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Parables in Marriage: Children

Rob Norris



  • September 16, 2012
    7:00 AM
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Lord Miceli five as we wind down or we just pray that we might be winding up a relationship with you Florida I don't have the words which you do and when you made the promise that this new Holy Spirit would would convey her words to your throne in ways that we don't know how to utter that it only seems logical that goes the other way that you would convey words from the throne thoughts that we don't know how to present but that she turned that into our own broken language and be able to convey it to others so I just ask for your spirit to do this work that we might have a happy time together in Jesus name and so to start off before really can get in today's thing mentioned yesterday the question came up from a single young person 's point of view why can't I be involved romantically intimacy wise as a single person I like that part of life I can't say what can I get involved in images something yesterday about the hormone oxytocin I said talk about it today and so let them get in order to gives you it is alumina science been doing a lot of the reading and a little bit of observation and just talking to people if in the churches go start reading about it I think the science will is there and will be there I think it in more of a clear picture as the research comes in but so this is just some of my my idea but but look around I think it's out there if you take in the college biology you might have run across similar in that course of study is of a hormonal system and if you've heard about the hormone oxytocin where do we hear most often coming into play in our physiology or biology anybody reproduction I think the only place for adware I really hear quite often especially when I was in school was in the later stages of a birth oxytocin is released into the system and that's what initiates those those uterine contractions to to initiate the process of birth the child and so think about this whatever is released into the mother 's bloodstream also goes where the child's bloodstream and is this a growing number of studies that indicates the that oxytocin is also responsible for bonding okay so think about this what have since we have this window of time in on and I can't remember exactly what it's like the first couple of hours after birth that child's mind is open right the camera shutter it opens and what happens when the child is held by the mother or the father and the child is looking into the face what is it doing is the word we use on the imprinting if the child is born and it's waste away and put in the nursery for the first two hours to three hours and get member went in the baby does not see a human being up close for the first few hours of life the child will have bonding issues for the rest of its life he needs it's a window of time that opens up and never comes back to think about this it's that oxytocin that gets in the into the brain of the child and in the memory photographic cleanup our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made on faith and whatever it is it's in their oxytocin is the key that fixes that photographic plate and opens the shutter and it just lucks okay when that's what causes the bonding and the babies got it now here's another neat thing is as the child nurse says the action of nursing stimulates the production of oxytocin in the mother okay and because the hormone is in the mother 's bloodstream those throughout her body is expressed in the milk as well right apace in the child is right here mom is looking at child babies looking at mommy what is this what is the child getting another dose of oxytocin guess what's happening right there on the mother to nurse this is being created that's powerful down jump to the question at hand why can I be involved in intimacy is a single person think about this physical stimulation in causes the production of oxytocin I am so the first time that you come really close to a person in intimacy especially that first time because of that first time is when the hormones that come around like a truckload right as you are like me is you are wide awake here's your system is like all systems go in when you're this close to a person and you give yourself to somebody that oxytocin is just like dumped into your system and guess what happened it's the second time in life that can does this photographic plates in your memory are opened up and whoever is writing their kids Brandon are bonded into your memory and it just gets seared into this is my main and it's not only studies show responsible for paragraph our bonding with mother and child but it's also associated with pair bonding with me on as well so you get this person right here something happens in your brain is turned on by this oxytocin and you bond with you create a snapshot at this person 's face I'm okay now stop you go away that was exciting that was nice while but eventually because you got things out of order and besides if you're a Christian and just know God comes right out since November that could maybe have a reason so something winds up happening you move away the other person Mary and I were not compatible so then some time goes by and you meet somebody else okay now you've got that photograph in your mind right now you meet somebody else and you develop a close relationship with them and you start getting closer and closer closer and then you become intimate with them now you double expose the photographic plate get what I'm saying okay and then maybe a third or fourth person superimposed picture after picture as you go look for your brain is telling you your mate is what picture are you seeing an overlap and positive picture of what nobody exists out there that matches that picture so you can have issues with bonding the rest of your life and amazing causes one person one person some down to have this to a PowerPoint presentation I need to find a program that will can take pictures and overlap like that so I think it would be a great visual in a tentative deal to do that but that think that if you do it right at one person you say your vows you go on your honeymoon