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Trust and Obey and Trust

John Chung


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • October 26, 2012
    7:30 PM
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it was where they have been the almost seventeen years ago as I was performing laser surgery under IV sedation by patient stopped reading even when the division and hundred percent oxygen he continued to decline I thought he was going to die and that's not a good thing as I pray let's let some blood he revived completely recent days later I was sitting in church eleven o'clock service his wife Paula said something is wrong with my husband I went to his house and I said in the dead-end it was fine and I said I wish it called me at twelve o'clock at eleven forty what was I wanted to hear the sermon that this is Saturday when I go to church the seven decided to next two hours always able to win this event and they said you know we are very impressed by your testimony would you please come and share what you share tonight amid this afternoon with our donors and night Bible study group said sure so there is a gain and I thought that we may be ten people or so but there were about that the people at least in there from all denominations but these can did was they send out flyers to all the churches and visit Doctor Chung and coming in in the comments share a testimony and when I went there I recognize most of them together all my patients and all different denominations as God loves everyone and all denominations and at that time I shared the cry cross of Christ I believe our Seventh-day Adventist church is the right church the last big church is because we have the clearest understanding of the cross of you have felt guilty I asked it I told him about some of the guilt I felt in some of these instances you know how you feel when you get guilty is fishy to get caught up in a big heart pounding your sweating and a one time I was in my mother to work it was one hour away but will only have fifty minutes and as I was going the car in front of me was going fifty five half problem the speed limit was seventy five is this guy is going to slow the delay highway and I was riding and most of them it wasn't like I do not know the long stretch of road and I didn't know why there was a solid double line because I can I can usually pass this person under the highway I have to make this I have to go faster than fifty five I passed the advice set as I write needed reason why this guy was going fifty five is right behind me during the whole time though the police car and he taught me is unmitigated greed that gets you need but they give for targeting speeding and going unavailable solid line is three tickets okay I guess you want to get reckless driving is really bad I didn't know that I could visit the grid only got one because him and the unit analyzes one incident involved other than what I was about seven or eight years old I had I told my father said in Korea we should buy poster or two draw you know what you have in the back of your lesson that was lesson the countries your subordinates will they draw that anyway so you tell me to go live by a possible as a young boy I I've seen people have and create never buy things at face value I decided saying in the political Hamilton sci-fi -ish and I just got dispute pennies saved that but I decided I think because I did this work I can go and use this money according to highlight as I it wasn't my haggling that produces extra money you know what I went corner of the street and my father said that would provide this thing isn't little boy they can get selected army towing and that I bought it I think that the poster and rest the money and the receipt to my father as I wanted to buy the thing that I put inevitable I was so shocked and he's anything where's the rest of money to the topic because there wasn't received and I don't want my pocket than this thing let's hope sticking straight out and I remember it was sold our soul terrifying elderly to two sentence actually know that's only two things out of a committed my life but United think about it if you experience all the sins of your life at one point in time how would if you would have will help if you could get the feel every single person sent from Adam and the last person ever to live one point in time I thought I felt I had to do the music this is the Lord laid upon him the iniquity of us all of us who of us all and he was in excess John Jesus 's death every man I have fifty nine two your sins have separated your separated you and your God in island beautiful daughter is gay beautiful inside and outside but I didn't feel that way when she was born I really don't think any child born next year when she was born she had this strange looking shape your head her head was misshapen and I and dirty and did I become to cut the course I did and the I never really got a customer but my wife being very grateful was with her twenty four seven as she was always crying always and when she was about six month old when my wife said I need to go practice music at church so would you mind watching Shauna I said no problem this go-ahead as soon as she left she started crying she cried and cried and cried I just couldn't handle this I put in the car and I decide driving everywhere over the holiday role I wasn't driven at least three thousand miles on how much I throw she would not stop figure from others and I can handle this girl you know I realized the other kind that was the first time she was ever separated from other than a life and those only six months but because of our sins