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Parables in Marriage: Wedding Pictures

Rob Norris



  • September 13, 2012
    7:00 AM
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Lorna father Ray Coulter character work for you and your word and in the life that you've given us to live the display that it might be your words and your thoughts to catch homelessness virus to understand the beauty the plans you've laid out for your people and do not deserve ages page one fifty one remain this in both the old and the New Testament the marriage relation is employed to represent the tender sacred union that exists between Christ and his people in the mind of Jesus the gladness of the wedding festivities pointed forward to the rejoicing of that day when he shall bring home his bride his father 's house in the redeemed with the Redeemer shall sit down to the marriage supper of the Lamb like this two words marriage relation is employed to represent the tender and sacred union that exists between Christ and his people so it's kind of go through a journey this morning imagine the future is now in the second coming is just moments away while you see going on around you the Earth is in commotion there's an air of expectancy God 's people are in hiding in seclusion and in the moment finally comes their steadfast host of humanity covering the planet with all our exclusive to it all I screwed to the sky you have a fast host of heavenly beings coming to me that group of humanity got these two groups that now our face-to-face how do we relate to something that we've never seen that we've never experienced in there we read about this week we see it in an picture form we see it all through the Bible of God 's coming back for his people but how do we really make it real in an practical and tangible for us there now that I think back why did Jesus talking parables he said he told his disciples he spoke in parables they told stories so that everybody could understand so that as people went through their daily life they would be able to look back in Illinois told the parable of the sewer and ember after that when he saw when the people saw that the sellers out in the field planting a great but would they think that storing out in their minds it just flashed back to the lesson that he intended to teach them such that I think if he was here today to give us another lesson the kingdom of heaven is like a wedding the closer to the event the more the activity level ramps up as an music down here out on what were the plans being made and he never yelled once every week or two maybe you put another little piece in the puzzle but as it's gets closer to week away is three days away remember the day before you're just going frantic onto these details like all now it's twenty four hours away the activity levels just increase is now the time comes the days arrive the hour is almost here people are starting to stream into the to the church there from the bride 's perspective who was there her family all her friends coworkers everybody that means something to her is there in a sense her whole world is their right and just think about this they're all listed Brightside is usually what the left side I could never remember which had switch but does this in from the groom 's perspective who's there they had right on that drive its most important thing but Lizzie invited he's invited all his family and all his friends his coworkers everybody that means something to him is there so but yet these two groups of people they don't mix right they come in they take their sides and so you've got this scenario will you not to groups divided start jumping back and forth between the two pictures that were painting and see if you don't recognize that the parallels time is here ask yourself aware what do you want to be in the big picture you want to be the bride of Christ you want to be one of the bystanders watching on a sound for each of us to think about the second coming will be those two groups of people do we want to be that provide so now at the very beginning of the service where's the crime at the very beginning hidden she's nowhere to be seen so that the stage in the activity of at first is right up front is the stages that you got the bridesmaids groomsmen the minister and the groom and at first all eyes are on him at this stage that everything is set up their and then what happens the bride is brought out of seclusion and and you just watched big room space in an and what you see is just hot it is this joy this radio she's brought out and she's ushered down to the forefront of the whole scene they jump over to the second coming obesity God 's children they've been getting ready their characters have been made blank and I think it brought out to the forefront read the last few chapters and great controversy the second coming I think it's such a beautiful parallel and then what happens she's brought to the front what is needed it comes he comes down therefore here paneling and a friend 's figures there he comes down together and any takes her back up with him not to think about this how incredibly wise and compassionate God was to provide for us this picture of husband and wife of the man and woman to show us who he is with his characters like built within the relationship and that he is implanted within us is a picture that is trying to get us to see and in a sadly the world is doing its best to totally obliterate a picture but in his wisdom he creates for us in the knee gives it to us in his word that as we did we can start seeing that picture painted in more and more color the rate in the spirit of prophecy she calls the second coming on many occasions the great consummation no word we use that word in marriage held the great consummation of marriage then we have in the physical sense among each other is a representation of that great final merge of all kinds so we go on the brightest product to the author is very easy to service all about love and romance this is all the pleasant now the service while on love and romance have a lot to do with bringing this to people together there's an appeal to law and principle isn't there the service is all about it's it's a set of house that we take the strongest two thousand and then we can take is to help when we say till death do us part of you can get any more serious than your committee before all these people as witnesses that until the day you die you will remain together in union with this individual so the law is appealed to but yet in the service as well there's also little details that come in about how these have these two