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Casting the Vision for Your Life and Your Church, Part 1

Jorge Quintiana




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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hello what I welcome each one of you for forthcoming to this seminar which is extremely important for our spiritual journey with the Lord not only for the spiritual unit within the lumen in life in general by the way let me start by saying my name my name is taking CNN Junior a few notice another bit of actions is because some cumin coming from the islands of Cuba and then have the privilege to serve eating zero Georgia as a pastor to English-speaking churches on an happy to be here so that today would be talking about vision vision is one of the most important things recently but what we do is start with a prayer before we we continue fighting heaven what a privilege we have to be here today to talk about vision what a wonderful thing is to plunge ourselves into the vision of God for life Miller topless now give us wisdom and understanding and help why vision that we may be victorious in everything we do weak as your desire for each one of us is to prosper in every hospital for life bless each one of us be windows that are coming on the way in Jesus name we pray amen when we talk about mission you don't and might be bit of research recently they took fifty people think the wealthy people and a bit of research on them they need to work on Steuben that they did research on them then they started then they started their success they study why in the world they make so much money on how they can increase the immune Ultima proposal that this research was to increase performance and success in this deal than in the University all that they studied them for NEA and they realize that all of them come from the from the ground different settings some of them were very long when these are some of them came from a wealthy family but all have one thing in common I began on the research when the students submitted a paper to to the whole academic school day find out that one thing they have in common was vision vision is what may people success in life in fact one of my favorite will come from Robert Robert Schuller was a man of vision he used to say this the world of tomorrow belongs to the people who had the vision to they think about that for a moment the world tomorrow belong to people that have vision do they make people always complain to God and I have seen people in my ministry have seen people say class are known why God bless all the people I met him bless me and I want to tell you something folks and God is in the business of blessing you to save you time to give you his eyes on the Bible says I have come to give you life on life problem than the meaning that God is enjoying himself when he gave you good things the problem with the problem is that the problem is not that Robin is office many times people don't have vision to carry on God 's plan for our life that's important to understand I remember CS Lewis one of the greatest man ever live about talking a mile Georgian evangelism and he had dimpled and he didn't fumble to a country that was a tiny little country know what they have a few people live in and I guess and a session in one country was very more confident and he had implemented into bullet on when he got to the advantage is that what I was looking for British they got to the advantage and they realize they view my nihilistic then realized that those people were limiting such a poor condition that life expectancy was forty four cents and you mind that more than half a percent people that were living and I would not reach to the age of forty oh two oh three so they felt compelled into the heart of the Saul CS Lewis got it together sons on influential people on people with money and they said that help it so they raise some money so one day they visit every house in the village and they give him a little bit of money and with that money highly is a half-full one year to succeed you know not to they would arrive we don't have money and the money that we have in our mind sometimes doesn't know send Gary Aust to a whole year but in Gainesville in that place other than money is asked for employees so they have at least one year more easily the interesting thing about this story is that when he gave all the money to those people so and begin to use it right away some people that have vision the vision is able to make things better for fun but he noticed something other than an operational is that they use the money they brought off like a little cigar and they use as much it does not require phone one place to build on he was astonished he was amazed on the exact combination England that he and other they just thinking about what happened to say this the poorest man is not the man doesn't have money the poorest man is the one that doesn't have vision think about that for a moment God continue to many resources that can give you plenty of passing but if you don't know how to utilize those blessings you become very poor so it is important to understand that the world tomorrow I'm at when I think of all the world to what I'm not thinking about our living solicitous little to another dimension when I think of all the world tomorrow think about heaven for example they have a hostile model is for the people of that invasion today one problem with the judge allowed to see him when you study the charges one of the colonies that they think they see but God says you guys are harsh and you can see you guys on our mission if I want on the phone into the history of the Israelites were that they were cutting process God revealed