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Conviction is the Key

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)




  • October 13, 2012
    4:00 PM
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father this is exciting for us this sacred time you set apart for us to be with you we enjoy this please give us more opportunity to spend time with you just wake up our minds to the fact that we have an opportunity we need to get we love you Jesus we ask that you will be with us as we study were now in your name we pray amen I was sitting on a couch in Marisol and Joe's home there's a couch on this side of the room Joe is sitting right there in his easy chair and there's a couch on this side of the room and move this illustration over to here so here's accounts here's accounts and Joe is sitting right there in his easy chair Joe was a former suburban happiness for years prior to this gel had married Roman Catholic his family disowned him told him that I do want to see him anymore I will work Joe that's that's pretty harsh on the Sandler family to do that that's what happened into a situation so Joe is disowned by his family Jill does not ever come back to the Seventh-day Adventist Church on zero one Sabbath 's job he decides hey maybe I need to go in there today he goes into the church where we are holding an evangelistic meeting he makes a decision to get rebaptized and enjoyment charge and he knows that so this is the Monday after Joe has been baptized and so we go over to Joe's home to visit with Joe and Marisol and asked where visiting with Joe and Mirasol I am sitting on this couch over here with Pastor Ron Warner Pastor Ron mourners that was the pastor is retired now I understand of the grand rounds at the Baptist Church in Oregon as well as the Sheridan church in Oregon that was his district so he allows visiting appraisal overpasses of the visit if they may make you Malaysia visiting not to see what you have on your coffee table size magazines are concerned but just to say hello I system from the people 's houses to see what they're doing wrong to just keep that mouth so I'm sitting over here on this couch Marisol was sitting over there Marisol looks very unhappy enjoy sitting here just reveling in his new relationship with Jesus Christ praise the Lord of the Windows rolled off of this backup not having them charging over forty years since they are ministers and now so I'm looking at Marisol and Marisol is like this many don't this means typically means of somebodies closed off they're not open to hearing what you have to say what a relief evaluating what you have to say it could be a good thing I could be a bad thing right so here's an aerosol she just looks matter number and she's got her hands like this and so we just you chatting and Marisol 's hands come down and no moment Marisol 's hands come down amass all Nassau County which Sabbath would you like to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian then you will have to forgive me for trying to do my best or at least a type of action and Hispanic actions and please forgive me if I get it wrong again to Marisol sitting over here I asked Marisol which Sabbath would you like to become a seven administration and Marisol said you don't think I need to mean that I cannot see any kind of smug and I know many that John condominium advertisements I've seen you been cheating on me in the mirror and price here I am did Marisol need to be rebaptized by the enchanted issues anger but that's one thing I almost put on my boxing glove the battle many of us do people that we work with say they want to go to church on Saturday wanted to Dublin coffee guys on tomorrow music itself work out team why can't you do that will exodus chapter twenty verses eight to eleven says ex 's chapter thirty one verse sixteen says Luke chapter four verse sixteen says Revelation chapter fourteen verse six through twelve says Revelation chapter whatever says Revelation Matthew that in the near finish they don't ever want to talk to you again about any scriptural top many of us put our gloves on some a sesame one network I just can't stand the fact this is when I was a truck driver I can't stand the fact that my grandmother is in heaven right now she his grandmother just passed away some of the truck never completely distraught as he was like she was like his mother to him completely distraught and she's up there now able to see everything that he's doing down here that's back and he wasn't the nicest fellows and open a mama always carried in a pocket by luck I carried my dagger in a big mouth as a sword cannula back to snack size a while and I pulled it out and submit you commit with a bottle decision fully executed on Ecclesiastes he said Lawson a problem off on it for FN Ecclesiastes chapter not handed to us in reverse five and six nobody else is in the drivers lounge zero quick reason for them to know that they would and didn't limit anything you have any more learned ratings done in the center and memory DIMMs forgotten to do is new to me recess she don't know what I'm doing similar books to note shield on the second thanks that I was so grateful to you for showing him the bottle said that his grandmother can see now many are selected with his grandmother seen tonight is anyone a little more cognizant of the stuff he was doing it wouldn't glorify the Lord that you can't even let somebody that met once to glorify Satan live in darkness from Sandy got share the truth with which ended in a way that is how humble that is it is a chewable becoming like dreams dreams of me got dreams with no salt and no lemon juice okay see artisan salt and lemon juice on the Bible we see people finally understand you are always people problem so they react Marisol Matignon she's like this again completely closed off just glaring at me and I started to open my Bible and I was getting on Exodus chapter twenty verses eight through eleven thousand show her why she needed to be rebaptized because she had me keep the Sabbath for forty years and she knew about it but she said that she loved Jesus and a semi- love Jesus