people Matt how they came together there is romance there is love that has drawn the two parts together and so we see a combination of think about this law and love where you hear those two principles law is the gospel that's what it's all about love Psalms eighty five ten is mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other these two elements mercy that's the love part true that the law part that says this is the way it is this is where it has to be they meet together righteousness the Lockhart and peace the love are they kiss each other and come together in the marriage relationship in its most ideal context Bowser said what comes next the minister says you may now kiss the bride okay the veil comes off and that's when the couple 's physical union commences like a set ideally and the reason why I think God gave us in his word the the admonition to keep ourselves faithful and to minimize the physical relationship before marriage is because it's pointing us to a picture he wants us to portray your as if growing up I've heard a lot of things very very shallow reasons why we should not get physically involved with other people prior to marriage but I think this is the greatest reason is because marriage is supposed to point to a bigger picture shouldn't the mask and how many of you have seen Christ and been able to shake his hand or give him a hot anybody seen them actually face-to-face and of us have our relationship right now with Christ is what is by faith spiritual emotional intellectual we now were developing this relationship with him on a heart level we have not yet commenced a physical relationship with God but in the second coming when he is there what were drawn up to him it's going to be physical I mean can you imagine he's there he's up in the sky were like miles apart who can see them right within the moment comes where he's like he's a hundred feet away he's right over there is that even excites you what you can't like wow this is rail it's a really hear happening in the fails comes up and we can at last it's our turn to commence that relationship you redeem I hear while the kiss and then what's next in the service the announcement return to the audience and the minister announces I now introduce to you now think how does he say Mister and Mrs. Mister and I now introduced to Mister and Mrs. Robert why does he say that you have because the bride has just taken his name you know and in this world I don't know if you have kept tabs on what's going on out there in the world but that is so politically incorrect as an amine you have this element that think all this is awful it's almost like ownership in a way but how beautiful it really has is in the she now belongs to him she remember represents inanity of the Bible the woman represents humanity so that 's that we should see in her that's our response when we give ourselves over to Christ when we belong to him is there anything bad about him we trust in totaling with everything we are yours to use this how you want to because that's can be our greatest joy she gets a new name is there anyone in the Bible that talks about God 's people getting a new name Revelation chapter two verse seventeen is he that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says into the churches to him that overcomes Wole give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and that stony new name written which no man knows states he that receives it she gets a new name exactly what happens in the wedding service that God has given us today for us to see there's a picture of what he wants and what is looking forward to go on after the service the couple leave and that's when the two sides really mingling together right on their way to the wedding supper of the Lamb the reception okay you think somewhere in the reception usually off to the size of ours can be a big table right in on that table is where everybody is bringing the gifts cards now this camera makes me laugh every time I think about it because it's so predictable eighty percent of those gifts are for what room in the house the kitchen gay and the other twenty percent is enemy either that bedroom or bathroom now think about this who are those gifts really for the bride totaling they are when is the last time you saw the bridegroom opening there and opening their gifts and there's a new shotgun or changed so maybe I had a nice good acts are in something man away do you see it now if it's a blender except food processor is it double words nice stuff it's tough to make her life easier there equipped to provide for her husband right okay so I do know that I'm been a people watcher you watch people the bride 's opening these guessing you he might be participating to put can you tell the difference between the two when their opening these gifts what is the project he gets the bar that's where his focus is his focus is intently on the drive that's all he wants that happiness and he gets her nothing about this does this have a parallel in the future what a weekend in the kingdom all of have a new address in your name we get crowns a mansion eternal life access to the tree of life repentance perpetuates life we get to be Jesus and with all the reading through all the ages and a week p.m. everything was missing cat just us but isn't that the only thing he wants to again match with his bride it's been a long time since he got to come down and walking talking the cool of the evening with his people has him spin waiting six thousand years to be able to laugh at one with us new one with us in a physical contact just be with his created children how to how is he looking forward to that of God planted within the heart of the amount of a man and a woman to represent his character into completely different ways so that we can see this picture is trying to say is this just a fun are pretty picture that were imagining is marriage just boy meets girl they fall in love married with children get older retire and I found this is marriage a grand emotional or physical crotch a place where we go to get our needs met so we can go through life well fed and just sounds weird doesn't it but yet how many books out there in on the bookshelf is talking about oh how do we get our needs met and in all these things that we have to do to make sure that we are satisfied that with the Gospels all about now there's something deeply spiritual attached to the relationship that God 's given us in marriage Jeremiah says in Jeremiah twelve five if you've run with the footmen and they have wearied the then how on earth can you contend running with the horses if in the land of