himself to the public their mission the human mission and they no longer what able to see so that purpose of this seminar is to help you I lease to understand that you have upward was in life that create you for this pleasure but you can succeeding live in this lifetime in the life to come if you vision I like this passage that would access out to the observation is not a man is I the I love this and this one guy 's idea for the Bible said that every good things that come this will all come from the father above not being good compromise everything come from our father above is obvious that one of my favorite things in the Bible every time that I'm going to social every time that I going through some problems in my live every time that I'm dealing with George's this is wild and black boxes that I always study and what it says for I know the plans that I have the following for you think of as little as to draw a cross for you and not to harm you plans to give you what all have viewed it on a lot of people go live your live we now many things invite I'm from Cuba I think you are people are very poor you you used to live your life in a very simple way you can get away with with the lattice tablet one thing that you cannot live with without this hope you kill hopefully people you destroy them completely and not insane I have big plans for you you know when we get to heaven I just remind them within a get-together with the changes only in a CR history menace your life then I see how many blessings we receive from the look on how many times the angel protect us and kept us safe but also I get a minute then saying man in humans some blessings God one is so blessed you so much when you were living in this place and when you are one when you were going to school when you were doing this but because you didn't have question you were not able to give you so it is important to have patient is this is a very powerful statement George Barna says it is sufficient in a starkly elemental while payments of a preferable future or impacted by home my gusto his chosen servants and it is based on I have fallen on your understanding of all God not immediately is a sinful the reason why we have lack of vision in this world is because of the lack of understanding mobile old that is when you are a manual when you want at women all that one of God God reveal his vision for your life accurate understanding of God accurate understanding of who sound the alarm and one of the leaders success that Satan has upon all is the ability to confuse us about who we really are inside I have seen judges for example the judges that they said on this is a very friendly jar file system but when you into the community what they say about them is is not unlike the blood of the children does this judge is not friendly on all see when you don't have a clear understanding of who you are you cannot have a clear understanding on your mission because you vision within a seen a moment is connecting your pricing with your future and this is important what it says exactly it on this being all of God on the starting also how but also a clear understanding of what circumstances sometimes I put things in our way to bless us but because we are so blindly on singles blasting things that we used to complain a lot I don't not think you have seen people that they complain for everything I have they are stating the Libyans are they not helpful in all right but if you have seen people to the English sun is shining outside is all water they now have to work with his son it is raining all latter-day guys raining and pricing for everything they complained himself seen circumstances federal scene brings blessing that God can use it their all future for notable good at what it says are not visible by the way do they gain was talking about the Baltimore port was in life I limit value something that is nothing to be strolling your mole to mole porpoise enliven the lack of vision in our life and what he says this Peter Peter Marshall Hassan was a visionary knee very good success in life he says not give us clear mission we may know this time I watched this unfold because unless we stand for something which don't fall for anything using music that every profile prior to think about a prayer for a moment if you don't have a clear vision you know what let's take a window with each one of us who are honest from one place to another because we don't have a sense of direction what we wanted being with all life statistically proven students that have trouble I pay more I take classes extra classes and they shouldn't be taken these people that come to college computes you come to college and is I know what identities on finding that his glass and they take these all across the analyst by the end of the use of the in school they have taking classes that they never needed why is that because they didn't have a sense of right by the way if you are at times sense of direction begin home when you live in I have three case Academy Kelsey and Kevin and Joses and then once he's five years old and she is the most awaited and baby that I have all my three kids are special but she is not his growth I have a finite golems and dominant as he comes to me G.I. we bought her son a little toys the floor plane nursing and things like that when she left to play nursing with me so that AI have to check your blood pressure GIs in my hands and she checked my blood pressure and I always ask my daughter what do you want to be nine she said nothing I want every one of the and I said what when one of the about this week said they can interview you know what I did the other day we went to wonder this place and to this library and we sold books focus about