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Our Greatest Need

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • October 20, 2012
    10:00 AM
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let me say good morning and happy Sabbath everyone is it's a privilege to be here with you all and I trust that God is going again revealed his faithfulness to us as he helps us understand a little bit better this topic that we call our greatest need our greatest need to be talking about revival and defamation we know that it was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that God has made known to his servant brought in these last days for the remnant people that a revival of true godliness is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs we are told that to seek this should be offered for the children matter is that while it is true that the Bible and Reformation is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs and seek this should be our first work while this is true we must also understand that there is a need or a tactical understanding of immunotherapy have a tendency to use a lot of returns and clichés in our movement but many a times we have not given into consideration how do I take this theoretical term and make it practical and so you find that many of us we are very high on theory but with very low on practicality what the world needs to see what the city of Loma Linda needs to see these the need to see Christians in their heart and they need to see that the on the Sabbath day and they need to see that the on religious services we must be the same person that we are on God 's apathy that we are we are in a room by ourselves when no one is looking for and this is a great frustration that heaven is having with God 's people right now they are many of us who are giving a very high profession but when we are by ourselves and when we are in the secret recesses of life we find ourselves becoming completely different people God says that he needs to change that and therefore he recognizes that the way that this is to be done is the must be the revival and it must be a reef formations and what to do is make it practical I comes from Atlanta Georgia that is where I live not specifically Atlanta but nevertheless I'm in that area and I am under what's known as the Georgia Cumberland conference in one of our conversations James might certainly ask the question you know what we need to see take place not to make them better so as they would doing this meeting and having his meeting with us as I got to want to raise my hand I asked who my citizen I think these believe that a revival of reclamation is the greatest and most version of our needs right now and they suggest we agree assist you in agreement with inspiration your agreement with within a margin of our conferences eligible for security agreement yet as I write here is my next question how do you say that the revival anytime you take these words and how was your plan on educating the people in our various churches to know how to make that concept practical sense it was her we are not considered an reason I say this because nominating that we can say we believe in revival of reclamation but we still have rock 'n roll churches on amazing we can say that we believe a revival reclamation but we still has with your hypotheses that are being paid by God 's money and the teaching people revolution or her or her when you begin to say that they believe in revival amazement we still have ministers will run about the need to save in eighteen forty four with some contrariety is the era and harassment to the Christian world we begin the savings like that when we sell more on a weekday and weekend and involved in all sorts of ridiculous events that God has made clear in his words are designed to prepare a people for the coming little that tells me that we need to understand something more about this idea Bible and read by the grace of God we dare to something wide and broad topic in just a few sentences on the Santa Fe something that you know right now were not to be able to another prison awaiting intentional just one meeting in one weekend this is something that must progress on and on and on until we finally get a but by the grace of God this is timeframe that we can at least some of these principles together in our hearts the Lord can help us to enter into an experience that when Jesus comes to be counted amongst those listening processes as I stand before you would in no time to play games I must tell you the truth Jesus promised that the only thing that makes people for stealing I do not make people free truth is that he is in Jesus Christ so today we'll talk about our revival made practical in this session in the afternoon to talk about reef formation processes is the me tell you something the you will know that forefathers come back to talk about weasel Mason made practical number to see some startling things about with amazing and then our final session is what do we do from here what do we do for you so as we prepare our hearts together listening to our hundred and five as much of you as I able to do please kneel with me as we go before God interfere off I see what the Lord sustains all of us our father in heaven we thank you Lord for this holy Saturday address father we praise you and thank you that you love us enough to tell is sometimes the truth hurts because our lives have been so comfortable than ever is side-by-side it disrupts our thinking that we disrupt even ideologies in our concepts of what constitutes life we except the words of Jesus that we shall know the truth and the truth is free father we need freedom will be a minibus longer a most gross deception we believe Winfrey now that you said whomsoever committed sin is a slave of sin Lord we need freedom is freedom financially not just freedom in all the various points of life we need freedom and victory over sin and is only one who can do that and that is the one who is the truth is none other than Jesus father son decide today as we behold your words into the Bible holding we would all be contained to that precious image of Jesus or not I believe with all my heart what is more more that is Christ is listed on all men will be drawn in to him I committed myself into your hands take my feebleminded my feeble words my feeble body please perform a miracle today that you will allow me to be a vessel that heaven can speak for your freezer and thank you because those this may seem impossible with men I'm grateful that all things are possible with God seems to me and speak through me between sensory stuff are surviving is our prayer that we ask in Jesus name amen I want you to give I was in the book of revelations on every revelation chapter three is in Revelation the third chapter that is God speaks not only to the seventh church but he's also speaking to the last church that God brings across yours in my mind a reality of the condition of his people very people who were to make the world aware of the hour of judgment the very people who were to give the wonderful harrow of the first second and third Angels message very people who was supposed to finish the work on the very people that God found were in such a condition that God had to give him counsel it says in Revelation three and verse fourteen we know these things very well he says and unto the angel of the church allowed to see and drive these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I want our cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I was really out of my mouth I never thought that I hope you get him to a point to make and one of the best asylum call to think that God would look upon those new guy for the ones that he loves with an everlasting love but at the same time as a result of something that took place in the mystery when that something is as a result of something that took place it got to a point that God 's people to a very large degree but this is a I would dare to say a majority that those who profess to love him God is now speaking event in saying that what I'm seeing taking place in your heart and in your life 's visit to the point that