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Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)




  • October 13, 2012
    3:00 PM
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my name is Scott Moore I'm the president director of the Institute for evangelism is a form of leg evangelism school located forty five miles northwest of Orlando Florida where one of the two Mickey Mouse lives in the United States so just eliminated bearing as to where life is located in the church campus of the ladylike Seventh-day Adventist church which is five minutes from one of the largest retirement communities in Florida called the villages and so we are really learning how to work with people that are very set in their ways in such a good experience for us and for our students and what we're going to do now is we're getting over Jesus had a studying Scripture on the screen to see this tile in the title is Jesus matter model study methods is actually five methods that we teach the first is a small medium and an extra-large as often Jesus method of studying Scripture how many new knew that Jesus had a method of studying Scripture you knew Jesus had a method of it maybe you go through one person dead and so that's why the rest of us are here right because this is an intriguing title cards engine and that's what we do as instructors as we do things created by Nelson we need to expand classes not really identifying this to be a very exciting site select my Jesus we do it again thank you that we can share this part of the time that you put your presence and with each other we thank you Jesus that we have the privilege of being able to be here and to spend time with you and your word and with each other blasts us off not only intelligence but a deeper relationship with Jesus amen open your Bibles to the New Testament book of Luke Luke chapter twenty four this is the last chapter in the New Testament book of Luke him the book of Luke chapter twenty four there are two disciples that are walking on the road from Jerusalem to a city called MAS that's absolutely right and these two disciples are walking in the daytime and as they are walking these two disciples are talking to each other about what has been happening in Jerusalem over the weekend and all of a sudden a third individual begins walking with these two men and broaden their life now the Bible doesn't say this is onto them I don't know why the Bible doesn't say they were a little shocked that some guy all of a sudden appear to begin the walk within I don't know these things but for some reason what the Bible says that McDonald held from their eyes and he was these disciples walking along and in a third individual begins walking with him and what is a third individual 's name is Jesus you're absolutely right so we are in Luke twenty four verse thirteen begins the walk to MAS and now let's go to verse eighteen number seventeen and Jesus said unto them verse seventeen hundred and twenty four what manner of communications are these that you have one to another as you walk and are sad to his disciples having no business articles were sad and it walking along Jesus are talking with interfaces what's going on guys what are talking about and wanted in verse eighteen whose name is Clio press and serving sentence him Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem and hast not known the things which are come to pass here in these days and he said unto them what things was Jesus intimately associated with what had just happened that week we absolutely more so you know I sell then the disciples were invented they sent how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be crucified talking Jesus of Nazareth first verse nineteen so on and so forth and then verse twenty five Jesus space and then we are in Luke twenty four twenty five talk about Jesus understanding Scripture Luke twenty four twenty five then he said unto them both tools and slow of heart to believe Luke twenty four twenty five oh tools and slow hard to believe all the prophets has bought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory was all mean to me have to I have to part it makes it imperative you ought to have cleaned your room and since you didn't you don't get ice cream and the rest of the family the nice thing with the rest of the family just because my audience here some people like reinvestment some people turn their nose up at idling life is doing a children's evangelistic meeting we started November the first two days ago we went out with our life and we install the bullhorn underneath the hood we played Mister softy music and we gave away vegan ice cream 's limitations to the kids in Angela 's name reading about the moans our son anyway Jesus says are not Christ to suffer these things and to enter into his glory and notice what Jesus does next verse twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded or explained to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself I didn't know what Samuel very biblical sign he will do in these two disciples on the road to romance and Jesus did they have a Bible in their hand now they didn't why would Jesus begin analysis because every boy in the first century Galilean culture many agents in the first five books of the Bible memorized ten years old first five books of model memorize word for word number two beginning at Moses and all the prophets he explained to them the things concerning himself Jesus had to set Haggai 's early shake your hand can you then you shake your hand and they would've felt what it would fill the skies two weeks ago about those young man named Matt Matt 's brother came to his baptism drove his motorcycle from Panama City on the way down to Orlando Florida near Orlando Florida and when I shook his hand with his hand in a place that I have doesn't normally been in son knew immediately that something was wrong with Matt 's brother 's hand these disciples finish it should have in Jesus I know exactly who it was with Jesus and