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God's Special Plan - Medical Missionary Work

Ted N.C. Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • October 25, 2012
    7:30 PM
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thank you Mark and what a privilege it is to be among medical missionaries here at the eighth annual amen conference what a privilege to be part of God 's grace advent movement recently I had the privilege of visiting the country of Israel for the first time and walking where Jesus walked thank you for that beautiful rendition the scene of atelier residences as you don't have to go to Israel to walk where Jesus walked you just have to go out onto the streets and into the cities and into the villages and towns where people are hurting and that's where Jesus walked you can walk you are walking where Jesus walks know it's privileged by God 's grace to be alive in the final days of Earth 's history and the culmination of the advent know what time to bring your testimony as is the theme for this annual conference your testimony looking at how Christ can work through each of you in these last days as I looked at the program that was organized for the weekend I know that God is in a blessed you in an enormous way with the testimonies that people are going to share this weekend testimonies testimony is to reveal in your own life the burying of witness to God 's our working through you and in you to help accomplish the great task that he has in store for his people you know in this country we are just about at the end of a very interesting political season with many proposals and pronouncements about endless topics including health care although Seventh-day Adventists worldwide as a church do not take sides political and national political activities we do have strong convictions on what God 's plans are for his creatures which include healthcare and complete health and as we all know God has the best health care plan available the ultimate plan to restore us physically mentally socially and spiritually he calls for us to share to tell the world through loving kindness and interaction pointing people to the one who can bring about abundance life as Seventh-day Adventist we believe in the whole person concept in ministering to every part of the individual to those around us in a very comprehensive way in fact that beautiful verse of third John verse two beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers and long before the current promotion of whole person health God the creator of the human race and everything good on this earth was declaring that he wanted us to be healthy to be revised to be reform through the Holy Spirit 's power he wants us to understand that we are a complex creature each of us made in his image by his hand and drew his breath on the literal six day of a recent creation week our magnificent creator wants us to be in the best of health in every way and to prosper through our relationship with Christ in our service to others and for him following Jesus beautiful example as we read in Matthew chapter nine verses thirty five to thirty eight and Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people when he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd and he said to his disciples the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest is a Christ's ministry is to be our ministry as health professionals pastors church workers community and social workers and church members Jesus went into the cities and villages where the people are now on appeal to each of you as health professionals in this wonderful organization of a man and that they just on behalf of the world church thank you for organizing this organization called a net the Adventist medical event journalism network may you prosper and increase may be a blessing not only here but around the world I want to urge you to join the world church in the great work of reaching people in the cities follow Christ's example and reach out to those in need where the masses live we now live in a world as you know that is made up of more than fifty percent of the world 's population living in the urban areas of the world so join God 's people in this great mission to the cities medical ministry page three zero four there is no change in the messages that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time when the city 's our work as God would have them the result will be the setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed when urging to earnestly study pray humble yourself and seek God 's direction as a people pleading with him for the outpouring of the latter reign of the Holy Spirit so that we can see this mighty movement take place the world is wearing out and I believe with all my heart as I do believe you do as well that Jesus is coming soon is a literal second return is upon us let's follow Christ's example and go into the cities to reach the people where they are in this ministry of Jesus is to be the burden of every Seventh-day Adventists in following Christ work for the people of the cities where possible we are to work with this in and out concept that is presented in the spirit of prophecy it's a very expensive work it will involve every church member every evangelistic resource every possible outreach and witnessing active you see in every city Seventh-day Adventists should minister to people not only from their local churches but also from such centers of influence like health centers clinics vegetarian restaurants reading rooms counseling centers community service centers we have health lectures literature evangelism small group outreach door-to-door mission work innovative media evangelism social work that follows Christ's methods personal and small group Bible studies public evangelism comprehensive health ministry and a myriad of other things that the Lord is going to help you and others discover as we move into the very last phase of Earth 's history this work is going to be requiring a massive amount of lay membership involvement