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Ultimate Purpose

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • October 13, 2012
    9:30 AM
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father in heaven I thank you so much for the Sabbath day in the privilege that we have been here worshiping together father we know that you're in our presence and you have invited us actually into your presence on the Sabbath day we pray Lord that time would be well spent that we would have years to hear and hearts to respond what you have to tell us today we asked gratis in Jesus name and for his sake in thank you very much I want to start out by talking a little bit about the ultimate purpose of the whole idea even behind this I feel really exciting privilege to be here and be a part of this because as I mentioned in our brief description of seminars last night we nineteen rather the eighteen to twenty nine -year-old age group is the missing us to group in the church today is not just in the Adventist church today according to the Barna research group teenagers are some of the most religiously active Americans now listen carefully teenagers are among the most religiously active Americans you think all Americans can look at the person experienced the most accurate and that the teenagers and twentysomethings are the least active data from the teen years of being the most active and then you get into the twentysomethings and you're the least active and as I mentioned the ages of eighteen to twenty nine arc while the black hole of church attendance so what happened between the teen years and and the twenty 's and just so that we don't think it begins in college specifically while scholars does it do them a professor at Princeton theological seminary Nintendo Creasy Dean wrote a book I'll be almost Christian it is based on a sunny day CDN one summer heat interviewed thirty three hundred teens between use of thirteen and seventeen about their faith as he describes it as one of the most depressing summers of her life she says they have a lot to say they can talk about money sex and their family relationships with but when they got to the subject of faith they are indifferent and inarticulate okay so this is the active population a team to open she is serving a thirty three hundred teens and some people certainly know maybe they're shy in a firefighting in the Netherlands is a shot they can talk about kind of thing that you get the spirituality in and they seem to be in difference she concluded that more American teenagers are embracing what she calls moralistic therapeutic theism I like better moralistic therapeutic deism deism that's the bottom washing worshiping moralistic in office I got some moral values fighting they are therapeutic God does things for me he says that more American teenagers are embracing when she called moralistic therapeutic vias in the watered-down statement portrays God as a divine therapist 's chief goal is to boost people 's self-esteem that's what Dean said in her book the almost Christian she goes on to argue that many parents and pastors are unwittingly passing on this self serving strain of Christianity she says this imposter they is one reason teenagers abandoned churches if teenagers lack and articulate face he said it may be because the faith we show that Mrs. Heinlein as the Miramax in the way of conversation it was not too spineless to empty to accommodating the world around us interesting study in another blow written by David Kinnaman and he's the president of one research group he wrote a book called you lost me looking at this generation is black eighteen to twenty nine -year-olds and he commented in his book he says the problem that we're seeing arises from being in adequacy of preparing young Christians for life beyond youth the dropout problem is accurate or a phased development problem to use religious language if the disciple making problem and I agree with him and one hundred percent there is a problem if it in the church then understanding what it means to be a disciple of Christ and that lack of understanding has taken out the purpose of Christianity in exile and explore with you this morning as we look at the ultimate purpose I want to ask the question first of all I mean this is a commonplace question and I think everybody have a pretty straight forward answer that is what is a disciple of your essay and running with I wanted to stay within the confines of Christianity if I use the word disciple out there what is what is the disciple follower most people would say a follower something to follow somebody with the purpose of being like them emulating that somebody right many of you would connect with that definition of discipleship disciples and followers okay and of course a Christian is to be a disciple of our follower of Christ ask a follow-up question is very dear friends between in the fight help in a Christian is not it is not a trick question is there a difference between a disciple in a Christian on getting a little bit of Avalon on here in the absence nose and some moon let me ask you this way should there be a difference between a discipling Christian Lily Lily saying always out and everything is likely present for this I thought is an active Christian right I mean some is the same as the difference is that kind of the difference that's that's what I assume I thought the people and in conversations I don't need to assume and I should say that people have this conversation with the balmy elaborate a little bit IL-12 that Kristin is a believer in the new disciples are terribly relaxing itself does some does the Scripture support that the book of acts with me I hope you have your Bibles this morning were going to