you couldn't Jesus have sent to these guys hey it's me fellas local pain on you to be sad anymore here I am couldn't he have done a cook and you ate too much for lunch today documenting this is why the answering is coming so slow that we did we can do an exercise we did we could singly and forward lean backwards to let the rest of an example of that if you feel the need to do that go ahead and Bob and leave whenever you needed to come in Jackson aback uncomfortable with this item as a result on the ball sleep on teaching you in the back and examined send this process we needed to hear Jesus on the MS studying the model releases I was in this book like you and I have it it's not as easy as it is for them Jesus begins at Moses he begins with a no any explain Scripture to them about what about himself how many topics in Jesus study with those disciples on the road to mass one time I had people come to our evangelistic meetings and on night three it has never ever failed nine three somebody will come up to me and it wasn't Pastor Scott I have learned more in the last three nights in these meetings then I have all my life insurance and I sent Teresa Lord is God 's word and neat and fun to understand this it offices the best thing in us a praise God just keep coming against back and it now so Jesus is studying these disciples he studies one topic with his disciples and the topic is himself now these disciples began to react in a way that they may not be familiar for many of us these disciples actually getting excited about studying the Bible digital asset these lists I was actually getting excited about setting the Bible so here we are worst in the loop twenty four verse twenty seven beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself and is not hung to a certain village onto the village whether they went and he made as though he were gone on Ferguson Jesus may Jesus can we use the word pretenders that are right he made as though he would he pretended that he was going to go further probably to see what their response is one of being and they constrained and I said no no no you stay with us why why would they say do this complete and total stranger you stay with us okay maybe it was a hospitality that they were always taught when they were growing up and mother said you got to take care of people you got to feed people maybe they were just like Abraham he saw those three men under the palms of memory and he's in a about a fiend and so he feels about again maybe this is just tradition I think it was a different reason but when the Bible says in verse twenty nine they constrained him saying combined with us for it is towards evening so when Jesus is why when his disciples what is a bailout or not if they intimate in there before it is toward evening the day is far spent the day is almost over and he went into tarry with them verse thirty maintains a pass as he sat at meat with them release announcing the Nimrod came to read and bless and brake and gave it to them and their eyes were open and they know him and he managed out of their science knowledge to understand Jesus just has a Bible study with these guys and they are absolutely totally no holds barred below A- vinyl siding option is the second in the moment and recognize that it's Jesus Ezio I believe that when you and I study the Bible that Jesus will give us glimpses of himself as you and I cannot handle seeing all at once you listen to this their eyes were opened verse thirty one a new him and he vanished out of their sight and they said one to another did not our hearts burn within us while he talked with us on the way and while he opened to us the Scripture fatalities a study Bible with those two men what was his method of studying the Bible he went from book to book two book in Scripture and he pulled out the verses in the passages that are wide to himself and while they study the Bible with Jesus like that their hearts begin to burn within themselves friends this was not heartburn due to being hungry yes they were hung but this was an excitement that they felt when Jesus began to study the Bible with them how long has it been since you study the Bible and you actually more excited about what you were reading for money spent the don't you long for those mornings where you cannot like okay I'm willing to find something interesting in the Bible today and you don't find me and money are not alone in this deal experience this one-day minor one of my kids came to me and I said it was a Sabbath morning they said I am tired and going to church I said well tired and worn on the church itself they said I want to go out ever get anything understand the Bible I don't think any something is significant about this a bodily healer a pastor skin he got you not to think most people know Gonzales notes passes kids so a few passes give that does not pray for your printer became FIP what lessons will never one of the political stream how I said to me I can be that the PK will most likely anyway some in the office thank you I'd break you in some this was a you will choose a home loan Jesus anyway so one of my children are in the office with me Sabbath morning I'm having my time with God I was at church it's not interesting anymore just not into anymore please let me go and let we go to church on Saturday until you like grow up in you paying your bills voluntary home twenty five and eleven amount were going to send against us on the other straighteners so I handed him the Bible has to take a spinal he said no great as you will write I don't know the Bible of my Sheffield yell all do the same thing and you can educate your Bible and you never music as you got five more Michelle front was it I see some people in here has some gray hair and some have died had it was great some just anyone so I do not want off the shelf SR one back-and-forth Scripture he reads army he reached army he read every evening I read about the next forty minutes of my time with God is absorbed with my time with daughter