the person is right there you take that photo and sometime later you take another photo and it's exactly the same the vet later he taken a photo it's exactly the same and later stating the same what happens when you don't advance the slides and you take the same picture over and over and over and over again the images from deeper and deeper and deeper bonding distance deeper deeper and more Mark asked and that into the fabric of who you are you become one I but mistakes happen I and I know this is some kind of being loose and maybe a limit here but drawing on the data concept of photography you got a picture what happens when you expose that picture maybe set it in the your car yeah there over time what happens to phase out exposing that picture to Sun Life is what they do now you can't rush the process down if somebody's picture was mistakenly imprinted on that psyche of yours time and sunlight the race that so there's redemption right shakes hands he knew what he was talking about the most so far today is that a good enough reason to wait and it would be so today if you got your Bibles for references and will go through this baby fairly quickly and it's due this now will just do it like this somebody in the first row lookup Genesis sixteen to so many in the second row lookup Genesis twenty five twenty one Simeon the third row if you've got a Bible Lookup Genesis thirty first one and maybe somebody in the fourth row lookup first annual one eleven K now somebody's got and maybe it would be good to have Mike Simeon the first row when she gets them I agree Genesis sixteen to as you is is is you will see there and a in error you are a will is okay as some in the second row read Genesis twenty five twenty one and is is that some in the third row the Genesis thirty first one in the last reference for Samuel one eleven is will she go will loose you will is is is is is over all and will care question is what do all these references have in common and they were all barren heart pain and I scratch my head as I read those references in on the big picture having a child is not that hard of a thing and theoretically it's not uneven complicated or miserable and is so far we've been connecting the spiritual women with the physical to make the things that may be hard to grasp a little more tangible touchable and real to us in a similar want to come in continue on with that that same thing what can we do with this we've gone through this scenario of of the wedding looking at the connection of how the wedding service can just give us a closer understanding your panoramas up a little bit of of Christ's second coming we talked about the wedding garment being an issue of character the weather the wedding veil a new issue of deeper intimacy with God yesterday we talked about behind and making parallels to the Sabbath into eternity with Christ there's a presentation I'm not doing that it has to do with after the honeymoon the couple comes home how do they live together what are their roles that they are to live out in the home that represents Christ and his bride there's a lot of issue antagonism in our society today about roles were trying to upset the apple cart software but they're there for a reason to portray a picture there so anyway but then the logical next step is to be two people one house eventually something to show up here right once again be children if it's a happy United relationship that children should show up so then what does and that is so this morning to talk about where babies come from spiritually isn't it a masterpiece of wisdom connecting the deepest and most meaningful relationship that we have inception revealed what I thought about outside of God himself let's take than the one relationship that does this bonding thing and in the midst of that intensity that splits produces another little human being to go on so really this whole thing is currently about evangelist if you turn to Romans ten Romans ten thirteen the fifteen says for whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved how then shall they call upon him whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and break and bring good tidings of great joy seasoning largest foot to another text there and bring glad tidings of good things in God 's order of things it takes people to make children for him foretold that he could've commended the work to angels but he didn't because we as human beings have to be involved in bringing children to God after all we are who his bride it should make sense that if we are the bride of Christ we can be the ones that bring children to him sounds real in the so what is our role how do we make that happen in on over the last two years as a bit around working in the church and with other ministries our own find it there's a lot written about church growth there are many many books many many programs developed to address the issue of church growth and wonders their connection are we missing something in the physical children are not hard to produce so why is it so hard spiritually I struggled Underwood got figured out physically from a very young age right but why is it so hard spiritual yeah I think we are missing something in the spirit of prophecy is so many different places the statement is made with the love of Christ as the pervading motivational actions hearts will not be able to resist the pull of the spirit people could not stay away from Christ Eastwood he would sneak away and everybody would start you know just going into this crazy vertigo what direction to go Pusan last hero and he would just and he would try to sneak away and it's like they forget what he went that way and so there would be this mass like a lemming migration even around a little ocean policy and it would be the just clocked why was was it just because he had charisma no because in his sole and in this spirit was easy belonging to heal he was interested in their well-being as an work told the same thing works for us when we show an interest in the people were working not just an interest is in meaning to get safe body and I'm here to help you it's no where are you let me help you you do need something are you struggling with something that's that's what I'm here for that's what our friendship is for him why