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In a Godless World: The Worldview of Atheism

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • September 13, 2012
    9:30 AM
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Chris father this morning we thank you for the beautiful sunshine that you have given to us we take it as a token of the grace of your warmth and your kindness the sense of heaven to earth father we ask also that you sent for the Holy Spirit and his humble abode be with the years in the minds of my fellow listeners the lips and my heart as I speak father we seek not to to just be eloquent and two entire intellectual life the father we seek to understand what you would have us understand deeper truths character of Jesus and more elements of his request or should we limit the supreme Jesus name and the other system after today we have a four-part seminar you're welcome to go in and out and out walked to one tractor not sudoku you are you have no free will in the matter of our four-part seminar on this today the first only on atheism was called in a godless world the worldview of atheism the second one will be on deism and pantheism the fourth will be on theism in the last will be on practical elements on how you have heard us and the reasons before care I've been thrown around as a chart in front of you that I printed that the leaders happen to print out and out I'm asking you please don't get discouraged when you look at this this looks like move back to memorize us to organize this agenda memorizes you have nothing better to do that's it to memorize this are some things but it helps at least to choose see systematically what each of these worldviews are all for the first two or seven worldviews this PSA isn't happy his Internet is unlimited autism polytheism and theism and its citizens I just get over this and what happens is this all of us have a worldview all of him always to have no worldview have a lot a worldview in the reality is no one has a sure worldview were all mixtures of one or two happens is this when you look at atheists agnostics or and I work in Canada's ministries we need a lot of atheists on campus atheists are not stupid or nuclear agnostics because O'Donnell or there's there that are horrible sinner the negative resulted in this is using to have a particular thought the kids in your mind and this one thought causes this to be a logical conclusion this causes this is a logical progression from one to another aspect for this bouncing back porch church is called a worldview it all starts on the first initial idea that you have Nixon's so elegant each of these things on and in the reality is a lot of us we see is an is the belief in a personal God is upon where we all want to be the last times we may think or see us because were good some pianists sometimes were living a political life like a pantheist a spiritual life like an atheist we believe in an ethics like a pen NCS and we have Italy's mixtures going on out above day ago I like this and this and this and you have this this this this plate of just any time through Chinese food and Thai food in an ethicist this weird concoction because you like this is your special confirmation to see that a lot of this is eager logical and is irrational to think of as this posh mission posh mix mix mash hot hot hot it's a gone work Christmas day to understand each of these worldviews are consistent and continually need to be developed will get up and have as much to learn gain confidence for ourselves Boston and happens as this and I hope that when your system of is not the exact elements but that each component or North Dakota exhibits each to be a little bit more confident in what you believe and when you meet someone I can urinate is you are freaked out how to do everything and when you meet them and I enjoyed and you can't get that weird feeling a I'm on a Zen Buddhism will it these are not is not evangelistic methods and techniques this is the way to understand to be more comfortable in your own skin and a couple top of someone in their skin as well what happens is that as a question sometimes it is some of his summers as an atheist you can ask questions that what everybody Jesus asked questions not because he wanted to know right Jesus ask questions to help the other person know what they know now is a hazel why do you believe in auto owners even using some conversation to these more techniques and how to start a conversation and this is where are our personal expense investments and played a factor later on please delete is him out we had a a survey on University of Michigan campus and I come from the Mister call campus ravenous miserable university 's mission conference we have about three to twelve missionaries who come for program every year it's a one year program two semesters long and students at one year off in the digicam 's ministries we teach them and one day we have to go on campus and into the survey and the survey was what you think of Christians any say that Christians are people who love Jesus are one fanatics they received over the media other brainwashed they doubt the Bible as it is not the Bible they doubt God delivered today everything is relatives to compel the way through that they come first if Jesus comes up later on a conversation that I'll ask about and find about then until now what do that was using real was really inspired is the resurrection even true how do I get to have been when I was not good enough other problems and has low what's next what happened when after you die what happens in is is that important I so fifteen percent of the responses were nontheistic K six percent were true atheists others were sent fellow Buddhists on it once all the doubters all the reasons why they're there they're eight K a lot of time wireless because they grew up as an atheist severity of