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Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • September 12, 2012
    7:00 PM
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Chris's father we thank you for this special music I was offered before you today is our prayer father in our hearts stir within us a fire causes us to sing praises to you towards your name read word of God be verified this night after eloquence to intelligence to study but simply by your Spirit produces first fifteen repeat after me but sanctify the Lord God they are using King James is in the other version was his fault gathering but sanctify the Lord God sanctify the Lord God in your hearts ever closer eyes closed your eyes will you disclose your eyes trust me no one can just close your eyes to some of you have a lot of anxiety issues it's okay for your friend in the dark its okay just close your eyes please repeat after me but sanctify the Lord in your hearts but sanctify the Lord in your hearts but sanctify and sanctify the Lord will thought I was once sanctified I know I know what interests anything I was testing you but sanctify the Lord God signify the Lord God being you or sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and you guys close but doesn't the meaning just as in a little bit little way to change the little bit we emphasize each word is in a different way okay please repeat after me but be ready always to give an answer to every man be ready always in the only ready always be there always got a dig down into the Southern Baptist roots of anonymous here to do any cancer to give an answer to every man please open your eyes ask that that that that this week if you get a chance and we're here in nature to memorize this sex and if you already memorized it don't mean to lead to the snooty enlightenment first after they meant something else we use the opportunity because we are sending this text together and and and and this this week is is a is a week on on on apologetics on giving a reason for your faith we have speakers here will a sister Janet pages from experiencing God the personal testimony of the experiences she has her life is the best witness was unlocking it up a brother Stephen is not to share about was a Muslim is you we had a mission to share even to people is that we are not only what such as and then we also have some apologetics that that argument of the table we had a having a certain responsibility to share our faith but here's the thing when when when especially young people I look out here and has a lot of young people a lot of young people at heart here in this in this room we are a full raid to share our faith were what were afraid why we should while we afraid to share our faith will it whenever I can ascertain years now and I heard that one episode out which it would do evangelism what always you have is the most old people the most courageous people are likely out anything to the more sanguine outgoing social people who like talking going on yeah I'm still doing it and then the normal people like me well a bit more shy and rather see the next surefire and I don't like people in this kind I like rather be in a fetal position in the dark sitting inside in second-floor like all artists are ongoing and if you're intelligent you think of intelligent reasons why you should go to outreach ride do not intelligent minimalistic you think of a reason I can't in reason but you're intelligent like all the eyeblink surgery on allergic evangelism Floyd's not biblical to do evangelism defining weird ways to get out of a man after laughing laughing because this is you as it is is is you you believe doneness the Bible says it did and as a reason for the all a reason for the lot and today this that I have switched that are the messages around as I thought doesn't probably be a better message to start off with today when I read a little bit before verse fifteen came out after three chapters three verse eight verse eight whenever you want when you're smiling a ring Scripture we have a a a bad tendency towards the one person I think that verse out of context music out of whatever we want to want to see what a full load of first Peter goes over what everybody the case we wanted to win your room you are studying Scripture you want to look for french fries wrote for what everybody there was there was a historian 's argument in his story just uses for clinical reasons it's it's it's a it's a hot positive stores and put it together but not basically a story as we were going from New York to Berrien Springs on his own brings brings us all episode brings me the foregoing answer like fifteen hundred hour trip okay that's a ten hours early and what happens is I don't know about about you but for me in August the male mind whatever but when you start driving you start driving and you do not stop right and so when you're what I don't like traveling females Christina let's stop every ten minutes and take son here and I my friend 's little brother are with me and I were driving my sunglasses on the ambient temperature is perfect angle of the chair is perfect angle of the incident is perfect and everything is perfect they then set set and everything set were going once we go we do not stop except for one reason alone what we saw that why you have to source software were driving and also the kid in the boxes hey I want to get some french fries is what is monitoring you know this is not promising your health conscious of our group like oh my goodness