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End-time Education, Part 1

Randy Siebold


Randy Siebold

Chancellor and Chair of the Education Department, Weimar Institute




  • October 13, 2012
    2:00 PM
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father in heaven I thank you for the opportunity to be not need together here I pray Lord that as we spend a few moments looking at and talking about education especially in these end times father we pray for your spirit to be here and you and to teach us when we know Lord that you are our teacher and we pray that your wisdom would be the one to guide us to give us the wisdom we need and Lord that we ask that you live out through us Lord please hide me in this presentation and may use beat me you gain honor and glory because of us being here today and Lord I pray that that the truth of where you want to see education in this world today will be delivered with a clarity that only you can deliver it Lord to each heart may we open our hearts to your Holy Spirit today in Jesus name we pray while glad you're here and glad we got the technology working and high one to tell you just a little bit about to my background and maybe that will help you understand why I'm an education now what I've learned through the years is that education is not one of the big hot topics you know when you when you go to a church you know when someone some big-name speakers coming to speak and everybody comes to hear it they're likely not to be speaking on education in OI had a inexperience with Doctor Natalie and I went to three ABN we had that one of those the Thursday evening life programs and so it was good behalf on education half on health and and we sat there and had and had a good time we had some conversation about health questions and then some conversation about education and then they open up the phone lines for everyone to call-in and sell all of the phone calls centered around one of the two topics health or education which one did you guys listen to them if you were there yet you exactly my toe hurts and you know but it's in this system here's what's interesting to me here's what's interesting education deals with the long-term when you're dealing with health I have an issue I need help now please help me when we deal with education we're dealing with a long-term solution to a problem that can't be fixed with short-term issues and so I I have on my assumption is there could be someone hearsay in a white education why how did you get an education well what I'll do is all start back just all a little ways when I was a child and I was raised in what I would I would call a and X Adventist home my parents were raised with Adventist mothers and non- Adventist fathers both of my parents and went through Adventist schools open through high school and so I was raised in this Adventist home now they didn't always have the best experience in Adventist education and so they are for some reason put me into a public grade school if I want the public grade school and so my parents weren't active in the church anyway this is this kind of the this is how I was raised and just help you get an understanding of it all my brain by the way my foes my folks are now active at Venice and I praise the Lord because of that by the way they met through a school called Broadview Academy and so one when I got to graduated eighth grade my parents said you're going to Broadview Academy and what why do you think they sent me to find a wife they met in Academy payment Academy so there is an leader Academy so I went and I knew what my job was anyway I met my wife it does admit a summer camp Javier summercamp romance now going on thirty years a man in this than this day and age a man aren't so we is what the Broadview Academy when I got the Broadview Academy they took away my mood ring I had this little ring that and I'm like what is that no articulate my mood ring supposed to tell me what kind of mood I'm in something changes with the heater something and I was very very fascinated by this and thought that they were picturing and I went to Sabbath school a few times with my grandparents and and a few times would church my parents would occasionally go but honestly when I went abroad the Academy I stepped in the door and and I had no desire for God in my life ended Broadview Academy I came to recognize a Jesus that I you never know and I said I want to be baptized and I turned vegetarian and appraisal Lord Benvenuto never sense other than that piece of me that my mom gave me before I told her I I just you I I thought I thought my parents were to be happy about my decisions which is you know as I look back now it doesn't make any sense they sent me to Broadview Academy and I want to be baptized and they should be upset about that but I thought they were I just in my little world I was like oh no my parents and be happy with this return vegetarians could change the way they cannot be sold what I recognize is that Adventist education profoundly changed my life it did seriously made a change where I was going and I praise God for Adventist education now I say that because I got under they share some things over these next seminars of that name that could make someone think that I don't like Adventist education okay because what I go to do is I want to hold off I want to hold up a standard that God has that we have not achieved yet that make sense as I know I want I would be confused that I'm not a supportive Adventist education I love Adventist education in fact that's why I here because I love everything education so much because I want Adventist education to get better and better and better and it end in so that happen to me now I didn't immediately think I need to go run speaking on a visitation right now that I'm a baptized freshman fourteen years old I wasn't running around lecturing about advanced education I'm one by I ended up finishing college at Andrews University I got married and don't have children than and bought some houses and sold some houses wife went on what was fascinating to me was when I could I could just finished my Masters degree in art and I got a job offering at Andrews University to go back and teach no this was my this was my dream job went when I was in college my dream job was to go back to Andrew 's University and teach photography that would be great this would be the ultimate job goal talking about photography something you love to do a get of sort of on the creative I'm a creative bent that to me even though I were a student don't look like