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The Spiritual Rat Race

Benjamin Ng



  • September 23, 2006
    10:00 AM
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why pay United States then I think of the whole to dedicate my life and my ministry the Lord I was looking for a company called Price Waterhouse Cooper is in Italy Finland the international accounting fun and I was working as an IT consultant in computers and they outsource us to other companies when they would ask us to build systems that would be specific to the company 's needs and I would let the public justice I run a program called an imprisonment program mostly unavoidable if the people imprisoned but my point of the story is that I was working professionally from the age of twenty both learning close to fifty thousand year I like many others out there who caught up in what you call today around me and the ages eighteen which is my first car I'm a native twentieth paid it off then I don't look and from there my father having all this extra money so with that money I wanted one upon you see the nature of a rat race is one way you can never get on the go-round and round and round until you go to the great many people say this violates all their lives not realizing us but somehow no contentment alive even you see for me my possessions a very important and that is the central will be called about race when you have money you look for things and you don't realize you need a monthly statement and then you put a lot of them and you own money to pay it off and we had talked about something else that you need to even think you need in the first hello so we call with a race that no one ever found we Christians will not be that way as I read in the publishing ministry by our profit he says many low cost of some island four hundred dollars a year is almost an eight hundred and there's still not a market for my finances this morning but many of us are in a spiritual world of the Bible and look at a group of people window in such a circumstance that has specializes in one round and round and some company to the book of Judges the book of Judges and trying to go through this book pretty quickly just get some being is in understandings but this book describes to us a spiritual rat race and that is that of the title my son this morning before you leave what a lawsuit about me with father in heaven what was so thankful alone thank you that we can gather here on the same route this morning finally you have promised with two or three are gathered momentum more than that incident so far that we are expecting a blessing of the Holy Spirit one that we desire no emphasis grew but in our hearts also want in a pretty good lead us into all truth goddesses Jesus name and put into this chapter to I was fine with my sixteen these the lessons that were about to meet some of the whole theme of judges so keep this in mind as we bus is sixteen since in August body with plus sixteen the Bible says nevertheless the Lord raised up judges with delivered them out of the hand of those nuts while them the judge of the ways to deliver your people are not happy of the enemy 's mounting I don't want on this pipeline illegal but he wasn't with me the judges set the two of us eleven we find that the children on the bus six and when Joshua had let the people go the children of Israel went every man of his inheritance to possess the land and that we find later in bus eight the Joshua the son of nun the son of the Lord nine so this time we come to the sixteenth Joshua that fateful leader would take a leadership over Moses and let the people of the land of Canaan he possibly endlessly seem to see the charges will raise nonetheless although Joshua possibly going rate is not other people people need his own people people on the bus sensing and yes they would not hearken unto the judges but they went a whoring after other gods and found themselves unto them they turn quickly out of the way which the fathers walked in on being the Columbus of the Lord but they did not so what's this was a team and when the Lord raised up them up Josh is than the one was with the judge and deliver them out of the land of their enemies all the date of the job white reprints of the law because of their groanings by reason of them to oppress them and ask them bus nineteen and it came to pop when the judge was what then when the judge thy then they returned and corrupted themselves more than it bothers in following other gods to sell them at the bow down unto them they ceased not from their own doings nor on this Wayne at one hundred I want to show you along the theater was almost definitely will how many times the children of Israel will eliminate unnecessary my amazing up I calmly judged by God sent them when does just fine what happened they went back to their sin we then they would cry out and got within and Josh and I just thought I went back to listening what I call a spiritual needs and judges chapter three of the seven Joshua had only possible in the seven reasons and the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord then the Lord their God Pennsylvania one and the growth so they want they forgot the people of Israel of God 's the Lord and he went back to the sender that is Olympus eight therefore the angle of the Lord was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hand of shop king of Mesopotamia and the children of Israel so this king eight is felt when the children and able to fight along what happened Ms. O'Sullivan to captivity so when we do it able to say the lawn they bring us into captivity mother what happened last night and when the children of Israel did what provide unto the Lord the Lord raised up in the limits of the children of Israel who delivered them even often the eldest son of an us a look younger brother so eventually I was unable out what happened they went into captivity what happened to journalism right onto the lawn and what is going to be made up a while grumbling and off we'll know we gave us another spirit of the Lord came upon him and he just is well I went out the war in the one eleven this came on Mesopotamia into his hand in his hand rebel against this came unlimited fine faded and he felt automated on this eliminated off Neil and he delivers the incident is not out of there and then we read about eleven and the land had rest from you for years and also the son of Kenneth nine so as all week and will do they are focusing long