doctors and nurses and I'm an investigation about medicine and things like that and I bought whole winter stuff that when I got home my wife say what you want out of this thing for Kelsey is not in the ability to understand all of this date and I said I'm creating a vision for her life she may change however is she may change later on but on the eighties pursuing her desire of what you want to be life beautiful and saying so it is important to understand this writer this is a powerful brave evening ventilation and what saliva works well and in nine hospitalized nor did lots a clear vision that we may all work design I want to stifle because unless we stand for something which shall fall for what would anything about the Bible is a violation Bible says in Probert chapter twenty nine versus eleven and verse eighteen says we know vision people perish how many of you want to encourage I'd say one thing one of the greatest blessing that we receive from God is a person of Jesus Christ and McKay wife is when Jesus Christ came to this world he gave us a clear vision of how his father whom I asked why he sent one one of his disciple asking chill off the father and Jesus said you are seeing if you have seen me you have seen the father he came from heaven to show us what God is really mean anything salvation in any successful in this we now vision people what Barry Chase is a SF basically proven countries that are very boys companies are not having that don't have vision in their lives and enjoy in this country is that our founder on the top of the edit play out that HS of having success in life you know that I come from Q and concubine is a communist country and there's a lot of over deal with them the reason why they are so many people little of it is because many people are they don't believe in God and you remember what we said is already on a vision is understanding will S understanding South understanding certain sense it we talk about going to reside Africa Muslim countries that they don't believe in God you see them under over this country is such a great country even though it is going to the four mile right now we don't know what will happen in November but one thing I can assure you is that this country eighties found their own and because of that is one of the greatest nation in the world because people have vision into the mutual use on some example in history this is this will help you to understand a we have in history radical hero role who one they went to the Michigan company bank in nineteen oh three and he went to this banker very trusted financial voice and is a you know I am thinking investing five thousand dollars in these new model for model company that was coming out and this is what this man says will look with a diagnosis process quote the horses argued the state automobile is just a novelty bundling but role was a man of vision and I cannot believe that I will be riding horses all my life and in my going to Georgian horses in your mind is this Georges Baig two thousand people brought in more than you might handle thousand horses riders and a parking lot that will be a big mess Harrell was a man of vision in his act and myself riding horses all the time I knew no one because he was a man of vision he invested five thousand dollars in the company you know what happened several years later he sold his chairs for the twelve million dollars and then people ask them how you were able to succeed in his statement he said because I envisioned myself in a car vision another example is that all right nineteen sixty two the opportunity to sign a musical group but the President-elect Barak orders into this says while after hearing the demand playing he said according to what they says that we don't like the sound of that group the cars are on the way out will guess what I know the company that I was not complaining them great vision signed his group in the first year that all the floors are going on this group they sold thirty five million copies in five say and that is what we call delaying the Beatles site you are not vetoed legal company what I think that they have successfully think about although I'm for example nineteen nineteen sixty nineteen sixty seven opened this one nineteen since seventy seven I'm sorry nineteen seventy seven the president of the company corporation was given the award and indicating that another dream renovation Alma Mangold be okay you know me okay but this multimillion companies that will concerning Ms. Bill Gates vision of what is what they said to him that is no reason for any individual blog on the own it at home being okay was a man of vision and another company that unless a company owned great vision size and in a few years he invented one of the greatest of work that we have today the okay is considered on this most wealthy people on the planet are why because he was a man of vision when I think about presenting in sport I think about -based said this man and then probably you would know this man but the rover who was a founder of the Moscow golf tournament says about this black men that came to his office asking on opportunity to play golf on it for a firm Robert said to him this is what he says so long as I'm alive golfers well why can he trap bodies will be blocked one year later because this man have a vision I know that signing him I get what won the Masters how do you think they got that you have vision when we think about vision we think about the Wright brothers for example they dream one day that we got named Van we want to fly you know that I was crazy I look at the history what they say about that Monday word knowledge I think lazy brothers but thanks to the lessons of this thing so then today