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Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • September 16, 2012
    9:30 AM
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I wanted to address that has started last night we were told about the guy given a million well because the wedding done and went on to do even after that I wait any longer not conference two years and two years in a row now they've gotten over a million dollars each year God is raising up the prayer team has just taken it on and God is blessed with a good leader to do way better neither I suggest you try to take credit for the noisily as it is about people trying to get a good uniting we could get on to pray for you this is and how he had been hospital in Las Vegas a veterans hospital he built I don't know the total details all I know is the government backed out on him to pay him a dime for this with China leading and holding huge building millions of dollars and so he took him to court and didn't win and my husband told me you know it if you could take out your list it is not subject what I printed out globally this is a blessing in so much for vandalism and in England it isn't just found out a lot around the world and I said it just doesn't seem right I generally keep praying for this and I just had that urge to keep planned for so we did detect anonymous I mean we really pray for what about that event of the market and now that we played once twice we prayed a lot we stood and prayed no things I see where God knows maybe once in a while it happens with one quick prayer for the majority time it's it's a lot of prayer I started putting together from spare prophecy just quality down altogether yet the monthly prayer so much in here as always is the only newspaper I wanted on I don't find about way I see a lot of miracles a lot of things happen but it's come from a lot of pleading prayer but also thinking stepping out in faith and believing God financing so we kept for you and praying about this hospital and it was at least here are so I was in that damages your job and use your wallet and Angelina John and Susan in and I think it's a man calling me and I didn't want to answer this loud rock music blaring lights nobody don't think in a way nothing remains but the answer that it is not normal for the comic ad and said hello he said Jana Gosselin and your prayer thank you that you kept my eyes and watch what he took it back to court again now to go back again this time the job will be the last government in that favor it's the first time accordingly that it's happened in history it is such an amazing thing he said it's going in the law books of history not only did the judge will then add favorite anything even after paying for all of this to you on the court even all the way of these all-out and you know you end up with sixteen found out how much millions out of the whole thing hasn't gone you know when he can ever take credit for answers to prayer because it will let you know in your heart to pray you know he's got answered upon the pages is often join and be a part of it in Job forty two Canada says Joe captivity was turned around when you pray for his friends and I have found it so true to the years my captivity has been through turnaround in one of the way as I spent more time waiting for other is praying for God 's work for people to the ones in the Lord now speaking one time here in Oregon and women's retreat and a little passes like that in our church is doing well in the end we just went out and we can't seem to get anybody and she's only trying to spirit thing she cleaned the church once a week and I saw her nearby areas in another meeting in Idaho and she told me she is vacuuming between the two started and ran over every empty due to Janet Oscar winner with the local United Way for the count me but I will manage Argent Hotel at California now isn't in the church is in the low farmlands this is not clean nothing nearby and they tried an evangelistic meeting in nobody one and one time I was doing that his church ministries training and I was there prayer seminar and this woman who what happened to start praying in church and she has a lot of women they join her on Sunday morning train to it and she drowned her husband and their sit there waiting for it to begin house of fun get ready and I looked at the sky now I would normally do this if I didn't know you but I knew him well I like that I said and did a lot of the here to any ghost now I don't and I handed them up hand and a pad of paper and said take notes because I threw it out I get an AP determinism I am a setting and I'm not about to take notes while I had spent that day a couple of of of church elders and in a pastor she might happen in their churches as a united together in their lineup for the last we are no different they were without a pastor for a while so he knew had out there you don't take over so he started calling the people to prayer notices little to nothing on Sunday morning but let's make prayer meeting time can you imagine making creatinine appearance is not a lie near time they started doing that and in people started bringing friends and I and insurance residents our services are planned time people come down they pray over them and their needs but he also started praying morning anybody know you writing help us to know how to reach them however not Senator he started doing with these people this guy started putting in the people they went for like forty some people that well over a hundred last afternoon abounding in town anymore to help no because we don't know where they all come from a little Jerusalem is not a God they only went again not like I'm