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Jesus Our Health, Part 2

Dale Leamon



  • October 27, 2012
    7:30 AM
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father in heaven thank you so much for giving us the bread of life Jesus now we pray that you will see this friends only fully satisfied in Jesus name I have the Emperor decided to strengthen the Empire by returning to the old religions just given the Empire 's power the beginning he decided to bring back the worship also of the Empire itself not primarily in the person of the Emperor but temples were built all across the Empire a beautiful temple was built to Emperor Domitian in the city of Ephesus Ephesus was the hometown of the last of the apostles John Affleck John had a very previous mother for some time is probably confused by the time it came to the Emperor 's attorney said that this sexist and long been troublesome to the Empire had its remaining greatest leader in assists like there where Emperor worship was being revived so he ordered John's arrest and visualize soldiers traveling camping up through the midst of the early morning John's hillside home overlooking the sea on the western shore turkey arresting him bring him to his you create a phase you have it on good authority that the mission ordered that he be boiled oil fortunately for all of us fail it must've been quite astonishing to his persecutors that sizzling oil would sue the defendant insurgencies girl left him on stage what method they used for extracting him at the way for the all the cool of the ounce and a block and tackle in the column and a note anyway I got amounts and having been having inquired with initiative and handling Ursula K on the negative of sites send them to Patmos it's a death island we were able to invest in the mines there varies there but John and I didn't know all the rest of the apostles that he was still living we might ask yourselves why was he still alive was because he was Jesus Sandra and we immediately impossible but actually it's true the reason he was still alive was because he was Jesus a but why was he Jesus favorite cause you do need to he was very young man was following Jesus still in his teens and he worships Jesus young man of worship many many many items and all of them have led them astray this young man worship the one outline we can safely worship managers so near to him and idolized him regarding him and follow him and Jesus of course allowed him to draw closer and closer because John wanted to be exactly like Jesus and John begin that process picked up something from Jesus that the other disciples picked up only to a lesser degree something so important and so urgent that Jesus had to make sure you have a long enough to pass it on to us in fact I don't know whether this occurred to you but there is much internal and external evidence that John had the last word in Scripture just as Moses had the first word in Scripture John had the last when he had the last gospel it was written and the last processes that was written in and out of the last a pestle to be written John got the final word he put the capstone on the revelation of God in the sacred Scripture and there's a reason for that because John own something experience something was able to share something which was desperately needed and still not perfectly communicated until finally around one eighty one John the time right that's why love the gospel of John because in it we find such astonishing truth such astonishing it's so astonishing that when we first read it it sounds crazy and amen sounded crazy to the people heard it first you want to turn with me I'm going to John the sixth chapter you may remember the story here it was Passover season which is springtime isn't it but Jesus was not yet in Jerusalem he was in Galilee and he crossed the sea probably for some relaxation and rest but we read in the second verse a grayish multitude followed a probably went around by foot the northern edge of the lake a few miles around the edge of the lake and came to him on the phone sure Jesus washed them coming it is a Siebel 's essay on the hillside we understand from verse three and they watch this multitude of people coming it would be hard to miss them because they were thousands of and as they watch the people coming Jesus had the most practical thoughts who is going to feed those people sounds like my wife is not a fan hollow stable and the disciples because they know thinking likely we would normally think about their phone click anyway themselves with four seasons never thinks that way and so they started trying to be creative while let's see if we can raise two hundred denarii emitting and I would be enough to get most of the hey is so there are there speculating about this and when the crowd arrives Jesus comes little ways down the mountainside and says now now it's wonderful to see you folks audiologist have a seat sit down here in this nice tall fresh green grass and have a seat I will have some law outpost and point out the obvious here if you're going to give people some bread event I need to have some right I hear a hearing this if it is a gift hit that editor in the event of a supply yourself that I think is the central thought I would share with you this morning we are all givers givers givers give his givers and we are trained and we are confident that we know how to do our work and we can do it while and we can do it enough with one arm tied behind our back as it were we can do a letter hard drive you