we what we call the agent thinks today with objects that these the Jack that the files this field so now I'm today thanks to we have raucous that those who haven't eighteen thousand miles for hours to the moon because the women of vision when we think about mission for example many give you a few examples fielder example we think about Thomas Edison you remember Thomas Edison what a medic he said I wanted harvest electricity contains the active examiner in the mission area today we enjoy PowerPoint today we have enjoyed in three cities on things like that because of think we have Alexander the great unbound you remember him thanks to Annie said I cannot believe that I will be communicating shouting from one place what all the milk he even benefit what we call the telephone on the vein we have what we call iPhone five that goes on in our sermons when we preaching vision now in your last me how they are following the war they got in they got there because there were people numbers now the settlement anything that they had a sustainable city that we all different setting different backgrounds but God wants us to be prosperous on to be prosper in every areas of our life but we need the guys automation out anymore for digital United Bible now for our life vision I really think this together because this one is this the most important thing that I wanted to remember this this quote very simple one vision is the are all saying the things that are invisible now when why you can see things that are invisible what we call faith and faith called from hearing and hearing what the world got so that's why when you have a clear understanding awful goddess you are from the one God for you are your self and wireless are the circumstances that create for you to be successful before Wednesday what it says vision and vision is the heart of saying that things are invisible now want to join in that in the Bible behind your Bibles with you you have your Bibles with you phone with me and be using my Miami twenty nine Mumbai will hear a view time with me to accept them for action is chopped of full acceptance but accepted to divorce for an eleven watch what he says him chapter one jump to do was wonder what it says when the day of handedness has fully come they were all one for in one place now this is important because the vision is especially when he comes to corporate mission within a talk about this and vision for your life and death envisioned for you George when you talk about the church setting God reveals a vision not full of four use all of port was hopefully you've been trying but a slow day the benefit of the body of Christ would benefit from about in a minute but I wanted this in this verse four says when when they were all feel when what Holy Spirit and began to speak with all songs on the Holy Spirit give them honor and some outlet look what he says in verse eleven at the end what he says then speaking in our comments that wonderful works of God don't know my being house in the Bibles are very important in folks they begin when the Bible says that they got a hundred and twenty people validate it all in the all ruling on when they were all annual maroon weighing and asking for God the Bible says of the Holy Spirit any power door to them out when they will all fail when the Holy Spirit video display a wonderful new arts of God now you're wondering what is a wonderful one somebody want to see what is a wonderful words of God look at what it says arranging for a meeting chapter two verse nine on ten first link injected through nine and ten but what it says in verse nine but as it is what I have not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the hearts of men the things which God hath three dollars nothing about this because when we talk about that and we say well you know things that I have not seen me you have not heard have never come to the mind of man but the waiting verse that says God has been the then to us the role will do this for the Spirit searches all things yes to be things of God using when it would happen here when you are when you have a clear understanding all of whom got is when you study the Bible when you are feeling with the Holy Spirit God the Holy Spirit will lead you into this role that God has for you in on what the issue will be remitted to you when you are you south into God 's mission folks that is no way that you can fail because the Bible says through Christ Jesus I can do all things and so it is important to understand that it is important to understand also over three files etc. says Selene Angel on understanding why people fail today when he talks about vision because they know things on and they consult on how many of you when you bought your call you ask God for similar the need to the right place you know when wisdom cycles old article big things but I want to let you know that your God my God is a God of small things as well I I used to level my wife and and and she always things mean big lessons by the way humanity listen to your wife is very what as a half I remember everything that was once shopping my wife writer never thought that her prayer will only be delayed storm to have the special delay on that estimate is that they are human beings my eleven yes one p.m. Monday to find the best prices the best things why I mentioned to me when they receive violated only the final outline of the more noble goggles and want me to Baltimore right now I want to go to this place Colorado is a human appointment not as call waiting is why because God got a big things is the God of the small things and if you leave you individually and by the way vision is about your future but your future begin with small things that one that's