and my son and we finished also my son said to me now if saboteurs like this I want to be there music and anyone searching a semi- subs like this I want to be there this is where that my friends I feel little publishing to a puppet show I don't care the puppet show I really know but if you're going to puppet show it's got to be based on the word of God because otherwise it's not finished it won't stay by the way I've never done a puppet show okay I don't think it's absolutely necessary but anyway his disciples to get excited when Jesus studies the Bible with them and I believe that we can study the Bible in a way that when we get excited just like Jesus these disciples got excited with Jesus coming to believe that okay I'm going to prove to you today beyond any shadow of a doubt that he will get excited when you cited a model like Jesus anymore you're going to take a topic that you have studied many many times we shall take the topic of the second coming and you're getting excited about not because I said you were an unintimidating person and I will beat you up if you don't get excited but because it happens when you study the Bible the way that Jesus and the Bible but before we do that we see that Jesus did this two times Jesus didn't just study the Bible life in a topic wants this was his method okay here in Luke twenty four on the screen if you're taking notes look at verse thirty two we read that already Matthew Mark Luke John CSS for myself as much as for you look twenty four forty four to forty five the Bible says in Luke twenty four forty four bodily man this is cool but a verse forty two and they gave him a piece of broiled fish and of a honeycomb and he took it and did eat before them did Jesus eat fish fish after his resurrection did you know I use that is my excuse for eating fish for many many years until somebody showed me in the Old Testament of verse that would explain to me why the testimony of Jesus would say at the end of time animal food will be fit for human consumption and my argument always less that Jesus saved me after his resurrection so why can't an article of anybody in here has that same reason but I'll tell you if you come to life I will show you the verse in the Old Testament ha ha him dearly as I love that I'm from Alabama the greater outside here at the beginning of session through the already got her money now because I'm quite forgetful you see I want to understand this everybody understand this I just said I can show you something from Scripture that you have never seen before and every last one and you are excited about hearing a disaster okay to the point wants to prove it again when you study the Bible and Jesus in the Bible you are excited about Bibles is no reason to be lazy and disinterested in Scripture my friends we mean those officers any church on the face of this planet and it all revolves around Jesus I just needed from the likes are so much of an attribute in three hours is just none of them share versus forty four he's eaten this fish is eaten this honey and he started to them these are the words which I spake unto you while I was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written where in the law of Moses and in the prophets and in the Psalms concerning me those were the three main notes are the three divisions of Hebrew Scripture the law of Moses the Psalms and the prophets those are the divisions to Jesus what is with all the disciples there in the rough is an upper rumor anyway there in a room he goes and sees in Jesus appears in the ten funniest one was missing anyway Jesus appears in and Jesus goes through the law of Moses because of the profits in a ghost of the songs explaining to them the things concerning himself two times now you and I have seen Jesus study the Bible with his disciples Jesus you don't see Jesus really doing this with other people because when Jesus is speaking to other people he spoken and how parables spoken in error but when Jesus was alone with his disciples he gets down to the bare bones meeting grade this is the way we need to understand Scripture any studies the Bible women topics verse forty five min opened he their understanding that they might understand the scriptures if you and I want to understand the Scriptures like Jesus did you will study the Bible and topics not so that you can have information but so that you can understand what God wants you to know about the truth nowhere does Jesus undecided a model like this I can almost guarantee you some medicine answer one way some just want to start answering you see if economy run on this how does Jesus I'm sorry lot like this we can answer how sister you are right on track whenever not and I do this when they always say his mother time and is actually yes Jesus sat at his mother 's knee and learned Scripture mothers have the most important job minimum faces some of us apparently blown some of us are the best parents in the world and normal again apparently where we do the best kids everywhere Milton G so what what it is okay he learned from his mother were ousted his heavenly father that cannot alas another reason are a the way people say that he learned some anathema Nancy assets in another way that people say that he learned these things in Jesus spent any time studying the Scriptures if you spent any time doing that my friends he had to in order to explain to the disciples on the road to Emmaus and things concerning himself out of the books of Moses and the Psalms he had to know what was in the service and to study the Scriptures in order to be able to go to the law of Moses the Prophets and the Psalms yes I officially quoted Luke two fifty two Jesus increased in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man so he had the right education right turn with me to first Peter first Peter chapter one share releases with you something that you Artie know but maybe Justin look at it this way I think that in order to stay excited us if you have a look at Scripture differently need look