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Contemporary Tent Making

Jeff McAuliffe



  • October 26, 2012
    9:30 AM
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so happy to be back here again and last year was able to do a little presentation the room was a lot smaller wasn't it last year we it I think they take the dentist appointment put them on the second floor and we handled a little presentation on something called mission to the many which is a program that were initiating in Pennsylvania conference on cellular bit more about that as we go along basically what my wife has evolved into as a practitioner is making I found that dentistry is an excellent way to get to do other things and God really has blessed the more I challenge him on that notion the more he makes it evident that I'm headed in the right direction so this year I was able to cut back to about twenty five hours a week in my practice and believe it or not I still can support my three children it injures so God is good isn't it and one child at home hopefully about him and little bit helps have to tell stories about Jaden for those of you who are familiar with me might my youngest son Jaden while the other three are in college he is a in fourth grade he came on later in life than he has down syndrome and he has autism and he's ADHD and he's got although special things and him that make life incredibly joyful for us as parents I say that I I really mean it because Jayne has taught me more than I could possibly ever have been taught from a book last night stories about him and I'll tell one in a little bit here about him as well one of the things that we know about city ministries this is not the first time that's come up in the word of God is not the first time it's come up the Godspeed one factor was a prophet who was asked to go to a city he didn't want to go to and most people don't want to go to the cities you know that profit was the prophet was Jonah and John I decided he wanted to go in the opposite direction because he couldn't possibly believe that God meant what he said what he was talking about saving the people of Nineveh on the tell you that today God means exactly what he's saying that he wants to save the people in the cities of the world and he's called his people to remove their energies this is not the first time he's called us to do this a hundred years ago or more Ellen White began to give a series of invitations and ideas for us to go back and reach the cities where the people are so because God lost cities is because he loves the people who are in the cities right and so we had the call once sin and sorrow like John we didn't go in the right direction for a hundred years we've been sort of in the belly of the whale regards to this issue in particular effect Jonah ran away not this is where my story comes in about my son because prior to shut Janie going to school I always thought you augment that they ran away got married but he lamented in public school means that you are just running away all the time and he doesn't and for some reason he is fast and he really gets away there was one day and I cannot explain to you why they've assigned him to age that have bad knees doesn't make sense but there was one day where he got out of the building through a cornfield throw the ball fields and was knocking on a Mennonite lady 's door before they caught up to him and Jackson came and the one time when he alone something else happened see the other thing that is securely sensitive Davis he can eat anything with wheat in it and if he gets a hold of it he goes from ADHD to like ping-pong ball ADHD since super hyperactive is all somehow he got away from one of his aides and he got down the hall he decided to go into one of the teachers offices and on the teacher 's desk was a doughnut and he couldn't resist a date the whole doughnut before they caught up to him and it wasn't just a short time they completely lost in they had no idea where he was until they finally found him sitting on top of the bleachers in the gym and I know it's scary isn't it sort of a life that were used to sort what Jonah found himself in the bottom of the ship running away from God we can't run away anymore that number is not going away so in Pennsylvania a few years ago we began to look at this notion of the cities and how can we begin to address it as a conference Pennsylvania as we look at it as a state has thirteen metropolitan areas Internet throughout the state in we began to realize as we were looking at the church planning ministries we began to realize that in our church plants the plants that were in the cities were growing and the plants that were in the suburbs were struggling to make sense because of the people better they are the more people I was a church planter and I chose to the plant the church out in the suburbs and with pretty much remain the same the good church good luck worship and fellowship with our growth is stagnant because there's more dear for neighbors than there are people but we looked at Pennsylvania and we figured out something in the very bottom line is what's telling it says that eighty two five percent of our population is living in the thirteen main metro areas and yet we has out that is where we like to live we like to live around the country and the suburbs and we kind of made that decision is intentionally still live in the country but we forgot that the rest of the story was to go back to minister to the people in the cities else the rest of the story and I've been to places where I've done some coaching I've done some of seminars with Adventists who live on the fringe of the cities that we've talked about what God is calling us to do when people are perfectly content to stay out in the country today I hope I can move you off of perfectly content I hope we can do that so we realized that we got this incredible charge given to us by the spirit of prophecy this is one fine thing is is that of I few months ago I got to speak at over Wilson's church in that day I spoke before he did so I got to put all the quotes up first and then he had now last night he put all my quotes up so users can have to see them again okay this is the one that we all like to look at there is no change there is no change in the message is