while this was a line this people deliverable to live the people of Israel and what you what you read with me must well and the children of Israel did evil again undecidable so they came back to what a intervening when the journalism did evil then limited to captivity on the sinfulness of the Andy while the Lord and want to write his name is often yell and often delivered them out of the hand of his cane and a piece for years and this deliberate what not we reinvest well we went back to their colonies of us that the and he doesn't understand that you and then an analytic money yes a slight must looking and men and smote Israel and possessed the city so the children of Israel so as long the king of Moab what a genius so they went back into captivity how long this time meeting you only see a pattern here the diversity but when the children of Israel did what Ryan on the lawn the lawn raise them up with the liberal people in the sun on para eventually with his name even and I we like so once again a check is only exists in but they cried out after the activity of a genius and gone made up of Levine 's name was now even now we would meet us the so Moab was some viewed that day under the hand of Israel and the land had rest more score is eighty near the land line because this Josh and I was able and he delivered them out of a hat of Moab and an rest eighty three chapter four of us want the children of Israel again there evil in the sight of the Lord Winton was that so they came back to square one not only did chapter six is one of Asia's finest Clay okay chapter six of us one of the children of Israel did evil in the fight on the lawn and along the length of them into the hand of median so they went back to the thing that made anyone yet it went into captivity again this time by this mad about this country it many and they were in captivity how seven year must read books seven chapter six don't listen anything 's apostle and the children of Israel why unsuitable and because of the media for the new year they ride into the law Muslim there came an angle of a law that sat on their own which was an opera that pertain unto the hill but on his right and his son Gideon Westmeath Mina winepress the hide it the Midianites sold God raise up another deliberative and getting now we know the story of Gideon and the police outfitted with what reluctant to allow that God should include a fine but of course we know this might be valid in a video game and delivered the people so gone onto the call others alike and deliver them out the something and looking at the study with as many details in between these chapters that I would encourage you to go back and read but justice is actually quite sad unfortunately what you see we need to understand the Old Testament writings was therefore off instruction because of group called mainly makes a little and you know what it would have the Bible we have no excuse to review the things that are important and yet was still repeating them today ASAP a list of thirty three to thirty four and a case of high as soon as he was then asked seven billion eighty nine that the children as well Tony yet went a whoring out the bailout and made the alone builder with them gone and the children of Israel remembered not the Lord their God who had delivered them out of the hands of all the enemies on every side they went back to square one I think this one is not likely of the colony to chapter plus the six later a fire that just as just a repeat itself over and over again however and when following a one hundred million related to live nothing new under the know what we cannot change the pen I left the bus jogger stopped the defendant sought in the sixth and the children of Israel did evil again in the fight of the law and the veil in an action brought in the north Assyria and the guards posted on the God of love underdogs of the children and the god of the Philistines in the length of seminar and the anger of along the seven was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hands of the paper the hands of the children of this kind enough ninja Lycoming select it and nearly every confidant about Navy activities include sofa Mesopotamia well and then selling that will come to know Philistines as well so that any evil God puts into captivity note the semester and the children of Israel than what a ride through the law if I was God on piece so I have a later lesson what's wrong with you the children of Israel right of the Lord saying he hopes to against me and that is exactly why God 's ability of because they willing to say more I repent forgive me of myself is why tells us that event any way they gone with you even I can read them as soon as I know that it is an optical car or a house of the wealth of land whatever may be but you give only she says why the cries out the woman and Jonathan so the stimulus implicit in Oregon and also something to what you think God for a glimmer new the top eleven of this one now just the McGill either I love them like a man of about I feel as a son over Holland and Billy is the death yet this and I definitely don't have time to go to the story I just wanted to find God raised up as a point in life is like and everything is his name was what happened next would even happen it's up to twelve and listen chapter twelve and listen and just the judge Israel's six years then died just the Illinois and was buried in one of the cities of galea after him is that of Bethlehem to Israel and he died then endless love and offered him of zeppelin I does Israel so that if you are continue his reign as a judge as well as a piece of what an overview within one type of betting and this one the betting of us one of judges and the children of Israel did evil in the sites on the lawn and along the length of the invisible hand of the Philistines again twentieth they just don't look at we went on lasagna is requested and that was a set of soil of the family of the thing anyone know what his wife was barren and do not I mean the Lord appeared unto the woman of the people now now on very valid and that was not when thou shall conceive and bear a son and then he went now that will be where I pray the and drink no wine or strong drink and eat not any unclean thing who is he about it is you love you but the sense well-known man in the street strongest man in the loop the slide below and I'll shall conceive and bear a son and no waiver shall come in his head for the child Sylvia Nelson