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Sleep Apnea and Drowsy Devotions

Rod Willey



  • October 26, 2012
    4:00 PM
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him to be what everyone here today and blood seemed to be a part of a man I've been to a couple of their time they've had early on quite involved with the ministry and in our own area and is unable to get here as much as I would like but it's been fun to get to know some of you better and and meets new friends in and move forward I don't really have in our love to talk more Americans are pretty fast to get this through and so I would like to just begin with with this session by just telling you that I was a general dentist for some twenty seven years I've been there done down all the things were here I found something that it just became my passion about three years ago and that was the obstructive sleep apnea I started off with a five-year course invokes orthodontics and with USVI and did a lot of orthodontics throughout the years in studying how childhood development everything goes with and then I can lead me into orofacial pain and treatment TMD did that for many years along with my general practice and that what I started learning about obstructive sleep apnea was like a lightbulb came on as I start realizing all the things that I had learned throughout all these years just all fit so together so perfectly and make such incredible sense when we realize how the airway is is formed and structured and incredible responsibility and privilege that we have as dental professionals to be a limit to add a difference in a person 's life and impact in in a way that we never could with other things I mean it's incredible to be able to make someone's smile better and yet I am waiting given the mirror and seeing the tears come down and and all that is very exciting to see you to have that very rewarding but to be held to extend a person 's life to build a fave I really have patients come in with tears in their eyes grown men and look at you and and say Doctor thank you so much for changing my life I mean it is one of those moments were the children workers find make such an incredible difference I like to begin just talking about drowsy devotions in particular regard to disseminate we were asked at garden if you send me here just a year ago and my wife Donna and I went on a tour and we would address that I can earn Valley in his youth led to the garden center mean you're looking across the the Valley and you see Jerusalem the walls of Jerusalem on your side and you can't help when you're standing there looking through the whole thing to just be overcome with emotion realizing that this is the point where Jesus was that when he on Thursday night after the supper went out the disciples and went out to the to the garden and then he told all the other disciples say there any left that he took on with Peter James and John asked them to go with them so Peter James and John go with them and then you remember the story tell them to wait here and watch and pray as he goes a little further and so the disciples are to stay there James and John and Jesus goes and pleads to the father about it this if there is any other way this cut can be withdrawn from the end you know so delivered not my will but thine be done all these things and it becomes accurate memory comes back in with you Friday finds the disciples sleeping and he said can't you stay awake for an hour is watching the actual Greek actually the word means to stay awake and so he goes back to get any spring to the identity comes back a second time and he finds and sleeping again anyway celebrities hesitate to please us stay awake watch and pray and he really in the packet is on their and he comes back a third time find themselves leaping again and he tells them it's time to go getup lets go I got tired he will know what was going on we don't know those is basically didn't get it we don't know they have a lot of fatigue that they are what was happening but the point of the matter is they had drowsy devotions for whatever time when you see when we you have things that is caused needed to not having energy level that you should have it's going to affect every aspect of your life including your spiritual lot you're going to be having a hard time staying awake in church have a hard time praying or an falling asleep during prayer calling sleep in your devotions it can affect every aspect your life including your spiritual walk so what kind of Elvis the deprivation is it because from stress having a busy lifestyle it's out there or could be something with a sleep disorder that is on their ever looking at that we have found down this is actually an old statistic the old statistic whether there with eighteen million people in that our head I have obstructive sleep apnea in the United States of which are ninety percent goes undiagnosed that is now been upgraded to thirty million people why we all know there is a epidemic obesity epidemic in this country usher Yeltsin the map of the obesity levels in what used to be that was consider obesity back in the sixties and seventies and eighties and nineties and it has just become more and more we become a fast food nation and with a fast food nation comes a lot of obesity and what comes with obesity a lot of a lot of sleep apnea echo that is going on so what kind of sleep apnea anyway exactly what is it the word apnea just means without breath it literally means stopping the breathing for agents that greater more while you sleep so we began to go to sleep and you're here you have an obstructive airway and you stop reading if you stop for over ten seconds is considered to be in affect moments sometimes you just have very shallow breathing on and considering something