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Jesus Our Health, Part 1

Dale Leamon



  • October 26, 2012
    7:30 AM
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Raymond told to follow Christ methods have a way and that is that the name of because we say okay but I'm not Jesus I can't work miracles I can't say reading people 's minds and no I'm not trying to prove that I have the divine life within myself alone should have the wildlife of the myself not quite the same way Jesus did after he started divided the human eye starts human it had the divine through the Holy Spirit but so it can seem like a big this follows that okay ologies method will will have and I'm quite sure I don't have all the answers bugs like to review with you one story this morning from the Gospel of John in which from which we can gain some lessons about Jesus method this is of course the man healed at the pool of Bethesda starting with the first verse after this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem this will now be his second trip during his ministry to Jerusalem may remember in the first strip he casts a lot of people out of the Temple had an interesting visit with Nicodemus met a woman at the well on his way back up toward Samaria Jesus has already had rather negative encounters with the leaders in Jerusalem by this time they are quite determined already that he couldn't be the true Messiah they were out to prove that now he's back in Jerusalem and apparently somewhat incognito and he's there on the Sabbath day a says in verse to another is in Jerusalem by the sheep gave a pool which is called in Hebrew Bethesda having five porches of this is actually not a ragged transliteration is it says that it could be Beth is anyway at this pool was probably considerably underground even in those days I don't mean that it was some literally in a cave but it would be down below street level because the water was gravity fed in those days was that and to get water into Jerusalem and you couldn't get it into a pool without it being considerably below street level so the pull is down you probably had to go down a number of steps that surround it surrounding it was a colonnade and in those days there were a great multitude is sick people there blind people lame paralyzed waiting for the moving of the water RIS lines ask ourselves how Jesus worked with number one it went where sick people were why would you go to where sick people are what we interested in an assisted in finding anybody does Jesus carefully puts in his kingdom it is also filled out the is going the highways and hedges he doesn't doubt that we sometimes think I personally make a great potential for the kingdom and we look at somebody is already conservative Christian living a good lifestyle and and seems to know the Bible quite well in those what a great evidence they would make in many cases they're not even slightly as in being a minister quite happy where they are thank you and they make a lousy evangelistic and so when you look for events in illiquid people are hurting is just beyond hurting people more often on a reminder open-heart one of the reasons I asked we must not allow ourselves to be stuck in a situation where speaking of our faith to those who are ill distributed of all the people who most desperately need a hopeful work of faith and studio and many times or minds are open to such words so they were lying there sick Jesus went to see them it was on the Sabbath they get so many lessons here about Jesus operation satisfied it was a good day prevents as a we have medicine to kick up our heels at pick up our heels like it I addressed draw today restaurant and and we we we we regard that as is our privilege is waived we love the Sabbath because it's time to do just get past all the love your position them in any case all the way Jesus thought the Sabbath was a great day to find people and of course that is true so they had this such addition of an angel came down from the uncertain times and the pool would be stirred and the water would be in all moving in motion and then whoever would step in first after the stirring of the water was made well I would ever disease he had now this was obviously a good idea to take a credit credibility and the only way only one can imagine again a credibility was that apparently devices where he'll sometimes and when you want to think that was primarily the placebo factor with you want to say that the Lord healed them are safe and I don't know when I told her I get a commentary but apparently some people were healed when they got in the water after it has been stirred a certain man verse five says was there who had an affirmative for thirty eight years New Year's long time to be sick but I know people have a sick longer than that as you when Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time he said to him do you want to be made well the sick man is it him Sir I have no man to put me in the pool when the waters stood up while I'm coming another steps down to farming Jesus said to him rise take up your bed and walk immediately demand was made well we took up his bed and walked that day was the Sabbath we will bring the Sabbath controversy portion of the story I want to see Jesus next meeting with the man says in verse thirteen and the one who was healed did not know who it was would heal them when Jesus had withdrawn a multitude being in that place verse fourteen afterward Jesus found him in the temple I like the way that says that culture Jesus found him and said to him seeing you have been made well sin no more lest a worse thing come upon so here is founded by Jesus would all of you agree that if you're found it all it was Jesus and found even find him a foundry I love that he pursues us awesome that the overview of the story now let's see if we can learn some vital things from the story first of all starting with the last point that we just read Jesus said send no more lest a worse thing come upon you I want to do here is first of all notice that Jesus really knew a lot about this man I can't read minds apparently Jesus could read minds I don't know whether he was seeing the history of everybody all the time I hardly think so that would be just exhausting drawl Jesus lived a normal human body and that he obviously didn't become tired and so we we know that he had