french fries reason why franchising he wasn't a good set down at and an innocent note once we start driving we will not stop and we had a little exchange that I was not very Christlike towards in this long long time ago so I was was not surprised so he was really really mad and as we were driving all of us and he shouts out the top of his lungs one one one what I asked the guide in which it would bother saying out of nowhere your gateway is a USENET kept on driving he says we three three one with what it exploded with really was going on Lisa Sabin were driving them like what's going on what are you okay and he was so mentally wincing to allow thirteen nine eighteen twenty two forty seven only twenty what would happen again to view bar mitzvahs to go off to and eventually you'd like us to live his life foodies and thirty eight Mike all men and I want to be responsible for the death of a child in my car so I pulled over and I said look hey I'm so sorry will get you whatever you want why are you crying why the wall accounting he says I just want some french fries as a freshman who wiped out the I'm counting how many restaurants we passed that cell I in his mind is stated only in one thing what is that I want everywhere when we're driving the ball he sees it his eyes are what french fries and it rises and ratatouille looking to buy a car in your driving unit in the for-sale signs for cars in a little bit more vibrant than other things or the ladies are looking forward for word address I don't know to get in and in life like sale signs like ninety percent off a little more vibrant it is the opposite the sleeping something to identify with the nose but I'm not once like a hard time doing anything you want to do that for the Bible K now what happens is analyses for example revolution chapter four you don't have to turn to it every on almost every other word is one worth repeating over and over and over and over and over the fastest relationship before relationship before she turned quickly to finger in first Peter three but if Joe relations after four and eight half-sisters reduced and go check for her younger to slow quickly quickly quickly because everything is meant to chapter four verse two immediately I was in this spirit and behold a throne was set in having one us on the phone first three and he has sat was to look upon Jasper inserting stone and it was an rainbow round about the throne first for round about the throne verse five out of the throne before the throne verse six before the throne in the midst of the throne round about the throne verse nine and that sat on the throne first and him that sat on the throne and cast their crowns before the throne took a fibrous one that sat on the throne what is the quote french fry of Revelation chapter four overall this is clear error hassling her studying chapter for Revelation the focal point the emphasis should be placed on the theme of the make sense now every chapter does that where everyone passes those that every book of the Bible does that present the book of Matthew 's anyone know what word is repeated in the book of Matthew over and over over again I don't say words like love or and and and these are found all throughout and a real word Zaman the book of Matthew there is a terrorism now is good over noticing unaware that it Jesus gets another word that's that's that's found all over the New Testament anyone else to suggest he can draw it in the wrong VP confidently wrong with that key almost everyone is keen dumb kingdom and the point of the above of Matthew is to prove that Jesus is the King of the kingdom K what was it over and over again you moaning I don't understand is that you ate what was Peter Oberman Mark Mayo man no incorrect immediately immediately zone over the markets we correct recording all the actions of Jesus an important proving that Jesus was he was a servant and didn't miss any mediated this is an easy to dismiss the globe what was repeated over and over again what is it twice and before the further man K book of Mark sent a public vote of Lukas recruited Jesus was a human being book of John what was good and over and over and over Morgan rule of incorrect doesn't mean Jesus is not love them I think enough of that Son of Man incorrect beans need incorrect I know are incorrect the incorrect prey incorrect sees us an answer incorrect water one incorrect shelter shepherd incorrect and uncensored content all all grace incorrect K-12 action opens a book of John friends and look through it the VA can do that instead time pay for a incorrect concept of fifteen percent father incorrect and sixty three galore in very close but no cigar do fine incorrect lights kind of a not for the entire book did I find a Melissa a small sections you get the button lights life like almost there but not there the eternal live within adjective incorrect warehouse man and man knowledge is everyone incorrect incorrect fate of french fry dispute over and over and over and help you take all these things put together a job joy that is the warfront and Philippians wrong book wrong and this cycle incorrect verily I have verily verily I say it here yes that's that's found all throughout the Gospels date really allotted only fifty minutes for me someone is fast food it is the work being the beauty seemed at all the section and believe believe believe John is trying to prove that the energy of Jesus so you have the kingship of Jesus the servant and Jesus the humanity of Jesus and the divinity of Jesus