go back next Chapter 11 accepting eleven and in acts chapter eleven it were going to verse twenty six is thinking a little bit of background great things were happening in yearly church among the laypeople that is that the church members not the past is not the leap freeze the leaders with the apostles the church members in Antioch the church was just going gang busters manioc miniatures was growing by leaps and bounds so much so that Word went back to Jerusalem and a church in Jerusalem decided to send Barnabas out to check it out Sabina misspells the Antioch and parted as if the Antioch and while he's gone when I was happening there so then part of this cult goes out and finds all these you got to come and check not enough overseeing the mind if that number is twenty six acts eleven twenty six and when he found him he brought him to Antioch so it was that the whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people and notice that this science calls the new the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch if there disliked the desert of opinion discipling Christian not going to the Bible they were the same group are you following up the disciples were first called Christ begins near his leader the people longer doing is talking about Christ this price blessing Christ added an end and there that people were things that you guys are a bunch of crazy and inventing stuff no biblical distinction between a disciple and a Christian every Christian is a disciple of Christ listen again in the book of John let's go to John the gospel of John chapter twelve verse twenty six John twelve in verse twenty six notice the word that Jesus here John twelve in verse twenty six it says here if anyone serves me the way that the question why anyone serves me he says let him follow me with that any time you read that terminology in connection with the ministry of Jesus you talk about discipleship discipleship Lang follow me you set be my disciple he said if anyone serves me let him follow me you can't serve in enough following you can be a Christian and not be in the site are you following so far no pun intended I hope you're following we are defined for the price even if anyone serves me right and follow me and where I am there my servant will be also if anyone serves me and my father will honor the lets talk about this is no different many Christian and the disciples were all disciples were all called to discipleship what is the design incidentally the great commission of the great commission tell us not make the sidewalks what is the disciple them is a lot we can look at were just a look at a couple does a couple things I want to look at with you this morning as far as disciples go first of all you want to go with me to the gospel of Luke Luke chapter five I went to look this morning with you acts the qualities of a disciple the characteristics of a disciple of chapter five and this is where Peter goes out on the boat with Jesus Jesus Elizabeth Robinett in the water committal bodegas if you don't catch fish in the day when that he drove the man on anyway and lo and behold and that is instantly filled with fish and Peter falls down at the feet of Jesus and he says Lorna Parker may prime a single managing visit from now on your detachment and notice what it says the chapter five in verse eleven so when they had brought their boats to land say what they forced suck all and followed him I want you to notice a characteristic year of a disciple disciple is willing to for say I don't believe this means that they they they they had families from industry and instructional believe that they may solve their homes in an walk around knapsacks everywhere but I do believe one thing we don't know if they let their occupation and in your fisherman here to name who all is with Peter many of the handful of Omega James and John got the partner Simon likely his brother Andrew was there now anonymous chapters Chapter five and we collided late the tax collection visibly by Matthew verse twenty seven it says after these things he went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax office and he said to him what followed me his calling and what idiot disciple discipleship right follow me and it says in verse twenty eight so he left all you see that you left all rose up and followed him and incidentally you may remember Luke fourteen Regina says if any man will come after me on this on the one in the fourteen where Jesus says if anyone is not willing to Passaic all that he hath he cannot be my disciple you have an affect all right listen a disciple is willing to pursue a call out again I don't think that it is my validity was indication that they may solve all their possessions in the inbox is what it does say they left their occupation and incidentally in the book is Armada dolomite says that they had friends dependent upon them for support let me make something clear view this morning when you choose to become a true disciple of Christ in inevitably somebody in your life is in a call you the irresponsible for doing I don't think they were to believe those are people that what you think when you are you responsible I'm not telling aggravated up with jobs equipment segment that am simply just making the point this morning biblically discipleship means were willing to lay anything aside for Christ to you with me so far are you with me so far RI I'm rereading out there you I think you necessarily see the current environment let's go to the next passage this morning that I want to look at him this is also in the Gospel of Luke Luke nine that nine in early verse twenty three this is a very familiar passage midnight in verse twenty three the Bible says here then he misses Jesus said to them