preaching to the choir you guys know this by hoping to not doing it you don't start doing one but start praying do you want me believe you do how is it to lock not bad for me when I was originally prepared and eaten these goods and I don't even do that and still I am just that courage would leave me alone finally I decided to do it I had that piece but I only been going to do it once a month too long in three hours that's the other thing about God said every time I need we pray I just have this urge you to do it once we can do it once a week I finally told that low prayer group we have to do once a week early I am and what we can do this three hours once a week and that's fine I have to and I can't encourage you enough if God lays it on your heart is beating in doing the in all shows that just building into what God tells you to do and for the Allah he was not why there was a little over there was pretty much the only one there except once a month the others are coming and antenna became a joke the juvenile got started bring in the people and some big burly guy is scary when everything got so many we had the millionaire will survive what he wants to do and ended notwithstanding it went down for a while and then again figure it went down they kept changing our time on the garlic of my places a big promoter she's got a place filled with people from what I've heard God has his ways what he wants to do but we just need to be obedient to him and how joining you type your walking out when I got up there wanting to find a new name for that I'm not talking about were you going for a overture toils and cast out demons and on and about is going around an area and train over praying for God to convert the people in the apartment the houses printing on the legions of people surprisingly but there's nothing marry in a community and hanging out your members going around that community to play around the city of writing was done it opens your eyes to what really got started zero and where he needs you to join people start saying we need to start helping the homeless there we need to start you know doing that so that it's amazing but my comfortable way of watching Jesus walked down the street and you pray but you never talk to anybody that I can do again I found like in my neighborhood if I want I just price of the people in the home Scott started bringing are we finally were my closest friends are my neighbors and has happened to them coming out and frame for them walking on the streets you have already or have stayed at another church member and your neighbors is not easy my neighbors I like my food all if I like to know what we got wonderful relationships with neighbors from doing it in spite of the fact you know but so I wasn't discharged within twenty four hours of prayer it has been delisted moving starting and asking them to come in there with him and help him and I actually fell asleep on him during the night as we were doing is dolomite thing on nothing but that I tend to try to stay all night it's better to break it up in our here in our there but anyway during the day for the welfare walking for an hour and we divided up and I was with these two young adults on the side of the street for some other people over here and some others and on other places so as were going on the street were just made for the people in these homes that are near the charge that they'll come to the meetings that are starting and pretty soon the people over here come over to us they said he was okay but will when I'm not on the doors and offered to the people are going well I don't know about you scared and that the people in Galaxie you know slammed the door in your face as I want that will ease to enterprising young adults those are the great idea let's do that is ongoing now listen nothing is working to do this are you commit to pray for these people you have to meet once a way to keep writing for the reality that will dig up and felt like one paper I let you go indoors and all is right on the request for you that way I want to tell him I was afraid that someone walking down the street Felicia Nelson let's not go to every home luckily go to the home side okay I said okay maybe it won't impress and noting any home to walking the street and we got the first down and they go we need to go to that one image around the houses got Mars on the Windows environment barring screen door and the ability not on his door or ring the doorbell and resume his young adult woman comes to the door she does not open she doesn't want anyone and they said well where from such and such a charge which is year wondering if maybe you need right we would like to pray for you she goes I can't believe you're seeing she said my husband I work I went with and I work from my four year limit on my end Jason I just told my husband this week when I get back to God the church we need God they lost their home everything so they prayed with her she then unlocks the door comes in and wants to shake he was with us all the house of our store we go on down the street now I'm getting a little braver and start controlling the way it is now so bad or they may decide anyone go to the next house but they wanted to go to the third house was out at an open screen door no bars as a light on its kind inside the little porch is bushes around blindly know when it's time to go up on that point you actually get better we knocked on the door and all of a sudden he has enjoyed the swimming if these figures will make us wonder why I'm telling you I jumped on the court will sit much as I was scared and I center in the young adult is a little guide of where you are a subsistence insurance is one eighty and ninety one