is this person then number one anything is read a text yesterday in Revelation letter to the church is about losing the first law one with lost her first love now you look around you you see churches here churches there there die why is that there's no children in the church physically and spiritually warming only reason that happens in the family is when something 's wrong this followed the parallel yes sometimes there are things wrong biological and I think the Lord did this in his word with the stories that we read this morning because he had to get the attention of the people before he let them have children but if if the bride goes home with the groom and he and she doesn't let him touch her other grandchildren now answer the charges elected the churches are dying because we're not will letting Christ inhabit the depths of our soul we are not letting Christ have us and come into us and because what you guys and he is allowed into the inner sanctuary behind the veil of our hearts and we can heal we've got it's like something you can't I a goddess chat like who tried to start it I him radiates out he needs help because you try to hold it in any adult to get women's anonymity each as it just exudes and people see that there's something you have what is that something was different about you and children just naturally will come to be you will draw people but if you haven't had that intimate experience with the Lord you're not can have his children were bringing the children to him there are other ways to produce children other than that deep meaningful relationship about that moment the best let's go on sadly it has become a popular thing to really study and to use politically correct marketing strategies instead of the deep intimate personal relationship with Christ ourselves we go from a message since we lost the message we go to method and because we're not letting him inhabit us to bear him children would go to strategy instead we took up a plan and I'm not saying that there shouldn't be system in order and purpose and plan in what we do in evangelism but what I'm saying is sometimes we get the car in front of the horse and and we lose our motivation and just exhausted a strategy instead and so now you want to invite people but some of the messages and can become a controversy all right and so we want him I don't let family and friends but all in all similar and that in this evangelist Micah talk about the market please send the dead and the Sabbath and ask strange because that's the last Saturday in as we can walk this dicey line between what we want to bring people in but we also want to be very safe and careful we don't offend anybody so we water down the message to high fructose Christian love and then wonder why we get eighty Christians that even drum set up front to get their attention in San the Darvocet is the problem to symptom something 's missing so going back to the idea that God gave us family and marriage in every aspect of that relationship were to make that connection our relationship with Christ Christ and his bride the same story as husband and wife things that go on there and how it works in the mechanics as we develop a relationship with him the natural consequence of a deepening relationship in our closet on earnings is true children spiritual children as we meditate as assimilate his word we become changed you don't have us I was really impressed the last two days Janet 's message two days ago she used as an analogy and intellect is glaring at me that she's doing the laundry and what is husband say those you love me yes I love you that's why marriage of them the way I'm busy doing you know you think any to spot your she's busy busy and guess what and I'm thinking in my head two nights ago she's got that problem spiritually to and what was the story she told us last Sunday it was the spiritual issue that was going on and at the exact same time they always match if you are having struggles connecting with God guess what I know you're having struggles at home to always as the physical goes so goes the spiritual significant and it is you think about that about the stories you see the connection she was telling the same thing I'm too busy and too busy doing their work to stop and spend time how many in my fit in here to how many of us at some point in our life were confronted with the idea of having Bible studies with somebody and just instantly became nervous and scared I don't know what I known a fight I'm too nervous on Infosphere and decide to do that for lack of knowledge I just know and I know enough to deal with give somebody a Bible study how many have been embarrassed because it is for whatever reason but let me ask you this how many of you have been embarrassed to talk to a child in the company have embarrassed to take a child your child are innocently else's Taliban and walking into the living room and sit down and have family worship to God gave us children as our training ground learned to talk to the child and it's it's no problem right it's easy that you learn to do the same thing with your neighbor we do have all different personality and character types and sometimes we do get hung up but as we develop the relationship with the Lord that goes away learn on the child if it's just too much all at once ticket to go public go to the children's department go to your children tell your grandchildren and learn to present the gospel to and that's your training he gave us children as a model of what order do the rest of our life because we never lose the capacity to have children spiritually for Christ can come back to the question so why is the church dying number one Windows stop their business and submit an surrender to him in a deeper relationship number two gets fearful self protective and self-centered and use that as an excuse of why we can't reach out and touch somebody else's life or when we do muster up the courage on our own and we do it in our own strength we usually go one of two ways we start commanding with doctrine and a little bit overbearing with people are a lot overbearing or go the other way and just one I love them into the kingdom and his justice no peace and far groovy around in the sixties and and we just wanted you but Jesus told the