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God's Right Arm Connected

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training


  • September 24, 2006
    7:30 AM
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good morning everyone I meant to work on my message yesterday but it was so exciting I couldn't go back to my room as I listened to the reports and as I listen all the way the last night like that it's discovered called down in the evening and it just was amazing it was like an expensive surgery yesterday wasn't it will they call the rear anastomosis of the brachial plexus was a caring and it was a complicated surgery but it the it appears to have been at least partially completed and we have to do everything we can to make sure that no infection sets in postoperatively we do what needs to be done right now I recently have been seeing I just need to pray in here this morning and this podium is very developmentally challenged but let's just pray together and ask the Lord to be with us father in heaven today we come again Lewis last day of this conference and I again felt totally inadequate I thank you for that feeling I thank you for that assurance you give me that is not by my mind over my power but by your spirit thankful each time a reminder that that it is only a righteous hand I cannot hold me and each of us and today we want to consider the reprove what you given holy Scriptures are profitable for doctrine for correction for reproof and today we want to again look at your word to reprove it draw life from the tree of life pray for each person here watch us as we look at your work this morning becoming Christ's name on the right arm seasoning revisited was our first topic and we signed our first time together that the right arm is God 's arm of creation memorialized in the commandment in Exodus and are we also recognize it it is this arm of redemption memorialized in the commandment in Deuteronomy in our second time together we recognize that God wants the right resurrection that are and he loves to resurrect things on the Sabbath and the man that he healed in March at three is also the same man in Luke chapter six verse six he nailed that right hand on the Sabbath and that man's ability was resurrected and he was written and I believe yesterday the Lord did some resurrection word here I believe that he worked through many different people I believe that your prayers and the prayers of others molded the arms of faith yesterday and move your arms do as you put in those pledges of the eleven o'clock hour and then gave your names in the evening you move your arm what is really is our if were surrendered so today I want to talk about the third aspect the right arm totally reconnected foliar we started I suggested yesterday something like provocative that the right arm could receive a mark and some of you came to me very convicted about that I heard some amazing stories I heard how some of your ministries actually started because of the fact that you dedicated all of your Sabbath money galore I heard you tell me the story and the eyes I recognize that that message is a message for this time right are reconnected now right arm we learned had been severely damaged in the beginning he had taken the fruit will tell you how that was her right hand with the are you God try to damage and still tries to damage the right arm for me though tries to damage the right arm and he tries to take it over and in Genesis chapter three we see God 's first farewell sermon he never wanted to be breach of farewell sermon the thoroughly but very had to breach of farewell sermon because and had taken that fruit and then handed it to Adam and Sam was spreading and there and Genesis chapter three we find that they separated themselves the Lord they hidden from them there was a a separation that right arm that had reached out and was separate cause the separation then led to the actual separation where they were hiding in God had to come after them but he had to put some limits in place verse twenty two the Lord God said behold man has become like one of us to know good and evil and now lest he put out his is is one is is an is right-handed perhaps we know was the one they used to send it to put out his hand and and take also of the tree of life and eat and live one therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden of Eden but suffering to till the ground from which he was taken he drove out the man were drawled out that wardrobe is that word for divorce in the Bible I hate Tomas rolled out a separation hungry you ever known someone that is experienced of the I can't think of something words is worse than death it's worth to roll out the man and he placed cherubim at the east of the garden in the evening of these cherubim were to go our with a flaming sword which turned every way the waves of the tree of life one angel one angel and might empower the take out a lot of people and in those chair of the beam is poor was a flaming sword while little nephew collects swords and knives of these things terrify me I don't know I have something my mind and maybe malfunctioned but when I see a stark testament I always began to think what that could do for me you ever have this problem and I went into his room and I see this they are all needed and I think mechanically cut my finger on anything about this the severing of that I could happen once I was over Scotland I'm not on my honeymoon and is really good at once renowned writer you're always over there and I was again the lives of our permanent but it was right off the street they would also suggest only Royal mile at the school and I was in this place and it had all of these sorts of all of these different things there and they were all on the wall and I discovered what if they follow you know so there