it was laid upon Christ it separated the father from his son they were never ever separated before in history of you for eternity before under the time that's why he sent by God my God why has thou forsaken his ivory to seven four fifty three C and with his fierce temptations wrong the heart of Jesus the senior could not see through the portals of the two hope did not present to him his coming forth from the great conqueror or telephone the father 's acceptance of the sacrifice in this time of agony with the same place upon it and he cannot see the father 's face he thought this was it and somebody said if thou be the son of God come down from the cross is I really seven forty nine Christ could have come down from the cross but it is because he was not save himself the center has hope apart and favor with God instead of coming down from the cross he lowered his head he died it was not a dry eye there and I said you know a lot of things I told you came from a special booklet designers would you like to have a copy every one of their hands everyone had went up like honeybees even so I said I'd need to borrow I could buy a hundred copies of heartfelt desire of ages is eleven hundred will have you all go you mind ordering for me it's okay so you defend almost a month but I was a providential because gas would come back the following week so went back in the first and asked me was was a boldly promised and I said the other book is so popular him to a sold-out I will win to get from the publisher okay well that I want to come back next week and then the next week it wasn't there that you would come back the following week that have been happy to come back until they get the bug month later I got I got the books and I think it to them and they started there was so happy you need is the best book on the life of Christ yes it is assumed to be signed this book I will sign it but I cannot write this book and you know I think I really they do so they love the qualities that I think this book everyone would I think of the bank I think I even did one doesn't read like I think it is a store you know it just she said I I have a husband and two sons would you please give so I give it I gave several copies would you please give for my husband for Mike Pastor guess what the pastor came to visit our church was totally church has visited the you know for the last seventeen years will be heading by the city 's and down will probably have studies close about five hundred people and many people have been baptized as a result and last year with three baptisms that are for that was one of the best times of my life input is not always easy and fun right one how is your Bible study and I have prepared about the sub and I had about you know they have to believe one of them were on the web the world by the share so after I shared those the person who always came a set that left the and easily started getting angry he so using four letter words to call the world role and he said no point any as you are the center the receiver will be talking about this teaching you from the word of God in the yard receiver I wanted to study involved up about embarrassing you know I decided to write each other make all of you guys as scientists that purpose and that is me he was is going on and on and on it either this I do not want to say I've never had a cup of experience what he said was asked to true I was a less than so we had to stop the worshiper the Bible severity home and I was really really depressed over the phone I've never been that the press for the whole week and the following week I didn't think people come the dog came including this man into the study visit Doctor John I need to apologize to you all I try so well you know you're trying to be honest than is normal I need to apologize in front of all these people when I was a lost soul stunned by what you taught us that I went to the Internet and I started downloading any brought about this dignitary of any sins according to the study that I have for the whole week everything you said was right I look at the front is this amazing facts him and in him a letter home with only left their it is the last as me was how long I was going to give hello all was to continue the Bible says I said until I have done finished with my life until I have been while competing in the nineteen sixty eight Olympic marathon John Stephen apart from cousin you don't have any felt about me wounding his knee in this looting dislocating that joint plus shoulder at heart against the pavement he however continued running finishing last among its fifty seven competitors who completed the race as he finally know across the finish line at a chair came from a small remaining crop when interviewed later and asked why continue running his head my country do not send the five thousand mile to start the race they sent me five thousand miles to finish the race Congress commissioned us to finish the gospel revelation to ten says invading for the and I will give you the crown since you my father is a minister always emphasizing things reminded us number one no matter what spend time daily in prayer and Bible study every days been timely everyday number two purpose in life is when sold on a limb to Loma Linda medical school I spend one hour each day in prayer and Bible study and I volunteered to be the youth pastor for Olympic Korean Seventh-day Adventist church in LA which was about one hour drive from that was a possible four years throughout my medical school I experience God 's constant when it was time for my need to choose a residency I always thought that I would be in a surgical field is