as well as established denominational entities that are doing their work in the cities and in the large centers of the world we need pastors health professionals church members working together as indicated by the spirit of prophecy in what is termed blended ministry in manuscript one hundred seventeenth written in nineteen oh one it says this every minister of the gospel should be prepared to practical medical missionary work the medical missionary work is to be as closely united with the gospel ministry as the arm is united to the body the reluctance shown to the promulgation is under the principles of health reform is caused by an unwillingness to deny self in our large cities the medical missionary work must go hand-in-hand with the gospel ministry it will open doors for the entrance of truth you see how powerful and important your work is in the end of time praise God for the way that people are developing various outreach ministries the been the beautiful ministry that was just shared about when and how even when wellness and a powerful way in which God can use this kind of an outreach you see in this vital work of soul winning in the large cities God is calling us to reinvigorate the use of the medical missionary work or as we are placing a new term before people comprehensive health ministry something that involves an entire approach to wholeness and well-being that everyone can participate in this is a balanced comprehensive health ministry that must have the united efforts of denominational organizations self employed health professionals such as many of you and supporting ministries now the output part of the city work involves outpost centers or small institutes in the countryside just outside the cities where city workers can live or at least visits be refreshed from their work in the cities where simple health lifestyle centers can care for yes who want to learn a new approach to life I was reading in the promotional material about that Doctor Tim how and the outreach that he has in the state of Maine we all know what we mark is doing and many other institutes UG times and many others are represented here and that's what we need outside each one of these large cities around the world we need a place for young people can be trained for city evangelism we need Holy Spirit inspired strategic planning by administrators and pastors and health professionals for every city around the world were put will produce the kind of beehive of comprehensive health ministry that was described by Ellen White taking place in San Francisco about about nineteen oh six in fact Don McIntosh is mentioned to me this evening before the meeting began that they are attempting to do the same type of beehive activity in San Francisco that was done now a hundred years ago this is the type of thing that we need in a place like New York City I was just speaking with an old friend John lupines was here this evening he wrote a book New York assemble because Ellen White indicates that New York was to be a symbol as to how the rest of the world was to be worked in many years ago he and I were pastoring in greater New York conference John wrote a book we collaborated a bit on this and he has a great burden for New York a simple as to how the rest of the world should be worked back next year we're going to be holding about three hundred fifty two four hundred public evangelistic meetings in New York in the metropolitan area Connecticut New Jersey New York Manny individuals from other parts of the world are going to come and participate with us so that they then can go back from New York to their large cities in the various divisions around the world to do the kind of comprehensive urban evangelistic work that we are seeing developed in New York and New York will then truly by God 's grace of the Holy Spirit 's power be a symbol as to how the rest of the world should be worked pray for New York pray for the people that are going to be helping us in that tremendous evangelistic outreach my wife and I will be holding one of those meetings in the very very church where I began my ministry West eleventh Street in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and the me tell you if ever there was a place that needed comprehensive health ministry 's Greenwich Village in all of this is good be preceded and followed up by community outreach and a comprehensive approach to reaching New York the other cities of the world I ask for you to earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured out without measure upon his people God 's people in New York I want to especially urge young people here tonight and those who might be listening at some future time young people young professionals God has placed a burden upon you to see that his counsel in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is fulfilled through his power in these last days I want to call on young people to take this burden in a very powerful way he's calling on all of us to be part of this blended ministry to show compassion on those who are weary and broken and scattered those who need a relationship with Jesus Christ is a comprehensive health ministries meeting people 's needs in a practical way that shows the love of Jesus whether it's sharing a loaf of whole wheat bread with your neighbor whether it is sharing Christ in your personal practice or whether it is sharing Christ in one of our very technologically advanced medical centers medical missionary work is God 's plan for reaching the hearts of people and Ellen White's letter of one ten in nineteen oh two medical missionary work has been presented as the entering way of present truth it is by this work that hearts are reached and those once prejudiced are softened and subdue this is the work that is to be done today ministry viewing page one forty four medical missionary work is the plan your work of the gospel in the ministry of the word and in medical missionary work the gospel is to be preached and practiced we can show Christ's love and compassion in turning