that God is in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time you see that it's the essential work for this time was a name to be essential it's necessary is not when the city their work is not without of original will be the setting operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed notice the word man is his prophetic in its notion when means it hasn't happened yet but it's going to music and notice the words as God would have them suggest the fact that God has a way he wants it done and it's going to be a mighty movement when it went an incredible statement for system like to say such as we've not yet witnessed because remember what the moments were that she was through she went through the Millerite movement she went through the early years of the great Advent movement and yet in nineteen ten she comes up when her life and she says wait a minute folks there is a movement coming like we've never seen before I'm tired of being part of the church I want to be part of a movement so I began to look we began to be set up a study group together got together we began to look at the quotes and before we realized that there had been other compilations we actually spent time and created our own compilation thousand eight conference if you want to go on look at our research you can go to mission to the many .com we broke it all down you can look at the research for yourself there and see what we came up and discovered and what things we discovered was this the first thing is we found this quotation what are conferences for an reference to the work in the cities what are conferences for if not for the carrying forward of this very work it's a unique notion in Adventism because most of the via movement in terms of reaching the city says come from individual type efforts or ministry efforts of Pennsylvania conference made a decision around IRC has some people from Pennsylvania to remember to talk to I will bet they needed to see return to hope for the conference because Council said we should be brave is in it in this day of budget said Mills the way things are going to say what would start something new in the conference because we've been told to do it we believe it's true so we have to act and move forward I started looking at some other things with that team into statements and some of these are to be compelling for you to this one she said it's the Lord 's plan that physicians well-versed in the Bible tradition unite with ministers laboring in the cities and aim in giving as a whole the harmonious message of warning that should be given to the world we all know that you've Artie heard that before this particular quote is not talking about what you do in your practice writer talking about uniting with ministers wear in the sixties but that's problematic isn't it most of us who have practices because what you do how you do that by just talking about evangelism were talking about uniting with pastors and ministry in the cities that's a paradigm shift for most of us who are practitioners we have to rethink the way we do things in order to accommodate this for those of you who are students here today think about this before you ever start your practice if you get a new one and a half jobs just in your practice how do you expect yourself to listen to the call of the Lord when he asks you to do this type of thing there's some decisions that have to be made at the very start and those decisions on the basis of where you're at in your conversion experience with Jesus Christ read talk about a little bit later again to look at the example the man who made some decisions that changed his life dramatically so I look at this amazing longer have to change because the fundamental work with a conference in Berlin and try to do this I'm not having much time in my office it was funny about that is as my patients you as I do mission trips always things my patients begin asked me what where I've been and what I've been up to so witnessing to them becomes incredibly easy you know they just think it's incredible it's wonderful especially now because were to do something in you know that I've gone all over the world and they know that now were to do something in their hometown are very excited about very excited about sometimes they donate money we do stuff sometimes they just want to know what's going on really cool when you can just talk to your patient is receiving therein and you can say you know when the Lord has really impressed me to do this or do that and don't even think about it after while I don't even think about talking to my patients about the Lord because you know there's stuff in the waiting room their stuff on the walls they know that I go away all of time and in and sometimes a bothersome debate it's okay because they asked me where I've been when I come back so they know what my experiences in there okay with that they weren't that good I always tell them there's more Dennis down the road that's okay I don't feel compelled to have to be the only one who can fix teeth in the in the neighborhood now I also looked at this one because this took on a different note it says to those in charge of our conferences should find businessmen to look at the financials the citizens of the city workers is also a exit strategy from what from the strategy we currently use were conferences usually have whoever's in the conference pastors etc. make business decisions which a lot of times is not worked out right right so with regards the work in the cities and seeing what can be too much for the pastors is a people should really be making these decisions in the conferences should go out of their way to try to find business people who can do that so from the very beginning of this process ethnic office trusted a few businesspeople to come up with budgets to look at ideas of how to make this work by the way you buy the nature of what you do in life are business people you are people in authority you are people who have sway with people 's hearts you are people who God is called the leaders this is this is a job for you and Hermione ends okay why should we worry because look at this as one trying to organize the Church of God to go enraged the millions of people in the cities look at what things are you doing in every city his agencies are