it actually makes me have a disruption in my belly to the point that I want to vomit brothers and sisters there is no reason under the sun that God 's children should put them in a position to ever have this written an inspiration but if the reason that we must investigate it because I believe that all medical missionaries understand that when you actually any disease when you treated any problem you allowed to see the disease wow this is a secure database is the worst of all Texas and concerns of these I'm thankful that while God cells in the reality is also particularly on my mind that there is a remedy but brothers and sisters in order to embrace that remedy we must first ascertain the cause that the medical missionaries taught we first learned that improperly twenty six two is as obvious on a carcinoma comes without a cause and therefore to twenty nine sixteen tells us that the cause which I knew not I assisted out to do to bring the episode cost don't treat the symptoms search out the cause is in a place where God would actually look at is how people be others I can get to a point to say that their behavior makes me one of on let us notice it says in verse seventeen because thou say us I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and it was not that thou art wretched miserable and poor blind and making the reason why God became sole sick of what he was seeing in the life of his own people was because they got to the point that they thought they were all rights when in truth they were all wrong now something them in this condition and the Bible so that's what it was his right rear next two verses should be says in verse twenty eight says the hall all I had at the door anyway if Jesus is having at the door and knocking the divisive season before I center the door knocks if any man hear my voice and what opens the door I will do what come in to him and will sup with him and he would mean processes is in for over twenty to be true what that testifies to Jesus is on the side of our and as a result of Christ being on the side of our hearts that means that he is not all cultists and see that is not all Disneyland is bus sales visit because your modesty it is a disease that was sued out I call this a tremendous focus on self and as a result of a focus on self we begin to say I'm Rick 's we start to look at our bank accounts and the reason behind earnings the good old sort of achievement that we made and I would begin doing exactly what the Bible tells us not to give you one of the biggest reason why was one of them I felt little to second Corinthians chapter notice the Bible tells us exactly why what a great reasons why was so incredibly caught up on ourselves we find that many of us suffer with this problem the gods of absolution notice with the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten in second Corinthians in chapter of the Bible listen up a very powerful principles you and I would do well to consider and by the grace of God we would never practice it ever again what is one of the reasons why we might also saw all looking at ourselves thinking of ourselves consoling ourselves even to the point that we will run ourselves we will begin to exalt our opinion ha ha I get our concept of ideology is coming from is one great reason why second Corinthians chapter ten in verse twelve notice what the Bible says in second grade is an inverse well this is still begin make ourselves of the number will come to share ourselves with some recommend themselves watch this Wednesday announcing themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves out why the Bible says they are not wise what a great reason why many of us think it would better off than we really are is because we're busy comparing ourselves to the next man in the next one is many a times we look at this involving it was it what were doing better than than some positive individuals with it well I'm doing better than them well enough that they are well actually I have a little truth and a half but Mrs. is limited he was summoned to the message and only because his reasons that it is some of the greatest Christians in this world have yet to join the seventy administers the reason got to come out of her my people God has a lot of his people that are in all these other churches the constant battle they are living more to the I will know so many of us are how many of us know what to violate the laws of health is in we know that we heard over and over again is an exquisite communal something for the abominable and we know so much of the sixties we will ask for the problem is as we think that a kind of intellectual understanding of truth that constitutes right businessman when he redesigned a Disney three oh nine you will find that with the same exact mistake the Pharisees made it seventy five industries this is a great mistake the Pharisees say that they thought that an intellectual us to truth constituted righteousness brothers and sisters we find ourselves often falling into the same trap because we have highlight because we are tired out because we are broader and deeper information in any of its original plan it would begin to go out on that fact we forget that God wanted us the truth what is the point of knowing to the remote is this is what Jesus is bringing out is what came out of office because diseases and sin cannot dwell together in James four seventeen says it to him that no student to a and he elected not to hand in his essay Christ not well with sending this crisis have to get to a point to say either singles or I go into this while Matthew twenty four notice would Jesus it was a last day event for the Bible says in Matthew twenty four and Matthew twenty four chapter notice of Christ gave also designs and we love the focus of a lot of things but this is as we would do a little more about this one Matthew the twenty fourth chapter Bible tells us the last season is laughing that has nothing to do with Rome 's last big event doesn't even have to deal with the apostasy in the church everything is what I want to see Alaska immunoassay harbinger that Christ made known to you as my heart that we were supposed to consider this is what we consider everything else the Bible says in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter seated as a man Bible says in Matthew twenty four and versatile the Bible says and because eaten with the shower what about what's going this is the love of many the Nolasco because in the Quincy grooms abound us think he's progressing this is the love that was once in God 's people on the West Coast is really a picture like this we see a man with a Bible in his hand a Museum man behind him begging please give me the word this man is walking with a religious carelessness and indifference upon his countenance this is indeed all we can find ourselves like this man had faces you think you are wanting to know what is truth and so you think the other thing what is truth when you go to your job and your place of business as you think of documents that have been at that point of turning away from God 's truth because of all the significant running and is using it on documents that they happen is that I'm not saying questions people as I would thought that the Christ and seventy and timely articles and we ought to complete audibles in the morning by St. Laurent escape me at the time I laid all my plan I think you see Daniel Sardis today and let all my works mean more in the Dugan sent whenever you want in a new one I also called such an indissoluble connection would happen I think this will download the not my visit is a money hungry but to minister to them be prepared to give the meetings these busy when Matthew twenty four says and because iniquity shall abound think of the law of many semiskilled lifestyle with any of you look it up in the great deal of that word love comes about that word love it actually talks up as a copy nobody got below those in the talk about agape loves this will be first Corinthians thirteen said about a copy of the will that be not right for you the Bible says that it had gotten out that individuals have been visiting like to go away think