peace wherein you trusted they wear you and how will you do in the swelling of the Jordan Jesus said in John three twelve if I have told you over things you didn't believe me how so you believe if I tell you about heavenly things how we can how we can understand his love for us the future plans he has for us if we don't understand the physical and practical sense of what is given to us here on this Earth those can bring a little pocket calculator this morning you can begin this example this little calculator I want a program into a Windows 7 or for you Mac people on the download what's the newest operating system lion the lion operating system into this into this little pocket calculator can I do it now this little calculator it does not have the physical capacity hold that much information and vehicle process can do it okay so when God created us as human beings the highest of all the created order on this on this planet but yet we fail miserably of a being able to comprehend and processing his love and his character what he feels for us this is as his people right so validity have to do he had to create in us the ability to love on honest soul in a deep soul level he created in us the capacity to be drawn towards so many of the other gender he gave us the capacity to procreate to create a little child in our own image and as we experience those things as will as we start how do you explain love how you define life ending is one of those things that exist we know it when we experience it but it's hard to explain because he built into us the ability to experience this and then all through his word he says the cure care what you're feeling is just a tiny little piece of how I feel towards you think that fly you know and I remember having those those thoughts if what he feels towards us maybe there's how early but yet why do you think marriage and in a sense is facing such unparalleled attack in our society today Satan is just an urgent to destroy this concept in the connection between God and his people Christ and his bride and the relationship we have with each other because if we cannot see the relationship that we have between each other as pointing to what God wants for us it's good it's good to truncate our relationship with him it just could be there's a God out there somewhere yeah that's nice but how do we happily make it practical and in real as an example but it kind of in a military context if if a commander sends a reconnaissance mission or are forwards a group of troops out into the battlefield in one particular place the soldiers meet with massive and intense resistance what is that tell the commander there's something important that there's a high-value target or is it situationally a place of advantage so why is Satan attacking marriage today in the relationship between us it's a high value target there's something deep there means something and he's desperate to do just damage us so that we start living defensively out of the pain of the past because of the Baroque business now that we have we distance ourselves we protect ourselves we have these fears that Justin talked about last night and so were not quite willing to take off the bandage and expose ourselves to get a person and in consequence guess what happens in our spiritual life our spiritual life always follows our physical life there's an intimate connection there what you do physically you will be spiritually if you fornicate in and mess around you will do that spiritually with the guy I ever repeat a person that I've talked to that is gone off in a inquired about their life how leaders has your spiritual life doing it's always the same way there confused have identity issues with God he just walks hand-in-hand and so we default to this world 's philosophy that we just are pounded with day in and day out from magazines from TV from radio from Internet everything we see is just screaming at us what will make you happy is unrestrained freedom you need to be in charge of your life you need to cast off law and in restriction to have you want to have it all about me it's all about my feelings and what I deserved because I'm special and isn't that what we're getting fed society but yet Christ comes along and says no reading my word within my word within biblical marriage is a model designed to show my character to you is as an individual it shows us who God is his compassion his sympathy and as we start living in our relationships in the center in pursuing that we really do find peace in a connection and then Mrs. White said she mentioned a well ordered well disciplined family speaks more to the gospel than anything else can so if we can start living these concepts in our homes people live in a sea of a mile away and are these people out in the world satisfied where we only satisfied when we choose the worlds like now there were longing and hungering for something deeper something more connected more personal and it's people see that they will be drawn to their think about the quote in desire of ages page one fifty one in both the old and the New Testament Mariners marriage relation is employed to represent the tender and sacred union that exists between Christ and his people to the mind of Jesus the gladness of the wedding festivities point forward the rejoicing of that day when his season when he shall bring all was driving to his father 's house in the reading with the Redeemer shall sit down to the marriage supper of the Lamb purpose now this morning can be the bride of Christ not the bystander in bystander just has to go home and that's it I went to the bride the beginning of a whole new life and this is coming up parties quickly went to think look at the world around you the intensity level the preparation for the marriage is getting intense is things are starting to happen in an even the people out there know something 's going on even if they don't have a knowledge of God or the Bible you know something 's coming in so it's indicative for us to surrender as Christ's bride and to be ready for him Lord blessed holy father just pray that as we think about this think about the messages that will hear this this week and it really would catch our attention and that it would change us that we would surrender to US or heavenly husband and give you our entire being in surrender whatever it is that you ask us to surrender and that we would live together you people around us your glory into your thing is I what are you spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe the more certain and visit www. .com universe .org


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