called hypotenuse which is very shallow breathing not breathing well but you're celebrating some at any rate I have little animation video that I'd like to show you here that goes we don't have a so oriented try to write a this is that okay so the date about what's going on here's a few of the lamination to begin going to different levels of play starting with a very light twilight sleep as you begin to go with the deepest level of sleep muscle tone goes away at the REM sleep at the point where you you pick up a child in these loses eleven is a noodle that the type of sleep were looking at so we going to sleep the muscle tone began to go away the tongue fall back you get into this point where you have a partially blogger blocked airway carvings the story continues to block out a felt completely blocks out at that point becomes a very important thing the material of the brazen at the screen matches start tell you to breathe and is sitting as a moderate he cannot wake up wake up you got agreed it will take you out of deep sleep into a lighter level of thinking that wake up completely you may wake up gasping and wake up your heart racing or it may not wake up in August taking out that deep sleep that deep sleep is more your body repairs itself if you're not getting the repair things that you need over a period of time you end up a deep sleeper repair the deprivation copy all sorts of issues that then there are borderline diabetic that the drug already had thyroid issues kidney issues whatever the issues are the weak points are about even the common cold we know the common cold is the cure for regard to let within the play arrest review body kit employee arrested every time you go in a deep sleep is not breathing it's going to create all what is that called on within within the body so did sleep deprivation or untreated sleep apnea will reduce lifespan by seventy fifteen years our goal if we want to be ninety and we deliver seventy and unfortunately many times with sleep apnea your seventy and you feel like you're ninety so can be a huge problem with that also when you stop reading it but after a while you stop breathing in your ear body is still fatigued when you start the race and selling it to my wake-up event of Brady got a brief but your body said I need I need to rejuvenate little compromise and settlement being ten seconds or fifteen seconds with no breathing now it becomes thirty seconds forty seconds sixty seconds ninety seconds it's been shown that over two minutes work for the stop breathing at night without taking a breath at all and during that during deep sleep process if you have obstructive sleep apnea from the longer the time the less oxygen you have been in the bloodstream as the oxygen level begins to go down in the bloodstream records to the heart of hearts out of whatever oxygen is left I got to get that little toe it starts up it harder and harder and harder trying to get you to go shooting the blood to the blood pressure up I a lot of times on high blood pressure and went with no known cause can be caused from obstructive sleep apnea so when your hearts working harder and harder and harder during this time when it should be arresting it ends up wearing out faster when the time to go to those episodes after a few months a few years you decade eventually it's going to is going to rebel go on strike in open heart attack and you can die from a heart attack in fact ninety percent of people who die in their sleep due to a heart attack the root cause is sleep apnea anything about it we all know people that are diagnosed with a heart attack we also know why heart attacks heart attacks happen from shoveling silver screen eliminating out here in San Diego but the version jogging dress that's why that happened the orchestra three wonder when you're sleeping and yet we know people that die in your sleep due to heart attack the course is no stress at all unless you're not breathing when you're not reading option of malevolent increases at that point is also showing that you can't yet dry maybe some of you picked it up in June there were two research projects that came out with dollars in Fox and that is the national news facility I think you have nightmares sixty percent greater risk of cancer you have to be untreated severe sleep apnea versus the normal population why would that be at the cellular level the individual cell oxygen low oxygen in that environment will cost atrophy of natural normal cells and causes cancer cells to proliferate to become active and begin growing so a low oxygen environment cotton naturals ultimate goal to atrophy that causes cancer cells to actually produce so that's what the result is there also there is another study to show that just simply storing and not considered to be a medical condition is considered to be a nuisance except there is now studies that are out there that shows that if the vibration from the snoring will cause a vibration in the end to be interobserver that of the carotid arteries cause arrest causing a ripening in the internal surface of the carotid arteries which then creates a medium that collect plaque wipes I filled up in their copying than a two and a half times greater risk of people with sleep apnea to have a stroke versus the normal population so it causes all sorts of problems just because of not being able to get the proper and when that is there any causes us to be affected biblically and incontinence can be affected emotionally because when you're tired when you do when you're when you're not feeling good are you on your game and you do not sleep in the night you can't see the day you can be the best that you want to be you can't you can't be on you need to perceive and witnessed the people are doing ministry or to take care of your family or take