by four to go January for me for my whole family my son just died yesterday in the first count down I will now prefer to just die so they prayed with her and she does now that she said no God sent you here I got sensually her right now thinking thinking white charger you unfortunately we had known flyers nothing to show what church we were they pray for she came out one is shut everybody so then we go on down the street the next time that we went to was in a young adult and the guys slowly get about what we were therefore before you even get it now she says no I'm not interested she shuts the door is about as young setting I thought I was okay why looked at my watch at home we got to get back is because people are coming in for the next kind of return were doing and I thought you know the kind of action time to meet Lehman Brothers heading back to them to the church is going down the sidewalk driveway or short real part of the houses and there was a glass door that was open and there was these young adults that there was a music on another this music when it is young adults around them this garage was one young woman in Bend overall she comes out my favorite is what I and I will provide you with working out and in each of your watch you will regret why people were unable to sit in the garage said he will go pray for the family their son just died and we said we didn't pray for him and his young adult guy Joss and access to have how can we place for you in this this key you guys sit in the garage is holding upon an election law illegals there's no hope for me I have Chinese visitors is no hope for me I have read I then when you are gone saying he delivered me out of your arms and alcohol don't do it for you can we pray for you and your I mean now comes in the Mounties is what do I have to put high is only if you want to anything well okay go ahead and fill in normally we had one person praying at the door would also be in us pray because we were so moved by this guy and when we opened our eyes he was crying tears raising his eyes and he doesn't much achieve from when a counselor would you pay me to do what you have going on here we had nothing to show in what we had at our church I'm telling you I felt like I was his wife and me upside the head going but was there that needs to be regional unity against there is a world who can have a slamming door and enter Asian they need us to reach out to them some of them the best way in my neighborhood when I was eleven and in California there it was to offer to pray with people who are finding it should whereat know where we were in a Jewish neighborhood on review nobody taken that the gladiator and safer from even happen the cook but we have animal of people overallotment of the car is the one common denominator that seems to heal people 's hearts help them know you care about them when he does even in a church where where he knows not many chance they started going to the classrooms and praying for God to fill those chairs with children are never forget the woman at least a year they pregnant she comes us beaming tenacious of June tell me what they've done you will now be able to do them all we just loved it it was also in charge the course of the church starting meeting on Thursday night and they started doing that in their church going around trying over the classroom and glossaries in the church with people I don't know what I'm sure you have stories you could share to in Michigan North America there union paper and a little church they found that fourteen members and us five it was there the seminary didn't happen to be one of our pastors with since the seminary he took that on note to be his church to minister to any as an illuminating what we now know what LAD raises her hand and does an idea read this book by handling questions and what happens when women try I'm wondering if maybe we ought not to pray for God to bring us members that's a good idea is trying so they start immediately started playing unwilling to release his community nor got a window they started going in for around the neighborhood to the door to a sidewalk training while the two went to the door and he would go in the door and offer can we pray for you we've got a group that's meeting in our church will meet will probably feature requests if you want us to people started getting requests they would pray for those on penalties after a week or two weeks whatever they go back to the door and not letting anything were here within Friday and is there anything new you want us to write about you know how that people from that community started coming to church and God also led them to other things to do it but between people come in at one eleven ago they went over sixty nine people I can think of we need to spend more time frame I cannot wearily working how he working how can we join you as to what we should do I don't know what happened you've experienced it but I have a guy can be a competitive salary school executive it never guess what happens in Vegas we as a way set ourselves with starting up a afterwards scientists at all like this out of waiting to find out and he just sounds like him optimism is all explained in a medical talk to somebody and please make anyway finally he tells me he said and you know I'm a builder I said yeah I know you build homes as well my wife always has one of these honey to do list and he said I hated he said that when I come home I will ask nothing I just want to relax as you see me and he said that this way Ms. Wade I got this marriage to fix everything I possibly could anything fixed everything I thought it could but then she said Amin he said it I couldn't figure out what else to