to limit himself to what the brain can handle another human brain is an amazing and can handle immensely more than most of us use it for as Jesus undoubtedly used has a great deal more than he is ours but I don't think that he had a constant readout of everybody's life as he was looking around in a casual way that would just be exhausted I suspect that he asked the father to open this man's file and then I suspect that he was instantly given the details of this man's life what did Jesus know about this matter not by the way it's very important because I believe that point number one in Jesus method now maybe it's one a and point one would be to actually meet the person I seek out the sick look for opportunities to meet the person and meet the person but one area would be know everything you can about that Jesus method involves really knowing people and you may say yes I can't assess the father give me a file on the person 's life actually Karen I must say a word just as it did with Jesus that your mind will suddenly have the man's history but I will say this because of expense if you want to know the person and I hope you do because until you know the person the good you can do for that person 's violent secondly until you know the person the influence you can have on that person 's Jesus knew the person and it's our privilege I know not in the normal modern practice style now I know it is not as difficult to get to know the person and I'm not in any way criticizing only observing that the followed Jesus method we probably need to develop at least some kinds of health contacts with people that are not exactly the normal practice i.e. with either again I'm not criticizing I understand the dynamics of the novel practice and why it is required to be in such a hurry but to follow Jesus method will want to know as much as possible about the person and I have found that people actually loan to be known especially by someone who seems at all compassionate and if you will take the time for affiliates is a God opened my eyes to know this person and then you begin to did to listen and to question I believe there is such a therapeutic environment the most important information actually become I was available to regret that these people will volunteer hundreds of information which are very important far more important than they know them to be especially in a prayer environment where you when you write out loud without personal interest in your own art have said God revealed his person to license some of the all kinds of people and everyone's illnesses related to who he is less industry a trauma in on accident or something like that but even that may be related to who he is a may be a racetrack at any rate you find that in most cases illnesses related to who we are this man had been sick a very long time so he had an illness of the heart and illness of the mind on top of his original illness his original illness was a lifestyle illness by Jesus knew exactly what the lifestyle issue was Lord seems to be somewhat revealed that Ellen White as well but what we would have from the Bible alone is just the information that this man had a lifestyle illness which caused his disease now he's had thirty seven years to ponder the result of his lifestyle choices is a very long time to think about and regret he may have regretted only the consequence or he may have come him to regret the lifestyle also according to what we see Jesus saying to this man you may still not yet have time the lifestyle issue together with the disease as much as it should it undoubtedly knew that there was a causal relationship but Jesus is concerned for the man even after making them well that he will continue to make himself sick by repeating the bad lifestyle choices is that Jesus method that's Jesus method because a cast of the whole person again as a person now a judge for the person 's future sometimes I think we get stuck and just taking care of the immediate issue immediate symptom the immediate and may even fail to look at the cause or if we do look at the cause we may fail to talk to the individual about how to avoid the ongoing effect the Jesus method were we to adopt it would certainly I realize not everybody in the public would be interested in Jesus Metheny I think many more than we think would especially that carrying listening getting to know and so then Jesus in Jesus obviously he is interested in and stay well and doing what he can for himself to remain well and so here we have a fantastic principle related to feeling and the gospel that the Lord wants us even as he lures of the body to educate people about how to stay well I don't see also in Jesus demeanor here even the slightest amount of criticism or condemnation I love that about doctors I've had many doctor friends I have several now one of whom is an extremely influential cardiologist in our community and is set building a very significant department there in North Eastern Washington in our local hospital but sound these of these the physicians of course do care about people I would be physicians that visitors I have learned long ago as being a physician is not and I know this very well I just about having a position of respect and authority it is about caring about people and physicians to me are always interesting to people for friends because they have within themselves either a natural or a developed empathy and sympathy and concern for people and I love that but I also realize that everything mitigates against this getting to know people in most cases and so there is of course a need for figuring out about your diameter is I don't know there is a need for figuring out how to at least have some people by the direction of the Lord with whom we are intimate and getting to know them understanding and learning their situation now let's look appoint to hear Jesus method after getting to know someone he absolutely does not criticize even when there illnesses caused by lifestyle he does not condemn at all he does not say to the man shame on you you wouldn't be like this if you hadn't live the way you dead in fact I hear in his words not any judgment at all just a deep concern I saw my dog wants you to me like you are of result line again let me remind you how this could happen to you of why this because I love you I'm sick because of everything else