at Scripture before not doubting that it is God 's word but actually asking on questions about his word first Peter chapter one and verse ten first Peter chapter one verse ten Yamaha appeared in order to illustrate this this will work and pull out here below the first Peter chapter one verse ten of which on which salvation the prophets have inquired and searched diligently so my friends remind me in the Old Testament was a TechNet wrote down the prophecies that the people are known as profits got after the right to the right answer right so here are the profits searching their own right teams him to how the race that was prophesied that would come to an end to understand the concept see how prophets in the Old Testament in the Old Testament write about my grace is going to come right after losing the race that is when he come okay John gentler verse fourteen and the Word became flesh and dwelt let me get over here in the New Testament young gentlemen were sorting and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory to glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and show the power and wisdom is what you find in verse twenty one twenty four Jesus a full power wisdom grace and truth cc racer easy to their soul here in the Old Testament prophets prophesied in the grace that is going to come they are prophesying about Jesus and research their own ridings verse eleven searching what or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them didn't signify when it's in the spirit of Christ testified beforehand this means outcries and on I read that should follow so here you have the Spirit of Christ is in all of those old testament prophets and they are prophesying of the Jesus that is the composition yet another potential reason and rationality sublimity as an open these prophets prophesy of Jesus that is to come these profits are searching their own writings and the Bible says that it was the spirit of Christ in the profits prophesying about Christ's to understand this this collection of books called the Bible is a collection of books that were inspired by this there is across the sea this is this making sense to sell in order to understand what the Spirit of Christ said about the topic of Jesus and his death you would need to search all of those books and you would need to pull out of all of those books do things that talk about Jesus being human had a clear understanding of what the prospects or rather what Christ was teaching does this make sense does it make sense so this is why Jesus would study the Bible that way because he was Jesus he was awarded first didn't he inspire the profits yesterday as Jesus was growing in wisdom and stature that going on and when Jesus came across this first term in Isaiah twenty eight Isaiah twenty eight Isaiah 's in the Old Testament as to the rights of the book of Psalms is to the left of the book of Daniel Isaiah twenty eight verse nine and an Isaiah twenty eight versus nine and ten that will guide their Isaiah twenty eight verses nine and ten the question is asked in Isaiah twenty eight verse nine shall he teach knowledge what's the question not rocket science but the question to thank you thank you very much whom shall he teach knowledge and show he may understand doctrine such a question dress who is even teach music in a cause understand doctrine and whose he will give wisdom to this access list of questions varies even says very interesting and says them that are weaned from the Milken drawn from the breast it just means mature individuals verse ten Jesus Jesus matter this is how Jesus knew that he needed to study the Bible one topic at a time for precept must be upon precept precept upon precept upon line line upon line here in middle and their little sometimes you hear Seventh-day Adventist evangelists going through the Bible like a ping-pong ball ping-pong ball on an amendment being voluntary petition verse after verse place at the place of Scripture Scripture all the new immunization and people just look at why I do Miss America humanism and as I was using on this I need to do a moment in the last one I know you actually do people had heard that truth before like this can't know what this is this is the most cool thing I've ever understood him I told her he is straight from the Bible this is what people do when they have never heard Scripture talk as Jesus taught they go absolutely bonkers over I mean they just need crazy so crazy as a matter fact that they will go in there so sure you're going to teach the truth and the antichrist it would all have family members that you got to consider the negative meeting this morning when you got to my small group this night as a development antichrist and everything else they certainly came in the Bible shall have come to this little group that we have over here this church is googled it we haven't asked for this study we had worked in the morning at six thirty four what if I only listen this is what happens when you study the Bible with people believing Jesus study the Bible but ominously some insights if you study the Bible with someone like this okay now willing to study the topic of what happens some like everyone to open your models when starting Genesis chapter two verse elements outward prayer as we always do and not the Bible says that the Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils breath of life and man became a living soul that were soulless it means breathing creature man became a living breathing creature does that make sense missing that makes these have a now let's go to Genesis chapter three verse nineteen when a man dies he is going to go back to DOS and so what happens is blinding us now know my friends you and I are studying when I can model studies in people 's houses down almost have to make sure there's no breakable things around seriously I'm sitting on the couch I saw SWAT noncontact start moving the cups around on the coffee table so that we can start delineating things I'm excited about it if