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144,000: First Fruits Unto God

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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  • October 13, 2012
    4:00 PM
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greater family father we thank you for the time we been able to spend instead of the word so far pray that he will continue to enlighten our minds as we conclude our time together has me conclude this portion of our study of the hundred four thousand we recognize that there's just so much more that we have not even begun to develop and to understand some EU got a personal study that we will be faithful to identifying more precious and present truth applied for life 's lessons now as we continue the study of your word in the Holy Spirit continue to be into just reprint Jesus name okay welcome back I think I see mostly familiar faces I'll skip the skip the review this time let's saw that get right into it the firstfruits but that began in Revelation fourteen relationship of fourteen we haven't dealt with it really at all yet and that's where we want to conclude our study today like my nose got a little mixed up here kind the relationship of fourteen will just read the first few verses together revelation fourteen beginning in verse one and I looked in low a Lamb stood on the Mount Zion would handle hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in their formats and I heard a voice from heaven at the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their hearts and a song as it were a new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man could learn that song but a hundred and forty four thousand which were redeemed from the earth these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he go at these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb and in their mouth the sound of God for they are without fault before the throne of God I just want to take a look at a few other characteristics of the hundred and forty four thousand in these verses and then we'll move on specifically on talking about the firstfruits I'd feel it's important just to give you a brief overview first of August saying an outline with the landing of the father 's name written and therefore heads that's familiar territory we just talk about the seal in the four head before had representing the mind heart the seat of the intelligence the father 's name that's right Mister bandy suiting my thunder in the character right today to the Jewish mind in particular name connotes character Daniel God is my judge and God will provide Jesus free will save them from their sins somehow I even Jacob he had a pretty bad me he was the supplants or deceiver what parent in their right mind would name their children that the planter but that's how it came out he was grabbing his brothers heel and he ended up to the match his name but of course he wrestled with God and he became Israelite prince the Prince of God and so the father thing that the father character right but more than that when you own a product if you have say flashlight reported your child when you rewrite originating God writes his name on those were his to me that's a simple thought but it's it's a terribly powerful God writes his name on the because I am his and he is my I like that continuing to sing any song that no one else can sing and when we read in Revelation fifteen a song of Moses and of the land of the song of deliverance were told elsewhere if the song then no one can sing because it was long for it to have an experience that no one else has happened in the course that's worthy of much more study we won't get into that right now they're not defiled with women and women in the book of Revelation symbolized churches with the white women the woman clothing white relations while the pure church around the church and then we have the woman clothed in scarlet Babylon the harlot and she had daughters and so underinformed about and they're not even by old with the falling churches the apostate religions of the world that he will and they're also called virgins so that goes hand-in-hand young virgins are not defiled sexually but you remember we talked about the parable of the talents and we talked about the parable of the wise and and people serving along the wicked servant Dean on the sandwich right between those two in the first part of Matthew twenty five is a parable of twenty or the ten virgins and the ten virgins actually have everything to do with the present through the judgment the wedding being ready to go in the shutout I know I know you're not all those things the virgins particularly if you read that in light of the Millerite movement in light of the eighteen forty four the end of the pointer to date the virgins a parable really has direct application on it forth without our virgin big enter into the wedding enter into the wedding of the Lamb and they follow the land this one I really like Jesus is described as the land several times in these five versus the land and of course the simple surface reading we say Welby 's people are followers of Jesus the Christian Zen and they they do what he said in a follows example right some Jesus had many names in the Bible living many titles are ascribed in describing various facets of the ministry in one place he is the light of the world is the bread of life is the resurrection and the life he is the author and the Omega is the rock is Michael the Archangel is all of these things and they're just this shining a light on different facets of Christ facets of Christ ministry and the title of the Lamb of God also in the description of one facet of Christ's work and what benefit is it the land is associated with what exactly right sacrifice where does the sacrifice they place the cancer on the altar in the courtyard work with thinking but the sanctuary now so the Landis Lane on the altar without the and of the role of the land the land is dead but the life is in the what the blood of the blood is is caught in the bold and the priest takes the blood into the sanctuary and