years ago but a lot of evidence when the Internet is because they'd grown monotonous with her Christmas a group in question with a couple people said they don't know agnostic is not a worldview agnostic means that they don't know you and what about this later a lot of agnostics are agnostics not because they don't know but because they really don't want to they don't want to say and actually saying and an process on a sizzling LSR Estado and is more about intellectual easy way and sometimes spiritually ignorant waves is going about things saying that they're ignorant but that the process of related processing service outing on the other he was a cognitive read all these things on the grievance science by the way science and religion are not opposite ends yes can you be religious spiritual and scientific the same time absolutely authentic fifties to get the children on the less likely pick for the whole slider there are some new atheism as a new anymore there is these days unfamiliar to you the Richard Dawkins who wrote the God delusion Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett there's another one and first name the four Horsemen of the apocalypse was amazing uneasy fears are before a fiscal private people are like and what only God and Econo shy about it because majority of American culture is is the belief in God but now the new trend is for the ages to come out in their bowl and their belligerent and want to have is personality telling talks about that their professor at this whose whose words are so eloquent it's not the actual thoughts or ideas that they bring to the table because their charisma and their eloquence that is so magnetic that that that the students think this is due to Scott to be true not because of the idea itself because of the personality 's guys have a personality and they're very very very outgoing and their mean or sarcastic and they're waiting listening while winds heavy as the witty people are just like that I was so funny light of sauce part in your something something kind gravitates to limit which I had a kind of epic charisma of bit there's in the end Oedipus and the slide atheism two oh is a recent phenomenon and that this guy named all under the policy saying that hate these guys their means and neither going attacking Christians that's one level the next level of atheism on top of that is we got to learn from the Christian because the Christians became a big denomination not by chance but they thought about and we as atheists we are start we can just go on attacking Christians and atheists would like developed things they're doing this have a time like meetings once a week we get together and we can like you want some fun new music that brings people together a Celestine writes songs on his but instead of praising the Lord God let's pray is thinking and Dallas and rationality and income together like no other citizen differences of us have a VGA of a vacation thinking school people come together instead of letting the Bible they learn how to doubt the Bible and have like hey we should have weekly meatless have elders and and and and a leadership system and we also need a way to finance all this will have a way to for offering really going your creature the Greek church and in a world of his little later on but it takes a lot of faith communities along what a lot of I would say the more faith Christian and in their same IK we need a system of accountability group a corporation body that can have like-minded people to come together and to just recognize it's a fascinating phenomenon that even having something called de- baptisms have you heard of this where good Christian should you baptize people now yet you come in an initial clean out of the water and he him get unbaptized if you were producing results the blasphemy challenge we go on Internet and neck she swear curse God as your way of the evidence of plunging into the food by your pledging out of the faith and the crazy crazy things I get an a is creative but very very very crazy about the please ability into Kolmar somehow start David Hume Burton Russell and Friedrich Nietzsche a FEC 's writings has had an influence it off the list on the Sweeney Shaw DH Lawrence Gates and and call you a is a people that have to go through but probably heard of them somewhere in the background somewhere and dock and eloquence by David Hume particularly David Hume was a car for Christian to Christian school and he was then enrolled in the debating society we don't have to bring societies debated back and is pretty awesome and he was so awesome it to be a new one every argument and one time he said hey you thought we got a good job raising the next generation of Christian debaters a David can you actually play the other side to help us train our nutrients all right so that instead of studying Christianity he studied all darkness against Christianity is such a great debater I see one all the arguments and eventually he convinced himself that Pentagon must not so then is a double whammy in all these lilies students are learning about this and eventually becomes a brilliant mind because of the politics and economic and crazy philosophies as well she talks about just a particular scene continued ten can not only the individual or an entire generation is likely in every day atheists and there's different types of atheists are and in a while look at all seven of them level seven as you have closed atheists these are hard-core atheists there their century Ali mean and you cannot say anything to convince them otherwise Jesus says there are a group of people do not cast your pearls to swine and are there some people that the matter how much you try it don't try maybe you're not the appointed person is not the appointed time assist there's just not a good environment both sexes are open atheist highly intellectual you listen to