and certainly because John fourteen fifteen if you love Jesus he's asking my commandments are certainly Geneva but I wanted to do and I was opening my Bible I did not hear the horrible voice but I did this deep impression that goes like this Scott you didn't say anything about baptism and sometimes in the enzyme I had a madness conversation you're working anything the new Marisol says you think I need to be very about times when not drinking smoking and to minimize hormonal lifting of turning the main domain process baptism Marisol who say the massive Asner some as a Marisol who said anything about she said I don't know how stupid I say anything about that is no depression were no gain Joe know I said who do you think said something about baptism then she said who you think say something about Barclays Samara so I think I know who said something about not to answer this for Marsal 's arms become unfolded so now Marisol is beginning to get open to what I'm saying and I and so I asked Nassau again I said Marisol which sadly do you want to become the seventh avenues Christian and that is arms iron curtain comes down and she said he looked at the same same second I wanted to be developed by deciding a manner so it's evident that someone in this room is talking to you but the rest of us can't hear him she said who your changes talking to me I said what you think is talking to you she said you what a mess on the set them aside national open mobile to James chapter two verse ten James shifted to Hebrews and you have the book of James immunity to the last chapter two verse ten and I have it I will hear us sat on the couch beside Nassau so I'm not moving this calculus and renal illustrations and I gave Marisol my Bible and I said Masaaki rejigging chef too Christian for me and she started to really read it in her mind silently prisoners would you mind reading out loud for us she couldn't make it through verse she started weeping crying sobbing and when someone is doing it using that particular type of an emotional state you don't put your arm on amenable to hand on and because that immediately arrests the emotion that's what science tells us in some lesbian emotional when you touch them in the job around it arrests emotion and it doesn't allow the emotion to continue to complete itself Sunday sitting there she finally stopped sobbing and she looks at me and she says has to I know to get us out of the forty years I don't see what is that I wanted to but I don't even effeminate soldier and his family have evacuated seven I will be happy again some visible from the I got a wind that has set down the side pastor whether conversation goes on for low bit longer no folded arms is a NASA which Sabbath would you like to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian this sat for the next season I think I want to be baptized and I found a conviction that was the first time in my ministry that I have seen and recognized the voice of God speaking to someone's conscience turn with me to John chapter sixteen John chapter sixteen Matthew Mark Luke John the sixteenth chapter the Bible says in John chapter sixteen verse seven will restart in verse seven John sixteen verse seven says who nevertheless Jesus speaking I tell you the truth it is expedient for you that I go away for if I go not away the comforter will not come unto you but if I depart I will send him unto you now Bible text book chapter and verse that tells me specifically to the comforter is Bible text in person tells me to the comforters John John fourteen twenty six you said it we John fourteen twenty six but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost of the Holy Spirit opinion on your versions to host the comforter the Holy Spirit you have every biblical precedent to say that it's a fact you can stand on some an argument you you argue with God so the comforter verse seven of chapter sixteen verse eight rather and when he is calm when the comforter is come Jesus is one to send the comforter Ryan Madeleine is a beautiful model set it goes through the piece of Pentecost where you actually see the ten days after Jesus ascends an icon of Angels is crowned King is anointed with the Holy Spirit the second time one zero Mister once in heaven he is our high priest is anointed as the high priest and all the Holy Spirit is poured out on here amazing study anyway the Bible says and when he has come back to Holy Spirit he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and judgment to come that is what will happen when the Holy Spirit begins to speak to people 's hearts the Holy Spirit will speak to people he will convict them of sin he will convict them of righteousness or right doing and he will convict him of judgment to come are you tracking with sand righteousness and judgment to come when you study the Bible with people they are going to be one of two things they will either be confused or they will be convicted both of which have the exact same outward indication if someone is confused about a topic that you study within the limited upset they're not now want you to come back because what you say makes absolutely no sense to them easier Bible study is clear and concise and understandable people are not confused later convicted and whether people respond positively or negatively to conviction it is a good thing because you know that they are under what conviction that the voice of God speaking to them show this is another Jonas is in Albuquerque New Mexico I study the Bible with show every Tuesday at one o'clock in the last six weeks the absolutely love the Bible studies that we were doing I get there one week and not the site may suffer so good with recent materialism material Sally was a material I think you will than zero there were mathematical finance lately some normative values more material that links a second notice houses jump deal cars in the apartment parking lot is sliding glass doors open like it always did is when I come home his capture outside like they always are when I come to his home to study and a knock on the door and always not seven times because it has a good ring to