why the Bible says very important the Bible always says this if you are faithful in the lease that will allow you to be meeting will grunt you a will give you more things still being faithful to God in the latest microburst Levi says the knocking you on understanding in all your way knowledge came to know what the war on knowledge means knowledge is saying that I don't know what I'm going to be my past when you know that you are opening yourself for God is saying to each one of us who live me fulfill the future of your dream your vision for your own personal life when you do that you can be truly successful now let the enemy may read this book to you as one of my favorite one in the Bible and that I may in the prophecies pages and profit page ninety one says the law of the human mind mind up I be holding weekly column change may well rise no higher than he's some sections of actual purity and holiness is that mine is not exalted above the level of humanity even is not outlive the life faced incumbent blame him for that was done I that man will become suddenly sinking molar although the lineup means if your vision for your life but you get disconnected from God guess what happened to you vision it will fall off you will be you will be removed from the path that God has you on the functional personal life so it is important to understand that we now vision vision result when our mind joins me with possibility now this is important because when I go into the practice out right now Malaysian one of the things that I wanted to understand that not necessarily needs are back how many of you have some neat seeing a lot of them easier hands all of us have amazing your life and you know what the majority of people what we do when that means this complaint but let me tell you something that got sometimes create needs in your life because are those means are what bring you to the possibility in the being possibilities a jointed wooden men on zoning amendment amid refrains that visual result when our mind joins and means now that the him across from the guys in the middle of everything but we have what there needs site you have any names in your life not to manage about one outlined on this by two thousand and fourteen I don't have the money to go to school I remember when I was in college he hung to this day I don't know who did it I have my own idea who did it but I don't have for you showed with the butt I remember one day when when I receive one of this wonderful letter from the University had a knife you have received this you old two thousand dollars and you know when you all money to the university when the first thing they do is that only you register for the next Sims that was a great need that I have I remember going to church and asking people to pray for me my schedule and what a great need I have great now I'm your woman deciding ministry I was fighting for processing you provide my goal my vision is to be finished he finished and my schooling in two thousand and five if I don't have the money all my classes will be a you know classes when you think about starting sequence and if you alter one semester you have to follow link to the next year as it ought I want that to happen I joining my needs with your facility view insane when I pray I remember me receiving from my open the door of my house on ammo two thousand dollars I never knew what that came from but I know someone that I fray with were afraid on that live in the heart bless this man because his wife show you your niece with how somebody can create vision I want to see the something about vision because people think you need to be very well-educated I'm philosophical in order to do how they should know what he says imagination is more important than what knowledge the population is just as safe okay what am I see myself in four years five years if you are single probably you will say I want to be married by this time what I want to finish my school by this time we read whatever it means you have a mighty nation is more important now the Bible give us some vision and I go over quickly for you to see it happen what a great vision of heaven you know how many people will destroy life on what a beautiful thing when someone is this glory someone have lost someone and that person know that needed to look at him I was reading Revelation twenty one twenty they said what a vision that has given me for my life you know that seamlessly from his second coming think about this one how many laws are not waiting for that you know some time something in life is not from this world all major league help me to the room for the second coming because we know that they should have great commission going easy on my disciples what relates vision victory in his message field giving glory we make disciples to Jay and I need to move all of because I have five more minutes I wanted to you this pain you want to stay around if I will have nobody else we probably can stay a little longer but vision launches to close they will give you must be unedited to focus on God 's intent for our life as well as I live in Austin saying yes what opportunities this is our famous quote like the class as when handled in a coward he said to live well to make a lasting meaningful individual we need to have something we are intentionally focusing on is future ways 's did focus direction and hope to how they knew what our daily life I wanted to indivisible vision this is what you want to be a business way one of the butt as phase vision is based in what in the principle of no one that because Psalm one hundred and twenty seven cents very glad that God is not one of the other housewife but when the house it will all bow yes so Christian