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End-time Education, Part 3

Randy Siebold


Randy Siebold

Chancellor and Chair of the Education Department, Weimar Institute




  • October 13, 2012
    4:00 PM
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father in heaven I thank you for the opportunity to meet together to speak about education and I pray for each person in this room Lord I pray that your message will meet them right where they are need is an lord I pray that your Holy Spirit would be welcomed in our hearts we want to do that work together collectively with one of welcome your Holy Spirit will welcome your holy angels we want you to be present with us Lord and all we want to recognize that you are our teacher and I pray Lord that what we do in this session will be exactly what you would have us talk about and Lord that you may be glorified in all that we do we pray in Jesus name amen well I'll try to give a short summary of the first two and I have a deep passion for Adventist education it was in Academy that I came to know the Lord Jesus was baptized and recognized Jesus as a friend instead of someone that wanted to get me and I I have such a deep passion for education that I want to help change it to make it better and better and better so if if I speak anything critical about where advanced education is it's because I'm speaking about me I'm I'm Chancellor and we mark college out my name 's Randy Seybold and I'm excited to to be in a place where the mission of the institution is to march closer and closer to God 's ideals and I and I want that I love that about my position and I want to contextualize my position it we Martin I hope this doesn't come to surprised anybody that works with me at we mark but my passion is not to make we mark a great school that's not my passion I want that to happen my passion is for education to be great I want I want all of education to be great I want all Adventist education to be great you believe that is that what you want and so I think Adventist higher education could use some schools that implement the model and I want to help with one of those so that's why I'm it we mark and hopefully we do it in such a way that doesn't alienate other schools but actually helps them learn from the things that we've done so I have a deep passion for education sulfite I'm to talk about Adventist education and so because I get to draw a distinct difference between where God wants us to be and where we are now some people might interpret that as being critical of Seventh-day Adventist educate at education and I just want you to know from from just my innermost recesses of my heart I want Adventist education to do great things I want it to it to reach the heights that God designed it and I believe I believe that off on I believe that if I went out and talked with a bunch of Adventist leadership that it would be helpful but I believe if I talked with a bunch of young people it would be even more helpful because young people you know one thing great about young people they want to get it done and then they don't like excuses let's get the work finished and if we need schools like this and if I'm paying for Adventist education then by the way Mister President Mister Chancellor you said you're doing administer education and here's Adventist education it's written in the books this is what she says this is what we should be doing explain why it's not right what if a bunch of young people got together and went up to their their president and said let's change what were doing here because the Lord 's servants said we need to be doing it differently what would happen that would fire me up if a bunch of we Mark college young people came up and said listen we need to be doing things differently she says so it's like all are let's go lightly it were were on the same team right when that be wonderful so and we want the same we want the barriers to be taken down we want the Lord 's will be done in our schools if we do that will be recognized by the world as an amazing school because they recognize they are having major problems so we talked about how there we finished off the last presentation I talking about some some of the media that's been produced now talking about how Adventist education needs to burp or a public education needs to be changed and so one thing that's been really fascinating is that there is a all real why happening changes in a when I first started when I graduated from my doctoral program it was in the year two thousand and year two thousand and was out but you know there wasn't a lot of people online learning stuff it was just coming out and some of our colleges said yellow were behind to unplug and distance education and so I came back for my doctoral work in options that actually comes 's nest helped to start the distance education program at Everest and so that was one of my one of my big jobs and so it was a up a recognition that I I was looking for different programs how does distance education happen and what's happened now twelve years later is wherein were in a massively different world in higher education for one thing based on what they know they need to change it all a higher education is losing funding they they know they need to do things differently to run a college is a very expensive thing to do does anybody recognize that the students recognize that it must be very expensive because we're paying a lot of money right we could buy a car every year and a very nice car every year or we could go to college you understand what I'm saying right so what what I have recognized at least for me what I what used to be the future is now arrived never heard of Khan Academy it's a fascinating a program involving this you have this young guy trying to help out his nephews I think and does some online stuff he puts it on YouTube and a few teachers say that