was this sort of data was charting every way to guard away the tree of life doesn't that sound terrible tree of life you can get to that's where we live folks that's where we live in all it's interesting to me at a medical conference I not been to too many I may not be invited back after one of about the same but I listen to doctors talk to each other and dentist and they tell me that the Lord is blessing their practice in all that means to me there are all kinds of sick people coming to them what causes sickness sin I think we should be careful about how we talk about that the only reason we should say the Lord is blessing our practice is not because of the finances the company but because of the salvation that goes out when we say the Lord is blessing my practice it should never mean numerically financially it should always mean numerically salvation one because what is the reason you have a local practice because their sin and invite me back again to stop now this is what a terrible thing a farewell sermon on Virginia series of farewell sermon that my church I've been there thirteen years and I'm leaving next week will be my last week there is very hard to relate that turns and the materials that I have over that is nothing compared to the cheers of price when he had to breach this farewell there nothing but I can get a little glimpse when I see a mother I remember working in emergency part one day shoot a gun of the room and her two -year-old and hold the dresser over on himself and I from the injuries and the mother cry and cry and I cry and we'll try because of the separation you know do you cry in your practice by you so detest that you don't cry anymore or do you still cry my mother was used by God my wife and the reason was because she was moving the arm of faith through prayer and when I called her ready to commit suicide she was praying for me and she was crying do you cry in your practice is that while I did that I have no energy left over that means you are not connected to God like you should be my mother worked in a nursing home still a you know as he does should call me off and shall say Donny Mrs. Jones died today Philip was Mrs. Joan she was in a nursing home for the last seven years shall tell me about an issue of this cry and she cry and she cries and secret and she is a very happy person she's a happy person while my mother was happy but those tears are healing I believe I believe God tried it this time this was his farewell sermon but I have good news brothers and sisters is another way to look at this farewell sermon we can turn it upside down now want to deal with me I believe that God wants is a saying in this passage is divine plan of reconnection gullet me back again to the masses now let's look at it again Bible says in verse twenty four buddy drove out the man and he placed cherubim at the east of the garden Levine and a flaming sword which turned every way to guard the I realize why my man said rates Ms. Pan is another way to look at Vista I want to tell you that it has everything to do with the reason I think resurrected not neglect right arm of the gospel because my Bible tells me that best name picture of Angels coming from the East will be repeated again and based sarabande that like lightning from the east of the last will when Jesus comes again on both thankful for the Jesus is coming from the East with all of the Zanesville is good news Sarah Graham coming from the use far as the Jesus from the last so I stands when we can fax their title land for the rise and we come back into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ are you thankful for the ministry I is vital for the three Angels messages listen to this the minds of problem here if the invaluable we need to understand better than we do the mission of Angels it would be well to remember that every true child of God has a co-op the cooperation of heavenly things and visible armies of light and power attend the meek and lowly ones who believe and claim the promises of God and that her doctor appears say I memorized all the Scripture and the Lord helps make brings at the mine when I'm with my patients that brings the Angels when you memorize Scripture when you quality innovations that brings angels they don't even have to know the test you to say that that's an angel comes from we invisible armies this is a draft of warfare as the business this is bringing salvation into the practice notice what is that cherubim continuing acts of the apostles page one fifty four cherubim and sell them as angels that excel in strength stand at times Ryan continues and allusions and has the right and is resurrected those angels they make your ministry perfect cherubim and seraphim that excel in strength stand in God 's right-hand all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation all my friends isn't this a wonderful picture that where sin abounded grace so much more will about excited so share of their from the Jesus of the garden again that was at first the bad picture but now we see it can be a good picture notice not the next one phrase and a flaming sword which turned every wife I mean look I'm afraid of swords with his addicts different picture Hebrews chapter four and verse twelve dollars that the word of God is like I do I just saw that provides every which way it is like the surgeons knife the divine concerns of the gums and does the surgery detox and loans not so that he can kill but Leslie and binds up and radio hallelujah I'm thankful for surgeons here today that understand what the mighty surgeon really wants to do notice another statement this from testimonies volume six page three twenty seven by the way that whole chapter testimonies one six based three twenty seven is aggressive warfare this drive it is constant nonstop activity of the right arm