fix I asked my wife if there is a list somewhere something things you want fixed since sure she goes and opens the door and pulls out this list and handed to so he thinks is everything he collided before the end of the weight is so on Friday was close to sundown he stopped me he took a shower and I sit and relax in this easy chair his wife comes up gives him a big hide and tells them think you thank you for already done this way again he said all along you're welcome as she said handing Alice that I haven't been nagging you for quite a while and I don't know if it was three months or six months and think it was three he thinks I don't eat if I can ask you for the less she said yeah I I put it away and he said what happened and she said I started playing for the Holy Spirit to nag you him now listen to me church members we don't need to nag or criticize or John or tell other church members how they need to look at training address how they need to eat how they need to do anything we need to play God will take care that it got easier division the eyesight of the sermon to see this person got a spiritual problem it means your deposit about it he just wants you to pray about it and that's chilled your name starts growing in the Lord your young adult your teenager they start growing I do not believe that God wants you to come in a start time and everything are not doing my part once you have Friday the Holy Spirit perfectly capable during I learned a few years ago that we needed to do that with each other doesn't always don't always do it but also the time we do it and it works so much better it is prior and let God work with their lives IAM have to tell you more about the story of evangelism offering that first year it went higher well I'm not sure if it was not your the next year but Jerry was pointing around head of candy and not in the injury came just ten days about the start I I come in frame within the group within greeting people I arrived praying when I'm not anything we were transferred onto to compel people .com version .com and he standing agreement with Ukraine women as they arrived in London are especially young adult why did you come to me I think Miami and him knowing to send this urgency to come they'll say they were given me of why they came to me is when the accident happened injurious they are working on this Pakistan that we get any simpler planning is an outliner is unusual because I'm immediately called for the offering again tonight Friday night for vandalism in the sound morning I want to ask for money there will deal with money one card and carry on about this more than I care and I think all no big deal I think the data 's doing I was not serious gerrymandering is clay you cannot come in the morning of the site unfortunately I have a problem with pride and I could not let them know I was getting as Sophie suddenly unstuck identity to spend the night and I cannot believe it or not I am not an upfront person and I'm not one good with no words you know that I hear me talk I'm going to do well I quickly change clothes and went back over to the enemy is approaching to pray before the meeting began and I go little but light hegemony I just found out in the middle of this prayer group going okay information on everything from NASA's enabling break and they are saying they put their hand on him they prayed me out and so I'm going for them I can do now waiting for the meeting is unsolicited one two hundredth on the attack the only thing they can my mind was asked the people to pray how much they should do so identify and mother Annette I thought it was safer than before you say that I dislike you know my mom and dad again hold on one end and I wasn't Jesus come to you is when you try and see what I want to give evangelism offering I think we have a ton of fairness exhausting the pulpit weight giving them time to pray when the discouraged comes over me when you asked me how much you should get and I'm thinking I know there is always given offerings and he keeps all that engine is a large amount is called double its comfortable and I had meetings starting when investing the vocational categories to pull off this book called stewardship and never heard an nice article on the lookout I know got the best summed by Flanagan put it back on the bookcase and I don't want to hear me time and temperature that sacrifice I could marry the surgeon don't think I need to sacrifice the planes on a pastor 's wife it's not easy when you live on one salary I thought about that then again I'm posting again and this is the book and have his or her siblings and I pulled out a startled any thing immediately shot in the back news on what happened but I want to be aware that an silly when you can be modified telling the variety of desserts a privately is okay what do you want us to have an just a huge figure comes across my mind and I'm telling I literally thought I passed out I started shaking and holding the book that isn't going away present you know which is and I close the paradigm and I'm trying to walk off the stage is set in front to do it right and like a lot nicer now I can't I just can't say anything to did jury about an time I got back to the cabin at night he was already in bed I have another pair that we pray a lot there came a semi- time I got back and he was asleep I'm going thank you beautifully and wanted to talk to me about the next morning got has me up early oranges argument can't did you know we can't do this we don't have the money there's no way and we're using lead me to start reading the word but it leaves nature nothings impossible that the thing and look about the woman who when she believes in open things up I can