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Joe Nozaki



  • October 26, 2012
    4:00 PM
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my father was a pastor he had come over from Japan and around the turn-of-the-century and and he wanted to stay advanced farming but then before he got to Canada this ship propeller fell off so here okay given set of several okay and sales start over and a DJ reaches kid my father came from Japan around eighteen at nineteen hundred shortly after that to study advanced farming so then about the seven eight hundred miles awesome candidate ship propeller fell off with no radio and storms coming in the V passages there about a hundred of them based they didn't believe in God my father was oblivious he didn't believe in God either but no matter what they're praying to some God and after about seven or eight days they thought they had died out there the winds were blowing them toward Alaska but the ship was a very little horn because they had no radio at that time and so so their children to Vancouver and at the ticket of the ship couple weeks later down to down to San Francisco for my father had a hard time imagining coming in nineteen hundred eleven advanced farming sites are they better learn the language so there is a Mrs. Smith a devoted Adventist school teacher who taught the Japanese immigrants every day than on Friday she gave free Bible less so my father he thought well I'm a Buddhist I'm not been a change that I want to know what's making her take she was so sweet and kind but out of that came four for the five or six young people became pastors and that became one he died a little over a hundred years of age but his burden over and over again he says in Japan they have less than one percent Christians we need to do something that was a burden of his life and he wrote five or six books he distributed them to Japan South America Central America having to do with the Bible doctrine and our churches of God 's remnant church experiences of people who became Christians etc. so he published about two hundred thousand of them and distribute so I was looking at Internet the other day and I think what I wonder how many religions we have in America nor in the world analysis and one article said well there are twenty two major religions but there are one one writer is there a four thousand another said there are four thousand yen the medicine thirty thousand so in this world of confusion we have been commissioned by God and here I just like to read it quotation by Mrs. White on the precursors and profits in Abraham 's affection for his children and his household linen to guard their religious faith to impart to them and knowledge of the divine statutes as the most precious legacy he could transmit to them and through them to the world so the prophets of old and part of these divine statutes after Abraham and even before hen and Jesus came and he gave the same commission to us and this Abraham felt was the most precious precious legacy that he get to have his children and to tell us so I'd like to relate a few things he stories you know I i.e. arrived here last night and so I enlisted but at least I had the CD of the CD of the program the pastor Wilson gave but in trying to follow the Netscape Medscape I missed a couple of free will it I had to make to make a left turn but I couldn't because the cars Lane son Mister freeway I missed another freeway so it took a little bit of effort so this morning my brother-in-law was my classmates and Escondido he and we left early this morning different print this that we watch that and then then scapegoat turn right here turn left turn right and left so many mild but we finally got it without any mishap in the world with those over thirty thousand religions in the world where privilege because God has chosen us to spiritual legacy and as Ms. White says a knowledge of the divine statues is the most precious legacy that we had is that wonderful of all these thirty thousand religions God has chosen us it's awesome and I'm so thankful that we have the privilege of doing what little we can I personally feel that what I've done I'm eighty five comments don't part part-time practice but is less than the drop in the big ocean of people in the world today and yet I'd like to mention just the story that Marjorie Lewis Lloyd in nineteen eighty and that this and by the Pacific press she told the story of a cat or kitten in the nap the next and she was at that one of the busiest corners Street corners in the world and that's Broadway and forty second Street so it big cat would step down and then step back because his buses taxis cars just whizzing by and the police saw that and you quickly put his hands up and stopped the traffic you cast it across the busy intersection so Ms. Lloyd mentioned in the same way this cat didn't know that the laws of the city New York and stating there were behind the cat so that he could go to safety so as we think of our awesome God in heaven is holding his hands out to guide and protect this and I'm sure than in each of our lives we have noticed time and again how God has intervened here in each of our lives every morning I say the Lord 's prayer contemplated and I just like to mention one thing you know when we talk about our father which art in heaven it includes everyone doesn't the patients the children the older folk everyone that we meet that we come across as very important so we had to show them the love some of them but obnoxious patient that we might have their lonely because they are brought up that way and so we have to show them the love of Jesus and once there one can bring many more people because they are used to being treated that way is not right what a privilege to have our