yet easy I majored in our chemistry math and art is a strange combination in fact I send most of my time in art I love the things in my hands but which surgical specialties it was very confusing for me by future reforming but I recall the fog story George Miller born eighteen oh five was an evangelist and careful more than ten thousand orphans in his life was a man of prayer and three and he had one day an important speaking engagement you said Captain I come to you that I must in Québec by Saturday the captain said it is impossible you know how it the fog is Mueller April five oh my eyes is not the density of the fall when the living God who controls every circumstance about after a simple prayer the fog was needless to say Mueller was in Québec on also wanted to have the fog lifted it was Sunday morning I told my wife that we need to pray earnestly for future she wasn't eleven issue was in the bedroom frame and I was in the living room seeking God 's direction suddenly AVA strong and overwhelming impression came to Suzy needs of the family practice what unfair that time you never even enter my mind I've never been the rotation about I think this is not a surgical field I thought to argue against conviction here with you that I do not feel like doing it that evening in the house reminded from the pen of inspiration and that her seven eighteen ninety two and oh I wrote faith and feeding are as distinct as a east from the West faith is not dependent on feeling we must honestly cry to God in faith feeding on the evening and then live our prayers are assurance and evidence is God 's word and after we had asked Loomis believe without doubt fell into my wife and told her that of your plaintiff out of practice program and the grad lab read it we have an amazing God you'll see that later on that if I cannot be better practice I would not be doing the mythology today I didn't I did the BiPAP residency and as for the hospital in Orlando and that same year that I started practice as a new faculty member that joined the residency Doctor Mike Ford who is a board certified bulletin found practice and dermatology the hotness the mythology I thought it would rely thing it was reversed time I was truly exposed to the mythology is in Loma Linda when I was in school and have them apart residency only exposure to the mythology was one very fast-paced lecture by second-year back before then I became very close friends and my wife and his wife Elaine became very close as well on the year that I finish my current practice residency at the fourth for the job and became a full-time faculty at the University of Florida the mythology program one day out of the blue but before called as John was still part of the mythology I think you make a fine dermatologist I said okay not knowing how competitive competitive it was that program later I found out they had six hundred applicants interviewed nine people and they took to residents one resident named Dinah Warner some of you folks will husband me know her she graduated top of a class a University of Florida as she had research background another from Harper when researching various and it published paper psoriasis another a positive from Yale with research background was another an internal medicine resident of Venice top of his class previous year and so on among the nine people interviewed out was by far in these qualified Oklahoman Ivy League school and I had no research background I told my wife who came it came with me they would take an act of God for me to get it there that day I got I got the word that Time Warner and I got accepted in either and later find out found out that Doctor Ford really really pushed and pleaded for me in Iran something about salvation that they it is not what you know but whom you know none of us are qualified to be saved but we have such an high priest who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty of Heaven 's after finishing three years of the dermatology residency I decided to apply for fellowship and those are graphic skin cancer surgery so I consulted with my program director Doctor flowers said Arthur applied to Scripps clinic and research foundation in Ojai California just a few miles up the road from he said he thought that was the best program in the world it was run run by Doctor Hugh Greenway I said why not only think they can do is say no you can count me evidently had applicants from all over the world including Australia England Israel Canada and of course all of the United States they interview the people and they pick one at that I apply I did not get anything from them four months side effect called I said hello this is John Chung who John shown okay why you calling why I sent my application there and I want to know if you buy can have an interview so well we will remove into that then please don't call us back J Pentagon I undergo other is the last time I will always have two days later they called me this is might have you also have the last want to be interviewed it was a working interview soon as I walked in a Greenway and even though my name is a come on it's not working because I want to colleges so this guy 's back so this credit out at the result and the United of the my grades and arrangement are likely from medical school and all kinds is it that in the day he goes on to do one line of the island pay right now all deep in a position to I know what to say and but I have another problem if you have lot of conferences on weekends Nichols Friday Sabbath and send analysis that do not say anything was a unit that is not right posted by the Greenway you need to know something about me