missionaries people that donate question with the principles although what about so if you plan to have a vision for your life measure that you open you one of God pray a new loan give me understanding how Google may with my nation out and enjoy in this but we have a reality now they are people that always measured and I live by them understanding of reality I'm using this people and that vision is connecting the front then when what the field you do not want to you cannot have a good imagine if you don't understand who you are example police saw someone that is drinking the first question they ask is how do you mean me know what you know what they find the bring that person to current reality because when you want on the name funds up I'll call you on this and we want really that's why when you go to this setting this private settings with people that I recall raindrop Orlando they always ask my nanny so on so I wanted why does it I once know because as he already knew VNA filled understanding you correctly Olive it is important to look at this one is in addition for your life is what problems find a way to way Satan destroyed in short just as they restore you won't force in a vision and province I wanted to show you this focusing a problem focusing your solution don't make you taller and bigger than God God is bigger than you Romans out when you are focusing yourself in problems what happened with the vision and goes away look at the one that actually destroyed vision for so they are not without another group we have another provisional we can continue if you tire you can believe that we finish it but that meaningfully an example with nitrogen for you to illustrate this I have other than a church I will not mention the name but I wanted to say this with me when I think of that district I went to this little church there were about twelve fourteen people and that that judge the last time that they have about this and was in five years I can with this mission him to send that's when I saw what Jesus for the thousand and twelve and the media will respond that I got from them right on the spot was no way you remain in an onion is now negative and a minimum it is on I wanted out when I'm angry with his not because they don't live in my nihilism but because all the things in the ironically what happened I is selected by the way when they said no way I went and regret I three sermon series on eyeglass of them because you know all you beautiful nihilism you are limiting sense I might await you you don't tackle people when they when they tell you no they pay you things that are not touching the machine you have to understand the process to get them to the vision this current reality they charge this is what meaning that I cannot fulfill imagine because I didn't understand the reality of the joint venture 's argument is not because then they wanted being disobedient when the word of God but because Logan this charges in the Congress I member of the thirty six miles front charge of resources because they were a group of twelve people vote for the people so is that they hated dimension is not that they didn't want to see the vision is that I couldn't understand the current reality the problems noted this one even worse personal failures they have failed three times they think it doesn't work so in order for me to bring them to the vision of winning soul I have to deal with what sorts personal friend you see one of the biggest issue in our life is what you want something for all eyes the simulation we see our bench our bodies we need to deal with our five inch force to understand what we are in order to be successful personal vision so what I'm doing with it jointly now is helping them to overcome later things to AAA and has a few will their self-esteem in winning souls for Jesus new bottle and sank so I what I'm doing right now is moving them from love from you so what the problem was on the problems of the Army automatically uses the same person you when someone to win so what uses you given up I was not able to someone and that someone got to the side for example as a way you wanted but I'd imagine that the defendant made this odd but guess what happened doctors and those vision because they are so nineties then you need to deal with yours probably happen from them because they work on Monday they had been for a personal failure because any all the problems they face in that they didn't want to see them so when that pages so you have to deal with this enforced in order the positive is the Obama website so that is why it is so important that when you cancellation you follow the proper order now listen to this quote from Jeremy he said that spending is not a matter of chassis is some auto choice is not things to be waiting for it is a thing to be achieved by the way they suffer over Japanese program process vision he says is generally no action as a training amusing although they bring in your church is but one use okay help vision without action is a dreaming but you want to hear one that is wars action without vision is a nine so that is why so important that you for was yourself into acclamation with the ovation Charlie says when you have a vision it affect you what I did by the way I do is what brings success and vision have you seen people that focusing then and they focus and so in a negative things in life I remember going through Florida known you when you go through Florida that is those big places when they dump garbage have you seen those places they smell really bad you can even even see you again I was without follow friend of mine it will look to get a passing by I look out while was driving a way of quickly and I said that and but as I was driving