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AMEN 2006 Progress Notes, Part 3


  • September 23, 2006
    7:30 PM
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now we have the chance to hear some more progress notes how many of you who have been here at the other evening meetings have appreciated hearing these progress notes testimonies from others I think it's especially meaningful and encourage encouraging and practical for each one of us we have some special features tonight first of all were to hear from some of our medical students I want you to know that the medical students and residents were instrumental in the formation of all men from the beginning and so we're sponsoring them but they have been a part from the beginning and have been active and have even served on our board and I would like to invite up by Jason Shaw S and Sally and Erin Sartain at this time okay Jason got here first now Jason as well as certain Sally and Erin husband-and-wife they're all worth your medical students at Loma Linda University now I'm Jason just tell me what your spiritual state was when he came to Loma Linda by Jürgen until the nine night without our beating everyone I I want to talk to much about myself and try to make this briefing that ago approval glorified God prior to coming to medical school I I have to be honest I wasn't the type of person I was actually wanting to go in for medical evangelistic type of reasons I was actually wanted to go into the medical field because it provided a secure job maybe maybe there is residents with others but it provided a secure job would would give a stable income that would be able to support my family things like that I think some imagine the Unicode of the American dream of being able to have you here you're your winter home her summer home if all home and all the things but those are things are on my mind mission trips yeah those were an option but medical evangelism really was not an option at now what happens during your time as a student at Loma Linda that is change that I got transforming how did you retrieve like these along with any questions and any affiliates basically what happened is during God is always placed within me I desire to want to serve in and not something that and I I like this I see needs and I really really want to really resonate with why to fulfill those needs one need I think I signed Loma Linda or one need that several medical students prior to myself is a need for a Agassi a revival or a read I read calling of of the Adventist message either Loma Linda I will know how many the accident of Loma Linda University this year hence all quite quite due to his quite a few of you I didn't know at the time but I I had my family actually came in through some some some evangelistic series of prophecy seminars Exabyte pressure markedly about eleven years ago now I had fallen away from the from what I would consider my roots as an Adventist became a nominal lamp in this category for the motions and I felt I thought that I felt comfortable that Dennis when it came to Loma Linda I realize that there is so many different summoner for some different views on things and I wrote I really became I really became I questioned whether we believe that an while this was going on I guess some other medical students that are actually little of years ahead of me had I taken it upon themselves to start a student run evangelistic series on the campus of Loma Linda and that's called restoration and it's been going to the figures actually become a priest soon but I was actually the president of my first medical school class and someone had invited me to take part in restoration as an opening prayer and I and I thought of when I am gone by she has a doing this unit is Loma Linda about half the little more than half the students are not administered and I really thought of you this is a great way to reach does not happen this is like but I I wasn't going to those myself and ask the person inviting those meetings or events is critical but I came and it was Pastor David I Fricke was giving the series and I love you ever heard him preach before but you you don't leave those meetings without having something shut-in within yourself and I realize I needed to become a look at the letter is taken thank you themselves fellow student of FBI's misuse in attending scripting my evaluations and but anyways on over the course of those two weeks of my life was changed and I had us under a renewed appreciation for the seventh Adventist church the mission it wasn't just it to me it was no longer on something where I felt like you it was something I was keeping me from drowning being happy but with these rules and regulations I saw those those unique this unique things that we have as Adventist as a sings that God has blessed us with on how to renew renewed appreciation of that and done is the most is not about the time that restoration was started at that hope was also started Don Loma Linda campus of the Sabbath school of the University Church but really much more than that and where are pleased to have that the founders of restoration and die out and hope here among us tonight now Jason you're involved as the director of Advent hope at this point when you tell us a little bit about what God is doing there now will not just the kind of get a little bit above the background something happening on the Anthony's church I think of the last four to five years I've noticed to give myself that that people are starting to catch a vision of of of something beyond themselves something greater and I think of the Holy Spirit is really Sunday for about a modern church on things like general youth conference with Mike has been integral and integrally involved in it since it's like it it's like I know young people don't want to throw anymore they want to and they want something with substance they want they want to be in mission they want to be an Army audit does Lord 's work and an finish the work and added hope has that same spirit even nonanswer cheap but standout Steve waterfront is actually a third-year general surgery resident when he was a freshman medical student he he saw a need on the campus to really reach out and ask have were a lot of things started and they started a group it's a small group at the Bible study during Sabbath morning and eventually evolved over difference and into Mark how is sitting in on the one