need for Gospels to show that the word to create shows the theology justice within the book visit this group was a man take Romans this is in all this month first Peter first Peter and is a french fry in your swimming french fry now ranks the french fry in first Peter first Peter chapter one first Peter chapter one verse eleven board sufferings of Christ as their top achievers maintain for this is think worthy of a man for conscience toward God endure grief suffering wrong levers twenty suffer for it verse twenty one Christ also suffered verse twenty three when he suffered chapter three verse fourteen but it bought and if you suffer chapter three verse seventeen that you suffer for welldoing verse eighteen for Christ has also has once suffered for twenty long-suffering chapter four verse one Christ has suffered for us he has suffered in the flesh chapter five hundred the word about attribute over over over and over order and over again in first Peter is the word while citizens of the theme the theology the main and only our first beer is why today I like to talk about suffering in and then just awesome happy topic to talk about suffering suffering chapter three is a chapter three will start from overseas receipts we would meet and greet with increasing men will not looking increasingly for me conversing by Marines finally be one in all and one mind having compassion one of another love as brethren be pitiful be courteous not rendering evil for evil or railing for railing but contrary blessing knowing that you are therein there to call you should inherit a blessing first twelve oh six according to the Old Testament Psalms thirty four by reason verse ten for he that will love lifelessly good days when refrain his tongue from evil and his lips that people speak no guile but an issue evil and do good and seek peace and ensuing for the eyes of the Lord all over the righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers but the face of the Lord is against them that you view verse thirteen is the question but Peter asks and who is he that will well harm you if you be followers of that which is what the new economy is actually the days now yellow blue theory to outlaw and read an Internet date out first ten to twelve is holding a notebook here is the reasoning eighty tablespoons in the lot after doing a Bible study always want to use a lot Bible know that sounds very facetious but today there are many Bible studies where you don't even open the Bible and even in the New Testament only wanted to Bible studies in the New Testament they use a lot the oldest it to appear sexy doing is doing a a a study on Psalms thirty fourth and first thirteen says this is cool is he that will harm you if you be followers of that which is good first fourteenth inbox and if you suffer for what righteousness sake happy are you and be not afraid of the terror either be trouble now I'm asking today is his business think a little bit little bit at the value Christian experience I would ask you what is the last time you have been sincerely enough parade of something everyone has a fear in America the number one fear the one in North America it public speaking and I am not me maybe you you probably know a lot of people said it all on my fear of growing up there was well known was the was people because people are people and their allies and when you're talking to then they have this ability to opt that's a pretty big questions at to absorb and understand what you're saying and then they make an opinion or to come up with a slot and then if they're not careful he might say that fall adjustment early Christians were persecuted yes an early Christians were of three computers talking to the early Christians don't be afraid he's talking let's suffer seven Dennis today are we persecuted by the government into CIA agents and the recordings all behind the microphones and an Jesuit and opens the agent behind every bush and the Masons and in and in the basement office that happening yes I think I don't know you are leaving persecuted like Christians were in early early church time no we often are living lives like we are being are we not where I was little I was so ashamed of the being sent at why I went to a Catholic high school for four years that went to a Jewish college for four years than I was at Harvard Medical School doing research in stem cell research environment and the hundreds of physicians who do not believe in creation God revelation the Scriptures all of the above as Australia's Shane is very nervous at one time per at one time all in in in in Catholic school all the football games are not on Sunday through Friday but guess which day and I would not go to pay how Camille God are true and good aware of your sure the church is going to mass on Saturday was the sunset it should definitely a cool yeah that's that's that's what I do and what what what what what what what what what what are you going Catholic not as an anonymously paralyzing was what happens is your new volume of your voice gets gets gets lower and then you start like mumbling your biting your heartbeat to three fast in your start thinking like men what can I say is the least offensive and continue raising a lesson on a question here when talking about has ever happened to you a thousand alumni never happened to me I am confident if you're one of those sanguine people that love 's outreach this others of us are just kind of like anything well hey what is the seventh they watch Adventists all at