is sprinkled right on the nail and once a year is the cleansing of the sanctuary and there's more black specifically the goat this time but he understand the point and the cleansing of the century takes place on the day of atonement we understand that the anti- typical day of atonement investigative judgment twenty rented days valid judgments all those things we should note that so what does it mean that the hundred and forty four thousand follow the land whithersoever he goes they follow the land to the altar they follow the land of the holy place the fatherland into the most holy place they follow Jesus who has consecrated a new and living way into the most holy they follow Jesus through the sanctuary so the hundred four for thou then do you think that you have a thorough under standing with their application the live of the sanctuary message absolutely yes powerful all of the land I love that the following in the talk about this our even though I just talked about it they had no guile in the mouth and there's no fulfillment in the presence of the throne and this is really talking about the judgment isn't it investigative judgment to determine who is righteous who is not the end was righteously righteous still at the conclusion and was filthy filthy still right they passed the judgment they actually pass the judgment and there's no fault found within them and the other just throw this out there fellow light will read about angry controversy later but that means they actually live through peer to time without intercessor that is a very deep and penetrating study but will have to leave that for another time but they are also called the firstfruits comeback than a minute but this is fascinating all of these descriptions all of these descriptions in one way or another relate to Jesus and this is one my favorite studies and go through the characteristics of the hundred four two thousand and every single one of them either their direct descriptions that are neared from Jesus himself for example Jesus was described as having no guile he wasn't without fault or blemish forth Christ with a virgin he was not involved with women they sing the song of the Lambright Moses in length all of these things and more direct correlation with Jesus the hundred four thousand are like spitting images of I can use that term of Jesus and even the firstfruits so that's where would Anna had next missed talk about Jesus who is also called first fruit of first Corinthians chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen beginning in verse twenty first Corinthians fifteen in verse twenty but now is Christ risen from the dead and become the firstfruits of them that slept for since by man came death by man came also the resurrection of the dead verse twenty two for as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive twenty three but every man in his own order Christ the firstfruits afterward they that are Christ's at his coming so a couple important points are Christ is identified as the first fruits of those who sleep the firstfruits of the dead now okay will will expound on that will do more verse twenty three is important is that every man in his own order there is an order of events the sequence of events first Christ must rise and then after him all the others this is really one of the key point to the firstfruits is that without having the firstfruits you can't have any other fruits you can't have number two three and four before you have the number one right you can't have a second born the third one in the fourth born if you don't have the firstborn the firstfruits and paid the notes she comes first but there is the significance of that we'll talk about that little the more a little bit of commentary here from my fellow white Bible commentary six one zero nine two page one thousand ninety two Christ was the firstfruits of them that slept it's very seen the resurrection of Christ and the dead was observed in tight by the Jews at one of their sacred feasts they came up to the Temple when the firstfruits had been gathered in and held the feast of Thanksgiving the first fruits of the harvest proper synchrony dedicated to the Lord that crop was not to be appropriated for the benefit of man the first ripe fruit was dedicated as a thank offering to God he was acknowledged as the Lord of the harvest when the first heads of grain ripened in the field they were carefully gathered the people went up to Jerusalem they were presented to the Lord waiting the right and she's before him as a thank offering after the ceremony the single could be put to the weeds and it could be gathered into sheets there's a lot in there about what the firstfruits how they're handled what their use for all of those things on summarizing now they were secretly dedicated to the Lord the firstfruits not only were they the first screen to ripen even though that is important they were sacred to the Lord Saco rededicated the Temple and they were used in appropriateness in the Temple service they also were thank offerings given to the Lord and is representative of the entire harvest so just like art high we give God ten percent is not to say this is all that belongs to God if the representation given ten percent of our firstfruits leaving you that sometimes to represent that had everything else also belonged to him so yes the firstfruits are specifically dedicated to the Lord but that just means is representative of and everything else also belongs to the Lord and it also must be presented to God be for the harvest can continue to exist to some of the high points that we noticed so far so applying this to the hundred and forty four thousand in the identify as firstfruits unto God into the land the hundred and forty four thousand then also are sacredly dedicated to the Lord for a special purpose I think this has something to do with this actual experience that they have no one else had I wish I could go under that maybe if we have time I can dive into it a little bit later but we do know that they in the future have a special place special role that the other redeemed people don't