and it will happen before Jesus comes again I'll read that the when the third Angels message is received in its fullness health reform will be given the place of the councils of the Congress and the work of the church in the hall and at the table and all household arrangements let's turn it around it starts in your house to go to your table it pervades your home and then goes to your church and then goes to the conference and then goes to the general conference and it goes around a while notice what it says though then went when this happens then the right arm will serve and protect the body does a church need protection today where is it looking is looking to you as a medical professional says look we need the right arm to serve and protect the owner of June twenty eighteen ninety nine as the right arm is connected with the body so the health reform and medical missionary work is connected with the third Angels message and is still worth it presently has the right arm for the defense of the body to move back so I comes out they are staring to the forces of evil and suppressive warfare they said how can we buy with the Seventh-day Adventists will get their help message now God is blessing the organ of the Angels are there we got it about a little hole again and again was noticed last night listen to the message our girls almost sorry for husband why am I still really convicted the same stories but the Holy Spirit care and listen it is one that is why was no united testimonies volume six I got hold of the volume for this one page two eighty eight again and again I have been instructed that the medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the third Angels message that the arm and the handprints of the body under the direction divine headship they are going have brother there to work unitedly in preparing the way for the coming of Christ was supposed to happen the right arm and hand work together the church the medical arm spirit strong work together wasn't it beautiful to see doctors and ministers in teams was inevitable that as what's happening coming together was that wonderful have to of our general conference vice presidents here these are hallelujahs and that there were united in preparing the way for the coming of Christ the right arm of the body of truth is to be the consummate leader constantly had to constantly at work and God will strengthen it less than resolving about this one day we can build his program but twenty four seven that sounds to me like constantly alleluia but it is constantly in another way this probably even more affected than television ministry that is in each one of your practices and all of the medical practices at all the lives of people around the globe when one goes to sleep another stays up and as good as it goes is likely from the east of the West until the row world and it is a incarnational one-on-one ministry you can have all the television ministry one when it all comes down to one on one ministry when people say three ABN when they say whatever the advantage of that there watching they are drawing people it's out of my turns instead where that problem again area map you better be running right constantly Ellis goes know that the organ like the right the body is because play actively at work that God will strengthen it but it is not to be made the body at the same time the body does not say the arm I have known in need of a lobotomy as name of the arm in order to do a aggressive wire both at their appointed work and each will suffer great loss if work independently of the other only tell you that the administration does not need a health channel that does not have spiritual content and every program needs to let people know that this is different the defining difference of the Adventist church is the Holy Spirit and as healthcare Ellen White was found two pictures and early writing spaces in the fifties and these two pictures fifty privately look it up there were two house where there were these two pictures show pictures here and is and is is is such an important point being for the throw writings page fifty five I saw the advent people the church in the world I thought to companies one bow down before the throne deeply interested what he understood and interested and careless uninterested in what indifferent not drying up hearing about patients not really caring I Bob Bob arising throw in a flaming chariot going to the holy of holy grounds about Jesus rose from the most of those were bound out rose with him I cannot say one way of life pass from Jesus to the careless multitude that don't get the flaming sword the catalyst don't get that and they were left in darkness those who arose when Jesus did get their eyes fixed on him as he left the throne love the little way then he raised as right arm is an leader 's lovely voice say why they're going to my father the receiver to get your garments spotless and little while I'll return from the wedding and received into my style so there's these two groups those that followed and by faith into the holiest holies notice how talks about a cloudy cherrywood meals flaming fire surrounded by angels came to where Jesus was a stepped into the chariot and was born to the holy is whether father sat at the right alleged their ideologies is a great high priest standing before the father on the humans was now in the public those rows with Jesus would send the airplane began in the holiest and pray my father MSI 's narrow identities is liberated upon them always bad signs of the twenty oh two we need always or practices is that only sanctuary doctrine for you when you know where Jesus says doing and doing anything to grasp that they get in the difference between medical work done by the world and medical work done by the sum of their heavenly sanctuary the most holy nose was