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Growing in Grace and Experiencing Repentance

Brian Schwartz


Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio



  • October 27, 2012
    9:30 AM
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on the morning has been a privilege to experience several misanthropes and actually one of the most successful types of evangelism my wife and I have been involved with was a evangelistic series of an ugly family and several other families here in Vail Colorado believe it or not so been also a really good experience for all of our families involved so that's been in it indeed a blessing on one March ask each year and I've share your couple times then usually it's been just giving a progress note is a lot easier to get up and talk about praying with your patients are talking about a mission trip this summer said I want you to get your personal testimony your experience see your conversion experience while you were a student Loma Linda and you know it sounds sometimes I'm gone to bed crying in my experience is not as straight and smooth as somebody like Doctor Chung last night where he was faithfully blessed me young age as he matured and developed nor does us immensely blessed them cry myself to sleep but that wasn't the case that I had a much harder experience and so as I began to share the logo I just pray that you would pray for me as I'm sure that they can be sometimes people and I don't like to talk about that very often what our heads as for mom or father in heaven is thank you for each person in your today who has chosen to come to fellowship together with like-minded physicians and dentists and medical missionaries to learn how to restore the right arm of the gospel to a dying world that is longing to see a message of the Savior that wants to heal them to restore them so on the Sabbath AFS lenses pray that your Holy Spirit will be here speaks through me they each one the blast but maybe especially there someone here who's struggled familiar struggle because of the homemaker up and that misrepresented your character the school they went to bed didn't truly believe you have of this message professors that taught them things about evolution instead of creation things that undermined our faith growing up so that we been wandering the wilderness looking for you father as a result of this testimony may we realize that you have been searching for us until you find fringes instead in any of how many parents shares have strong-willed children can I see your hair out that's exactly what I thought I was benefited really believe that you are most of you are parents of this test children with a well they don't do exactly what you want to do right when you come to do it that's that so well we all have one I'm talking about strong will chill and let me explain I truly believe that was up like a lightbulb went off when somebody finally describe the type of personality that I grew up with is not necessarily a blessing but a strong-willed child I probably the first sentence that I said as I will do it myself in the next sentence I probably said it is you can't make me in having a strong-willed mother this created quite a battle in my childhood because it was determined to not mall my well brick my well that she would get to be in charge and she miscalculated one thing on the so a strong willed child once they make up their mind short of killing him you're not in its Asia and my mother I'm sure on many occasions thought like doing that but felt restrained from going the final step so let me give you just a few examples I had a caring mother a godly mother who instilled in me from the very earliest years on Bible stories and principles but at the same time you get a picture of God from your parents from those around you in in my case it was not a completely picture of a loving God but a God that I had to I better do it his way or else very conditional God in that picture lasted me for many many years until I heard a more powerful gospel button on it just something snaps in the evening time that somebody special my mom would tell me to do something even if I wanted to do it but my mother being busy on she originally had a foster care home on seventy clinically correct way to say it anymore but I literally grew up in a foster home for mentally retarded children from pretty well for myself I might say but my parents ran a foster care home with four developmentally disabled children very low functioning she was constantly busy without overwhelmed overworked in very little time to try to put it in terms that I would appeal to do encourage me to take out the trash so as to the subprime pickup address I defend say no I sometimes would go back to my room the West seeing that I didn't have to do that but I couldn't do anything different on she would get so frustrated with me that she would say on your mom in what I say goes and if I tell you that while black is black and I look at her and say it doesn't matter what you say that while it's still life it was boom had on all the time my father home not because he was psychologically aware but just because of his basic pessimistic nature always like to say something was going wrong at Optus forget it can't be done to get it on the way that they can't be done while I have the opposite effect on me it said something couldn't be done but I had to my father having grown up in Germany in the coming to New York on growing up in the city of New York wasn't the least bit mechanical he didn't know one