it but anyway I have this site I love to do creative things and so I get this job I thought you know I probably should start reading the book education I do know a little white wrote a book specifically about education and I've read it before I'm a long time ago when I was in college and I remember that I should read that again so that the lookout start reading I thought while she talks a lot about the whole redemption process and not just in a teaching and I thought that was really interesting and then she would go through it if you want through that book thinking how can I be a better teacher there's things there immediately you can implement just like people right there get it done and then it will change your teacher than his other things that you read and there you go we how can we do that in school this makes sense it just it is another some really big idea things men are some really things that you could just take right off and do so of all offshore the store Re: how to get in the less detail I ended up recognizing that the Lord wanted me to continue my education and I was led to a place called Indiana University to do my doctoral degree in instructional systems technology now in short that means how do people learn and how do we design education based on the way people learn so you have to understand how people learn or learning theory will recently studied and then we said okay if that's how people learn and how should we design instruction based on the way people learn and and what was amazing to me is this program that I was in was relatively critical about schools and they were very clear schools are not designed for learning they're not designed to implement in this respect and are not designed to maximize learning there there there they want learning to happen but it's not really core design that to maximize learning and and I thought was really interesting it's fascinating and but as I went down there how many think that you could go to a secular college and really get messed up in your mind anybody think that that's true yes exactly and so I was worried about that I said to myself so I said to myself I I have to be very careful here going through a secular college I could really get messed up so I made up I made about that what I would do is I would read the book education over and over again and that would be my core that would not let me be moved Indiana University doctoral studies read this study this read this study this I didn't want to become thrown off so I kept reading it and what the Lord did what was actually fascinating yes I would rate a research study and then I would read a section of Ellen White and may be saying the same thing I thought was and then it happened over and over and I and I and I get these readings and I'd recognize that God was speaking through her in and he knew as he knows truth destiny he doesn't need to do research but he knows it but human beings without the Bible have to do research to find truth okay they have to spin up to use research to find truth that's how that's how we do it without the Bible and so that's that's what was happening so I would I would find these glimpses of truth but they would be marred they would begin with partial untruths because they get good other frame of thinking wasn't right and so there would be glimpses of truth but I could see the glimpses of truth and I could and I was just watching in a research study after research study and am reading it and if I'm just being overwhelmed and I just I remember going out this is amazing Ellen White is clearly a profit I mean if this doesn't be just I mean I I I I believe that but now I believe it you understand what I'm saying and it was through reading the book education going through my doctoral studies so praise the Lord that was a great blessing so I came out of this doctoral studies with the recognition that that the world is saying we have to change our schools our schools are not designed for learning they're not designed to maximize learning we've got to change our schools and our and our member reading in Ellen White thinking she's saying we've got to change our education we've got that she Ainge the way we do it I thought what this is really fascinating so I went back to Andrews University I taught there for a few more years I have this great plan this great design where I was good and I started teaching in the school of education and doing distance education and so my idea was start teaching of graduate students which are typically teachers and principals and and teach them these great ideas about what God has designed education to truly be and then they'll go out no change their schools and then the Gittleman my ideas will be multiplied in the Lords work and in the schools will change and so after four or five years of this and I just might plot but in an great teachers but my my but feeling after all watching all of that was we had teachers that wanted to change their schools but they couldn't they felt that they couldn't because parents were this is the kind of education and and and and they just they struggled and so I didn't see a lot of change happened well you know I I'm not the most patient guy in the world and the board is patient with me amen and on I said I I felt this this need to go run a school so the Lord brought me an opening and I went back to Broadview Academy to be principal and so I spent a couple years at the I knew going in date they had some financial problems in fact that was a one of the great things about Broadview and why I went there was because they said to me do whatever you want to do we've tried everything were about to close the school we can run the school for maybe a couple more years a number and have to shut it down and so they they let me come in we ran the school for couple years we made some great enrollment strides we changed a bunch of stuff in the school and finish of the school about the conference was in such by a bad financial shape they liked what was going on but they couldn't it was too experimental it was too far out on the edge it wasn't like the other school and so they shut the school down and I had done the Lord brought me several opportunities and we felt the Lord calling us to go to Michigan so I was a superintendent of education at Michigan and then shortly after that Neil medley anyone know Neil medley record and so he said I'd like you to come out and not run the college 's well eventually we'll will end up going there I said to my wife us if you want to go out and look at the place she really