everything there there open about it they're pretty firm in what they believe but are not as mean as kind of okay that's interesting perspective but I don't agree with you both I was apathetic these are individuals who don't care about the issues there's atheist because there isn't just most convenient for them at the time though for our religious are atheists these are people in halls or war are our small little enclaves that that that the tree all he believed in God we believe that God does not exist level three are general atheists there are just as any issues and if you become friends with them to be very open to come to church but that's the default position of being atheist pain level Chilean Christian agents are there people in church who don't believe in God you are Christian atheist is a Christianity is a culture yes oh Richard Dawkins who is also heartbreaking he says culturally yielding the other was a matter questionably Christian will yet follow crenellated only don't I go to the Iraq Eucharist love us because of the culture and the acute disturbing the culture of the church because of the culture I die and I sing the songs because of culture mass and physical process one step barred their Adventist atheists or status because of the items on hold during that time they didn't believe in God with care less about God is available on your seekers they want to know about everyone was another they want to know God is having is also unknown guy I just don't know exist in the things and so when you're reaching out eight issue on a kind of knowing your witnesses and emulate okay okay you're a level four five if you got your little notes from OIC like a case Europe four five percent this is just the kind of a map to see that not all atheists are the event was a clear physical questions were now significant questions and you have definitely see seasoned Christians with his lookers had this next slide please the buildings options Colossians four six he should know how to answer everyone in your first date of three forty sixteen we will today do not be afraid be ready with meekness and fear and ten seventeen means love the Lord with all these components processing lovelorn with your watts with your mind your heart and your body and your soul is one quite popular with your with your mine is a question it is not wrong to be sure read to be intelligent sometimes in American culture if you're too smart you want to apologize you have to say no I'm sorry if you're too smart you're not spiritual I agreed with dread education to education education is about developing the physical spiritual and the mental all harmoniously so we should not apologize to engage in exercises such as this seven worldviews all addressed truth and knowledge universe God Long values evil ethics means the trickier front of you we are probably not go to all this but for some some components Canadian pantheism will cover this instead this line recode is no next next next thing if theism in three great religions Islam Judeo Christianity Islam is thrown in there it's kind of a hybrid between theism and deism we'll talk about that later did bathing season is that God is personal a honest person that means is they are religions out there that believe that God is in person meetings he exists but can you talk with them and care about you know he's just there now Theus believe that God is personal meaning can you talk within yes can you interact with it yes those you care for you yes there's a relationship of men was originally created immortal evil my choice and ethics as grounded in yes the person will talk about the address book in all worldviews of then the next of introduction from the excellent penne atheism you have how isn't Jainism and humanism okay these are the three main expressions of racism out there in the universe is wireless internal frame this in the Constitution is this a very hard time believing that God is eternal review take God out of the equation something else has to be eternal salicylate the actual universe nature itself is it always was it is an ever shall be University offer and you'll need and it was by chance came to be out of nothing this is very interesting that the components that we expect of God are now described to the universe just the general university man is evolved from molecules and this is huge and you see how this works this man comes from and by Manny not males but all of humanity yes if humans come from molecules to molecules know right from wrong this chair position chair know how to be a good moral chair this is a wake up in later today I will not be on all four feet today on all three feet on some of the far heart and sounds that would be wrong I want to be a bad chairman to be a good check today and today that the Microsoft that pushes me nice and soft wear versatile to be as comfortable as possible whoever sits on the exempt share says the system is in it is just as there even if we came from this matter molecules and are we also moral individual to have a good or wrong system no it is no good or wrong then you don't get it because it gets pretty profound what happens if you don't believe in the case anyway I jump ahead of myself as this is very exciting for me and what is was was was is there a huge hit the Iraqis questions and then any of the evil is real is just evil is real even a little believe in immorality but it's exceeded by wild education the more you know will help you not be the reality is the more education you get the more evil your education with no more educated evil you will do right is also provide his Whitfield was a Wesley was all-time awesome creatures to take a robber who robs bank 's and you give them an education and those learn how to rob bank more educated right all of this is full financial crisis of two thousand eight to whatever was all propagated by graduates of Harvard