have that hundred forty four thousand are also representatives of the rest of the harvest and also the harvest cannot continue until the firstfruits until the hundred four thousand are presented that I can put in another works the Honda and Ford without in some way are representative of all of the other redeemed will be saved at the harvest and also until the hundred four thousand are in existence on your harvest can happen they need to appear first because before you can have a harvest you have to have the firstfruits just like to have a second one before you have a firstborn similar type question for the last two points here I'm I want to hold off for a moment when they come back to it takes down on it in a little bit I want to talk a little bit take the extrapolated to expand a little bit understanding by talking about the process of growth because always have a firstfruits and harvests and an agriculture anything there is a process of growth the process of growth and Jesus actually explains what it is a flip in Mark 's Gospel of Mark mark for begin reading verse twenty six Mark four twenty six and he said so is the kingdom of God as a man should cast seed into the ground and just sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring and grow well he know not how but here's bringing forth fruit of herself first the blade then the ear after that the full corn in the ear but when the fruit is brought forth immediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest is what familiar with this illustration army first year of birth the blade in the ear and the full corn in the ear and when the fruit is brought forth harvest discount this is a description of the Christian growth know where we were not baptizing them immediately we are fully mature and no knowledgeable Christians there is a process just like babies to take process learn how to walk and talk and take care of himself and so on and so forth and we talked but also earlier house in every stage we can be pleasing to God every stage we can be considered perfect in either God by living to the what we know to the life that we've been given if we are completely surrenders of we might be just first the blade but got if you got the perfect plan for the face but just like we talked about earlier there is called the point of perfection and in this in this illustration it is called the point of writing this and when the harvest is right then the rate being takes place so because no one in their right mind would read a blade of grass basically if the corn growing in his grasp I get very much you got to wait until the appropriate time they've got the roads with certain stage and in the same way there is a certain stage that must be reached in order the heart and before the harvest is fully right the question is when the harvest right whether the knee at the harvest is ripe I give you a clue the scene determined the crop right if you plan corn it gives you the expectation of what the right fruit should be you look for the fully formed corn in the ear if you plant the watermelon seed and I can pick a kind of a watermelon like this right you can look for the dry ten rules in on the day the August so in order for the better understand this process of rolling growth and righteousness what does brightness really mean we don't understand what the Cedars in the gondola crop were talking about so and give you the answer right there Christ is the scene while let's must prove that John Chapter twelve John Chapter twelve and verse twenty four began verse twenty three actually and Jesus answered them saying the hour is come that the Son of Man should be glorified for one hour that what event is he speaking out our days be glorified well after sound a lot like his his death is soon to occur firstly for verily verily I say and do you accept the corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone but if it die it brings forth much what fruits of Jesus sets I am missing because I'm about to die and I must die because when I die death I can bring about much fruit as you connection Jesus Christ is the Steve Ellis planted and therefore what kind of a cloth for right harvest are we looking for at the conclusion of the egoist seems like a rehearing the same theme arising from our various talks today so at the conclusion of the harvest will looking for fruit that looks like Jesus just like a plant corn and you know whatever variety of corn you expect your crop to look like the variety of corn implanted so we just connect the dots in this illustration of the harvest and the firstfruits ripeness is the same thing at Rice likeness in Christ likeness we talked about last hour is the same thing as being sealed I didn't put this on the screen but right now than is actually reaching that point of no return that were talking the point of no return in which we have made such decided resolution four and nothing will ever move us from that is when the harvest is right guys let's go back to our earlier discussion on informed about this egregious that it is the Lord for special-purpose and in four thousand representative of the rest of the harvest okay so start to think a little bit okay how can that be the harvest cannot continue until the firstfruits of presented me this is one of those things that I think we need to use our minds to rest and wrestle with little we talked a little bit about talents in the first hour but not everyone is given the same amount of talents another way to put it is that not everyone is given the same amount of light not all the same time so that she is a classic example Martin Luther what Martin Luther a faithful follower of Jesus Christ you better what but what you given all the life into the status is still baptized infants he didn't particularly like people who known Anabaptists and there were other issues about William Miller you can keep the Sabbath either were told Angel to guard the dust of his great he sure sounded a faithful man done a lot of good with all those people can we say that they had a perfect extent of at their face to our best of our knowledge we can judge