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  • September 23, 2006
    4:00 PM
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are we heard from Aaron and Sam this morning we also have Bill Nelson Don McIntosh and on luxuriant Jerry cinnamon and if I'm not mistaken the thing that is consistent with each pair here is that they are position pastor team who has worked together in the local church is that correct or clinic okay so work together local church or clinic setting in I hope so I wear I of course wanting the model this approach as we have seen inspiration has told us that when the minister and the pastor work together for the salvation of souls is really a work that has no greater possibilities and so I would just like to do before we open it up to you as we also want you to be part of this dialogue on questions comments concerns anything that you are are struggling women your own administrators are laser I really individuals that have gone through a lot of this already in regards to the of the threats and the opportunities is of such a relationship but I disliked megastars and spell was there in the end I went on to you I began with talking about what this is done for the three Angels church in Wichita we started with a thirty seven charter member church startup church plant in North Wichita and my dad was the first pastor it done a great deal of health education and we had Steve Ballmer for two years and when Steve left us we knew we wanted to find a a pastor that would be interested in health education and could be able to do that and my dad having contact lots of places really looked all over scoured for somebody a a pastor that we could have that would really be on the cutting edge and him and and while he was and actually he was looking he was going to interview somebody else and as he was with a mirror and not the one of America the leaders in variance brains of the Lady Rachel 's old friend of my parents said in passing a hate to give you this may because it's our favorite associate pastor and is not really a pastor is a lay pastor we would hate to lose and so immediately my parents got his name and interviewed him he came down and I I believe this violated one of the principles that we heard from Lorraine home on Thursday night but we talked till about what ten thirty or eleven maybe twelve maybe twelve thirty and after that I was so certain that bastard Don who was at that time a nurse but lay pastor would not be interested in coming and I correctly judged but don't the Lord laid it on his heart after that scary evening and he came and joined us and it was a wonderful team with Doctor Doctor Brian was here his wife myself and now my wife and pastor Don and his wife and four twelve very fruitful years we work together the church membership now it's over two hundred and twenty again in the praise goes to the Lord when I first talked to feeling terrified me because he he was he was trying to test out statement but I was like to know and so I somehow know but as we pray the way back to the plane we realize that the war was calling us there was a revocable cause we been there actually thirteen years and we tried all kinds of different things in our church we we did heartbeat weakens with Doctor Stauffenberg we had Doctor Richard Hansen thumper weekend we had these mega- weekends in the first year I think almost killed the church we had so many mega weekends and I look at the pictures of back then I disco memos these are saints they let me experiment with research and that I realized that another was more than just church meetings for people women have any kids and we were kind kids herself at least I was and and but we tried all these different things and we couldn't find anything that was really working out the physicians in the church had practices that were nontraditional one physician Doctor Bryant had was medical director of nursing homes within think we want to put the residence and buses and bus them to the church wouldn't think that would work and Doctor Mills was in physical medicine and did legal consulting but they both have a heart for evangelism as well as several other doctors Doctor Kathleen Sparks is here and she was there during that time and so there is like an husband before they met which was one of the fruits of the ministry there is an so we had to find something that do all these people together and Doctor Mills came back one day from a awakened actually in Battle Creek or Iowa where he was and he came faster to ace a intensive at the seminary on medical evangelism I didn't have a clue what to do I thought well-respected kitchen and I and staging and I'll learn restless and that's exactly what right have we team taught some of that and I was interested but we had done these other weekends before and then we we heard about a program that works for us through well over the years which is the coronary health improvement project it's a program and it was in its developmental stages of being use in churches in fact there were only four churches that piloted that program and we were one of those churches that George and Irma Chen who are here were one of the other pilots and the Doctor George Guthrie and Dana were integral for another pilot will look at Apollo was again remember okay Battle Creek and at anyway so so sixteen subprograms later we found that it works and what really happened was that the positions when Louis is there not lose they would use their influence with their patients and with people and they had awesome and pleasant now I run a statement that I lost the my computer happens from time to time and it said that the NOV of the Christian physician the competent person physicians whales confidence very important work the comic recidivism of prisoners in his temple more influence in the mere preacher of the word I read Dennis admin I got this use this influence the Lord these are very competent physicians Doctor Moses Robbinsville physical medicine with writing parts and textbooks and Doctor Brian was now on the board for his his area of medicine and these are very competent people and they had great influence in the Lord then opened up many many opportunities so that we could minister to people in the amateur program and link starting out tell about the first program well I think we are to have opportunities for the and VI in their site every as it is all very very I just say one thing the purpose of these two of health education is not just health education medical evangelism is not nearly health education and in the text that was used so effectively