says those it was that Jesus would send there up there on their face they when we always righteousness by what they would send their faith was made whether the faith of Jesus are doing it back I sent it to him in the hallways and by my father Jim is my spirit spirit is love joy peace long-suffering faithfulness so he gives them obedience and result my father was vice president Jesus would breathe on the Holy Spirit and in that breath notice is the price that was why I power and much was love joy whenever the deodorant I turned to look at the company were still valid before the throne they did not know that Jesus had left it there I can only play sounds good there in the church I got a spiritual life they're there but they haven't followed Jesus into the most holy place what is the only church that followed in their alone what is the charge that clients will follow him there are others like appointment with a right cross but time is important what happens to that group I turned to look at the company were bound for the phone they did not know Jesus selected Satan appeared to be by the throne trying to carry on the work of God I saw them looked up to the throne and pray at the same prayer that the others at father genocide spirit say he then would breathe upon them and unholy influence and in it there was light and less power this is life and power in the medical practice around you you see those in the secular world and they have life and they have power but the defining difference between these two groups is this notice was as next they had light and nice power but no sweet love joy what's the difference with your medical practice in the one down the street it is to be what a medical practice a dental practice that is for informed by the Christ of the heavenly sanctuary the Holy Spirit comes in and you have lots you let me keep my commandments you have to know the right hands join pleasures for evermore that's probably where the art is and is rightly said they would let my lot nothing shall offend them he stated what spirit do you have in your practice was thirty one when you alright I was fully connected your office will be available while joy peace I only want that little football then you see how exciting this text is a disaster here they drove out man he placed cherubim of the ECB and a flaming sword first it was terrifying but now it is gripping we want that flaming sword company want the flaming sword that turns every which way all was not going to romance away it is the one chairman of these garden to be a stunning lighting from these the west of the flaming sword this is God 's word turning over this way to go back up Evelyn visited gyms I pulled out for you and trust PowerPoint today appointment in a solid film incidents not by might nor our point so there is the face of the body of Drew it's constant it's aggressive vandalism house will he placed cherubim at the east of the gardening and a flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way guard themselves of the original a car but that word is translated into the two went Adam is taking care of the garden visa were some are and it means literally to take this as a new fly rod it is not gone as a dictate what is the case when the basin comes and I'm another terrible briars and it's all over their body and you know that all of that loneliness and the system and is going to cut off the railing and into the fasciotomy is a you give them greater again but you have to first of all one of the ABC they are like a new intimate that because you wanted to the way of life when you count the bags of water that are put in because that water will have to be taken out and you're doing everything you're watching the Isa knows you're watching everything for the patient because they're in intensive care and you want to keep the way to the tree of life Altman is a hell of millions of that what you do in your practice what you do in your ministry is what you what you do is you are able to keep the possibility open you give them all that they may be able to live a few more days and you hope that as they live those few more days though give glory to the God of heaven and they will live eternally you are not saving her life forever can you can use you to give them a little more time so they can have a lot more time that my function that your function is not right the garden malarial suitability ruminant weathers on board the sick that way I am why the drama and the life no one comes to the father except by me though I think are the whitest of white people live diseases and noticed this text when I found that I was so happy to all maybe even bring your Bible and go up and look with me Psalm eighty on the person next to you I know you got my PowerPoint and Bill on this is powerful notice what it says Richard I beseech the first fourteen oh Lord O God avows look down from heaven and saying visitors find them then and with your right hand has plan to this in the branch that you made strong for your cell was the brands can be France's as well it is burned with fire it is down there as the weathering the Terrace at the rebuke of thy countenance let your hand be upon the man of your upon the son of man you made strong for yourself the was the right-hand man is a hero is Jesus is the Son of Man is the sun of righteousness and it will come with ailing it is way me is the way he has the right arm of the gospel infusing your administration and notice what happens then we will first eighteen then we will not turn back from you revive us and we will call oh I known I restore us O Lord God of hosts surveys side and we sat in his Bible text areas leaving them right back to where grades you are God and father Jesus Christ may his face identify new cherubim where he's been beating reminded us that Jesus is coming again that's so