busily organizing with a good thing as unorganized he's arty organizing inter partes works although organizing the companies he's organizing people and parties that are opposed to the law of God B artist deceivers at work introduce elements of confusion in rebellion and manner being fired with a zeal that is not according to knowledge wickedness is reaching its item as never before but God 's faithful messengers are to go steadily forward in with their workload with happily of heaven if you're advanced fearlessly and victoriously other better words than we can imagine because I can remember a time in my personal experience when I I was fearful of putting literature in my waiting room on the honest with you I thought to myself well housing benefit business that's a feature brothers and sisters because some of us don't believe that we should be mixing the two went on saying the two were sold currently integrated there should never be separation from the start SLO all of these things combined with Carla had me with compelling argument that night I needed to go to the city do some work in the cities and alter some basic elements really quit quick here of the basic plan for city work as given by Spirit of prophecy it's a much bigger plan in order to talk about this morning but there's a there's books out there that have blueprints that you can look at that there's actually risible print God has a way that he wants us to work in the city and if we will manage the general direction of the counselor would be given the recent success success in order to talk to show you some success first off missions are essential as the foundation of missionary effort in the cities it's a foundational notion that we should have missions in the cities now it doesn't say anything about churches okay churches should be in the cities was talking on missions in the cities not Pennsylvania we don't as far as I know have a single mission what we would call in our cities until next month as next month were to have a mission in the city but look at what she says she says it's a foundational element what is that mean that means that if the foundation is bad what else is that everything you can't build unless you have a sound foundation so the working cities based on the idea of missions being established beyond defining missions as the Council does and it she calls missions three things she calls and centers of influence she calls them plans and she calls them city missions both of the three vocabulary words that are used for describing a place where people are trained to boot to do the work in the city if you want more on that you can go to there's a whole chapter on that in the research with okay so a second thing that she said it I'll just read the read is that company be organizing she was given the insight the company should be organized and diligently trained labor in our important cities people need to be sense they need to be trained and they need to be sense in groups of a lot of times this kind of work was on one person at a time but that wasn't was represented to her is that we were to go forth and as an and companies that visit that God really wants to work from the outside to the inside if possible these are some of the things that were specifically told me out outside of cities sanitary work in some essences can start on the inside but it should find its way to the outside of the city every large city if possible should have a small cemetery and how many large cities the United States have small centenarians around now you know I did something interesting if you want do this sometime I did just a every city and look up every passage is an amazing amount of things that we should be doing in every city but we are close here folks we are close with this that's a good question in the question was what does the sanitarium look like in the twenty first century and I can give you the research on that but what it looks like to us is a place of wellness a wellness center rapture changing the word to wellness Center and it will focus on the aspects the whole wholeness aspect of health not just the medical part of health and actually brothers and sisters you know that the interesting thing is widened when we do these when I do this seminar people always want to introduce start a sanitarium or start a restaurant is the first that comes their mind and really a light in and in counseling and even the word of God through the Ephesus model which I can talk to hold that about really shows a sequence of things that takes place before you jump to those things because God is a God of water a example when you open a hospital without any referral base it would be a silly thing to do with it and so she talks about having places in the cities where treatment rooms occur so that they can actually refer people to the sanitarium out how that works out financially we haven't quite figured that out yet is people in the cities are pretty poor for the most part of it is not if we should figured out it's how we should figure out and when we should figure out is it's God 's plan same thing with restaurants lots of misconceptions as to whether is anyway this is a mind map some people might say the mindless map of all the things that are going on in a in in in counsel from outposts that errors in mission ends in urban centers and you got the population center of the city in the conference involved in wellness centers a set of terms and all these things have one purpose the one purposes is that eventually it will be a church that's planted or well why calls a memorial to God is established because at the end of the day you could fix people up but if you don't fix their souls having accomplished a lot if you haven't found a way to give them us a rare practice every day if you haven't found a way to give them Jesus then we have to question what were doing as Christians okay so we establish something called mission to the many .com and I'll tell you a little bit more about that what we've done so far with mission to the many is we realized that we in many cases we can't get a wine edible wineskins and so when you go to church and you do a seminar racism that was really nice and but people are hard to motivate symptom of the work so we've actually hired some young adults because we