it no answer I'm kind of persistent data away from the mix I figure maybe he's using the restroom I wait about thirty seconds no response for five minutes every thirty seconds are not seven times Eleanor because I know Joe is home he's even then I or ignoring me know one thing anything about Joe is that Joe was a collector of swords samurai swords daggers and knives of all time literary ones and all one's iron wins bronze ones even had a metal bronze medal figure in in the corner of his room that we know was the shout like the armor that that the night 's warm and in in one in one of the hands was this long was the economic on the stick is one of Osama and take your head off type hatchet she understands exactly and so does the last time let's see that was being twelve times in five minutes thirty thousand and ten found in a knock on the door the door flies open and you is this what you want is gotten his mode you know me all things all people six forty oh one oh I want is hydrogen not really how I and I will do that one vision I want to study the Bible with you anymore I want to join you in charge anymore I will be baptized by you I want to leave me alone and he begins a slamming door and I don't know why God did this but something picked up my way and put my foot in that door as it was closing and in that very moment has gone to do this to me he's got a lot of cities sharp things in their and he looked at me and Joseph did not mean bigger than any of us in addition they die Paul and he looked at me he looked down at my foot he looked up at me and I'm just praying whole time Lord don't let me down and if I do I'll see you soon because I am working for you right now and you put my foot in the store so if I buy what I'm working for you then I need to go to heaven and I literally took comfort in that because discussed big he was matted and he said would you data for I suggest you owe me an explanation as to what likelihood is it because you haven't I just got right back in his mouth as is you have in setting the bottle now for about six weeks and all of a sudden you won't answer the door that's plumb ridiculous positions in my house smells like a promoted as step in this house I'm looking on a shiny objects and he said set aside I said that vinyl siding two one visit our Bible study left me the limited range of a hazardous drive is pouring water into his car is a human industry of caramel used for water in the gas tank to obtain my study what is angry in Bible studies on this matter the mouse that Iraqis not also a Halloween that I was the official Bible study is looking all around me me he wasn't throwing knives but he was he was moving things very quickly looking for this model setting I see this bring public novel set in the corner by the new know the guy with the big thing message always that over there and not on others I wonder nobody I knew things talking to isolate our citizenship and sure enough it was an identifiable cessation and he'll show me where this model studied on ESPN vision that most of the told me I couldn't smoke I said that he is in election intern in that model studies maybe making the model setting it said and he read first Corinthians chapter ten verse eight minus eleven hundred when I read this Bible did you model three dollars while he's watching a lot of TV mouse announce a complete with Lebron mania house and he's can take a signal of Armenia as we finish this first rapist and anyone who reads it was as a whatsoever he was arranging what certainly do do it all to the board got acetonitrile sapphire smoke he certainly did when I read cannot go on the first previous three sixteen and seventeen and said to him the one that destroys the temple of God God will destroy him and then could grab down on boxing gloves and actually annihilated this rather I could just well it did send that to me when I run a silly notion was when ceremonies he said one opposite the temple of God secreting beta when you read this verse as soon from God that usually spoken he seconded he could basically no one else and will patient he told me that I need something he did he said yes and where a tournament in section model study when he says right here it's is a Leviticus Chapter 11 you can each patient must go Leviticus chapter on civil rights his heart and he knew exactly what was we get to the Chapter 11 fins and scales messenger who told you you couldn't shut God 's will when you do a cement our old two packages of cigarettes in the morning done for the last twenty years he went over to his first writer he opened up his first writer and there was Styrofoam container with cellophane on after Styrofoam container with cellophane on after Styrofoam container itself and all it was foolish he said adding shrimp everyday of my life for the last twenty years and I'm not nearly enough for you and I'm not even enough for God I said no problem if you ever change your mind you here's my card here's my phone number just gimme a call it's been a pleasure knowing you and our friends here we just want to call and hang out a never have heard from John sometimes people respond to conviction in a negative way what do you do when someone is convicted in setting the Bible with them what is it that you do I went over to him Ron and Carol 's house wine Carol came to our evangelistic meetings in Florida in two thousand fall of two thousand ten and Ron and Carol sat on the second row back Joe is an outright to the left of where Joe was sitting they sat right there and Carol left in the middle of the meetings like night number six she laughed and then come back until almost the end of the meetings that Ron kept him and Carol had to go out of town together drinking and she can and Ron and Carol have what they call Scotty Knight and their house that was an evangelist meaning that we recorded we had DVDs and so for the next four or five months every Tuesday night they would put in one of the DVDs they had me on preaching again and they would dissect every word that I said everywhere and so Ross estimate one day they continue to come into my Tuesday night Bible study Ron Sesame