care of our patients the way that we would because of not feeling good so for happy with deprivation of cards you to feel a bit like you have a cloud over Tapia Connie depression inattention emotionally and we Artie talked about how it can affect you even spiritually because if you can focus to kneel down and pray you followed every time you do or to do devotions or to fit in church and listen to a good sermon I've had people as I'm speaking in church and the average doctor when one lady we traded her height and I had earned my right as a part of our congregation for several years after I got a hold of them I talk to her and asked her she would consider coming and we treated for sleep apnea and install the problem with her falling asleep but she would always come up to management I'm so sorry that I've fallen asleep and year it wasn't anything to do with the spiritual issue with her all it was simply a physical condition that she had was causing her to have those problems I'd like to begin to talk you about a person 's journey how does this impact a person throughout life I want to go through talk about Johnny when Johnny was for years a cute little guy like everybody else he had everything I great parents wanted to raise and he can be the best they can be and that majority began to grow it was shown at age six he was just wasn't quite as had been half the height that everybody else having when they was going to school and that they were considering holding them back to school and that they did for every year because he was just starting out he was very late boomer growth hormone is produced in deep sleep if you have sleep apnea is a child and can affect everything that has to do with developmental issues until Johnny had a little bit shorter stature he was a lot also immature emotionally because the lack of growth hormone it was under his tonsils and adenoids were pretty large and it was or even at that age so they decided taking the pediatrician who rightfully so got to talk about their tentative daydreamer and women doing rails too well in school so later he was about age eight they decided that really what the deal was if you had attention deficit disorder and felt that she was feeling smaller than everybody else and he would try to ground she didn't get along with anybody in school and he wouldn't get his homework done and and he just wanted to sit there and play and he seemed to fall asleep quite a bit in their think about it and he responded all the Sanchez keep them up till two in the morning until the go to school the next day how are they can act there get an incurable it ought to be on the focus problems with school and have problems with their teachers and their classmates so he is diagnosed as having having attention deficit disorder put on Adderall now he has to go to school and every day at lunch he has to stand in line and all the other kids are going to do to have their lunch that he has opposed to the teacher first the teacher can give him his little special bill because he's not like all the other kids see if we cannot comment at this young age we can change this guideline is not picked up it hasn't picked up its debt to the arch is not following is a very narrow and very high vaulted roof reason mouth breather and he he has a very small sinuses and underdeveloped his job back a little bit nothing is picked up and that is when they bring in corrective rape can be corrected through organizing spanning arches and growing job that we might have been able to change this guy 's life and a change not picked up by the time he's twelve years old by the way he's also a bedwetter because you know what happens if you have sleep apnea when you have sleep apnea and you're still exhausted especially the young child you finally hit the wall if you're buying ever find it's a chance that it can actually get a good nights rest it has been about to wake up or something as simple as going to the restroom so he becomes a bedwetter he is Lord anybody's house because your brain is that with the bed that night by the time you swell these become but he's different than the rest of the kids a little bit secluded and he had behavioral changes you got into this the Lord of beneficiaries is in the fight or flight mode you know still a little bit smaller in stature physical developments or problems personality issues are there any other learning disabilities he has to stay after school and and and get there by the way if you can keep on his Adderall long enough and it can help a little bit to calm things down a bit for him begin to age sixteen and now John well Johnson high school in their beginning talk about career days as all he can think about is housing to get through high school he has a hard time concentrating and learning in school he comes from good parents do they encourage all the way along the way you go into a doctor 's visits and all the way he's not being picked up by any of the stuff that goes on he now says having these ANAs he wakes up with these headaches in the morning you have shower slowed breathing it causes a condition called hypoxemia lack of oxygen in the buildup of carbon dioxide in the brain from shallow breathing so we went over these headaches and pretty soon he feels as though it's it get a little bit better than the Daigle Dorothy Austin comes back in both of you have sleep apnea when the pathways in the body to fight off sleep apnea is the place and grind the lean is as night Ranger needs constantly clenching and he wakes up in his draws are heard and they begin to do a little bit of popping housing here paying the gender doesn't know what's going on but you know what you think you can get to high school vigils and by time you need to know the schools not for him he joined the military is a great