another screwdriver from another you never really driven snow my mom managed to drag him off to a local farm up in northern Michigan with lots of snow probably eleven months out of the year changes to get stuck in the debts driving to or from work at least three or four times a week if not on a daily basis if that file one half miles up the road to our house that was not plowed in the winter that he had trouble where the paved road was fine but invariably the car was stuck in the deaths of half a mile a mile from home at the age of ten eleven or twelve he comes walking down the last half-mile and valid stuck it's really bad cholesterol where is the availability of a drive you can get out as I got there with the Jacksons and board the cell phone I probably moved tons and tons of snow but eventually it is eleven or twelve I got to drive a car home and I'd always got it out once I my parents wanted to change the carpet in her living room were we had this grantee and on the other civil like your usual grim funeral this was an old-fashioned player piano they had this huge buyer undercarriage underneath with all these tubes and pipes running all through it it weighed a time I was eleven years or twelve years old I could not possibly lift one quarter of it by grabbing it left me and it needed to be moved before the carpet people come later carpet in the document data so while a strata movement like on all is not well built while not a project for the day by the time he came home that evening the PML had been moved to the living room out of the living room to the dining room and so that they can lead a carpet in the gigantic no-no that was pretty impressed I had decided that while there's more than one way to skin a cat in a move that can and I know not the barn got my trusty jacks once a block stick that took the legs off of the order done of the ground felt it up onto the Kindle Valley posted on in the living room out of the dining room I don't know how long it took me but by the time he got on the people so what I'm telling you is that I will could be pretty determined you could not short of it even threatened to burn the house down on in order to get me to do something he wanted you would've burned the house down around me because if I made up my mind I wouldn't left the house on one point my mother said you are not getting the Intel you apologize and I started missing my meals I really wasn't as bad as all the sound I put myself to good use during that time on my family was eating meals I was in spite of their property in about the second or third meal I found a quote that said you should not use food as a means of discipline I brought had a hat during supper instead that down for my mother and I had that point got into and unfortunately young people any of you are in that position I cannot remember that quote you up on it for yourself but it is been there if you look hard enough on the point of the said as I was pretty determined from a very young age you couldn't make me do anything that you can entice them to do now I actually wasn't in trouble in school I was never in trouble in school I can't remember ever being disciplined in school of some of you once go with me but might think otherwise but I thought respected in school and the biggest thing with dealing with a strong-willed child is left thumb against the realize you cannot completely trust there will you need to try to entice them to make choices and realize that life is about making good choices and bad choices and where I thought respected if not Mike grandmother would say brand please take out the trash I just got a good pickup address I would west that my mother would just please ask you take out the trash please acknowledge that I even have a choice in the matter not just pretend that I'm not little robot that this does exactly two thousand unfortunately we battle that without somehow they never even had this problem all with my brother and sister let's think they could get away with murder but it was a totally different world by the I was looking for respect but that was the disappointment I dropped what if I set my mind to do something you were but the change that all but I also alluded to the fact that I started growing up with a feeling that that's how God treated me as well it was either I'd do it exactly does why argues to squash me in the end and that's really not the way that a strong-willed child gets motivated you can burn them with fire it's like an change my mind on teen years were difficult with this pretty much lived in the same house but didn't talk to each other for years and a discount tolerated me until I was old enough to gather the house soon be gone and let my own life I went off to Academy at the age of seventeen and actually a but once Academy allows an different environment I had made a decision that I wanted to become spiritual person and to really my goal was to become her I knew on I knew that the judgment was going on in many nights I would lay awake having nightmares about the judgment that a any time that God might be passing past Monday I is to be terrorized by the thought I knew that in order to be fit for heaven we had to have a perfect character and so I went off to Academy determined that this is God being the year that I really turn things around on know how my mom tell me what the data was in a respectful environment and I Dennis Thursday my Bible I became one of the several schoolteachers Academy on and try as hard as I could I realize that deep inside of me I did not have the