a test what is the test that God is giving what is he calling you to dig deeper surrender in that spiritual worship and as we make that commitment that surrender his glory fills our life and we become powerful witnesses to in ways we can never imagine is the lack of surrender they did and that's the even filling on the body tempo with his spirit so that we can see Revelation eighteen one for field and the glory of God manifest in the world of you come to the place where you have surrendered everything you are and everything that's going on in your body it may be a physical habit there may be somebody here though in a group is large I would assume that there is that struggling with some sickness or disease and maybe even battling against maybe you have said what I follow the principles of health much of my life but why did I get sick why do I have this pain in my body why why am I going through this I invite you today not only to surrender the habits that but surrender anything going on in your body and pastor Robert Davis wrote a book called my journey into Alzheimer's disease for those of you in the medical profession know well that Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder that destroys a person 's memory the ability to work learn and reason and make judgments carry out daily activities as the disease progresses it can go from anywhere from three years to twenty years it's totally destructive you become totally disoriented you often become suspicious and angry Alzheimer's is a horrible horrible death to die I want to read you Pastor Robert Davidson 's struggle with Alzheimer's and how he came to terms with it as an illustration of the surrender of your body to Christ hear his words one night in Wyoming as I lay in a hotel room crying out to my Lord my long desperate prayers were suddenly answered as I lay there with my Alzheimer's in the blackness shrieking out in the silence my repeated prayers it was suddenly a light that seemed to fill my soul the Sweet holy presence of Christ gained in the he spoke to my spirit and said take my peace stop your struggling it's all right this is all in keeping with my will for your life life back in your shepherds care that night I chose to take things moment by moment thankful for everything I have instead of ranging wildly against the things the Bible have you personally as a physician as a dentist as a student have you personally come to Jesus and so Jesus I am laying my body and my mind and my soul and the shepherds I'm giving to him everything in order online for battle with you anymore about those habits and letting them down I'm not the struggle anymore over what's going on in my body I'm simply rest resting in peace and the shepherds care as we buy once quietly in the recesses of your soul would you like to take a moment and say Jesus on arrest shepherds care of my father my father we come to you today even as medical professionals is a lot going on in our bodies some of us and having seventy eight hours a week and were exhausted some of us still struggle with habits that we've wanted to surrender the past but we have held onto the some of us are strange things going on in our bodies and breathe and worried about them we maybe had even confided in with anybody else Lord we now do you want to use us in powerful ways to witness to the world so we come and give our bodies to you today we rest in your love and you care your goodness the father we want to see our practices be everything in heaven wants to we want to be the powerful and mighty witnesses for patients we want nearly not to practice medicine like the world we want to be different as Christian practitioners as seventh day Adventist Christian practitioners may we rise to our destiny and see the day with a medical missionary work will grow fill the earth waters cover the sea in Christ


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