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Cultivating the Active Virtues

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • October 13, 2012
    4:00 PM
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heavenly father again we thank you for the privilege we have been called into your service and we pray Lord that you would bless our time now in this final breakout session of the day and father as well as in the breakout sessions in this evening 's meeting we look forward to it and decisions that are made to the major this week at greater blessing on those as well as you seeking to revise and revitalize your people we ask greatest on the name of Jesus for his sake amen you know and they asked me to come and speak to be honestly as interestingly when you're asked about different things they give you a topic and I don't know if this is the second time this happened to me I went to Maine Michigan we haven't men's conference the men of faith that they do every year and asked me to speak on leadership but this is not I would've chosen to speak on him and asked him here there is a gun leadership race it is not I'm just as those of you been in here I I think this is vital it's just that Erickson many of our people is not something that Nancy is vital we rather hear something about home sensational doctrinal controversy was going on in the church anyway here about the need to step up and be leaders and I did it's something that is not a dimension not just for the eighteen to twenty nine generation although I think that's key I think we need more big holidays generation of stepping up and taking leadership nurtured but by far many people have just withdrawn where we can set services for many Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath keeping has become a two-hour excursion in two hours to mention already settled gets cut out for many people it's just popping the backdoor pop out and that is for keeping the Sabbath holy so you talk about the importance of a leadership and in our first seminar we talk about how God is not caused yesterday she is to be followers although we are dollars that were also being in the process of being groomed as leaders in the cause of God we see that as Scripture mineral acid talk about importance of ten I cannot over emphasize that you will never be enthused about something that you're not part of and I hit in this attendance at anything in the church will not connect you with the cause of God regularity in your attendance in on I mentioned to you coming soon the last session a contemporary meaning there's three people there is a comment just you and three other people may feel awkward at first we may feel like there's nothing big going on your baking stick with that income we definitely can tell you what you can be blessed with those three people there get past that initial mindset Cyrus only more people would be there how many of you are aware statements from the Pentagon White House is the prayer meeting is as pulses to the bottom of the ever read that in other words and let me rephrase that it which she says is the attendance at our prayer meetings is like all this to the body if you have a hundred and fifty members we have three people attending prayer meeting if you compare that the whole method and look real good as it not at all and that's not some little lady that said that the Lord spoke that this people to try to help us to realize that sometimes the things that we deem important or not the most important and sometimes the things we deem is unimportant and eighty the most vital and so anytime the church is moving forward with something we should be part of it maybe even more poorly than that some people communicate this to me and I thought about going and I'm assuming that positive church positive affirming ways and hence to say that back in areas of engine number records is that they're not dancing on saying but with their teaching things that go on and on what we believe is the world church some of you know exactly what I'm talking about their and so that people say liking items of comfortable going with zooming you never change what needs the change in the Church of England archer so I legally blonde is coming to this life is what happens with a lot of independent ministries is a sense that the church is apostate son is currently in a jump ship anything that has influenced me outside SoundWorks and so we just need to be part of the work of God this afternoon I want to talk about the some biblical principles of leadership I want to start up a delving into something in the whole great controversy scenario that plays into leadership is overgeneralized and generalization action plays into every one of our experiences in our spiritual lives and don't want to talk about this afternoon is something that you can grasp what I'm sharing here your spiritual life will will try to grasp the principle here I want to start out by just talking about the battle the controversy the war in heaven and in fact take your Bibles and the revelation with me with my Revelation thirteen Revelation thirteen for going to the end of the chapter verse sixteen for the end and when I read through chapter fourteen not all chapter just for their review that chapter three see the original that I have verses in chapter breaks and to see the significance of that as we read your chapter thirteen for sixty hour talking about me the anti- are in time and the false prophet to Horn Lane Langley said in a time in the market abuses is over sixteen months in a notice carefully he causes all small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on there was right-handed or on-air forehands and that no one may buy or sell except one you has the mark of the being on sorry the mark for