by Pastor Finley today he talked about that stream came out of the sanctuary out one part he didn't mention if you read there in Ezekiel forty seven scissors fishermen on the shore and schools official go by fellow physicians and Dennis if we don't know how to fish for souls all of our health outreach programs will be of zero value we have to have we have to know how to win souls and ten so the inhale again the medical evangelism we can bring the school 's affairs toward our churches but we must have members that know how to catch them and that's my burden to learn to be a better effective fisherman I want Jesus to call me from a fisher of men and as a moderator send it we heard from our middle group earlier nine inch expedite time while we start out on the sand with Don and Jerry and Kim on my name is Tom into our heads I just want to say I feel like I have kind of Microsoft and Google year numerous startup in the basement cell on his and I was shocked to get a call we can fit the criteria of a pastor Doctor but were just actually just did he started just a few months together Jerry Knight in trying to implement some of the concepts and things that I asked about two years ago heard from a good friend of mine John John came out to Michigan gave a the medical retreat at Tech campus although it is an annual thing that they do there in Michigan and die he mentioned that he had a pastor in his office and that I'd never even I never even considered that before and so on we had some discussion with a pleasant discussion with the conference and I discovered if you given several hundred thousand dollars and a lot of things that you want to hire somebody to work in your office so I looked around for somebody to bring out and Jerry the longtime friend of mine and were just kind of in the dark here so I'm really appear more actually learn from people and in this there getting into talking about their sixteen programs in this and that are just starting we've got a number of things on the docket new deleterious if you weren't about those some something or help an adult wife is the most stress seminars remember never get back hello Doctor Kinsley has dealt with for stress debacle in caffeine and that sort of thing we've been accepting calls churches to do either health talks or sermons or whatever that's been going on then Halliburton is that the gospel in the health message will go hand-in-hand Proverbs chapter fifteen says that good news but there's no translation Susan the good news produces marvels related news the gospel of Jesus Christ and Titus two eleven follows is a race that is the grace of God has appeared all men teaching us and I like the NIV uses teaches us to say no to ungodliness and that sort of thing but also yes ways of living to develop the idea between the psychosomatic relationship of habit-forming or we say no puts brakes on and that sort of thing sold that's the direction where were headed and I felt working and I showed us why I might my experience in an and finishing medical evangelism team on the devotional experience cards all of you that's what everything devolves the strength of the spiritual tone of the physician of Dennis is really where everything comes from and so for me I just got one Sunday morning after long on my knees of the Lord I decided a bit of divine writing what my mission is as a physician of the practice and actually everything is after that I looked at admission I said we do it our mission our mission is the upper patient have a life more abundantly and a Smart object is not there this morning I was also have been that the patient's care will not be complete on this or she has been conquered with the Savior so we had to ask myself although we make that happen and so part of what helped it was coming awaited him and last year want to present a model which is from about a different angle where he was employed by the right interest clinic run by the church I said well we don't have enough to know that I could at least initiate another direction with the practice having with the native pastor come in and so that's kind of a settlement drill that I really think that one excitable this model is because I wanted things I've learned as many as we can look around us and see all the challenges of what was not doing what and what is not happening and we forget what resource we have right at our fingertips and I mean when I looked at that the Vincennes we have practiced via patients coming through and we have of living minister was interest in health education and evangelism and so he said why not use what we have our auto disposal and so that's where side are explicitly nearly written this past year and so we are really learning as we go nuts I think sharing with you many of you are probably along that states as well so I think if you look at every every and every one of us here have a church nearby river Pastor didn't just thinking the Samnite actually I don't attend the same church remasters I'd I go to church in Lexington but my pastor my pastor is not little what I minister to assure you that I cannot not does not bring about you may find that you may find that your pastor of any maybe in your passive department you may not have the kind of passion that that you would like to see in some of the department with the new sound was enough opera where I practiced his life and I saw that he was actively involved in doing health outreach work so I said why not to know how somebody that already has a passion for the Bulls of China having to try that into someone just got a lot motivated things I think I'll hope you'll doesn't vision by just knowing that you are there is church your members living to be involved that's another thing that we are really excited about real people that come in prepare healthful food get into rock to the member of a date with the invitations and I think that that that this gives the option the mingled people is one design and good which is what we would like to do instead of crossing one thing that I might add to this is that I situation has been unusual and by the way we felt when you guys were talking I thought why they're like teenagers in words is coming out of the oven to the another feelings that I'm still good and in our situation is lit is indeed unusual in that I live in kind of an essential part of our district and unthinking pastor was not district and Doctor James of course is in the outer northern edge of that so we're not able to do something that I think we'd really love to do but I want to throw this into the next in Somerset the town