fast in the lesson where malnutrition and nameless since discussing this mount is suspect and I like to look at him because I was confused when you what he said to me and I said I don't know what you were looking for a look at what I was looking at a tree that was when this is the flower info on all the garbage place in that day something very bondable for my own personal life I is the pending design success in life depending what you focus yourself whether you focus in the God which will you focus in the flowers I got putting away some session days focusing yourself in the right stuff by the way get away from negative people negative people destroyed patient and you have a friend that is a negative things megayacht design you tell them you change a lot and I hang around you anymore because I want to be positive that I can fulfill that vision for my life mission works for example real quickly the time is outright by Ms. Ron is a link of any of I'm thinking anybody else's wedding so would think that they are okay all of a sudden I get out yet okay bonus hunting into something happened and was for example only all majorly talk about meaningful occasion how many of you I will in all much Asian my wife when using when you say lactation in her eyes he is on location but how many of you have done what I did I regret I didn't want only one time I didn't do it anymore I got my wife one day and I say hi and as long as you will level it on our list also what is the one when we living to one you crazy I got in the car we drive I tell you what I was so upset because when I got to Orlando the hotels were fooled and have to pay really expensive hotel we went to some far themed bar and we have to pay five on Fridays he was a was not a good idea to not plan for you location I learned the hard way what I did is I plan my way to location I stopped saving cost of doing business doing that I know that by now a flyer cycle different hotels to seem they give me good right now I find out a hot price you know Priceline is really good because the beauty of that is that you can get a sense of hotel that have Sunday's output level that you can use of the liturgy Monday meaning you can get a good the same is with vision and I imagine when you saw that vision are right on the spot doesn't work like that vision vision they yourself when God and if you live with a family member is sitting down with your families a happy where we see ourselves in five years what would B I know one of them one of our plan is to buy a house eventually oh why when I have my own house and I said that nothing saving it as one of my vision goals is one of the things that I want to accomplish in life but he takes estate planning he thinks searching is they make many state prior to what I'm saying to you is the missionary missionary work is not for people that are lazy it is for people that were people that are successful and have great vision in life are people that are what Wendell is a created automatically and that's what people draw vision that's one of the biggest reason why people take you don't care about vision I would live my life as because when you live on the elevation vision create tension one example we wanted all last year we wanted to go to Hawaii with my wife how life is one of the greatest plays in this planning is one of the most pleasant place is I remember every time that I told my wife is still in this rest are undecided and I see that demands a nonlegal as we have plan to outline a scene so that safe so he created on all slot pensions because when you have a vision you say people will try to offer you things that you say no thank you ceiling renovation of the Mediterranean I will so I have some fun but you don't you have an exam tomorrow as Ansari gets going to use the new fun because I'm focusing on having a vision I want to accomplish something salvation create what create pension to look at this one create also an emotional tension my sister finish and in Mexico she went through med school and she went through Melinda and studying the University in Mexico the synonym of this University to have an extension on and on I remember her nighttime calling home mom I miss you I'm in this strain 's contrary I don't know anybody I feel alone Christmas along a create emotional range this was my sister finish school now if you have a whole Korean funnel if you have a vision is a vision will create tension now what Satan does is he will make these two own horrible for you to wish that while when creating people many times people have felt in a what create some people they dropped the vision out how you can receives and the spiritual be able to fulfill your mission spiritual discipline and when means through a hard time envisioning what is the best friend my mom used to call my sister then when she was calling her they pray in the phone many of the stories that illustrate the because praying worshiping lasting applications that Jesus Jesus was a normal man like everyone a lot and and and and when he was on the point of this guardsman whetted that he may think himself to reconnect with addition that his father had boys life create tension training development goals shall return all long-term goals self-care and I have for example a behind the vision of losing weight you have to understand your current reality I remember my wife up that you have the ticket she was a little bit overweight he and our ladies online bigger reality when you husband say you are a little flat but you are late although well of all the ways they didn't be there like that the data the bottom line is you have to understand you can reality now that is a way to say that by the way that the same Mary gentle but the bottom