the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast what is the number of a man his number is six hundred sixty six then I thought and behold the Lamb standing on Mount Zion and within one hundred forty four thousand having his wife his father 's meanness on your cancellations may say something different there anybody his name and his father 's name which is another manuscript reading of that written on therefore hath the original notice is happening here you have any end times scenario they had to group 's visit there's only two groups of unit time is based on the unfaithfulness to church secure the ball and so you have these two groups there contrasted here you come to the end Revelation thirteen and here's the group is associated with at least power they can mark therefore had or it says in the text there and thirteen that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the one name of the beast now tell me something those of you done a little bit of studying the dog really a whole lot of Scripture to find out what name is significant when you read the word name only regret is named in the Bible was not indicating when asked if this way in the study memory back to the second thirty three and thirty four Moses Ascot Crescent says Lawrence only your glory in the Lord says analysis I'm going to make all my goodness pass before you and you may remember reading this passage and I'm going to proclaim the name of the Lord I'm leaving alone glory means your reading and what is it character and we know that Heston Moses says of her glory to God as Edward Gorey got says the word goodness right show me your glory this is okay on my goodness pass before you cannot proclaim my name and I want to understand the goodness of glory in the name are all synonymous all are symbolic or or or have referenced character in Bible times means there's something right you name somebody something they would say in all life because the Lord has done nothing solid yet Jacob had his vision of adrenal Atlanta have any welcome reason surely the Lord is in this place is a name that place Bethel missionary house of God in all any of us say that throughout the Scriptures you see that he'll definitely named no make some proclamation therefore they name the place and the name had significance meaning Emma were talking about it in the context of Exodus in the name of God with the character the Bible talks in Jesus name it is the brain is reminding that any taxes named onto the end of selfish prayers right and integrated character of Christ they were the same spirit and so on becomes a revelation our talking is not the name of God I hear the name of the lease is talking about here as well and where is the mark received in the forehead then we contrast with the other through the final race of you here and they also have a hardware in therefore if any contains what the name of God to follow the understanding here there a lot of it is some somewhat academically certain orders of Adventism that administer young people get just enough information at any time second time survival tip of Steve Sandoval menacing though I make a man and a lot of ammunition people don't live up to what they know they should be living up here with the mindset and when I see the Sunday laws when I get back church in a circle with an Islamic economy back finally ready for Jesus but what they don't understand his confusion at the end of time is determined by character character is built in a moment that's why I didn't care for the ten virgins that's a parable tells us the fullest versions didn't have enough while they went to the other versions reminisce a give a summary here while the convergence and what we can write and you and I read that Christians are there but after I get my calendar now the point is this that will X or recommending character and you can't build character and when it comes today that in the time of the call was given the home so you need and it's too late in the character now time to end the devil knows that better than anybody and so he is constantly seeking to impress not that character on you and me as hereinafter conflict is continuing on as while we got a car is dangerous thinking that truth is merely intellectual one of the best examples in Scripture as example of theater Peter Newman just as Jesus told the United nine hundred and ninety three times he said what happened is part of husband and I have a house they cannot eliminate all for thinking that I'll die for you sink your meant when he said I guarantee you I guarantee he did he met with all our king may designate because my intellectual he knew what he was supposed to do it all actually knew the right answer is the problem is not about the character he needed and when a child came and he was scared his reputation gave way with words in my mouth about his character anyway rather arguments about his reputation as a hero wannabes are not only in the light happiness young people in time no hear the data worship on they never allowed Christ to develop and then his character and when the test house without the character by character 's inner determine the destiny and is only seeing the same time conflicts of the devil has been seeking to undermine or defaced image of God Hotel has in the book this statement page three oh eight is determined to each phase the image of God and man Satan works with an intensity of effort to hide from view not only does he answer not only does he work secretly mingling the human with the divine this areas with the genuine is this as far as the not genuinely unauthentic writer so here is it tells us that the devil is working to face the image of God and humanity was a Raytheon Simmons but his own image there is not working hopefully these working secretly when is he working all the time he's working