and Princeton and so the visit at Harvard business school deans a thinking man we are responsible for this and she persuaded you about and we are ethics courses don't I think we may have to think about teaching religion in the basis for ethics and in Harvard business school because they are the responsible this basic underworld collapse from these guys and brilliant minds to call and I digress on getting an education and ethics are our relative old template you gone your that needs a visit which is the one of the decree thinkers of atheism he says that Christianity Christianity is the one great curse and his objective was to eliminate this from from the from the world he saw no light at the end of the title and he said that the loading time he had us think of the loneliness of existence as a very very depressing to look at sure atheism it is very difficult to be a purity a lot of atheists are actually theists under the underneath used to take out this is a present for this this this chair made from matter in this chair is all by itself it has this had a connection with any other chair no and if we come from matter legislative chair and we also are all to live a connection within no I'm just by my really a candidate who am I I'm just a bunch of molecules that evolve from a monkey that he bought for me one of able from a warmth evolved from the bacteria to evolve from nothing from the little rock on how it works I'm just year rock and what's the point in your grapple with these things his loneliest lonely loneliness of existence is the normal way of life very depressing to again on the Christianity in the book madmen and what are these churches now if they are not the tunes and sepulchers of God 's plan is God is dead and all you Christians always tricky but worshiping a dead traditions he made is that number one if God is dead the twentieth century will be the bloodiest century in human history if you look at historically was the twentieth century the bloodiest century in honor yes a lot more people die in wars and points of the nineteen hundreds all the previous twenty centuries combined in second set of universal madness this is what you say is articulated they got out all of humanity we universally people go go crazy pacing this is the same debt and in and in usable waters believing this is in the wrong when he doesn't believe in right or wrong this is just the way that things are the reject the sermon on the mouse he said that if the world was run by Jesus 's principles everyone would be a loser know if you get clients on the one side and you turn the other cheek and and then you get points on the effects on a continued die hard he survived that's what the horrible way letting anything up with the idea of nihilism means no values nor morals on no truth nothing there's nothing you take this is a happy topic that you need to update is in the point is this once they concede that there's a value in something boom game over you Bertie one ten from the littlest something you have to build up something to say hey you're not an atheist or not really easy to be made is a atheists usually love love their moms and that the love friends and family and an actuator uses this does no value means if my mom and dad die there there molecules in the chair died it means nothing it might best friend my spouse that means nothing to God atheism the doctor to believe that there is no God this is a sub is a contradiction if you understand this and can explain this to somebody this is you even came over here atheists say quote I think his having infinite knowledge that there no one else in the universe that has infinite knowledge this incarceration facility offender Brian and Mark Finley use this use this guy he was asked to speak at the Kremlin in Russian is on the market musings all payments in case he made out he had all of Russia's most income highest 's scientists come together and is central to the existence of any sudden or Russian accent is going on at MIP like what when why say it like this is a silly way to boom that God gives an answer and any niece is okay this is the feeling gentleman in this room is now a rush is most highly educated people of all the percentage of the knowledge of the universe one person is on this knowledge is known by all the people collected in this room and get ahead of astrophysics at a neurophysiology to have all these guys of all the knowledge we all know what percentage of that is in the universe I do like always zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one to market is okay about it that's a great estimate I'll give you the benefit of that and I'll say that we know one percent of everything in this ancient okay yet we know one percent just how is it that we only know one person of the knowledge of the universe but how can we be so confident that in the other ninety nine percent believe that there is no God how can we save any is required score after that market increase the sermon and altar call him copies like Director of astrophysics is coming up and wanted to be a vulnerable Jesus amazing him philosophy knowledge this is all things we can use before Jesus for areas that are covered in a board and values meaning in life blood of those little bit more carefully okay one origin there is no creator or no orange Arthur in a Seventh-day Adventist church individuals who believe in this case use the premise what happens is sometimes out of convenience or to see why why this happens some people take this band as they say you cannot answer the house or the wives hotter the world can answer why the work can answer that unimportant there are general contradictions and internal weaknesses within science the scientific disciplines contradict each other preventing synthesis from being developed with us means this in mathematics a good chance of life is intent to the forty thousand power