all in FY anyone on any managing game memory with things anyone desirous a lot come after me mother talking about all of me discipleship right to be my disciple if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me and the gospel that brings that out that that is on the other gospel writers don't let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me verse twenty four for whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will save out I want to think through this little bit again discipleship language you want to be a disciple of crisis but Jesus says if anyone can follow me this is what needs to happen and I'd be willing to deny yourself that you deny yourself needs to say what you yourself they know yourself there are certain things when each is to be a follower of Christ is a note doing typically heavily thinking through this morning a saline or that is faster when we just follow Christ within us a note to drinking certain things in hanging out with certain people and listening to certain things and watching certain things and an weekly in all we deny ourselves of those things and then you know for example I choose to give my life to Jesus moment to become a vegetarian and then I bear my cross that means that I start to endure persecution or my vegetarianism for example I use the word and before everything the minister I was in the construction field and I would go out and I would be working these jobs with all the steel construction guys and I became a vegetarian and sucks a guys love that we would sit around and eat lunch together and it was on more than one occasion that one of the guys that go out in the yard and fill a bag full of leaves and twigs and come in and say some life and disorganized your persecution I'm for my cross the reproach sometimes we think of taking yourself and taking up your cross we think of the nose some of that reproach that we bear as a as a follower of Jesus for some of the decisions we make in an certainly an application but I want to go deeper than this idea of denying yourself and taking up your cross rest of hours a person think across if you are living in Jesus day where did you see somebody with a draw where they were walking through the mall with across North America one place they were going to the cross they were going to their own death unless they were carrying it for somebody else it was the somebodies got him in Jesus as your cross he makes a very clear that you are going to your death you followed if anyone wants to follow me this is what he says you get us a note yourself and you going to your death let me ask it this way what did it mean for Jesus to take his cross because there were disciples were following and him were not doing anything he hasn't done these reading and he says if you're to come after me to do it I didn't take up your cross deny yourself take up your cross and follow me now I mentioned that when oftentimes we think about Christianity we think about the bad things we had to give up to follow Jesus let's think of it this way from what mappings did Jesus give up what did Jesus give up everything with any of that no Jesus left glory not all the perfection of heaven all the glory all that are raised in heaven he came down this dark world to save you and me Jesus didn't give up bad things that he could be safe to give a good thing so this could be said right when Jesus taking up his cross meant laying down his life for the salvation of others it means the same for every follower of Jesus being willing to lay aside your life your hopes your dreams your ambition for the salvation of others that biblical disciples are you with me so far friends for life of the Christian must be invested with the same thing that the life of Christ was invested with the net is a passion to be willing to give all the salvation of others that Christianity only serving a statement from the book education and I would give a plug here in the book education and if you heard me speak anytime in the last healthy years I give this plot everywhere I go this is one of the most but it I only wish when I was a young adult I had known about this chapter I can read in the book education chapter thirty one you read the whole book and encouraging rebel book but if you only read one chapter chapter thirty one the life work the life work at this age young people and not only the states are saying what does God want for my life what is the plan for my life what is the purpose for my life God tells us the lifework after education page two sixty two within the following success in any line means any occupation you can find itself in demands a definite aim needle would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the aim worthy of his endeavor in one waste of time and unworthy aim listen carefully such an aim is set before the use today in Hanoi the aim is this is a worthy aim and sat before the youth of today listen carefully but I haven't appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest they can appeal to any human being is not what we just ranting about discipleship is met in essence what descriptors telling us of the cycle is now don't confuse what I'm saying here suddenly in NFL I guess were also most of the leave whatever we are doing the professional ministry now that's not true the fact is that God is calling his people to be missionaries anywhere they find themselves in any occupation they find themselves where Southern Adventist University does anybody know what used to be called Southern missionary college and university anyway don't you think all Emmanuel missionary college in Washington missionary college all that's back when the only thing people did as they came to college to be ministered right now all