where I ride you reside for some years now we have been doing we've we've been working to find our way and and different people within the medical community and the hospital and so forth through chaplaincy from health ministries etc. and also putting on seminars at the local YMCA as natural cooking seminars and different things like that and what I wanted to throw in here is that for the mission of the church were not just talking about what can happen indeed at the doctor 's office but we are or or even want any of that happens is that the church who were talking also about using VB talents and the resources in the knowledge that God has given us to sell in the community a sense of what will I call it stealing goodwill of connectedness so that our community starts looking at an Adventist Christians it out as people who love and care for genuine persons and how something really spent so throughout the community and so this is busy selling is crucial to the overall mission of the church is exciting to see the of the here was having a practice this is totally different than really what we did in our church but I talked to some position chair that it may be our radiology and different things and you know here with your colleagues and your not you wonder how to get involved so our model as it is probably helpful for you and them this is of course very helpful to those who practice plenty to say a couple things when we went through these different programs we will realize that really the and this would not be true to practice because you have longer-term relationship who brought us we did have a longer program so we could build a relationship week one of the four week program that give a practice where you see people a month after month and you see them and whatnot that's different but we wanted to build a relationship that could build enough information into the program to help them but could also document that change and then also allow our members and those that were were teaching to be fishers of men as Doctor Mills mentioned by the seashore there to to have an opportunity to learn that when we first started out I got there I remember we were doing this different programs and this tells a story about one man who would come to some health programs in this are to help out in this one of the first people that we start to learn how to make the connection with the spiritual domain basically you think about it you better have four or five different things that happen you have to find people to work with you then have to leave them to want to have spiritual information you then get them into actual study of the word and then you have to leave them to make a decision about that and then your decisions during that and then they come out of that and they go to your church that's another no hurdle and then they joined the church and become discipled and so there's your whole process and look at that I just threw myself and the first programs and how my canal these very effective professionals at you don't get it so once I had that was watched Doctor Mills that was an expert at meeting people in the church and he would just get next to these people and pretty sound his wife his wife and have them over and scrambled tofu it was that they would left it that they love the frame over not tell him what their feet in the middle this is that this is pretty good what is it they tell me know why but anyway so I know but for the for the Chip program itself that kind of put came altogether but what I did because I wasn't I wasn't like my government scientists and I said the people they start asking these questions like what is the connection between this and your church so scientific excellence in the program coupled with a sacrificial spirit let them ask what is the connection what's the connection here and so nice and well limit order house I'll take a stab at me would you mind if I come to your house they said sure I also been my cholesterol went down alive it was some alive night income amounts so go to their house and I had these studies that are start doing with them however one lady Margie went to her house and she said the eye I told my wife is a member in Margie over an icon of the phone she goes when I said right now she goes to him and I know and does this he went to Walmart kind of failure and was a clinic area to help her but there will be soon anyways he went to Walmart and was he got there to Walmart she brought a whole new packaging unit for all things in our kitchen she came home to put all these files and introduces or whatever you know all that all the different things all over the place I came home to the apartment a look in the apartment and it looked like a food store I could not believe it in my giggles all this is how you do it only but my wife with both you and to expose me but what happened was we were starting to learn that it takes a team to win souls you have Doctor Mills who provides scientific excellence and Doctor Brian 's mother present you have the program and these are all different touch points but then you have this personal interaction and you can't do it all so we start out in a margin account and then we went muddled through these studies in different things and is a will you think about that Jesus isn't it that she may get documented this is the door the church and then what we started singing was that there was a pattern that developed in an leading people from health to him basically and that pattern started to emerge over time and I think in your and your local situations you know you're starting out you've been there for while you're putting the building blocks in place but you have to remember those five different steps and you have to you have to start mastering those it's he got into a spiritual work out together figure out where they are and and you have to recognize them in our church what is only have how many people are involved were involved in program there but let me the me just say that our are relatively unsuccessful many programs were very successful because it trained us how to do things you have to do lots of different things to learn how to do anything and you find out how people think we want to reach people wanted things that I learned is your down in draft spirituality into a talk you are spiritual and so if you are spiritual it goes you can't keep it out so we need to be spiritual people if we're going to give a spiritual message that's a dimension that even in any health talk if you love Jesus it shines out not just in what you say that the way you say it the tone