our local churches into centers of life and health thus fulfilling the general conference health ministries departments go whole lovemaking every local church a community health center to see there will be a strong emphasis on this this weekend as various presenters take their part in giving their testimony resources that are produced by many of you and by our different health ministries departments can be used for practical Christian witnessing by our church members who can easily share with their neighbors how God intends for people to live in a very practical way using heaven inspired health apps preventive health strategies and simple inexpensive home health procedures and interventions every church a community health center is one of the most inexpensive and effective preventative healthcare approaches presenting healthy lifestyle modifications and telling the world about God 's complete plan of restoring the whole person medical ministry page one eighty eight the medical missionary work is as the right hand and arm to the third Angels message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world I want you to get the picture is that this incredible link between the proclamation of the third angel the loud cry and medical missionary work see the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen full of hope grace righteousness and judgment are to be presented through God 's power comprehensive health ministry and health reform are to play a strong role in that loud cry stressing the importance of this work we read in councils on diet foods page seventy five the health reform is as closely related to the third Angels message as the arm to the bottom but the arm cannot take the place of the body the proclamation of the third Angels message the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus is the burden of our work the message is to be proclaimed with a loud cry and is to go to the whole world so health reform and medical missionary work is not the body but it is the right hand the right arm that gives incredible power to accomplishing God 's great mission as Seventh-day Adventists are the only ones to my knowledge who are proclaiming the third Angels message and Seventh-day Adventists will proclaim the loud cry changes need to take place in all of us before the final loud cry goes forth it's going to be given amidst a storm of persecution which is going to have an effect on all of us again councils on diet foods page thirty two very interesting counsel for each of us God 's people are not prepared for the loud cry of the third Angels they have a work to do for themselves which they should not leave forgot to do for them he has left this work for them to do it is an individual work one cannot do it for another because of his close working relationship between health reform and the third Angels message there is work to be done in personal health before pastors health professionals and members will be given the power to proclaim the third Angels message as the loud cry God wants us to be revived and reform and then by his grace we are going to see unusual power unleashed a men conference attendees and members I urge you to be on the vanguard that strongly proclaims and lives that clear link between biblical truth and our physical well-being after all we do believe that God has given unique life to the Seventh-day Adventist church regarding a healthy lifestyle and has charged us to tell the world however you are well aware of the challenges when we try to do this we need wisdom not fanaticism in our presentation of health practices of health promotion and comprehensive health ministry I appeal to each of you through the power of God to wisely proclaim this precious message selected messages book three page two eighty five health reform wisely treated will prove an entering wedge where the truth may follow with marked success but to present health reform on wisely has served to create prejudice with unbelievers leaving the impression that we are extremists as the amen organization I urge to wirelessly expand this work the powerful blend of physical and spiritual ministry but without fanaticism God will help you to do it in the most judicious and careful way so that people will see the balance in God 's message in fact it's already been mentioned this evening councils on health page five thirty three Ellen White indicated I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work you see some of us who carry a lot of activity in the area of direct ministerial and pastoral and evangelistic outreach will not be able to do it in the near future we will be all medical missionaries comprehensive health Ministry the practical presentation of God 's health principles is the answer to postmodernism to the New Age movement to mysticism and pagan philosophies which are part of the last day deceptions of the devil I would urge each of you do not fall prey to the strange fire of the mystic belief and practice whether in health or in the spiritual life stay close to the holy work stay close to the spirit of prophecy and a personal prayer connection with heaven will help you could these earn what is correct what is balanced and what is from God avoid error and extremism not through your own power but through connection with God is a God is calling for us to be revived and to be reformed both spiritually and physically he's calling for us not to be satisfied with only the rich heritage that we have as a Seventh-day Adventist health ministry but to renew our commitment to innovative approaches of health practices health promotion and comprehensive health ministry which is absolutely essential for the last proclamation of the advent of appeal to as health professionals and to our pastors who might be here to unite under the power of the Holy Spirit to let us understand and realize the power of a United blended ministry approach since Christ is the origin of all life and health is a magnificent quotation and medical ministry page twelve the influence of the system the spirit of