you are excited about what you are share with some else and they will be excited about whether it's sure not looking to enhance church and I decided I wasn't mincing whoever took over him his mother and this will you I have a true beachside leisure Scriptures and yet we understood me otherwise he'll say someone trained me okay don't say Billingsley Kansas until anybody precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line you were little and their little with the precept you guys when I was a freshman at Southern I still had two huge potential moreover different hands on down to homes push with a punch forty five tax year low tones so please our question was what was our question what is a preset it's even what instruction so instruction must me upon instruction RI system layouts answer this truth okay truth must be upon truth friends and foe alike will enjoy this instructions and principles and if we sat being upon a precept means that you are sticking with the same theme all the way through your study in the outline from there we hear Juergen onion aligned from it over there for instance Jeremiah chapter four verse twenty seven says that God will not yet make a full in of the earth acts four twenty three through twenty seven talks about the destruction of Missouri at the second coming of Jesus the cities were broken down the presence of the Lord and it says Vietnam will not make a full MC 's example where the world does God make a full and continued into the blood of the revelation in your agenda twenty ten fire come down from heaven devours the wicked never mind that you are in first or second Peter chapter three verse nine through one thirteen and fourteen using a nonresident of a Disneyland and Disney World and some of our smiling young inside upsetting the children my class it's naturally decided when Jesus said that you will get excited so you can get excited he wanted to hand brought to Hans Allison listen listen hold hands run what do that now some in the living am crazy that's all right I listen us into an era that outgoing to look at the topic of the second coming I guaranteed you that I would give you the opportunity to get excited about studying Scripture were to find out some things that you knew already and you're still been in the excited about just have to be prison he started modeling Jesus any level you get excited I think I get the privilege of going to youth camps youth youth weekends reliable meetings weeks of prayers matter fact tomorrow night I don't another place in the week of prayer and people just say patiently sky why don't we study the Bible like this in my church and I don't know I don't know when I was passing up at Michigan to Washington I think two times and then her a note for me when I was at the Michigan conference my sermon on calendar year that's a big word that says you actually plan were given for each heavyweights are there any year fifty two sabbaths typically in a year maybe fifty three depending on you or our office less than fifty too many many at fifty three demo is visited as fax and fax agreements and giving them great how many doctrines do we have in our fundamental beliefs book this twenty eight now twenty eight in the in the newest one that elevates they moved a number moved a little gap in between ten and eleven and put ten five which we rounded up became eleven Letterman came twelve skull growth in Christ growth and cross checked twenty eight if I had those twenty eight and I preach on them one time all the way through the twenty eighth I can almost make it through another twenty eight times essentially almost almost if I combine maybe need triune nature of the Godhead I can get to those doctrines two times a year section I preached a sermon once called languishing your limited length of longevity languishing your limited length of longevity and it was about stewardship the next emigration stewardship there was one temptation in the garden of Eden that affected all of humanity exact same way there's one temptation and all of humanity right now that affects us the exact same way you make one dollar you pay it done I make two dollars updated on it affects all of humanity the same again ten chickens if I could and you have one year to use the other half offerings and passing the object but that's all I thought every year two times I went through the window church every seven occasional we had twenty five to thirty nonentities that our church every September because our church members said hey we can bring people to this service we can bring them interesting possible truth is captivating many of you were not here I told the group it was here the first when we first started class you hear Dennis and nine Camden cancan that you worked now would like to hear so why cooks for life suggests the school for life cooked liturgy cooks for our school she goes shopping at Sam's all most every three or four days she goes to Sam's get fresh produce you can't by Sam began to buy produce from Sam's and expected to last a long time he got Mira premeeting on his so idiotic and head-on with them but so she can have one day as a lady named tRNA Sierra Madre username Cierra Ray asked Donny what is life about she says let the Institute for evangelism she so what is latest it's a form of evangelism college she said while always wanted to go to Bible college alliances what about we starts in Bible studies she said okay I love to study the Bible you last Sabbath baptized Cierra reign because somebody dared to open their mouth in the Sam's Club leaders with two disease tiaras for him from Sam's came to our faith and food seminar one nine this week absolutely love the food absolutely love the lecture nutrition absolutely love the Bible study I have no doubt in my mind that it's only a mere twelve to eighteen months away an object and baptizes is as well it's going because that's how powerful the world got so analogous that his income and take our last fifteen minutes advertisement studies and coming and