willpower to do what it took to reach the goal and I had established for myself and I became somewhat disillusioned with my ability I would like it a ball like John last night and think while it is a very spiritual person I wish I could be like that but you know what I don't have what it takes I salvation is for other people I can't possibly be for me because I tried to give it everything I can I just keep butting up against my hard part is there is no nothingness can get through I cannot control my my thoughts and my heart 's something else at the Academy I found out that there were teachers who profess to be out of dust to invite me over to watch R-rated movies that never seen a movie in my life I went to Academy found out that you know what they can do some of these things as they have to but they don't really believe some of them didn't believe in the spirit of prophecy started realizing you know what there's a lot of them to stop there they're just living a life and don't really believe any of us and there's many of us that don't even really believe that Jesus back and more on the site got hacked how do different things my senior year when off to college on first Garrett Andrews I was again involved with status trying to have a devotional life and is trying to do what I could to do what I thought was right and muster up my willpower to be as good righteous as I can possibly be I wasn't trying to rebel against God I just found I did not have it within my heart to do what I thought he was calling me to be in by my second year I pretty much a quick going church regardless of us go I haven't stopped reading my Bible I became just discouraged didn't get the teachers there that didn't believe in creation their teachers there are that my Bible classes that were even drier than the health of global underclass did not give me something that I was longing for or apart is my own life as I can see what was within my heart I knew that at the bottom of it of a strong-willed child is really just a selfish work and I had a feeling that I was far more wicked and far more tortured inside the probably name it is other good Christian people therefore it was hopeless for me while I'm a third year there's only one thing I still want out of Avent is on the net was not accept this Loma Linda on which I got in December when I got my sepsis alone longer up my parents and so that I'm not some of them to study more please click my name up and they were right ever worry that I was going about the Loma Linda of us liberal Southern California yet corrupted by that anyhow but that happened long before back in Michigan and I had given up in discouragement I still believe there was a God I still believe that some of them as church was based on the Bible not most of these principles were true but I found no power to make any change in my life that could help me to pay to live in that direction I thought was important and that God required and therefore I did not feel like to be accepted of God while my first year at Loma Linda on still a vegetarian that made sense I was about running around with women that scary web something that made sense I still adhere to but I didn't keep the Sabbath that may be in Las Vegas or usage is down at the beach on this doing my own thing but it left me feeling empty but there had to be something more on that in our prayer life I didn't read my Bible anymore on I certainly wasn't well-to-do on my sweet night came from a very wealthy family he was a student in trouble Lincoln Continental new money and couldn't believe was out partying on weekends and all upon the new is likely something I knew that brings satisfaction it just seemed like all I could do was look for the moment I became more of a thrillseeker going from and rockclimbing and just anything dangerous they gave me a thrill was when I was looking for but it left me feeling my feet in my first year online I can still remember it as vividly as it happens at about two o'clock in the morning I was lying in my bed would've probably been right toward the right about mages before the classes got out a week or two before classes got out I was awoken in my sleep with a dream that was more vivid than any dream that I've ever had in my life and so I felt that an vision of the Lord sent to me to wake me up as I woke up I sat up beside the side of my bed I was sitting bolt that I was looking up in this dream continued to vividly unfold before me I can see Jesus coming in the clouds coming back and people around me were raising their hands and saying praise the Lord is coming Jesus is coming and as I was there I tried to raise my hand but I couldn't raise my I tried to say praise the Lord and I couldn't say for his Lord and right there just a math class of a second behind my heart was pounding I was sweaty I was sitting bolt upright wide awake seeing this little vision flashed before my eyes and so right then and there I knew that I was lost was running from God United meltdown beside my bed right at that moment and I prayed a prayer is the Lord I know I've been running away from you I want to do what's right I want to follow you I'm going to start reading my Bible but I am not the premise of available dust and the left now here I am so I am stars the Bible but the star reading the story of redemption and down the best summer I am was at home I became rebaptized on but before I did I started studying with everybody I could study was I lucked into Hinduism and Buddhism I study with some friends were Mormons on Idol what do various