I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Sabbath starting Friday night and ends on Sunday night I cannot append any conferences with any work on seven authorities as a C later he thought about it because that's okay I was so relieved and you know after the acceptance at another obstacle I forget California medical license eleven gone from California for more than five years at the are you applying in this I need to take an oral examination the visit between from any video okay so can you give me ahead best to which video noises have to common find out well over the top the study and prepare for this or examination I was a youth leader at article church I did Bible studies every Friday night at seven every Thursday night I prepare them I was and also at the same time sitting for my national government policy boards you know Satan constantly tempted Internet stop the Bible studies you can always do so winning after the boards but you know that the Holy Spirit also spoke in my father 's voice was important to do in this life the purpose of his life his zoo when social and use good Herald March thirteen eighteen eighty eight one soul is a definite value how much benefit of value for the Cowboys speaks of his size and hydrogen six eighteen ninety two there be no one save in heaven with the start was crowned you can enter their there we saw soul in the course of going as found in interest there you are instrumentalities seven testimonies page ten is saying but I think the same intensity of desire to save sinners Denmark the life of Jesus Mark 's life is to follow with godly encouragement and strength the Bible city continued as a result Dina Warner will get accepted in the same nearsighted and her entire family got baptized to join our church traceable for the silently California to take your examination just before going there it was in telemedicine resident who came to Bible studies every week is as you evaluate you in California want to pick this book wasn't twenty page Redbook this is the latest update on cardiology okay now in the medical consent to medical school and specialties consisted only of cardiology that may have helped they could be in any field right I said politely and I okay I thanks I got to get and you know what happened was it was for one hour drive from San Jose to some Cisco and my father picked me up and drove me there and the Holy Spirit was possible my heart manga book mean that book service at fifteen times and remember everything he says in their own in their favor the cardiologist at the questions I believe anything about anything I cardiologist no I led the lithology residence begun that is impossible and down you know I fit in my mind there's only one true cardiologist and his God and in later I score the second highest in the nation and dermatology reports only God can use an average let me perform such an incredible degree training at the clinic and a trainee and everything not just skin cancer removal but also reconstructive surgery even facelifts and IPO sections of hair transplant laser surgery and vein surgeries some of these anyone been one of Vern I thought you know I was extremely happy with all the training that I received my practice made me a more complete physician in dermatology and fellowship training in skin cancer and customer service I felt like there was something that I was called to do you know Psalms thirty seven four became much more meaningful to me is a delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give me the desires of thine heart at the design with my fellowship would like all the practice I have multiple offers the biggest offer was from Doctor Greenway himself he had become the CEO of all the scripts conducts research on alleges at you all to take over my position to train the fellows and an and he offered me several million dollars and here I was in at that time I was fortunate because I didn't have any depth on loans or anything from school as I didn't have that pressure to you don't get them good money I disorder to do God 's will and disease each of you that have become the head of the mythology and also all the surgery departments and he was giving me all these things and enticing me with money and opportunity in the and in Omaha not only about his live the clinic overlooks five golf course which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the longer you go if you like here on vacation the beautiful place but I had an issue with the sap you know you can to stop all the conferences right I said I could relate since this is such an honor they asked me what I must decline since I want to think about allocating on WB two more days to think about it talk to wife I told him next day aggravating way I can help every single person in the world but I can't you know you make decisions based on how we deal based on unwitting gain what is the best thing for me and my family not asking what is God 's will for me right you know in second Kings chapter six when Elisha was surrounded by his enemies you know says in life and taking his chapter six verse fourteen this is therefore he said horses that is the king of Assyria so horses chariots and great arbiter they came by night the stronger the city and when the service of the man of God arose early and one out it was an army sarong is surrounding the city with horses and chariots and his servants said to him alas my master what shall we do so yes there did not appear for those who are with us are more than those who are with ever seventeen and in life is afraid if you are smart phones I want to try to second Kings six four seven seventy eight