they came to do anything and everything that you're doing pretty much but the idea being communicated that he is still being communicated at least intended to buyer schools is that whatever anything you find yourself again you are called to be a missionary for Christ after first occupants that's what this statement is bringing out the heaven appointed purpose without any is not purpose adhesive linking to you and me the noblest purpose that can appeal to any human being beginning of the gospel to the world in this generation it opens a field of effort to everyone whose heart crisis times everyone is discipleship and Ivy League that one of the greatest challenges among this black hole of attendance today is a loss of that purpose in their understanding and I want to show it to you from Scripture relates through the Matthew chapter twelve and is a fascinating parable here in Matthew twelve just a few verses that packed full of meaning of the twelve verse forty three Matthew twelve in verse forty three the Bible says here when an unclean spirit because out of all the time and he goes through dry places seeking rest and finds none then he says I will return to my my house what was his house was amazing I will return to my house from which I came and when he comes he finds it empty swept and put in order then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter and dwell there and the last state of that man is what is worse than the parts but the process that Berman an evil spirit goes on the manikin and I'm a clarify something you know talk about only fear is a demon possessed person the Bible 's very plain that there are only two masters you can serve you can serve Christ you serve the enemy and listen to me carefully if you have not yet made your choice for Christ you have defaulted the other guy is no riding the fence as well so I decided yet young he sells in the design and that means you choices than for the enemy vital as the reality of the enemy has control over anybody who hasn't chosen Christ have control of and so is argumentative this makes spirit evil spirits and anything under this man will not necessarily the way music there was an evil spirit in the mammoth event less than the not when there's an evil spirit leave a man when Christ comes in one spirit comes in against the other one now so this is a man that at least at one point had accepted Christ and the evil spirit was told to find another place were looking at the life of a Christian here with one point again had accepted Christ into his life expel the evil spirit evils there goes that looks for places to find a place comes back and finds his old house sweat and the King the King James version says governance decorated every to put in order what does a man look like what does a person look like the Swift in order Ali cleaned up their act a little bed they are and gotten rid of some bad habits they stop drinking certain things and carousing and sleeping around and watching things that militate against their spirituality in and gotten things out clean things up they dress up and look nice for church you see and there ensures that have you found rather right so your your outward the outward appearances changed and it should does that sound reasonable a reasonable isolation a person is left an enormous souvenir from the evil spirit he comes back though that there is a form of change their life with this problem but splits the problem houses in the eye nobody nobody living there was me what's missing from inside Christ is missing the Holy Spirit is missing from his life had been the first answer the right answer I wanted all of it further than that think about it for a minute and of course at one time there was the lawlessness presence there that expel the evil spirit but when again he be the spirit comes back is no presence inside he's not that Christ living inside our houses and him and come back inside I'm a little bit further this morning and suggest to you that I was not talk about it necessarily the presence of Christ but the V in the presence of the Holy Spirit but the effect of the presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit in other words let's talk about the substance of the man's life because of what I believe the pictures try what Jesus started paying here is a picture of a man who has coming into Christianity at one time he was invested in the cause but when the evil spirit comes back and finds in these last trimmings he still acts outwardly he has certain of the forms of Christianity but the sauce is Christianity is missed again a disciple is a follower of the master and what was the son of the life of Christ Melissa so if anyone could use some of the life Jesus self-sacrifice who are for salvation on the right live nineteen ten the Son of Man has come to see and to say that with his loss the Vanity Fair summary of the life of Jesus sure enough his whole life this is whole life was and still is invested in that summit after passing in the night is interesting to me and I understood where they were coming from over the counter we balance our secular life in our spiritual life the reality is your whole life should be a spiritual life as many walk around the Bible all the time like this but it means that in the spirit of Christ is directing your motives in your thoughts and everything that you do that was the life of Jesus Jesus doesn't like like in the church and agent itself or outpost on down is over what are we doing tonight and it happened in the late fifties his life was in view that the call of his father that continent on the salvation of souls he was invested in that that was an absolute he was all about every person who was born into the kingdom of God is born with a