can do in Atlanta Ireland were exhausted he can still do our job because of Donovan Donovan Donovan we know how to do it we have competence feeding the people is what matters it's more than that if you really want to give the people ready in half as Brett so the disciples understood that because Jesus did to but they couldn't comprehend what he had in mind Sunburst Sandy tells them to sit down then in verse eleven they found the lunch of course some plan ahead mother so much as a kid and much like Elijah both Jesus and give it to me and Jesus talk hello 's and when you haven't thanks redistributed them to the disciples and the disciples to those sitting down the houses of people that I don't love how the disciples could even do it I think if I saw Jesus think somebody's lunch and start writing these loans in half and distributing these measures are at enough after the first initial distribution our music was coming from and I would have a hard time actually moving away from the scene because I would want to just link what I I'm understand me of something out of nothing which is the way the Bible says creation always takes place with amazing is when Jesus make something nothing turns in something people were killed on the survey had read a letter to have read why did have read they had read because they had Jesus that's the reasoning the only reason I suggest you can do many things for many people we must ask the question do you have three have the bread so says in verse twelve that they were filled they were all filled up ever satisfy is a great agape will be filled I wife has this make more than you think you need policy so grateful for that because I think I need more I've been in homes where it seems like they plan on making a little less than might be needed just to keep you from overdoing I achieve this I only found out policy from more than I needed some I said they'll fail they won't even want anymore everybody will non-Microsoft as if someone gone back or there is another hot Muslims and on five and now there's some left out twelve baskets because Jesus believes in abundance what tells us plainly no attempt for the imaging the world and get that wet event and therefore they gathered up twelve baskets with fragments well the people were impressed of all of them for they were just thrilled he could hear the conversations Gisele is talking about how this legal business stories in the old days how Moses brought down that everybody ain't reporting everything in it and make the profit is Baptist is the one that was promised the prophet like Moses it must be like he's bringing bread out of nowhere and and and worth that it worked the other work when I'm hungry and what that could mean for four country if he can just feed everybody all the time what would it change the whole economic balance it wouldn't have to work so hard for Buddha wouldn't have to spend our money on fun because then a money and other things we can all become richer and furthermore we could be he could be we can go on the long marches we know we don't assign at and down at the world militarily and and so we we wouldn't need these long supply lines and why they discuss on on on talking about the advantages of amino acids and leaders Jesus is present a popular sentiment rises a high as are starting to say you know what this guy 's cautious he's shy he's obviously not wishing himself or they must be waiting for us to just take the cost and so they were beginning the house together and say that's that's just taken let's just carry him if need be found in Jerusalem and less talent that we and Galilee the lameness is the Messiah and we are going to knight him that he will of course whether they were talking loudly as I just was or whether they with it Jesus just no news is often good what they were doing he knew and so he ran with this agreement says diversity erode away by himself and taking the disciples along using good shape to know Jesus as installment and he just us from the mountainside they can't even find a diving catch in a set there by himself and they all know these disappear while was a little let down to them that of course they were still thinking about that so those who dare start going back crossed to to a party among inside meanwhile some other interested parties were just heading out hoping to be Jesus where he thought he was in the from Tiberius the little city on the western shore of lien they were in boats going across that way and then it is available to coming across this way adding Capernaum and the disciples decided they must go back to Jesus as Ghana and Oregon on and so they went on the boat but the Windsor contrails and they were rolling Bible says the road for three or four miles and if you have a road against the wind for very long I remember a contrary wind in Australia kayaked back in Hawaii some years ago I really thought I was in a dynastic is so hard to row at law and that hard against the window they were pretty exhausted as an overnight and then this being comes walking across the O'Connor and I love what he says he says it's me delivered onwards and it's me your fringes Christopher Bridges silent about the models has immediately thereafter desolation while America well morning comes and the people have gathered now Capernaum went into center to be in the latecomers and Tiberius to come there and everybody says Jesus is here when you come here easier already up to get it loan miracle that impressed all over again they want to talk to Jesus to persuade them to