believe in young adults and youth we've been training them and we put in an advanced placement team in the city of Allentown because that's were working this year with a downtown Allentown Bethany stood as a region that spelled out in anger from eight hundred and eighty two thousand two million people in that area we have about six churches that are in sortable on the friends are on the inside actually inside that area probably three churches are four churches I went to Santiago Dominica the big Republic a few years ago or last year and there's a city the city of socket is exact same size as Allentown and they had sixty six churches in the same demographic and I wondered to myself because they knew part of what we've done us as we say we call the city the church the Adventist church in Allentown we call at the Allentown church maybe that's it because then everybody figures while downs covered because it's got a church but instead the auto there is before Street church there's the six Street church there is each street church asked the president of the union are somehow you this is what Walmart don't basically is as were were gathering young people young adults and I put them in a company and we do most training and we get we tell them this is your area oh sorry church and guess what they do they go start a church now the church is different then our churches because most of our churches don't even know who the neighbors next door it's a sad state of affairs but in Santiago the charts that is in the community is the center of the community it's a center of influence for the community assault we began to grapple with that notion a little bit and we left in one of the things this is because every album I said that we should send companies we weren't sure exactly how this should all work strategically so we look at this quote is in every city that is entered a solid foundation is to be laid for the permanent work towards methods are to be followed by doing house to house work by giving Bible readings etc. and we realized that there is a pre- work to establish itself before the permanent workouts and we were ready to jump right in and do the permanent work without doing the pre- work so we went back to Scripture to see if Scripture upheld that and we look at something called the Ephesus model now Paul use as Ephesus as an example we think that Galloway was inspired with all this stuff brand-new but the reality is that she was able to see almost everything she had to say we can find it in the story of ethicists including the idea of a center of influence and I so I started in acts chapter nineteen if you remember that story recall comes after system gathers a group of disciples and he trains them and then he separates them aside through a slowly begins to train them where all kinds of neat things happen there and at the end of three years the Bible says that all of Asia heard the gospel of Jesus Christ is a man so the first thing we need to remember that isn't worth gaining for Allentown we might get Pennsylvania because this is God 's work but something still missing rights I went back to the store and I realized that before that happened that Pauline von Ephesus before and he left the team behind the over the team was a quill and Priscilla they were traveling with them and he left them behind and they started to work before the company came and were in the answer realized that there was a parallel to that in counsel 's new project is only talked about a certain couple that would go in the city view member who they were the hassles they going to the city and the starter work in the city and eventually a company would come they would develop company in the work would be continued so we decided that we would start with a group of young people who are advanced placement team article of facility work the hassles and we would have them prepare the way for establishing a mission and also for larger company to come into the work week citing as an way here with are encountering in the city it's amazing all the sudden my whole life growing up in Pennsylvania and everybody has said you know what the reason the church doesn't run Pennsylvania's as people are too hard to reach in Pennsylvania non- sure you've heard that in California and in Nevada and in Ohio we we say that everywhere no way but guess what we found out that people aren't too hard the harvest is great the laborers are few now what invite somebody up here for minute a megabyte my personal ministry partner elder Peterson up because I want you to come to get a feel for what the struggle was to get to this point in the relevant video put together this as well Peterson and to tell you how serious the essay conferences is the vice president permission and administration for Pennsylvania conference in we often find ourselves in the same place beyond that please one of my better friends in life we've been doing ministry together for years over twelve or thirteen years and it's kind of supportive notion that we can have that practitioners and pastors can work together because we been doing a long time and I trust him almost as much as you trust me sometimes I wonder if you should back off and I trust about me I don't be big because it all I'll say well I got this crazy idea same old Jeff it's your program called the cops on us welcome questions here in Iceland that know what what it has been a conference where you've been made concerning conference interested in moving forward with its mission to the men will ultimately do will really be the potential for souls that that's got to be the bottom line and when we look at their received so many souls that are just in this cities and that are not being touched that's what that's what really drove us and that's what's a driven asked for the laughs twelve years since I've been there anyways along with the rest of the team we keep trying to experiment and find what will bring on this last great movement that Jeff is venture capital and wealth it wasn't due to cock the first time through the material no no not really our president Ray Hartwell asked Jeff to research this you know how do we reach into the cities and so Jeff did the research and we sat down for two days with Jeff and we went through it all recounting God but not completely and