my diet is pretty interesting and so all of a sudden there's a bunch of this content out there this is one teacher whose kind of got acute sense of humor he's a pretty smart guy he studies a lot of stuff and any shares in a really interesting way and so on these now there's teachers that are using it than Bill Gates is given money to help him develop essence over the whole backend system for school DUs and teachers to track student progress and I made it it's it's revolutionizing what's being done in education and and that's that's on the the K-12 level although I have to admit my daughter who is a twenty seven the summer studying for MCAT kept going back on Academy to learn about some of the stuff she's trying to study for comfort of them that your entrance in the medical school so you know it is just not limited due to K-12 education but you never heard of you city it's it say of a program and I want to get into a lot of details about it but it's a program that's designed to give online education or online classes and the strategy is is that rather than take people all the way through degrees there taking them into the certificates and then their connecting the that people who take these classes and do well with employers and so they switched up their business model they flipped on its head and so what they said his students are free and if you if we if a business wants to connect with one of our students we charge you so they're running a totally different business model on education so that means you go online you can go through their classes free I mean the MIT and Harvard and Berkeley are running taking content from their classes and putting it online iTunes University right you have you have a college-level content from multiple colleges you can listen to it and as if you're right there in the class it's all available free of arch of soul because of all that content got in because of her frustration for all of the people in the world that can't afford an education University of the people the first three online tuition free online educational experience so what they do is they get people who have retired from who come from accredited institutions and PhD 's and taught for many years at different prestigious universities and they say now that you retired from teaching online class with us will train you and you can help the world and after all this time of just taken the money and doing it they say do something to make a difference and so they're doing it they're offering the academic experience online free tuition and if you can pay something then they ask you to pay and if you come from really impoverished areas and you don't have to pay anything and it's just a totally different concept and so it's in the context of this that a agency of a future rest that that was looking and seeing print projection of trends and here's what she was up front she was invited to come to a conference in speak to the presidents of accredited institutions in California and presidents and board members the fascinating group and so her job was to share what is the future likely to be like in higher education and one of her statements was you won't recognize it in five years it will be so vastly different look at the changes that are happening look at what people are to do with this it's got to change higher education as you know what will now I don't think in five years you're not can recognize it I think you still recognize I don't have as much confidence that she does but I tell you what there's no question in my mind it's going to change organ have new business models it's good to be it you remember what newspapers were no back when you would get them delivered to your door right and when we have them going out of business now in a word I have higher education is good to go through a huge transformation because all of these and what could it possibly due to a higher education institution to have lectures from MIT available online right just absolutely amazing it's good it's going to change things that that I couldn't perceive that I couldn't understand how was it a happen now are happening but what I what I what I could recognize a decade ago was there is there are going to be changes no question there can be changes education as you know it now let me rephrase that schools as you know them now are to be vastly different in the future no question I just I I don't think there's any question at all that's can happen so the one question might be what are they can look like what's it could be an and are there some of these examples so I have a I think this is about a three and three and a half minute clip it might be just a hair longer than that I'll give out a lot just a little bit of it play in him to play it through this little speakers over everyone could be real quiet we might be able to hear it okay this is that's not good all that's sorry plundered and on the better and enter in the part-time afterschool job at the school day internships that allow students to pursue their own passions and real-world learning situation is that the internship program is just part of a unique high school concept launched in nineteen ninety seven in Providence Rhode Island the school called the Met is the how people learn and lots of you have a passion just some a learn subject are broken down he detected the homeschooling if you're homeschooling your kids run for the living room for forty five minutes amendment about moving to the kitchen and study science report the value you have many great people the great books do real stuff and so that's how we said let's see if we can create a school like Hassan Leyland finance and part of it like intellect and talk about their training I don't know fourteen I really don't like that everything that happened accidentally for Sandel the happy accident began when she met her first mentor photographer Teresa