all the time this is why we saw talked earlier about Christian culture this is why we don't be so aware of the fact that Dell doesn't come to us and say I'm the devil follow me he mixes it says the human and divine the sphere is genuine and is nothing more unsettling to me that when young people come in and say well I know that I know that it's it's some of the stuff is wrong but there's some good in it of course there's some good in and you are the devil you and say hey here's poisoned drink on the connection that Nevada supports only here he's mingling the human with a divinely high self-review site where I know that isn't all that bad you know it's it's like taken is one pastor said he wanted only to snap seeds right and sometimes we have to do that we taken certain things with anything good in me that some of the things we partake of in this world are the devil 's attempt to shape our characters in Italian her characters are shaped by our surroundings been thinking lots of things happen all the time is always at work mixing the sphere is a genuinely human and divine so seeking to bring confusion and distress but thank God it has a proportionate power divine mercy is revealed to counter act this weekend working and bring to light the enemies for purposes of God brings to light are you trying to tell us he's trying to see you avoid him reshape you and this was happening they deny their own cellular lot of a lot of the evidence young people did hung up on the do 's and don'ts of activism all over not allowed to do this were not allowed to do that and I don't understand why we got all these rules and little do they realize that the rules are there just to have rules the reason God asking us for example not to associate with young job and the reason God asking not to partake of certain vein is because God knows that those are all things that are going to shape our character characters can determine where punters I remember visiting with a young lady church member might want my churches and that she was really into the soap operas and we talked a little bit about it I said to her in all of those things is the problem with the soap operas as I said when you watch how people deal with their problems and CV unwittingly you begin to deal with your problems the same way they deal with their problems and I challenged her not to watch her soap opera for a week when we went back next week and she said asked I can't believe how different am treating my husband just to sit I hadn't realized how I was treating him based on how I saw those women on TV treating their boyfriends or husbands or whatever I'm telling you listen the devil knows how to shape us and all do 's and don'ts that these restrictive measures we have in our church to restrict us there gone trying to protect us from having the kind of character that's going to move us to receive the wrong market in time a falling website itself he and I heard an interesting how many get audio verse listen to the sermons of my favorite has anybody heard the ceremonial Natalie on documenting on all and in a moment I don't have any money anyways I'm out of it how to how to increase your IQ her recent how to increase your capacity to learn and retain knowledge anyway I saw that I like I got it out because I can use all I can get everything that I need to regain anyway is a fascinating NASA audio verse .org gets free skin on their vocabulary lookup that hasn't really brought the message is fascinating to say something here that I noticed out of fashion today the Seventh-day Adventists are rural church believes is still used caffeine are you aware that it was in your baptismal vows at least in the world church as baptismal vows and other debris your analysis will let you know that this is a lot of empty the unaware that we set off so narrowminded only it was interesting and even definitely brought up that some of the progressive NFL teams now are requiring their quarterbacks not to use any Kathy Bremer because of the effect it has on judgment NFL NFL teams prison and elsewhere to talk about his apartment going out in and in the indistinct and we need used to steer clear the caffeine because of the impairments of the console while they say within an hour of drinking caffeine in another cup of coffee or something like that you lose forty percent of frontal lobe function in what happens improbable as we process morality and the devil doesn't have a hand in that is why why because the quarterback is the one love the receiver I'm a big ideology to listen to the message that often have fascinating the point is a quarterback won the directing everything he has to be clear and sharp movement when we were here were talking and turned sometimes given certain standards for his people because he understands this shaping of character that the devil is working towards in a lot of implications in this crazy although he is assuming another statement reflecting Christ page three oh three says Jesus desires to need space the image of the early from the minds of his followers and to impress upon in the image of the heavenly that they may become one with himself reflecting his character is hard work and impress us with his character the Lord is seeking to process with his character in one of the things I want to bring out may say what is happening with leadership but were getting one of these whimpering out as one of the keynote when you character attributes of ultimately of God in him anyway the Bible Society haltingly become changed did you know that your understanding in view of God will determine how you act other people case in point people who believe that God is a god who torments people for eternity and hellfire have told different attitude on how to carry out justice than a person who understands that God