have a meeting in the Capernaum synagogue some of your boat and not been there and it's free like place you could fill of people in their and so they gather in their shoulder to shoulder back to in the Jesus begins to talk with them Rabbi when you got here they asked but he doesn't answer their question he says you are seeking me be as you saw not because he saw even the miracles but because you ate the loaves and you are failed in other words you're not seeking me because you're interested in my spiritual blessings among delivering your seeking me because you are interested in what I can provide materially is a big deal one of my greatest discouragements of pastor for all these years now has been Adventist prayer meeting I didn't think yes it is tragic is not how few calm unless I let my discouragement is my discouragement is the way of the spray I've had her meetings with other than a couple hundred people and even saw there something wrong with the prayers the prayers tend to be about the material bread spoke about the spiritual even in the prize services are about the material life thank you for saving me from that accident thank you for blessing me with better health thank you for giving us enough of all the things we need thank you thank you for all these material things it's about the material when we drag it to us on and on for my aunt who has this problem my sister is up on my children I have these problems by needs and for the church 's in more money for more success all these things on and on and on on Jesus as the more important accounts John was saved from boiling oil and make to live past all the others because it is something more than I must you can't give brand you don't have used a name because you saw this not because it is all the signs of the guys are eight allows anyone failed to not labor for food which endured do not labor for food which perishes but for the food which endures to everlasting life well they perceived lights are coming on he's talking about spiritual things I is talking about personal things laugh let's respond to that then they said to him what shall we do know that we may work the works of God same Jews two thousand years later still in the old all this is a real group everything you said we will live to does tell us what to do well good then I asked Brad Estill Minneapolis in a position of Manny Jesus said these wonderful words this is the work of God that you believe in him he sent the work oh God that you must do the obedience that you must do the Commandments that you must keep the effort you must make the energy must put forth is to believe really believe in the end minute he finally means my happily raise the believe and make not set just philosophically not just theologically it's easy to do that and folks how many sermons about Jesus and yet not been filled up with Jesus this is the work of God Jesus well Moses gavest me most is that a negative base has been received you must not give you the metadata my father gives you the channel rather met in the southeast who is a lie give us this bread twelve times what it says and what forgiveness this day our daily bread will deliberately largest you can see how to do it for you as you are irreverent of the mountain of viewers is given to us all time focus on what we need our material needs that's the sigh we want the material Messiah tragically those of us involved in evangelism of any kind any journalists also and then Jesus said something which literally sounds studio to our modern years after two thousand years of Christianity still sounds psychotic he said I am the bread he stood there in the synagogue Capernaum and set high of all the apostles does it only when the child's experience because John Guy 's on I am the bread I is he's of course fishes at Dominion they give you the commenters it's all I said shallow shallow cellular weight across the waters of those come to the asset is about the community and at him he went into the communion is actually worthless Lessig will be on the metaphor we need to know congratulatory really a body of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit were eating the last of the life that she will live on Jesus that human life in which human strength and human power and human wickedness as you desire any human alive all over once and for all and we want that brokenness we want to be the life and Jesus Christ because we want to share the broken masts you are what you eat the best start as a world against pork but you are what you need any crimes unit AOL becomes part of you Anna Anna on a cellular allows all the molecules of what you eat and become you so Jesus uses metaphors you you must eat me have a right to share must be a collagenase are paralyzed on a friend such as prayer by saying Jesus I want to thank you for you while I think his fielding is a product that I think is what somebody finally gets it is only my blessings you need me in my miracles anyway isn't it my hell it it may probably doesn't have titles help present annihilating up well talk about when I had my son at home and said Sunday Morgan Elvis Presley about having kids really have to do to set targets is in it about how Leon Eisenhower Candace Lombardi here this option has advised Donna J wanted easily go together and as amazing as I managed to help me with it is in the work of God we can do the all-wheel arguments on the site all we have to do our part Jesus is also heartless leaving me the what about will work hard there will be asked to because is not