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The Making of a Medical Missionary

Rachel Nelson



  • October 26, 2012
    4:00 PM
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him their program I slayings the island my presentation politely I all been titled the making of a medical missionary friend in the making surgeon by Doctor Nolan and in the book he described that he went through Brown and engineering menu nothing to becoming a competent surgeon able to practice out I really wish I had subtitled that what I wish I had known when I was a medical student and resident but I have to admit I learned a lot preparing for that and I wish I had no infinity thing that I was going through briefly divided into three factions first the laydown unprintable I liked again then give you some practical application of these printable and then they are being that it weakened it and I think I'm actually going to get my testimony as an example let's start with some principles the accreditation Council for graduate medical education this can be a very scary word if your residency program director because it is this counsel to determine whether your program can graduate resident determines whether you can get government funding for this residency program they have a lot of power and have you heard about the eighty hour workweek that it was the sound accreditation Council for graduate medical education ACG any that influences the eighty hour work week very powerful institution that they had a very difficult job they must ensure that a physician graduating from a American residency program content and not to practice on their own and actually difficult because you got a wide variety of specialties and you have a wide variety of levels of people waiting for my cool I can miss accident a very good job and doing and in the area they haven't decided that if you're not confident in the area you are not competent to practice and permission and neither patient care medical knowledge -based learning and improvement interpersonal and communication skills professionalism and system -based practice now I'm not going to go into those areas that question for the day is how does the eight PG&E make sure a resident in developing proficiency in each of the six core competencies and then how do AVG and me finally determine one is competent and not to practice independently and I couldn't hear the way they did in the indebtedness is through independent evaluation may have put a lot of thought and study entities independent evaluation evaluation and feedback believe it or not there's a whole genre of medical literature job on how to do evaluations and how to give feedback self-evaluations are also in the class and an evaluation and Nathan daddy on what question you need to ask yourself to reveal areas of medical deficiency that you need to improve and finally they used half although I like the term crisis needs a little better than the day I believe it increases of more included I defined bad psychological condition characterized by unusual infidelity by the stress and either endangering or to endanger the continuity of an individual or group that was all a medical school at BNF form of artificial answer my own mom for something that can offer it can be real the real deal for real code complications you can surgery with the patient and see you then knowledge deficit are always most clearly revealed in a time of Christ the when I was an intern I started on the neonatal intensive care units I knew nothing about neonates but I knew a lot I had a baby that he meant what I was born with ambiguous genitalia and my attending on service they definitely can't endocrine consult my senior resident kindly asked if I thought I needed to go over how to call consult with her and I assure you I can call consult on my own nineteen twenty ten at the medical statement about any medication pretty well so I called Doctor Stein is our endocrinologist .com and cemented into my presentation he said he is an excellent application based on what I'm hearing from you the only senior figure out how to actually present to a consultant and then call me back silent not to maintain your with my tail between my legs and I went over with her what I should have done and I learned how to call a consultant had we not been willing to stop me I probably would've wondered along for lunch having no idea my medical knowledge deficit silent very thankful for that and I found that my best attending were those who worked to create an artificial pricey in fact depending down at the missionary trainees not a few Danny go through medical school I met a lot of residency I that I was a physician or physician in training and because I was a Christian and silly because either the seventh day Adventist Christian and conservative seventh administration I was a deep ball and missionary unfortunately I was wrong just as you are not a physician when you enroll in medical school I was not a medical missionary just because I was enrolled as a medical missionary with if you need to think about it enrolled in medical school and was a Seventh-day Adventist we must go through a training process to become competent medical missionary in this account of the few teachers and students page four seventy one every physician who had anything to do and got service must aim at perfection nothing short of the standard is pleasing to him the rest of the labor is when men and leadership if you are in training to act as a medical missionary turned resolutely from every temptation to be found by the superficial knowledge of their profession let them rather reach upward to perfection there is a most exact calling and the preparation must be painstaking and thorough couple key word game that means you're not here yet turned resolutely you might not be facing the right direction reach implied that an preparation all these indicate that there is a are we not go through to become competent medical missionary now how do I develop our provisions the medical missionary and how did he reveal areas of growth at the midfield and is very similar to the APD and the end of this evaluation evaluation and feedback from