doesn't permit forever in hellfire immediately better than God writing God is doing it that way to God you worship does it that way to guess what every good like you guys in fact of the matter is the character after he said the God we worship we reflect upon us it is working that way and it works both ways I mean if you hang around friends that are a bad influence sooner or later you can pick up their bad habits it's just how things work principle of life and its principle of worship is understanding guiding us through characters he and the devil knows that insulin is amazing the image of God in man one of easy hostility phase understanding terror of God and one of the things only says that he attempted to from the beginning of the controversy was still in her words divorce God 's justice from his mercy now I don't have time to get into all the detail of that is that they read the chapter in this area is called the company moment it is finished his name is chapter and really fleshes itself but the point is this the devil she says is trying to separate God 's justice from his mercy so that people either view God is all just God with little mercy on all merciful God with little justices it is a couple examples prior to the cross of Christ the Church of UG if you guide us as a God of justice and that's why when Jesus came he woman caught in adultery they wanted to stone her to death Jesus what started out I couldn't understand that they saw that Jesus was fighting against injustice of God because that woman deservedly stoned and in their mind I was a God of justice and so this woman neither that justice executed upon her and that's it was a one-sided view of the character of God is even saying there but then another example a link is in the chapters to the cross of Christ God demonstrated his mercy in sending his own son to die for the sins of humanity so the doublespaced his argument is that okay well is where we can go now so they just decided to switch over the Merseyside think I'm some merciful that it's okay to break the law and it's where we are today Donald is a crisis is having weirdly evangelistic series right now in Michigan and I have this couple and unsold I'm still befuddled by this I'm totally amazed me and we got his older coupling coming out of the meetings every night it is totally on more important disguises on nothing they him telephone guy and all the guys coming in and give evenhanded better for everybody not important to think me these early stories of the Lees Minnesota San Francisco had become silly one-liners as you know what I can do a study on this one family family place in the hotel emphasis in the book of John if you love me keep my commandments and don't say no and he is sharing all of this is just all iron about the importance telling my friends he said in a and in the ten Commandments plaques often there had been a realizing a winner to be upholding the things that bring them that I would love on their family rooms employers and whatever else he's all about think me with something myself is of the interesting when we get to the staff I because a relative management find out more semantic is Saturday holy Saturday let's see what happens there unbelievable switch unbelievable we get to the Sabbath presentation and then they are also well it is not really fair with CVG plus the Bible is now I know what will you know which state is gone say well but really you said I know you always hear that way but this is the date on sad to say is not view this Saturday and total switch and these people that were all about the ten Commandments just cannot understand why God would tear my weeping that particular that he wanted to observe the Sabbath in LSC when did you start determining your religion is to be about Bible McDonalds and even just a few months ago and is meaning of is about settling things shift on the spelling you this is one of the ways the devil has come in space is now not guys that just got some merciful all of us so much that he really is that particular if we disobey something that says I hear there is the really never was a true consequence sand it is just an arbitrary long I have another worries gone me just to get into this or else because he's gone because there was any real cost to test the implication and the message is there really a closet is there called that in mind and heart of man when he disobeys God it when I need is a consequence on the punishment punishment does it affect me when I disobey God doesn't affect my character yes or no to say that it will not want to overlook necessarily doesn't affect my character the only reason God enables he wanted to but there's really no consequence that's not reality is of the devil has worked very ingeniously than trying to fit the character attributes Allen West takes a comments on the mercy of Christ and this is in the Bible commentary has a valid commentary by insanity is a compilation of her statements on the atonement and is something like thirty five nine thirty six and this is what he says he says his object price object was to reconcile the prerogatives of justice and mercy let me say one other thing about justice and mercy this is typically where we find the whole liberal conservative argument in all reality typically and I'm just using clichés here there are variations but typically a person is classified as liberal tends to emphasize what's I got there the Merseyside and conservative tends to emphasize and again as a generalization but emphasized the justice side and let me tell you something the devil doesn't care which this area is want here Christ came to reconcile the prerogatives of justice and mercy God is both just and merciful and all that he does he's not want any other document just and merciful at the same time and so