of your voice there are things that just influence them toward Jesus if you have people who are out for clinicians but they're not they don't know Jesus if you can't you can't figure it won't happen the bridge happens when you love Jesus and your present thing material to help his children as so when they see your family involved when they see all these things a secret longing for a better life wells up in their heart that longing steps for Christ says you one heart recognize a longing for something better than you have recognize that lying is the voice of God you are being a channel to then let them feel to hear the voice of God some of the very first time and so what we're doing here this is some health education but it's not it's an medical evangelism and it draws they want to be like that they want their children to be like the children they see in the in the church bake it it's that it's an impact more things that we found is that if you're going to do a neutral oh seminar pacifism health neutral seminar choose a non- neutral location your church if you're going to do a frankly denominational or I should say evangelistic program go to a neutral site but if you do a neutral program at a neutral site you'll never build your church so I so we did our health education in the church because we wanted them to be thinking of the church as a solution for their health problems we discussed on the net we try to make them fill comparable about that though so we called the placement by the community health education Center while well we didn't have we didn't say we headed is is is that is not true because when we didn't have a sign up we had a week we had paid for the sign yet of me now days Seventh-day Adventist name is is is is like saying this is where the people that live the longest in America our communities it's absolutely not a problem for a lot of people but Doctor Mills talked about our doctor family talk about the different streams that all come together in the quote from a from the spirit of prophecy and your programs early one little strain we had a free program with co-op we had the health programs we ran all these different things and are our we had cross this barrier of getting people into the church by having the program there it in the Fellowship also they're already there and they see it as a place to do a lot of things where else to go find tofu burger zero welcome to go there were unified fruit were unified nuts variance anything if you know from Genesis one twenty nine him but it brings and they would come down so this became a place of healing and help and the in all of so what's people got comfortable then and then you move the next step with them Mister moderator back to when you have some questions I think they are out there and anyone would like to in fact there might be I will close microphone stretcher to an avoidable and are now maybe not okay I was just obviously got a will and will and and and and a is a you he is as a and in and through the tree will and in and in and he and he is in you is was is will be in a righteous West at a I and you and you okay first question was in regards the credibility in the local let me answer him him them yes his back question unless probably should have Doctor Bryant we wrote our colleagues about the program and sent them flyers to give to their patients we wanted them involved we had physicians working through love the program and weight yes at least Doctor Pratt and not only told him about it sent in scientific studies and in the patient's face and we would begin they would send this patient we would then give them it's like if I was a consultant I would tell the eye why send a a referring physician the information requested we would send the physician who sent their patients we'd send them a letter regarding their progress in in the clinic so we tried to include the VA physicians and we found there was great support in the community for the programs that we did we also found great media support made us love it what I would also do when they were starting to chip program is able to bring in highly credible national people to speak about it and I would be on the news media that evening and I got people like Castelli to come to Wichita and again on the news clip sending you out even all the cardiologist know Castelli from the Framingham study insult I think while this is no evidence of high name people here in so a lot of the clinicians from the local area referring to nurture and one thing I did was Google scholar FastTrack program we took all of all professionals upon the commons is that the tubing today overview everything well everybody know about that so that it was all out of the bag of mainly what we were doing and where we doing it and we always refer told the people that were not the primary physician go back to the physicians at the lab work to them so they were very increasingly comfortable with it and then several the colleagues of some of the some of the laser to tell other people and now I may now I'll go to my my family physician there because I got some people daunted that need to go to the chip program and this and that healed is that is recycled not enough the second a lively manipulating clinic would have the past window glass segment on exhibit a frustration of the colleagues that I wouldn't worry about it I think this is your mission is this how you practice we provide good clinical TR honestly and then meet with the spiritual into it in the end and I feel confident our our office actually provide a higher level of care patients are losing weight in the come off medication and were also integrating this virtual dimension that year which is upfront about mission statement patient understand that when they come into practice the begin with and that this is actually actually yes hello there there were a there were some who wanted to implement these into their practice and that Doctor Bryant has actually had Bible studies with some of those colors I would also like to suggest it's not only the professional medical or dental college but it's also the ministry colleagues found the third the spirit traffic tells us that we want to go to these thought leaders in the community we want to reach the ministers oh if you're going to win a war you you win wars better by capturing generals than by shooting private and so we want to capture generals and and so we made very over explicit attempts to reach pastors and will and to reach out other health educators health and help people and thought leaders in our community we just said that because