which can you send a perfect intent is that the blue regular how he was actually that he was a religious vice president of student you student Association on Loma Linda and he had the idea of starting an evangelistic series that was restoration so so on the Lord impressed Steve to to start something that's a little more consistently be a hauled off for those that were were brought in for restoration to be nurtured and I was happen so far and I'll know what it was like back when he started how many people maybe thirty or forty and ten five or ten people start is not four years ago we have consistently not happen hope it's young sometimes up but I certainly deserving over four people there of course but but to be consistent to have over two hundred three hundred people young people on campus are are are studying the word that are wanting to come and it was all started by by mostly medical students met medical dumpsters and wanted to see some thing different on the campus to provide another option on to worship God as biblically as a result we have now and then Sally here and there serving if I've got this right is the outreach coordinators for Ivanhoe tell us a little bit about the current outreach projects that are happening on campus led by student you might be glad to share that for thoughts when they were privileges as medical students to be here invited out for your graciousness to have us unit that the last to meet opposites really privileges are the testimonies and we spent it in our practice began in the late assessment is as you follow a great position Christ 's recent social movie the ways God is a may want us to get involved outreach this is without hope that family opportunities to get the panel members students and health professionals come involving door-to-door work and this is going go door-to-door knocking on on the stores try to find divine appointments and would lead us to and made many and amazing expenses have been as adult is or that is asking them if any prayer requests in these things another ministry vehicle startup eyes food boxes and zero team with that December the omission going into San Bernardino 's many needy families that call into the mission for food boxes delivered once a month and we had parted with them before but the food was all donated not exactly that healthiest suite will be the one if we could put the devices together but get the names on them to deliver them and we decide that the past couple months then having a literature is given against it since it's been a real blessing those who participated and is receiving as well and other ministries while this briefly path that was started before we came on at a hopeless singing dance and that under the plot is very involved in this as well assuming that goes on every Friday nights to get together to go and seem to patients in the hospital and this is been a blessing to many patients over the years it's a very valuable resource the waiter to reach out and bulimia felt need and spin a blessing was preceded a couple of other games that have provided for healthy cooking classes in Canadian Loma Linda and we had students into health professionals alike somatic health actually run them in it's been such a blessing we had a lot of people come out and learn you healthy recipe that they can take home and use and we've been following up with them for the e-mail and sharing them with him about other events that they can come in and hear the word of God trailing and other star events like check that have been being session held at leveling as well and we had just started another outreach opportunity at McDonald's McDonald's has had enough you all remember that these families that come from all over the place and children continue our pediatric Hospital Loma Linda and that's Betty stay and so we have a group now for Manitoba go there every Friday night to provide meals into fellowship with them and to share Christ's love insanities SMS the activities that are going on right now that thank you very much encouraging to hear what the students are doing right on we like to announce a networking session of tomorrow morning at six thirty results of the exercise time but for students and residents don't have to be from Loma Linda would like to network and continue planning sneakier six thirty tomorrow morning Jason would like to leave us with the Butler's before I do that Bible study none before you that is limited to say that one of the women ministries of a minister reach out to their backslidden colleagues and I was deathly one of those on on on great full that you know that sin and Steve decided that you know they won't get your they wanted to take time from their lives to put into organizing and planning things that would reach other medical students and I'm a testament of that and I would encourage you on every single one of you gone to school with the classmates that maybe that you know are struggling either their faith give those people in prayer and and reach out to them you can invite them things like this and died this one just you know it's it's it's it's it's it's awesome how God can really just transform the lives of those that that you made Mace may think have no defense and the as I believe it best to pray for your colleagues invite them to come to a minute here and look to the Lord can do for me we brought two hundred this is the summative looks over a thousand amen and I love a man everything was a memory rude in a medical evangelism term theater with me in your Bibles to Joule you'll took her to ameliorate it on every of the King James version verse twenty eight and it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions usually think of that in the context of prophecy and future telling but I was reading that tax dollars like you know that's that's it reminds me of what's happening now we may not be seeing like visions like on sister wife saw but we're starting to see a vision of of of the imminent return of Christ and I think what's happening for me were becoming united behind vision and I want to to just to challenge you guys to keep that vision the forefront when you leave a man that she keep that vision their energy spread it to others because the Lord doesn't want to come back and he is pouring his Holy Spirit on us and then make that text stamina gametes it wasn't just one age group or one group of people that God 's spirit would use at the end of time