missionary spirit he denied is the spirit of Christ Christ do not dwell in a person and that person not have the same burning that Christ so you have a picture of the person you have the form of Christianity but for some reason the other the substance of the Christian life is missing and so what happens the beaming comes back and he brings in one thousand at home in your party to making worse off than when I was at the beginning until you I meet young people all the time that one time responded to some call committed their life to Jesus but they don't invest himself in Christian life all they stop doing certain things to get certain things out of his friends Christianity is not about divesting is about investing is not just about what you get out you get a bunch of things out of your life and you don't put Christ in his mission in your life is affecting their ineffective vacuum is filled with the mission of Christ simulators could be filled with something else and you might retain the form of Christianity all the way through it but the substance will be lacking when the substance is lacking and you lack that purpose that's when you get a single purpose for Christianity I believe that we have an entire generation that is struggling with bad why LMI calls it respectable conventionality again from the lifework page two sixty four medication she quotes Mark sixteen fifteen billion dollar breaks the gospel to every creature she says this is Christ commands to his followers not at all I called to be ministers and missionaries in the ordinary sense of the term but only the workers within and giving the glad tidings to the development to all greater small learning or ignorant old or young the command is given now listen carefully in view of this command can we educate our sons and daughters for highlight of respectable now if we will professedly Christian but lacking his self-sacrifice nothing to do with me respectable conventionality with conventional is what this DVD is not cultural norm and respectable conventionality I'm still use the term Christian culture this is where cultural Christians not to be confused with true Christians you know you can be a Christian by culture in other words you grow up EE UU broken the administration and so you you have a certain culture that you're aware of you know all about haystacks and and satisfaction and certain things to be lonely now because you grew up in the culture right is a little subculture there any goals across the lines of questions you got even brought with a call to Christie and even know certain things in the it's cute and innocent little bit unsettling in some way as when you work with kids of course I have to fix my own and when you work with kids in the church and church school and stopping and asking the questions you know like I spent even younger youngest ones you know you asked him a question like so you know who really want to give our hearts did seize us anyway they don't want to say is a Jesus and everything when their young they know the answer that you're supposed to say I'm a singer and since the year but the point is you can just get program to know the right answers and not really have that be part of your life is a true and the problem one of the big problems with that is you're really your Christianity really is coming from people 's views of things versus the Bible 's views of things versus God is a thing my family I grew up in the hemisphere to my family left the evidence church when I was about fourteen years old and the Lord makes my heart when I was in my mid- twenties about twenty five years old I remember coming back into the church I'm going to church school and one other thing that is amazing to me is when I see them acting in concert I was not living for Christ and all and letting for the world my life is totally bizarre with the world and I knew coming back into the Christian life things had changed I'd have to have a passive sit down and give me any kind of studies elected I knew the Holy Spirit speaking to me I knew what was wrong and we needed to change I knew what was worldly and needed to go but the most alarming thing to me is like a Mac and the church saw my old friends Hunter school with the state and Pritchard school Academy how they were living just like I was living in the world and thought it was okay because everybody else in the church the don't be deceived by Christian culture friends do not be deceived by Christian culture culture is not Christianity in the problem here is what am I speaking up his respectable conventionality this is what the church says is okay is acceptable Richard is at Iran as well not everybody else witnesses in fact not many other people win as well I have to go remote counties today and I'll tell you what it's like as a pastor operates operate the sermon on make an appeal Allstate the cost of not languishing for Margaret Jesus and pray the Lord of the harvest and labors anyone anyway or is everything a manually we don't respond missing this afternoon with a get together for outreach and about five percent as Christian culture Ellen White says can we possibly educate our sons and daughters now speaking to my generation can we educate and beyond our sons and daughters him if who I respect democracy now Christianity to airbrush recommends analogous life within a Christian in the year but a life it is laughing in the spirit of Christie is exactly zero I didn't read to you all of that statement to read that sentence again listen in view of this command recognition can we educate our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality a life professing the Christian laughing his self-sacrifice a life on which the verdict of him who is the true must be I know