administering what you guys believe all we are exactly the same as Roman Catholics everything is the same we just go to worship on Saturday all gas cooled at school are I okay well I will be hosted in the I won't I won't be out this April as extreme version but have you had the laser hands but versions of like euro wives you don't eat pork what you have to go Friday night worried I wouldn't recommend what we know I can take we are sometimes were ashamed of our faith and sometimes we were not ashamed of her face away to deflect that is we don't I want to limit contact with human beings who want to live amongst ourselves with other Seventh-day Adventists work there is no other something this we want to become a monastery for happiness in the top of the mountain and did no contact with anyone and we a lot of garlic we repel all the all the vampire vampires first thirteen Peter 's regular thirteen eighteen a heart will harm you if you be followers of that which is good he's basically saying if God is for you who can be as has not edited the government 's CIA and what happens is that sometimes we have to does this kind of fear -based evangelism yes I guess I'm talking about the latest in computer technology that can track Christians in the last days ships for or computers or cameras or the next denomination that has secret information in files and try to use me or to induce us to follow the Lord Jesus yes now is that a motivation of the Lord Jesus uses it look easy is everything that is that the preferred biblical usage to draw people to cross no it's not a review basically Peter saying hate it or there is no government can harm your first fourteen BIOS and if you suffer for righteousness sake can't we argue be not afraid of their wild and greet at the same being do not fear their fear is that while you what happens is people are afraid of a group of people who have no fear and licensors is this if you are sensitive enough and false addresses and I rehashed Seventh-day Adventists are not called to be of people of perfection were not a people who have their beds made every morning were not a people that have the lowest of cholesterol house in North America we're not the people that that that our bodies are doing will mean we are not called TV screen we are called to be a people that has no fever you understand every doctrine we had all twenty eight are customized to adapt to a certain fear some tennis we have no fear of death event if we die what this Lord Jesus and since so the stick and hit my car no problem and then I'm not saying that we should all go get some Dennis had no fear of ghosts why there are any syngas add anise had no fear of demons Demon possession or devils why not because we believe in the market angel of all the created angel being we have built we have no fear of the end of the world why not because we had this one is hope yet as it was coming to the country context the Congress which we memorized his verse fifteen and give the reason for your while hope and fear are very very very similar one causes encouragement one cause discouragement they're very similar dog towards the future we all have different fears in Korea there is a dirt is a union system cleans out on the non- coding model kit that if you have the guys you have a lot of fear and as a fellow Asian Korean as a representative of the continent I have been known to be someone who has the 's nine oh one one one West there is when we one when Caucasians look at aces they all think that he has a small eyes we don't have small eyes our eyes are always shaped differently event is this it is clear this clear swimming a clear now are there some Asians are small absolutely but others and Caucasians with small lives absolute now I have the guys and I'm honestly guys and when I was little I always had a lot of years of always afraid of something whereas most afraid of was being was was be considered summoned to be different and they are only all afraid to be different as you get older this is what defines a young person a young person is someone who doesn't know that they have the fears a doing at an old person is someone who's realized those figures yet all people he said I don't listen to this and don't do this much effort it will why not because this could happen that could happen and this can happen if people don't know of any experience there is a little time to do it anyway and then all those overlapping or are we just keep on going to hear what he's talking about is a suffering in and in and now I want to be very very clear vinyl talks about suffering there's different types of suffering I think you might make my foot against this thing in and might my foot would hurt his suffering it's not suffering in my suffering I'm suffering in the emotional state of suffering water that is not biblical suffering billable suffering is when you suffer for righteousness and without another word essay as it is when you're in the rights what you're considered to be wrong that's biblical software has ever happened to now I don't did not want insensitive if you have breast cancer ovarian cancer and you're in and you go from Kino are you suffering physically yes you are but it's a different version of suffering it is us as an accent announcing that are not suffering the superior document is is is any an young people are very sensitive to this form of injustice young children the first thing the first concept of a pickup is that I got a big marshmallow and I got a small marshmallow but we are