that allows us to get ourselves against each other versus don't misunderstand I'm saying here sometimes we say we talk about conservatives on a raft on the arsenic on the conservative for the most part because a conservative Christian is typically described as one who take the Bible literally and believe the following yes I do but they are other things that come into that and I just want to emphasize the point that sometimes we get caught up on on on different polar 's size of something that ought to be brought together that Jesus himself become to reconcile this context was to reconcile the prerogatives of justice and mercy each handset in its dignity yet united his mercies begin Christ's mercy was not weakness I don't know probably this probably applies more to guys and girls that when a guy wants to be known as something typically the first thing is not merciful but maybe I'm just a different work assignment because merciful slow that they hear a guy and you want and you've got some girl that has taken some drug are interested in in the first way or are I will keep that example the first way she describes to his knees as cigar she is not like me she must dislike me as a friend in Armenia Liberty Media is not one of the characteristics of the guy thinking out one afternoon a third fourth and we need to try viewing courageous first e-mail is essential to I don't think of mercy necessarily has a positive character development is not positive characteristic but I wanted a notice within the community and that's where she says hearing Christ Christ's mercy was not weakness and I am harmonizing tenancy of our generation media and the light cast on his mercy is not the mercy is one of is one of the greatest of my greatest strengths in the universe is because God 's mercy that the we even have had light in his mercy has preserve the integrity of universalism she says his mercy was not weakness many terrible power to punish sin because it is seen the young think of Mercy is in our conversation but let me ask you what the merciful for God Wilson exists and not punishment within a personal service destroying your in God the merciful guide to destroy sense of dinner with thinking here Jesus came and amuses a different way of thinking is of the devil has a long separate justice and mercy in the minds of his people to think of directing to reconcile those prerogatives his mercy was not a weakness but a terrible power to understand because it is in getting our to drop to the love of the center city to come to that woman caught in adultery he could tell her to go in sin no more you can see in him somebody who desire her salvation he did talk to the woman at the well very plainly about her live-in boyfriend and yes he was excited because she felt she had been assigned against him and say the records to be the prerogative that justice and mercy were seen reconciling the character of Christ now why is this important in the terms and concepts of leadership here's why this is when I want to spend the remainder of this kind amplifying us a little bit we become like not all and if I were to ask you your you become a Christian entrance of the Christian life describes a meeting activist of the Christian life you become a Christian what are the characteristics now that you must possess that people should possess as a Christian love what is prior that he needed love and self-control the latter made the character attributes of the Christian living is a you that you can't happen in your life when you become a Christian what are the things that you know need to happen what a Christian is going to be like this the meeting is say humility patience thankfulness on this okay another good as any those are all really good outgoing calls those attributes the passive virtues I went to listen to this statement from the gospel workers page two nine it says Christian life is more than many think it can be it does not consist wholly necessary agent OL LI completely in gentleness patience meekness and timeliness these races are essential a man we want ceremoniously one weakness yeah absolutely I mean I know when I became a Christian I learned me as I learn you know to become more gentle less volatile but listen but there is a need to also occur in force energy and perseverance to be honest with you those things don't typically come to mind right away when regressions may become president that we often think of those attributes are as some kind of special attributes given to intermediate you all become me but were not also be persevering and courageous and and and what is one of the other words there is used having force and energy and and I'm I'm afraid a lot of that comes from the fact that we intend to portray Christ off in a very one-sided way we talk about this meekness we talk about this gentleness and love him and when we see situations like him driving out the money changers the kind of brush that aside and talk about his love and his mercy the fact of the matter is using Jesus didn't have the force of character that he had never would've made it through six months of his ministry is not right in opposition and you read a Scripture they are physically taken in Holland enthralled over a cliff one time they were trying to kill the man now in their time to give access to get a group of the amount of people comments I think you enter your request to go back to their town you doing okay at a club like that place initiated his followers to write the alcohol in the historian leaving your dad with you always not that he gets up and he does back into the city right well wait a minute they just let him him you see but I'm afraid that sometimes we do this one-sided image of Jesus and in and what happens is as we are seeking to emulate Christ which we should because we only