guy he's got the character because his parents were there and there helped him all the way along the way and they know that he is just in our schools for John known authoritatively he's a great guy only problem is you fall asleep on duty can't stay awake and after a couple warnings he gets a dishonorable discharge because the people the military think it's about that he's just disco it doesn't just uncooperative it's affecting every aspect of his life how do you think his life is spiritually we think about how to physical singles on age twenty when he gave he needs the love of his life he got goes on and if this is his commercial driver 's license becomes a truck driver in these the love of life and Pharisees is everything to him she is a beautiful person at team to be just like his parents can hardly wait to have those kids into it to live a life in two raisins of the all the vacant video everything is going well except for well is Gallo snoring problem snoring affects according to Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic has a project research project out there that shows that the snore has fragmented sleep twenty seven times in our the person who sleeps with this nor had fragmented sleep twenty one times in our she can't sleep nothing more to do but to move out of the bedroom in brief I think of an abdominal breathing when you're when you start reading your ten year diaphragm begins the contract and go the contractions driving of this telecast without the throat and into the antibiotic acid reflux problems started on medications that is a terrible mouth breather they never get the DJ Carol but even great guy he began to have weight gain good things with sleep apnea begin to take effect to see what you have sleep apnea there is a hormone called her a chemical called love then is produced in deep sleep let and allow the person then to be able to feel full not want to eat between meals not to not desire Sweetser starches if you don't have that in there you have more of a craving for sweets and starches in eating between meals he gained some weight that the headaches begin to increase in his enjoyment begins the decrease and he's completely fatigued if we had caught this at this point we could possibly have changed his life he's a young man with a full career wanting to have a family wanting to go forward we have an opportunity here to be able to do something and I know Christ would have done the relationship between sleep apnea and and TMJ so when your masters begin to contract up and back trading in the distant could to get this place position in many of you may know about unique to what you may not know that the relationship between city Indian sleep apnea sixty five percent of people with sleep apnea also have TV and vice versa there's quite a huge relationship because the body 's best way of fighting on sleep apnea is a clenched and drying which gives you a little bit of open airway allowing you to sleep and have an open airway the same time at the same time as doing as Jim and the jaw joint back confronting the bone into the inner in three years they are creating ringing ear gauging Aircon here feeling like you got here and sometimes hearing loss dizziness all of these factors that are in they're going to go to the year you attend there is nothing wrong in the areas right now thoroughly nearest is actually the TMJ here's so creating compression of that area configured in several areas start to master multiple of the temporal creating crapping in the temporal muscle due to the chronic fatigue in a temporal translation headaches in the temporal area that in turn pulled in behind me I think most behind the icicles or making out of sensitivity to sunlight and wear sunglasses outside or be in a dark room also pulled backwards in a occipital area what begins in the bacteria give me headaches and back they had that pulled in the neck muscle bacon and echoes alarming in those sores really want to sore neck muscles leads an employer shoulder that make it a trap muscles go bad which pulled on the spinal column creating chiropractic problems convincing to the nurse tingling in fingers and toes may times misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome so huge domino effect of all of these things creating all of these issues that are in there creating all of these signs and symptoms that we have been here John goes on he really wants to do the best he can for his family he's fighting all the things the weight gain is gone in there now Sarah 's not even in the same room and he done not only not only is he on on on muscle relaxers and and pain meds that he is on medication for the gastric reflux and for antidepressants for the medications for that age useful it would probably deliver medications around their all the time gain more and more weight and as you can imagine being a commercial drug truck driver when it's time to focus and energy drinks try to find out the sleep apnea one time doesn't make any house with my in a note that even trouble and is affecting and is affecting his life physically protecting of life emotionally and it's affecting his life spiritually affecting his his relationship with Sarah and with his kids his symptoms are night sweats daytime fatigue headaches facial pain loss of interest in sex TMJ problems snores all the time witnessed operating choking or gasping high blood pressure depression and weight gain it finally hit the wall after the accident he says I got you some help he goes and explains all these things by the way it is a similar calling asleep in church all that memory loss explains all these things do is to his doctor who suspects that he may have obstructive sleep apnea good chance he sent men the only way we know whether or not we have obstructive sleep apnea