twins we are the same exact size with things like age but why did he get one bigger and why I was smaller this is injustice you are talking about you think that young kids would grow up out of that the reality is we never broke those we were married this happens to you all the time he met don't respond especially for those of the visit those of all speak as a pastor Paul talks about all the time there are many in the ministry whose ministries are always being attacked you know what you're talking about feeling all the people you baptized all faults baptism within the Symbian this church farther Arthur is the competition between ministries do pastors try to bring other pastors down is there is a rivalry that happens in the church unfortunately it does before you point the finger at pastors does the same exact thing happen amongst Ladenburg he said it not me okay that happens to all of who are sensitive to the one thing that comes fresh in my mind is today is actually then and am opening up my my heart now I should have done this district never staring at me and I'm getting afraid to fear but that phenomena have hope at I grew up in any any framework of the injustice of calculating things my father just becoming newly baptized Seventh-day Adventist and it is illegal to to witness into being a nice guy didn't validate a certain business partner who was lucrative as is age twenty partners in something and I'm Swedish of a long story with really short in your company he was into exporting importing the materials one nine six eight for this next time at an event at business venture we need to cosign on this particular project you want to do that together I find this guy church my mom had known his wife I played with his son we became overly tight family and most Korean culture when two families become one they become more more like Elizabeth and he cosigned that that some people some time passes and aching along through very short one day he goes into the office and everything in the office has disappeared goes to his house for sale sign totally gone zero evidence that he was even around later we found that using international con artist wanted by Interpol police everything was set up but during that process my bed this guy had Mercedes-Benz is Lexus is a humongous mansion all the luxurious stop and he put on a credit line and after he left my father had to want pay for all these things and not even see any of these things you understand and accept my father decided how to find them in the proper bankruptcy and other than the law was on assignment for next ten years my father was credit was perfect was basically zeroed out in what was was here I was a child growing up and I'm thinking the shafts this us being just this is not what better software is a hatred in my heart and paralyzed and what happens is this when you suffer you need to become fragile and weak and weary Negro despondent for this score hardens and you become very what bitter jaded you just hard enough and emotionally protect the reality is this this one story as for was it was happens to all of us here today in one way or two family members and churches and businesses in finances emotionally in marriages are whatever whatever it is what happens as young people are especially sensitive to such a pitch of years from use of Lord when I was converted Lord create in me a love for this and what happened the Lord have secreted your love when I came to the realization hey that guy as horrible as he is I've probably done worse to somebody else in a different we both need economies award status I don't know where he is unaware the world is coming ripping off other people but ample I see the heavens and on how I want the shock of my life Lord when I go to a wanted to spend my neighbor and will give me the character that if this guy becomes my neighbor for the rest of eternity that I will enjoy heaven yes if you can't forgive your enemy you're not good for this because heaven will not be headed for you it will be a hot place that you gone to CS Lewis why do the righteous suffer he says why not the only ones who should be able to take it when we suffer gone over how sometimes isn't having to deepen our faith and average was feeling a brother Stephen Dickie said that he had been unable to this is a book called cradles of eminence childhoods of more than seven hundred famous men and women that officer Victor and Mildred Drexel and the axes and they looked at four hundred and thirteen the world most famous people they look at their lives their child was there no one even taken how do you become successful highly visible world changer in today's day and a single one comments metadata found in three hundred ninety two all these famous people was they all experience immense injustice and suffering in their child and the ones who overcame this became his weakness is the beneficent McManus got people to want one to change the world when a person focuses his mind and life on the things of this world all these things can be taken away in a heartbeat why God allows suffering to happen is if it's almost a blessing he says to this day and I praise I look back and I praise the Lord Lord why did you give me this experience I can give me this experience why did you allow all this poverty of suffering to see my mom and I fight home and yell at each other and throw at each other credit card bills and screaming on the phone of Bill Kawai July the two this day my mom and dad and myself finances and wealth is not a