Karen K a part of them we have Ms. this is the school did you did you pick up I don't know that they send it this early that there are no grades and no transcript in a traditional sense the students develop their own transcripts and no tests in the school on Monday Wednesday and Friday the students need of the school on Tuesday and Thursday they needed internships and so this is a high school for an inner-city group of young people has a graduation rate know what college attendance rate of ninety percent in an inner-city environment and you could look it up it's available on edge utopia .org EDU Tobia and Utopia .org and there's lots more innovative things that are happening and that's that's a K-12 example and and then we gave some examples of those higher-end examples so here's here's some clarity that we have what we know what is the world knows it needs to change how they do schools this is crystal clear the last presentation we talked about all these different perspectives in all these different types of from learning theory to a business needs to a corporate training they all are are saying we need to do schools differently school is not working the way and they're doing something about it they are changing schools so my question is if we model our schools after the world schools and the world knows they need to change their schools where does that leave us if you concern so I think there's several options one is what we could do is we could just go on with business as usual and and then after the world changes there schools and starts to do some things that are better we can actually start to do things like them and continue our past history of modeling our schooling after the world school right is at one option is that a good desirable option know that Justin has memories of Israel again you know what I'm saying I don't want to do what the world wants to do want to do what God wants to do so Adventist schools now again you know I was at a conference office talking about Adventist education and and we were talking about how to integrate homeschool students into our education system and the idea was how do we take homeschooling children who clearly are inside of Adventist education but there was and there was a there was on the clarity but that they thought or at least one person in that group bought that Adventist education and Adventist schools and so what they felt the role was was to help schools develop and not to help children develop to make sense so what we need to be clear about is Adventist education versus Adventist schools so let's take a look at Adventist schools and I believe you're you if you want to add me I believe Adventist schools are good schools now have you heard of any of the value Genesis or cognitive Genesis information of several studies been done in value Genesis talking about that the value of where the home the church and the school come together they create a powerful learning environment it really helps to change young people spiritual development and their commitment to continue being a Seventh-day Adventist cognitive Genesys a more recent study just finishing up some of the outcomes they found that in academic quality of Adventist schools just very impressive a whole list of very very impressive statistics that talk about how students and Adventists are scoring higher or have higher ability than those of the general population they give an example of an eighth grade on a test that was done for just eighth-graders and what they did was they took the students who were new to Seventh-day Adventist education and they put them in this category and those that have been in Adventist education for only six their seventh grade in this category and dog worked all the way up to hear the end of for those that are been in Adventist education all of their lives in this category here is what they found was those students who were in Adventist education longer than those who were not score higher so those students who were in Adventist education for all seven years were scoring significantly higher than those students who were coming in is their first time as an eighth grader in a Seventh-day Adventist school yes of this was comparing the students on a on a standardized test the I will basic skills of Iowa test of basic skills and what they did was they took the scores of students in eighth grade and then looked at their scores from whether they were just in one year award never been an Adventist education so a great was their first year in Adventist education and when one are true and they found these differences the comparison group was everyone else that has taken the test so it would be general population public schools private schools yes well as compared to the general population of all the same categories is Rall as compared to the general population that's where they get those numbers from okay so on they also found that that some other related factors that when parents and pastors were involved when students lifestyle represented a set of a traditional seven Dennis lifestyle the students scored better when they watch less television the students scored better when they slept more the students scored better is not interesting Aman narrative new start a it's in their all right all right so in it in spite of all these really good news enrollment in seven feminist schools is dropping and to try to help explain this and to try to help figure out what's going on there was a book written and one of the excerpts from a advertisement for this says this between nineteen eighty and two thousand five Seventh-day Adventist church membership in the North American division increased by seventy five percent a man in that same twenty five year period K-12 enrollment in Adventist schools dropped by nearly twenty five percent and what makes this actually even worse than it sounds as though the