exactly how but I know God was saying you got to do this while generally normally in the past if I have some big idea about getting a bunch of money or something it's okay Janet and I will will will think about it will pray about it that's the end of the conversation is never brought up again nothing happened now and the time Jerry says to me Janet Leigh God show you last night when you have to solve the price and Voyager you want to know now is it corresponding around Germany had tell me what got gently waiting time very you don't want to know and you can make one occasion Dahlia I nearly start laughing or Pat Meehan said okay I told him to if I told you that we can do in an emergency is what Wilson Angela securing the only one performance sure if you can't announce it smart to me as I told you to do what he's handing me that pledge envelope well I had to get over to the prayer group meeting early in the morning before church began and so I'm headed out the door in my little boy who went I'll sleep in the living room area the small cabin I want to go to licenses and egos enough money I can usually hear what's going on you yes mommy how can I not I think that cumulatively delete your life is actively doing this in a community that's enough in to change your life when you think that the government mommy is going to be doing it deliberately difficult so I went over frequently you know to pray together whenever I go to church time did not turn Temple Church of God to me I demonstrated and when agitated in entering into the afternoon I want to know why Marcus needs in July by March God had brought in every penny of that money and in which one you begin to tell you how it happened Jerry came to me one day just nothing is handling to know what's happened with this extra money in our bank account handling are you sure this is figured in the Internet we waited a little while the patient her challenges different ways the money can come in and out people have the same stories that have gone on this journey well taken income working you know so much money came in here flash that everybody thought was a wonderful idea to get little Janet up there again her began to house people depressed again and so I do I get there just ask them to pray again about what patient care but this time I'm thinking we gave so much last time there's no way wants to do that again and again God still need to ask and I do and this time he doubles and doubles and I said this time with Jerry asked me I didn't know what a God-fearing exit you tell me what God told you on how to think the him only when Don ended up selling the same amount and I need to cut it short this journey is gone on year after year and he doubled that second year he doubled the next year he doubled it again linearly for many years we have been giving between time and offering evangelism offering half of our income how do you do that we can not in any way on paper show you how it happens it just happens I was a stay-at-home mom I was told when I was a little kid and on up here that is why you can have to work you want to work you cannot judge against the college you have to work the past his wife has to work I felt compelled to stay with Mike and God can provide any guidance given in he kept reminding women have much we still don't but we had a family and and but you know if the kids got older he got very pulled me into ministries somebody started donating country people started donating from you to get some income and not as a blessing but do you know what happens when all that income got kept having is given to him when she did she know what one year it's been going on for a while and were renting and they sold the place we had been moving and provided this brand-new place for us to move into a three and a half acres gorgeous home affordable rent and I'm starting to think and have hours and didn't know if we had all that money we given over the last couple years which I knew from that house and didn't do this and that and to make a long story short some church members suddenly have this urge to help me decorate my house I don't have the ability decorate on a scale of one to ten minus two on the test on the Catholic and so that is what Melissa 's urgent call of summer friends and gentlemen the new halfway delivered right and there's in harmony money can afford to do this and are going to work great weekend decorate with what you got what I said I don't have anything redecorate with trifling we knew we were clean and sober to my house and I'm telling you I've never seen such depressed sad looking women if they like what I had in Mrs. and a half before note and then last very quiet very sad time in their death that I let them see and begin when this is embarrassing to me too but they still were correct and since my benefit just let us do it but we had to go to create the entry of filming right after we moved our stuff in the house so we moved our stuff in the house are some still stay there we went to three again every time I called home to talk to my son were gone for three or four days they will clock in each and I'm going to play doing going to my journals life I will manage all know just trying to become when my husband and I came they were not barely was nighttime the lights were on my son they are opening the door smiling at the door and we walked in and I'm so embarrassed because I'm not delayed accepting gifts they are in the living room with the brand 's a brilliant junior and this is gorgeous creations in the living room are bad building of new bedspread comforter just always new decorations of the houseboat beautiful one of these has got anger letting you know that a lot of people what