knew this was she could sense there is a chance to take a college which is where I had my teaching experience and to change your College and in and kind of respect is that we mark college at that point was when I walked on campus for the first time he had ten students at the college it was it was in restart mode right and and I thought I don't I just it was is is too overwhelming yeah yeah well here's the limit be really frank with you and say what was going through my mind night I heard some about we are but I thought it was a bunch of hyper conservative people just you know in a big looking you know that they probably had she's fully Sun campus and stuff and they checked the staff refrigerators I do know I do thought and are they really don't not not literally but I did I didn't know I didn't know what it was like on campus and so my wife goes go check it out see if there get older on the edge or something right now so we went and got help addition strategic planning and and then now we brought the family out there to look at the position my wife which said this issue this is exactly us is exactly where you need to be and she didn't want to go all of our family lived in Michigan and Mike my dad and in my family all live in Michigan my wife's family lived in Michigan and us first time I saw my dad cried when I said on the figure that out first time I ever remember seeing my dad cry and that he was in all your moving away and I and I felt like and what it felt like I'm on mission service the Lords called me to the mission field California the mission field and so that's were living in the mission field by the way it's sunny in the mission field right now but anyway so it's just a little bit about about my perspective and so might my passion on education really was increased when I started the study research and is studying along the book education because they were saying that same message we need to do things differently well let's let's dive into some of the slides we have Revelation three seventeen your Bibles with you amen you know what's in Revelation three seventeen this is the last of the seven churches which what's the the church Laodicea and there is a message that comes the Laodicea and this helps us understand the context where we are and in these last days does not RI so can someone read the gist of first seventeen for someone who can read it out real loud for you think about that so what is what is what is God 's church in in the in the light of the CN state satisfied right satisfied what else are they there comfortable were doing fine I'm sorry their comfortable in misery there there also deceived are they not they think they're rich but God says I'd like you actually to be rich I'd like you to actually do it if you versus do I want to did I want you to be rich but you're not you think you are mature not what we are as a church in an time message is where deceived church we think were okay and were not and I suggest to you that one of the great challenges in advent as of right now is education and and that there is a deep sense of education helps to define the future church if education is all once where water will the future church be off right there will be identical bill be exactly the same spot so okay I want to know now take a look at the second Kings seventeen right so when someone gets that for us if they could stand up nice and loudly and read that for us second Kings seventeen let's let's just read verse seventeen seventeen seventeen yes I know you executives a whole context around it but that were in a drill right in the seventeen okay see the humor the context here so first of all what is a personal reverse telling us what's the verse one what is God trying to tell us why this verse what's happening okay so they were willing to do something opposite of what God had told him to do he given clear instruction and what they were willing to do was actually sacrificed their children can you imagine that I can't even imagine that deaths since slaves of their own choice this is a fascinating story I I really believe that there's a there's a distinct lesson for the Seventh-day Adventist church right here I think that we need to be careful that were not selling our children and letting them pass through the fire of the world we need to be really careful because what happened here is they wanted to be like that the countries around them right they wanted to be like those the neighbors they wanted to be like everyone else around them like the world and they went so far as to sacrifice their children now we can look and say we certainly wouldn't go that far right you know me would we really go that far I don't think so but you know what you really don't know because what this world is doing we would go right along with little white little by little by little is at Soucy brings it is me and him and so we we are in a situation where we need to be very very careful are we doing are we doing the same thing this is what I'm asking myself how we doing the same thing away following after the world 's education our young people following after the world don't we look around and in our there distinct differences between what young people of the world look like an young young people in our schools look like is there a distinct differences there is their modesty I'm surprised that our campuses sometimes in our college campuses I'm surprised our warships style different is their uniqueness of distinctness that God said we do it this way and so we do it that we would listen to him so I what I like to do is share with you a little bit about a distinction between education and schooling so in doing that what we need to do is to spend just just a few moments making sure we understand what education is so here's what I propose the private education what isn't it's the it's the process of learning mind body and spirit through throughout one's life that makes sense so I spent a little time on this I thought what what really is like talking about when I think about education and talking about and so why do we do education education is always gone as a preparation for something now if you are going to be by the way I'll make this available if if you guys want us slides on this whole thing will make sure that you can download it somewhere and I can give you a business card and you can e-mail me or something so why do we do education we always get educated because were trying to prepare for something so when when when we have a physician goes to medical school they go to medical school to be physician