Doctor Mills was great in reaching the past as a man I would set up a pastoral newsletter that they would come and listen to him or special guest letting it happen that we fail to mention is that there are different levels of professionalism you get the people that are you know the Chiefs and the have found their Indians and we try to educate them we tried different things first of all try to invite them all at once is something in the chief never gain and then we decided we had to reach out to them in different groups and so we would have the physicians and then we would have the dietitians from the area and several dietitians really adopted it was a great blessing one of one of the major medical centers would implement an and refer people to our program the dietitian of Doctor Mills Hospital they build a hospital for Doctor Bill Xia Tony pace of the first upstairs is what happened in a regular sake of fellow truth but the dietitian there she implemented that into the program and that was just part of that that that hospital thing insult that just starts to have a ripple effect that we had ministerial luncheons will invite the ministers to come in and we talked to them and I'll tell you a funny story that is if I brought there anyway of we had this one none a we had not done remember not only to have this up we had this luncheon and Doctor John McDougall came in second polygonal Doctor John McDougall is a rather intense guy and that's got to me I would be terrified of stroke from having to the vocal American diet he came and this guy had an talk to seven or eight -year-olds in school for students I've never talked the seven or eight euros and so you'll do fine and the kids just they didn't know what hit the ones on the Google talk to and then I have another group another group and finally was time for the ministers for the Mrs. Leslie goes whom I talk into next to no and I said what you know we patient on a rim of the skits are they just talk on setting up so I got in there and there was that all the ministers it goes on talking to ministers what do I say to ministers as well make an honorary honorary atoms first is gone the other room so it doesn't get thrown in oh I've become fairly good president because what will I say I said well look this is great book it's called the book of Daniel have you heard he goes yeah but I've never read a act as well I do if my site showed them briefly a Bible study on Daniel one lesson you take this book out there and you tell them that Daniel Juan says the program to work and I told him out all worked out your mobile site and he goes okay robots of his great sizes does not have to use the facilities so uses the facility comes back he goes I handled by Windows presented in unit nor was so open up any puts of bookmarking their egos out he gives the science committee takes out the Bible goes viral way you want to leave this book tells you all the ministers ago yes because his rages on their video visit of the dairy ones who had that was the last statement that so another words he was being he was being educated race and say anything but let me say one other one other thing about that which you heard there is also what we try to do we would bring in these big names but we would see these names as people that we needed to reach for Jesus and as a pastor Don would take these people around to the medical grand Rounds the various hospitals take them to media to do all these things speak to the pastors they become very acquainted with bastard he beginning among Bible studies and they would be charged while they were there and their presentations had a spiritual tone so the and we have a little ministry my Bible first and that we realize that when the repairman comes over when we take our stuff to be shipped that's all part of evangelism and every part of health evangelism whoever you use who you're working with anybody that's all the people that we want to reach for Lord Jesus Christ inter alia I is an entering wedge we did we would like to see if the Dennis could we don't do now is our weakness up here we recognize it before hand but we talk you know we don't have a dentist on our panel discussion but we do have several Dennis here who have done health education Doctor Clark is if you might be able well as wanted he had an answer first MMA and a question-and-answer I'm a question in regards to how would we employ health education is part of a dental clinic when particularly people tend to run away from dental clinics are not necessarily towards them because what goes on there like that him him but I want to thank I was not going to mention before we open that up to and through Dennis and this is really how the health message as an entering wedge today after donning and people like Castelli and Caldwell Leslie Steen and T Colin Campbell and names like this and teach in Wichita he invited me to come up there and right away I got into teaching a grand rounds of family medicine residents I got into teach their MDA program and I could see the relationship they had with these features and it was like well who remember next to teach in our university I really liked what was going on therein Don was kind of their point person to bring in these national people to talk I wasn't really a national person but because he'd gotten national people before me he was able to buy the really just feed me right now that they even look at any of my credentials as I was before I talk to and so it just shows you the effect of the entering wedge in an capitalizing on what you have been letting the big communities and even educational communities know about okay open I question up and Doctor for you is thinking I I can't say this is something that I've got too much although in my practice we have very specifically intentionally put what we would call branding as a spiritual thing is very common for us to to talk about spiritual things the group of patients with hate when people come in there they know that this is the way it is all the way across the board whether with our employees are our doctor that are there as as well as the patients but let that in an area that we do to nutritional counseling and nutritional counseling I don't know why we couldn't focus and have a complete section on on the health of the patient more so than that I mean it's a as as Dennis that is part of what we we talked about is his nutritional counseling whether it's diabetes which directly relates to do dumb disease and vice versa whether it's heart disease or what's going on there stress management to be something most