but sure seems that way both were willing to give their lives entirely for the Lord but we are in a great controversy in which there is an adversary the accuser of the brethren and God has been orchestrating the whole great controversy in such a way to answer one by one allegation in the charges of the of the accuser of Satan against as the one of the arguments could easily be how can you bring William Miller and how can you bring Martin Luther to heaven when they never kept the Sabbath when clearly they were not fully up to speed how would you know that they will not fail you again in the future see the line of reasoning there are people yeah okay so they were faithful Bethesda how do we know they did bring them back to life they're not just like me him and him and so God says okay we have the records of their lives right that's what the judgment is all about the books are open the Angels are watching and the judgment starts with the dead first judging and they have a record of his life and the heavenly intelligences can see the character of this man and they also see this is all that he was very visible light is only given to balance as an example is about that okay you see the quality of their commitment to me you see I may have crossed the line based on their knowledge of of not turning back complete commitment the point of no return and bear phase will let me show you at the end of time a group of people a group of people who I have revealed the rest of the story and I allow them to go through your test Satan and these people are fateful and the quality of their commitment to meet is the same as Martin Luther and the Millers in their day they committed one hundred percent to meet and David blood and assigned a committed one hundred percent to me and so if they were given the same opportunity as the hundred four thousand with the same quality of faith with the same experiences in their lives I've got the records to show he was faced and what they are those people will grow to be like those people follow the line of reasoning so the firstfruits are representative of the save of all previous eras because this is the group of people work at the end of time God has revealed all that there of course all I need to go to heaven will be studying more mysteries but you understand what I'm saying the light is revealed to them that was not previously revealed and we see that this group of people they are faithful unto death the quality of their faith the perfection of their faith the entire one hundred percent commitment of not turning back is this say as Miller and Luther and the faithful Saints of old and in that way the hundred forty for thousand of the representatives of the rest of the harvest and that's why the harvest cannot continue until they are here so the quality of their faith is representative of what all the righteous dead would become if they had the same opportunities the firstfruits and I'm going alone scripted yearly ceiling finders keepers Hebrews this is not in my notes so you know how it goes sometimes Hebrews chapter eleven in verse forty activists are first thirty nine Hebrews Chapter 11 we understand that to be the face chapter we see all of these faithful men women powerful men and women all the way through somewhere sawn asunder and some were destitute and cave-in there out there and Pauline Wright on whom the world was not worthy verse thirty nine and these all of these righteous all of these faithful having obtained a good report of faith received not the promise he written eleven we see Abraham is looking for a better country maker and and a better saver builder and maker is God the looking for that promise and they haven't gotten there yet and verse forty said God having provided some better thing for us that they without us at the end of time should not remain perfect in other words all of those faithful men and women in history and in fact the very next verse Hebrews chapter twelve is wherefore seeing we are also compatible with such a great cloud of witnesses all those righteous dead like the one of able figuratively now we are with there in the grave and not in heaven but figuratively a crying out finish this rice Hebrews twelve talk about run this race with patient because those people they need the firstfruits they have exhibited faith but we need that and time representation of people living when the market abuse crisis tops we need a people who will stand for the right though the heavens fall and that's what the firstfruits are all about the firstfruits of hundred and forty four thousand is needed to allow the rest of the harvest to take place ballistic a look at the actual harvest must go back to revolution chapter fourteen because the first part of Revelation fourteen we see the description of the hundred forty four thousand C in the firstfruits and then we going to launch into the three Angels messages and then right after that we talk about the harvest revelation fourteen beginning at verse fourteen and I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the clouds sat one sat like unto the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him the said on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and read for the time has come for me to read the harvest of the earth is right with the familiar language isn't it the harvest is ripe immediately put in the sickle because the harvest is ripe and what does it mean harvest is ripe there are a bunch of Christlike people on the earth now right for sixteen and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth and the earth was reaped we continue reading verse seventeen and another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven he also having a sharp sickle and another angel came out from the all author with our over the fire and cried with a loud voice and hand had a sharp sickle faint thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the line of your for her grapes are fully ripe and the angel thrust in his sickle into the Europe and gathered the vine of the earth and cast it into the great wine press of the wrath of God and