right that's not a tough one but that's it that principle is it you know if if you want to go to table tennis school to become a good table tennis player like to show Shayna is right up if you want to do that then you need that that you're going to get prepared to do something it's a preparation for something that's why we do education and how do we do that well typically the typical answer is how do we do education we do it through schools so that make sense are so odd now what take a walk and try to do a little bit of a compare and contrast between the main concept of education in schools by the way I love having a lot of room appear this is great I love to get exercise when I'm itself you want to get exercise and walking the back give yourself away to London this is a seventh afternoon so not a waste having trouble I'm just you know you know educations for the future okay all right so here we are education soul renders them to do a little comparison with schooling and is it equal or is it not okay so first of all I'm enough you take them take up take a look here have a conception to birth the typical years of schooling of let's say five the twenty two roughly and then and then we go here to death and then into eternity and say education deals with the whole being with the spirit of the mind the body it's the full education and preparation of the whole being throughout your whole life how does that sound is that Disney is the kind of education that God desires us to have dance education nuts cool education right and we want the full education all right so now we take a look at schooling and the schooling does it on and I have a little bit of the this this starting here in Concepción you know what the whole process of learning starts after conception there's learning that goes on inside my most will so yes so we think okay will what what do we really cover and schooling to recover from birth to death no we really don't go that far out maybe you know what we do is we we started about five years old when we go to about twenty two and then finally somebody says are I graduated finally I'm done learning would not be awful one of the awful Iraq so no not really do know we really don't do the whole mind body and spirit altogether what we focus really more on the mind don't we okay then another question would be do we really cover all of the mental faculties so probably not and so let's just be realistic that we cover perhaps in schools may be a little bit of the spiritual and urban schools and I and in some of the body training in our supplemental training but the words were not really doing all that we could do across the book the larger perspective so what I'd like to do in this is a new slide I've I've done similar presentations like this before us as a new slide and him in its helping me to create a distinction between education and our traditional picture of schools that helpful are right so now will take a look at a quote from a book that I like and yet is the first page of the book education now yet if if you have read the book education before I may have read the book education amen and that's why you're here all right because you recognize their needs besmirching and so that first paragraph I just think this so fascinating if you were to write a book on education and and in the Lord impressed you you know what would be the first thing that you want to say about education now what's the what's hot you set the stage for reading the rest of this book with that I'm fine through education you are going some of these you know you know character education is bigger than just you know schooling or in all some something like maybe what we've done integration so integration of learning rather than send ratings segregating them out but okay well I am just totally fascinated by the first sentence and here is our first sentence our ideas of education take to Maryland to low range value member the graphic present look narrow and low you understand what I'm saying right I thought I is I look at this like when I got to put that quote right here it's it's exactly talking about that so and then he goes on there is need of a Brawner 's gold a higher aim to education means more than the person will obey certain course of study welcome to school it means more than the preparation for the life that now is right into eternity okay give me just a little bit of leeway but I would put it in my C Bowlby in language you're an idiot about education you really don't know education that's that's what this whole thing says if you can understand that you don't know education now we are in a better 's perspective to start understanding it because if one were to think that they were that they were doing just fine if they were rich and increased with goods and they thought they were doing just fine but they actually were poor blind and naked hopeful cult how bad would it shape with ABM you understand what I'm saying so we need to be really careful about thinking that we start to understand education and I recognize all the time I read something I go just to understand I just need to know more warlords okay she finishes the paragraph with doing just what has been suggested that has to do with the whole beer being in the whole existence possible to man it's the harmonious development of the physical than mental and spiritual powers it prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world a man now I love this first paragraph because it can it can set in center and really this event just read that first paragraph over and over and over and that's my presentation that's really that's it we don't really understand education this is what it really is a man one paragraph rancid together and brings together some very very important points okay so from that first paragraph we learned that education is whole being and harmoniously whole being mind body spirit right so when you when you sing in harmony that means that the those those notes are happening at the same time there's harmony so there's whole being education going on that's God 's design all also we recognize that it's lifelong it's just not brought into that nice tight little package the five to twenty two and it's service-oriented so if we take a look at this and then say okay based on him out whatever flip it upside down and say what is education not well it's not just academics and books we think all the time schooling and education we use them synonymously it's not just reflecting eighteen -year-olds it's lifelong right and it's it's selfless it's it's