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Victory In the Brain

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • December 1, 2012
    4:00 PM
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him following thank you for your work we thank you for the opportunity to open the Bible were seeking you once again my prayer is that you will encourage us that you will transform us through your word through your Holy Spirit through your divine power my prayer is that each of us will leave different people than when we came please father we are seeking you were seeking in experience with you we ask this in the name of our Savior Jesus amen I am fascinated with those of the human brain I love that I like I enjoy reading and I read some books on neural plasticity picnic human brain and and how it can be transformed you know because for some years scientists thought that the human brain was basically fixed we have different portions of the brain that have different operations offerings is obviously never your portion of bringing out the occipital lobe which receives information stimuli from the eyes the information is wrote related to the back of the brain for some time and that was it out is what that portion the brain was used for the matter while all other portions of rain obviously we now know what the frontal lobe assiduity seceder spirituality morality and the will call the frontal lobe the citadel of the brain are the decision-making center in the brain but scientists discover through several different experiments one of which are being the in Spain they have a school for the blind that is not a school for the blind per se the students is actually a school for the teachers of the wine and they want to give these teachers somewhat of an experience on what it is like to be blind for the losing being blindfolded but more so than just taking like a handkerchief and covering us they actually scold we cover their eyes so that absolutely no liking coming even through the shot high rate because when I close my eyes right now I can tell the writer up here than it is down here in the miser close this information is still more light is going still through my eyelids but what happens is what they discovered is when the state these individuals can be completely blocked off all the stimulation of the light from entering into their retina what is happening is that within a very short time actually within the course of about two days will be used to happen is the occipital lobe the portion of the brain this typically receiving the information from what you are seeing actually begins after just two days to start it becomes change the point where it begins to taking the stimulation from your tactile sensor sense of tops and it also begins this report in the brain which normally would do have to assign also taken the information not only from tots were considering because of this and other studies scientists are discovering that the human brain is changeable it's what we call plastic is not something that is stock and unchangeable which had been believed for some time but it actually can be transformed by the things that you allowed to come in through your senses the main brain can literally be transformed another thing that we discovered was they went into London and now if humans of New York City you know that the streets in New York are very perfect grid you have been on the streets are parallel and perpendicular as all you noticed the corners are basically ninety degree angles that's just how New York City worsening but if you all look so lovely seeing in the UK 's totally different animal in an and in many of them in the London and London is not an easy place to get around like New York City and in your cities are crazy traffic obviously but the point being is that these worlds are sold Kirby one of drivers in order to become account terminated a special task to see if they know how to navigate the road system in London bluntly there is a line in the brains of London town drivers in the hippocampus of the hippocampal eye of the London cab drivers we actually analyze and one that often one of the works of the hippocampal and one of them is has to do with your spatial ability and memory and will be discovered using is that we be able camp by all legal London cab drivers is musically a larger than the people other people of the UK while we can account for that for possibly one of two reasons either these men were born destined to become cabdrivers in London or by what they were thinking about the information they were allowing themselves to meditate and think upon actually physically changed their brain obviously it's the latter of the two right once you think about seen singly changes the law meaning you are not stuck with who you are you are made a certain way we have always given our inherited and also we have cultivated tendencies but sometimes we think I know who I was born I canceled my brain is my brain is meant it is why am I inherited my parents my parents struggled with this I struggle with that end of story other people fear that I was born a certain way so I cannot be changed right and not many people are afraid that one when people were born in a certain way will some reason for certainly that means they cannot change is the perspective of many people but when you feel could it be possible that some people are born meeting their grandfather their great grandfather and father were all intended reaching out all else is a possibility that that argument is this great-grandson of all the lying about Hollis is a possibility doesn't even be born when he tendencies towards alcoholism yes or yes or no yes possibility so less easily is born with a tendency does not mean there is no opportunity for them to change us now now there is an opportunity the Bible teaches us in Romans chapter twelve verse two is the not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so we can be changed nonviral strength not like we are rather our minds can be each transform they can be totally transformer look at this the Bible has a powerful passage interest in Matthew chapter six verse twenty two it says that the light of the body is the time if therefore thine eye be single by whole body shall be full of light is as but actually let's look at foot there with me Matthew chapter six Matthew chapter six and was looking there and personally two and twenty three Matthew chapter six will we arty hard-core chapter and verse twenty two look at verse twenty three uses but if thine eye be evil thy whole body shall be full of darkness if therefore the light that is in the darkness how great is that darkness is is the light of the body is the author know we've are you saying that but human beings let what they choose to allow to go in there I think you cut off all stimulation to the occipital lobe the rear portion of the brain if you shall call stimulation to your brain by cutting all like it physically changes what information comes into your blank brain they also discovered if we remove the blindfold that the brain can actually go back to what it initially would know the simulation which was the site would be registered in the occipital low so the brain can be changed by what we choose to allow tectonic in the line of the body is the eye is more likely if the things that we're looking at are cool and righteous and just and holy impurities out of things will change the brain it will change the body but if we're looking at whether things were looking at evil things that also will become a part of who we are when I look at several things as we go for allergy to think about this just from the Bible says in Ephesians chapter fortunately there just for a moment in Ephesians chapter four Morgan and the looking beginning in verse twenty two Ephesians chapter four verse twenty two Galatians Ephesians chapter four beginning in verse twenty two the Bible says that you put off concerning the former conversation now some translations say that you put off concerning the former lifestyle this conversation has to do more than just the things that you talk about that word actually had to do with your