paraphrased and said Lord I pray open our eyes that we may see the Zeta is as old as his eyes that he may see in the more open the eyes of the young man and he saw and behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha why did you lusciously open my eyes to because he was living with the spiritual eyes of faith in a Genesis thirteen percent locked in a choice Abraham the first voice and a place to live this is Joe that up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Jordan it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as garden of them probably at that time the loyalist of most beautiful place in Mister the garden of the and he made his decision based on what this world offers for his temporal life is but even in Hebrews ten eleven finishes it would happen note for city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God verse sixteen but now they desire a better country that is that heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he has prepared for them the city you want God to prepare you a sitting you know we moved to Dalton Georgia my colleagues had won the way both adult and Jordan is only forty thousand people there being a leader Charles from other dermatologists there was one dermatologist developed on both the it was a lot of entire I said you know this is what God has led me in this as well as the several years later a drug rep came to my office and says according to the number of prescriptions that you write you have the busiest private practice in the United States said in unveiling his kidneys is not always true but show me all the numbers by delegating the patient from seven different states I don't advertise in Arizona I don't advertise in Canada I don't know what they hear but is only by grace of God the people and how we are only busy as you are faithful you know I am God has blessed us and over the last seventeen years live help build for churches the last church was paid off about two weeks ago and next check I wrote it bounced and the recognized technology for a balanced but I hope it does all that you haven't you know in Matthew six twenty one SS for your for your treasure is there a way hard he also know one cannot think anything was right everything that we have is God 's anyway and the greatest investment we can make is for souls is your you heard of the story of had to go and Belfast Ireland and down sixteen other most skilled mechanics were on the pool on the board that first weatherman made toys the mystical fog ahead an iceberg and sank and the whole city and got the whole country of Ireland was in was warning the Sunday there was a famous American preacher in Belfast many people came to hear many dignitaries and this has her sermon the title was the unsinkable ship it was not about the Titanic but it was about a small quote on the Sea of Galilee no matter the store it will not sink it was unsinkable because Jesus was there in bankruptcy roles almost nine thousand hands and hug the million copies of her songs were printed and one day she was struggling financially she desperately needed some money is a usual custom body began to pray a few minutes later a gentleman off of their five dollars the exact amount she needed later recall an incident she said I have no way of accounting for the six foot for this except to believe that God put it into the heart of this good man when the money the poem she wrote afterward became all the way my Savior leads me all the way my Savior leads me what have I asked beside can I doubt his tender mercies who through life has been my guide MVPs diviners comfort hereby created and hinted while for I know whatever befall me Jesus through it all things well right no one are before me Jesus did with all things well on the way my Savior leads me charities winding winding path I tread accuse me grace for every trial these me with the living bread though my worries this may falter in my soul out there sleeping the shift from the rock before me know the spring of joy I see gushing from the rock before me on no a spring of joy I see all the Way my Savior leads me all the fullness of his love perfect rest to me 's promise in my father 's house of online spirit clothing more wings is like two rounds of the this myself doing endless ages Jesus led me all the way this myself and endless ages Jesus let me all the way she wrote many many songs including all the way by saving these meeting that I just read has been out of gentle Savior Jesus is to be calling you home praise and praise rescue the perishing of God be the glory and blessed assurance Jesus is mine this was discussion a meeting for her meaningful for her because she was blind since infancy in this song Blessed assurance is a verse that says perfect submission perfect delight visions of rapture now burst my site even though she couldn't seem for the physical eyes she saw the visions of rapture shortly before he died a Danish preacher pastor Ms. Crosby you wish that God is giving you the gift of sight as she said no because when I awake the first one that I will see is the one that died for me get like to live like it I'm so thankful for my life I'm not perfect by any means but not in as we continue to trust in as we live by faith and obey it of the obstacles we trust will continue to obey and then we trust and continue to remove home this will be viewing experience is in this media was using my audio verse four amen this medical management memory you would like to learn more about Nina please visit www. nine and him more than online learning is www. online universe is wrong more than a


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