see the passive side of things do you mean monitors are emulating those qualities that would make strong leaders in the church are you hearing Wednesday and young ladies don't think these are just male qualities you guys were talking about Jesus were talking about he is a male examples that the women in the unassertive they need to carry any perseverance and energy is lesson were giving a truth that the download doesn't want the world to hear he is not as sitdown while were witnessing for Christ I knew when anything happens even in the surprise has an essay well I guess my hands and I guess is nothing I can do now is to fight you with everything he had and this is what LA is on the same gospel workers she said some to engage in missionary service are we nerveless spirit of this easily disparate how many of you have done literature work or bipolar are not endorsements can hit discouraging what happens and you and all you have this neatness kindness you get discouraged and I have a little bit in question hello I have a current capital for them to when you're getting in missionary work in a fifty centimeters some people engage in missionary work there we are nervous to spirit is the last time they have gone those positive traits of character they are powered to do something the spirit and energy that is old enthusiasm was any single something lighting a fire right she says those people who have energy and perseverance thenceforth there people on fire have you ever met somebody who has a higher the Lord is Jaime you transpire soon as I can be more about the work of the Lord again happen this is what it's talking about the spirit and energy to kindle enthusiasm those who would win success must be courageous and whole notices in the next sentence they should cultivate not only the passive but the active virtues cultivate resentment cultivate me anybody are doing gardening anybody do any gardening work here anybody around garden growing up in the garden a leading agricultural cultivating includes what was once a part of cultivating you like peace I can I know in part I like things and thinking you probably like the same parties the wandering not so bad even not so that we forget I remember growing up and having our garden my mom and dad at the Allman Brothers and I all have our own we had a meeting is so time-consuming and high labor-intensive but cultivating his work widely believed by the waterline to fertilize what a home wherever you're going the elderly says air we are to cultivate not only the passage of the act encourages password visit timing is the meeting is the gentlest community cultivate those who need work on them have you ever had to work on being forgiving anybody ever have sometimes conflict with somebody anything I know I had a really good to him and apologizes ever had to wrestle through that either cultivate that it is natural for us when we come to Christ was here comes in as neither access you know were born again you were born as babies were not more as adults babies don't as I remember I have been in the meeting in a knife in the last time the baby is eliminated on the motor walking there barely able to crawl after nine months some longer than I newborn again this is the beginning of your Christian experience right and another begins to teach you and you felt that they were not only cultivated the passive virtues etc. cultivating active verge and I would daresay that most of us spend more time before cultivating anything in our Christian life cultivating the passive virtues becomes the active versus net force of character and perseverance that have those characteristics have me get out and do something that I don't really want to do with some is going on a knocking on doors not like this does not mean that I know because I want to cultivate the active paroxysm of rage that has as much when asked to help me do something in one of things I did bring up earlier often times when churches are nominating officers in the church it's not uncommon I sat on committee nominating committees to call them laughing and it all has to know I suspect many things going on they don't realize how quickly and yes when a nominating committee call to inoperative position that God offer new position God works through his church telling works Johnson was an organized church we can organize it in anonymous thing I nominated these lawless but what often happens is that some a single pass I can help out I don't want to be the leader lifetimes we just we don't not as cultivating virtues gotten these people that are going to get it going to work on those those qualities or characteristics and help them to stand up and leaving out and be the strong examples that kindle enthusiasm one of my favorite statements I guess chapter of the book that it's in Connecticut by now roaming the program you got my hurt education Ellen White talks about how the Lord trains us in working for him and she makes a statement and don't forget this she says it is in she says the baby in the first part out on their butcher appears to says the media something to the effect is that the skill of the car or the off-season rescaled to do the work is gained in the work itself and then she makes a statement it is in the water and not on land that men learn to swim now imagine you take a glass of a soccer without all the strokes that you would do in the water how much are you really going to get out of bed to get in the water not much it's in the water not on the land and learn to swim as he says in the context of learning these leadership skills and cultivating using the virtues you cultivate your purchase in the classroom cultivate the virtues when you I also read not how is taking his stepfather when those opportunities on themselves again he was that used to opportunity