for sure is to do a overnight sleep test or homes they test the poly sonogram or host a test we can have a Epworth sleepiness scale with it something that all of us could have in our office it's a international questionnaire that gives you a chance of identifying people with sleep apnea and if you have a few score of eight or above in that particular abhors ninety yen about a ninety percent red chance that that person has some sleep disorder and likely obstructive sleep apnea so get his intent but the only way we know for sure is to get a man for a sleep test either through an overnight sleep sensors sleep lab I have home sleep testing this in my office we can send them into the sender patients home with them it is an accurate as a poly sonogram taken in a sleep lab is not a comprehensive is not evaluate for central sleep apnea the brain telling you to breathe or restless legs syndrome for not evaluating the neurological and well but for obstructive sleep apnea gives you the same data that you have the heat with the overnight so if you don't have a lot of comorbidities this is why you can do that again way to find out is to send him home with a test and come back with a lot of data you take that data and you send it to a board-certified sleep specialist that though the diagnosis and Dennis even if we have diplomat in and sleep we are still Dennis and Dennis we are not allowed to diagnose that is left to the physicians were allowed to treat so we would get this be rescinded to a board-certified sleep specialist he does the diagnosis and we can discuss the bad treatment options that are out there the treatment option so he is found out that he does have sleep apnea after he is sent back and then John said down with his possession any given some options is given the option lifestyle change weight loss and sleeping on your side alcohol use recognizances to be worth the exchange of alcohol is something that helps as far as the severity of it but all of those things all said and done especially in John's case he's pretty severe it is at times he has slowed or stopped breathing as in the sixty rate sixty times minute range at that point to decide that he has to have something done in the doctor tells them what he needs to have his continuous positive airway pressure with the CPAP the only other option would be surgery so he needs teachers as they go for the CPAP continuous positive airway pressure is a wonderful thing it puts pressure through the through the mouth or the nose and blow the tissues apart keeping the tissues of part it will work it works one hundred percent of the time on a mannequin about fifty percent of the time on nine human beings so a lot of people fall out of treatment and fact depending on the research data that you look at forty to sixty percent fallout of treatment within a within the first year and stopped using the appliance further the CPAP John Dryden physics but you don't need to hear the kind of guy who can make a work in always get a make a work any changes as we don't mingle before Matthew can take care of the claustrophobia comes about the trade of the nose part of the problem is that he can bring to know very well because all congested and their so he doesn't think and what began as when I got a great refresher on what a great pressure of the wind blowing out the sides of the air and sell what you have been getting a lot of air leakage as well that's it because you need to crank nothing on Titus three takes a strapping pop that knows these are just decided he can hold Ramanathan lacerations of the bridge of the nose a wake-up is known as meeting the other nasal tells us something just goes inside the nose but that same thing is happening there weren't so where is talking a lot of leakage a lot of problems with that and he can't find any heat anytime the CPAP intolerant and you have to have is a job requirement is a commercial truck driver it's required you have any other options silly goes for and by the way American sleep apnea Association this is what there is is forty percent file treatment is not innate arrogance as much as sixty percent however treatment is on their seven laceration drums rhinitis or inflammation of the note similarly swallowing and not to mention the social implications than just the convenience factor is filling a lot of problems with it at any rate John finally decides he can do any ethical surgery and then he goes to the surgeries for city has a evening I need to repeat for the taking now take what is out of the time in the pharyngeal they move them out of the way and he's arty have tonsils and adenoids out works very well for him for about a year and a half and the scar tissue goes away when the scar tissue goes away his symptoms are back and back to about an area dozens of thirty to fifty percent success new data showing thirty to thirty five percent success rate on the adoption that means earning thirty five percent are having some success with this I've never found anybody the one entity that surgery a second time for tough surgery we treat a lot of people and what about you Zen and got them into appliances that are in their four years later he finally he back to it he knows he can't get his CPAP he can do surgery there is no other options that are out there he's taken a sleep aid and try to get to sleep more because he got been asleep and wakes up with lately so groggy he thinks it's because of the ungodly grade so what do you really have to take a lot of caffeine the thinking energy drinks and coffee all day long just to try to save just as right as they await in getting more and more depressed as time goes on he fights and this time he has been an accident again to bigger accident this time he knows that he can't go on or getting disability gets disability tries