to get a Stanley Cup big of a number that is your right the number one in your forty thousands euros after that now over that number is the is the percent chance that life could have happened the big number it's so big he don't understand how big of a God of the day the brain as ten thousand other cells in needs to contact connected to me like of the brain is very complex it's connecting connecting connecting connecting connecting and then you have a hundred billion long nerve cells that it's connected to each of these displays you have mathematics you have snubbed by biology chemistry physics and each of them has her own version of how the world began we put all these things together and they don't even make sense within themselves access for offer over ten thousand billion cells that are more than ten thousand one billion longer sells all connect the time it takes for this to even all even if evolution is to bring all three wall is longer than the existence of the universe had even come about you understanding even the numbers don't fit in its positives doesn't work chemistry is a more probable that life came from a hydrogen atom and from the creator case these guys say and it's it's it's amazing how it is in his life courses and essay to put up a picture hydrogen atom all behold the hydrogen atom we give glory to God this is not my facility say isn't it amazing what evolution can tell all life comes from this battle I'm thinking that you sound like a Southern Baptist preacher is a God I even added in there instead there just is religious but there is just this weird switcheroo you like God to be put in fraud or Adam were done they biology Francis crick said DNA has been found and he needs machinery therefore life came from where outerspace DNA is true perfect he has originated the double helix is to perfect of a cold this is too mechanical this was not involved some kind of intelligence had to be here so this don't intelligence wasn't on earth it came from Outer space Richard Dawkins interviews is hate you wouldn't believe life came from outer space the question that the person should have asked for they didn't we did that left a settlement meeting was aliens is a UFO that implanted DNA on a rocket essentially always weird ideas but thinking that is more believable anyway I'm going to conduct a genetic mutation is not result in corresponding single changes qualifying safe theory is reason to think that reality seems NHL in my eyes turned blue my hair turns turns green I become tall and short become Asian-Pacific turn black if we thing we goes one-on-one or funny more genetic theory progresses is not a one-to-one thing for me to be Asian it's like five hundred notes and teachings like another through thirty thousand such my hair turns black it's a twenty thousand Dutch return here it is great in my Herkimer hair falls out always weird things what happens as one team though does not control one thing once he is and is and is in a group of other genes in different and very very very very complex and rising and this this is a lot the so complex the human brain cannot grasp even in Georgia that is in entropy has not only has this from from the thermodynamics entropy always increases but by all biological organisms maintain a structure at the expense of assistant meaning in in in in natural physics he always dissipates but in biology fails to maintain their to maintain energy wise is this a big internal contradictions and anthropology there are evolutionary gaps Kate you think in and anthropology you have no monkey monkey monkey monkey and it's like to come months after monkey that the next in your lake walking monkey monkey monkey walking monkey then Neanderthal man on Interpol and human human human human human right you don't have to anthropology you have monkey monkey then you have like a thousand years million years of nothing anyhow like as we are little like super tall monkey chew up in two thousand million years of nothing thousand million years in a long time of nothing then you have like a human being and in nothing energy management and it's all out of order what they do is if you guys in your textbooks is you know that picture of like the I love you because in the end of the company being that that that that that that is not true these are all out of time sequence but they just put the picture together to make me giggle there is an aunt called me the ball and they thought today and a lot of the guys in between the missing link are also all hoaxes that you take the skull of a human brain to put on twelve guerrilla women and minorities if he has a chance was Sean Payton 's presentation on this it's fascinating that you all a conspiracy theories on this is that the largest conspiracy ever however frequent guest on this one here value together thing is this is assassinated he is the specific tests of affirming at the end of the day I have compassion and pity on his engineers and I've met some people or so hard-core atheist to behold on to so much their faith is so strong they willing to guess about any value or meaning in life look at what the end result of her needs values agencies and cannot explain the ontology deontology is a fancy word that means duty commitment loyalty obligations or the work on deontology is what makes Hollywood boss according to the world cake Gentiles use this gentleman love of the world love of war movies right average defining a fight and one of their other friends are is in the battlefield with a guys voice woman what should I do I lost to go and save him it is my duty to go save him Anderson led to be and on Royals you up as a suit goes in the music turns on his trumpet playing the background French French and he goes in bullets flying in he carries the other got his back is in any season of the last of it as a citizen he gets shot and he dies in a all men are crying