things and down Willow by little I realized that there wasn't any truth of those things for a few weeks after for the classes were out I started going to a Bible study group with some classmates that were in my class back then about a third of the class Loma Linda were not have access to most of them are good Christian kids on there were a few Seventh-day Adventists and I like that too but those are people that really I should believe us and they're making it work several of them are here on the market dressing the deer vessels one of them Kelly on Kinsley I've actually want to my class and we were acquaintances but not that good not really great friends just acquaintances would work together little bit of summer before doing some research but I want to kill innocent Kelly I need you to be my first and he has been one of the best friends I've ever had since that day I need somebody to mentoring to encouraging I got to this Bible study class survival Bible study together with my non- Adventist classmates on charismatic evangelicals mostly Nazarenes on to get together I was a nice they seem to have a good time studying God 's word there were very deep they didn't know the doctors I could run circles around them a Bible study i.e. the Bible backwards and forwards but I realized that they had something I'd never have they seem to actually feel like useless love them and that they love Jesus they had enjoy their experience that I had never experienced it I wanted that but I didn't think they can give it to me because they clearly didn't understand the doctrines and so they didn't take very long little by little from the start of because I studied to begin to realize that not these Bible truths that was taught are correct on this is the truth for these last days and all I need to respond to that so I sat already said I was rebaptized you should like Nelson can not had a week of prayer and during that time I had a show ends on Thursday night how many people wanted to be recommitted to Christ and I hope my eyes during that I was sitting in the background and I was amazed that there were more than a hundred hands with students and I thought were probably all hopeless and down knocked on his door eleven o'clock that night I just felt very depressed I couldn't sleep on he was staying in the Daniels also a place for my my apartment was ninety which place he was staying I went down there looking up at about eleven twenty nine fifteen of the doors bathrobes can I help you and I thought allowing the student medical student now I tend to select that you feel you made your over hundred students raised her hand I couldn't sleep the night thinking about what can happen when you leave all the students of management mergers cannot all go their separate ways nothing can happen in egos will praise Lord your here I was crying about that very thing tonight dear person one of the pastors that it really seem interested in doing anything even know what that is very selected to get some paper on something together I will invite everybody come forward now that group we got over a hundred people signed up and started separate separate Bible study groups on pupils on that led to the student church led to other things on the campus at that time back in the nineteen eighties but I still didn't have that joy in my experience I had that commitment I knew that the doctors were true I saw this as being correct along with my friend Donley is to start going to different meetings on different places off campus on campus on there were hundreds of places that we would go it seems like trying to find something that made sense and so my whole second year was spent I was off in reinterpretation of Daniel and Revelation trying to make it apply to our modern day to look to the Soviet Union at that time and when communism was the fault of theirs Libya earthquake in Loma Linda I almost dropped out of medical school because of that prophecy finally came to the conclusion that God can protect the protect even an earthquake mistake but I actually want to talk to the Dean before making that decision I was convinced the end of the world is coming soon I probably just dropped on that basis of that was never going to the famous notables on I went heard people from our ongoing of the names but all different walks of life one of the guys that came to my Bible study groups that hate me to come here this guy over in San Bernardino 's got a rock band in the zip is a modern-day prophet on and go to that because I didn't believe that you wanted a profit whatever rock to the Christian right then unfortunately that safely from one bad experience because the next time I saw my Ron all was a couple years later on television that the day that the Waco complex was burned down in Texas he had just gotten out just a few days before the complex burned down and I was invited to go on I was searching we want to this group the Lord our righteousness group for people to make sense it basically they had the belief that you know if you have perfect faith and you shouldn't sit and down the guy got up front and started preaching on talked about how he hadn't send in over three or four years the only problem with that is I'd heard how he was talking to his wife on the way and in the fact that he weighed about three hundred and fifty pounds and I just rest for us realize that that wasn't the way to go but I was struggling searching and I started prying eyes of Lord there has got to be something more I can't keep doing this I do not have enough willpower now