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The Testimony of Jesus

Mark Ranzinger


Mark Ranzinger

Country Surgeon in Goshen, Indiana. 



  • October 27, 2012
    11:00 AM
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if you are asked to speak on the testimony of Jesus to which portion of Scripture would you turn what would be your fundamental tax in an exposition on the concept of the testimony of Jesus this weekend we heard a number of different testimonies some shorts on longer as the Christ the fact on patients physicians practices in some cases institutions these are testimonies of him the difference he has made in our lives and the lives of our patients but what if his testimony directly not our experiential stories of him but his story his testimony if he would be here to tell the question where would we turn encrypts Scripture can also be met with another question where would we turn in Scripture was in Christ who was the word of God in creation was in fact Christ who walked with Adam and Eve in the garden was it not from Christ hands became the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world was in Christ to commune with Abram was denied he spoke from atop Sinai was not he who was the rock in the pillar was that he was the messenger of the covenant wasn't not seen who was the wisdom of God in the word of the Lord to the prophets it is worth noting that Christ did not have to wait till the New Testament defined this testimony words of Luke his final chapter we hear these words and beginning with Moses and all the prophets he interpreted them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself and John he says you search the Scriptures because and then you think you have life but these are the even testified of me there can be no doubt that that the Old Testament the first task enters his book his story even though there's parts and understand very well and all the flashlights of the Old Testament strained their shining light towards him the Gospels clearly portray his testimony as well in the parables in the direct instructions he gave to his disciples in Matthew he extended discourses we have an job in healing is injuring his and ultimately in the acts of salvation they gave us our salvation we see in here is fast the letters in the epistles and alas his testimony either but surely the height of his testimony was reached in Revelation the Revelation of Jesus Christ if the revolution from Jesus about Jesus is not a revelation of Jesus Christ is difficult to imagine what would be interesting enough this book makes explicit mention of the term the testimony of Jesus certainly fertile ground for an Adventist exposition of this concept thus this testimony of Jesus thing as broader and deeper than we have perhaps tangent is the his message his varied and sundry ways through it all we hear his voice and his testimony costs thus the past from you choose on text-to-speech on was neither obvious or easy so it's a bit curious about that I should have chosen attacks it is somewhat disputed in Scripture please turn in your Bibles to John chapter eight which would be the focus of our study this morning John chapter eight beginning with verse one Jesus went unto the mount of olives and early morning he came again into the Temple and all the people came on to him and he said Kennedy and the skies and here is meant to him a woman who was taken in adultery and when the center is the seventh headmaster this woman was taken in the very act memos is a lot commanded us to chat shinny style what so you style this is a tempting him that they might have to choose that Jesus stooped down and with his finger you wrote on the ground as the leader of the so when they continued asking him he lifted up himself and said unto them he that is without sin among you let him cast the first of what they heard and being convicted by their own conscience they went down one by one beginning he held this evening and relax and Jesus was left alone in the woman standing next to Jesus and lifted himself up and saw a woman said unto her woman where are those thine accusers at home and condemn the she said no man more than Jesus and neither do I condemn the balloons and so the more in what way it always does this tax see the theme of the testimony of Jesus and what waiting to guide practitioners of the healing arts asked how his healing and then can be brought to the here and now our lives as I have studied and wrestled with this story this meaning for me perhaps by extension its meaning for all of us it seems to me that there are two foundational pillars on which the story rests drugs truth is immensely important to John's portrayal of Jesus John's opening chapter reads and words may flash and dwelt among us and we behold the one and only of the father full of grace and truth and from that fullness we have received grace upon grace for the law was given through Moses Grace in Christ grace and truth came through Jesus Christ in the third C Nicodemus and three times he says he starts his words during this lifetime visit beholden accounting entry in John chapter eight we hear his voice saying he shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free client access has declaration shall report to with I am the way the truth and the life training team I am statements to central pillar is true our past is no exception to this truth telling gene that is without sin by Haim Katz Jesus and knowledge to prove that their claim he recognize the realm of the law he recognized saying an explanation he here does nothing to dispute disparage or larceny authority of the law it stands and according to her standards using removed after the wages of sin is death the truth is she had sent the truth is the law I have spoken the truth was that was the penalty of the law 's final words to indicate this was not an isolated act like she stands before the judgment bar and true is unable to defend her speaking the truth has become a bit difficult for us moderns we will emphasize the truth would like to launch the tree we'd like to somehow reconfigured for multiple lines of evidence league and its inclusion him and went to the surveys of the dolls self reporting in terms of the honesty statistics of cheating on examinations in high school or college or our politicians in a national level speaking the truth even with the truth has become a bit difficult for us coming closer to home how do leaders practitioners and kinds of telling the truth to our patients when fair-haired habitation with symptomatic only