in a note this is the Sisyphus Austin something about when using the apology if it inspires the machine madness ladies it's it's it's it's a romance about a man fall in love with an oval or the one man was another woman right of men and women and it is a man who is willing to decline any mounts in this win over any ocean finally meet her and his duty is honored to find a woman that he loves at no cost he finally meets her name Grayson at the Sunset ended in another violent playing this is the ontology if you have no deontology and a visiting movie would be this war is going on the guy spies like survival if it is he goes home that removing no man father the woman said no that's too long of a ride on this credit do nothing end of the movie 's enemies that is that is at PowerPoint Hollywood mood no even a regular society knows the ontology is true for DNA policy cannot be explained by what is the larger there is not a yellow clockmaker timekeeper syndrome and what happens is ethics becomes relative is there is is no value system nothing is is important to what happens this decline clock keeper timekeepers conscientiousness once was a man who was across talk a clockmaker in all these clocks ticked and every day someone would come in front is how I thought of his shop and he'd match his loss to all the clocks in the shop because of the everyday The Simpsons every Monday the clockmaker when outside his sweeping around sweeping the front end in the guy came to hate what you do for Liu Y Liu every morning in front of my shop to see what time is amassing your walked to my clocks and he said it all I'm the Bell tower ringer the town belt operator and the guys face turned white it really is and why are you okay the problem the new guy says the problem is every day at noon when the bell rings I change all my clocks to match the time of the battle there looking at each other like than what time is it no one knows what kind does make sense they'd take a time think it is up to his work in a value system now I know I I I think this is good and bad because my culture set but this culture determines what this culture does but this call certificate from that visit them at the ending no one knows what what's right draw depending on executive pay atheist may lead ethical lives but there is no moral obligation or argument for take today and a little good about life but they don't know why they don't know why it's better or not and Bertrand Russell says affixes like colors I like this better be not as good just because I like the color blue better than the color itself preference that you need everything is meaningless everything is relative all I thought nothing has meaning all those three are contradictions take the first one everything is meaningless what everything 's meaningless is that statement meaningless is a statement part of everything yet while that's meaningless and that's not sure over what was not sure who that he has me and yet is out his gun I like where in such everything is I hear this before printing is relative anyway all they what you said is a part of everything you have well is what you said is also relative but admitted into the picture the concern on nothing has meaning everything is neat and considerate of self contradictions classy of life since there is no meaning no creator for origin of life or values it should there is no reason to what to get the ultimate conclusion if I came from nothing and the logical conclusions of my life is I'm been to revert to nothing and what you see is in the fifties or sixties I don't recommend you are suddenly noted that the film what has caused the wasp 's black and white movie that it was it was a French movie and they're getting to existential film classes in the movie was an acceptable bill in the whole movie was proved there is no sooner black and white film man woman and six three four hours long horrible movie and there's no words and the words as long for reason and not the man wife they meet together in Paris in their walking walking walking long as well immigration and like why rely on up upon what they go each ingredient harasses restaurant eating and eating and eating and look at each other like are we eating a point of eating in a little hotel and they're making love living alone in an what the point of this and thought they go dancing at it all do all these things and it's the boring addressee contemplating what the point of life after watching this finally there back in the hotel rooms in the guy pulls out a gun and points it at the girl and for the first time in the whole movie their expression this is no expression one of the gun comes out the lady is little smirk or smiled for the first time in the film for the first time she's experiencing we call all in one life is meaningless that's how talks something exciting I don't know anything about death what happens is the guy kills your guy cousin so elect all the guy just wasted four hours of my life but that's the point the movie China say even you watching this movie was a waste of life is present sure Jesus came to desert I have come down here to give you life not his regular life but life behind the amazing that it is good is there such an attraction to that life not his regular life abundantly knew we didn't we live life with the volume is always on the highest whatever that's that it came life causes despair eight yes there is no such thing as friends why if we descended from from from amoeba this one and need off by the affection towards another name the it discusses his family and then marital not make sense incest is just regular status on my brother and sister that's just the regular other human being sexuality has no meaning this is the biological function is as you look at the world all very cold and just without value at all means where dreams dreams dreams and aspirate hold me absolutely