God is the very best medicine that can be received by a sick man or woman heaven is all health magnificent heaven is all health see the gospel message and comprehensive health ministry point to Christ as the master physician who unites us and brings us the revival and Reformation that is so much needed personally and corporately ministry viewing page one forty three the world needs today what it needed nineteen hundred years ago while about two thousand a revelation of Christ a great work of reform is demanded and it is only through the grace of Christ that the word of restoration physically mentally and spiritually can be accomplished as a strong supporting ministry of this church you as the amen organization should know that the general conference has established a comprehensive health ministry committee is chaired by someone who helped establish the amen organization my wonderful colleague and good friend and assistance in my office Mark Finley Mark is chairing that with cochairs of Ellen Hanna besides our health ministries departments director and Jerry Paige who is our ministerial Association secretary a blended approach as to how we can truly accomplish what God is asked for us to do in these last days this committee has shared insights in our recent two thousand twelve annual Council and there could be sharing a lot more in the future in fact that the recent annual counsel I shared with the world leaders many of the thoughts that I'm sharing with you tonight that medical missionary comprehensive health ministry is God 's health plan for the last days it is God 's special intervention for world that is in chaotic condition I want to challenge each of you to become completely committed to the practical implementation of comprehensive health ministry for the church locally as we've heard just this evening and also globally it's a fight of that health professionals and pastors understand the importance of comprehensive health ministry in relation to the proclamation of the third Angels message of Revelation fourteen God is calling you to be a part of his great United and blended team God needs more of you as a man participants he wants to see this work proliferate around the world Christ proclaimed in the last two verses in Matthew nine we read those at the potential for harvesting was there but the dedicated missionaries were few and that we should pray that the Lord would send people into the harvest as amen members are you willing to persevere in this work are you committed to pushing ahead regardless of what may happen are you willing to follow follow Christ's call to comprehensive health ministry how persistent are you in accomplishing in the book of Mark chapter two we read a fascinating story of how Christ blended the spiritual and the physical it indicates that Christ entered Capernaum in verse one and the news went out like wildfire Jesus is there immediately a large crowd gathered at Peter 's house so that it was impossible to find a place the second verse in Mark chapter two says that he preached the word to them know whether you're a health professional a minister a layperson we are to share the biblical word with everyone people long for truth in Capernaum there was a depressed dejected helpless invalid he had fallen into despair and had lost hope of recovery according to desired ages his sickness was a result of sin he was full of bitter remorse he was a very sad case of physical mental social and spiritual illness he had asked the religious leaders for relief from his mental and physical condition but they are pronounced and in Europe the man was helpless and discouraged then he heard about Jesus no people around us are helpless and discouraged until they hear about Jesus and Zane and professionals tell your patience and tell the world about the life saving power of Jesus Christ let them hear you tell your test while the invalid heard that others is sinful and helpless as he had been healed his friends encourage them to be carried to Jesus however his hope fell when he remembered how sin had caused his disease actually what he desired more than anything else was a relief from the burden of sin many today of birds and want to be relieved of those sinful burdens simply by hearing Christ speak to invalid wanted to see Jesus and receive the assurance of forgiveness there was no time to lose were told that the flesh was detained on him he asked his friends to carry him to where Jesus was they gladly get verse three indicates this however when the five of them arrived at Peter 's home they realize that the crowd was too dense to even hear Jesus they tried many times to press their way through the crowd but with no success the paralytic felt so close and yet so far how could he give up hope he would do anything to see Jesus how about you what you do anything to see Jesus are you that anxious to see Jesus in your life as a health professional how much energy are you willing to put into staying close to Jesus well this for invalid had an idea he enlisted his friends to take them to the roof and it was a wonderful exhibition of having wonderful friends spiritually minded friends were willing to help them to see Jesus and really that's what the amen organization is all about people who love Jesus helping each other to see Jesus and helping others to see him in verse four it indicates that they began to tear the roof apart since that was the only way to get to Jesus imagine the confusion inside the home when the breeze starts falling from the ceiling and then the ceiling opens in the Scripture says so when they had broken through they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying abed was coming through the ceiling Jesus looked into the pleading eyes that infamous he waited for the words of forgiveness from Jesus by faith this man and his four friends have they went through the roof to see Jesus am I willing to go through the roof are you willing to go through the roof to see Jesus well verse five records the words of the paralytic long to hear from Jesus