value for us we been freed from Doctor rather than these things there's something else that has supplanted it what is that the Lord Jesus Christ easy sermon to preach Islam is a more reflective message and as a young person which are suffering for going to a particular parenting divorced her for whatever educational stuff quarter financial stuff whatever even sexual or are whatever whatever whatever whatever weird stuff out there all these things happened not because God will then doesn't allow them to happen is a difference between a dream and he allows us good at the end of the street become week from these today as mentioning this today another injustice that happened was I got married this year February twenty twelve I found the girl of my dreams that's a lot of sharp cheese from Korea where everybody and Don asked North or South please do not ask that question I hate that question of course itself I wanted to marry a North Korean whatever so whatever it will be a long story short we we we next were coming over to Mayor she came to the airport we passed through all the visa and immigration we came to luggage what happened is our law was there were three drug traffickers on that plane State Department flamboyantly because of the tsunami that happened in Tokyo I invented Japan the central drug trafficking airport in eastern Asia is no longer Tokyo but now Seoul Korea safe and free drug traffickers are playing humongous bags will guess who else also had humongous that when Koreans come from Korea they bring BA bags full of like all of Korea is in their and they went through it and he said hate what's happening asked a question with him into radiation and fasten some wedding shoes in her head back you have intention to get married and becoming illegal immigrants in North America will have a return ticket to return back knows the contents laws or law life whatever purposes to humongous men and extra hanker for a right-handed left hand she was cute put it H sell them in a deep order on a plane welcome to America friends and NA because there was no plane to go out that night a jail cell sleep there the flight next some thinking were weird with my wife go to school back and I have not seen her for another settlement for seven months is thinking more one in the war this is injustice this is not this is not I'm looking at every hop happy couple on face them like there's a wedding invitation in this wedding here in literatures in a snow globe and violent that's so disgusting while computer and home theater or yet we can get this one why is today today was the days when an friend missing just one hour and I got up the phone all with their she went into the interview and is a three-hour grueling process and need the interrogator but at the end of three hours my quality was great for us our mission conferences bring at the end of interview they said you know what whatever the borrower because it is not to be the visa American five days I'm thinking Lord wanted to worldwide he will help us that international question why do you he wants us to free us from the idle potential idols in hearts and to rely solely on you seek you first the why is nothing wrong with finances amen nothing wrong with educators I don't know why the spouses amen who should take the place of the number one position in our hearts Lord you could bring you greetings fear first fifteen percent in just but sanctify the Lord God in your while the working defining set apart set apart the Lord God in your water where your heart the heart is not as Disney World parts in Western culture we have the same follow your heart whole world all advice that is which means whenever you are feeling at that time follow and trust your emotions that is not what the Bible is talking about the deal will location of the heart is that private place in eating inside of one of us has inside is private please is where you think it's where you are where we are values line this is cool you really are this is what happened where you go to when you sleep at night and you always would this is where you are at these are all the secret intense and and and and devices of your up your mind and your heart and your beef this is what this is all happiness in this area this is little section title called life space or your yourself if you're pantheistic is this her inside police is what the Bible calls the one or hear the Bible says sanctified meaning set apart set apart the move the Lord who at the word Lord in our culture today's meeting the Lord is Lord his God Lord is another transition toward a reward master board what Nash boss senior officer master his master and he's also your who your God creator this entity set him up or in where your interest in anything in your life space in your hearts so that while adversity be ready always to give an answer to every man to ask you for the reason of the wild the whole that is in you with what and what meekness and fear this this week will be writing this when the amount my sermon title riverside of mourning be ready for the thing here and ideas is meekness and fear I will thought Aretha Steve Lopez 's OEM is an extremely active element found naturally only combined for chlorine is a poisonous gas that is bleached its offensive color of odor when combined with sodium and chlorine the result is what so important we ought to be regular table salt love and scrutiny like sodium and chlorine when we're afraid of suffering we don't either we don't want to speak in love or we don't