father in heaven and hallowed be thy name when I was isolated from and this before was called many missionary college background nineteen fifteen that that time I had a chemistry teacher 's name was Doctor Holland and he told us this experience that in Battle Creek when he was there many years before when Ms. sweat was there there a single lead oh the whole will we do you know that can write within to stop everyone it's not enough no no she says when receiving holy holy holy wherein the presence of an awesome God Revelation four eight says holy holy holy Lord God Almighty is that beautiful and so it's amazing that he has chosen you and me to his to be his representatives on earth and is awesome to know that enter carry-on divine statutes and to share this with other people that I will be done on earth as in heaven I like that part because in Romans eight twenty six and twenty seven this is the unknown what we should pray for so the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us according to the will of God the next for us Romans eight twenty eight is all things work together for good to run the love God to those who are called according to his purpose and so I set my plan for this day but dear God please change it anyway you want is that wonderful we serve an awesome guy that is handed out there and I like the text in the Bible it says on the extent Jesus he holds us in his hand the father in heaven is and no one can take enough of it if we choose what a wonderful loving dogs in behalf so value will be done on earth as it is in heaven as they are daily bread Jesus said I am the bread of life so I tried to sing myself seeing myself you know about SVGs that come to my heart and then asked for the Holy Spirit because Jesus in heaven but he speaks to you and me through the Holy Spirit is downright and then advanced that I word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you and so with all these different forces in the world to lead people astray we have the Bible right and it shows us the way so were safe and I really had to study this morning to turn right turn left three ten somehow here we got here without a mishap last night we had a hard time but he's given us a guide and it's so wonderful to have this guide with us and me the Lord since the swipe a spokesman for God right so it is God speaking to us and so as I talk to patients about medical problems then I'm just so thankful to choose a rehab to choose it we have the world is beginning to find out hundred hundred fifty years later you have fruit and vegetable that is the best track are you with me is that awesome and and so is as we witnessed to patients from day to day I'm so thankful that we had the Bible truths and the help message forgive us our debts as we forgive her debtors forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our processes of the Catholic Bible says so those principles so good and then forgiveness and then lead us not into temptation and I'd like to just mention two things about two mistakes that it made life and I mentioned that to I spent over thirty years in different parts of the world my wife and I went after seven years in South America and I came back and I went into private practice for eight years but then I I went to an emergency room in our Canadian Southern California of Alhambra and there are several Adventist fellas fellas and us some other doctors there and they're all investing in at one doctors come when whatever it was I don't know what it was and so sounded so good that I've saved seventeen hundred dollars in after seven years in South America that was my life savings okay and I couldn't quickly put it in their on Monday focus Friday ticket Friday afternoon on Monday it was worth less than half so I learned the lesson is twice as don't invest in stocks and bonds now member of it I went to medical media nudity in them Boston and when my classmates and you tell me that he lost everything that he had realistic opinion stocks and bonds and another class in California Dems another lesson that I learned was when I wasn't practicing eight years in California and alert less finances and so there is a gold mine in Northern California and so we went up there and have lots of big equipment and the gold my madness there was making good money so I spent five families spend five thousand dollars to get it out of litigation and another five thousand dollars deposit with the understanding that if I didn't back out and they give me the five thousand dollars that to make a long story short before I started pouring money into that I thought I'd better check to see what was like this I was shocked to see what she said so I called Doctor Philip Chincoteague use of family practice doctor class of nineteen twenty eight said Doctor Jane I'm just going to build in this cynical gold mines when you think boy he says he was a follower Ms. White Sosa says the zoo of Ms. White says so I I product those quotation that she instead she talked about a young man in Australia who was invested in Goldmine but then he said one night when I make my name when I come back she never heard from again so then you select this you say Ms. misplaces have nothing to do with gold mines I said that I'm the all the prophets of the Lord said what does that to me and hence the I read it okay I got the message have nothing to a gold mine so went home and I call them they sent me the five thousand dollars back shortly after that they called me and said all that heavy equipment the minute when everything else has been stolen second Chronicles twenty twentieths is believed as top profits sociality prosper in that wonderful that you and I have someone to give us guidance this day and age I just like to mention a few things but I