people would come to get us out of the easy open to talking about that these guys that think that they get if we actually do with our newsletters with this stuff out we start getting more intentional on health in general and not just the when people come to our practices to me it would be very easy to to turn around and put that in there I think that's up and I've been missing the boat what did I need to do better at that I can see how that could happen actually quite easily in the individual perspective thank you question now from Doctor Clark I was just analyzing my situation and we had a new pastor that is just a few weeks out of Andrews University and I am wondering if maybe this panel could tell me how we should start a relationship and what programs might be the best to start are not easy to never done any any health related programs are not that's perhaps you know you can get us some suggestions as to the best place to start is a couple programs actually that the mission conference which is really open to a lot of these things has developed on silent suggest you contact on the health department NED Griffin and yes one and stress another one can find either pretty simple we run none we've probably had some of the best response you ever had just coin and nine at Venice high dismissible flyer and nine the newspaper we had about forty people attending they stuck with it submits his short program also for parts and is very simple to integrate between either you and in the pastor said a good starting point think okay doctoral degrees of small church but two four four in the mirror conducting the dinner every month of health foods that about thirty five people coming regularly in the past is asking commuters as you series in two thousand seven and were going to lead with the with a health fair health Expo and have physicians dermatologist of dentists in different ones in a church or church members also to get acquainted and then lead into and so and then there are other churches are asking us to come inviting a show to speak so I think is the word gets out where Seymour on fact I had a interesting conversation with a Presbyterian minister not here was another place where we were close friends we disagreed on on the soluble things like this review and this is good when they got sick so my wife and I didn't pass over the place was full patient and it just blew more recent has a preacher coming to my house to heal me physically and I don't really recently got most of his sermons from representing the site is sometimes and religious liberty he said that one value most measurements comfortable to magazines such particular situation we are in a component called dark County the closest facility church hall is said about twenty five miles away and really it's out in the boonies that the Google growth church that's exactly what were up to where we're starting pretty much from scratch we do have probably a dozen antennas that are within driving distance that you know we were doing something different here we we decided early on that we did not want to have a driving church you know something that was convenient for local activists as event for Sabbath service and zip out we want disciples we want missionaries we want people that that are there for the long haul as so ill write from scratch we had started with a midweek fellowship where we have just a handful of that medicine then we have the you know four five six individuals interests that are coming these people consider that their church it's amazing on some of the people that you saw there to them that's church when they come out to be with us in the midweek to pray together to study together and so we did we haven't even in is not a worship service percent so Mrs. Mrs. what we are attempting to yes you have a more specific but Mike Alaska know what even though we are not venture Chris Sammy 's read the one meeting in his fellowship is both congregations houses amalgamation and I just looked within the combination saw who have passion interest the health outreach disinvited a critical mode office and helpless it is my doing a helpful meal or something and then they just they just overjoyed and it is absolutely happy doctrine to be involved in a kind of outreach are we only have about eight minutes left but I languidly to say something here to about this because I think it's important this may be a seed idea for you guys to when will we have parts of our church did mean everybody was coming to our church than that was it fate they we had to think about how to get them from the Fellowship Hall or the and get them integrated in the service what we did was that we had the development luck this congregation is helping support this you guys are naturally set up as your pastor everything will happen at the kernel itself out as Doctor Mills to have the Sabbath sermon would have a community report when they would tell about what was happening in their lives as a result program they would share their testimonies at all the different things entering the service we were very deliberate about trying to have sex or seven or eight of the people that let out in the help program be a part of the service up front so they were very ever very comfortable so when they came to church it was like they were being profiled for what had happened and they were able to then share their testimony and the dynamics of those meals were powerful many times the Bible studies would start right there and that was moving from the Fellowship Hall or from the setting the clinical setting if you will for us into the spiritual arena and it was at that time with the deepest story from Luke chapter seventeen is instructed Jesus had ten lepers came to him only one other want to come back and have the whole meal deal and so that's the way we look at it we would send in other races dinner of clinicians and then some of those that was a what's the connection about ten percent in our case when they said we want to know more then they were invited and they would come to that special Sabbath and they would start to make the transition and they would they would know people from the co-op from the fruit program from the very program from the yelp and then Doctor Mills I wouldn't place because I don't want to terrify and I are Damon and myself and add Doctor Mills Woodbridge he was that he was the clinician he was the clinician he was the old chair and then she would try to set me up you know with their trepidation and then and then we went we would probably get together and then and then that's kind of how the