woman at the well what you must worship God in spirit and in truth I have both of them the spirit without the truth were told in the great controversy that I think it's in the chapter modern revivals that when we present the love of Christ over and over to the exclusion of his law at a spiritualism that have the best and think about it making the child is the easy part right but now that you've made the child how is all this is how you feeling a child from this little thing to eventually a productive member of society and church around you do it the same way that sometimes we get hung up with evangelism how many times how many people do you know that's command the children when Doctor and new highway are the hyena in and we probably all seen this and what happens to the child's character hardens how many of you seen the parents that just want to raise the children and we've been reading this book it says we should discipline our children because I will hurt his self-esteem just one love and reason with this little child and in and what and what happens to them when they grow up the hatred and the monsters needed read about it but the lice children Hockney and Phineas they were doing bad things in the temple of God are the best most well-rounded noble young people produced from children who were given everything that they want it's now you guide you train you born you correct and in the spirit of Christ the same way with roommates spiritually network processes hard sometimes to this was the first time I looked the more you have again they say things before you second Peter one five Davison is a chronology of events there that starts with add to your diligence in other words pay attention and that list is concluded with love so in that spiritual relationship we start by paying attention to who are heavenly has been and it concludes in love how the relationship develops we see somebody that catches RI we start paying attention with them and if we keep on that progression eventually events a loving relationship do we just need a better marketing strategy now there are other ways said earlier to produce children sadly even of violent abuse not taking no for an answer will produce children as well and I think Jesus addressed this issue when talking to the scribes and Pharisees he says you traveled the world over to make one proselyte and what you make him twofold the child of hell as yourself the strong language is an Internet as a way to look anew and I'm telling you how were those people producing children was by force it was by regulation and tradition and rules that were piled one upon another on the pure and simple gospel that you are in simple principle of just go home and locked the door the rest is easy but they just added method aftermath after all this staff on a strategy in Ezekiel twenty three we read that the story of two sisters all about that couldn't sit still and they went to the Egyptians they went to the Assyrians they went to the Babylonians for love and they became insatiable and the reason God told Ezekiel to give us this parable was why access with the nation of Israel was doing they were going everywhere but God for that love connection you think the church today is any different think we're in now this tendency is still there because you don't have to surrender anywhere else but to Christ you soon takes vulnerability fix exposure takes opening ourselves up to him and that's crosswise to our sinful nature is in the woodland do what we wanted to we want our cake and eat it too we won the only one of the last and so submission my present in a day it is sometimes in the Christian world today's submission looks like I will submit to let him bless and it's like that and when you've got it all wrong that's not what submission is how do we grow our churches we make up for that lack of and letting the spirit come into our hearts and growing the church said we start looking at other pastors sure is green over there how are they doing and so we send little handful of our people over to that church to see you on Wednesday July how you collecting so many people how are you growing so fast think about this in the Bible it addresses the issue of homosexuality it's called an abomination and confusion ask yourself why other than it's just a perversion of what God created again their symbolism here when the bride of Christ followers the church is represented by a woman if God 's church the newswoman goes to a another church for its growth what do we call that spiritual are physically spiritual lesbians when the church goes to another church for its methods appropriation et seq. this domination to the Lord as confusion what are we doing as God 's remnant people with the message of the sanctuary and revelation fourteen going to these other churches and buying their program does that work is something wrong substitute method because we've lost message is with lots that first love would want to be married so we worked we work and we were in large policies says do you love me yes I love you know joy don't bother me sitting alone larger always asking me that question to Steve Neal the revelation were reluctant Revelation twelve and revelations seventeen this to women there the woman of Revelation twelve and the revelation of season in the woman of Revelation seventeen these represent churches don't nasty this which one of those women surrendered to hurricane or months pregnant right and the other ones hormone using the pride of Revelation twelve went to some variety if I can of Revelation seventeen to get that time now now that one of them is a picture is a pure woman crowned the diadem of glory was about ready to give birth to working the other one is is just like like a harlot she's angry she's warlike she's drunk and you go down the last follow this look at these two women that don't have the references here consists of scanner hit me but it's been another study that I don't intimidate him member with the other references I think Peter is that there is a description about godly women not having braided hair or what learned what are the references plating of hair braided hair gold pearls costly array and in these two references like us anything once and Timothy Monzon Peter but it's outlining