reminds us of the healing of the medical verse missionary work in the sticky that means to provide hope capable way point of the Jesus I'm the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except by me what's the last bread I have something very delightful shareware what is the defeat the way to what level this is dialogical not my logical what to keep and what the way to the what your live event lasted from their to keep the way to the what is there not beautiful yesterday so three months ago and somehow with themselves only for we got on the conversation about what heaven would be like and we were imagining all kinds of different things someone had recently read brother for he was at the one that turned down the preventative William Foy hastened five two five is one of two and there was his picture that he had with Alan that same personality picture because this picture of those in heaven with the stars the ministers surrounded by all those that they had one and you want to be in heaven with all of your office staff would you like to see all your patience Roger everyone says is perfectly happy with the size of the crown their group we are happy to hear there however this can be happy to be there position the show were two or three are gathered at this parasite to keep the way to improve what was what was the purpose of this farewell message it was not a farewell messages see you later but it was a message that could truly help them to live fair wow do you want people to fare well in your practice right here we can have eternal life here and wait it is a point of man once to die then the judgment there is going to be that for most people right and so when I can have this fall reconnects and Dell have been but we can have a little bit of a lot of them here we can get a hold of the total reconnection and noticed what happens notice those that get to be on the frontlines not just of helping humanity by raising I was due to diseases your devotion where he has a Natalie sanctified out of town for that is where he has anomaly languages is two different things as the practices that have light and power and of those practices have white power love joy and you want to have the love joy and a satellite of all right and we went our data says that's what he says that Captain James is your devotion where he has a Natalie cyclic think of the Holy Spirit as his representative wherever his people bound to worship him it becomes us to know Jesus by experimental knowledge is a personal savior we should be gathering up every array of divine light from that powerful right arm and sword right not looking to old Jerusalem where Jesus was once but the new Jerusalem where he is now less than those which he says if you're doing that what you're really doing what I be gathering from the tree of life that God has planted leads that will be for the healing of the nation what does this mean we may not be able leave the fruit but if were connected to Jesus if we had his sword in our practice is the way the truth of the life is there we see our purposes keep the way he allows us to reach our hand back in to the gun of any and lose from the time I know what is saying that the man that this does not interest you for your pharmacopeia honey things would be a good addition to the formal Morris your practice I just came back advantage from the tree of life and I want to supply it internally for the rest of your not topically and internally not ZIP that VIP that she was seven but in a eleven everlasting divine dopamine drip from the tree of life and internal pacemaker that fires as if it were your own a new heart a new power to strike the door right arm completely reconnected how area and do you see how beautiful that one more thing I probably check the sixteenth all my friends it's a powerful passage here we are always just as it did yesterday I was so nervous that we went to Rollins said outside his neurologist and he went to Rome as well as in price half load I have took away my Ezekiel forty seven seconds by the way Vincent organization that just Ezekiel forty seven it has water flowing outing total and isolated when he didn't mention it is coming from the right and thanks Larry then you say hallelujah to what is the Roman Catholic thing Romans at six and was looking member Romans chapter 's twelfth I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God is everything yourself living sacrifice with their acceptable service while your spiritual worship in a wonderful way about the next besieged were seventeen Romans at the sixteenth something to keep in mind that he didn't want to be naïve she wanted to know good and evil keep in mind that she wanted to to all these things even modestly we describe as we read these verses Romans chapter sixteen and looking there adverse will start verse sixteen start with just great now with the greet one another with a holy kiss churches of Christ for you was that with a holy kiss Jesus betrayed the Lord with an unholy kiss God wants people coming in June as rather for the executive who man like a set of collective effort biological Judas betrayed Jesus for what an unholy just but Jesus on the cross justice and mercy just the church of Christ need to be displaying the passionate love for God consummated in that kiss that's gone now I urge you brethren know those who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the document you were to avoid them were talking about the severing of the right arm is a divisive my friends that's never been done was to bring it back together again I know this is talking about more than that but does have a plan homiletical you are now notice was ever sixteen I urge you know verse seventy now I urge you which is the same words I beseech you I no no those who cause divisions and offenses pursued were thinking