success of medical missionary self-evaluation and then time that crises I'm a little more about evaluation and feedback evaluations in my application section but here right now I like that but at times of crisis a little more than the mix you that I is that which interests are being successful medical missionary are most clearly revealed in time for cranky the next year that God just as lines attending often create time to crank before I talk about God artificial crises that come right he perceived success will example from the Old Testament and New Testament alike to chat one on Israel from Vail were sent to worshiping God and your nation on their knees and beg the Lord and I know where you got and then I doesn't came and threatened to kill like that and he fled God is revealing spiritual deficit to him I'm a cranky example the disciples on the lake Jesus had just fed five thousand people there was a clue however see the takeover attempt for Stephenson eighteen and the Bible for part and intellect why do the company crowned King James and crew and his disciples don't like to think about an order sent across the lake they were disgruntled guy who brought crises at the peak of their perceived success of these crimes is revealed in the back that we would not have discerned had we not gone through the crises noted for fortifying the testimony page fifty five names who have never been placed in positions of trial here to be an electrician their life theme fallen but not these that they have traits of character that must be revealed to them before they can perceive and drop them and the prominence of God they are placed in different positions the call and exercise quality of mind calculated to develop character under a variety of circumstances and not artificial crises are sent to interest trouble we are creating for ourselves that was the issue with the disciples on the lake they were fairly disgruntled with you the defendant of the votes unlike said there were stormy and unreasonable I love that stormy and reasonable so the Lord gave them something else to afflict your souls and occupy their minds got then does that when men create burdens in trouble for themselves finally got artificial crisis teaches righteousness by faith our own complete helplessness noun helplessness and complete dependence on Jesus him he is the mathematical missionary we have to realize our helplessness and are complete need independent R&D that I like to finish the cloud undesired ages page three eighty about the disciple and storm and darkness to see them their own helplessness and they long for the present of their master friend as medical missionary we have to realize our own helplessness and we have to live the present of the master and he don't realize that you're not wanting to use present just might have a trial in store for you so in summary in this section I like AEG and knee is working to develop competent and went physicians developing competent medical missionary 's required feedback from other self-evaluation and crises we should work on the cranky God brings into our lives and see to discover the hidden defect God wants to reveal to I now like to turn to an application and I hope that this section is extremely practical I found these and many sharing meanings of that were helpful for me and also check that I gleaned from other people there's two things that are required for you to be a successful resident order for medical students you have to have personal study is very important especially in medical school I had a few friends that didn't think it was so important and some of them ended up retaking a year of medical school when I was a resident I worked really hard to do more to review him higher but I like served by generating clinical questions and with their journal articles to answer them and of course just reading journal articles in general all of these are really important skills you also have personal practice you can see all they want and how to put an IV had and how you put the IPN you probably really don't know what you're doing and it kept me Hannah and successful attempt before I got my first IV and I studied an awful lot before I even tried and named thing with the successful medical missionary trainee we have to have preparation which is studied and then we must also have practice both are extremely important if you want to be a successful medical missionary training timeliness that each of these areas understudy and under practice so let's first discuss study and preparation what goes into preparing to be a successful medical missionary the first thing that you must do study what God has about being a medical missionary and great source for that is what Ellen White has written and she's written an awful lot about this that is not an exhaustive list this is just an alphabetical list then I pulled up that had available on my CD-ROM and on my iPhone easy way out they downloaded it a couple years and with that but I message to our position counsel for physicians and medical students at Jackson recent letters from sister went relative to medical missionary work out philanthropic and medical mission where writing this essay medical ministering minister healing lines relating to medical mission I work out many of you have read any of these but at least one e-book how do you read any book and you and how many of you read really I think we have to rethink their impairment among him have to admit it hadn't heard me when I was a medical student but maybe I should read these because I was under the delusion that the default medical missionary and that's just simply not true we have to study the second thing for preparation technique devotion and prayer priority we cannot give what we do not have just simply won't happen and how do you do this as a medical student and as a resident your lives are incredibly busy and especially if you're not a secular institution they aren't going to just give you time to go have division and I can tell you personally and the one thing that really helped me going through residency and medical school and I made a five minute a day rule I believe that is very important and I didn't