helping us is working through us it's all done it again if I does mean is the best approximating is immediately not the lack of effectiveness of my work is ninety because I'm helping him the part that doesn't work is my part by the does work this is not always always always I can communicate the gospel of Jesus are in a Jesus touch our hearts you be doing I am the bread of life he says I am the bread numbers forty one the Jews then complained about him because he said I am the bread penalties doesn't back off is not a politician verse forty eight he says again I am the bread residual and he says it again I am the living bread and finally he says in that same verse the bread and I said give you his life lasts the holidays is getting more and more disgusted this guy 's needs as he's a maniac 's phrase what on earth here's today it sounds so radical verse fifty two they say how can this man give us his flesh to eat they just had no spiritual conception but do we verse fifty three most assuredly I say to you unless you need less of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you verse fifty five my flesh is food indeed my blood is drink indeed such as Association this is not theological is not doctrinal this is expand self this is Christ in you the hope of glory this is the kernel of the gospel this is the purpose or with your grid what don't you not hear the temple of the Holy Ghost we were made by the union of the human on the mnemonic now want to access except John Foley Paul Timothy says and ounces of theological language dogs got out and says he remembers the words with his months of fairly I want to be connected with you on a molecular level I want you and me to be inseparable to me to be indivisible to be internally one in every way that means not just philosophically I want you to partake in the wheel must make my cankers of the divine nature the glory of heaven Jesus lived on the and tasks to privilege he says earlier we talked about the quality of the spread that if we eat this bread we will not be hungry anymore than I used to these things that meant that no if I ever could just get a taste of bread I've never just really enter into Jesus really eat the life of Jesus that I would be for ever delivered from all ordinary fleshly hunger terrazzo to dream how great it would be no longer have to worry about desiring something that I should desire is that's all the other graduates of the real to be so satisfied that I would never again desire wrong thing but then when we were missing the metaphor Brad that makes you not hungry anymore doesn't mean Brad that makes you never hunger anymore it just means that you are satisfied in CNX Neil that's the metaphor Jesus is give us this day our daily bread often do we need to Jesus Barry frequently that's I when we do that and we are quite satisfied filled up I was asked because when I eat Jesus because he spews me on the plan that I mentioned earlier the excess plan I always have bread to give to him he is such a precious thing I'm not talking theoretically talking really fun filled up with Jesus I always can encourage somebody else hallelujah fun filled up with Jesus I can always listen to somebody else caring and understanding compassion and fun filled up as Jesus I can see the blinders of inching up my eyes until the diseases then he is thinking becomes mine his feelings become mine 's desires become life 's priorities become mine his agenda becomes life the life of Jesus in the is Jesus living in the unpersuaded that are great neither Seventh-day Adventists at the seams so straight is Jesus but I thought at the beginning but likely have everything else we have so much of everything else that was wobbling Oregon's innovative use of the adjustment that all the great doctrines like radiology all the great prophecies and all the great health message something about all the great lifestyle is used we got it now Christian organization has ever risen to the pinnacle of New Testament truth assignment banisters is reason to the Lord looks at us through the eyes of and gives us his final diagnosis and his final prescription he said you think your story but you are actually poor in fact thesis of this always hard to imagine he says your miserable and don't even know now I want you doesn't make when I'm miserable I know in fact but I'm visible everybody knows because I am a real baby when it comes to music and yet easier MSM by now you know you are so satisfied with everything else that you don't even know your hungry astonishing is I cannot say even though experiment with it now only exactly our click through health evangelism are exactly how to mingle gospel ministry with medical ministry I'm not giving up I'm still experimenting but one thing I know absolutely for sure from experience none of it has any effect unless I'm filled up with the breath from Jesus says to those who miserable and don't not if any of you him are aware enough of your hunger to at least listen and you happen to hear me knocking and you happen to open the door I all I will let you that's life I first is a much more powerful and I see Jesus don't tell me just coming to go Jesus every sounded felony free to do it Jesus I get to talk to these people as I like these people now know I am decided that in breaking all the rules that women deserve any help Billy and appreciate my good suggestions I make it Jesus I was able to talk to you folks it's awesome I know you try this we did everything but what was on a ladder that they won't is our confidence