are these people went back to the insurance not many people might get ten dollars here and there are people took on phenomenal when they started getting larger amounts and that's how it happened is like God was telling me genuine and I'll take care of you you just do what I want to do and handling I can't wait if I get to live to be ninety two I hope Jesus comes before that but finally otherwise or ninety two I am writing a book I'm writing above of what happened is when you are obedient to what I tell you when your life into the next sense what we got everybody said you got a build up a big retirement plan seemed at least a million is when you retire nothing but we got Jesus we got Jesus again only happen with my son for the best things in the world that watching their parents again caused sacrifices in their life can't do everything I have every bankers were going to begin with but you don't need to do is unlikely and that why they give a triathlon I mean I still need to get such large amounts they pointed to the founding of the loudness is like cotton said and got dusted over and over again I am convinced that we as God 's people one of the biggest bombs we have is covetousness and I believe that it's keeping us down where we are in Jesus from coming and I've always thought what you know Jesus may not come in my lifetime why should I sacrifice that much different I know baby you felt that way the way to find out right now he's coming he's coming there's people on land and however they cannot get rid of them right now it would eventually to move the pain I'm not saying anybody else on your house I'm not saying the prior savings and not all on the unit prior not everything gone leads you how you should look in the comments thirteen seven it says there is one who makes himself rich yet has nothing and what makes himself poor and yet he has great riches Luke six thirty eight p.m. and it will be given to you good measure pressed down shaken together running over will be put into your bosom for when the same measure that you use it will be measured back to you I can't tell you how much our lives have been blast all these years of giving it's been incredible I would not trade it for anything the world for what it's done for my gents argon argon is just amazing when he dies I don't know how you feel about your life about you but I just is is we get near the end here and you read Matthew one do you find it boring I may not reread Matthew a lot when you retire me to the Bible become an expert on Matthew Ryder Genesys or the book of John and Matthew one hertz preacher preach once pointing this out is just amazing to me know how you are in your spiritual life is God started working on me and it came to me I have these haunting feelings on his own time and in addition to whatever you want God could never save you you're just noticed all these bad things haltingly about my and God let me one day to write down that I had accepted him and put my Bible and I started going to that end it whenever handles feel insane on this day accepted Jesus Christ I am his child and today Lord again I confess my fans what I've I want the blood of Jesus over me a lot of your child and an I will never the baptism of the Holy Spirit has really helped me to see I am God 's child he wants me he wants me and those techs in the Bible and talk about the perfect perfect want to discourage meetinghouse the perfect but God help me through the Holy Spirit to see I am righteous because of the blood of Jesus Christ and when you are sincere in that month of Jesus it makes you want to be obedient and then she want to want to serve him with all your heart and your life and Julie Matthews one mark of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham Abraham begat Isaac Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat Judah and his brothers this kind of boring I then read our story it says Julie did not harass and Sarah by Kmart I may not pronounce the names right give me the only son so Julie begot Perez say went by Kmart Jewish thought and Jerry Jerry daughter because her husband died and he wouldn't one of her sons went merrier she sits beside the road itself as a prostitute so that when Julie goes by she didn't send so that she can have a child well Judas Stockton and does his thing whether she gets pregnant and he finds out she's pregnant and he says Aristotle or whatever Keller and that she has him on the way was that shows that he was the one this is in the genealogy of Jesus Christ you go on down it goes on go to verse five it says Salmon begat Boaz by Rahab was to get old and I will no reasonable lot Rahab the prostitute and William Wilson comes the emotion comes from the multi- fandom worse people than where and what they did with their rituals and pictures in the genealogy of Jesus Christ down to verse ten Hezekiah begat Manasseh Manasseh begat and you know women and men after one charges second Chronicles thirty three antigens it bursts IV chapter thirty three Manasseh on down in the second verse it says but he did evil in the sight of the Lord according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord cast out before the children of Israel on down parsecs also he caused his sons to pastor the fire he sacrifices babies and sons on the altar used witchcraft sorcery consulted mediums spiritist he did much evil in the size of the Lord to provoke him God to anger he even said card carved images and deal goes on all the bad stuff even then you go onto two nine in ten ninety five so Manasseh seduced Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem to do more evil than the nations whom God are destroyed before the children of Israel verse ten and