the winepress was trodden without the city and blood came out of the winepress even unto the horse bridles by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs from a harvest that we read about here in Revelation fourteen actually to the first harvest is awfully familiar to everything that we can talk about the harvest the grain and and the harvest of the righteous so they are those who are right unto salvation but the first harvest within a second harvest they were right unto destruction and what kind of rock kind of fruit when it the first crop they were grain was draining the second crop of grapes right so that means there are actually two groups of firstfruits in Revelation fourteen is the first truth unto God to the land vessel we talked about so far but there are also the other first fruits let's take a look and you'll hang in the Old Testament Joe Joel chapter three and then the primary versus verse thirteen but to give you little context is talking about the judgment on the nations judgment on the heathen verse twelve said let the heathen the weekend and come up to the value Jehoshaphat for their well I sit to judge all the heathen roundabout which I'm a judgment on the wicked verse thirteen put in the sickle for the harvest is ripe about how familiar the harvest is ripe but in the sickle what kind of brightness are we talking .com get you down for the press is full the winepress is and the vats overflow for their wickedness is great so we don't talk so far on the positive end of this discussion and that is the firstfruits unto God they are beyond the point of no return in favor of God but now we have another harvest of the greats who are right it says it's time to gather the man because of their wickedness is great that needs there is a limit there is a limit to the wickedness that God permits the world before he judges and is ripening process yes what is the same for you to talk about than a minute but there are two groups of harvests in Revelation fourteen what we see here are the one side that is so decidedly in favor for God they won't move and then the other group they are so intensely antagonistic against God but they won't move and from what I see those are the only two groups a foregone for your desktop and I believe this is the final piece of evidence of human evidence presented in the great controversy between Christ and Satan got that this is my final exhibit of the type of people of what people will be like when accepting in highly no firstfruits unto God and then these over here these are those who choose the devil 's way firstfruits unto the structure and the watching universe will see without a shadow of doubt final conclusion of God the ministration and sages ministration right here in the harvest harvest of the salvation and the harvest unto condemnation but here's where the Sears where the rub comes the process of both harvests are the same the process to become sheaves of firstfruits to be dedicated before the father and the process to become grapes of wrath to be cast into the winepress of God 's wrath is the same and there are only two groups is what that tells me is that in our personal character development from day-to-day year to year we can week we are actually making a decision either to be in one group or the other there is no third put this in my slide so that I won't get off scriptable too much here since character development is a process as is illustrated by the growing of a plant first the blade then the ear then the full corn in the year this is the case both for a righteous character as well as for a wicked one no one is right overnight either for good or for ill it is a process and that is why we need to think carefully in which direction our character is growing to be ripened to God or to be right unto instruction as I alarmed sometimes when people tell me and I further that I'm not can I get my life in order until I see the final events and yes we were just talking with a new one of our brothers here the Bible does specify that there are events to transpire before Jesus comes there will be a Sunday law it will be the longer lead the image of the beast there are events that will take place but we can't say Jesus is coming tonight because there are certain things that prophetically speaking how that happened but but remember this the wicked service that my Lord delays is coming in by saying that he's forming a character that is going to be in the wrong harness and so sometimes we think about this at it some day down the road when I see some of these events predicted in prophecy and it doesn't look like it's about to happen now then I'll get ready but guess what every decision every choice every priority that we make today is leading us down a path to be right either forgot or right against God I'm resisting the urge to preach anymore I just say this in the Bible there are people who have filled up their quota if you will they have filled up the cup of God 's wrath and then exhausted God 's mercy King Saul is one of and he was right on the destruction and yet their others on the other side who is liking in this our day so the decision is not simply which side will I be then what's I like beyond then that determination is made now every choice every decision our relationships attitude that we choose to harbor determined which firstfruits we can be a part of the year the question which type of firstfruits do you want to be an appeal from Jesus Christ himself when the fruit is brought forth this is Christ object lessons page sixty nine when the fruit is brought forth immediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest is come Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come they claim them as his own it is a privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who profess his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripened and Christ would come to gather the precious green we often say were waiting for Jesus to come even so Lord quickly even so Lord Jesus quickly come where asking him to hasten was doing awaiting here Jesus is waiting with a longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people and of course we talk about this today I hope it's clear about perfection is talking about reaching that point of no return be having our wills and are intense and notice so intertwined with Christ that when we obey him we are but carrying out our own impulse when that happens Christ will come to clean them as his own he needs the firstfruits he needs the firstfruits so let's summarize always talk about they were winding down here the first hour we talked about the servants of God the servant of God just to encapsulate we talked of many things solely concerned about the master 's will and his glory obedient even unto death that's what needs to be a servant of God only a service of God we are not our own we belong to the master enemies our primary priority in a primary interest is his interest so the U.S. Constitution might save their human rights in our pursuit of happiness yes it's a right okay for the Christian the highest priority is the pursuit of the glory of God not our own happiness and God is gracious because when we seek his will has what will find the most fulfillment in life so the servants of God are those who are concerned about the father 's will and his glory the obedient even unto death just like Daniel 's three friends talk about the seal of God those of you see the seal of God there loyally committed to God the on the point of no return they cannot be moved and this session we talk about the firstfruits this is the full representation of what fallen man can become in Christ we can talk about the Mister God Christ in you the hope of glory and go to Revelation ten were talking we can talk about the mystery of God being finished right here being one with Jesus having Christ's dwell within us of course the central theme that has woven all of these concepts together and really the core thought that I want to be with you is what character the question is what character we form what character of reforming will we give Jesus are all it is a process that we are each going through each and every day so in the final conclusion I want to share with you a passage from the great controversy I will make any commentary others read it and pray listen carefully to Ella White as she expounds on her vision at the last day the hundred four thousand and hopefully it ties together many of the things that we've been discussing here upon the crystal sea before the throne SC of glass as it were mingled with fire so resplendent is it with the glory of God are gathered the company that have gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his market and over the number of his name with the land upon Mount Zion having the harps of God they stand the hundred and forty four thousand that were redeemed from among men and there is heard at the sound of many waters at the sound of a great thunder the voice of harpers harping with their hearts and a seeing a new song before the throne a song which no man can learn save the hundred and forty four thousand it is a song of Moses and the land of song of deliverance none of the hundred and forty four thousand can learn that song for it it's a song of their experience experience such as no other company have ever had these are they which follow the land whithersoever he going the having been translated from the earth from among the living are counted at the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb these are they which came out of great tribulation they have passed through the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation that endured anguish of the time of Jacob 's trouble there stood without an intercessor to the final outpouring of God 's judgments but they have been delivered for they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb in their mouth was found no guile for their fall before God therefore they before the therefore are they before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his Temple and Venus sit on the throne shall dwell among them they have seen the earth wasted with famine and pestilence the sun having power to scorch men with great heat and they themselves have endured suffering hunger and thirst but they shall hunger no more neither thirst any more neither shall the sunlight on them nor any heat for the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters and God shall wipe away all tears from their 's great controversy page six hundred forty eight the spring gracious heavenly father we marvel at mercy towards us for your patience towards such an airing and proud and self-serving generation father we see clearly revealed in your word that you are looking for a group of people to stand faithful upon your will be faithful until death stand for the right though the heavens fall we know that this is the final chapter in the great controversy that you are looking for people to maintain fidelity to God on earth and to reach that point of no return to be so completely committed and sold out to Jesus and nothing can shake a determination may we be like the next day we be like Job may we be like Daniel and his three friends and most of all may we be like Jesus who say not my will but thine be done may we be faithful until that day when Jesus comes may we be among the number Lord if you please that we might be among the special number that can stand through the time of trouble to give glory to you in the final hours of Earth 's history may you give us that the gracious opportunity if it is your will nevertheless may we be faithful regardless of the cost today you lead us in this place may you help us to shape our decisions or choices in our character into the likeness of Jesus every moment every day may you Lord truly may you keep us faithful may you keep our hearts pure for we cannot do it so we commit ourselves our families our future our plans all to you today asking my faith in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and of this media was run by audio verse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. audio source .org


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