about Jesus when Jesus was talking about his disciples you will find that I said something about those whom he recognizes as his disciples who don't agree with me with an study this morning John VHF job the eighth chapter you find that Jesus was teaching incredible that was very very powerful these findings on even in his right adversely one John eighteen verse thirty one the Bible says the Bible say is then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him he's on the believers he says he'll do what so that he words refusing campaign you can't attend you in my word what is the next word and means if you don't do this I'm not whatever comes after they are you following on that and is a very key point of this sentence if you continue in my work and argue my disciples indeed number this is I want to be a disciple of Jesus I want to some of us right now we profess to be disciples of Jesus but brothers and sisters we must understand that if we all live testimony you have is about when you used to be on fire that is how I get having a continued experience and I is when I have this thesis is not a time about the book on the municipal eleven I used to be like you and some of them have the nerve to try to counsel me to remember is to be on fire like you know while I learned that I had to understand some things that are and you know many times I say sometimes by word is sometimes my mind I said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus getting behind me Satan bound that series because of the people taught us the only file the Bible says it is continuing my work is to have a thin experience in the truths that is not in us I like to thought is that if you continue in my word is not just a frequent presence in a Experian 's attendance is Christ this is when we can hit you in the word then are ye my disciples indeed broken since you can level yesterday 's blessings you can't live often yesterday as I pleaded with God is the Lord how I once again and I do love them within my heart and continuity not doing it is anybody in this room is as you know what I'm beyond as leverage in my fire has gone out my fire 's dying one of the things I was five and I ran a lack of oxygen the lack of oxygen to the five off real quick is some synagogue called the breadth of the soul what is it Britain's own all right that means that we now can move on I watch this we recognize that this is many of us that we are running six thousand one executive agencies we see that God is now looking upon his very own people it is called the finished works better same time we find ourselves in this place and I walked with God for the fires going out perhaps the five zero is how that moment God began to life because when the fire gone I will have health eyes kindled against the burn within us and before you know it in the wiki begins around the last and that love of God we can select code become complacent careless indifferent Jesus is the change that is because Jesus is I can see you like that and this is a firebug this is the beginning can do anytime decided a sanctuary you will note at any time and often was consumed in the fire came from top-down God can create that file why do you think Hebrews twelve twenty nine says that God is a consuming fire this is a fire you can create no matter how hard you try you can't make yourself love God Romans at the five tells us in verse five is there that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost still we get is a business a part that we ultimately let us notice a revival to godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this in the all-black first workers in service eight forty one of us we find that we need a revival it makes down we need a revival I was in a country one time and I was talking with a very high level conference official they invited me to come sit down with them because they wanted to remind the Reformation take place amongst the people ten when I sat down with them the first thing I must do you believe we need revival reclamation dealing that for you bring the pleadings of your people do you believe that we need revival reformations and he and his facet oh yes we believe that as a very good and easy to understand articulate it and all of a sudden he got quite a few guys they all don't look at me like I got to head fourteen I've been looking at me and it is like what you mean lots of the dead and after listening in on the Loma Linda on a lot of medical professionals here correctly from wrong the only patient that needs to be revived this one breathing is that right medical professionals the only change since me to be revived on the once his breathing is really slowing down to the point of death or the absolute was reading skills and was hereby is exactly what was in my heart to understanding physiology I think you need to understand the only people in the living room I'm talking what I want up and stopped breathing as they don't mean regular treatment they need emergency treatment so once and that the check is not an illegal regular treatment they need emergency treatment sometimes emergency treatment might even involve a set factor is that right no wonder the Xobni displays one of the reasons and when John would give businesses who says that he gave a message that would start looking start event benefiting that they can see themselves only often rely on I even got a million dollars that you still as hell bound without Jesus healing account even I think I also have a yes you held out without Jesus deleted in a busy business and on and as a result of degrees yes without these Israel bounds my friend diseases heal new profession of him beating him in your hearts you need to let him live out his life within you would you do that not you would just tell down as the crap beaten smoking person than any other type of sooner that you can think in the world uses itself out as they are you probably does burns less time what does that matter the Amundsen I'm reasoning with the following settings so therefore we need Jesus in the hearts it's hard work of Christ it must be hard work with us and therefore we understood that revival and reformation and revival true godliness was needed all godliness it cannot be a call for revival of the shrew godliness unless there is false godliness we follow will talk about that in this therefore now to figure out it's a good time is come for a walk on a recognition is four eighty recognition of the places recommended and begins as a flat will ask away and we believe our annual Summit search is on this glory and strife this is the now we find ourselves driving against one another it is old this promises what we know God has taken this journey I have learned to rejoice more than I do about all these different groups everybody's coming together everybody happy only thing that Yahoo has added you got these phases he got forty five twenty two got all seem to have those one nominal in the church to deny the sanctuary Excelsior people say not diet has nothing to do in our salvation the people that are practicing also the reform will be insignificant in which one you want on to learn my fault that in Philippians one releases some preachers try some present envy something citizen present at fault that I seem to make a visit I'm exhausted on the fly because now people are starting I think I'll call these different groups now not so much because I believe in the errors know where this is that you know what it's doing I've learned that there is a ministry in heresies because it has a two minutes way of making a polarization and got searched all who are the ones that really love Jesus and for the ones included in the study to show themselves approved and will do was to seek with all their heart to know what that saith the Lord saw been advertising on finding out is still accomplishing is no documented however that if I find the testimony to the church a seven oh seven when you remind five a testimony to the church a seven oh seven under the chapter mysteries of the Bible right there they said that they are many who profess to have an out of the present chosen really don't know what they believe is that they do