I know about Jesus that was backed and has been my privilege to have that kind of witness from many different doctors worked with who has spoken to the people I have gotten to know you implicitly and said you don't have to be sick at least not in many cases you don't have to be here's how you can avoid continuing to be sick what a blessing it is when a doctor speaks authoritatively on that point you don't have to become sick in this way our station in this way are you sick again in the sweat that me tell you you could avoid this illness as a great testimonies like I'm someone who actually knows that is the truth and has the respect that of speaking authoritatively in that point to that point so we see Jesus dealing here with a lifestyle illness and how does he deal of the lifestyle illness totally non- critically also noticed that his interest is in relieving the man out of his symptoms at the earliest possible moment I see nothing wrong with that Jesus alleviate suffering is there ever any in ethical the similarly having suffered this injury has had this idea that suffering was a result of God 's anger with the person do we believe that no we believe suffering is consequential quite often but it's not a direct punishment from God it's a part of living in this world so we are now back at cross purposes with God when we relieve suffering in fact we are actually with God in the leavings that is a is a very important point and the Jesus in front even to the person who had brought his own illness upon himself to apparently immoral behavior by SQ does there isn't a moral component in any behavior that brings the stress to our bodies I asked is ponder that will try to preach that you and upon it is there a moral component to any behavior that brings distressed about and and so the point is when we hide even even without meaning to and I know this happens a lot not necessarily to doctors but a lot of times people we could do without meaning to we could be condemning we could be condemning because he wanted to pass with little more often probably we don't think we should but but we could easily portray a a condemning her to that I think I think all of us and probably especially as ladybugs I think decisions are much less likely to do that we need we especially if we know LaSalle principles and how to avoid much illness we were really need to plead with the Lord when encountering anybody who's illness is lifestyle related renamed to receive Jesus a spirit of non- condemning the great this is absolutely in Alabama for the grace of God go I we all have our tremendous weaknesses and in our culture there is literally a conspiracy and I'm from the Northwest now so I can near the bar Idaho borders I can talk about conspiracies there is a conspiracy mostly satanic but there is a conspiracy in our culture today to make people kill themselves if I was a little more paranoid I might even think the government was behind it Jerry Dennis ones have any soluble and ethically bankrupt it was a security system so that I don't know that I really believe that the idea was secondly this is a tiny conspiracy to get people to Jones and so we need to be extremely extremely Jesus this is not critical in fact he himself says no in the in John chapter eight he says you judge according to the age is now the next phase of the say is that I judge it renders this is no such thing is as you guys according to the flash that I don't judge anyone at all wow of course the Greek word for judge is identical with the word that we have translated us condemn the law condemns us our own bodies condemn us for our maltreatment of them but Jesus does does not condemn us how the Leah for the so I am we see Jesus said of beautiful attitude now notice that he asks the man doing you want to be made well if they quell out through obvious why is he lying near I think it's very important for us to seek divine discernment when working with people as to whether they actually want to be well and if they don't want to be well we may need to pray for them that they will want to be well I know now from kneeing in out thousands and thousands of people that many people actually like being sick tragically in our culture for many people the only time they get any attention at all as when they are sick so in spite of the fact that we're here to talk about how to deal with Miguel and Jesus method I think we ought to start dealing with the well and you suspect that can make sure that we give people are expensive they met in a while that's what Jesus bottom line is getting people attention is monitoring all of us all the time so much so that knows how many hairs on our head probably the rest of our body to do now is what were thinking and feeling a moment not just the people who bribe everybody is solid offensive and I believe that one of the ways in which you can exercise more of our brainpower would be in being attentive to more people monster blasts would like more people to pay more attention to us why don't we meet again that by very more sensitive than I believe that one of the greatest minds building brain building strengthening activities we can ever engage in analysts think the paintball is uneasy presence I may have nothing to tell me they have a boring life they have a boring mind and unserious mind I can't learn anything from the right absolutely can learn something from everybody but the more important issue is the day learn just by telling when we are listening to others they are gaining understanding on our what Radley people gain more understanding by telling you and they do by you telling them it's the oddest thing but God is somehow there in that articulation of the life experience I don't understand must be some reason part of the reason why psychology can work in the especially talk therapy to some degree but even more so with the Holy Spirit involved listening listening listening is so so so valuable and Jesus said to the man do you want to be well and apparently the answer that he got was very affirmative the man really wanted to be well I do worry about people who want to stay sick it's hard to know how to make progress within the I don't supply supposedly many of those whom Jesus did not heal if you did heal the ligands they will run along because of his obvious what you said even to this man that his healing was not necessarily