serving for others so it's not self-serving and we have these these three principles the opposite of what we've just talked about and been shown is good education are are are built right into our education system is a difference here again the education the harmonious the lifelong work for half for service and and then the alternative assist little difference schooling and education they are not equal I wonder okay education needs to recognize if you're going to educate properly you need to have a clear goal now remember what we talked about education why do people do education because they want to prepare for what the future some future event or some future training or you want to go to school to become a position or to learn to become a technician nor right you do education so that you can be prepared so having a good goal how important is that on and having a good education I'd be pretty important when okay so if we take a look at our goal and so we we have take a look at our gold we said okay this lifelong server this learning harmonious development that's our goal this is called to be educated and what we have now is a method of being educated that's divided up primarily into three different segments and we called those three segments elementary secondary and college its schooling is our is our method of choice this is what we do we choose schooling is our way of educating and it's not sitting we've we've got some real challenges this is this is what we call our method but wait to be educated we use schools to do it and so understanding the goals drive what we do that if we choose the wrong goal we won't get where we really want to go you have to have a good strong goal and you have to have a good method to get to the goal so let's take a look at some educational goals that will be based on no I didn't know we could we could spend a lot we could spend three hours just on educational goals so I get us simplify the discussion and hopefully you can follow my reasoning here and this will make sense to you so or to take a look at some educational goals and then were to see how they fit in the picture of our end time scenario does it make sense all right so we have spirit mind and body so spirit under the roughly called character that sucked it's a character goal okay and mind under the call that roughly career academic now I know which it's more than that but roughly under that use these rough term so so that we can connect to them with the most end time scenario and then body under the call manual skills and help okay now I I I recognize this is not the figure given me some liberty here because it's not really well-defined and stuff but I want to use this to help connect this to invent our end time scenario and this will make more sense in just a moment okay so these are these are three primary educational goals okay so now what we want to do is take a look at him and take this look and say recognize that these primary educational goals fit right into here because they they they therefore a life in the based of service and there a process of worrisome mind body and spirit from one's life so they fit this idea that we've been talking about of education so let's take a look at a timeline of are all rough timeline over the next years okay on one put a number in their and what I'd like to do is I'd like to roughly divide this timeline into three categories up a time of preparation are we in the time of preparation right now okay what comes next the time of peril I like that it also states another keyword and then and then the third one a time of paradise all right so so we have this timeline roughly divided into three different segments and let miss you question what he meant divides these two here what what event drop it divides the time of peril from the time of paradise the second coming of course that's a very distinct event and then when everything beyond that's different is not I'm in the world and have been and the rules are all different and how many are looking forward to that time a man right you're sensing it's coming sooner and sooner right and you see you see the signs of the times because you're watching and in your staying awake in your opinion what you want to see so I've also put a rough division in here I didn't make the lines straight as I'm not really sure I mean there there are some events that will happening here but what really starts the time of peril and what really ends the time of preparation perhaps is not so clear in I give you following me it's not real distinct okay so now what are now the question I want to ask is what personal characteristics rate one of those three goals educational goals goes with you to heaven character character if you work on character during the time of preparation character will go with you all the way through does that make sense which educational goal has more longevity than anything else character the spiritual right so if that were to be the case wouldn't character being the number one educational goal you know one when I I I I went on a trip and and I want to pack my close and I put them into a suitcase and I made sure it I was you I do this counting the days of account of the businesses aren't so I start taking T-shirts under this number T-shirts and socks like that packet you know get it all in and in and we did not get it divisive I want to carry on know the whole thing aren't so but you know why I do that because I want to be prepared for the trip I know what's coming ahead in and I don't want to be not prepared I don't want to go and not have more clothes that would be really awkward and you wouldn't be as happy right now okay I wouldn't be there are so what what we have to recognize is that education has to to prepare itself for the future and and you have to recognize what's coming the future someone in the world 's educational system could would they use a timeline like this to show the power of character in education with a good and why not they don't think about the future in this way they don't have this knowledge do you know this to be true why do you know it is biblical spirit of prophecy tells us I mean it it it it cooperate court of the collaborates thank you the of you know what we know about an time an insult and time in vans very clearly should help to form what we think about education and how we do it because education is a preparation for the future education is a preparation for the future for eternity and so that's why we do it okay so we have to know that self education okay this is what console now let's