the Lord spoke to Manasseh and his people but they would not listen therefore the Lord brought upon them the captain 's date the army of King of the king of Assyria and they took Manasseh with Hawks which from what I understand hooks in the nose dragged him down to it with bronze fetters and carried them off to battle one and now when he was an affliction he employed the Lord is I am humbled himself greatly before God of his fathers Manasseh is proud arrogant guide to scoring guide that all evil brings everybody needle families in the past and he's crying out to God if you were God what would you and I'm you are not I don't bring it in you know you look at how bad you been in you will talk to you and you and anyone don't think so he prayed to him and he besieges intrigue he earned his supplication and brought him back to Jerusalem into his kingdom then Manasseh knew that the Lord was God isn't that amazing all that bad we did stop and yet go listen to and accepted by you go on down to verse sixteen it says Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary to whom was born Jesus who is called Christ this is all in the genealogy of Jesus Christ is just incredible to me how much our documents in one he's done with his son Jesus for us on the cross and I don't know that the assistance I will be much encouragement courage and asked me to read that to realize how much God loves me but I don't know how you deal with it since I had down this one particular sin problem and I won't tell you about that I struggled with my own viewing but I knew that it was causing the problem and a separation from God and I just knew I needed to quit I didn't know what to do while I was thinking about the encounter with prayer that one event that said they can about that person first John one nine the says if we confess our sins he is and jobs to cleanse us you claim us from all unrighteousness so I started doing this when you but I is the assumption that time to forgive me a link to a hundred a thousand times for the same thing and it's like I'm afraid to even go in God again ask him to forgive me try that so many trillions and it's a religious funeral how can he forgives me again to be angry at me so much and yet diverse as it if we come to him sprinting me in a different sense of any cleanser so I started doing it every time I do instead of avoiding God I started coming the Lord has done it again when you forgive me I can process and I want to William McKinley William cleanse me from all unrighteousness I did that made many times that every single time I would do that over and over one day I tried to do this in an equipment I just literally shattered and just I can't do and then I just shared because I enjoy this I want to take this I could not do that I just have just repulsed me I convinced what we need to do is spend time with God every day focus on Jesus like if you want to be effective in your prayer life spend that time with Jesus and God 's Word in your heart be obedient to him in your prayers will be as you pray God well you can't demand your own thing you know we could go in the hole thing but coming to Jesus to keep coming to him anything about it you lose your job don't go and eat a bunch of chocolate a bunch of junk food something that happened to you you didn't discourage someone in particular are you a bad day at the office don't sit down and watch a bunch of movies are routinely air whenever you drink alcohol are doing to raise your escape mechanism don't do an icon continues us to Jesus is in John six thirty five and Jesus said to them I am the bread of life he who comes to me shall never hunger he who believes in me shall never thirst him in verse thirty seven of that chapter says the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out he will not cast you out John seven thirty seven if anyone thirst let him come to me and drink Revelation three twenty behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone comes in here's my voice and opens the door I will come into him dine with him he was made Matthew eleven twenty eight come to me all you who labor heavy laden and I will give you rest is in big trouble when you it works you keep commenting to keep asking forgiveness keep asking for deeper repented for a hatred for that fan will make me willing for you to put hatred and need for that it happens it works we did not own a TV I made my husband promised me when we married me would never own a TV because I grown up without I was absolutely addicted to the end and so he agreed to not tell anyone we did not have one but then got into conference work any traveling all the time and I don't went in with the kids traveling in remote tells all the time there is MTV's daring and and I get the kids to sleep as soon as I could not turn nothing on and watch all the stupid garbage that came on the thing and wake up in the morning counseling disgusted with myself and just I mean in my house I'm trying to do all the stuff you know you are in constant craving thing about movies and one of them why should he want and I'm not now my my bad only killed one of his control and the one that was no help while one is going to take away this crazy and trying not to my band is assessing pot was the next time you're in a motel not turn on the TV and I thought okay as I got up why cannot I realm again do not ever churning on again isolated and told my husband I can't I can't turn on anymore in Motown he says okay so that we can turn them on the craving absolutely left me totally got it I don't know if you've ever had that for anything absolutely controlling but it left me in in in it was such a piece accurately that I was afraid to ever sit down