starting to feel the same struggles that I felt when I was in Academy in when I left the college and I was feeling like him to do this again I cannot do this salvation is for all those good people all those people that don't have the self-centered heart like I have is there any hope so I was on call that weekend but my friend on Don that got my best friend and then going to allow these different things also looking for truth on part of a little group meeting up at Camp Cedar Falls up in the mountains on it was called the age of eighty eight Western regional camp meeting and he went up to a conference in Albany from there was something I had never heard a day in my life he just imagine something that snapped like a white blog of my brain that that was the power that the looking for dominance in this last night but I went up the next day and I heard a message about the cross of Christ that somehow my experience I had never ever heard that God loves us with this love called agape that has the power to change our lives and give us power that we lack we just look at a few money just to recap what gentlemen over last night John read a quote from desired ages page seven hundred fifty three upon Christ as our substitute your surgery was lady iniquity of us all he was counted as a transgressor that wiki might redeem us from the condemnation of the law the guilt of every descendent of animals pressing upon his heart the rapid God against sin the terrible manifestation of his disclosures because of iniquity fill the soul of the son would consternation all his life he had been publishing to a fallen world the good news of the father 's mercy in pardoning love salvation for the chief of sinners was his theme but now with the terrible weight of guilt he bears he cannot see the father 's reconciling face the withdrawal of the divine continents from the Savior in this hour of supreme English pierced his heart with a sorrow that can never be fully understood by Mia so great was this agony that his physical pain was hardly felt Satan with his fierce temptations along the heart of Jesus the Savior could not see through the portals of the tomb hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave a conqueror tell him of the father 's acceptance of the sacrifice he fear that said what's so offensive to God that their separation was to be no you know the story in Luke chapter twenty three Jesus was hanging on the cross and appraisal the rulers they came up and they want to the Senate he's the son of God what can we say of himself he was the son of God he couldn't save himself the soldiers came up what happened save himself if he is the son of God and instant he could have grabbed hold of his own divinity and in a flash of white they would've been that but one of the centers beside him on the crosses the thief on the cross subfloor save yourself in arts and save himself but he couldn't save himself in us and so although this weight of sin felt so offensive to human he could no longer sense the presence of his father and something that you never comment on before in leading up to this day he begins to feel that he wasn't coming out of this alive he was going to die eternally to never exist again so that you and I will that was the power that grabs my heart when I realize that the God of the universe you made me he loves me more than he loves himself that was a transformational power that somehow growing up analysis home going out of the schools going to an Adventist Academy in college I had never heard for you there are still many Adventists who don't know how good the good news really is that God loves us more than he loves himself and that begin a study transformation that has never been the same before I truly began to realize that you know what I had been running for God from God but God was pursuing me like the hound of heaven he had never given up on the miss his goodness that leads us to repentance when we realize when I realized I had no trouble understanding the depth of the hardness of my heart I had struggled without all my life they are good traits about being strong-willed when you realize how selfish your heart really is and at the very heart of a selfless heart is the desire to even show about if that's what it takes for me to be number one and I just encountered by a principle that is the exact opposite of that it is the only solution only solution to strong will so to a hardware that brings forth repentance brings forth the realize a son that what he did was what I deserve it's one thing to teach your child how to say I'm sorry we've seen many adults lived on something say all I'm sorry I'm sorry I apologize but repentance is far deeper experience than to just say I'm sorry it is to read to understand the depth of what I have done and how that is affect did you know what I can come up and truly say big greens my heart to realize the pain I've caused you never want it again it changes me it transforms me it humbles me this changes my life it usually breaks down the barrier to whoever you are repenting to repentance is a blessing that if we as a church understood it what humble are hard hearts and open up us to understand and be prepared to understand the faith of Jesus the love that God has I have come to realize these principles of gods agape in this truths of the message that was given over a hundred years ago to really be summarized in the understanding of the faith of Jesus and I am blessed to see those principles coming out in the meetings that we've had so far to be able to