and so we focus on not only those in the middle of practice but on students as well and also on retirees and we want to invite Roger Maharishi Doctor Roger Maharishi up he retired about three years ago from general practice in Montana is one of the students just to clarify the Montana and Texas and but sends retirement he's gotten very involved in ministry at this time and he's actually serving at other coordinator for the engine now project in November and she has a couple of stories from his experiences ministering in India that she would like to share with us tonight I know I don't have much time I was thank God for this in a man vision someone had pushed ahead this will have a younger is a fantastic program and I'm hoping the doctors take advantage of it and that they are couple of stories and none of these happened in the first and second trip to India the first time I was there and we got help and unloads on the big sum the trucks to help the people of the trucks and then this one fellow I noted above the last guys off the truck because about thirty or forty people around them and that he came down off the truck and have some steps you could take a modern call Lori 's and as he came off the truck and the unit is holding his arm and I was on his right arm right arm and went anyway on Beatty said to me said the want to be healed and he said I know you can do it and then calling all the guys around repressing an amazing yes you can do what you can do it any capitalized either way hold stop stop right there I thought I can't do anything only God in heaven can heal anyone I said don't even think of that I can heal nobody so is out to that very clear at the guys like I can pray for you and I thought I can do and so I took his hand his right hand which is correct crippled under over the nerve injury he fell or what have these his hand was cut I shriveled a little bit dry hay could move it very well it didn't look like polyamory they look more like a nerve injury media nerves and nail or something anyway I held his hand in my hand and I thank God for the opportunity again I thank God for this man except Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and I said Lord I said you know I don't have the faith of this man because he did know and people came to you as you heal them because of their faith and I asked him that I told Lord is another sky doesn't have any job you can get a job because he shriveled hand as immediate future will guard I prayed you will heal this man and by the via saying this his hands are starting to soften and make it feel flesh start developing this in my made my hand I could not believe this and the producer on as I advised that continue to pray all of a sudden I couldn't say anything all I could think of what going on and I highly I let down it has handed in his hand was filling up and all of a sudden he grabbed my hand and I looked in his faces faces glowing and held all of a sudden it's a great big cheer hallelujah everybody was jumping up and down and and back they even knocked me over the value of the ridge an exciting time Jesus Christ is getting people in Indiana I didn't know is many many many many stories that this happens all-time and on his mission trips and I know they're going to going over in India and none in our and November see and hear of many many miraculous healings and the second day talk about desperate rate on auto Hammerstein the second thing I might talk about his word we just got to dedicating the church and that ended when you get dedicated church is no queues and everybody since the floor is a little tame short platforms stand on stem on the platform and the people crowding around and I hope they would drop the platform guided they did all I don't know regarding a situation where people from around is so much easier to read up on the ground and you just you have no control over yourself last way is genuinely certain moves are pressing and I was praying I had my hand I like this and hand on these people 's on this one girl 's head and all of a sudden she started jargon such as handling seizure will be old-fashioned grandma 's vision known to you that were important anyway but it wasn't and then she fell on the floor and started composing and his pastor this Indian pastor yelled to the doctor pray for her so I got the Telugu Bible of the one there and I put it down on her and I reviewed Satan in the name of Jesus Christ visit leave this woman in the name of Jesus Christ about over and over the same fact I couldn't think of anything else and finally after about four times a five data can't remember how many times she started calming down and I can open my eyes are looking at her and she starts smiling and she stood up and back to normal it's a thrilling experience and you and you go to see this when you guardian in the reason is I don't want you to understand that in India right now the Holy Spirit is the import out as I happen United States when these days but right now is India is the Holy Spirit is the important a mighty way I'm not one of the two campaigns I've gone for almost forty eight thousand people baptize and on the next two campaigns of probably be another forty eight thousand view about that I don't get a hobby people loaded with a lot of people and that this this group of people if you go back a year later LE will Billy more than there was when you left because they have these little speakers them and every little village has speakers may have a worship service the gospel workers have a worship service every morning news churches have big speakers on the outside the church they broadcast this out the whole village and every availability of the Bible study every morning so that's why this church are going over there and besides that the gods given this the land of India no opportunity and the same as that the Jews are acting more disabilities tournament right now is some and both of those have happened within the last year miracles that God is done in this last year we've heard a number of short-term mission reports and work in a future couple of long-term missionaries now I want to invite Doctor Michael Robinson to come up Doctor Robinson is a family practitioner by training needed heads up the Guam SDA clinic which is part of the General conference us the health system and she actually grew up in the mission field where were you born Michael I was born in nine United States and