the sciences do I speak the truth as long about I love why should I be just beginning generalizations Lotus Elise McDonald loving patient of mine whose only desire is to avoid future pain really will listen to anything I have to say about lifestyle what additional reimbursement will identify my avatar what if they opt for diet therapy does this make any sense for me as a surgeon what is a redline document say what are my partner surgeons can say how will this affect my bottom-line contribution to the group at the end of there are many rational reasons we can get us why we should practice medicine as we have learned a reasonable set of questions and intelligent differential and I diagnosis is scientific objective means of verification and then the executed standard of care alarm in the community but truth and friends playing with just one question our practice is beneficial I had all and destroy life the greater the sixth amendment or does this commandment just feel with murder by what is there a wider sphere to these words if someone is rushed to the emergency room with the poisoning doing on taking you all to place an ophthalmic evacuate its contents give chart sorbitol and antidote is necessary and appropriate referral for help well someone will object you can stop someone from reading what they want to spirit rejoices while if that's true my respect them from killing themselves is an active free choice as well if someone takes a small amount of poison a little better time is essentially different from someone who takes poison all the ones why are markedly different responses every dentist physician is a lifestyle physician because you lay some relation to some claim to an institution statute is the good Samaritan in your job description reads I have been trying so that they might have life and have it more abundantly while we may not be asked questions about adultery in the law of Moses surely his Christians physicians we can speak to its neighboring command the words of Jesus and Nicodemus should constantly be ringing in our ears behold I tell you the truth so how you are telling the truth is in the second pillar that supports the weight of his story picture this and a formal and as time and eternity for Shirley they will insist on installing this morning it's perfectly quiet and the silence punctuated only by the occasional saw the side of it to falling for a fraction of its before this drop since the dust causing small and moistened few millimeters of dirt if only this woman is seen through her swollen eyes perhaps you noticed that his tear drops look like a circle circle song Anaya Sarabia faintly resembling a crime perhaps a crown of thorns I thought that crown that would make it possible for all tears Monday forever to be like the way but at this point she has no knowledge of her perspective liked her life seems nothing more than the dust on the Council floor to shakily think for one moment is holy ones who have brought her will not hesitate to throw the first stone she must've placed yourself and do they throw despite their anger and can't quite seem to find the power to lift and throw with righteous indignation they are just as they want a long held but strangely reminded struggling is striving I say we are law yes this was the first to throw funny thing is normally they all want to be first first the table of honors first enlisted contributions to the time first in the synagogue but today now strangely no one wants to be first depends on your this explosive moment is finally broken Jesus means what will you pasted the text tells us he's the case action speaks volumes of the Savior soothing we have not only a portion of this story but the story of the gospel itself he students involves he goes down before religious Pharisees and depression are branched and seven this is his story this is his testimony for who knows that the only way ourselves ever broken the power pride in affairs is my understanding that this unspeakable action is being depressed and deeply rich use in the book of Philippians for though he has always been God by nature he did not count equality with God a thing to the graphs that opened his hands and let go completely emptying himself taking the nature of the slave and being found will will will with people like us he humbled himself this software was for her arising this event was for her elevation in righteousness his first gesture is now followed by a second in our rights for the second time in the history of the world it is an Angel right off and because all things are present for him internally writing is from memory nest for him there's no need to write but for the second time in the history of the world we see the finger of God writing but he writes with a soft touch for here he writes the sins of man but not just for those present their catalog of sins is ours our patients as well at this writing is temporary he hoped it would be temporary he could make a temporary bringing you that his sacrifice his life by the word out for others would be a flood of financing that could make all these written words disappear a flood of claims and greater in size and scope the Noah's deluge in these words in minister is not just to the woman but to the scribes and Pharisees as long as they laughed from the eldest and youngest thing and one thing he knew them they are rich in those long garments he did nothing from him they were exposed to have machine lives and that is not compelled by truth being one other thing in the and he didn't say a word he held his peace not only did he not raise a stone against oh Dean raises I guess me either figuratively or literally his third and final interaction this is something where one were to ask users can condemn the no man neither commanding leave your life of sin go along that Jesus could speak these words I have taken down what to say John Wood reported Jesus in another place in another context but for Jesus it was always the same place at the same time the offering of salvation and not condemnation his words are read to her reveal the power of his forgiveness his grace and in her life in these words she was getting her very first case of what it means to be in Christ the true daughter of Abraham Earl of gonzo homemaking hers was not to fulfill the spirit of the written code that only loss of her life that day hers was rather to fulfill the law of the stearate as manifested and revealed in Jesus she now lived to do his will and soon he has in no wise as well and now the law of love had his first edition written on