light of the gospel of Luke and he shall be in the deliver Israel out over and over with this fund is alive did not cry out but lots of action because he knew what was coming and he says that Samson we know the story why did he fail the same reason why Adam failed to the related there was one I say that because man's meet with sweetness if you belittle the series but possibly it will call the Seattle was not tempted by his people and the provision came without unduly temptation that we had was not the it was the and ever since that was greatest now all I think today man's greatest level is still in an is no one that was fun what happened May two fifteen of the twenty fifth it was the definitive lot was only the hotel without limit individual and Muslim he said that he judged Israel in the days of building twenty thousand one the faithful judge and deliver of Israel which when he is but then you mean until the sixties of a study with the Symphony chapter is not focusing the story when appointment I want to make across that were going round and round and amendments you must study of chapter sixteen and Samson said let me die with those the and he found himself with all his might and the house fell upon the more than upon all the people that were there in so the dead which he slew at his death when more than day which is what found that even is that one of people just me yes the only mistake of forcing you the faithful judge and died what happened next chapter seventy six in those days there was no king in his but every man did that which was right in his own I think only to the loss of us on this whole book chapter twenty one invest twenty five delegates to the twenty one of his twenty five in those days there was no king in Israel every man did that which was right in his own this is the side and didn't have to be so with you this racket in this book is kept to a specific reason why don't people wondering the same thing that is why there was only one company that is why Jerusalem was again destroyed by the room and maybe we move on and maybe the reason why we went also into people what is the reason because I actually enough cells we like to look at the supply which would you know what friends we don't need any of the gone up so but with me show you this reckon only fifteen minutes left how can we get out of this spiritual and not just that not just clouds alone and often delayed of the liberal name is probably something like Ellen G White's one how can we stay that way and not go back to the circle of apostasy that Hebrews seven twelve own lights and make this understanding quit all of us and hopefully I pray that it be practicable technical but it was not the most of the twelve Z friends let me this describes you my life before for all four years ago by giving them about that you see once in a while that have these great because composites market under the agreement mileage in one exchange and we have printed a company that they fully understand you and they would be why wolves into the charges and into my and every time I get a message I have a little I hear and for a while I than the reader knows that is crippling and then another visit and on the same day I'm reminded anything while at the blog with all my might and the printer goes so does my zeal for submittal my life was like annually like this going on with the state my faith was not unaware with my friends how can we maintain the faith that will not waiver and go up and down and make us feel that decision off of them have gone leads he was twelve it started with this one wherefore seeing we also uncle us about this a great cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the scene was not so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before settling on race at the moment is not a rat race resumes without it as the whining about race on the spiritual life hardly get out of that lets me to run with one patient secondly the state looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him until the cross this wiping the shame and is set down at the white hand of the throne of God so how can we meet on the spiritual force we need to have patience secondly we keep our eyes focused on his legal definition of a thing so somehow base and patient is very closely linked faith in what is how do we benefit Hollywood get a Roman ten seventeen by simple text that live in the focus you know we all have faith now Romans to attend the sentencing Romans have a set of CSS so then faith Mike what about you and what about the plot so I can assume that means were all having a difficult because both you and when one of the most like doing a political so we must have faith but how do we maintain faith and maintain patients so they keep our eyes focused in Jesus Christ so the recently one of them on the subtle living out of the woods of a forcibly I do realize that my illustration of these things would take so long slender disputable little bit thing Luke chapter eight I was starting here in bus for Luke chapter A+ for and when what people will gather together and will come to him out of every city he spoke black power Jesus must be comparable assault went out the celibacy and as he sowed some fell by the wayside and it was fun and down in the bowels of the edge about it and some fell on a rock and as soon as it was sprung up it went away because of what extent the Senate and some fell among Poland and the phone smacked up with it and children and on the bus eight good ground sprung up in their foods an hundred people think it was if I was seeming solid and different stages when the fee has been welding however landed different things that happen to now abundant sympathy the eleventh one of how is it the feed about one ago was twelve those microwaves are they that hear you want you want the one of God 's anointed by the wayside if you would've gone pennies of twenty one were assuming it increasing in what they because they like killing on the one of God so these people invest well those that are vital when I may get one on their having faith then comes the devil and taketh away the word under less they should believe anything they could make but one thing they have patient must looking they are the lungs on day which Monday here here one gentleman was gone it was a little and receive the word with joy and these have no roots which for a while believe and in contemplation only part of what temptation of the devil takes nothing out of the possibility