the character and the appearance of a godly woman no gold pearls no elaborate and fashioning the hair the hair do and not expensive clothes yes I find this to references and then go and compare the women of revelation twelve and seventeen how do they compare the woman of Revelation seventeen is the antithesis of these two references of what not to get in there in Revelation seventeen and says she's wearing gold and purple at was a costly array of those days right Vigo down the list and she is later checked off almost on every one of those characteristics of what God said do not do gold pearls costly array and ask yourself what do you see in our church today if you were to draw the comparison how do you see it today in the churches are women today which one do they match closest to an insane we've got a work to do in our hearts the day of atonement is now and are working on the day of atonement was to do take on the stuff on valve before asking Revelation twelve or seventeen which one do you want to be to be you want to be the one that's bearing children for hurricane to be the bride of Christ the whole point of OIC was to inspire people the number one time is short stop praying get on your knees go to your closet lock the door and have a deep personal intimate relationship with your mate and number two there are a million ways to work for the Lord find your way there are children out there that are lost and waiting to be brought home to Christ see our children don't come from within spiritually there out there have been born and reborn anything about the concept of rebirth the questions of our young people yesterday were asking about intimacy and usually always when you get young people together the question will always come up in a question and answer what if I've done this and I've done that and when I go from here think about what Jesus told Nicodemus must be people was a child ever born without their virginity this child ever born without innocence so what is God telling us today you need to be reborn he never totally erased the scars physically of life you've got that that memory but God tells us in the spirit of prophecy that it's an honor to forget evil memories that only glorify Satan it is our privilege to just for the last expose into the sunlight and eventually what happens you can be reborn cool there's hope contrary to say is opinion that no Joomla! Mars will get some mileage out of it you've blown it once might as well become a prostitute between doesn't tell us that you guys give up any in the face of these accusations we can say now I reclaim what God has given me in the hard journey being exposed to sunlight noise feel that if you know any time is short start praying there are a million ways to work for the Lord their children out there lost and waiting to be brought home to Christ reflect on these parables of marriage and find your place nine oh in any sort of group there are couple serve people some of your learning some of you are how you find your place how you process all this information for those of you who are married go home soon across in the table and look at each other and say and ask yourself have you been portraying this picture in your home from the very surfeit this level issues down to the deepest end I will have you been portraying Christ is brought and set about now to start studying in correcting the picture is every single aspect of your relationship together has a parallel spiritually those of you who are single without the distraction of what's you know that the physical relationship focus on developing this kind of relationship with God and is best you can perfect it so that when the Lord deems you ready you will have something to give to another person that is going on below their mind because you walked with the King and now you're just ready to include their unit saying and it makes me think of any gym when Joseph was second only to farrow and his dad came to Egypt read about the story of what happened when shows that when the Jacob came before Pharaoh who was Farrow to the world at that time he was God like saying that word so both but but that's who he was listening he was raw and nation bowed to them but when when Jacob came in what happened number the story Farrell now to this chapter is this man that was dressed like and why did that happen because Pharaoh recognized here is a man that had a godly bearing he exuded the spirit of Christ because he had walked with God in the new just the more of who he was he carried himself says that Sarah acknowledged that is superior we have that privilege today we can be short-circuiting if you've got the gift of singleness and you want to give yourself to God we see that as your Paul talks about that it's an option some people can do that but mine large God said it is not good for mankind to be alone because human being together you can start grasping concepts that you wouldn't feel the grass as otherwise when the screen was down yesterday what's our theme for this year ready always always ready to want to be a bride of Christ okay so ask yourself want to be always busy are always ready mask of question you man you want your woman to be always busy always ready told man what I heart differently has been turn on like light bulbs lemon town like him as was unjustly the oven on interesting spiritual parallel we say always writing what do we mean should we need turn on the novel doorway I'm just telling it it's a parallel it works both ways home in the heart enter the Lord most holy father whom we talk about these things in your word and it's fascinating it's it's appealing but it's give-and-take time Lord for these pebbles to the reach the depths of our understanding that you intend them to me but don't let them out of our hearts let them to travel around and keep bringing them back to our minds still began at and we surrender this selfish heart to your indwelling that we may produce children for your kingdom is set in Daniel those her to turn many to righteousness will shine this the stars are are are are doing this for his children will is a a this media was brought by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in the www. audio verse .org


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