want about an hour a day and got worried because I knew that that simply was not realistic at all times and I might miss the day and I would break my mouth and I couldn't catch up in a few hours minutes today that's two hours the next day enhance print free senior clip stimulating more hours than I gave it more hours than their RNA sending assignment in a day bow and to my knowledge I've never broken it has been extremely helpful for me five minutes every day in God 's word and there's many ways that you can do this I had a reading plan or I would read through the Bible and I read through the congregation I rented a test night is going to medical school and is always high but with a marker and when I had a moment I would take the blacker the keep up with my reading planning even if it was only for five minutes it was enough to keep that connection happen many times it was much longer than five minutes but it was enough to keep that connection and would generate Bible study during his device in time and he found that very and then he would share those with patients or share them in the files anytime you got a great resource for having devotions with iPod and iPhone I first got for my husband will download sermons on to his I found from audio person and to listen to them going to and from work and that he has been mentioned many times my father gave me a gift on my iPod he downloaded as he bought a dramatized Bible the acting games new King James and Ivy and one other women ranking for different drum type Bibles downloaded them on my iPod when I was a medical student when I was biking up to and from Loma Linda University hassle I would listen on Nightline tonight is and I got through the entire Bible on my bike just going to and from the was great then a remnant publications of the great reading of the spirit I also got a look on the Canadian series just listening on my iPod and my family does five ten minute here there and it was again a great way to get through and then on the media have an iPhone or some others might mark out and downloaded the spirit of the easy way out and half-baked allows you to underline and take note and bookmark right forearm then came out a few minutes here a few minutes there keeping it alive alive I am most importantly keep prayer is not even a priority in any office editing the public minute and then so again you don't have to go down and find a place for you can kneel down and up again you can pray when you're welcome to between patient you can pray on your way to work you can pray on your way home to the patient to see if you have trouble remembering which I I was alarmed by my silence remind me to keep a continual attitude of prayer it's so important to keep that connection with heaven and the devil is going to prioritize his attack on these two areas of your life is going to work to ensure that you can't do that you lose your devotional life and you lose your prayer life and its so important to defeat him keeping the Sabbath holy it third area preparation I might add keep it out of holy is the barometer of your spiritual health and a really easy place for doctors and nurses to slip and because I'm not very patient care and I can type from personally very easy to slip and I work weekends a year as an attending and I have to constantly guard on this point noted medical ministry page fifty there will always be gained which have to be performed on the fabric for the relief of suffering humanity that is right and in accordance with the law and he said I will have mercy and not sacrifice but there is danger of falling into carelessness on the point and it doing that which is not positively mentally how relatively essential to do on the fact that so impractical way that I found helped me to keep it bountifully it came down timely it's frankly what did Holly happen on weekends but if there is any resources you can utilize church I got word a great resource I believe many many times you cannot tell if he had down time in the morning which I did have a couple time there are different churches that have online worship service you can join I was in Sacramento and inter- online worship service you can join three ABN twelve and many time figuring a larger center the local administration will have broadcasted sermon the lesson with you have it available for you can study it and anything that I found very helpful is spending time talking to patients and addressing some needs with the goal to find their spiritual needs just as two weekends ago I was on call and found it and I spent extra time in fact almost an hour and a mother 's room just listening to her talk about her drug addiction and how she wanted to get off of that and how she wanted to be a good mother and we were able to bring it to a spiritual and we talked about how she's really wanting to go back to church and hasn't found a church and it was just a big blessing in helping a whole spiritual conversation just because without it and I took the extra time I went studying obviously sometimes you do need to look up articles pertinent patient care to make sure patient care and not just studying to avoid appearing lazy others needed that addresses while we want this to be a testimony we don't want to look like were shirking necessary duty are they one ran conferences had many time if you're presenting a poster make sure it's not as unfounded I know that can potentially be a problem that you plan ahead it shouldn't be an issue medical ministry page two sixteen track about that for money there are nonprofit physicians need to cultivate a spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice it may be necessary to devote even the hours of the holy family to the relief of suffering humanity but the fee for such labor should be put into the treasury of the Lord can be used for the worthy poor and the medical skill that cannot afford to pay for businesses residents we figured out how much we need each day and timely work on statically satisfied that money for this purpose and it was a big one thing we actually were able to sponsor somebody to go through the new start program and the more and we could never done that had we not