so it's it's a learning process the more you immerse yourself into it and the more you put it before the Lord in prayer then then the Holy Spirit slowly opened your mind up and you can see the potential and how God can move when you follow the counsel of the Bible and in spirit prompts you will treasure how little hard harder time with the material and he was he admitted that he had read it until one day he was at home and somehow he got locked out of his house and so he was sitting in his car waiting for his wife to come home at all the other reason was the material I had provided him and so the water this problem is generated by psalmist at hand then we got to do this so it but it did take several times for us to and that's okay because we wanted solidly built from the word of God and in our hearts out there been any hurdles at this point that you know that I haven't what about that well it's it's a matter of you know you see it in the spirit of prophecy in the Bible but then it's a matter of putting practicality and there's also the matter of dollars nearly the Pennsylvania conference is a small conference and the way Ellen White outlines it is just that she's an excellent businessperson but were looking at this to become self-perpetuating to be able to support itself will always supported in some way shape or form but we want to be part of giving its capital startup so to speak and so one thing we've done is we put fifty thousand dollars into mission to the many and with that in the Columbia Union conference you can use that to leverage a grant from the union and if you get a grant from the union and you can use that leverage a grant from the North American division global Mission etc. those only go for three years so it's it's pure startup and so the Lord has exposed Jeff dialogue things and one of them is is that ministry must be self-perpetuating because if you depend entirely upon the conference the conferences in most cases do not have the resources to pour into a ministry to really make it work because the conferences are spread thin through all the churches and all the institutions and we have to support that will be how I was being modest about the conference also hired somebody full-time to be the field director in addition to a few thousand dollars they spoke up so we have a field director will watch this video will you remember from one as for participating in twelve hundred people came asked you to do presentations on health of the one of six hundred eighty people asked me to help them quit smoking twenty five hundred and fifty people requested Bible study for what people knocking on your doors asking you this year the mess is doing housing benefit from our health message message above pleasant what if that would happen how would I revolutionize what you do for God in your daily life has been going door-to-door listen to many of our outreach been going on visiting people will notice three for six weeks and yet the amount of response we've gotten to average out over twelve months not exactly what you would have that many people asking for help from our Seventh-day Adventist to share with them the message is that we have both health and spiritual police officers in storage with you today about what's been happening how God is using our team on the streets of Allentown Pennsylvania for those who are interested in health and fill out our survey and mark down how and we offer them a balance magazine we had to go back to ensure that with them on this particular home there was a woman who had marked on it she was interested but she wasn't there but her son was now she was you and I blessing away as a land so now he's a lot a survey as well he went back inside and later he came out he thought about these and you know what why don't you write me down as a volunteer because I love down the eyes out in the future rewards Premier 's health seeing this huge response to that but as we were going on during the medical missionary work the city people also coming through the spiritual questions and people are asking us to help them understand the deeper truth of the Bible is working here in Allentown was the incredible things taking place as guys working for some touching the use part are crying out for something better in my life Ross Alexander Bible studies with the unit Sergeant and one Zalman comes on to the question I was nineties Leon Helms as always as we've been going along with this gentleman and we many given whilst lasers he got working his life is open to questions and challenging us to even get into the word of God and by next day when we continue doing surveys and you came across the family and as they were doing out the survey he noticed over the name is due very same name as Joey Johnson from charts that we were studying with Silverstein and I was already working allies and they were into standby place now God is not the family together and we see the guys working the family to grow and nurture and follow the Christ as we open the word of God in the home of one of those good the medical missionary work isn't as much about ministering to the needs of the soul as it is the ministering to the needs of the body were finding as we're engaging people in their concern for their health for helping them to understand spiritual things more fully that there's also people that are looking for someone to show compassion and interest in them administer to their emotional needs your hanging on our last street anything and I remember it was overcast all enough on the second last door and a woman in her fifties inviting me and after explaining why was my while and why was there on exercise surveys you can't open up about her life experiences and I found out I should just recently lost her husband Jiang explained that she was having a hard time to cope with it and at that time not depressed to pray with your son has special prayer and after that prayer is rapacious than a shootout really on I could tell by her expression that she really needed someone there that time on I feel that as we share our concern the people here to share the compassion of Christ really opens up with marks and the grace of God really need to use to relieve their burdens and cares about you were depressed at about and I was using an enzyme to purchase