makes us and confident in evangelism is just amazing I receive I said I like them and Jesus knew to and you know what half the most astonishing compaction spontaneously breaks out as we do the one work of believing Jesus does the rest of order I got to be there I open my mouth Jesus is doing it actually feels great I finally thought after Y was a lie I am only actually trying to find and I think I got something out of it look like they do you are you going to do this so misguided this is an unpleasant tasks things have to be said okay funds benefits Google announced to the same level on forget politics on Wednesday with us visit the Jesus help me and you come away saying they has to give a flip lid too bad OR you say Jesus you love this person you adore this person you gave your life business person you would have given a lot for this president and the only personal center on the planet you know how to talk to cash so leave me talk to distractions the results of start or not save and live in peace with all men else on to say the results are astonishing because Jesus carries men's hearts in a can reach that are I love being a temple allowing us I love being a shell with God inside I love being a flash with the divine living in Jesus was the first last fully occupied by the divine that's just like ours fully occupied by look what I have funds now that is our high calling and as all are called to add as much as a dozen Israeli land to remain out when my change alarm the ceiling we know what it means amendments in this in the same chapter John chapter six Jesus says the reason guy can use music is unsealed in the morning this will produce quite a change to take on this sounds eating the bread Nomar through the viable devotionals enthralled to the Bible not that they lunch up when you are feeding on Jesus you better feed on Jesus how may times have I been doing this to the vital thing is stuck for weeks in the screenshot germline is a lot always an object on a dolly is not as we now I retail up folks the Jesus at least once and they start with a least once a eight Jesus met them you especially the closing scene in all phases of fantastic Jesus think about it just rang and I let the stars life in your mind Inc. Jesus find out what was his heart he says I have read to you tonight about what is his grad Lana Hass listening to ask Gary Ross is Nanette find out his heart a bizarre bit don't get on your out of your comfortable chair in the morning Angelina and John is the fruit of his presence is always great times and gotten of my devotional saying okay check that off the list but six okay well I'm afraid I laid alone forward to helping best not to admit known memorials is unused allowance until your world is a wonderful agreement dad said Jesus I want you Lawrence Tommy wake up in the morning I first thought I have is Jesus Jesus without you my competence of the debridement to him how satisfied as he may want him to make his day that women continue counseling pastor is a good man is one of the leaders in the church today basal they devoted but I feel like he's not emotionally available to me I left a dangerous thing a single incident but they do not realize to as Jerusalem but only one time emotionally available to me a rationale in life how much joy there is a mother 's heart which is precarious holiness nursing the baby in the morning comes when the baby looks for stock in her eyes as well smile and maybe exam is at the landlord feels when we finally appreciate him I want him and desire in as this is not just a transaction of receiving the farce this is the man the person the lover of my soul Jesus Christ stands knocking at the door I want in because I'm your strength on your power but I also want to because I love you will you let me love so amazing Jesus lost just following up to the thousands went to a no I am disgusted says in verse sixty six they walked to him no more they couldn't handle a religion which involved somebody an alien power moving inside of them and Jesus said to the child you also want to go Skeeter always quick to respond so the Lord to whom shall we go by event and Chris Jack Christianity long enough to have a hunger to have a desire to have a yearning and you folks about law the most sincere and I count myself some money is being very sincere in its face and Adam have enough of Jesus but I know one thing for sure is all I need is all I want I'm going after Jesus more every day how much you puts power hence father in heaven give us now Jesus we have so often prayed for the blessings so often pray for everything else things are truly neat things which would make it workable better things at your valid and valuable things and even the conference of this world and even some of the blessings and enemies filed a little bit and we know you donate is that because you love them less as a love to give us all the things they love to make us happy but all Jesus how we have hurt you we have failed to say Jesus wants you you now answer me and Jesus teaches to make that our primary prayer almost frequent prayer almost heartfelt prayer approved draft desperation and also of great confidence because you have said it and anybody opens the door I will call me bread of heaven feed me I feel the moon will know whom you are this is the reason why audio versus Wayne is and what you'd like to learn more about the man please visit www. amen is I will like this is more free online service in WW online universe are


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