work backwards now where it imagine the time of peril what that's like and you know how we were driving along several years ago I my youngest son was about seven or eight years old and he asked me a question he said hey daddy what happens if we go to the grocery store and they're not selling groceries anymore can you imagine what what that might be like in this time of peril when you go to the grocery store and there's no groceries my response to him was while Freddie what you think we ought to do is regrettable Pizza Hut I thought well there you go so that you know what we have an end if if there's none of the grocery stores my guess is pizza not to be in business right there there is coming in and we have to recognize the clarity about what the future brings if we don't understand the future we can educate properly I mean how do you educate if you don't understand the future this is what the world is trying to do their trying to understand this future technology and what are the implications so we can change in design education so that it's built for the future costs it's very important for us to understand the future and to recognize building education for the future right okay so now in this time of peril and there's all kinds of chaos going on now which of those three educational goals would be very important to have in a time of peril even what they were to have the character the manual skills in many academic career which you think would be really invaluable in this time of peril character of course and then next would be young manual skills write manual practical manual skills learning to work with your hands because when when all the hospitals of shutdown and there's no drugs and there is no operating rooms the the the physician who used to make their money with the scalpel is no longer as their tools and it's gone and if they don't know what to do with charcoal right so natural healing remedies and if they can get rid of a headache and you can get a hold of your medicine anymore and so you do a little hot and cold on the free and you go home it's amazing that actually works you know there's some of these natural remedies and then somebody's living in a little shack and you say let me help you fix that up and you actually know how to put a roof on you can do manual practical skills so if if this has one jeopardy and this is powerful then that means obviously that it needs to in our final preparation it's what we need to be spending our time is what we need to focus on so of course in our time preparation career preparation is an important part of being in a time of preparation but never shut it supersede or come above character or manual skills and and this really blew me away because I was I was reading something and it says this software from Bible testimonies four sixty six it's a solemn thing to die but a farm more solidly delivered to meet you know where I'm going with this quote it all this is an amazing one every thought and word and deed of our lives will meet us again what we make of ourselves in probationary time that we must remain to all eternity you know what this implies yes yes fifth volume of the testimonies page four hundred and sixty six yes it's huge it's that what is this incline to that who you are in probationary times in this time of peril that you develop that you will be to all eternity but she doesn't make you wonder about it she gives a little more detail deaths brings dissolution to the body but makes how much change in the character well the ideas of having your character changed when you get to heaven okay the Lord doesn't change your character in fact she finishes is often says the coming of Christ does not change our characters it only fixes them forever beyond all change okay so this is the amazing this this blew me away I saw was how this is this makes perfect sense and and now if you look back at that event timeline and we put down manual skills above character and academics on our own put character above of the manuals yet manual skills and the last one was career right academics if you look at this CG CG child guidance rep yes three fifty eight if the youth can have a one-sided education which is of greater consequence a knowledge of the science ends with all the disadvantages to health and life she's setting this up for air or a knowledge of labor for practical life we unhesitatingly answer the latter if one must be neglected let it be the study of books you must bring the physical labor right in with the mental the tool should go together now that she say throw out academics well she doesn't say throughout academics the two should go together should you be academically prepared yes can the Lord use you more powerfully if you are academically prepared yes what I have gotten my job to be Chancellor we mark college if I didn't have a PhD no it wouldn't happen I did I could get as many seminars as I wanted but it's not to happen this is so as you look at this this this to me is not very helpful in helping me understand why manual skills exceed the importance of career preparation where it is career preparation go on our schools on the list of priorities we think anybody think the top okay yet this is this is what it it's an amazing it's amazing strategic it's almost as if someone plans to sabotage the world and the seven Dennis Church at him and my too much into conspiracy theory it opened Soviet youth visitors someone did we learn today in church that there's someone out after Russ and end would you think he would sink so low is to attack our children to deceive our young people through in fact actually build a whole system around it where the whole church in the whole world says this is the way it's done can you imagine and that's the bottom line folks we are finding herself in that exact situation so to be educated we put this together and we think schools help us to take us to the goal now let me just answer question am I a supporter of evidence education okay but there's some challenges I think what we need to do now is the close up our first session and then all start up in a few moments five minutes okay so will start up in five minutes but several were to prayer Lord in heaven we thank you for your blessings we pray that as we have spent some time together that your name will be glorified troll 's father we want to spirit away be deception for Drew and we prayed would always be as a a this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more so than in www. audio tours .org


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