somebody home when it was one-on-one but you know what God 's totally taken away and I stay in motels a lot along felt the last several years traveling in these TV screens now I never have an urge to turn on this is argon we can do in our lives but not to get discouraged if your family again and Jesus how you can't even read about his life and desire majors after Christ the gospel was about Jesus Reno gently on the crosses a line to make it real in my life that I love you so much trouble when the sin against you I won't want to hurt you know I don't have all the answers I am by no means perfect but that's just a little something that I found it's made a difference for me in Oregon back when I shared how my life started changing where people were praying for me for the baptism of the Holy Spirit gone just towards the right people in your life by the way you five Mark find another demoniac and how they come up on the story Jesus Cassidy Nevada demoniac and Jesus leaves Gaza people know one of the status of the pixel in the light energy to get in that vote the link below and once they don't let anybody know what you want technologies as you inhale I want to go but he tells them was sky used to hearing how one got stung for you the guy stays now does he know all twenty eight anomalies all he knows is what got spent for him when Jesus comes back to that area going to mark six you mean it you can also read it in peace be still the desire to when Jesus comes back steps on the land and they recognize that it can they start coming from everywhere the people coming to Jesus and in our white design agency said houses started coming to she goes on to say there but for each one of us at all times one has to do is to share what God done the best way is that you remain in this world is to share the online what he's doing in your life and what is the best way to do that it's a journal and write down the things godly life right those answers as you feel have the last thing that surprises start happening those all down and that becomes your testimony the only market that God will use through the guide to help people to grow in him but that is the most powerful witness that there is but years ago in Oregon was ejected and called us out after we abandoned our first prayer conference and she knew all that was happening in my life and God is a blast that women's retreat she called the sons of God or having a special prayer conference to pray for the Holy Spirit well not working out so we can come and where they are handling it when you was pretty and I can't in and have testimony like to begin with and if you want to praise client was not brave enough not to ever say anything was missing to get up and tell you what God is your retreat a lot of people here were present for the newly wants to hear what's going on with me and I I window it really happen to me that I started getting depressed again miserable felt like God was with me I started crying on my worship when landlord where are you and I made it clear to his word is not Michelle you organize and sounds for you I was reading that day that I needed to serve the praises of God 's doing in my life I said okay this is the last morning a meeting at this time I'll do it I'm sitting near the front to hear the speakers everything in the testimony or pray I jumped out of my seat and got came in so fast as I was quickly sure it does want thank everybody for praying here in Oregon got some last are rich when we saw so many miracles I sat down I'm telling you I was scared to death to talk to people and to ever talk to people up front and get back to that time that last time he said anybody who has a need for the Holy Spirit in the house to pray the Holy Spirit allies come forward and so everybody of course comes forward alike came on the outside of the group I'm having the third heaven praying for you and pray for your shyness and I can't do that they would pay for somebody back you think the organ people and you know as well as means as I'm on the outside of this group kneeling there praying and I started Colonel Karen God can do that when they become prey for me working now listening to know how scared I am with you again revving up right for me I kept praying uprightness privately I suddenly sent somebody getting up and walking in among all these kneeling people they come over today and they put their hand on my shoulder somebody over here in and put her hand on my shoulder and they started praying for me it was a male voice in this matter starts praying for me for God to bless our work in the banging and then he goes on void which you are baptized with the Holy Spirit and give her the ability to speak I asked him afterwards later what ever gave you the artist 's hat and he said I'm telling you I had this urge to go pray for you for ten to fifteen minutes with Craig Johnson and he said it cannot even know that well I'd met them there but that was that you send us compelling arguments as I finally had to give and to come right for you I know you needed the prayer about Oregon has our God is not a journey for each one of us that is self-evident when you're cleaning toilets and whatever you do not get paid only once you waiting for him a ministry and I as we close I was Islamic if we could come for an discount to stay down here whatever you don't have to nail you can stand it in fact you can set I said that whatever is currently Jimmy's to hurt you let's pray for the Holy Spirit on each one of us as we go home and I believe I was not hungry so many dying around the is him I thought Hillary 's only website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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