bridge was made to zip help you we have a question from our neurosurgeon gentlemen we we attempted a children's charity programs in it didn't say welcome to deliver to a I I didn't that well but I is my understanding that there was a huge turnout and I can tell you what has worked well in our local church for the children and that enters a BBS program called kids in the kitchen and it is it is David community showed up in large and they have the aprons you know the kids in the kitchen units and teach them the health message I get the okay and of course I want even after they cut to an end when there and I was too much for them leave their parents really like that and apparently there is because you are teaching them against the dangers of alcohol funds to back all your teaching a better way of living and Emily Hammond Sabbath morning for the graduation and it's always a health presentation that we did that I that that makes the connection of the spirituality and his men a great hit in the community and works very well let me assure one other thing does the lady 's name is Anthony Lemus 's Cornell University she wrote a curriculum called food is elementary the slicer we brought it to our church we specifically targeted the seven thousand homeschoolers in Wichita Oregon Kansas we sent out fliers a homeschooling mom the most powerful people on the entire planet are homeschooling moms if you want to have someone that they get something done as a homeschooling mom if you want to make someone angry make sure it is not homeschooling my cell on this homeschooling mom I said to her I said that this is what's happening and I interested she happened to be very interested Tony and I was her name and Shep Shep don't feel like a good evening she got on the Internet anyway to make a long story a bit longer Anthony has came and out I told her about it she got the word out I sent out e-mails to all the health educators all the elementary school principals all the people that we had a and in the town Wichita area I guess the real resistance from the meat lobby in the dairy lobby you know and different things and they would let me through they would let me do PR I sent all these e-mails out else not spam this inevitably meant but I sent it all and it was amazing there were two responses to responses were adults Pentagon to the chip program and they were principals of schools so one of those schools opened up after the edema 's came she gave her program much like Doctor another talks about the you would rape with her food they went to the different colors of the food then they ate the food scene share her research about how that has changed entire communities you can read her dissertation of online food is elementary .com what happened coming out of that was the public school we went to seven hundred kids came to the program they have committed now to join a program that would like to in that public school system we are now training people to go into that system this seems to be something that works at the curriculum is already there homeschool mom educators want to lead it and what they've seen in the studies is it that kids change their behaviors they influence their parents and this is all in her dissertation and it completely changed community in in in New York and also in the different places she's done it so I thought I'd we also brought in a pediatrician that was very effective in Doctor Atwood he died to set a subsequent to you are bringing him in the first LSI also very very powerful of one thing I think it's very important and that it has a positive attitude when things that I had an opportunity to observe I was a kid and pastor Mark Finley was my dad 's associate pastor for two years I watched as a child of Hester Finley and it didn't matter what was happening he was enthusiastic about it if there were two people it was a crowd and and I watched that in there is going to be little kinds of the oppositions or might even be some surprises from people wanting help you you might even be surprised at a a church member even a church leader that my you misunderstand in the prison the time to get all unhappy with them God is in charge of all these things we can do positive if he wants to block something that's okay amusing chart he blocked David from building a sanctuary because David it just wasn't quite right but he made up gave him another job yet maybe something that I have a passion for what God wants me to pass it on to my child as it was for David there may be all kinds of reasons but have you on your knees seeing the work do something for Lord Jesus Christ I'm here to tell you it may not be updated it may not be famous it may not get you any of any writeups in the review and Herald but the Lord will watch it in your multiply that city you'll bless your efforts stay positive of believe in the church be under authority if the pastor is not excited about it let the Lord take care of those things invite people over to your house if it out that's it opens to see the value of the decisions that you you've made here with that pastor Finlayson PLR that you made maybe all your life so that people see that these things don't just affect our diet they affect the way we are we are we are happy Jesus is in our hearts and the message is given us we can give in one way or another we can be medical evangelist for the Lord what have early opposition thank you yes the fellow will will and will and I will bless as an alarm is to say will he go to a will is will and and and and all and gray and he will him to live in a note to do a follow-up on that from our local settings are our our church who had the name of being the healthy church and that was not a positive name in the conference and when I got there one of my jobs was to do exactly what Elder Wilson said and every time something successful happen I will call the president I was saying a major counsel what I do with this information I mean I don't want to make you nervous but I will let you know what's happening and it is a blessing and then every chance I got I would talk about the person who was my departmental this usually person in your conference it has absolutely no interest in your health program and inarticulate particular thing we invite him down we had prayer different things and we kept doing it and it was amazing very meant when we got the phone call president calls up and says would you run the health program for the local conference for the Tammy and that he did that three times and the wall what was very sick he let administrators are kind of freaked out when you