just like to mention before a suit by patients each day and I'm part-time prepping for six doctors in private practice and their family practice that I always say this and it's the Psalms nineteen fourteen let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable into the old Lord my strength and my Redeemer and I said another prayer even in front of the patient story say let your light so shine before men that they may see your good work and glorify your father in heaven so as I see the patients from day to day that is my prayer so whatever I say I only said because I want to glorify my father which is happen right sunlight dimension on patients and name is John and he worked in a ship repairs facility in Guam and one day I was called and he had a needle and to make a long story short he slammed his hand on the on the ironing board and the needless and he broke the needle so that ER doctor had a hard time finding it spent quite a bit Simon so finally they call me to the ER and I taken to the extreme they took it out they said why don't you numerous similar next week and have the switches and movies ensure and then was taken the sisters either the stitches can ask a question do you believe in Easter yes I think is a good time to talk about Easter but it's a pagan holiday season that's right I gone into this this broken thing because of that and what it happened was in the and and he and Hamas the is whether they can go to the tube to the Cathedral on Easter Sunday is my might I don't believe that in an thesis anyways I've been reading up on and she's about if you really believe the Bible such as those honor your mother and your father okay all right so then said okay and the beautiful but it said on so is it he was so said that his life to set with the new online importance is set down since I told in a hurry saying so Brokaw so anyway do they waited to continue when the mother can she says I I want all know are not going to go to cooking from unity in reducing the life took told about this needle problem I guess maybe not does that make you go anyway so anyway that's how emitting the decision I have been going to seven different churches trying to find answers to the Goyette 's stenography but for the questions and he says I I just I'm about ready to give up on the Bible is nothing more that I can staff you know what I mean and so I said I love questions so then we met on Friday night and so units by couple of coworkers were there so they start going and then we've given the answer from the Bible while these the first time I found the seas that I've been looking for his own about your church tomorrow is tomorrow Saturday yet but I want to go Shiite days until event is the largest church in Agana that you have a small interest in the clinic uses well I thought it would enlarge his church when he came to the clinic church and I remember the sermon the rich man and Lazarus read that the rich man and the publicans and after you split that was a good sermon he said I have some more questions are written down so then the next question was I'll tell you what when it's come to my home say came to my home in the answer so we went over the questions the first question is likely keep the Sabbath so I just shooting from the viruses that's right this no question about that and ultimately became the seventh in his net wonderful there is another lady called barefoot and can and we were having a Bible study with a couple to couples and we finished eleven o'clock at night as his doctor uses I have a question yes what is the six six six 's I want to many different churches I want to priest and I spent years and I can't find an answer and you didn't just give me one or two words now give you the and and not tell you the answer I said not just to give me the answer is in the eye can't tell young one or two words it'll take a couple of hours because I need to go over Villa foundation before mentioned but it is such uses will why not now so yes you this is fine so we went over Daniel seven Daniel eight Revelation eleven Revelation twelve at one o'clock we finished she says I finally found the answer is that wonderful and I lost touch after that for sure fine but then there ultimately baptized in treasures the fee for members they own coupled business Theron Von but the cosponsor isn't that wonderful and so see one sows but the other reach but the glory goes that God is not wonderful and so I'm so thankful that God is so good pictures of them but are still solid I I met one person in Taiwan in using American young man about twenty five said how come you became a Buddhist priest is well because in my in my church they teach that you're going to hell in a burn and burn and burn and these that does make any sense to me and Plessy says I'm not a carnival I'm not a harbor on it I don't need capital sorry wedding and by that while in our church they say that the bread action becomes the body of Jesus Christ and the I went back and forth of the priest and finally just gave up on Christianity if God is no torture people for ever item on any part of it became Buddhist precepts are admitted that I just been momentarily but there are people out there who are longing for the truth of the Bible and I'm so thankful that God has given us the Bible the health principles from his wife a hundred years ahead of time that a patient will the months ago and he was a pastor and uses you know this pastor friend of mine is at a heart attack and after that he had some theories again to have another stent put in science at all and I love to meet him because you know the story about Ethel Stein to people having a heart attack and they've already had about twenty fifty cases to make it short who who are too too sick to death to have surgery