Iowa and when I was seven years old I went to my mom and dad to Africa and we spent eleven years there amount and tell us a premier experiences growing up in your position now how do you see the world of medical missions what are the challenges what are the opportunities I'm very encouraged by now I see it as growing very very well when we went out at seventy five it was an eight -year-old child and went to mission stations and there were many many missionaries all over the world twenty thirty missionaries general conference sponsored missionaries and every mission station we would visit when we laugh and ninety six that had receded the missionaries had handy century treated women retreating over the years and praise God who are not retreating anymore or going out with any missionaries I'm very excited about that mom ST clinic when I came out a residence he was really the only place where missionaries could go through had debts and think to the things to the foresight of the time Doctor Hartnell Young residents can go out and pretty much anywhere in the world to an Seventh-day Adventist mission institution and be able to go there and have their debts amortizing deal with the work long-term we need long-term missionaries overseas people who will be there nine ten fifteen twenty years who can ring the gospel to them for sorry we don't have that much time but we still need people who are committed for that long of a time because that really makes a big difference the nationals need to see that were committed to that long-term men now are happy that we have a hospital presence on long what about ministry of what can you tell us about the spiritual ministry and evangelism on Guam were really excited right now where I'm trying to follow the model that the Mrs. Wang gave with working hand-in-hand with that ministers are currently we have a chaplain in the clinic with the physicians work very closely with last weekend we had a very unique opportunity one of our patients had passed away using this is a very sad occasion for physicians when we lose a patient with this lady had been a patient of ours for fifteen years and you realize that in Guam we've been there for forty nine years on the island the soils and rock hard many many many providers over the years have come and planted seeds and water them and so on and nurture them then hard as rock but you know what the harvest is ready now we are seeing people coming asking for vital cities open to the gospel message last week this lady guys here that our patient for fifteen years she and her family and they had the normal mass for them in about two weeks after that we center no we become very close to you and your family would it be all right if we had a memorial service for you in our church he said he would like that so we got some pictures from the family and that we got a nice program high-quality program with slides and good quality music the nurses say we invited people from the local Catholic hospital to come and sing and the nurses to participate and we had a two hour memorial service for excellent quality when they left away and when I left that day they felt the Holy Spirit had attached their hearts God was so good and that afternoon as I was sitting by the husband and were eating together he said to me what time is your mass on Saturday was good he had types that person 's heart and all his children were there one guy was from Texas she was married to a Seventh-day Adventist she was a Catholic and she did come to belong and she said that can I come to your Bible study and she's getting with Doctor stupid right now in Guam and the other day she said no I was looking through that memorial service brochure and all those beautiful text and I look at the pictures of Jesus and what do Seventh-day Adventists believe about that that I mean they're interested there were any that's help-wanted we have many many patients like that the problem is we don't have workers and as I was coming over here I similarly try we put out advertisements advertise everywhere we have a recruiter nothings happening were not getting any doctors you know your job really is to send us doctors the Lord says pray the Lord of the harvest season for doctors estimate why am I going now I'm not supposed to be good as they said anything tell them what's happening to your experience and has laminated acres on its own know what God is joining long the Lord has a huge harvest there is like India inches wide open we need we need workers suite got dedicated spiritual leadership we got our right situation your service is needed if one of you is moved or if you know someone who might be able to serve in long Reese talk to Doctor Robinson make you so much like to also invite up at this time of Doctor Kirk Keble I didn't have been slotted originally on the program so if you want if you're not on the program already I I suggest you come dressed like this at a house you probably hurt his family give a special music already Doctor TiVo is also a family practitioner and that he was born in Pakistan and he is currently serving in Nigeria at you a effect and is in charge of the family practice residency program there am Doctor Diebel went to tell us what you're really trying to do ultimately butchered which are basic thrust of your ministries are all our ultimate ministry and purpose for being there to try and help train and mentor physicians of in the human perspective if you would and we have a lot more to learn along him and him to come in prospectus cups is what has so that wealthy want to train physicians who are highly scientifically competent but have I therefore for the mission of Jesus and tell us about the other training program the postgraduate training program that you have or local physicians the what are we having is a family practice residency program is limited and in our programs here because there had been supposed to be our four years long and enough people out expense even six years with the system we have there we also have a rotating internship when a position changes medical school they and a one-year internship than a minute with the government for one year following that one year if they wanted to residency and then take a residency specific entrance exam from one of the colleges and and get answers of the longer process than it is at minimum of four of the six years before witnesses residency training organ of you showing