not understand the head anything is obviously benefit what a time to the Pakistan single and alone in these a try and help consumers on the IV is public they constituted truth she says God will our house his people and his dad is and if nothing else works at Harrah's these will come in God did not would gain Pharisees a comment but he will I'll them to come in the allowed to come in because God is an allow a situation to take place at the press everybody against the wall even at this being lazy training in a sealed Bible argument with my finger pleaded as a father is and those who hunger for it shall find brothers and sisters it starts with the spirit of prayer is not as prevalent in your car United preloading a husband or wife this is misleading and train with God as a lawyer I see my condition I see that I have no right to point things are there and everywhere I see the benefit of anything that even important thing is reported at me because I am on this I'm in trouble I am separated from you and without you I can do nothing to help me the spirit of prayer and with his vertebra comes it will remove the disorders on the book of Proverbs episodes knows what problems exist Proverbs six after he is much more obvious than that and what we have to do is get balanced properly six chapter .exe says something that affects and to the point that I wanted to see how he spelled it out in front of the six after the sixty first the Bible says in Proverbs six sixteen this is the easy six things doth the Lord ADA seven are an abomination unto him a problem a lying tongue and hand for citizen blood and heart that devises wicked imaginations seeing that be swift in running to Mister Hall witnessed as a good life and with that last one gene that solar discord amongst the brethren gotten by in when people do that by Hades when people sowed the seeds of discord amongst the brethren thought this way I is one of the key things that would get rid of that one was spending time in prayer with agonizing with God remember Luke chapter twenty two members forty four four seven when Jesus was in the garden to Gethsemane that he's playing with God a NASA press ahead crossing wait on him he got appointed to serve and being in agony he prayed more earnestly to know what is agonizing God you know what is the goal before God and not talk about everybody else unless that everybody else is but it's a long look at me I'm a mess I'm righteous and miserable time for I'm blind and naked these the things I got busy wants to reveal to you when I began the problem the reason why many of us are not making those kind of prayers is because we haven't seen ourselves in that condition that's always a loyal close for the children ABC country Lords help these people over here help me this evening Lord help anybody the citizen loyalty will help me I'm a mess I'm an absolute bona fide mess and without you I can do anything right premise is one of either hinders us from the vessel what is revival Reformation let's define these terms we can know how to make it more practical in our life we are told a revival and a Reformation must take place under the ministries of the Holy Spirit amen so therefore we need is not of God doesn't help open our eyes and give us eyes so that we can see ourselves not to conditionally followed that that can only happen in the spirit of God therefore every day what you are asking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit I deleted what you get our witnesses somebody not just that what he is and will give you a spirit that I made what seen myself this is why when Jesus presented so remedy to this sinful condition called out to see is what is able to accurately simply taken a step-by-step revelation to go back to the revelation of the seventeenth sexy soda step-by-step how to do this is a natural remedy but I want to see what was it in Revelation chapter three remember one of the issues of the brethren is that they Jesse can't see why I can't see much of condition now look at what it says it says in verse eighteen I counsel thee to buy every gold tried in the fire and white raiment and always be close and that is eliminated is not appear and on nine nine five when I tell you what sound do you see what you think guys want to see my children as I can't see my true condition by myself I need to I South now the reason why we know that the spirit of God played a room this is the first previous articles first printing supplement the Bible is the first print these are the twelve notices we know that the spirit of God has to play a role this is because the only way an individual will see their need for Jesus and go to him for salvation it must be as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit knows what the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter twelve in first Corinthians twelve chapter starting in verse one the Bible says that the greatest twelve verse one S is now concerning spiritual gifts brethren I would not have you ignorant you know that you were Gentiles chart away under these dumb idols even as he when I wherefore I give you to understand why this is that no man speaking by what the Spirit of God Jesus occurs and gotten all man can you say that Jesus is Lord but how I've always so the only way we can you know what I see as I will say that the cause of the ministry sin of the Holy Spirit is so the Holy Spirit is a tremendous help in getting me I sounded so that I can see my children visit and see my need for salvation that are not as long revival signify a renewal of life a weakening of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from the spiritual dad when we say that we would talk about revival tenets of that a revival to signify the something in the zoo I got it from some inspiration so that a revival is necessary as a result the spirit of debt and now the question is what a certain definite like what is not indefinitely and thought about the Bible to find someone who's proceeded we know what literally did means with it we will of course had family relatives friends of the music series as we know about literal depth to what is certain to look like notable good reasons at the new visas after we find out exactly what spiritual death looks like we understand what revival 's focus is all about this is why this is as we talk about revival information if you don't talk about this inoperative revival of information people come in all these cool ideas cliché building up also to the ministries and everything else will decide the amount of mine reclamation and were not even deliver religious revival from the sisters is necessary because the people are going to a spiritual head may need to be resurrected from that so therefore would it not make sense understandably what is the spirit of debt have so therefore little of the Bible says that these is if these are separate to is one Bible saving you having what the anomalies that might get you you will him again was a revival of a revival signifies a renewal is to live a moment can ease the power of the mind and heart disease Macs they are known as the listed as other areas as is and you have the again word had and what stress and sadness according to the Bible what is your life when individuals are living in sin and if you want how living inside and said in a big God is saying that you are going through a spiritual and therefore you must be quickened may rely so the whole of the Bible is to bring people into a file many would Jesus so that they will not be spiritually had been unaware of a revival of true godliness is so that ultimately the people may have really old mirror seeing me soy proteins and revival of return oxygen victory over Satan I don't know what your messages but it didn't come from heaven God is trying to make a nicer people it is not nicer people does not end up in heaven anyone who has been sent as a result of the indwelling of God 's Spirit make no mistake about it really nice like these is what being nice is simply a fruit but is not the end result revival is designed to quicken the individual to bring them out of a spiritual death in systems involving metal file as long revival signify