her heart she was the very embodiment of all its precepts and commandments would I hate hearing from men in her heart make it possible for her to walk and enjoy its freedom and its righteousness his answer her going leave your life of sin was not some him as a phone 's for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flash God did sending his silent the likeness of sinful flash force in that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not according to the flash but according to the spirit and live the father had sent and he and live the spirit and the sun had come after such words as these it is difficult to leave the lofty heights of the Jesus story and to return to that plane and the ordinary claim on which we live our existence but returned last year and was taking the story with us so we find ourselves reflecting how are we with our words and our actions to our patients how do we go about telling them the truth how do our allies in light of his example and his testimony did we ever find ourselves saying to a patient looking over time our RSS mouthing years of platitudes pieces of advice Mister Smith you really ought to stop smoking is the gospel is the liberating freedom we ourselves have found in Christ is nasty empowerment for changing underlies and tries suggestion on you what if we send something like Mister Smith I noticed from your intake form that you stop the doctors have told you need to stop him I should hear telephones with you is the most addictive substance known to mankind and is the main ingredient in tobacco in the sixties seventies and eighties all the TV heroes of many people started in high school are discussed in a friend and they find that they can in some cases they don't want to stop smoking this is a free country and all I'm not here to nag or condemn but I want you to know there are aids to help you stop smoking but most of all the power of God if you decide you'd like to stop smoking and exercise your freedom of choice we're here to help the perfect words but perhaps the start there is many different ways we could say it but what if we conscientiously thought about how we can give advice to patients but how we could thoughtfully struggle to form words analyzing the grace of God and love of God while I was a lowly college I spent a weekend out of Rosemary old snacks and Marine biology station then I decided I wanted to go out to the little island that they have lyrics I call Northwest island I was able to secure low end I got into the boat they have to realize this is not a sanding station island this is more like a little mountain in the sea with twenty four Iraqi walls I got in the boat and rowed myself scale the wall enjoying the transient views in the longest fulfillment of some and while I was very I discovered something new release in this we decide was to find out later want to changes in myself when every little plans for my dorm room sign meltdown and lovingly started digging out with my hands and was able to scoop it up and gently placed it in my pocket crawl back down started going back to the shore as I'm growing that the professors here for more wall was walking along the beach and that as I came up he ingredients and mark how was that Texas law was very finally said I is really cool plan out there I showed them a look at it for a few minutes cause thoughtfully carefully examining a committee said yes from data scientific name for going extinct seems everyone would like to have one that's all he said the impact of those few words are with me twenty five years later those words could not have been kinder but neither could even more true those words like the tone of an unforgettable song continued to act out the corridors in my mind and have wrapped themselves around my heart it is some thirty years later later in a letter in the words of Paul that we find most summary of our Lord 's interaction on that day in his memorable words Ephesians Paul perfectly sums up this incident speaking the truth for every speak the truth but not in love we will more than caustic honesty and had not met the deeper definition of truth and their lives while trying to avoid the truth our so-called love is actually sisterly sentimentalism ultimately then we never see the truth unless we seek the truth and live and we never generalize a lot of unless our love is according to the truth in this story though we see how this is the truth and life takes place here we haven't her balance of justice with mercy along with grace of grace with truth and truth with love not only is the crowd that the universe is while I want to know what is moral precepts has given way he's had mercy on whom he would have mercy and have mercy was for a woman was for her accusers was for the crowd and beyond their circle it's for us like a quiet account was the crescendoed race in any publicity is wrong is on in silence and so are we Genesis reveals a time when there was one universal language spoken word Christian practitioners Adventist doctors scientists and health professionals spoke the language of truth and love God 's universal speech has another time I like to conclude where we began leaving the ring of scriptures in your here the testimony of Jesus Jesus I think the mount of olives and early in the morning he came again into the Temple and all the people came on to him and he sat down and taught them and scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery and when they had set her in the next seventy master this woman was taken in the very doctrine now Moses in the law commanded us that shot should least of what say is that this is a tempting him that they might accuse him but Jesus is down and with his finger wrote on the ground as the leader of the more so when they continued asking him he lifted himself on anxious sad he who is without sin among you and cast the first any student down again and he rode in the ground and they which heard it being convicted by their own conscience went out one by one beginning with the eldest even unto the last thing Jesus was left alone in the woman was standing in the next Jesus selected himself and said unto her woman where are thine accusers hath no man can then be known in neither do I condemn Google lead your life is feeling resigned as an ancillary this year and was using my audio Versar arraignment is medical management him for wanting to learn more about me then please visit www. nine and I will like more free online sermon please visit www. online universe are


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