percentage of Adventist students is lower than it was not just students overall which this is talking about but actually administered once so the question is and this was that I wanted to one of my doctoral advisors and I said in he was is not nebulous but his specialty is education reform I said you know a Adventist education needs to reform their educational system I said they have a significant problem is that we are what's that I sent enrollments dropping he said that's not a problem I soon what do you mean we can't run schools with low enrollment he said that's a symptom with things so you have to be careful if you're involved with a Seventh-day Adventist school if you're involved with a church and enrollment or you know the attendance is dropping it's probably not a problem it's probably a symptom of a problem so okay what's the problem we need to change what we need to change there was a book that I read which I found really fascinating is that the the the the research design around the book was very very good on Jim Collins is the author of the book and he he was the research study designer and here was the research behind the book they truck companies that were doing very good on the stock market and then all of a sudden somewhere they spike and then they compared those companies to other companies who were in a similar field at the similar time with a similar background that never made the spike in their stock prices stayed the same and they studied both the ten years before the time during and the ten years after the spite and they wanted to know what is different between the two companies because clearly these other companies were good companies but they never became great and so the book the premise of the book is what is that uniqueness is that makes someone go here and then all of a sudden become great and and and what I want to do is a very powerful introduction to the book first sentence says this good is the enemy of great okay let me read you just love the first five eighths of the first paragraph and that's one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great we don't have great schools principally because we have good schools we don't have great government principally because we have good government and were not to get into that discussion field people attain great lives in large part because it's just so easy to settle for a good life and now he deals with companies which is not what the whole book is about the vast majority of companies never become great precisely because the vast majority become quite good and that is their main problem when you think it's a fascinating it's a fascinating book and in fact I've heard a whole series of the devotional thoughts built around principles that were revealed through the research of the book yellow and white talks about when you dive into something with a sincere desire for truth your note them the mind is brought into contact with the on scene one we really desire for truth you know a lot of people who do research are really looking for truth that looking to get published and when that happens they're not necessarily unifying truth so how good schools are great schools maybe what we need is gone school thrive whatever you say large we can lay lay our decisions down how do you want our schools to look we want them to look this way so that this book this principles that are that this cool system of the world are based on your member we talked about some of these principles that we see the schools of the world based on so the question would be what are the principles are what should be the principles that are Seventh-day Adventist schools should base our system on and then if we if were not where we need to be where would we go to for answers where you think are right second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established and you might be established you shall because this the word of the Lord you believe the Lord were to the Lord amen believe his prophets and you shall prosper actually God designed this is so amazing when I recognize that God designs to communicate to his world through the church that's his design that's his plan God saw from heaven that he needed a special group of people with special light to reach the world he recognized the need to happen and that is you but it's me but isn't that amazing and then what's also amazing to me is that he is designed to teach us he told the profits we study the profits and we tell the world that's his design when he looks at the process and it's working well he tells the profits the profits have to be faithful the church reads the profits and does what they say and their faithful in the church reaches the world and the world if faithful will come to the Lord that's his design it's amazing design so we have to go to the profits I was shot reading a book and it had something to do with vision and then and I thought while this is really amazing of this business book talks about vision and and then I ran across this verse where there is no vision the people perish the thought while God talks about vision so I went inside of Scripture and did a whole I get one of these Internet searches that says give me every verse that the Bible says about vision every verse that has the word vision and then I want to read it so what does it tell me so I I went through and read every person I put each person to what category I said what is this tell me what is astounding and night I came up with four categories that almost all of these verses fit into these four main categories the number one top category is God supplies the vision don't question if you need vision for your organization God has arrived that his strategy is to share his vision with the prophets that's his ammo Scripture tells us that when he wants to talk with his church he typically uses the profits to talk with Mister to make sense as