one I need you to visit me in my house is a perfect unlucky days and I got some questions for you to run price a lower I'm excited about you questions he said on arrival and most of time reveals MS and questions for you they don't want to give you the advanced warning to know what their questions orcas they want to be able see if they can get you run around said to me Scott here's my questions beginning four six four six sheets of yellow paper front and back with questions on front-end he said I want your finances to these questions then a watching when you're ready and over I glanced at us and run when when can I come to you are a analysis of the assembly the one God can answer everyone's questions he says well when you want to come over main appointment with my father-in-law with me was when my students at the time refund any future father-in-law was pretty awesome father-in-law 's annuity talent to do for four months that's this line is that last night on a graduated we go over to their house I got a piece of paper money that all those papers and money and run since gone on one need to know that Carol and I are sincere seekers of Bible truth we don't have any statistics texts up our sleeve that were meant to pull out and try confusion with I said so wrong is if we clear this up then the things that are preventing you from making a decision will be cleared up he said he I said so as long as we clear this up you make a decision subject we saw to go into that let's start off with food we went to reference at the reference at the reference after reference to reference and went to another topic reference after reference after reference just letting the word of God talk and we were finished runs this will you've answered all our questions thank you very much for coming I said thank you for letting me I'll see you teasing he said we may be at church as a principal based on income and church became the church for like six month 's passing Donald Shaw our pastor in Lady Lake Florida went to visit passes Shaw comes back from a visit he says they can join church immediately debate John Hunter my friends when people are convicted some of them to upset anyone here with the Word of God has to say but in every instance you must take them back to the word of God so when I get a Bible study this is what I do all through that level setting I'm gaining little decisions in that Bible study all the time is this clear and I want you notice I just I just gained a decision by asking that question I gained decisions all along German Bible studies as is clear to them I just gained a decision what I just shared with her is clear to her she's not confused anything I say later about what I asked if it was clear on she will be convicted on now not confused on you understand the concept your information has to be clear for instance does it really matter what day we worship God you will meet people that will say I worship God seven days a week but you only worship him one day a week and I and I tell you to determine SAR I worship God seven days a week to I wake up in the morning devotions spend time with God is up to talk about what is I wish about everyday electricity to the neck he says okay lets a special mattress I got this very simple illustration the first three days of creation which God created an empty space the second three days of creation week God fills up they want to date for a sales update to with a five he feels update three with a six to home and talk about these papers very cool cinema to God do with the seventh thanks to Joshua I don't axis the place of your standing is holy ground the only thing that made it holy was the presence of God so what makes the Sabbath holy God 's presence is in this that make a difference to somebody that says you should worship God every day of the week it doubts in the Sabbath then becomes a relationship concern with Christ not just a day of the week how are how that impacts people when you're studying Scripture with what I do is when I'm finished to the monocytes and I asked someone the question I asked this question you can write this down very simple they were or weren't what would keep you that you and I study the word of God God was right from Babylon Camino Persia Persia degrees grease to attract increased around Rome to divided Rome and then divided Rome to the stone what should that God 's enemy run about the stone and I sat up and is going to be rotten I say are you willing to bet your life on what is contained in this book what we keep you past if you're saying if you're saying to me am I willing to to just put it all on the line for that book is galaxies enemy gasoline or that question is called conviction so I say no my friend the Massey what we keep you from late elbow on the line on this book and they say what you know is if I do that even this am a religious nut in a setting of rum cannot write religious and not on the this paper chair well what would you wear not only minor release probably lose my job so cannot right lose my job here what would you do all the reasons are listed that we keep them in an alternate these I have a juvenile sex now is if we can look at God 's word and God 's word can take care of all of those we make a decision you are not there not sure what I do is I I should not take the reason they were back I put on the table the coffee table where readers were setting in a safe let's see what God has to say about this now at life I give my students I will have one here you have in your Bible still that list of excuses you beside a when you okay what I do it like this I give my students a list of typical excuses people give for not making decisions I lose my job always my family my employers can be upset I will be in the feed my family etc. etc. etc. and so when I began my ministry I had this list of texts amended answer all of those excuses and I would literally go over to the people that I'm setting a mile when I would sit next to them and I would survey here's the list of the reasons that you feel you cannot knew about is asking you to do I went to a class and in this class they gave me this piece