is an volunteer yourself when you don't feel like doing and when you say I don't know how hundreds you'll never know how to his death and dumped isn't going at a young couple and now one of our manual successes we had follow-up Bible studies again after the class session was over and one of our students had a sister who live in the area and so he gave not this one of the studies is all about and what my husband did that study young couple twenty in their early twenties twenty one twenty two the going in the study and how some a little nasty what we should study and I go over them I was sitting there together I'll never forget the time his young wife tells me he's a pastor we can't do it anymore as many reasons as well not cut out for this we cut out for it just as now this is not as mean explaining anonymous says there have any questions I don't know the answer to sigh that you can stay in the law has been a resident answer this question I have Mister Jacinto my whole life you were raised in New Jersey that has filled you and use it in the atmospheric week after we sitting to sermons yeah I said how long have you known that you didn't know this thing that why didn't she said this even sitting at a church pew for over twenty years and you never knew when he don't know all the way to this vital study found that you don't know what you now know you don't know because you went to the Bible study not to get you to understand that thread again I see human and search your whole life and you just found out that all these years you didn't know the answer to this question you just found out the note was written as vital spaces and I guess you're right I said maybe legitimizes that is the finality don't know singular Natalia something a lot of us don't have a clue what we don't know we say we don't know enough when winning is not running twenty years and ensure I don't even thirty years later for your letters this will not know when you might even learn nothing and water right he is in the water not only is reminiscing on the side I we got cultivate the virtues under Titus something opportunities our God is wanting to move on you young people to say for those of you are a little young people is not one of us excluded we need to cultivate the virtues friends were there any time in Earth 's history where everything that we know life as we know it is about me into something that we've only read books were heading into times and a lot of frightening because the fact of the matter is we read about persecution in all of these things just happen again it only tells us that when we see the first accuses of the past begin to be a reminder she said organizing the glory of God providing to said angels of God and become the constant companions of the people living on planet Earth at that time and we will have direct communion with God through those times ahead let's get to overly worked up about it previous people forsaken in the battle pay but we prepare for that time my thinking seriously cultivating these inactive birches he says they should cultivate not only the past him while they are young the soft answer turns away wrath they must possess the courage of a hero to resist evil with a charity that endures all things they need the force of character that will make their influence a positive power Macias finished up just a few thoughts here first of all were talking that influence a bargaining point maybe the session that we all have an influence on people too many times and got thirty today issues take place and an increase in a silent when we should speak out when he lives in stead of Mount caramel and you call now if you just as God worship him but there is a God horse if you think you said in the reverse order of their Congressman Jolly event that make up her mind the Bible says the people answered him not a word our church today is much like that we want somebody else to be the one who answers when we know we ought in speaking what we know we ought to be standing meaning that those active virgins meet people of courage in these last days many young people are willing to stand up and have a voice and user voice for the cause of God even if the whole rest of the cause is against them or the whole rest of the world rather in the rest of the church may be against the even if your friends are standing against you when you know what's right you need to be willing to stand up for what's right because when a site with that if we capitulate now the Bible says in Jeremiah seven thousand verse five p.m. run with the button how you can continue with the minimum horseback the point he's making is this if we keep standout now for what we know is right for afraid our friends are going to make fun of us to give us a hard time what makes a sacred understand that was right when I threatened her life is what you down as a way of looking at a ninety one when we putting before the Lord that we haven't we have an obligation to God and I say obligations use the term loosely not have that then you sacrifice of Christ on Halas to forsake everything for him is nothing were to give up your God has given address and anything we give we gain infinitely more these people who are going to take action and be those people as the people that his people occurs is the love of debt that Spirit kindles enthusiasm in these last days one of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer anybody familiar with that story on the next day the whole story but simply to make this point you read that story in Scripture first Daniel chapter thirteen fourteen the Philistines and coming against Israel they documented to view and Jonathan the son of Saul I think himself one of the world are we paying tribute to the Philistines who are God 's chosen people to Jonathan decisively do