of bus family and patient facility and they which fell among Owens are they which when they had a good one the word of God let me the increasing and they mingled more and I chose with cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection the open group Somali men they just would've gone when indifferent many circumstances the word of God is taken out of the hot therefore they lose the one we must but that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good pots having the will of God the one keep it set off a late triathlete the red and we have been even though busting in on Monday practical venue is this theory is no way will be looking for something in a manner and moving on why will we learn from loss the vision of the cheated in some way and then it says and bring forth fruit with patience somehow they and patients is very closely related to how do we get out of the slightly less but I think they want they can want the word of God so when you read it slightest this is one of us to enable Vodafone alike we can fund that cannot lie promised people will be so lonely hut facing Muslims believe that God cannot lie whatever he says is true but then we must do what and thirdly wrinkle with revolutions of the fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen revelations of the bulletin will give us twelve of my window says here is the patients on the thing here are they that one cheap the comeuppance of God and the bank will be on its investment you want to be safe if you the ability if they are not a kung fu shop when I continue to signify this is the patient on the thing here are they that keep the comeuppance of God and the thing see right through ingredients are needed in order to develop patient when they know anyone one without the other is that as this is not what does that so that also looks about right is that people how do we actually get out of this rat race for the simple apply what you know you me know what I know I may not know what you everybody's space is different based on what you mean in his political notice much you at least know something when you laugh you are responsible for keeping that is the only sure way to get ourselves out of the political will to address the situation in seven letters ball is flying out it is unpolluted state law but that I knew what is right but I didn't know it and anyone is wrong I still didn't how can I open a new enrollments have a list one fifty one not in the flesh but in the spirit by the power of the Holy Ghost was given however they would've gone that we know in a line of power come from the discrepancy in the seventeenth is clear that the Holy Spirit was slowly the word of God so how do we keep by reading the word of God went flying we also see a superhero thing you love alone it explains a few minutes of the product over time we meet or what of God it's also legal to do in my sleep we pray will I want to keep it and because before I even got said the Holy Spirit he says that he is moving to get that off so you send the Holy Spirit who also looks through the window all in all of golf on a probability and we are able to do good by the Spirit of God and how I was a failure the Holy Spirit books of the Bible just as all the way things are loved by speaking online with the Holy Spirit what's the word of God and my study would've gotten only regaining knowledge and duties for us to respond in keeping the word of God giving them more than a lot of them that but at the same time regardless of the Bible with the Holy Spirit to give us our opening act tells us that the Holy Spirit is independently so while our desire in us if is there to say more I want to obey the things I know at the same time God helps us to grow their one and the same thing because as these are the word of God both are happening at the same time the most practical solution and I can give you this evening and how you can avoid this note to let with a fountain of water cooling mountain mountainous Oakland is likable study by my two simple is a solution simple is there anybody out there does not apply always gather to say that we at least one some of us have three I importantly have fine more miles north possibility law diseases but it would've gone we discussed into that simple I'll be speaking again and understand that I cannot cover everything the question they may be off the lawn I know the solution is in the Bible but what can I do to increase my love going I know what is right I know that old study Bible the Bible give me they feel the sender immediately image of Jesus Christ that I can be molded into that same concept of give me the Holy Spirit the Lord is going to look out the investment sweet and I'm even been given the privilege to speak to times and wrote but today is the most suitable solution Navy friends does the Bible and the Bible if we would turn off hot online backs of the Bible that gives us a picture of Jesus Christ is my wife is the only picture that we have Jesus when should we see that picture will be transformed in a faint image and then we'll repeat the on the solution is simple this week as a stable path on the second half of the Lord I want to following but I don't know what for the Lord I thought it was funny in any law if neither of when you that I've never seen because it is only as we realize the love of God will want to study the addresses we collect itself wore out tonight I want the that is my are you sweet as well the Oma forward to spend high and would've gone and not just read it but keep it and allowed kingdom the supper was for father in heaven won't thank you for giving us the old customer the record of the cost so that we can read and avoid the same mistakes won't forgive us if we have been neglecting a Bible or begin us if we have not been following you as guilty it was flawed it we know the things we'll do that without doing because we love global today body given us an opportunity one of fellas around the right bolus followed by Austin you that you would give us a clean white sheet of paper that has all the record of us in the paths one of these and that you help us to make wise decisions today that things may be written on this piece of paper that we would not be ashamed of this most of all on it would not be ashamed from father people 's in my blood will accomplish the study diligently though we may find them in the weights of the life lessons Dave Jesus name


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