of paper and this piece of paper lists the most common reasons why people cannot obey God 's word so let's see if we can find your reasons on this sheet and it led to read the verses beside it and see what God has to say in their life you've got a piece of paper with all is safe I know if there excuses for you these are the most common reasons that people give for not doing not asked them to do and sure enough all others are on there in one way or another and gone just shifts away just chips away all his excuses until someone makes that decision based on what God told if you encourage someone to quit their job and they do it based on what you said there can accompany you for money they're going to come to you to provide for them they're not come to you to complain about if you always point them to the word of God when they are making that decision and that it is God that is asking them to do something for him then they will come to enable say you know I really don't understand what God is doing here but I can't make it I lost my job when I started doing this and I can't make any and many of your able to say let's see what God has to say about any open it up and my friends a lot should understand soul winning is not something that you do one day a week when somebody loses their job this is why small groups are so sweet when it comes to people making decisions because there's a group of people that they can depend on rather than just one person to make sense by the way letting small groups I teach that in a small group setting you always need to have one empty chair because that always tells people that we need to bring somebody else into this small group to the concept so when somebody loses a job you may have to pay alignment unite what happened in the book of acts everything they had was common with each other somebody needed food they got somebody neither the and oil will pay that guy youngest and so when you win souls when you study the word of God within him they get excited about it because you're studying Jesus method when you introduce them to the Jesus which is the essential theme of every Bible study that you do and they make a decision to follow Jesus and lose their job or lose their family or whatever either way CRM her mother basically just owning her from making the decision to become a seventh Avenue 's Christian Oliver family was going to come to her baptism not one into .com now one in Seattle my wife and I feel like I'm going to loss a family and after tea arrested up for God and made that decision her mother has again started help in her analysis what last reference when you study the Bible with people they are going to go through the most trying situations the devil is going to try to discourage them don't be the vehicle that Satan works through help them encourage the continue studying with introduce them to other people in the church if that person is coming into the church to a small group they are e-mail at least six to twelve people statistics say yet that at least seven friends of the church in order to stay in the church seven friends statistics say people need to stay in the church most people will go back to the first day charges because they disagree with a doctrine that they learned they go back because they need fellowship is that God created us to be even in creation delivery means that Newman out of any together in the cool of the evening to meet with the Lord for model study there were at least three people the largest number in a small group met that God used in the wilderness in the church and wellness acts chapter seven King James version says that Moses led the church in the wilderness that search in the wilderness six hundred and three thousand plus people were divided into groups of ten small groups ran the church and will very good precedent for them in your own churches because it gives people a support group for making decisions conviction is the key to gaining a decision once when you see that someone is under conviction there may be crying for joy a crime because her upset they may be madder than a hornet and I may be so excited they don't tell everybody they make slam off or they may just be very vocal lots of different signs of conviction they may avoid you they may want to stay near you all of these are signs of conviction if someone is upset with you about what you studied from Scripture you give them a little bit of time to cool off but then you go back over there and you're still a person 's friend is a snake in any sense in its inherent long time that's for sure run in the marauding Carol Matt raises Seventh-day Adventists instead was a lay pastor immediately when he graduates high school he goes into the Army he goes into the Army because I had elder this church told him that Seventh-day Adventists do not join the Armed Forces and so use it while Moore show you on joining them for John nine wishes he hadn't played your he was in the Armed Forces gets out means one of our representatives Zack and Nixon at the Oklahoma conference get me Zach begins to be his friend is convicted that he needs to come to life he comes to life life Center I got to baptize men because of the word got it done in his life we were halfway through the first week of our two week Bible study course that we do halfway through the first week Matthew comes to me and says I need to get rebaptized there's power in the word of God and God expects you to handle back power he expects you handled delicately this is not something that you should people over the head with it's not something that you force people to obey it is not something that you even insist people obey unless they are your children living under your roof because when people make their own decisions because God has spoken to they will stick with David Scott that I told you about in session today was kneeling down over here with me John chapter ten thirty two thirty three David Scott still gives approximately six model studies a week is a full-time dad he's a full has a full-time job just six model sensibly this is excited about what God has done for him and excited