it don't smile smile and do not enjoy unless you actually happy and actually enjoyed I will try not to do anything funny or entertaining to get your attention so that you will smile we would just do our best to stick with one of goddesses make sense okay Morgan Ray John chapter fourteen language versus one to three what is St. John's wort is promised in John chapter fourteen versus one to three to remember the reason we're doing this is to prove the simple fact that when you study the Bible like Jesus say that you are excited discussion to move the Bible says in John fourteen verse one is not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you it was almost wanted to maybe have never wanted this but I wonder if the mansions are you there was preparing Erastus of advice bubbles and Jesus and my father 's house are many mansions I noted a better place we get dimensions are you looking for very ultimate fundamental anatomy meat onion and pine names on the Manson assistant verse three says and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again what is Jesus from associate and assistant Marcia Hamilton a lot of people worship what does you wrong worship to Jesus promises I will come again so I'm going to do what I want to do this I'm just going to take on it the shirt has anybody who's anybody were small and I were small you said it was okay so I just want make sure a male torso also to people e-mail source law the three females were small potatoes for e-mails or small paper in this important effort if it is as though this illustration you know modern architecture Jesus gives us a fact in John chapter fourteen verse one to three there's the fact the fact is that he is going to come back what's the fact that Jesus that's all we needed from John chapter fourteen verses one to three Jesus is what Jesus what am I telling me ask you one verses nine to eleven what is that one would be like when Jesus comes back what is that going to be like now got a couple of more facts amazing guys and bachelors years of this is cool so we're one action for one versus nine through two eleven I accepted one wishes nine through two eleven now I will do my best to some acting excited but if you give a final study and you are just how and speculate even understand but if you are excited about it they will be excited about their value this is me if you act enthusiastic say that if you act enthusiastic he will be enthusiastic about the full participation this could go on for a long time if you act enthusiastic and how it will be enthusiastic about David you had to pitch on your studying the phenomenon assuming this afternoon useless miscellany all useless feel guilty that you are not alone under those common things this must happen on this afternoon finally my friends I knock on doors but it is not the most comfortable thing that I do in my life I sit on people inside the airplane and talk to people about Jesus but that is not the most comfortable thing that I do in my life the most colorful way that I have witnessing now is one similar on Sunday mornings I go to the next to the Florida cutting horse Association meetings that's five minutes away from my house and I preached to the Cowboys on the horse and the Cowboys in the stands and their wives and children on a Sunday morning laugh it beats knocking on the door in a sunny think you need to find a Florida cutting horse Association who preached in him right so here we are accepted one was a centerleft family and spoken these things Jesus is talking sitting in an era where okay and when he installed in these stainless while made me how you doing maybe later login one anyhow he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their one out of their site had me hold to in no and while they looked steadfastly toward heaven verse ten as he went on the home to you soon find them in white apparel coming to an ever heard those commitments done by them in white apparel were angels can you move back to me from the mine he lasted today whom you may like OEM and ammunition as Ismael Matthew at the first woman they looked steadfastly management and culture Minister Bywater which came in a gallery for sending gazing up in heaven this same Jesus which was taken up from you again tenant shall so come in like manner as you seem to like them and so number one was what Jesus is coming back what is a factor number two we can get out of this okay he's coming back assembly when we know what you okay Sally with him while having to know he didn't sound more dating site in manual can help you know okay I don't think Sally's so many of the immediate environment of the valleys of taking God all when Jesus went to have been in the day he went in a luck in a cloud and is in the are you in there we need to find one of the other fact which you haven't proven it to me but you can improve it to I mean I believe our but I don't think that you really can shut me out a lot right now you're interested in how optimism that was so about fifteen years note that I shall check this out since he was about age she's twenty three now for the last fifteen years she's been a Seventh-day Adventist and right now look at her face as she excited about what we are studying in fact number one laws Jesus coming I think of it who said that you become inactive effect and one for me okay what was the second one family with one okay he was taken up in a cloud received him so you need a cloud for many many your class and one is another fact even accept a one versus nine through two eleven thank you they saw Hindley now those two minutes to buy one apparel said Jesus is when they come back the same way he wins could they see him when he went with any of the see him when he comes back if you believe in a clown with you come back in a car window so all Terminator Revelation chapter one verse was not look like her and disappeared clickers somewhere then fill in the Revelation chapter one verse on Revelation chapter one verse seven says why so many reaffirming