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Jesus Our Health, Part 3

Dale Leamon



  • October 28, 2012
    7:30 AM
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well I for one am glad to still be here I see some have other feelings about it because I have to go back to Spokane Washington which is a wonderful place but it was threatening to snow all week before I aim and I have to admit I'm not in a hurry to get back to the coldness this is wonderful down here too bad no one can really afford to retire down here anyway O what a beautiful morning beautiful beautiful day as Jesus Matthew today has been pursuing you now he doesn't receive because he wants another seat and the submission probably Kennedy Susie because Tracy but other than heaven I cannot preach I cannot convince I cannot bless but you can do these things so mightily coming now take over this time together is me but speak also directly to recharge Jesus name via Gospel of John is unique in so many ways one of the ways is that the last half of that it is said takes place in the last two weeks of Jesus life in fact you know from chapter thirteen wherein the were in the last few days of Jesus life and so John is really really focusing on what Jesus had to do the terrible terrible challenge that he had when we look at the Last Supper to amend the significance of final meeting had Jesus is finally really clearly telling them what he's doing what is been doing you want to tell even more clearly and get so frustrated you can almost feel the frustration is as well see you will understand this is soon you'll understand this when I know I've been resurrected when I'm when I come back from the beginning and we saw him but they invade they did questions after the resurrection when they received the Holy Spirit they did understand it came to understand what he'd been doing what he had been saying but those last interviews with his disciples are so powerful and John is a remembered so many details I suppose the Holy Spirit had revived his memory remember so many details from those last interviews and fourteenth chapter of John Jesus tells them not to feel boundaries going away with eleven even adjusting the activity is going away as still in denial was going on images of guilt about not going away under prepare a place for you to leave you permanently discover prepare a place for you and I paraphrase that in a way that's also important under prepare you for a place to see the place wasn't ready and they were ready either but we have a high priest then they and he is referring us for a place which I have a feeling is now completed logged in thing and design elements of you on the Lords on the things I want you I was seven floors I want to what this sounds very materialistic doesn't it please bear with me I want a waterfall the kind of meanders down through the whole thing in your management and little ponds on the slow and anyway nothing I want because I know I would have really tolerant really tolerant neighbors in heaven hi Porto McKenna nor has different parts of it on each floor must employ sometimes online and making a really big noise praise the Lord solidarity about praising the Lord anyway we are talking know this weekend about doing the work of the Lord healing is the work of the Lord healing is the work of ever forget in two ways a bill forget it and think it's my work to work for power prestige influence of it now I would be no forgetting the sky the Devils discouraging year saying they are insignificant in important in the scheme of God 's got scheme you just remind them of healing is the Lord 's work and that is what you are involved in so many of you think God for you but we wanted to a greater work going we want to be more effective for the Lord himself John fourteen twelve says most assuredly I say to you he who believes in me the works that I do he will do also and greater works than these he will do because I go to my father throughout your discussions assist today about these greater works what do we mean by that what part does miraculous healing have in the health message engine and time work and so forth what was Jesus really talking about saying greater works than these is simply mean greater in in in scope and worldwide influence on whatever remains we won it we want to be used by him have you found that the years by the Lord is the happiest time of your life those times when guys really using you you are is when it you are forgetting yourself and you're forgetting your reputation and you're forgetting your position in any of regarding your comfort and you're forgetting your preferences and if forgetting all about yourself and your you your whole agenda has been forgotten and you're just doing something because Jesus is working through you and you look upon back up on that and you say guess what that was my happiest moment that was the happiest time of my day and thank God we get the opportunity to have that great happiness every day so he lures us into his work after he sampled it by giving us so much joy in it let me just say this it is not join God 's work is because you're doing it not him that students I've been there too I been there to when it's just legalistic and Daily Kos poster announcement but when God is doing it it's the delightful I just like a channel I feel so clean this out for living water is flowing through me out of me is coming a fountain that seems other people I know Jesus Christ amen when a beautiful thing anyway he says you'll be red works because you believe in me well approximately two billion people believe in Jesus 's world this must be something more than just a nominal believe it is on to say whatever you ask in my name I will do it again we checked you same on all kinds of things they don't happen in our I prayed in Jesus name I would know much facts in the bill came so you know I think that their deadly he obviously we can see that he's talking here about in his name being at in his mind he with me so say when you ask anything in my mind in harmony with my thinking how do you like character and how even my will I will give it to the fact is begging us as things are harmony with his mind is will in fact a lot of things that he wanted because they are probably in harmony with his will a candidate until he asked him is that the truth in order and so we need to