about the message that we as Seventh-day Adventist as it's been fun for you at all fun informative and then you guys need to take lots of those flyers on their back to your home church and put them in your home church available at home for a while ligament on Thanksgiving I is not thanks given will Christmas the things given your room the little QR code scanners fun any questions yesterday the question is when I get model studies to limit the time that I spent in someone's home I do I limited to one hour even if I'm not finishing our Bible study and they begged me to stay I think in that Bible study in our very rare that I know because I told them I be there for an hour Christians don't live if you stay especially on the first level study if you stay over more than that our menu stayed for two hours the next time you come back to their house they run into the door because they'll have time to spend two hours studying the Bible yes movie people because it's easy to digest when spoonfed yesterday the question is what you do and somebody is not making a decision what what topics have you studied with him almost everything did he make any decisions at all during this Bible studies okay they are you trying to make members of the administration of him and say something that may shock you are a Iraqi world may think I'm off my rocker I never study the Bible people so that they will become Symbian I study the Bible with people so that they can enjoy a deeper closer relationship with Jesus so I think that our motive has a lot to do with whether or not people are making decisions you have to believe it or to make decisions that strip and one thing that you need to be careful of when you're getting Bible studies is watching a person come under conviction if that person comes under convict him you do not give them the opportunity to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit then you may have just programmed themselves not to respond in the future does that make sense in March families book persuasion had air it's called programmed nonresponse that's what it's called is actually given it a title program nonresponse and all of us actually suffer from program nonresponse and illustrate how many of you the first time that you heard that someone died in the Gulf War you are upset you the first the hundreds time you were still upset that you never did anything about it because you know what to do what you do about it now you hear that the six thousand thousand whatever soldier has died it affects you very little it's just another minor headline on CNN why doesn't it affect us because we programmed ourselves not to respond when you get Bible studies you always have an appeal during those Bible studies is a clear how we on the same page are you tracking with me are you picking up what I'm landing on a catcher went on a snowman cooking these are things to help people understand to understand people are reviewing a given study at the end of that study first of all I ask is it your desire and then I say what would keep you I want to know if its their design because the Bible says second Corinthians of leverage Chapter eight verse twelve it says if a man first has a willing mind it is accepted of God as if he already has has done to all got me all God needs is a willing mind so is it your desire and so when a person says yes it's my desire as appraisal of what would keep you in a listening I always loved your first name early early on always gain decisions along the way so that when I get to the end of that Bible study I can ask them to make a big decision that that Bible study leads up to and when when somebody says to me you know I want to be baptized by the way I I can remember in my ministry run ever asked anyone if they want to get baptized I've been doing this now for about twelve years I can't remember ever asking someone if they want to they always set tell me how you know how I how I become involved in the church shooting dude you how I join your church what's the method that I did your church uses to become a member and I say well actually do is with a method that our church uses is baptism others are uncomfortable that when Wendy wanted to so they said to me I say well let's do this next time we meet and I'm still responding your question earlier we need to bring what I call the principles of faith she and this principles of faith sheet outlines things that we need to understand before we get into a marital like relationship with Christ if that person is married also did you know that before you got married well not as well as another now but did you did you take them out to dinner did you talk to spend time with them the Jew make sure you had common interests and you do this is what people do in a day right when a court depending on the vernacular that you like using whatever word you want to use insults I will come over there house and I'll just go off this list they'll read one already one that we want only one will circle what needs to be covered and checkmark what they already agree with Sinai it's very rare that I think some it all the way through twenty eight Bible studies before I asked if they baptize and so we have to gain little decisions all along the way and you have to be really looking for conviction it's very neat when you begin looking for conviction you're actually noticing that people when you going to their home they usually have a particular expression on their face during that study when that expression changes due to something that you have studied you know that a person is either confused or convicted and so you say is this clear in my syllabus is clear then you know that person is convicted and you want to make sure that person is ready to me that that person makes a decision before you move on does this make sense every gene got to get little decisions all along the way because what we may be doing and by the way I forget exactly where the quote come from some of the testimony Jesus says that when we give ourselves wholly to God and didn't dedicate ourselves to him in his service he makes himself fully responsible for the