been setting aside that money illegally found it was a blessing and then if you're not working you better be a case that is a really easy area I know from personal and how time you can be at the resident and private morning rolled around and you really want that have it right but let me how you if an even bigger blessing if you get out bed and go to church get involved in your church Hebrews ten verse twenty four to twenty five let us consider one another to provoke and eleven network not for sneaking in family members held to gather at the manner in but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching don't skip out on church so important to be there early get the Sabbath school we'd have my name and I were both on superintendents of Sabbath school and that meant we had you shall bring great motivation to get the turn time time not part of preparation is extremely important we support from fellow Christians that you think me that Jesus did not send out his medical missionary disciples one by one eat them out to buy two lady asking for verse ninety nine and twelve pellets why care about it in one big advantage reward for their labor though one may be overpowered by another two can withstand him my husband and I both went to a secular residency program and I know some of you may end up in a secular residency program and you may be off the only happiness in that program my husband I went the lamb and we had each other value you may not be married are your spouse may not be in Madison I would recommend finding a prayer or an accountability partner even if they're not in the same location or even join a Wednesday night prayer meeting at your local church amen conferences delay the ASI other conferences help recharge your spiritual batteries to get in to meet other people who have the same goals that you do and can help you along in your journey as you're becoming a medical missionary and then finally and one of the most important medical missionary mentors and I see where my medical missionary mentor that he does want to never have Doctor Kevin Brian on I had a mentor when I was in residency but in my residency program assigning each event in turn pediatric residents to a faculty mentor and a job as a faculty mentor was to meet with the residents three times a year this or how we were doing we went over our valuation we went over feedback we've gotten we set goals for ourselves and I found it extremely helpful at the right and figuring out I needed to improve and I fell actually keep in contact with my mentor is also important when developing a medical missionary to find someone who is making a medical missionary is willing to mentor you get an idea on a man members many many successful medical missionary amen find one in your area of expertise are in the area of interest the mentor you look for established physicians about the Bible study hear some of the positions that actually I had tried to heaven I tried to model after Kevin Bryant Phil Milstein China Neil medley but George in time for three all of those are mentors to act in one way or another and we really appreciated their health and very sad working with physicians I was really glad to be in the same city and Don McIntosh and my husband called him many times for a fight and we really appreciated his mentorship as well so summary and study preparation section study online material make emotions and prayer priority keep the Sabbath holy the support from fellow Christians and and find medical missionary mentors then I said that he is not enough we have to practice and I went to assure you that you do not need to start happening after medical school and residency you need to start practicing during medical school and during residency and I will hopefully well I hope that I can do that why your medical student and resident law one p.m. with easily at small group Bible study it will find at least one or two people to co- lead with you call to make planning weekly meetings very difficult it's just one person I would recommend making the content coworker and patient friendly you don't really want to invite a new person to your study and have them walk and when you're studying the market to be might be a good first five thirty and got to work through that thing might not be mighty arrests are we when we had a small group Bible study author medical school and then also during residency and we went through the parable sanctuary and the books of the Bible and many times we were able to branch out from that and do personal Bible study with people coming to the small group Bible studies and then continued serving a vegetarian meal we get hot like fire Millen we are in residency and we were too busy to do all the cooking but people really like we had a evangelism cooking schools are great way to get your feet wet with health evangelism you can do the health taught I will say they're very time intensive and require a lot of staff I've done several cooking school that day and help with one of the medical student and I actually planned one of the just after finishing residency but their weight resource you can invite patients doing patient love cooking although the value they really they really get a kick out of them you can also help with the prepackaged program and I both let out a check program we also went out in the light I program while we were aromatic listing the nonresident and they necessarily easier in and out of the box but they still require a team where you can partner with your local community and the great way to start learning how to get the message out there who don't have a already about the state for example I worked with the school nurse in the public school system who was not inhabited probably not even Kristen but she liked the fact that I was a vegetarian and vegan and I like to get help time that she arranged for me to come to the public school and get help for the candidate and give me the immigrant children she arranged for a translator and everything that I was able to go to the public school with them and give and then we you can do is invite people you're talking to you can invite them to a program at your church if you want to