like at our patients the way that God sees them I see a hardened man who just turned his back on God I see someone who's throwing away their whole life derelict why should I waste my time on them but that's not how God saw the notes on how God sees them God God has the ability to create what he sees the only thing standing in the way is our hard parts of unbelief when I can look at my patient and I can see your picture for what he can become and I can inspire him to realize that he can be far more that begins to have a creative effect and there and so the work of healing in the work of salvation are the very same works that's why they need to be united while not the only strong will child goddess had many strong-willed people turned back to Deuteronomy nine you will all agree that this group of people hits the definition of strong will Deuteronomy nine one for verses six and seven but God had called a group of people to be his special chosen people not because they were stronger than any other group act they were the least not because they had more faith not because they were smarter but he shows them and call them all to use them as an example to the world of what his transforming power could be in his intent was to lead them out of Egypt through the Red Sea are into the wilderness just to shortly show them what his character was about to move into the land of team but because of the hardness of their hearts they would not go so Moses before he dies after leaving this people for forty years of in the wilderness brings them back to the borders of shame and what does he do he recounts their history he takes them on a journey about how God has always been faithful this because of the hardhearted nature of their forefathers that they could not interview verse six therefore understand that the Lord your God is not giving you this good land to possess because of your righteousness for you are a stiff net dear people that some strong-willed if you ask me remember and do not forget how you provoke the Lord your God to wrath in the wilderness from the day that you departed from the land of Egypt until you came to this place you have been rebellious against the war there is a principle in the Bible that if we don't accept and embrace the history of our forefathers we are destined to repeat it we will have the very same root in our heart we were the very same experience one of the problems of being a strong-willed child is that I have to learn things the hard way to get a lot easier Israel had to learn things the hard way and only talking about this page are some profits page four sixty three says Moses faithfully set before them their errors and transgressions of their fathers and they had often felt impatient rebellious because of their long wandering in the wilderness but the Lord had not been chargeable with this delay in processing Canaan he was more green than vague because he could not bring them into immediate possession of the promise land and thus displayed before all nations his mighty power to the deliverance of his people with their distrust of God with their pride and on belief they had not been prepared to enter Canaan they would in no way represent that people whose God is the Lord for they did not bear his character of purity goodness and benevolence have their father 's human face to the direction of God being governed by his judgments and walking in his ordinances they would have long before have been settled in Canaan a prosperous holy happy people there delayed to enter the goodly land this honor God and attracted from his glory in the sight of surrounding nations this morning our devotional pastoral later brought us to revelation but also of the true witness I know your works that you're neither hot nor cold like also you to buy any goal white raiment Isa that is an appeal to the very last church in history and Leslie look back at those Israelites as being stiffnecked being hardhearted and full of unbelief we should be very careful because we now as a people are on our fifth generation of unbelief the spirit of prophecy makes it clear that if the early abscess had been true and hadn't gotten fighting over the Sabbath truth from the other doctrines in the law the law the law they would've shortly been in the kingdom as early as the best church was never raised up to be a church that passes on generation after generation after generation this church was called to be a movement that gave a message to the world to prepare them for the transition that's come into this world with every support of our world is going to fail our money system our food system all supportive and to cut off not just for God 's people as golf ball park God is trying to call a group of able to respond by faith because his economy is a faith-based system based on the faith of Jesus he calls us so price could accommodate eighteen forties and fifties area that era there was a message sent out there was another message sent in the eighteen eighties the culminating a call that he could've come in the eighteen nineties only identified I've got one after Qantas says that for the interest of time I'm not going to go over that but Christ could have except for the hardness of our hearts to respond to his messages not confirmed the first two I think there is a pattern if you are call a given special life as a people and you are brought to the inferior border of the promised land and you turn back you don't get a second chance that is reserved for the next generation you go out and died in the wilderness you