consequences so don't think that you have failed at all you just learning all of us fail our way to success God makes himself responsible for what happens when we get Bible studies so I can comfort in my job is simply to share the truth this is probably why my baptisms unless I've been in the same area doing evangelism three times a year which is what we did in Michigan my baptisms usually come four to six months after an evangelistic meeting we now have some baptisms right man with many of the other ones come after the assembly abolished in my ministry but I found it the people that are ready at the end of an evangelistic meeting will make decisions and get baptizing the people that are ready will continue to step and so that's what we do but you want to gain little decisions along the way long on the short clash yes when again the question is live fast how to talk to family members that have lost some convictions sure God has already taught that person the truth let God take care person pray hard knife if your liabilities is going out and get drunk and driving a car needs a hobby she got insanely pessimistic than you do to stop acid unit in prison they just stop if you need a ride I'll give you the wrong answer semblance of Oregon drunken union run home you call me out of the situation is that year specifically addressing you know when when I was first converted I told my whole family that they were going to that place in a handbasket for eating meat I was just so on fire that our people it's not a good thing to be on fire spirit you got a little tact along with Madeleine as young men here who sister was an atheist and his sister was the friend of Lady a and Diana was studying the lady a lady a in late EA invites Jim to come to this while cellular Jensen idea she's going to save Lady a from Diana Lake Geneva good to see his sister was the atheist it was studying the lady a lady and drops out of the studies in this his sister Jen came studying the Bible I got to baptize her and my brother Mankiw on the same day in the same reservoir in her testimony was I just couldn't get past studying the Bible every time we study the Bible I knew there was no God but I became even more important you said there was a guy even though I knew there wasn't conviction just continue to grow and now she started studies with her brother and Ray Savard 's can see a more questions just let the Holy Spirit is where a lot of times we we need in the way of the Holy Spirit because we where microwave society I want people to cut like this and I will be done right now I saw the way that's not the way things really work in evangelism it's true that an evangelistic meetings God has been preparing people all of their lives except the truth of the Internet meeting in the middle of meeting the express interest baptism you go visit them you set things up for the baptism setting dates for their baptism and work toward that goal if that doesn't happen the next in the date were not in a rush modeler we're not in a rush to make some demonstrations we are in a rush to share the truth so the Holy Spirit can make seven demonstrations that's what we're rushed in and God needs people that we share the truth yesterday how he dealing yourself a whole lifetime my grandmother it hurts us because you you have the burden for your family and all people you have indeed burden for your family and so it's a very emotional thing for all of us we see that our families going away it doesn't glorify God because we love to spend eternity without me just the reality for every one of us but Jesus is the one that said the Spirit of truth is common heated comforter is come he will convict the world of sin and righteousness and judgment to come you continuing to be loving and kind and supportive and always being there for them is going to speak to your family a law more than you just telling them that what they are doing is wrong may not always tell my kids I don't care what situation you're in I don't care what road you really going down on me down and be there for you I can get there fast enough on get there my grandmother became Seventh-day Adventist when my dad bought it with you I know you can wear fifteen minutes pass on my grandmother 's beginning Adventists of my dad I think was a nineteen years old all the kids become Seventh-day Adventists pop on never becomes a seven and we're talking fifty plus years later we get a new pastor 's name is John Taylor John Taylor comes to church and here's this this church in Montgomery Alabama that is dominated by the Moore family and the Haney clan and the McFarlane plan my data more married my mother McFarlane and so here's all this family and but no papa there's there's no pawpaw from the more side there is nowhere to be seen John Taylor says they were and my grandmother said he sufficient and John Taylor says we have to want to go fishing on Sunday students sometimes he does John Taylor said I need your address then next day he was in mom topology are ways fishing pole and his tackle box my problem never missed another day of church my grandmother been praying for him for more than fifty years died in Christ all will be in a with the rest of us by the grace of God remember many times we want with all of our hearts for people to be saved so much that we are willing to act the part of the Holy Spirit but God never gave that to us where truth shares we are like ours we are glory reflectors and we have to know that God himself is doing everything he can to save our family everything but depression Jesus we have spent sacred time with you we spent at setting your words sharing testimonies and we are very excited that we been able to be with you this is been profitable for us because we didn't waste this time thank you for being with us Jesus we pray that you will be less mass we go to an eat supper to our homes to another meeting has to be glorified in us and how we share your ratings are this media was brought by module covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe the more certain is www. on universe .org


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