do not if we don't have the Spirit of Christ the missionary spirit when Jesus comes and meets is where we are using to say I know you not how is it that the Bible has a call to discipleship this is what every disciples called to do be willing to divest yourself of your hopes and ambitions and invest itself in the cause of God and yet so few statistically do you know how many Americans and Christians in North America share their faith statistically Christians in North America percentagewise in a percentage how many Christians and North America share their faith on a regular basis rule twenty five percent your optimistic one of five percent still optimistic one percent a lot closer to present possible next two percent increase in Santa Fe than a regular dream we reviewed a worldly old hen were not telling anybody and were followers of Christ many emulating him I like the list of her evening with it you must be I know you not thousands are doing this they think to secure for their children the benefits of the gospel while they deny its spirit we have a generation that lost its purpose I learned that young people today God has a purpose higher and greater for you that any purposes world could ever get I was doing it team I will camp in my conference there in our summer camp we had attitude for our car on high schoolers in a cinema seen by looking at and I was talking to the kids about Christian culture in in in societal norms and I have some of the rest of the cortex although I assume I made an assumption that everybody's goal in life is to be happy I think it's a fair assumption whatever choices we make coming we want to be happy in life it's fair and I said is that given I want you to tell meetings are all that evidence was a girls gone Evans will read a three goals in your life that you have that will help to make you happy when you think of personal lives across the board a good job now is the file requested that right define a good job but the good job you think the other one and make lots of money okay so the good job makes lots of money that was the end this effort and make you happy okay now there are variations but the top three were good job a good education follow question that with a good education when they get you a good job with the job when the making lots of money we think there was my relationship I want to be integral in and around that is wrong with women letting a good job of money to be secure but these were the answers and then with regularity in the list for every one of them was a relationship with Jesus relationship with these minutes sounds good on the surface but let me ask you question from last personal and it's a good job in remember about their team out of camp with their schools and teachers a good job the one that makes lots of money if it's a fugitive limited job right if anybody knows in education you are making lots of money any teachers here and say that I'm not in on it for money I said something about this that these young people they were teenagers are being honest with what's motivating our thinking and we're going to throw first of all those things are good happy and that's where you're looking at certainly not be ready getting the idea from and at a relationship with Jesus and what he has Jesus were to call them like Peter James and John Young people are delivered to call you today and found wanting going in your life the missionary there anyone to be a liar now some parent obsessed to get a quick possible that there is a great man am I saying that an unsafe candidacy is still call people and if he would call you what you said yes to tell you this the Lord Jesus doesn't call anybody into anything that will give them the highest sense of fulfillment in life I remember when the Lord called me I was in college I was I had a good job I was taking night classes at a four oh average in a double major in computer programming and accounting in a large hole in my heart I knew that's not where I need to be taken even how monumentally clear where I needed to be that I knew God was calling me elsewhere so I put that mine had so I left everything behind in fact the last time I was here on the campus of Southern Methodist University 's when I had literally gotten rid of all my stuff and started on the road with ministry misprint I'm not saying God is to tell everybody to do that I mostly got to call everybody out of school and sometimes God calls on the young directors member right now without taking your missionary service many lands he plans to come back and finish up with education for young people that did the work is not very finished in this generation until we break out of the cultural expectations and choose to be Disciples of Christ Jesus went on to say neither seeks the favorite of mine who is aligned with herself and selfish ambition is never life with people your not going to be a much attorney Grady asked his with me I been reading to the Ecclesiastes amazing anything of the background of Ecclesiastes is a man whom God gave a great gift of wisdom and still he went contrary to God 's plan he tells the story and Ecclesiastes is a warning to anyone especially the youth is the what not to do with their lives Ecclesiastes chapter two verse ten installing explains how he pursued all the pleasures of life he said in verse ten whatever my eyes desired I do not keep from them I don't withhold my heart from any pleasure from my heart rejoice in all my labor and this was my reward for all my labor then I looked in all the works in my hands and on the labor which I had toiled and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind a life for herself entertainment is something today because when you live herself living a life that invested