permanent and Senate it was set it would be a permanent healing as long as the person would treasure it and somehow nurture it but it might not be a permanent healing otherwise NOS one of the frustrating things by any kind of health ministry can be so temporary that the good you do that we say this doing good even temporarily is God 's work giving the person a little bit more quality life on little while longer is God 's will enter because it's a little more time for them to hear the voice of God and to hear the voice of the Spirit and to understand themselves on the lawn and make decisions that are vital to their salvation so Jesus ever felt is wasting his time he healed everybody in town but the question is they want to be well and then and then of course it he answered I don't have anybody I'm I'm his answer is so telling I don't have any madness to stop right there it goes on you know to take me to the waterway to throttle but the point is I'm here alone convinced that allowing us is one of the biggest components in ongoing illness in humans very few people I see are totally alone this note was alone at all he was a crowd of items as Ruby Crowther but you probably all know that you can feel more alone the crowd of nearby cells this man was in this crowd they are to death today and yet he was all alone because it wasn't anybody at all paying any attention to him sometimes the most year they can do for somebody is just pay attention Jesus met Jesus I don't have any now he has a mandolin is having mounted has the math he has the first man to walk on this plan is to send it he has the name and image of God living the well of God in his life he doesn't know who he has done it next but this is the first person in thirties have any and who has been in intensive Charlotte thirty seven years with and while not for him to get first of the water somebody had been in know what they were doing that were just farming him off to this place where people 's they were in the way home somebody runs in the month the sunlight to go home at night just to sleep and probably no minimum bathing care whatever and then in Monterey had arrived back off their site enough to have him around all day long and he knew nobody wanted him I ask you can anybody even get well in those circumstances I doubt it I think everything in their immune system would be working against the healing process you found out that somebody was there for him he found out ultimately that that somebody was Jesus Christ he found out I'm sure that that person was there for him all the time even when he wasn't there person and what a fantastic thing to share with the sick and then of course Jesus said heal him by command it may seem like we have nothing to learn from the and I'm a serial mother learned that because we are and I most of us if were ever Seventh-day Adventists are influenced by civil service are not are not so charismatic mankind and and and and most of us are far too shy or postures to actually command someone to do well because we don't want look like fools of them not as Jesus did not exactly commanded to be allowed anyway existed became well unable walk for all these years and he says now I want you to just he was of course engendering faith in this man at Ottawa I feel that I've firmly believing that God can heal anybody who believes that he can of anything and I see the most remarkable things basis entirely lucidly on faith as if we can engender faith in this person I was Jesus next operational method here weaning babies realize this we don't know how what happened after he didn't know Jesus was even even knowing there may have been rumors going around about this healer who was had been in Jerusalem and now is back again I might come back I don't know if you could have any idea what he did not know Jesus was and that he was unable to identify him to the Pharisees inquired of him later he he he he he certainly could not of known because none of the Jews is vested around Jerusalem were yet willing to see Jesus as a person and how divine power and enormous magic magician or orders they were very superstitious civilization are in a note not know by what power he healed site I was how did he engender faith in this man I'm not quite sure but he obviously dead maybe it was just the tremendous authority that was in Jesus Christ maybe it was just the characters the deep interest in that one question that was preserved for us here there may have been more conversation I would be surprised if there was related that one question would you like to do well there must've been an immense amount of divine interest somehow in that communication even if was extremely brief without merit he is he inspired in them a a a thought that here is an forest here is a man who is is in connection with God some here is a man who really is interested in me and can do something about it I think I'll be seeing that high endemic of faith inspiration and another person has to be through God and even physicians have a great deal of authority and many times just because they are physicians people is not the same somewhat follow their recommendations I realized that I infrequent to say him or comprehend and take his pills my times a day but sometimes they were I believe that Jesus was some out there is litigation with it was able to inspire them with confidence that he has something that could change their lives and limited private and you we deprive and we can have that kind is ration and people like I know I have prayed that even as a pastor and I have seen a change take place and in the conversation I have seen people start listening more carefully start thinking more deeply just by saying Lord you have my words the way of Jesus own work and given the impact and the impression because what we want to do is inspire this person to believe that he can be well and I believe finally anybody can do it matter what their illnesses or causes many times there are illnesses which are either Libby on anticoagulant therapy we know the best you can do is relieve suffering but but that is not the best J I believe that following God Jesus Mathis does mean we will inspire people to believe that they can be well to Christ it's it's it's got a be a terrible thing tell someone you cannot view out you must die I don't hear Jesus ever saying of the system just we