inquire about the will of God while more frequently initially pray about those things is that is assuming I will take care of the things he's incident and then we have to let them know what things we're interested in is totally fallacious God will take care of the season to do if we ask them to a leaving us on the things registered and sometimes units for the best and that's because he is a little bit indulgent amenities God 's amazing Rose says he wants to do this they can be glorified in the son had again and again he says if you ask anything in my name I will do it then he says below making my commandments I didn't like John fourteen for a long time because it says that several times and somewhere about and I was reading a company backwards if you say that you have me then prove it Nike may recommend regular have that kind of theology and Jay Leno and honest people you know we all start out that way the law was a schoolmaster was that leaving us to Christ they are also not that way that you have to open a site improvement on Jesus and his utterly now what this is about is simply telling us this is the test this is the way that you can determine the amount of your love for me if you enjoy even my commandments and my commandments IR blaster then you know you eliminate my wife tells me that some well is my wife is not God but one he married Ugandans are and what he has flash where the letter is even more lovely I was him the more that's the case is enough so there is no way am reading this is you will know that you fall in love with me when you're enjoying my thinking to begin a test such as the objective test because our people all over the place 's allergies on his island is about having a beginning to his commands lighting is one uses in the concept of a loving Jesus is no concept of service zero preliminary Jesus is not saving usage in the assortment is not instance starts in May Commandments of the people have to obey Robinson of the I know that sounds strange just atmospheres I will throw in a minute well he teased as to limit is leaving of course this is a terrible films terrible to the army led on a fallen into thick and thin they seen him as the power of the jaw IBM plus I've given up everything for him and left the families of children their homes their businesses and they follow him as been the best three years of their lives I just really want to follow him in on on on the making of which are just certain is coming nice as I'm leaving only an hard solder was in my life seminary told on leaving their break your heart is a terrible thing to know in their hearts are broken noses on human level he harkens me Bruggeman some as I'm leaving Jesus is in leading this is all pray the father he would give you another helper but someone had to one another helper once you get sensitivity also so severe Jesus possibly to send W Lincoln John Martin get a cellular phone but meeting allies like you to possibly get and can get us a sense of it I'm about about where the value by using a system as you use you as good as companions and AR labors White House to give us any any of that giant and the absolute peace and Avenue in additional substitute but he goes on to send somebody else sensibly else is called the Spirit of truth the world cannot receive him doesn't CNN doesn't know him but you know I'm going to also view pay will be in dismissing Scripture is my spin in Galatians is called Spirit of God suicide a living he's been with you I've been with you three years to spare visited with enough for three years he's been living with you soon he's going to be inside iced by I been with you now presume I went inside I really do enjoy having with a watch and listen they have a think about and see how he does every single thing that charmed by it is see that he is utter righteousness other as always as other low and that he's never angry e-mail of the people who are persecuting him and and they're just the size to him and they just want to be like you and he says even with me now I'm going on one level that's kind of creepy cool would really welcome the invasion of an alien mind who really wants to be possessed by an alien intelligence I think you have spent three years of them in person so they can realize I wasn't an action wanted I've heard of lovers are so crazy about each other is that what follows I love mere human passion can get to that level think with the spirit can take what amazing is that God has wanted to crawl inside a four have since before he even created us it was his he is wanted to extend it is own mind through the observant eyes and minds of millions of other creatures who can see creation and relationships and others for them sound as in the way that he can totally share it must be voluntary because God respects the privacy of individuals that he is and so if were not to have any privacy it must be ball earned her I give up my privacy to visit we can read my mind and maybe July why can this is not invade our minds without our permission and so we were made to be the eyes and ears and feet and tons of Jesus Christ made an independent independence as soon we can never be happy as long as they are independent of things gospel is exactly opposite if you never be happy until your independent and so Jesus is saying here I've been living with you I think we love it so that we love each other not crazy about you and I sent you the same thing for me is all the juices after this would live inside of you because me goosebumps say that you know what I want to fly destiny I wasn't still a comedian on my seat for so many years I thought the filling of the Holy Spirit is the feeling of some kind of power some kind of divine influence of kind enough not just dig the all-consuming fame some something the discards of you over the nose uses Belfast you have proven that she will widen he will be an new verse sixteen never thinking the very next word I will not leave you our fans I will come to the coarsely was saying you be filled with this new helper you will be filled with me you won't be offered because I will still be with you in fact a little while longer the world will see me no more but you will see me where had I seen you I see him inside the lasting over the Internet I I hear him with the inner ear that should send this morning I didn't was very distinct areas he says in that day