he knows be faithful and another thing Scripture teaches us the third one is God 's visions are true you can bank on he's not wrong and the third one false visions or amends the visions don't work and so what we can right realize just from this study is that if we want to recognize God 's system of education we need to go to his prophets that's where we get the right answer so I I was doing a study on the book education oddly enough and I I jolted into the first four chapters and I started writing I got I have this visual side I try to put things in the universes visual spatial thing and some put them in my mind in the boxes and also the boxes start to relate to each other and so I came up with a graphic that summarizes the first four chapters of the book education which incidentally are entitled first principles very very fascinating so it was ideographic I hope you say yes present plan on children anyway I am number one it's clear that God designed us and made us in the image of God is his first creation of man Adam and Eve was designed as to being in the image of God that was his that was his purpose that would fulfill this would make man happy this would make God happy this would be peace and joy for the universe however there was some bad choices and Adam and Eve came out of the victim the image of God and where we sit today is in a fallen state we are not in the image of God there is still pieces of that vision but God 's desire is to have that image of God re-created in us and then perhaps even a little higher than the original creation and that process we call education or redemption in the highest sense the work of education the work of redemption are one all right so there is this strategy and plan that God has for fallen man can be put in the image of God and that is education now we have to also recognize that there is a false picture a something that is designed to lead to worldly success but we recognize now even the world doesn't like it right so why would we design something after I after assessed on that really doesn't like what it's doing anyway you can follow me why why don't we just do what God says and make that happen okay so let's take a look at Jesus methods on page twenty the system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for manned throughout all after time God put Jesus when he created what adamant you in the perfect school as an illustration of its principles a model school was established in Eden the home of our first parents the Garden of Eden was the school room how about that for a schoolroom RI nature was the lesson book the crater himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family or the students I like this parents were the students a man you know when you have kids you just start a whole new learning curve right are a on page seventeen Verizon little quotes there read to you an insight of the quote it says this power okay under put the quote right on the bottom of the screen here inside it says this power and what she says by this power if you go up earlier in the quote Re: and in the page it says this power and she says individuality the power to think and do that everyone created in the image of God has had it has a power ups and that of the creator individuality the power to think and to do now here's a quote sound familiar it's the work of true education to develop this power to train the youth of the thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men's thought by the way just a little casual note most people misquote this did you know that because they do they make thoughts plural and they make amends singular I don't know why maybe it reads a little differently record reflect as of other men men's thoughts they say anyway am okay so now what we recognized his individuality the power to think and it were to come back to that okay on page two thirty she says this for ages education is had to do chiefly with the memory now by the way can you remember back in those of you who were here with the comparison of education versus school right focus then only on the mental component instead of mind body spirit and then all the mental component only a small fraction which is memory which was focused on for ages education said you chiefly with the memory this faculty has been taxed to the utmost while the other mental powers have not been correspondingly developed students who spend their time laboriously crowding the mind with knowledge very little of which could be utilized the mind with bus burdened with that which it cannot digest and assimilate his weekend what she's telling you is if you have energy case notes focused primarily on memorization that that include sure this is primarily your method of being educated that it will actually weakened the mind rather than strengthen it becomes incapable of vigorous self-reliant effort what happens is the student all of a sudden recognizes that their job isn't to think it's to memorize what others have written and it becomes incapable of vigorous self-reliant effort and is content to depend on the judgment and perception of others now let me ask in these last days what we need we need thinkers when the people will stand further conviction one everyone else around them is saying hello look around you and you said you know what I'm looking at I'm looking at the word in the true and how do we do that unless we have a system of school that is not clearly not based on memory New York State teacher of the year when I read this site I had to put this light in here and he starts to talk about how the the ideas of the whole national curriculum of school schooling all sorry about that were designed is exactly of someone had set out to pre- vent children from learning it it was looking at the same principles we were looking at any recognized that school Wayne was not designed to optimize learning not designed to suit