and they had to go home to die to have hospice care is a heart some so bad with their place on the big and I and at the time that that the report was written by the way that sports overnights in my view what over at that but so the studies are shown that heart attack the number one killer in America can be reversed by without medicine and in the number one killer number two killer 's cancer and that DVD sales about it triathlon woman who had advanced breast cancer with metastasis and she was told the only thing that you can you can have to save your life is to have chemotherapy and radiation therapy she refused them both and she went to see Doctor McDougall and she heard about or read about so he put on a big and that the cancer shriveled up and went away that wonderful so and I told her story to a Baptist wife just three or four days ago she weighed two hundred eighty two hundred eighty five pounds and she had been trying hard to the sorry and tonight I also told her about that eat you heard about the green green vehicle smoothie revolution very interesting people of loss land Rob vegetarian diet he lost a lot of weight fifty hundred pounds the times we have patience young children who are doing very poorly in school have no goal in life are those that may have finished high school and still have no goal in life and their struggling along to any do I just love these patients is like to tell them about ten cars you know the story Ben Carson Township Yangon Carson came from very poor home users and then set on telling that that I encourage them to read his life story look it up on Internet here with here is he was getting D's and F's but by using his time wisely and by reading he actually became world-famous and now has fifty different doctor degrees all over the world is a documentary about him and put up a Johnson & Johnson so as we meet these patient stated by day it's a real privilege you can see God working someone said are you try to save the world absolutely not a godsend this patience is not right and so we had the privilege of sharing in the love of Jesus had one lady come to Manchester dock all I want from you him pleasant sleeping pill about that nothing on this first week and she said I was my mom was a Buddhist my father was Irish and I I remember seeing my grandma come to me and talk to me and so I said what do you believe the Bible is certainly the Bible that's oblique Buddhism so when you get into the person that so I asked them if they believe the Bible inside Thomas can I tell you I believe the Bible Oslo can Internet the other day and it said there are two thousand five hundred predictions or posses in the Bible of which two thousand have come true as the Bible said on target on it if the Bible accuracy is two thousand one hundred percent true then whatever the Bible says with five hundred more processes in the Bible will come true and so as we talk to them tears into their eyes when the landlady this last week chooses crime throughout most of the time and so when I have patients that are in that type of position what can you tell and connect to share a little bit of the above and how I deal with them I tell them can you picture your car outside can you picture living room and home in your mind yes what you showed me you have one hundred percent control of what you think of your right can I tell you a story that area many years ago and since it's sort of the just the story with this to the puppies you watch them play and they're playing right 50-50 on top of each other in the article and on this is supposed to take one puppy put them in the garage and close the door every day you go out there and get very minimum food RAM minimum water he gets weaker and weaker but hypothetically but then the puppy in the front of the house to give it everything it needs against big and strong fat okay now after month when you let them play in the halogens can be on top of sleep a little in this bigger and stronger that's right so the black and if they believe advances you know the Bible tells as the solution to many of these things the Bible says as a man think it's so easy you are what you think so so then you are what you think and so then the article women to say think of five things that you are thankful for the Bible and Philippines forces in everything give thanks and so while I'm thankful for my wife firm for my husband for my family I'm alive for my parents etc. and I said what you know and I drove up here from where it was it to one of these outlying clinics and I saw these cows and horses and whether they had the grass well do they have strong bones did they need to know they has strong bond to the all in the protein yes but where do they get it they get it from the grass on never thought of that and we God loves us so much we can these sharp crazy mangoes papaya you name it plums and prunes and and oranges and things and no engineer could make an orange pineapple and if we plan that are in seed in the ground next year you might have a couple years might have a hundred or thousand of them no engineer could make that it takes a creator and so God loves us that's why he gave us all these things just one year I never thought about in the water that we drink its ocean water that that we can't drink within the way that God made it it evaporates that against gravity is brought here by clouds and drawstring drive is pure and if there's no ranges have to dig in the ground in this summer should be thankful for we go on and on and on and on they realized that there is a documentary lesson here's come down and see wow and so at the end of this lady that that wanted done tranquilizers sleeping pill as well would you like to try to know I can handle it now would you like a tranquilizer now