bridge that gap it also worked with the public health department there's well many times to have a physician comes and then an honor to do things for the community find many interest if you can't do a group out that he find at least one person to study the Bible with all our connect at least one person with someone who can play the Bible with when I was arrested in one of my very first patient with a little way and with coming firm well-child check and I offered to pray with father and mother and that led to further discussion and eventually we were able to start a Bible study with them and they're still ongoing there's still studying actually even after I left her standing with them friends of mine however here's my thing for me then I may not lot of wondering why my faith they were very forgiving couple and I know I seriously working to leave them announced the price and then I could accreditation between a that be conference Saturday on breakout session on prayer is during my fountain and the words had been a refer all you need to do that but if you listen to an audio version some ideas no come up with nonthreatening screening questions you can nurse 's notes to figure out relay and religious preferences they almost always have if they haven't asked you can always ask your patient have a preferred religion and if they would like a clergy notified of their hospitalization and that can be even if they respond in the negative that can still be a springboard for a spiritual defense and then hate with a access the medical missionary our institution and I have some ideas of the five no means an exhaustive list but I actually added to it after talking with the people here from the mid- you can find Haman member in your desired specialty drink the mathematical missionary work and see if you can arrange a way elected it is not hard to arrange a way elected as you think it is when I was a easy David as a residence I was able to go to Delhi Bangkok on Nigeria and work with that program there without any problem now the secular is working learning from secular university very loudly my husband is start program and they also have a special three-week program in the summer designed specifically for medical students and/or residents to come and observe are you certain that you need to contact Doctor Jackson they also have a holiday handle it in a leadership training program called how that is a airline program and may not be possible if you're a medical student or write but something to consider e.g. I is working to arrange a lifestyle medicine rotation Doctor Sandoval is working on that and had told me I could use his name as a reference that you are interested in a major kind that the Doctor Sandoval and then while it also had a medical rotation you can go through von Ferro is the contact person for that and then the Pennsylvania conference I'm really excited about the inconvenient conference is doing and you're interested in finding more information about what they are doing with medical evangelism in the city I go to mission for the many .com mission for the many .com and then finally you can always appear interested in overseas missions service as a medical missionary go on a mission trip amen planned mission trip my millennium have a lot of mission trip you can make your own I actually went to Albania twice a arranged my own mission trip the first time I literally went on my own the second time I partnered with address and that is a picture of me extracting my one and only two and it will be the one and only two I really appreciate Vincent Molina I would say soon regarding trip planned by non-Christians just make sure it's truly medical missionary work many kinds of medical work but not medical missionary work as you might have been respected vegetarian food and think about and go in with your eyes open if you choose to go on such a trip so in summary here's an idea for how you can get being a medical missionary we found small group Bible study leader on health evangelism find a Bible study interest offered a play with your patient ready with a successful medical missionary or institution until I go on a mission trip Dennis is not an exhaustive list hopefully in practical ways you can work on being a medical missionary I now like to get my testimony of how God is working to develop both my husband and I and medical missionary and it's an ongoing process and I hope it will be encouraging to you as you see how guys work in our lives to restart work like a medical student and why is ready we had just been elected a away we are very excited about that I plan handling and dermatology I was actively working on research with a confocal microscopy confocal microscope we were working to see if we can diagnose basal cell carcinoma using a confocal microscopy system and I had and was planning on urology he was interviewing all over the country and we we were the Academy of medical evangelist we were extremely involved in Akron home we were both actively getting Bible studies on a weekly basis and on Avenue classmate I forgot to put that there were actually also very active in health evangelism we were planning the first ship program for Loma Linda the design of whole entire lifestyle collective I have met have been within our eyes as you reach a sad disappears and that what happened in math and urology and he had no backup plan he had not applied to general surgery did not apply for any research yet even apply for transitional year we just hadn't even occurred to anyone that man because of the way I've done interviews and everything I didn't before the match I knew I wouldn't match and dermatology we were devastated absolutely that they and what Mayor hurts so badly was we felt God had led us down easy we thought that doing the right things would lead to success we failed and that banning forgotten which you would like to exceed and I chosen career the recent era can match since urology is taken a fairly controversial stand hunting without a fully prepare your medical student allegiance to the management taken that and we would for sure exceed in his chosen career when not needed the harsh reality began to think that we