the renewal of life it also said recruitment of how the minor heart resurrection from the spiritual death I thought now I notice they reform a sin signify them we organization in human remember Bible reclamation and if you live in the home insert your school whenever baby is still doing everything that was as usual you are not as presented by the Reformation anybody was experiencing a revival reclamation was that happen a wee organization is going to take place in Saint in ideas and theories is going to take place habits will begin the same practices will begin to think that anybody who firmly believes in revival and reclamation fit music is not just exchanging your brain and ultimately so in your lifestyle all the things that it's regularly convenient personal life in your homeland England stars in the school or whatever maybe anybody from this to do the work of the gospel in these very last homes versus read anybody to think that this is the end result and by the way anybody was truly revive is always informing in other words I'm come from old search we as always I will wear a revival of the Bible states we go right back to smoking drinking cussing swearing fornicate and everything else just like everybody else in the world that was a false revival anytime is a lot being written by addressing the same hard drive is the same attitude is the same as the way we spend our money is still the same I did not participate it is all the same unit is raised to revival because a true revival always give a good soul revival always leads to true preformation so you don't read signals is searching this morning and it you what some of you know some of us was that we got to the services sometimes even cry the premises on what is God Martinez is Moxie is but I'm sorry for this is as we are not the things that emotional stimulus is understood to this revival please give me good we are not the thing that a most sales stimulus constitutes revival sometimes we get so much into many most so momentous because we wouldn't amaze in the goodness of God is sometimes called the centimeters for this is God 's desire is to take that experience and to make a fairly living principle in other words the emotions I said what if the stimulus to live out daily living principally to the principal and most reliability for Mac OS X we would like most one day I feel holy somebody do everything only within the biblical sinful are medical and do things until you cannot like that processes the way the question that was in the life of Jesus Jesus was a man who lived my principle to did he sees as David was feeling none of us would be here today and seems his feelings in Matthew twenty six is a father I don't want to go into this cross that's what his feelings for crying out but because even from childhood I learned that my principal to principal power is feeling anything nevertheless not my will but thy will be done always a member Jesus did not like the cross there was nothing lovely about costs the Bible lets us know that he endured the cross and despise the scene that came with it but it was the joy that was set before him that motivated him to do it sometimes even be called things I want to give up things of Jesus and in your heart even if the Lord I don't want to do that God says I have all people understand but you must learn to create language in your mouth right now not my will but thy will be done and the more that you do that and will you learn to live by principle you will start on yourself having daily victory and axes repeated phone habits habits forms character and by the character your destiny for time and eternity is decided by subsequences three fifty six actions repeated form habits habits formed character and by the character art death and evil time and eternity is decided Christ object lessons three five six so therefore we look at this example here and always the original Mrs. signify the reorganization of a change not even very contracted with La Mesa will not bring for the right fit unless it is connecting with the revival of the spirit of revival and resumes on a duly appointed work and enjoyment for a great month and Christian service we do not watch this one happens to be formational revival so all the quotation insightful takes place first then we formation follows what typically happens and had fences and this is that many a times we reform the hallway or even revised and this is why woman can change address the days he dresses like a saint but after a while because he's longing at the Department of Babylon the loan the whole because there's no real revival in the heart neck and you know they eventually go back to dressing in fact many of them available back addressing the same way that musical backing reservoirs the reason that happens is because they were trying to reform without revival of the left diseases there was no commitment on what will address a fondness in our political activities but as a result of child tribulation challenge is making you know I think I have to heart on the nickel back to the old ways in the end up worse than they were before same thing when I first seems a guide for managing identities are you when I watch sports organized anything something we had forms organized over a hundred years ago it was called councils on diving foods and all that and I'm doing is eating six in is how to become healthy sinners yes I thinking this is listening all that foretold Anaïs is doing is teaching people who already living in sin separated from Jesus out to avoid heart attack high cholesterol diabetes and high blood pressure and so on and how when we were at the brink of death and how they can go ahead and not be at the brink of them anymore so they can become healthy and vibrant strong centers I see not one Gospel sentence internal DVD is available the last thing you want to do is a visualization of how to become healthy citizens want to do is six and has become healthy Saints is why we have a treasure God 's whole of health that such transfer God is giving us because we deal with the whole manifold course of an asset that is it just feels when you know you your your spleen in your cold and then your arteries and organs and so on but a dozen ministers of the mind because a minister to the heart needs because the message of the crisis that people think they might make the gospel of help us health reform the doctrine of the college itself begins because the I like to let a semi- anonymous using leather belt LS of the meetings will call you an apostate being installed this thing with astrology and all the sons of your ability if you do that when you need to know some access is the uneasy health reform is health Reform is Minnesota more than just the body on the guide seventy he whistled his life as a microphone to begin and if I think affiliate we know with those offered her some estimate the value of the economic vegan really any good on the visit unexpectedly did not know what to write on the health reform will affect how you know the Bible says of the previous ten thirty one and had him to you health reformer so that what we understand is that we don't want to change I don't want to know what you those things and endlessly in just a regional amazing but there's been no revival because what will happen as a result of that statement will find ourselves going to a delightful drive formality and drudgery after while you turn your back on the Lindsay is not worth it but when you revive this is all the New York I got to lose turn into getting this when you revive that all of your reef formations as long as average as a result of a love of Jesus by doing this would develop both twenty dresses were developed these when you listen only this economy is developed I will do anything to disrupt the know that Jesus is altogether lovely I want him to speak my mind I can't afford to listen to anything that would disrupt his voice and being heard on I was at this because provide first before missions easily second you follow them off so that we understand that revival must take place and that Mila Mason put these into my head yes all right men so therefore the question is there a book that