I can handle it and just this past week the same thing as he wanted no no no I think I can understand I have is that wonderful there's so many things that we could be thankful for the beautiful birds the beautiful trees into my laundry and CEO deal of federal water then there's water in the ground as well these trees are there if they were all the same size that would God is a God of love and he loves us so much and so I had an attorney he smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and I told the story and in that way on that story how much you spend the day while five dollars they are led whatever it is a related patient is interested parties to make a bank visualized smoke now a good idea grandkids wanted just whatever it is since the situation and that's an honor to get a mayonnaise jar and put secret bank and and then put put your five dollars daily derivatives at the tender age of fifty dollars you can take them out and they'll save on I haven't seen you smoking very much ongoing it has second smoke secondhand smoke but then after fifty eight at ten days and so you can take them out say that you figured out that but that money has nothing is smart in that love that some money that was my cigarette money alcohol money whatever you know I could because I love you I love you and I want to be on the sea grew up and I want to and I want you to enjoy your grandchildren right and decent hand that makes sense that makes sense yeah I think I'll do that in Soviet anxiety anger whatever it is I just tell them that love story and they just love it and I had one lady touted as the cup with his client at Houston under the changed my life I'm one of a lot of this caffeine that I talked to him but Kathy and I meant to put this alcohol and was startled we have been commissioned by God to share the truth of the big caffeine alcohol you know it just happens every day and I'm so thankful and understand that Pentecostal pastor a lot I just might mention that when I was in Taiwan I had a Pentecostal pastor of them one of when it was church members this patient of mine so they invited me to go to the church so I went there for about three to four years everyone tonight I'd give the prayer meeting is a you know what I learn things that have been the Christian for thirty thirty five thirty one years I'm learning things I never knew before I choose the five or so profound so beautiful and so one day he said you know you haven't talked about the Sabbath of the speak in tongues every printing and criticizing the fan he said would you discuss the Sabbath of course I'd be glad to but I pointed them out after that is your right that's a hundred percent right I never knew that but if I except the Sabbath Deacon the Sabbath giver and lose all my congregation so I left I had left it when I was there I was friends with them another Pentecostal church pastor who had churches in northern Taiwan and he said he had seven churches in New York and he said that event at one time and one of his churches someone was speaking tongues in someone's translating and you recognize that as someone is an ancient Chinese language dialect and they were cursing God is to stop it you don't know what you're translating this man is there woman with his cursing God please stop it the pastor told me that before I went to Taiwan I was in Singapore and ninety single fellowship with a Methodist pastor youth pastor and he told me that in their church they they had a division that was for twenty five years that that have to believe that speaking in tongues and the other half did reduce it in my church someone was getting at and spoke in someone understood the ancient dialect again in Chinese and he was cursing God and everyone sing amen hallelujah so you know we have the truth the Bible tells us what is truth I think that's wonderful that we had the privilege of sharing and so went on I visited the Pentecostal church in Fresno and he invited me to his Bible studies to want to come for them men's items and they love the Lord they love the Lord and so sometimes we Adventists don't mix with the people of the other world but each time used he tells me back to my sake let's get together on the state of viable link you to see what I mean so I'm just waiting each whenever we had a chance we'll get together that God has given us a message for legacy spiritual leaders see that we need to share with the world I think in terms of Ezekiel thirty three five to seven Jesus Christ is in heaven but he uses you and me to share the gospel and sort of privilege it is for you and me to be sons and daughters and King of the King of the universe so each day you know I don't jog that I understand John's got a hot aggression and our friend level but each day as we see our patients when you see the love of God melting hearts it gives me a high and if you can hardly wait it's such a beautiful experience as grades that you and I have a letting each one know that God loves them and young people than when I talked about yeah that's good I minister media and the start in unending that wonderful and so as we stop and think of it we have a God in heaven and he is holding the universe he is all of heavens angels to watch over and you and me with billions of people that need the Lord he gives each one of us regarding Angel to lead and guide in the Holy Spirit to lead and guide so I'm so thankful is my prayer that we may continue the work that Jesus asks us to do as Abraham to do Jesus asks us to close indeed thank you for your patience in this video was produced by audio person or a man Adventist medical and him I learned more about me then please visit www. nine and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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