need to consider how to follow Jesus nothing finally he says get up and take your bed and walk in Manhattan it would do that for so long and somehow he had faith and he got up and walked we must never underestimate the power of faith over the human over the physical over the purely material part of ourselves that the stories of and told even about the so-called placebo effect is astonishing that the stars Evan told about the body 's ability to heal itself when there's enough determination and ability and confidence and certainty in some places it is amazingly we must we must ask people to do with a cannon that is what Jesus did do what you can and believe that you can and the man stood up Jesus is talking to him so whether you knew Jesus was enough it was Jesus he was having faith in an zealous campus software that if we can possibly tell people about Jesus only the liberal faith in Jesus were we opening up to them another whole massive aspect of possibilities on the open any other way and we can give them hope and even if were not able to lay their hand in the US and the point of acts ago that I become altogether well we're getting them hope in Jesus and that is what I want to transition at this point to the healing of the soul aspect of the story I am absolutely convinced that every healing miracle Jesus did was to illustrate the plan of salvation that every healing miracles easy was to show us two things a howl we should relate to sick people in a physical sense be how we should see Jesus relating to our own souls so let us now apply these lessons are learned here to the healing of the soul first of all Jesus comes after and then if you ever said God where are your model myself nobody cares realize that you are under a delusion of blackness you are now in the press and your brain chemicals are lying spirit you Jesus is after you tell everybody that when somebody's thinking nobody can tell him that felons are you are wrong I know for a fact Jesus is after you he's interested in you he wants you he will he's concerned about the many years of suffering inexperienced he wants to help if anyone said help you right now that is the truth and then of course understand that Jesus does not condemn us he does not condemn us for our worst sins even which of the sins of neglecting him and disbelieving it is not condemn us for wanting to be bad because anybody who is bad not bad because he wanted to be the is not condemn us for still wanting to be bad even while we want to stop having the consequences of being back they ever get done as a member that because he knows they cannot realize out that is what we learn about the Gospel through the healing miracles you cannot make yourself well morally any more than you can visibly you cannot do a thing for your soul access make Jesus open up diseases Jorge finds you let him find it Jesus as if any man hears my will but implies it every man could hear his voice on the places it as a man here's my book just labeled as it is no pilgrimage after gone there's no promise you have to may there's no lifestyle changes have to may there is no change in your moral or ethical behavior you have to may as one bank all that and I know because all the changes in our soul on made by the presence of Jesus Christ not by anything we do and so bless his heart this man who was in a terrible predicament because of his lifestyle choices and had lived a life of waste and loss of uselessness he had wasted all his potential till now he was in probably he was now in his late fifties his life has basically been a waste because of his lifestyle choices early in life and yet in order to receive Jesus help you does not have to change or promise to change he just has to say yes and then Jesus himself begins to change Jesus values this man just as much as he values the manor who has used all of his energy in all of his resources are really made something of himself Jesus finds investment also a treasure a person who has been crafted by his own peculiar life experience to be used in the divine land in the universe in a particular way for which no other human being has been crafted and he treasures that person Jesus heals the soul as he did this man's body by command implicit in every command Jesus makes is the power to perform the command not say were saved by obedience saved by Jesus Christ even if now I take his command seriously and realize that our in his word to give me obedience but in no way covers all my sins of the past I need Jesus I besides that where's the faith from that I now believe that Jesus command has implicit power to come straight from Jesus that I don't develop my own faith somehow he lets that they vindicate through the authority of his vice I finally hear him and I open the door and so Jesus says now it up do the work immediately before you walk now we know that were not alone at this really magnificent person is there we know that we didn't do it we and it rained all women whenever driving around when I went out all of our now the power working with MS is mad about you suddenly because of the brand lounges and allow we know that we can we know it we always knew before that we couldn't buy now we know just as surely that we can because so we walked we continue to meet Jesus because he rest of the Temple we rushed over the other worshipers are we joined the body we praise God that we can walk we live in faith because we live in a testimony of prey I can look at everyone before it will and there we meet Jesus again and again and again our faith is strengthened and begin to tell others a suspended that Sam LSM is one who told me a lot has father in heaven we thank you so much for the glorious stories of Jesus Christ they are of all things the source these stories the source of understanding ourselves of life of the world of you and the source of our home as you see how Jesus is and thus how you are your father and exactly how you are working in our lives we praise you for the privilege of being your ambassadors in listening and loving I have even means for you to realize Jesus name I will do this weekend was using my audio verso amen this Pentagon analyst and you'd like to learn more about me then please visit www. nine amen I will like more free online service please visit www. online universe on a


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