you will now that I am in my father and you are in me and I am in you third it so the filling of the Holy Spirit that we have so long for as the filling objects so what if all the Lamb wherever he goes examine these going in them is not impersonal power that comes almost makes us to all kinds of things never wanted as far as I sent Dennis C N yet you knows was a dreaded the rest going to love a living enabling one of those crazies that honestly going to want to be one other wild night on friends the Spirit brings Jesus until he's still a man and so the only way to get around and be omnipresent is through the agency of the Holy Spirit that they got to the edges of the Holy Spirit is still omnipresence and is especially President ozone by him because he comes then in the fullness that is why it is not two separate prayers when say Jesus come in and spirit filming only one part I believe the part of the answer to our receiving the latter rain all all the blessings are going to happen by the way lettering you know is going to involve medical missionary work to a great extent so doctors and other medical practitioners are going to receive the Holy Spirit which means a writer received Jesus in just overwhelming abundance is not encouraging the prophecies onto something that I'm exhorting you know I'll have to resort gives you happen I confused you folks want to be part of how great that is I am in my father and your knee and I'm in you beautiful so the Holy Spirit is Jesus is the life of Jesus the heart of Jesus Holy Spirit brings us the thinking of Jesus the attitude Jesus Holy Spirit brings us the death of Jesus the death of the flat that was experienced in Jesus Spirit brings us the resurrection of Jesus when you have the Holy Spirit we have to have the resurrection for them to get ourselves is it is the resurrection the present I am the resurrection five these things are spoken to you while I'm present with you but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to those in the hospital is big for himself Jesus speaks on Jesus I said I would say to us you just Holy Spirit is a personality at the bottle recycler but on a retiring personality with a shy personality on a cautious personality when it let out what backward ten oh eight he won't even let us see his farm and he and he and he will not speak for himself he always is when Jesus says alleges that he literally toddlers themselves is on and just under that of Christ and of that of the father and end up and then we get filled up with the MM of the very heart and character Jesus and I was sad that we would be extremely online hazard assessment zero failed us as a humble person still looked as such versus film ultimately will also raise less humble persons who becomes the room for anything but Paul says regard each other better than Britney but so what is so hard to be present unless a heart to be a Christian it's part of the equation it was hard to hold on the Holy Spirit annual and allies aren't alone always good because he absolutely will not stay unless he knows he's want for the hard thing about being a Christian is reminding yourself and the Holy Spirit that you want him very frequently because every time I forget to tell him how badly we want is out out that God is not very far yet how far way Jesus ever gets many of us the other the side of a door on I know that because he says I sent the garden I think I may value my mind what I know what I'm saying is true not saying out of grades I'm not saying you lost the influence of those bid on some radical he can be very caused you even still using it but there is a demonstrated having Jesus Lavinia and not an end I was even passing Christianity for a while now I'm telling the truth is in Jesus is living in you and the Holy Spirit you are joyful you are empowered you like his commandments the same as no growth in his espresso is gross there's more of Jesus or less of Jesus to estrogen we gone gone gone before was the statue of Christ on but you know efforts you know them he noted in his heart the difference in attitude you know in the flesh is feeling passionate and exalted and you know when it's not when it's down the spirit is up you know know the difference what a glorious thing of it to invite Jesus to live in us this other help or talk whatever will tell it to Joe things like such a reindeer remembers anything that I said the and then he gives us the great identifier when the Holy Spirit is so much peace I leave with you by far the greatest way to find out when the spirit is in with a Jesus is in are not is to evaluate your own peace level I'm not talking about lethargy I'm not talking about stoop for not talking about alcohol is not disease when Jesus gives us is it columns both the excess excitement of the flesh and the fear and anxiety of the flash it is so glorious but that only comes when we say yes come in come in and take over and then a glorious feat cells of and ultimately because it sometimes our young Christians miss the excitement of the flesh but ultimately we find the peace to be better in the excitement and it's always better than anxiety insomnia body found some people are addicted to anxiety and he found that additional people have to seem to stir up and create anxiety for themselves other people causes of his knowledge of the demon possession there will does one organization the new thankful and an administrator in the same site the Lord is us this glorious piece was just really is common the face of everything is astonishing how did call anyway that's that's such a precious precious lesson about the Holy Spirit I love the fact is Jesus once I realized that I stopped being a friend A misogyny lives of regular milk bone and be possessed much and I like I like myself my wife's is a measure one desire like Alabama most residents are okay okay you're right here I is I am a much better person in that condition Python espouses those far too old anyway I'm much much much much nicer to be you know so this is great but what we are afraid we are Friday I'm can visit others we have a letter and already there were very to you present what you want and you get what you bring forth something that but we don't report because no one would phrase it causes to give up on our property so a joy to have in your player property anywhere in my live diseases comes to be sensing