line is it when you when you have nuclear reality when you understand we law you can then move was outlined IL IA the things that it should she was able to overcome creative tension he has to get up in the morning because he was working to get six o'clock in the morning went to the gene again for one hour and then I ate one back to what they created imagine that you have a vision and follow-up insane vision always create I will create emotional distress sometimes he came home saying that article is anything I damn well that was to create tension and pretty much would finish this the new rabies alerts on we had about to be done possibly make rice our daily dumpling we shall feel that the power of unseen world are all around us as a powerful will what a beautiful thing with us to understand when you make Christ the something of your life you will begin to see that the vision that you embrace on the visitation you are protected the Bible says you are on the wane of the most high see what it says honestly make right what daily companion we shall feel that the Howard of vitamin C lauryl on all wrong costs by looking into Jesus we shall become a simulated his image by beholding we become change by the way learning them in the database and the prospective patient if you have our losers I don't care how big is your vision you will be a loser if your vision is to be without the hype around doctors have found people of influenza that apparently you do that because the beauty of vision is that when you pray for vision for your life that will give you four twenty p.m. guess what ultimately becomes opportunity comes with people people opens opportunity for life and that's how you want to do it that's why when when I was higher as I pass the talking among the companies is one of the big worst thing about your new Mayor can do is when they finish ministry disengaged from ministry and no homework the amount that they get high know you want to be high you want to make sure that you have a place where you can knew what when you can be a passive one of the process enemy that initial experience for new anyone over here let me why because when interview comes the person that you are working with having the biggest ambulance for your vision please exist before Wednesday so that's why the Bible is the best I'll does like month of blessing says we may rise our daily companion we shall feel power of unseen world are all around the house by looking into Jesus we shall become simulated to his image by beholding we become change when we got evolution in the this is the last line with income while people that were very successful in life and file name in the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 they call that a child feeling of faith champions of faith that was a big all his people were still living by faith when they die I let me tell you about this organization the biggest vision that we can have for a future is our salvation functionalism is good to have a vision of our country it is good to have a vision getting to marry good television to have cases that the television to go to college but your biggest vision that I wanted giving to you a lifetime none of these is a divisional one Daisy Jesus face-to-face is beautiful son this has we shall behold think about this Moses have that passion in him he he he told God himself nor let me see you face he wanted to have a vision of who got wife's and assess you cannot see my face and that I would show you a little bit of what you want to have vibration of me how would you leave my back at the beauty of the is that one day all of us if we have the vision of heaven in my will be able to see him face-to-face I know what is it they didn't all these people were still living by faith when they die they only saw that welcomed them from this is one of what a powerful vision they could and they couldn't reach it evil they been thinking all the conquering that they harbor that they would have googled anything to me darn things that they were longing for a medic Andre not have anyone one of his men were longing for something that I have anyone therefore God is not ashamed to call them their own God for he halfbreed their city for men don't be afraid to conservation the only thing a small vision thing they you have a big cannot only thing they understand eukaryotic not one outline get to know you more but the reality is that I don't have time to read the Bible and have time to pray I don't have time to did with his back to that held me to do with my code three hundred that way you can connect you present your future when you tackle how long does vision into your life goodbye days through prophecy says I only seen the power will be allowing him by beholding .edu I behold him become you what he promised for you to be so manila blessing and help you to be committed to hand behalf men and women of vision because without question the Bible says people beverage certainly when I went to the site father in heaven we thank you so much for that what do they do that you have given us to learn about vision it is so important and I'm vital for our lives to understand that we all call to be to be successful in life but all we know that success doesn't happen just because one day when it happens outlining successful no successful people we the funds going to successful people are people only help us to have a clear vision of where you want costume goal in the future house inoculating our understanding but in all thy ways knowledge you that you made to direct our path to a successful and as each one of us today as we bring in a number of this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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