to take a few jobs here and there he wants to see the kids get married and be a grandfather and be the best that he can be pretty so tired of being tired think about what this guy 's life could have been had been taught at age six or a Schneider age twelve are aged twenty for all that matter and yet here is now an older man trying to get through in the wall it's affecting and physically affecting his life affecting his family his kids his wife is not we are the hands in a few printers was okay for the blind until then physically heal their broken brokenhearted he healed them emotionally shut the captive free what would Jesus done had he seen John with his hands in his face like that knowing where John then clear out your all his life struggling with a medical issue that is gone and has taken in an inflamed him for all of his life and we have an opportunity to change his life though this is Dennis routine checkup is Dennis tell them about this new seminar he just gone to the dirt now a new something else that is out there for obstructive sleep apnea and says easy know you you know that John construct of sleep apnea he goes ahead he asked John about all the things that's going on in the CPAP intolerant and John is at the end of this role with everything elected medication list which is way too long agency talk to John for a while he tells them about oral appliances you see in two thousand and six the American Academy Academy of sleep medicine as well as the FDA approved the oral appliances to be used as a first line of treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea or as an alternative for severe sleep apnea for those who cannot you can't act who cannot tolerate CPAP it's something new for John there is no hope for his life we shall an oral appliance world client works by simply keeping a job board remember we talked about the kind of the problem you going to defend the job called back door looked like consistently hold the job for you stop it from coming back there's over fifty of these appliances that have FDA approval out of builders in my opinion three good design and out of those three this one is waived by far the best designer Paula because individual appliances it works without putting stress on the jaw joint and take stress off the jaw joint is balanced and and and and is positioned in such a way that can be a change in life at night as well as sleep apnea appliance and and and balancing the mouth of getting rid of and the fatigue and everything else that goes on that how do the work it repositions the lower job tongue palate uvula stabilizes lower John increases its unlawful to open the airway it works by two days you have two options are there you have a vertical dimension of this which is holding a job forward there's also a getting a horizontal holding the job forward there is also a vertical and how far how far open you want the job to be as you can see your your cheater partner depending on how much of us nor they are and if you know we can have that closer open vertically results in the forward or backward it works great even with people and injure the lots right in the dentures I got over fifty people at this work with venture than here it works wonderfully so if you can see you might ask the question well that looks cumbersome however how effective is our clients I go to got over two thousand of those in what we have a active recall program like you would for hygiene it works exceptionally well we have over ninety percent success rate by people being able to wear quantifying success with this statement that that they are able to wear and to getting at least a three times reduction in the amount of number times they may have slowed or stopped reading the RDI or AHI when we know what they are is what you get the position we get a job in a poor position in will will have been actively as adjustable by one quarter millimeter per time the patient adjusted themselves and I've actually got Wenger for me once you become a pale assailant later on they adjusted themselves would find a position where they sleep at all lightweight of rest and no story good afternoon energy and extra dreaming once we got both my factors there we know where and that were in a good position we started the meeting we start the job what with the job slightly fork in the natural by just barely fortunate natural light if you hear out any old buildup of the first-in muscle Starscream and they can't wear you start the giallo wittier than apply for the job slightly forward the movement forward having the patient adjust the appliance one turn per night for its uniformity time went they find deposition sleeping all night wake up rested no snoring good afternoon energy next dreaming what you get to that point ramp stop right there is a lot of allocable dog and duck to get too far forward attended voluntary deals in the back and it can code their way down in the symptoms can come back so you're finding that sweet spot what you find out they were innocent men or do another home sleep test whichever begin noticing just with the appliance in place so that we can prove its efficacy allowing us to know around the bands of your appliances comfortable DC where it's more convenient can be during your pocket traveling and it is reversible in and and noninvasive so a very good option for the poor the patient John tried this but now this is where the life that you see that we want to have we want to be ninety act like for seventy when you have sleep apnea and you struggled with it for all those years you get to be seventy like tonight I have a patient that was Caterpillar executive in my office I was doing the seminar on down syndrome patients ninety percent of ninety five percent of adult down syndrome patients have sleep apnea that tongues