something about ninety to ninety one Jonathan attached to his soldiers the attacks on the garrison of the Philistines well then everybody's in an uproar the Philistines get mad and I don't wipe out Israel immediate plans to wipe out Israel Israelites in a and leave people deserting the army got hit with the second over to trick you give themselves over into the hands of the enemies because they're better to do that and be like God is the mindset you see it in Israel and is during this time through the Bible says Jonathan turns to his armor bearer and keep nine dozen armored Americans not qualified to be a soldier and I will tell us that they don't have any swords and hold him to his room a woman Jonathan Obama saw the Jonathan does have a sword he doesn't have an army in the final city looks at his armor very because when we go over against these Philistines you about say I don't have time to get in getting on the story only to say accident occurred God save his people today Jonathan had no guarantee of success other than he believed in God and the impossible on a value of the battles in the Bible and God 's people always face the impossible dig Gideon 's army in what happens Gideon started with how many people do you know you started with thirty two thousand men any and any enemy had over a hundred and thirty thousand thirty two thousand against the hundred and thirty plus thousand doesn't look good as it but Gideon so many go because I'm your man got sick tells the Valentines is getting you got too many guys from the story say has any versatile member when he ended up with after the first thought everybody was very hard on United people stay ten thousand thirty two thousand twenty two thousand left ten thousand against the hundred and thirty plus thousand Midianites right and so Gideon comes back traveling is okay Lord we only got ten thousand album will do it I think investigating you get too many guys put yourself there too many guys say makes a second cut within them with three hundred eighty wins the battle three hundred one why does God cut it down to three hundred because God wanted them to know that the battle didn't come to their power that is now his neck right God needs a generation of young people who believe that he has the power to win and who will have the courage to add on him hour when it comes to standing up for what's right and when they knew that the Syrians on the final visit on the twenty fifth listing is that one guy inspired he was so full of zeal for God to inspire faith in the armor bearer the armor verse in a job where you do I'm with you anything when anything in the White House Philistines the whole army was on retreat because God is the Army the Phils visit me and the rest of his/her life here in the wanted effect in the combat Long and short of the story inspire the whole nation of Israel because one man was willing to take God 's word in faith and to step out in the cause of the element tells us that churches are revived when some individual cactus that spirit and goes forward and work simplistic trusting God the whole church can be revised are you willing to be that one person I many be willing to meet a person has an essay Lord understand that for you I'm been a cultivate not just the passive virtues of the active virtues and Lorne is sitting here today listen to me carefully this is a commitment tenacity if you're willing to make it your sitting here and say Lord as an sitting here today I don't know what you're going to ask me to do in the future where everything whatever you ask me to do whenever Dorian he whenever opportunity presents itself here and now I want to keep myself say I'm going go all dealings you know that's dangerous right because if you say will pay on it yes you know what can happen the list can open a door might not in the door you want I would say it's a door you need and when you walk in that door that God has intended for you go through your never regret is to be able to impact the world with the gospel of Christ same here also I noticed an Lorcet is sold by your choice you put yourself aside got also how many of you want to say Lord I'm going to want me to go is that your desire to financier Hans Bauer has together father in heaven father we are in the midst of the controversy and we know the enemy he is constantly seeking to change to manipulate the erasing any face the image of God in your people father for far too long we have been inundated with concepts and ideologies and images that would shape our characters in the wrong direction and you have saw through your truth pictures of your Word pictures of your profit delete us and direction within us with characters or have that would help us to stand in a time of Lord as we are looking out they were thinking about considering these things in a very practical way as we consider the importance of cultivating in our lives the Christian virtues I pray I pray that your Holy Spirit would help us to take those responsibilities upon ourselves that help us to grow spiritually and developer characters and all round way I pray Lord that you would help us to commit ourselves to those opportunities that present themselves to us in your service and even now Lord you have certain goals and plans for these young people that they haven't even been introduced to yet you seen the response Lord we know that Jesus is coming soon be one of the heart of Azinger Davis coming in heralding the day of his coming on pray that he would bless us to that end today bless this campus with students and their personal spiritual lives help them to grow more and more like Jesus father he asked me as a rule of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain please visit www. audio verse .org


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