can report you could say that there is a special calling for a special people when we resisted his Holy Spirit the eighteen eighties I believe again and message of revival came back in the nineteen twenties and thirties Taylor bunch of Exodus and type it into type was a call to repentance G Daniels wrote the book price of his righteousness there was a revival that happened that got rooted out revival in Reformation and the evidence is church always comes with a message of the righteousness of Christ that culminates in the obedience to God 's law and the faith of Jesus in preceding it leading up to it is always a call to repentance there's a book called eighteen eighty eight re-examine the nineteen fifties and sixties it was also a call to repentance and there was a huge revival in righteousness by the in that got clothes by the Ford movement in errors that brought them to our church but if this hypothesis is correct that every four years or comes back a message every Bible vitamin in the two thousand 's we should be on track to again seek God calling his people to revival onto Reformation and I believe that I've been seeing that happen there has been a message of price righteousness and messages about the faith of Jesus that we had began to understand even right here is the Adventist medical evangelism network we are seeing revivals I believe the Barry calling up of the Adventist medical evangelism network is God 's way of restoring the right arm of the gospel to the health message that was something that got separated the tragedy of eighteen eighty eight when there was not just a rejection of the message that the rejection of the prophet in the rejection of the help message all combine ever sense ministers and physicians and dentists have gone their separate ways it's time to bring those back were seen revival of our education system were saying young people committing themselves to service an army of view and I believe that we are also beginning to see in the emerging church and other things are creeping into our church the very beginnings of the Omega of apostasy we actually are living on the very steps of eternity Elmore says do not charge God with the delay in Jesus company wasn't God 's delay that caused the Israelites wander in the wilderness those four years it was the hardness of their hearts and as a church we must confess the parts are hard and we need a message of the righteousness of Christ that will restore in us a commandment keeping people who understand the faith of Jesus that is a message that will restore that has restored my life given me hope and confidence of the Seventh-day Adventist church it will restore families it will restore your medical practice I have seen my practice since I been trying to implement these principles of the faith of Jesus in my practice I've seen incredible things happen to my patients I see a golf from just maybe ten or fifteen percent of patients stopping smoking or maybe more than have to learn many or more are working on they find a new power to make a change because I show them the only source of true change Lindy and I had the opportunity to participate in the evangelistic series is going on right now in Dayton Ohio tonight very last meeting with John Bradshaw and it is written team I was able to invite my patients to go to that I have been wondering what do I do what's the next step with my patients I been having spiritual conversations but what is the next step it was just amazing to see the receptiveness of those people to say all you if you'll recommend that wound up and it's just amazing to be able to be in a part of the meeting we been doing the help docs every night in the devil about the audience and see many of my patients has just touched my heart nicely realize there's far more than I could do there is a harmful there is a huge power that we are just beginning to tap into when we realized the power of the gospel united with the power of the health message is the same message that is going to transform our church and produce a people who had the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments of God all of us to a degree are strong-willed God doesn't just come in and say do it my way or the highway he doesn't threaten us that you know what there's like a fire out there cannot do it my way I'm why never saw growing up at the opening chapter of the desire of ages in fact all through those books I now see them totally different from other proceeding but the appeal in the opening chapter of desire of ages only by love is love awakened it's God who has been pursuing me chasing me down and will not let me go to the point that I finally surrender my will it has a grip of physicians and dentists it's time that we do the same in a Seventh-day Adventist there is a world out there waiting to hear that message forefather seven I thank you that you did not give up on me when I had given up on myself thank you that you are a God who loves each of us more than you love even yourself love this blows my mind the father may we bask about love long enough to become secure in our own salvation and then realize there is a world out there that needs to hear the same message give us wisdom give us your power and may we truly experience in reply I will be using my audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst network you would like to learn more about me then please visit www. a manner that I will like more free online service please visit www. audio verse one


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