short next wide at any rate they had a down syndrome patient is guided and he came up to me after he said every all the citizens he you said I have not struggled with this I've had the surgery done I've had the VSC so I can't do it and my wife have been driving to work now I'm considering going on disability she has to drive me to work to get to work they don't dare drive I fall asleep sitting at a stop sign my age either hundred and fifteen hundred fifteen times an hour slower stop breathing and I can use CPAP nothing is work there is nothing else the medicine has to offer me do you think this would work for me we put them into an appliance immediately to three times reduction I got it down to a thirty one thirty is still severe sleep apnea way better than hundred fifteen and he was feeling much better then we reintroduced the CPAP at a low-pressure I minimally invasive CPAP we went to just the nasals not pillows instead of a full mask something that just goes in the nose we reduce the pressure from the twenty two that he would on which was just about to lock your face down to a nine for the appliance and CPAP we are able to draw that number down to is sex and it was effective I felt a year later this is just a couple of months ago and when I got through a genome exists for an annual checkup and he came up to me afterwards and and I look at it got through to iTunes you can put them out on the way out the door he said hey Doc I thought that your eyelids of the big guy got up at a charity came already present on my shoulder he looked at me with tears welling up in his eyes and looking at he says to me in case I was killed in a car accident what you know how much you changed my life thank you for giving me my life back chills going down my spine one of privilege Re: kidney on the dimmest to change somebody lied to that level we have given him his life back physically emotionally and spiritually in this man's case where privilege we have a being able to do it Jesus says that Johnson ten the thief comes but to kill distillate to destroy at the same what do you want to destroy our lives what this story our joy our teeth are happy that he wanted to have shorter smaller lives Jesus is coming we might have life and have it in abundance and we have an opportunity and Dennis to be on the help a group of people that there is no other help for them to build to help them and such a way as this one incredible think it's a serious condition it reduces lifespan seven of fifteen years it can bring it can cause ninety percent of people that I do think your heart attack sleep apnea will listen very with have severe sleep apnea causes sixty percent greater risk of cancer to a half times greater risk of stroke and we can help them with that as we think about what that means with our drowsy devotions when it means for the tribute into the garden we all want to go to the garden every day we went to one-on-one time with God Beltway Soto our patients if they know one and if they don't what you feel and heal them physically and emotionally you can help them spiritually our opportunity it's our privilege it's our duty our duty is healthcare professionals our duty is sons and daughters of the key is the joy of my life I love you so much I went in and I took him separated this out of the dental field actually because I had a hard time itself coordinating all this all the rest of this act of their dentistry to build to do that and to build to effectively run the Cinematical model you see what we have to offer is a dental solution to a medical model into the medical model is built under medical insurance so I thought the separate from Corporation ran out of a medical model not a general model I got medical software we started billing it medically I became in network provider for for Medicare and for all the major medical insurance companies that are out there and complete training it and I started trying to educate and I do a lot of a lot of seminars to the public the Lord blessed me with it such a privilege to deal with Peter it turns out that our practice has now grown to as one of the largest in the country until we had a lot of had privileges of being able to go inducing sin speaking on sleep apnea nationally teaching us how to do some of these things out we turn around and set up something on that is franchise were rehabbed assistances put together for people that really want to do this full-time again he again said I be happy talking whether you are not as Dennis as clinicians what an incredible time to be alive to be in the dental field as we look at the pages that are there not only are we looking for cavities about where we talk about hygiene and Perio and everything else that is in their aesthetics and all the stuff look a little deeper look over there back in the throat ask a few more questions find out if they do have sleep apnea if it's going untreated because there are people and everyone in your practices and the John's and believe me this is just one story that could be told a thousand times over if you treating children ask the question whether sleeping well for the story do they wake up they went to bed early on ADD medications do you have a small arch by the amount operators to have a record of a job all these things that will be signs and symptoms that can weaken we can literally change their life at that young age thank you very much send an opinion you have any questions I'd be happy to think someone will know how much time we have anything wrong in this media was using my audio verse four amen this medical endless number you would like to learn more about the man please visit www. nine and I will like there was more free online services please visit www. online universe


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