to to develop the whole mind but just a portion of it not not developed develop them not developed to do to develop not designed to develop as a better not designed to develop the body the mind and the spirit but just a small fraction thereof and the sentence continues all I I have a bad transition on that sorry about that okay I was thinking going to be a very ago memorize this one I okay so here it is they were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act and the content coax them into addiction and dependent behavior so here here's what here's what this says to me it's almost like there's some diabolical plot as if someone wanted to sabotage the education of the children in United States and then even better from this diabolical perspective the sabotage the church and have the church followed that same strategy in the sixth volume of the testimonies page one twenty seven I ran across this quote Satan has used the most ingenious methods to leave his plans and principles into the systems of education and thus gain a strong hold on the minds of children and youth can you see that playing out in this that that is it it's it's as if someone had his head actually set out to help our students learn not to think of I've been talking for a while and I have a little test for you it's a memory test for you be ready is anyone getting nervous both know are right I'm getting give you five two digit numbers and I get to ask you to recall these five two digit numbers in a random order okay you follow what I just said five numbers I'm not to put them up on here seem to have to do it totally by your ears okay so here's the five numbers and ready and don't write them down they put that pen down I argue you go first number twenty one second number twenty two third number twenty three fourth number twenty four fifth number twenty five all right which one was the third number twenty three very good our right of fourth number first number fifth number twice about twenty two a second number wait wait you guys are amazing I just gave you five numbers and you pick them up just randomly just like that it was absolutely amazing to think that was amazing no why not what it is they they were in order that was easy you know when you understand how things relate to each other everything is easy it's almost like you know it's almost like when you get God you get life it's almost like when you understand who God is and that you understand his principles that all of a sudden everything in life becomes easier and you look smarter because if someone didn't know the pattern they would think this whole group is above average countries and they would go this is amazing if they didn't know the pattern they would say this is amazing group they all do what you would look amazing and of course you would be amazing you know of my time is up little I do not like you going let me say that you know my again my desire is to strengthen and improve Adventist education I believe God has a deep desire to do this and I think he wants to do it but I think we are like Israel and we look around us in we can't imagine how to do this and when we look at and when were impressed that we need to make changes some of us who are the reality people we see nothing but barriers but what about this and what about that what about this and those people are really helpful in the process of of actually making it occur at the same time we need to recognize that that God has a deep desire for this to happen and I pray that as you go through that you will not keep this to yourselves otherwise it's very likely that you will experience intellectual evaporation and that when you go forth from here and you think this is an amazing concept that something needs to change it will be very likely that within a day or two or a week and then all of a sudden you forgot all about it unless you do something about it because I'm using the exact method to give you all awareness only I'm not using a method of walking around with you were not using that method you're right understand the very thing that I told you not to do I'm doing the problem is is that we don't have enough time to do the thing that it really takes to develop knowledge so we can't do that but what I can do we share this with you and you will gain awareness knowledge but awareness knowledge doesn't stick well unless you apply it and teach it to someone else so if this is been valuable for you I pray that you would make a decision now to think and asked the Lord who you could share this with that you get a hold of the slides of the audio verse you go through with someone and you figure out what the Lord has in store for you to be able to apply this to your life and into those you love let's pray together father in heaven I thank you for your wisdom that we don't have to rely on the world around us for solutions because they are frustrated with the schooling that they have enlarged week we have been given a glimpse of a higher calling for Adventist education and we pray Lord that you would give us wisdom to know what to do not to be destructive and go in say hey you're not doing it right Lord I know that's not your methods the Lord we want to join together in unity and evidence of your spirit and move forward step by step closer to the ideal you have for us may we with all of our heart of recognize what part you would have us play Lord I thank you for the burden placed on because it's a good burden it feels good at the same time Lord I look around and it's very frustrating I pray Lauren then others would share in that vision that is your vision for what Adventist education can mean remove insured by your grace will and are in this media was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about hot house is like the more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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