your pictures longer talking as well now you are telling me earlier about some areas of ministry that you're trying to achieve outside of the training program itself is true there are a few things outside the training program but I see most most all of it as part of the training program we one of the areas that we have not been a very good job in the past is really mentoring and encouraging of our physicians to have whole person care in mind and containing to the needs of the whole person so often it is easy when you go to medical Sweden go to medical school and your other education and in your postgraduate training is always a clear institutions that you see you might be compartmentalized at that week with guys are even mentioned here as well and without becoming compartmentalized we're here to do our work in the Navy on Sabbath worker meeting time will go to their but like for the Muslims need to integrate our life all taken into one part as we heard earlier today resident injecting the spiritual part of be spiritual and and and and have it all as part of what is infuse their so we have seen the need to try and have what we have start calling aim at this is a medical missions we can begin to mentor and nurture and encourage our medical and dental students and students in other professional schools all of which up at the moment are in public schools and public universities many of them have gone up learning that all work for the church yes you should do that if you can't make it in my thinking anyway and in fact many of the what went when we first went to Africa with on many families many pastors in Fairchild said we would get pastor visit on a you don't stomp but I think that is changing and as we heard a few moments ago there is change why not only in America but around the world like edicts to begin to see how they can be more involved in us and is easily one of the more involved in a nurturing and encouraging our young people while they're still in school and also to care that on it in internship and residency we also by the McHenry shorts I want to do so you see Doctor evil is focusing on training local physicians to be able to care for the local populace and also trying to instill in the physicians that their training directly as well as the many medical students in the state universities with the same kind of mission mindset and not right that's fixed how the mission that are hostile in Italy if they is a hundred thirty bed hospital hospital we have twenty and student nurses this clinician there as well and then we have this young and the practice internship training program I'm also delighted that we have ice in encore and Greg Sankey and Heather and who are also here with us who've been with us in in Nigeria the injured one thank you and the time does not allow us to go into everything is being done there but they're working to help train gospel outreach and global mission pioneers in health train local pastors in the help work out work to create a health ministries program for the division they've also had the efforts that outreach through the public television broadcasting system and so it's really amazing to me all that God is doing through this project and I think it and others like it deserve our prayers and also tell us a little bit about your needs for current physicians may be able to fill them and also for students or trainees were thinking about our first need is prayer and we covered and we didn't think those of you who already been praying for us and we haven't more of you praying for us in an fit for guys working there there in west central Africa was an avid isn't much of it is in the ten forty window much of our population in addition are Muslim and and I very hard to reach in Nigeria specifically we have about half of our population Christian and a half half Muslim as was mentioned earlier the harvest is ripe the laborers are few and and we are looking for for more help one of our critical needs Doctor Scott left this can be done two years ago we had no general surgeon previously we had a façade of the Scout two two service into busy at the hospital not to see a lot of orthopedics with his orthopedic surgeon and a half because you will be negatively pregnant interest of Peterson as well where is he speaking on anybody or if you are a person who would be interested to help us in the area of general surgery short-term long-term when we are looking for you we also year and happy to to work with students and residents if they simply out of premonition elected weren't national elective let me just close my heart with an income very briefly a couple of stories I had a visa company from northern Nigeria in the heart of him the most the heart of the most strict Muslims and that we have in Nigeria eight of a research article he was on and he said that people I have come here to get our point books from you I needed him but take a long story so the short woman to Québec Québec having to leave and he had gotten his books yet he said if you can supply me with only white Oaks Hospital Pentecostal pastor and photocopy history conversely he said in an inland diabetes he said you know that person wrote not about Jesus but as he was there when it happened at another doctor he stepped in it Mary and who after seeing how we were retreating a terminal AIDS patient accused me and said why are you wasting family resources on someone we can do about and you know they will die you are really cheating this family this is an injustice and you and is immoral as you know this family came looking for hope and all of the big teaching hospitals and into many places and if they come to us here is are looking for hope if there's nothing else that we can do and he dies we had a chance to get him and his family hope we would have done our job this Muslim doctor he looks at me he said that the evil you have really disappointed me I'm sorry you have really disappointed me to forgive me what kind it do to fix the problem you have really supported me as with the problem as I have worked with you for almost one year and you have never given studies the fields are ripe believers if you know you have it in the states we had out there also and Gore is it believes you absolutely do to the right place but up pray for us even if you cannot imprison you can be authoring your prayers thank you very very much in


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