son your sins are forgiven you the words were like music to his ears the burden of despair rolled from his shoulders he had that piece of forgiveness desire of ages page two sixty eight indicates in simple faith he accepted the words of Jesus as the bone to he urged no further request but lay in blissful silence too happy for words he wasn't healed yet but spiritually as he is self-centered religious leaders in the room exchange glances at each other remembering there on sympathetic rejection of this poor implement in their hearts they accused Jesus of blasphemy and thought they could use this as a pretext for sensing the sentencing Christ to death Jesus fixed his gaze upon those religious leaders and reading their thoughts he said as recorded in verse nine and ten which is easier to say to the paralytic your sins are forgiven you or to say arise take up your bed and walk going on but that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins he said to the paralytic I say to you arise take up your bed and go to your house the man jumps to his feet he has the strength of youth in the glow of good health the wonderful love of Jesus he feels the guilty of their sins and provides new physical life the former paralytic told the world about it if you were alive he'd be here tonight telling his testimony same power that created each of us restore that the healing of the body by Christ was evidence of price power that renews the heart this is what comprehensive health ministry is all about it is a blended ministry of which you are a part ministry dealing page one forty four we should ever remember that the object of the medical missionary work is two seven six men and women to the man of Calvary who taketh away the sin of the world by beholding him they will be changed into his likeness we are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live what a powerful test so comprehensive health ministry is meeting people 's needs in a practical way that shows them the love of Jesus medical ministry page two fifty no line is to be drawn between the genuine medical missionary work and the gospel ministry these two must blend they are not to stand apart as separate lines of work they are to be joined in and in inseparable union even as the hand is joined to the body same book page two thirty seven medical ministry the medical missionary work has never been presented to me in any other way and is bearing the same relation to the work as a whole as the arm does to the body the gospel ministry is an organization for the proclamation of the truth and the carrying forward of the work for the sick and well this is the body the medical missionary work is the arm and Christ is the head over all thus the matter has been presented to me counsel directly from heaven Christ the Master physician the master health professional is coming soon were called to revive the Reformation a call to humble ourselves before God as we take up Christ's message of hope and judgment found in Revelation fourteen a call to lift high before the entire world the special messages about healthy lifestyle change and comprehensive health industry a call to live up to the highest Christian and professional standards of your respective health professions and at the same time to help train church members in simple health practices that can be shared with neighbors and communities were to point people to the master physician who went about teaching preaching and he healing and promises to bring about complete restoration were called to comprehensive health ministry which points people to the true medical missionary Jesus Christ the master physician the Savior and our soon coming king who says to us and the world through us I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly this work is so closely tied to God 's biblical message of truth to the precious message of righteousness by faith in Christ to the proclamation of the three Angels messages and the sacredness of the seventh they set its connected with the incredible sanctuary service and message portraying the salvation process which we need to study and share with earnestness since at this very moment Christ is interceding for us in a literal most holy place in heaven since comprehensive health ministry is so closely tied to the loud cry are you willing to go from this amen conference at the end of the weekend committed to Christ to his righteousness to revival and Reformation to a continued study of God 's word of following the spirit of prophecy counsel of praying for the latter reign of the Holy Spirit for carrying out comprehensive health ministry in your practice pointing people to the master physician who can provide abundant life and sharing with the world becoming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if you wish tonight at the beginning of this amen conference to commit yourself to God 's great call for your testimony of a blended ministry in proclaiming the gospel and using comprehensive health ministry if you would like to commit yourself to that would you quietly join me instead and commitment standing before our master physician as you go through this weekend I urge each of you who recognize that the work which God has called you to do is one of the most important areas of helping people to understand that the Savior are precious creator and reading is the one who is calling people to be restored through his power and he is wanting to use I invite you for the next two or three minutes to simply affirm this commitment by praying together and asking the Lord to completely seal this commitment through an unbelievable burden placed upon your heart to truly participate in comprehensive health I invite you to turn to the person you are praying together a short prayer of then I will do this you must use the you're a betting man would never you mind to learn more about me then please visit www. nine amen and I thought you would like more free online service please visit www. audio verse one


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