talk about diet dress her music as they know that these three things I like the apostate Trinity sometimes any they will they will cost his explosions so you know you don't want to become and have Peter people with you and your own you know if you eat meat we delete no posters I don't then don't want that right so you have to help them so when my present will call up you would ask me to know well you say things like so what are the people normal bus basically what he was saying and you know as I have to help you might say well let you know there are people that when they come into the church because they had come in July so means you are going to talk about the negative things that that is the Adventist message in a tofu chapter three is like talking about that and just really into that and at and it's like that you know and so they get a little out of balance sometimes so I'll take them aside your system it looked really glad your cholesterol gave them and we just love it and you know your life to be longer and less acute documents of this is on Medi-Cal you can lose all your advantage like I was smiling on the ligamentous and let rightfully seriously all these people that that they didn't get into the ark most of them were vegetarians so just because you got the house doesn't mean get in the yard you know and this would help them try to go around and then I'll make a statement from the front as they look fifty percent Adventists are are are vegetarians the presenter not ninety ninety ninety ninety one ninety ninety this is Mark casinos with the jury was revisited ninety eight percent of the ninety second on page forty two have you ninety eight percent of ministers according to market to move more towards vegetarian thing maybe like the old ones alike trying to tell them is that people in transition and the Adventist church they start to make decisions and we support that process but were not pointing the finger at each other and will this helps the administrator realized the vigor not in Wasilla with some kind of radical agenda and I I think it's wise for conference officials to say those kind of things I appreciated their merits distinct advantages and bringing people in through the help message and by the way and I know a lot of the McCain mentor Wichita immunities are engineers there are more educated people some of them very high echelon and really is a land of reaching the neglected Rick Ellen White talks about the neglected Rick and that the health message is a great tool for doing that but in all of the people and we've had come in to our church through the health message and correct me if I'm wrong in any of you that embodiment through the help message we've never seen them go out the back door one of the reasons this is because they also get easily wedded to the spirit of prophecy because the spirit of prophecy they can read what would happen and what she counseled and I saw that already in their program and at one of the things I would like to mention in regards to our own personal motion probably the least publicized study that Roger doubly dead but probably needs to be the most publicized study was the study of advanced who regularly read Ellen why and those who do not mark difference those who regularly read her read the Bible much more I was ratified on my I have the biggest statistics on my computer we might now find it afterwards that their high paying rates are like tenfold greater there on the rates of evangelism significantly greater their assurance of salvation when you think that is higher or lower significantly higher among those who read this very profits on every element that he looked at and a yell in a way this was this was a study where they weren't sure how is it to come out and I think some of the ones that were behind the authorship of this study were actually thinking the opposite you'll hear sometimes well you know spirit of prophecy pitted against the Bible you know well that there too much and that the Spirit of prophecy also Bible extensively and I can't read it without the Bible being there because I'll see something in there that says wow I thought I read that needs the job never seen it from that perspective on getting the residuals actually see the context of all that and it is a good for those of you who are not regularly reading those books that are really there to prepare us and me why do John the Baptist really he was called Elijah John the Baptist was there to prepare as the messenger the coming of the Lord the first time on that so the prophet was given for us to prepare for us and to prepare the people that were acquainted with in our sphere of influence to prepare a people to meet God as he comes Christ the second and I would encourage you and include that in the regular devotional life and you'll see a lot of changes in your own personal life is while you man attentive group finitely gone over time anyone of you have any closing thoughts to you like to I do is said to Noah our level of compensation injury subordinates obviously the start of a assumption that you can be resistance so I think you know that something outing with the nature and structure of looking resource available with the local church and I think that all of us see our the results of our fingertips make it work so go back and I look at your particle situation and make modifications that meets your your article practice situation and trend situation I think she will upon hearing some stories from some of you right here in this audience with you about us we thought this as you can see a couple of us at least here are just starting off bridges barely a step ahead of you or some of you there thinking about this right now I guess what I'm impressed that I really appreciated your comments Doctor Mills that yes knowing about programs in knowing about resources in all this is important it's an important part but being in tune with the Holy Spirit is is by far the most critical most important most effective joyful that's what we're leaning on you don't see this move from where it is to where it needs to be and is commend to you the Lord spirit to to show you what to do what has to Gary when you close your father we thank you for this weekend blessings we and we ask readers specific guidance this coming year may we understand what your will is for us individually and in each of the outreaches that Christ might be glorified and as he looked up you've promised that we will all be drawn to him because of your experiences coming here in his name on


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