dismiss you don't speak so what were my position of fear we want to retaliate and not speaking love we want to lie to try to get out of the situation yes the fear love without truth is wishy-washy lying and it was willing to adopt any doctrine out truth is often siblings all by itself sometimes truth is poisonous and sometimes truth pushes people away from more further truth yes but need to combine one with one lot speaking the truth with love you get what just like sodium inclining irregular tablesaw where were were called to be the salt of your able to preserve and bring out the beauty and hope of our faith the Bible talks on meekness and faith rapids this questions in this basically what Peter said was afraid we deny Jesus Azinger sandblasted is good people your first Peter don't be afraid to speak the truth only speak the truth to give a reason for the hope that senior but doing it on one one love meekness and fear fear not understood the circumstances but all will respect success is the flow of water peters trying to say if I'm going what is in your life that is causing you so much fear today and here today everyone has a few nasty close drives on close your eyes should appear close your eyes and then the attribute button named your fear here tonight if we are to say hey will go out to the city of outlets it is only at Portland Portland and all you are going to get evangelistic series right now all of you whether you're actually a result of two hundred and two years old all of the angle of each block we little knew Craig Pierce and I can't leave your Bible and Europe reached you right now and for some of you thinking that is an insane idea because of reasons one two three four financially that won't work out a perfect crazy that is bad PR for Cynthia 's church and I don't know much about them on theologically I not treat all these reasons but that's all beside a while when the Mini maybe it's not yet witnessed your parents there was stricter measures that I hope whatever it is in Angela 's in vivo beer out of medical talk to the Muslims and her one witness your fate lies have a fear of the to the voters go talk to the some of the energy worshiping people here in Oregon vortex is in our crystals and whenever all I can do that why can't you we all have a fear even vandalism is what creates a Christlike character in your sin give a reason for hope this to every person and ask but sanctify the Lord God we're fear goes away what happens hope that the sales commission the song to sing the theme song it's not the theme song we have is what hope we have this hope is not some handily sync this church is over and then I love this but I'll stand renouncing we have this open must meditate on the words what is the need each stanza has a certain has a certain punch to it to get a pianist here convincing played to fourteen through fourteen -year-old girls were afraid of playing the piano here tonight case saying out loud are you afraid of singing out loud taken the horrible voice to sing that loudly sing with conviction and passion what we have is hope sanctify the Lord God in your hearts immediately give a reason of the hope to every minute ask you with meekness and fear to fourteen for to have a cell or a read of this so said and then me this in a man man and this is where we believe the time is the land the name sans bodhran and said the way it sounds I am saying the school Burns Ray Van on here tonight you have your you know what you have it's you can brush it off you can weeknight sleep on it and ignore when tomorrow comes around we we all will be struggling with the spirit rest a lot it prevents us from being like the Lord Jesus the Lord Jesus knew no fear he meant doing the invincible you want people that doesn't be annoying friends and annoying in bold are two very different annoying people who are afraid they don't know they're afraid switch on overcompensating the F regular particular fear is the Lord today condescending to my MySpace into my heart however you do it as you created the world asked me he will out of nothing create and convert this fear and hope is as a part and more what do you call me to preach to a million people were one person or to be on TV or just to get up in the morning into my devotions faithfully day after day give me that consisted of is that your prayer paper it has are you afraid I father in heaven Lord I pray that coordinated speaking foolishness folly was the passion that that is in me it is it is my experience father it's so similar to yours experience and one I know that his status with the things that all of us go through this route father we suffer and board we thank you for soft or we don't invite when it does come we not be afraid of ordinary praise your name on how we can be more like you the Lord Jesus Christ 's result the father give us a reason of hope maybe be a true advent people may all be the one thing that we need here for for all our lives and work here for every person that would raise their hand or condescending for hearts come down for begin the permission to enter into the private areas that no one even knows about and what we expose to you or fears fear of rejection fear of suffering fear of being weak dear loss fear of whatever more and more changes and diversions as soon as a rule of this media was not a line audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about how humorous this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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