nothing this is just weird little images brain 's farcical want to have no meaning whatsoever our consciousness and relationships there is no such thing as love is no such thing as a connection is necessary as well he is the ultimate clear-cut definition of any today are you happy that you're not any of you know people who are atheists even of any cons of the Christian or happiness about live electric one is the answer to this next while atheists may believe and a worldview they live out a mixture of all the world they are all atheist suicidal and depressed and horrible no climax he very very happy to have a beautiful relationship with their spouse and parents but are they living in your easiest life know it's been consistent they're stealing from the theistic worldview under the umbrella that God doesn't exist and their invention they essentially lived at eating the cake and the habit of taking it easy to the best of both worlds and on-site fourteen one two three office in Dubai was internally quick sauce what is really good Psalms fourteen one fifty three good now I recommend that you do not use this first verse to share it with with with with atheist friends sums fourteen verse four sums fourteen verse twenty three reader Bible reads skid row reads the fool has said in his heart there is no I know all individuals I have missionaries who viewed this person I see you naked by I will send your full season the question is not a great way to win is the somebody that has had a zero percent success rate but please don't use the Bible saying is is more dominant force in his heart there is no God they are corrupt they have done abominable works there is none that does good the Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any that did what understand and seek God but for sixty verse three they are all gone what assigned there all together it all to become filthy there is not none that does good no not one basically poisonous God is looking down from heaven these the music is there anyone that's seeking him but he looked as if anyone seeking atheism is not a intellectual conclusion but it is the new year I sat that they don't want God in their lives to creating a worldview that's consistent with that wonderful happens of God what if God is not my life then in what I come from what God does in roundabout in confirmation all athletic comprising is any meaning for me now it is coming for me now is any meaning for me to future it is the meaning future with the point of relationships passionately with people that work for the responsibility towards them or sparsely ethically politically socially biological psychologist and in is no point to that final was the point of life and what should I do find conclusions and maybe I should be a lot and guess how new Che Jones and lastly consistent with anything is the conclusion is that yes does anyone want to live in a world view what a natural conclusion is that these engines are the questions that need to draw out fellow fellow friends my mother says this if if God is dead somebody is going have to take his place it will either be a megalomaniac or you write to me got older with those words mean says it's the drive for power or for the drive for what pleasure if the clenched fist or the phallus you're either Hitler or Hugh Hefner is likely the liberation and you look at the world today and 20th-century new take on Al a lot of people say that God is responsible for all the wars in your penis the true helping God 's response whether this is correct religion religion is a response when you take God out in the twentieth century it's those groups that did not believe in God that it moral horrible works in the previous Vikings and twenty century and a twenty first century were living in now if you take God you can want power for pleasure is the only two powers that are more better potent enough to fill partially and void in our hearts yes in America what's more powerful pleasure or power I believe my generation pleasure is just everywhere you find pleasure customized to every anywhere to go into the training how occurs in the theistic worldview to after this she your heart is now on what you like I want to know my own business work was occurs in our own world some some tips and awesome points are to initiate or continue dialogues with those with atheistic perspective and with ACS and the most powerful witness is a loving relationship why is there a point is there is no such thing as love there is no processing is relationship we can show them there is a powerful loving relationship they cannot deny its part writing and composition you you cannot deny that synonym of a man okay I have this friend this guy was me so much Minnesota friend like I don't agree with anything even go the stupid shirts but just let which is so awesome friends what happens is his first child is a will there is his relationship will there is relationship nurses in his love for business unit helped them think you one step but each of those things and then number three is the it is difficult to live as a true atheist as teaching assistant gunner help him consistently get through the endpoint by Katie really want to be needed in and of each as it is a very dangerous thing because of their stubborn and of the consistent enough bill embraces the majority means will not consider suicide as logical which is not a happy ending Xoma synovitis class like the endless outdoor chart here for Chartier and you look at them Douglas in one two three four fifth column here because of atheism on top now please be descriptive this chart this is not a perfect chart I just made this up some people think is easier to look at all see insurance here he this chart so I called systems okay thanks this systems using high resistance of there is a movement out there to does not like the stuff it's too boxy units like to organize