had no job lined up for next year and being a away and having an M.D. after your name is great but without a medical lightning which require some sort of internship it doesn't put food on your table him but now have been Bear Lake with assigned will work in blabbering about this one of my friends that we meet at the children of Israel had very similar they had a very more like to share their story with you we think that in paycheck and profit right after they'd been happen from Egypt for about a month and gone through the Red Sea and cattle were chimerical and now they're in the wilderness when it's in Israel had been a month in Egypt they made their first encampment in the wilderness there is no provision had now begun to fail there was anti- herbage in the wilderness and their flock were diminishing how was good to be supplied for these vast multitude filter heart and again they murmured I suffered from hunger there wants were supplied but they feared for the future they cannot understand how the vast multitude were in their travel to the wilderness and imagination they fathered children vanishing I never hit me before and how I went through experience starting is not a pleasant way to die it really is a think about eleven million people out in a wilderness work that was in stretches of road between California and Colorado were looking around and there's no grasp there's no water and it got all the animals that are dying to the otherwise I want to and they realized that women have used our mind that all enemy driving in Europe Christ is eight when you never but it really aches when you see your children suffering and he occurred to me my face with a whole lot weaker and I thought again I've never been that close to starving North might be weaker than you thought to I was questioning five leading at all covered and I had all of California's social safety net available to keep me from starving noted though the practical application that Alan White makes many look back to the Israelite and marvel at their unbelief and murmuring feeling that they fell when I been going grateful but when faith is tested even by little child they manifest no more faith and patience and in ancient Israel about with me I was murmuring I could you know God is merciful he supplied food for the children of Israel and he supplied jobs for my husband and I that we ended up at UC Davis completely private and slamming you going to stories AA it was truly providential and started a urology researcher and I started pediatric residency and would like life is going up but we still haven't learned the lesson God intended the humor I act enacted urology again and then he didn't match I get free time maps I started getting a horrible pediatric clerkship evaluation I mean terrible one of them called me addicted blonde another way and I didn't know how to get along with other people I understand that I am defined in attending and beginning the Mercurio but they were all there and then we were experiencing failure we were doing the best we could but I just wasn't good enough we were shattered it was a really hard time but went through major depressive said where we tried I mean my husband his till you cry outcry we were trying so hard and we were failing it wasn't that she just and we realized we slowly begin to realize that our founders were due to pride major pride we had been doing everything right and I desire we were not many others in a hurry when you see other people the Utah thinker and related if you are succeeding and you're not married and hurt because of pride with very poor something about Brad we rent the materials I told you already we had no idea what a medical missionary practice would likely be dead or is really good we definitely had an attitude of superiority as a medical missionary if you have an attitude of the Imperial I will be a fact that you cannot when patients receive that and I had to reveal at and what they call assuming that both candidates have been pretty hard not to now that person will so I started reading ministry healing and was reading and rereading the chapter in contact with others you have to rent that you have in any evaluations that they hear neither dealing with others read that chapter and I did my best to put that into practice and I both began asking for feedback we went to average I had to go to every person again but the terrible valuation nineteen myself and say what am I doing wrong out me tell you is that he cares about like Christ to know it works God help us I was shocked when he asked me to be exact to chief resident I was shocked and that the very person he is definitely one of my worst evaluation actually turned out to be my strongest loyalists advocate wind up working together calling and then Eric given a general surgery spot a complete miracle and then he went on to match in colorectal surgery currently doing fellowship corrective surgery the story 's not finished I think we probably have a few more trials in store right now in the fighting way to Doctor Eric manages a scholarship that time refinery the Council but no we don't have it all together yet we examine ourselves that the weather when faced with the testers felt as if that's even part conclusion becoming a medical missionary is a rigorous process that may think that artificial crises and allow him to refill your hand deficiencies that he put into practice what you learn but most importantly pray that one finish with the paragraph about prayer never should we begin the day without committing our way to our heavenly father hand Angels are going to watch over one unconsciously we are in danger of exerting a long insulin the Angels will be by our side prompting the better course choosing her words for it and influencing our actions that are influenced may be a silent unconscious but mighty power and drawing others to Christ in heavenly world thematically it's in your new this media was using my audio verse four amen that is medical in the morning to learn more about me then please visit www. amen it is done in like there was more free online services www. download universe


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