for those reviews that do not serve notice to carefully do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ but their own what advice smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple what was it that led east of that fall he said this will be pleasing to your taste it will be all these different things in your building at high higher than your first drug pusher from the false final Copia they several Valley to live in a time where people are serving ovale physically and spiritually assert their own belly and by smooth words of flattery speeds to see the supervisor the simple oversight for your old beer has become known to all therefore I am glad on your behalf but I want you to be wise in what is good and singletons are evil that's a reversal of what happened to notice what is says Bruce twenty and the God of what is what abilities by following Jesus where into the most holy place our practice of light power love joy and the the God of peace with God of the most holy place of the God of creation well across segments either you're a smart way is a hallelujah to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ being with new advances medical evangelism network on this in a powerful guys fairly well serving in my farewell devotional you can be good news we can be bad news or to be good news depending on what you do with Jesus depending on what you do with the conviction of the spirit that has come to you this weekend right and you wanted to be good my grandfather was a limping when he was eighty six years old and I was proud and arrogant unintelligent people usually don't like that and he moved in with me and he showed me the love peace and joy of Christ for his last three years he treated me like the wife that had died every day he would fix an e-mail every day he would ask me what had gone on at work at the emergency room that day every day he would ask me what I've learned in the seminary and every time I learn something I shouldn't learn or they were teaching me things he didn't think the right he would say about whether not trying to indict the seminary unit has an ear let him hear and every time he thought something was up well he would say to me volume five read a sentence he was developing organic brain syndrome a bit but he could remember all of those things I believe the Holy Spirit was doing it for me through him he was the right arm and he was used by God one day in my arrogance in the backyard there was a tree that was right there little treat like this nice flowering tree I'll have to mull around the thing each time I dictated the entry I didn't see the flowers on on and see the reason that should be there so I took my little hatchet and I laid waste tool with my powerful unconverted right arm grandfather got up in his bathroom he walked out because I will post a grandfather I cut the tree down I was sick of mowing around so you come my true home and began to cry but this is the organic syndrome and I cruelly said this it doesn't matter a little meaning goes that was so on never said stuff like that usually anyone back into his bedroom and I could hear them sobbing also calloused at that time the generally segment I came back from work the next morning at work nice and I know oh three nine now was no longer in the trash Monroe personal injuries I went to bed I got up later when outback and the tree was standing up again and had all of this pitch stuff around in a couple wires on the tree was back there lesson of this guy is really going movie he thinks is going to resurrect the trade interface is going to reconnect the battery I sent some grandfather silly and generally he said I am praying for the tree was in his room praying for the three I said grandfather now those wires they are making a finale as well as I could before looked at me with his steely eyes he said do not touch the love trying this was righteous holy indignation and I saw strength there that alerted me the fact that perhaps the new karate so I did not touch the tree I went out the next day and the knees were weathering the next day they were some of them falling off this is amazing the grandfather said don't worry about it you know what happened in entry however our site was that I started to see a little green and coming with the leaves are used to be grandfather had done these graphs and stuff you want tree in Walla Walla had different from sentences will be free why anyone would take care these plans I don't think what he did physically is what he'll treat I think God wanted me to see that he was with grandfather and he was not with me and I believe God healed the three grandfather came in the next day goes I stray him to sit at trial that trees the day the never time I go back to that place I look for the tree look at the place where was healed and I looked at that and I realize and looking that that was where parsley items when we get to heaven the only reminder we'll have this earth is the nail prints anything and as he holds them out will remember that tree believe that he hung upon the master physician who we cut down the master physician that will set and never rise again I want to be there you won't be there always be in a place where not only can the writer be revisited not only in the right be resurrected but the right arm will be eternally reconnected so we pray together bothered heaven today I'd is thank you Lord I thank you for doing a miracle in my life for the good of his people in spite of me you have spoken to a thank you for that I pray you but I give you all the glory all the honor all of our old Lord give us that experience that you described there that we can reach an big leagues from the tree of life and we thank you filled with love fill us with joy fill us with peace amen and on


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