himself is so boring that you got constant entertainment so you don't have to think about it is no real purpose in a goes on in Ecclesiastes chapter six number seven to say all the labor of a man is for his mouth and yet the soul is not satisfied in the words we so often dislike this teenage well-known then I'm looking for my needs and necessities and even my wife wants in his life nothing the lip forming a good job and get money and have a family myself my cricket fans the American we all will be empty this like Batman in Matthew twelve gone once more for you by young people God has called you to give you a great purpose and ultimate purpose in this life I saw the necklaces page fifty seven says that the very outset of the Christian life every believer should be taught gets foundation principles listen carefully the foundational principles of Christianity usually taught that he is not merely to be saved by Christ sacrifice but they used to make the life of Christ his life and the character of Christ 's character let them taste the joy of winning souls for him in their lobbying interests for the loss they will lose inside itself the pleasures of the world will lose their power to track and its burdens to this heart when we are invested in the cause of Christ when we become true disciples of Christ the Lord will feel less with his purpose in all that book education was published in nineteen oh three and have an appointed purpose says giving the gospel to the world in this generation young people that generation has come and gone and here we are the gospel could have been given to the world then and by God 's grace this generation will give it to the world now if you only take God seriously and ask him or interview me fill me with that sacred ultimate purpose to know whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this was with a statement from what education fame factor many are you today growing up as the Daniel in a CD and home studying God 's Word and his works and learning the lessons of faithful service you stand in legislative assemblies in hall justice or in royal courts as a witness for the kinky some of the Ravenna San before the rulers of the earth to bear witness for Jesus Christ I'm reminded of a story of a doctor who had a good practice in the city a nice home last toys based on empty so he decided that he wanted to invest some time in missionary service and he found a small island immediate admission doctor and he took two weeks out of the year and even go to the island he would serve any felt good about it in each year even gone even doing this for a few years when a new disease showed up on this island in this man his doctor never seen this morning check around him and nobody never seen it before and it claimed two lives that year and he was just really in anguish over the fact that this is even coming Helen was not that big but he did his two weeks and he went home the next year when he came back he was astonished at how that is even ravaged the island really three hundred people have died and that Doctor was beside himself and he knew something had to be done and he chose been in there and he with me he was very committed his life to finding a cure and he sold his practice he sold his life they got rid of all the things they went over to the island he set up a small clinic the little added him to work in research and try to help the people domestic invested all of his time and energy he spent sleepless hours researching and several years later are you able to find a cure for the disease the other problem was feed himself because of his compromised immune system in his time with the natives had succumbed to the disease it is the disease himself to the point where there was nothing he could do for his own situation that he had sure he only needed somebody to be able to administrative call a colleague in history said Leslie got to come over and help these islanders you've got come over and help them out I'm not a makeshift I'm trusting you is as we promised me set up promise that Doctor passed away and about that time it probably got an offer in the hospital administrator with all the perks and he took it and he covered himself that he was still helping people because after all many still working at the hospital the reality is you never really did like that missionary service working among those natives and he never did go and that the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ has fury only needed to be given out as he called it do any of his generation only therefore he says the gospel to every creature how even respond to that call the day the Lord Jesus is calling you for such a time as this would appeal to you this morning as you're listening to the message and is are contemplating these words and the calling of Christ in your life how many of you want to respond to the words of Isaiah Lord here I am send me that your desire today it is famously this morning here I am Lord send me I will know for you let's pray the Lord Berlin ultimate purpose with Arkansas morning father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege of fellowship with you in service of Lord forgive us for the rest remote conventionality that has gripped us too long to read it nine yes with that Lane of the Holy Spirit 's fire and passion for mission for the law relies the same purpose your life is filled with Italy's young people father and bring his gospel work clothes in this generation will be asking every evening he will a you will want by Nautilus the website is renting one three seven audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse of his life is more certain is www. audio tours or


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