we can study that will help bring about a revival is able to be decided I can do that we've been public within the blood will lose in the Bible by the sixty six books which will would look in the Bible that you got the right book in the book is okay he's a Daniel revelation any of the books again and I will show a still so okay and you will James are available okay the nastier question and answer questions why we need revival based on a study because we did why we did and you don't elaborate it because life is not in us who is our life I am the way the truth and so the problem is sex one B outside us I do not become the writer wants that says watch this so that was the reason it reminds because crisis somehow out why because iniquity was pounding now Christ getting out what he wants to come back injuries got no watch this question is we need to have Jesus come back and now on the masculine question would you agree that the way we get Jesus to come back again is to have a proper knowledge of him is at right to behold him yes in other words we need Christ revealed to a CS him what will be in the Bible reveals Christ to us as the book of Revelation chapter one it's the very first five words in verse one analyzes and the movement is revealing one forty three that the world needs now but it needed nineteen hundred years ago a new revelation of Christ and I wonder what the first five or saw in Revelation chapter one verse one the Bible says is a revelation of Jesus Christ you know what the great mistake in that many of us have done among the green revelation so that we can just simply identified as Mark B's enzymes I've seen nothing in that book that tells us the revelation of these marks these enzymes we've all been always be that many of us make a mistake when we study a sin we are more colonists will wait and identified as Mark 's piece and charts then actually seeing no one whom the whole book was written about screwing the experiences on base marks BC interests other notice so that they want to study the Bible we do not understand the word as Mister felt like a revelation as with any jumps into us to understand this synthetic contains she doesn't let you see that everything they believe the words of this prophecy require thinking those things which are written therein for the time that I watched this when we had a people understand what this all means do you won't be seeing him on a grade revival it says we do not understand what loosely in the lesson that it teaches notwithstanding the engines and even desserts and send this is why got some easement gruesomely different resulting from revelation but we all can see the same way what's up with that could be that many of us that this is are not understanding more fully the lessons that it teaches because revelation definitely revealed that smart reasons for this is the end of the day it reveals ice in the expressive of the species and was I see that guarantees the spirit of fanaticism will take possession of minds you search the Scriptures must understand the book education one twenty five it tells us that every book and at every passage in the Bible reveals the wondrous themes among the redemption plan the rest the reason of the image of God in the system will likely evidence and plan when I read about the seven churches where documented plan for me about the market reason and evidence implants have a regal screens as evidence in Atlanta when I see the wrath of God that is for Altman like derivatives implanting that for Angel .com 's doubts and fears with the landless derivatives and plants in the early and irate subjects and seal of the living God when San Diego right now running the Bible and health evangelistic training schools and we made all of our students we made it clear to say that you limiting every document the seventy administrators and I want you to show me the redemption I think you don't graduate if you cancel it because there's so many people who know how to protect your way through the Bible and tell people you know anything will isolate the information but I'm not inspired so therefore I'm leaving you can identify when you Tito Julie and adornments and is there evidence and plan when you teach this phase of the day sometimes we change the remnant Church of Bible where the Windows environment is a spirit of prophecy the same things we have been fulltext thing for years and a half working on was a whole world it's their new study the book of Revelation you have to ask yourself is the redemption plan cycles through these experiences of the seven churches with redemption plan to all these different things and redemption plan is broken down into parts being means to buy back something was taken away I reason I want to redeem with a God that I'm disagreeing but it was a redemptive plan of the case into twice a week to lean about is taken away and a restoration back into the original images that were designed to be the two points you must bring out and teach your doctrine to the meeting in Connecticut and within budget we would restart the media before we went to the gospel message as we started doing the gospel of health we starts on the people that God has a plan is not overcome at present diabetes in all these wonderful things but we get we what we know we would not make as a citizen of the citizens of the so was able to give them the gospel I'll help you know that it was night number two we had over fifteen visitors came out to learn how to overcome high blood pressure is in and I found this out just a couple weeks ago when I was teaching classes it is you will be amazing how God will surprise you as a presenter when you sharing history that is in Jesus that he will get in a fight from the lesson while the people getting edified understood the gospel of how many of you what I learned I decided I wanted to see it demonstrated as we were in Connecticut and we did high blood pressure and was about point by point what his blood pressure why to get high definite about himself would be without affecting the Mozilla supports this this is the man high blood pressure presentation twelve people gave your heart to Jesus and committed their lives to him at the end of a high blood pressure presentation we did arthritis on my number four we did arthritis on my number four in what went through what is arthritis one at one of the forms of arthritis that the figures go down the windows of the gospel help we show them physical arthritis and spiritual arthritis at the end of that presentation nine people not only did the atrocities of nine people made a decision to be part of the commandment keeping family of God night and before within the first week we already have twenty people that didn't even hear about the Sabbath yet and they will all set to start going deeper and studies so that they can be part of this movement brothers and sisters I'm telling you the truth when you bring out the redemption plan when you teach sunlight you teach the redemption plan when you teach exercise and water when you begin to combing the redemption plan in everything you do a lot of help well I can make it up is in the right former member of every book in every facet reveals the wondrous redemption plan there's a reason Jesus is called SU and of righteousness so that even when you learn something about Python axis etc. just be faithful and could keep doing what he followed so that will join it would consistently seeking to find redemption plan as so as when we study the book of Revelation will be set in place analysis we are looking for that redemption plan was easily visible to reveal Jesus and I think it is probably better reading and responding as a result of all that exists but if you really come in I believe that if you and I keep our focus on that you know how to weed out things that are being taught right now the people trying to make test of God 's people and say that this is what you must understand in order to understand relations and the list goes on this is beyond that foolishness to bring a practicing for the gospel as revealed in the sanctuary the CSH even revealed out in the book of Revelation and normal hold using Jesus