nice and I don't hold anything back revelations everyone present themselves as in a non- place in Scripture the Bible tells us that Jesus is going to come back in a full house and everyone I shall shall see him now my friends models and Jesus Wanda Lehman files a Jesus left and found they saw him in and says we comes by his income in a glass in his promise was in John fourteen one two three but the fact that he's coming back for a hotel on the clouds prove it the majority thinks this works in the King James version a managing general version items you may be initial sit well with you if you're an English standard version I am fine with that if you're a new international version I am finally back in talk to me about Bible versions later if you want to that's not the topic of the study my mind my thought on that topic note is that if you can't understand you not read but it would you name another Samuel is singing wasn't enough in you can read for me some succeeds when everything in the shop once as they were surrounded by great cloud of witnesses okay any of witnesses they are described in Hebrews Geneva Chapter 11 check this out are the clouds that witnesses have given that Nike Samuel what are the clouds of two people is that some sixteen seventeen okay Ray very loudly this is the happening of the Anthony King James version for the sort to reinstall sixteen seventeen for me that Sherry assumed on our twenty thousand even thousands of angels that Sherry and seven God are the chariots of God he won't Angels is not a biblical thing to say that the chariots of God equal Angels is that okay now who's read to me Psalm one oh four in the back there on some one oh four three ominous red ominous spread the participation of a system in this whom they met for how to swap chariots or check out this algebraic equation understood to push all of this down a little bit so I'm not sure if they're under Angel over their notes are equal to each other in the Bible just said that clouds are one share is since clouds of evil chariots and chariots evil angels content vegetarians out how this wool or some amount we can take missionary and out of the equation we can foolishly the clown over here and we can push the angel over here and we can say that clouds the cool Angels Sing Jesus was taken up Jesus was taken up in a cloud full of one angels the stimulus and by then one of helping so what were those two men enlightened path I just saw Dennis alas Dennis just turned on one of those I light bulbs this is what happens we study the Bible with people using Jesus Matt Bellamy Asif will many angels is Jesus coming back with our analysis of how means that equal up to about eight L A all look with me at Matthew twenty five thirty one nineteen twenty five thirty one who's got the Detroit thirty one Summit is there for some reason of its me on the reading when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the holy angels with him now you just reminded me to get what you answer how many angels came down and move the stone careful how you answer I'm not asking how many angels were in the two amassing how many angels moved the stone from from the boat was at any one network to Sally never to decide what they had wanted to feed him or Jesus headline writer but only one angel comes down and those that don't know what happened to all the Roman card when I want angel came down to move at some way what say that again I hear see hand motions they all are as dead men I just want you to imagine this earthquake at that point yes it was an earthquake at that point where people afraid that point yes people were afraid of Apple I will say one angel comes out in the Rosetta Stone and entire Roman darkness falls down my madman not want you to imagine all of the Angels coming from glory land with Jesus and I want you to imagine them traveling faster than the speed of light now maybe we have a clue as to why there will be a little dark cloud about the size of a man's hand in the East that grows brighter and brighter as it gets closer to us along Iraq she wears that while first Thessalonians four seventeen when Jesus comes back he comes back with all the only holy angels now want you just imagine little dark cloud comes out of the lease lessee that's no self like my daughter 's doing this stuff right now this is a little black cloud dark cloud comes out of the East and we know that as a sign of the Son of Man coming why is it dark horse SSF why is that clowns are as they are traveling faster than the speed of light my friends M and all of that energy when those breaks get put on an income source atmosphere within a half into the sky and roll back like a scroll what happened to the mountains and fall down what's happened to the islands and disappear to live on an island don't be afraid Jesus and Judas Jesus can make people walk on water so this is what we learned so far Jesus promised to come back right Jesus left in the clouds that cloud is made of angels when Jesus comes back she's coming back in a cloud of why every I will be able to what it is a very fun right now I want you to turn with me to Revelation chapter four hours forget while in Revelation chapter four areas Revelation chapter four and this holly all of us to read this together that is just a fun little exercise when I get Bible studies do this the same way MSW and people actually participate so please be just kind to me as they are when I sit down and study Bible say when Revelation chapter four and just help me my participating the Bible says in Revelation chapter four verse eight this is describing the throne room in heaven where gone the father is sitting on a throne that's what you see in Revelation chapter four it says in the form be sent each of them six wings about him and they were full of eyes with him and they rest not day and night saying and so we're going to do as we are going to say what those four living beings are the four living creatures saying so read along with me holy holy holy not enough energy