and want to be in this business is called Post Modernism and heard of this movement but it doesn't matter what we can begin to whatever box you want to create boxes and have written this thing down but we happens is if you read this up nothing literally BTW in this that also is another day as part of a weird to be to be consistent is because of the logical and consistent illegal downloading is in there because of me her section if you don't believe in God and the world is uncreated is eternal its material and in its it self is also involved there is only the world there is no God there is no war world got relationship human beings evolved by chance you can fold to make it easier to see miracles are impossible human nature is only the mortal body body only our destiny the human destiny is eventually what extension skewed on the bacteria got been extinct and I all the dinosaurs became extinct are eventually eventual destiny is extinction the origin of evil came out of ignorance to end it is through education yes the basis for ethics is needed then that means why should we be ethical simply to watch survive okay so if if if my sister was being raped then I I I have an ethical basis to kill that rapist half-brother I think I can eat that it is nothing wrong with that and then then they can eat my sister and in and in dance afterwards but there's no one right whatever you do to survive this winter if you're alive at the end of the day and you are not extinct you are ethical witches their motive thinking nature of ethics is relative history and goal is infinite and linear that's abstract stuff and two examples of those people are David Hume Friedrich Nietzsche Kate any questions that you have today regarding this is areas and Unitarians I would say are a particular prankster not necessarily atheistic there is basically everything go there do more more pantheistic recommend that next next question what else after reflecting on this are you glad you're not any on Damascus young and boisterous on self reflect or other elements within you that seem to be attracted to some components of eight years and you at least understand the freedom that they experience we also realized the freedom that experience is ultimately and it is not really real freedom you take on how we also in another another thing so who is the only perspectives true freedom true life truly true true true I think a lot of the debate of the church evangelism is the method by which we when people is in itself the result as well a lot of people don't don't realize it or don't want to realize the medium that we used to win people that itself is also the pool how we win people is what they will become sciatic amusement shutting for a while we highly are used when moving to an end only this pop-culture Internet disconnect in Germany there was as heavy metal at the church is the most disturbing thing I guess I was in or in a you don't just have it on screen James R contact our headbanging smoke machines visible this is a way to attract those who are in heavy metal okay there's no doubt they might be attracted we attract them that the ultimate goal whether it be that I put down that they do that forever in the church that found that arena not the ultimate goal of Christianity from the yeah exactly exactly and when people realize that they been inclined all you fail to react to show the end result the means by which we love it's a relationship it's Christ likeness character you must include in on what a prayer and the hopefully moment depressed today and you're like me what is the point of life will look at using a third seminar you're free to go and regarded as one of other seminars but I need you notice when the discovered energetically as much fun for me but please me please do not misunderstand me do not take this chart only when is someone they like all your neediest college that is semi pulled out okay you're your version of God going to start is your your your your Marine extinction faster future I'm not making fun of you that people will watch to have done that and I'm saying it's this is not to is not a good all are with you and you do visit help you understand like this whether coming from the questions we ask that is what Jesus Matt at one of the well was in conversation without condemning anyone sent Jesus is beautiful beautiful intellectually beautiful character was lost by the orgies Mister all agnostics it's as if you just saw a very good question diagnostics be they think they are also another column of a difficult thing is they don't know so everything is just all across and they just can't pick and choose and the reality is the normal human being is a mixture of a lot of evenings and is a hey why don't I don't know all the diagnostics and it is who refused to be consistent refused because it would recall consistency of thought and life and they have to fit one of these that's why it's very difficult for the Gnostic questions requests will join me in prayer friends join in prayer gracious father we submit to you our entire minds our entire hearts our bodies toward the words of Jesus I love the Lord of your mind or heart or soul or body want me to Scripture for all of our lives here in this room plus my brothers and sisters were special including myself and what when when we are placed to be in front of atheist father grant us the compassion of heading towards this individual following even have friends and family members or atheists themselves give us the heart the words in mind of Jesus himself and to win the soul for your cause this is only done by your spirit not to eloquence for argumentation more important intellectual on Sunday in the world ran through is a will you want audio nurse in a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain than the visit www. on universal .org


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