like you've never seen it before and you will see that he is indeed altogether lovely this needs to be a homework listening off of final causes we were very close how do we enter into its experience I dare not pull up his message would also knew how to enter into the experience put Isaiah chapter six in Isaiah chapter six we find something that is very powerful about how we can enter into this experience of revival the Bible says in Isaiah the six chapter are we enter into this experience how can we get Quicken how can we go for spiritual gifts spiritual life how does this happen notice in the year that King is five five five salsa Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up in his train filled the temple about the desire offends each one had six wings with twain he covered his face with plane he covered his feet with twenty needed by one cried unto another set holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is full of his glory because of the door moved that the voice of him that crime in the house was filled with smoke then that I will use me if I'm undone because I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of the people of unclean lips as for my high seen the King the Lord of hosts then who one of the seraphim unto me having a live coal in his hand which had taken the tongue some of the altar and he laid it upon my mouth it's an old visit diamonds and diamond equity is taken away ten thy sins purged also heard the voice of the Lord things that I send in Google for us Vincent I hear my send me in this beautiful story of Isaiah we find what takes place to bring about the experience of revival that we read about Isaiah we would typically read that Isaiah was truly God 's servant you see and I think that the one I got really called him you're the voice of God he responded yes and here it is that God appoints Isaiah and and calls them to do work you read at least seeing times between Isaiah chapter one of chapter five you see Isaiah rolling the people thirteen times you see I feel well you hypocrites will call my darkness and archetype will call evil good and good evil will he was willing everybody then all of a sudden I think his vision and he sees Christ and as he beholds to this is Isaiah is says below is me I've say I have something on him while he was pulling everybody out else I'll bet he did not even realize until he saw the vision did you catch the numbers what was about either you had on him in the versus Sega and as a woman from the filthy road is not what you see I do have a few heroes in those verses to see that in other words this is the careful because what you learned you must teach and when Eugene smothers you want to make sure that you are able to teach them what's in the versus you follow that look carefully at the verse again the Isaiah six notice what was said I want to see what it says right here in verses six and seven you see something of Isaiah and he had on him while he was preaching to everybody else but what is this is then flew one of his servants unto me having a live coal in his hand was yet taking the time some of the alternate and he later upon my mouth insert and over that correspondence is what everything is an time in England he is taken away and I said what was on a while he was preaching to others in the iniquity and say while I was wildly audio out God knew that Isaiah needed to be moved themselves knows what is racism in this as the prophet Isaiah beheld the glory of the Lord he was amazing and overwhelming sense of his own what weakness and on where agreement is decried him always see what it says I had denounced the cinema but now he sees himself exposed to the same condemnation as pronounceable and then space is acting as five A all who live in ceremony naming his warts and God the condition of Isaiah I challenge any of you read Isaiah chapters one through five and in the physical cold and lifeless ceremony it's amazing it's amazing we can read Isaiah one to five we see it in with the old warrior with you somebody who is able to let everything fall on here is the very woes he was given everybody else he needed to see that he needed to see how woeful he was it says he had not known this until the vision was given him of the Lord it is possible that we can preach against sin and error and in all these other things here is that God is saying you need the same message Isaiah need in the same message and the only way that Isaiah could see in was he had to behold God interestingly enough in the sanctuary as he beheld God in the sanctuary he was able to see his own weakness his own frailties and how empty he was without God brothers and sisters this is what we must see if we can have the experience of revival like Isaiah had easy notices on what I want to give you some devotional gems at the close of the approximately boundaries about ten minutes and it will go ahead and close it out for this one is going to will continue to this afternoon I noticed the little past this okay with you this is no man can call himself understand his errors you can look at itself and we're all you want you can understand owners it says no man can open some understand his errors the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it Jeremiah seventy nine this is the lesson may express a poverty of souls that are hard to not acknowledge it possible that we could field or I'm I'm I'm a humble man alone so unworthy but in our hearts and on the IMAX is very worthy of this best of the season we get our hearts are not going to say while speaking to God a copy of spirit the heart may be swelling with the conceit of its own superior humility and exalted righteousness that's how we get our hearts are that's why you never make a decision based on what you feel never a decision you make is based on the favorable that's the first group now notice in one way only can officially announce itself be obtained we must leave all of Christ's is a simple account of that is must be a little Christ no one is when we behold Christ remember the promise of second Corinthians three hundred fifteen tells us by holding we become changed so would the holding Christ that we may become like Christ that now the debate is it it ignorant of him that makes men so uplifted in the own righteousness the design of the problem in August the reason individuals over the disease about the theater because of the ignorance of Christ they don't understand what now this is what you're looking for a new devotional experiences like this when we contemplate his life directly as we shall see our home I see anything as they really are what you looking for new goes the looking to see his purity and what else I exactly feel every morning every morning when I get when I have my devotional time with God what I'm doing something father revealed unto me the impurity and excellence of Jesus Christ help me to see that and what you do to find a sometimes don't even sometimes leave the readings that we do what is from a quarterly otherwise is not regarding you have to really get into book and things that are designed to deal a Christ to us and then when he has revealed to us and we will be more inclined to see ourselves to him as one of the most we have actually taken a turn and mutilated we call the most and less time watching a car fifty minutes and we go ahead and do that you want every prayer reading it it attributed to give you how I will be with you today and in and out the door and love this is is almost it was a waste of time is no benefiting from it the time of Jesus you get up early enough to get the time with him so that when you have notable simply is no you can take your time as a father I want to see Jesus this morning and when I see him I want to behold his purity however before the accident because he knows that happen to be viewing the whole history of excellence even if the interviewer and how non- you are telling the truth every time I have posted for this is I am reminded of how much I need Jesus did vote yourself in a fair and we shall see I felt lost and helpless cladding on the self-righteousness is like every other sinners we shall see if we are in it will not be