holy holy holy Lord God Almighty which was and is an easy come out wanting to do it again holy holy holy Lord God Almighty which was an amazing music underneath a little more energy into it call a holy holy Lord God Almighty when she was and is the music on this is what they say in all the time when I say holy holy holy Lord God Almighty when she was an amazing is only one more time on all the holy law Almighty which was ten years and is common revelation eight ones as and when he opened the sentence space and him now where I just know where his gun before the word on the father the second coming was one of the path where what you say you're absolutely right he's coming to all throughout Scripture you see Jesus ascend to the right hand of the throne of God to the right hand of the throne of God to the right hand of the throne of God in Matthew I believe it is twenty six let's go there Matthew twenty six this is not one scream away to be taking notes you may need to address Matthew twenty success he saw people looking at me like I'm weird like maybe it really isn't going to happen Matthew twenty six verse sixty four belt forget all throughout the New Testament Jesus sends to the right hand of the father to the right hand of the fellow on the right hand of the throne he sits on the right hand of the father the Bible says in Matthew chapter twenty six were sixty three thou hast said nevertheless I sent you hereafter ye shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of law power and coming in the clouds of heaven God the father God the son God the Holy Spirit and every angel coming down here to get you and I offer this plan is very Matthew twenty six sixty four this because God is coming to get us know how much that excites you but I just makes me just want to get up and shout in this gymnasium I'm not one for Schouten in church understand shall we show us I don't get it yellow I don't allow you smiling widely seen happy when you study the Bible the way Jesus studied the Bible you get excited doesn't matter what topics are static doesn't matter at a lady this past week come to me at at the end of one of our faith and food evenings and she said her name is Betty praise God that he is coming to the state and food seminar because one of our church members pics video and they are good friends and said that is coming with a church member can you say amen amen and I said to me after the meeting she said mascot I almost always arranged that when you die you went to have a suggestion amongst them and that's what that's what a lot of people teach what we learn from the Bible tonight she said will we learn from the Bible tonight that even Jesus said when you die you go to sleep and you don't know anything until you wake up in the second coming I said so do we want to believe what Jesus taught do we want to believe what other people teach she said oh I want to believe what Jesus taught I said well so what happened to me she said you just go to sleep anyway for the second coming of Jesus this way machine tools and she for years she has taken comfort in the fact that her house is with his mother in heaven and now she just can't she just outside but he's not there without I'm not that selfish excitement which is exactly the point of this my friends you say Jesus method of studying scriptures to study the Bible one topic at a time that is the way they are intended for us to understand the amazing facts of Scripture to put them in a pile and say okay I see Jesus promise to kick him again and when Jesus comes again Sally he's coming in the clouds and every high manner every eye will see him and he's coming back in the clouds and your sister those files are made up Angels and as I'm going through this Oneonta start smiling you didn't know that Jesus is coming back you knew that already you didn't know that Jesus is coming back with all the Angels you knew that already coming and didn't know that Jesus is coming back with all the fathers well on so my friends listen no matter how long we studied Scripture we can always learn something and enjoy this class this is when I will say to go all the time I'm not saying that your own personal study is going to make you all excited all the time because the Bible says we talk about this in our next classroom to talk about conviction the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will convict us of seeing wrongdoing of righteousness right doing and judgment to come the results of right doing wrongdoing in our relationship with cheese we talk about that next class studying the Bible is an amazing adventure every time I open the Bible I just I am just amazed at what I learned and am always looking for things that I never knew before Somalis look for him to his reading overview of Scripture is from Genesis as fast as I can read it all includes both a revelation I intend to be done by December the eleventh of this year I started about a month ago just leading and we we did the math it would be fifteen chapters a day from the time we start until the time that the life class graduates and I'm just going to another so many notes in my Bible right now my my digital model because I can put notes in their real easy and nice and neat like and am renewed offer that an English standard version of your Serena second I come across something new I put a note in a Majesty dongle I look back on those notes later on during the day and I'm just like this is what God said to me but Jesus we are very excited about your word and we know Jesus we know as your followers that we are to be sharing with other people on Jesus we know that knocking on doors in fun Bible studies but so can just going to Sam's and talking someone so can just go in our neighbor insane I've learned something new share give us the opportunity we pray for us to share you were a son and anyone who this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse the more certain is www. universe .org


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