one woman's life before I left she wanted me to come back to her and I felt privileged and honored to be used by God to be there for someone were told that when we work the city 's God would have been a be the steady operation of a mighty movements that have not yet witnessed in what was seen here now without is the beginning of that movement we've been studying the Bible study was very faulty design implement slice method in reaching you can tell that the results are just amazing has been interacting with people and were ready to take the next step in the coming month really opening a center of influence in our fellow people become dogs and he ministered to a variety of ways from afterschool program for kids to English as second language classes tutoring centers for youth and women to start doing a variety of health seminars and health education in our and our center and hopefully eventually the own open simple treatment rooms and an financial much broader worker of help in the area and and also is very exciting is coming up before starting the simplicity Institute and the school and to thank you website admission to many .com for more information so must the next step is our East people to alter or what all this our young you feel you are exempt from any train specifically for three things one for Metro ministries because they'll get to help us work in the mission secondly is we put in the course at least four five modules of learning to become self-supporting business modules and wrecks again have the students start a business from scratch and when a coach them through that so that when they're done it will have that skill in their quiver and the third thing as Islamic case and specifically a medical missionary week and were using all local professionals as Howard were doing it because were trying to make it a repeatable model is a is a is exciting because were getting buy-in from locals now I just want to clarify some of those numbers as last I partner there he is projecting by what you know that after six weeks we had probably close to eighty five people requesting Bible studies or wanting to have Bible studies with the intention was not just have Bible studies we have a whole list of things that they can check off the suggested is is is that there's people waiting out there for us to come and ask if they want to hear about Jesus and that the Holy Spirit is prepared her heart before we could ever imagine and so if we kept up at that rate we realized we had a problem because we only have three or four people on the streets and we have seventy to eighty Bible study requests sole pastor Paul Pastor Paul Wisner is the pastor downtown church how do we start resolving that issue we have to motivate the lit members of the church actually pick up some of this load and and and and share in the work we we can't leave it for the Bible workers to do in house house that they gone where some of the results of some of the training first thing we did is we we we took what we made available to the churchmen numbers in afternoon seven afternoon opportunity to go out on the streets door-to-door and do the same kind of survey work in the same territory that are Bible workers are currently working we we had twenty two people on the streets that afternoon which you know Allentown is probably like a lot of churches in this country were a multi cultural church about three hundred and seventy members by two hundred and forty in attendance most of them drive in from other places they don't necessarily live in the community there detached from their community and to have twenty two people on the streets that afternoon was a wonderful blessing we followed that up with an opportunity to take to start doing some Bible studies we made appeals to the congregation now and the seller two Sundays ago a Weston started a Bible study orientation training program we had sixteen people from the congregation who came and said you know what will learn to do Bible studies and will make ourselves available on a West is assigned as forty of those names for our members in our congregation to follow up on them and were right in process right now tomorrow afternoon West finishes the training in the congregation and our goal is to support the members the work we obviously have to motivate them and incorporate all the members in all the churches to get this work done in the right way yes exciting and all it's it's a pretty unusual to it would get folks in church and appears out these days especially door-to-door especially door-to-door especially door-to-door in an urban setting lessons is to work for and UIC and I went to USC this year and he is standing and one of things that you notice that UIC uses the buses are full when it's the day to go out and that there's adults mixed with the kids but when you get the areas of town that are a little scary the kids are off the bus like the I also had a lingering now I'd should I color should I stay and it's almost pure pressure that gets them off the bus pure pressure from the young adults but it's happening folks because it's a contagious ministry were talking about it's about people who are deciding that we've been here long enough and it's time to finish the work and if it starts with Yockey wanted it in the Army has been a long time ago if you want to take a mountain you send the young people and it's so true because they don't know that they can't do it in word and submit stories if you want to go on the blog that you can go and look admission and read some of the guys stories I don't know how much time I have four minutes akin to this in four minutes but I will tell you that I wanted to talk to you about leadership because you are leaders I wanted to talk to you about that allowing Jesus Christ to change a life like it did Nicodemus always is the lesson to Nicodemus which is highly applicable today to those were in responsible positions as rulers in Israel lets you folks anybody who has authority in the local church anybody who speaks for the church if your Sabbath school teacher if you're a physician if you're a dentist of your somebody who is involved to have a party in the church the lesson of Nicodemus is speaking to you today one of theirs five things I want point out that happened to Nicodemus in his encounter with