on your property with what I know is present at all my money around on its radical by the Holy Spirit light on a night like Italy Zion I know I can't like that position I'm in here are the respect of all my all people and within the money is in immaculate pollution out of place set out on my no longer be one of the guys or girls was it I think I think so the evidence and we believe we're afraid of the Holy Spirit and we start realizing the Holy Spirit is Jesus we went different into the less followed Jesus showing the stop being afraid more just give me more just more more abuses more of you and more of you take away all my concern about consequences more of you Jesus I know you never make a person into wild entrées never are you going to get us rationality my route before was just supremely rational but the same time you're entertained on our priorities totally rewrite our agenda knowledge uses of and amounted anomalous affiant is not available or follow out a way takeover tickle tickle today this is my prayer and had so much my feeling about it so absolutely true that even the Holy Spirit is convinced I mean it I think some are currently is called the seal of the Holy Ghost and they want to do so that is we don't want to we really want to know about we don't want to forgive us it was a sweep is just realized I was on the new focus of his plan to see the truth here is that a lot of are doing it God is going to use us in spite of us resistance our disbelief is a sweet little act like he's going to use us we should be say hallelujah and John chapter fifteen Jesus says of Biden may as all as stand me and I know let's keep connected people always say that's enough I meet people quite often people I've known for a long time it's been ten years and significant I'll have a nice little visit music I just connected a secret just if they don't mean it this will spark to connect it already has promised connecting Niemi on my best I got LinkedIn invitations every day on effacement invitations every day I get texts like a insane time to reunite e-mails I get I get you are probably worse than even I is an e-mail today I am 's competitiveness something you want these emergencies and make one connection make one connection and he will make all the other connections that he's in favor of work are you hanging you make all the others were work is a fantastic of these assaults on July twenty eleven be the one connection he sorts it out from that piece is all-inclusive the figures and he just prioritizes any organizer Danny organizer calendar at fault it is fantastic to make that one has with UserLand so everything else is just awesome it does abide in me and I knew as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself he just told us that we start you to do or Sunday even greater works than those in house I can be done because you are the branch on the mine I am the vine you are the branches and he who abides in me and I him bears much fruit I live by them it was exactly in those exact equivalents I just seem so weird Jesus is in us his voice his first command of some reason Jesus coming in to meet this still small voices sweet spirit coming in occupying part of my brain but the truth is he says it's exactly the same of that very same moment I'm calling into him that for some reason hardly conceive it but that's that's was offering us on uncoiling some not trying to invade you without giving you permission to invade me I'm not enough I must say I'm the overlord becomes down and takes over your brain nominal I am opening my brains you you come in at entering a major okay is a totally share intimacy you abides in me and I in him bears much fruit but without me you can do nothing assume all such basic information are outside of Sedona 's twelve note you can commit yourself to the Lord and you commit yourself to his work and you can do do do do do anytime and I connected it adds up to nothing so terrible to realize that if you abide in me over seventeen and my words abide in you you will ask what you desire it will be done for you disturb that implies that implies that one abiding in Christ can post is not an all or nothing proposition I was aware it's not it's not like if you suddenly return as a biting experience start the abiding experience and grow in Internet like it you jump from perfect understanding of God 's will to do for him from from Noel is same as will the provisions setting is it's not like that but it's fabulous that as you abide in him more more of your prayers are answered and why is that he says that even read the words again that he said US what you desire and it shall be done for you and why is that because my desires are you desires obviously that's implied about the sup what an awesome thing folks and really lets talk about it now really part of our problem is that we still have some cinemas this onslaught we still have some desires that are opposed to his desire so this verse is telling us that our desires can be the same as his desires so much so that when we asked over yet unless what I need is you need know my intellect please don't think I'm bragging my intellect has been mostly sanctified for a long time and I mean by that I know the truth intellectually but I agree when the truth and electorate intellectually I think everything on Wasserman he is exactly right anything that I have that I doesn't agree with God it'll actually is I know that it's wrong to necessarily do any good the ill actually outside five about you is your thinking when you're being rational in harmony with God thinking this when you're being selfish you think that's diversion an agreement evenness is that you not in in in in in Rome such sentences and when you mind your dreams got so to get you in trouble she's another with each of its emotional component of your being so the rational component in my mind I always of a God who is my flesh flesh is aware uses for hearts their Romans seven but this verse implies as we abide in Christ our desires become like his about the Christianity I can embrace how much it I like to go to heaven and do everything that is right because it is a ride on an intellectual level alone but for all eternity being West wishing that you can do I feel other things about heaven in Missouri through the indwelling of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit our desires are change that is not too much to ask for more my desires are wrong and if you've ever tried to change her own desires you know that it is absolutely impossible you can deny them you can promise to change them you can hate them and still have it to the indwelling of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit your desires and needs can be made useless as I also relish in such a prejudice I replaced all I want one at times urges Accutane is anything but the guy does this by some parts some parsley cauterized some plastic hat off thank God do it similar in some of its attainment feels so good that it is not kitted out kill kill kill it's true about doesn't is definitely because parts of the social stuff to die they can be changed just but replays on the left loopholes in my mind replaces Jesus desires and replaced my personality ultimately is still unique still precious still a beautiful flower still treasured by the Lawrenceville jewelers I buy my personality will ultimately becomes a model of the personality of Christ and the personality of me that's what I was asked what I must have the indwelling of the divine the union of the human and the divine finally in verse nine he says is the father loves me I also have loved you abide in my love we've been talking about this my experience of far this morning almost as if it was a mechanical transaction poses it was some kind of propositional things in a way it's a love affair he says I love you as much as my father loves me I put your father is heavy as millennia and centuries it's hard able on you your love relationship is the ground of all London University I was out of your lungs all things were created on creativity habits your love for each other is so sublime Jesus was an interesting constantly on this planet because it didn't merit a separate of her lover in a moment Jesus was early and up late talking with you Jesus comes the community only was there a other things because your love is and consumed him why Jesus was was Solomon in that finally uses how is it back in the light of your smile again that Jesus is the same company I used to have to think about that every day is that is the power that makes me want Jesus to the eye can't comprehend I needed me this is the transaction of his distant means to them and the hedges and these I can bear fruit talking a power whatever the limit of still enough motivation but that love is when I feel the warmth of that embrace when I feel the heat of that smile until what I was made for I wanted was made to be embraced by my maker it is perfect peace in front to have to personalize this Sony here's a couple of gone away and bring hope eyes as I know all about the God that I did not know we can know all about the love of God without knowing the love of God when we know the love of God we are experiencing a guy but only is Jesus in the unit on and in rat the security is of Macy were not in a bayside turtle security on some cheap charismatic unsaved cognitive consciousness known in an way hearing Jesus arms and you know it you know is unable to come on Yahoo would allow the runaway fungicides and into other good onto who would want to do that for so many years I knew all about the love of Jesus I've had people come out my sermon sometimes entrusted that center has changed my life I always readily level the comeback fight is lazy as our new priest on the same as I let him down as I got as I know anything to me because practitioners of this glorious message we can know all the love of God and not experience the love will be fruitful in the Holy Spirit 's affiliate post is going it off you newly will know that just like Moses would lived for forty days with nothing but that you could live for each heart he was nothing but God we don't have a conception of why God is called us sometimes we think he wants to restore must be a result was lost in the basilica 's most private remember Adam and Eve were not his ideals they were not fully formed creations they were far they were perfect as far as they went a rock is perfect God has a much more for them that love God listen to Satan from one of the love God Adam Lind and thought he needed he more than godly love God they were very immature creatures not bring us back as you go on I is much higher price for brothers and sisters Jesus are the God family joined a sweet Christ of all the he doesn't want even be our boss right in the same chapter no longer though I call you servants but is there another to know what is Masters doing I've called you friends of all things I heard from my father I made known to you I now live sermons you have been faithful over a few things I will make your culinary Mormons everybody gets his own planet I think that's a great understatement the universe is monstrous Jesus needs ambassadors L Weiss of the best preparation for eternity his preaching was with a screeching return all those other on phone plans like Adam and Eve then another love of God that we do and we are living in it and we are living by and we are immersed in Jesus and he is and I send these seasons Russell speaks to us but we also see and speak variably hear everything a spectator we are united with him worse prices of the mine mine sent throughout the universe to make sure this mass never happened one of your boss on one of the unity of the human within about one of your boss says you overcome by my spirit and me living inside of you doing at all for you as soon as you overcome when people visit with me in my throne that the truth is truth about something frivolous Holy Spirit is the love of God to Jesus Christ and you know that it's true that we can't do anything or disconnected it is also true that we can do everything when we are connected to the Jesus is better than we thought father in heaven we thank you so much the glorious vision we have from your word of your desire to be connected with us incomprehensible the Tom Williamsburg time at all looking at your love we find out that it is real thank you father for giving us Jesus he is all we need we want our room I will buy you a him deceive you must use my audio verse four amen I was petting him he would like to learn more about the event please visit www. Diane and him his life is more free online please visit www. online universe


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