through our own goodness what is the infinite grace and this is what holds about bringing about the shrew revival experiences the article Jesus will be holding is not despairing at him beholding him if he's getting into his mind understanding his towering seeing the comparison when we talk about comparing them a lot so there's no human being on earth in comparison faith of Jesus you can help him and when you don't the natural result will come about every time Lord have mercy on me a sinner is ready to close those who express the sanctification of the Bible will manifestly spirit of humility like Moses may have had a view of the awful majesty of holiness and they see their own unworthiness in contrast to the purity and exalted perfection of the infinite one great controversy four seven zero Boulder this final point there can be no self exaltation no claim to freedom from sin on the particles walk in the saddle of Calvary 's cross you know in the book think that I live by page one forty cases those who are registered in the books of heaven as holy are not aware of the fact that some of the Rodriguez were grouping which is a method and this is a private five page one four zero this is also our register in the books of heaven on the on not aware of that fact so you come to Jesus but this is the last inability to do is drag on yourself this is what we will have to hate the theology of bejeweled doesn't think there is truth whatever the same time I think it was not about us giving and dancing in the immunogenic Diane and I certainly am I got a call from I also read the syllables of heaven as holy are not aware that addressing was you got from the Bible Joseph what Joseph wanted to certify the people see I'm not that I'm a little back-and-forth imbibes the process I was very processing of vessel the studies been busily study is an Bible spirit of prophecy I noticed that Harry is going to write me that those already suitable to them it has fully not aware of that fact that we see how that Constantine do get a Job chapter one insults at the one look at how God refers to Job and I will look at how happy registers Joe is essential to the one in verse one it was a man in the land of us whose name was Joan and Batman was what they are right and one that the time and a seen people so noticed that the Bible says that Joe was right and right is how had been registered Joe started in the book to find out what Joe said about Job Job nine says about Jo Anne Rice U Winchell 's is about to and visit angel is saying this is when he was registered in heaven is perfect and outright Bible says and joked at the nine adversely the Bible is not adversely do I justify myself all amounts out in me and I say I am in itself prove me a verse powerful this week is Wednesday and outright cells and unworthy unworthy Jacob 's wrestling with the Angel namesake of you wrestling with the so I think that I can write coherent it is said that this was the sin confessed by Tommy was with the angel this was his one lesson was that it was ornamental not clean them up so Wednesday was wrestling with the Angel who would legally guess what and I asked him once again uses my name is what is going to be supplanted to see the facility was going through a time of trouble will clean but he saw himself unworthy and I still had to let him know your name 's not Jacobs your name has been seen because you have failed with God and man you name shall now be Israel the time to those audible to the time of the trouble will be registered in the books of heaven as holding themselves without knowing they will be so close to Jesus that they had no time to do any type of personal blooming assessment of themselves will be so consumed being in the presence of Jesus in holy security the only satisfaction is only showing her worth of living is that Christ's may find a place in my heart brothers and sisters in a revival comes by beholding Jesus revival comes by understanding these impurities and his excellence as a revival comes so that you says in closing on visible in the field but it was their sin would cause the agony that broke the heart of the son of God and this song what thought that it was fierce in that cause the agonies of God is this all mean in the self abasement those who live near an Jesus discerned most clearly the frail and sinfulness of humanity and their only hope is in the America of a crucified and risen C great controversy four seventy one my friends my brothers my sister 's you don't have to leave you the same way you came in God says that I can bring about a very real revival in your heart but the way that comes as we must accept and recognize that I am dead in trespasses and sins I am an excellent and the only way that you don't see it that's all right because God Susie how you can see when you behold Christ and use writing with a deliberate effort to see his maturity and excellence to see that it was not the spirit decided it was not only did jewels it wasn't me killed him when we begin to understand that AES Zechariah thirteen in verse six Jesus says the question was asked what the loneliness you these loans these things are received at the house of my friends thought about that still call me a friend this is when you visit a friend 's house when your friend hurts you and your friend is suing your face or something like that you don't go to somebody when they say what I want on your face from my friend your designer is I got this prison that losing I got to listen to what you get when we can speak our minds that we those Jews in Jesus so what you want to change the film they didn't even want to call the main synagogue upon anything that I say that anything because I knew what his name is Jesus who was just as human as you and I have Jesus was asked the question what is once again sees the sale was done to me by those loses is that the salesman to me by those wicked people Jesus said these loans are the ones that receive while I was in the house of my friends use it I'm still willing to be a friend you killed me you brutally murdered me and it's not just what happened on the cost of humor six etc. every time we sin we will suffice right and you would e-mail me when I say I will still receive you as a friend if you just let me there is no way is no way that you can behold a love like that at a long period of time in the heart not be something and indecisive to do this for me have mercy on me a sinner what can we brag about ourselves when we stand before a character like that this is what Jesus offer today because please give me a filthy Roberto would never allow you to be accepted in the wedding he said please let me copy with my room accepted evasive and so when the opportunity that you relinquish all of their self-righteousness and your self exaltation and yourself uplifting we have to let it all down and recognize the beers nothing about me recommends me to guide the Jesus you are altogether lovely background you will him and so they realize what I'm struggling struggling seeing myself and I said I don't see myself and I really am but I plead with you help me to see myself for who I really and by seeing you for who you really are so that by your grace by your power can be provided this did state that I'm in and that can be quick and and renewed with life if that's a desire to say he is saying Lord I don't see myself as I truly should lord I need your grace and your power to help me get a real clear vision so that I can behold Jesus posses posses excellent I will see that it was my sister killed and yet as you still willing to love and to live your life within the so that I don't have to go back and do those things again eventually a sincere desire purposes and your commitment to single and I see myself a little bit better than I want to see it more clearly and I commit them to be more focused on beholding you so that I can see you for who you are see me for who I am that I may space a true revival which is tentatively you will find that Jesus did what Isaiah will deal with you and I because even in the most holy place will tell the great controversy for eigh


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