Jesus Christ and it will only happen to you if you have an encounter with Jesus Christ the first thing is is that when we encounter Jesus he reveals to us what our righteousness is like in and we know that our righteousness is like filthy rags was he apostle Paul who realize that about himself when he as he went through his journey in life he began by most of his epistles by St. Paul and apostle of God a little bit later he said Paul least amongst the apostles a little bit later in life he said Paul least amongst the last least brethren the brother and finally concluded Paul chief of sinners is because as we approach Jesus Christ we begin to understand that what our righteousness is of no value in this process and that's what Nicodemus experienced that night if you want to have the experience of Nicodemus and you need to come to Jesus the second thing that Nicodemus was experienced this is his perspectives were clarified in any of you have a clear understanding of the Bible didn't understand what the scriptures pointed to he thought that the Romans were going take care of the Jesus was the Messiah would come and take care of the Romans and it wasn't until Jesus clarified his perspectives on the on the word of God that he went back and he realized that all those prophecies pointed to something different than what he had thought it is true that it wasn't even converted by Jesus Christ in our lives that we can look at Scripture and think it's entirely something different than what you have traditionally believed is a true statement the third thing is is it something from being fearful the fearless we find that he couldn't even come to Jesus in the beginning except by night because he was afraid of what other people would think I was afraid to put things in my office I was afraid to talk to people until Jesus taught me something different he taught me that the gospel the good news is that good that I should not have to fear to shared with anyone if you don't know the Gospels that good you're going to be fearful you have to come to Jesus understand how good the gospel is and will put a dent with Nicodemus it took him from being fearful of being fearless at the end of this time when Jesus was on the cross it was Nicodemus who came for not the disciples it was Nicodemus and Joseph McCarthy who took Jesus off the cross in a prepared for burial the next thing it does is that changes are likely some distance for forty years I thought life was all about paying off my small bells and then some I wanted the big House in the big car at all of those things and I realized when I got all I want to get rid of it all why because Jesus changed my ambitions Nicodemus had all the wealthy could possibly have it if he was that Nicodemus that was his contemporary the Tommy it says that he had enough well the carious city by himself for ten years and yet since Dwight says despite his wealth he was defrauded and persecute unity and stigmatized by those with painting reverence in other days and he became more in this world 's goods folks if there are souls to be saved I know I have a bank account one Jesus comes listen if you don't think like you look at this quote all his gifts are to be used to blessing humanity in relieving and suffering in the needy winner to feel feed the hungry clothe the naked to care for the widow and the fearless fatherless administered in the distrust and the downtrodden dog never meant that the widespread misery in the world should exist he never meant that one man should have the abundance of the luxuries of life while the children of others should cry for bread the means over and above the actual necessities of life are entrusted to man to do good less humanity are the great body of professed Christians doing this work brothers and sisters are you doing this work I do realize that everything that God has given to you as for the benefit of humanity called unto the great promise that is in Jesus Christ it changes our perspective on things but all icons if you come to Jesus you can't do this on your own if you think you can you're fooling yourself you continue in that rat race that the world is producing and finally it calls us to action it was Nicodemus who finally when Jesus and I went to the cross with Joseph about the and they talk down the broken body of Jesus Christ no longer afraid to hide from their friends no longer worried about their seed in the Sanhedrin least they prepare his body that means they took his broken lands and they place them in a proper way on his body they clean his wounds they made a very public proclamation that this indeed was the Messiah and my Savior now when Jesus when you encounter Jesus because his action you cannot remain where your act it changes our perspective on things most of these things are happening in your lives it's time to come to Jesus and have a conversion experience in him because this is what's important is that people can look at Jesus and with most you this morning last things that but you haven't begun to live until you look at spring father God we thank you that we have stories to look at we thank you that we can look at what's going on and we're excited Lord there is great things about the happen every hard here every hard here's being taught on by the Holy Spirit this morning because it it's like the wind it does what it wants the Holy Spirit does and he comes to us and he's converting hearts even this morning Lord and I'm just praying Lord that these my people 's minds will be opened up to the to to what you have to say to them because a row like this if it was converted for Jesus Christ we could be home in a few years it didn't take many disciples at Pentecost board so Lord we apologize we confess to you that we have not been converted because were still here because there's millions of people who need to hear about you and like Jonah we've run in the opposite direction so Lord turned us around Santa well to get us in the right place whatever it takes whatever it takes for each one of us burst and moves in the arena uses home brewing this opinion was using my audio verse four amen medical and was known to learn more about Nina please visit www. time and I will like more free online service in WW online universe


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