lifestyle the Bible says that you put off concerning the former conversation the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lofts in the next verse verse twenty three says and even new in the wild in the spirit of your mind the renewed in the spirit of your mind enables honestly in verse twenty four and I do put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness get the picture here in Romans and in Ephesians chapter four beginning at verse twenty two is as you need to put off the old man in verse twenty three is as you need to be changed in your mind and in verse twenty four says you need to put on the new man so get the picture one aspect is letting more real-life salvageable lost because the deceitful lusts I want to call them deceitful loss what do you think that means deceitful lots angry about falsely what you will think of this seems a lot to say something that is the second straight shooting the major thing something is true that isn't her instance when you see when you are led into sin when we think we're going to do some kind of sin whatever it may be different people suddenly different thanks one person 's troubles with alcohol another person 's troubles with drugs another person 's troubles with pornography and other this person struggles with reader whatever it is that people travel to different things so what happens is the Bible calls these things do seem a lot because what happens if for instance when the smoker is trying to play any stage you know clean from the smoking for three four five six maybe a week and finally after that we many have a craving for the cigarette right to have a real desire for the cigarette and the Bible calls it a deceitful loss because what is the individual thing because if I just do it one more time it's really gone help me and when they do it doesn't really find that it actually fixes the problems are struggling with yes or no no silly files can help but it didn't help so it ended up being a deceitful desire anything I desire to extract them all seeing is deceitful and this is what makes us think we're going to acquire something that in reality we don't record we don't acquire not require our choir right so the text says that you put off the old man with your renewal in the spirit of your mind and input on the new man so we have this picture that we need to let go of the old life nothing about this for a moment there is a pair of theirs Jesus tells the story he tells a story about a man whose life is changed and it is a picture that his house is selecting clean your member that one of the guys house is slipping clean but what ends up happening the seven demons that are worse than the first demon and the United States is Warsaw Indiana and it was in the beginning so what can happen sometimes we meet maybe we realize how I think we changed we been living in some scene whenever Cincinnati is as we finally decide you know what I should be doing is a month so we will be old man mica says in verse twenty two while the old man but then we end up stumbling back in the same same time and time and time again and the question is why because what was the problem was it wrong that I had us how slapping clean but what do you think you are what do you do at that time this house was instilled with lot something better something that in Philly and the reality is if you just empty your mind beginning to be a popular teaching in Christianity right all you need to do is just and see your mind stop thinking take a word and say over and over and over and over and over right and what will happen is that your mind will become so empty that the common sense with all this is this is kind of teaching now is a biblical was obviously not Biblical biblically we need to put off the old man human beings need to be renewed in the spirit of our mind right we need to be transformed by the renewing of our life so we not only let go of the old but they rarely are not a necessity we just level deal if you're standing now are my needs to be filled with what something got something going these to replace the old days and after the Texas 's visit to put off the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts and be renewed in the spirit of your mind diminishes and put on the new man put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness to the Colossians chapter three verse ten for I'm off to Ephesians this litany is a caution sign right Colossians chapter three verse ten is says almost the same thing all who wrote the Ephesians also wrote Colossians and Paul says in Colossians chapter three verse ten is says and how to put on the new man in a system which is renewed in one knowledge after the image of him that created him so we have this picture in Ephesians is a twelve -year-old man be renewed in the spirit of your mind for the new man which is it which is transformed by sword transform analysis you need to be removed it says this man inverse and has put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge so we need to be transformed by our knowledge when you need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind you don't be in a begin a scientific tests experiments I should say and I don't necessarily think it's a very nice testimony to tell you about it because they've Artie done it and I'm just telling you what they did some are nice but they think of monkeys on this is a true sort any of these monkeys and apes of their two fingers there are probably their pointer finger in their middle finger and a solo together where they come up with this stuff right but as an initial Internet what they discovered is seeking your brain when he was an unknown unknown neurologist or neuroscientist rentable I would never last what they say is that as he is able to the human brain they can discover alternative if their mapping my brain a to modify a vital link this tells out a little pods making a bundle exactly what is the meaning they can see worth of the energy is taking place line moving my finger and if I move my middle finger right next to that that spot my middle finger is visiting the newly named in the right message right they called a brain that standing very tech you're right my little noises as well so in this brain now they have two parts that are right next to each other one is for the pointer finger meaning and one is for the middle finger in my next know what they discovered was when he took the fingers of the monkey in a cell in together these two marks that were separate they were next to each other but they were they were separate parts when he sold them together after a while anything was a soda together the monkey can only move both fingers at the very same time obviously ran and make sense of what they discovered is that those two portions of the brain map actually he became one it actually became one now as a result of this this is another thing it shows that change that that that that the brain can be changed only called plasticity of the brain of the brain is not fixed it is not stock as it is but it can actually be changed and so they came up with the term they say they say that those things that fire together wire together those things that fire together wire together nothing about this for a moment I ion I was reason in a house and my mom got us out of my mom and she was a smoker as I grew up see I guess this will be more praise for positive but never less he smoked as we grew up and do little kids typically like the smell of smoke really like this and also some little gifted and they don't even want to smoke I had no desire to my space I and so I never wanted to smoke but what is happening was when I was in my teenage years my my dad was old my dad was home and imaginative aspects he was home one time in my grandparents were there some uncles and somewhat and they were all guys all have the docs and so they sent one to give the case of the yes and no innocent civilians since the first time they have tobacco or whatever nicotine also think I was getting Melissa Leslie out itself I smoke my first cigar they get sick or anything and very rapidly after that I became an very very rapidly I was I know stealing cigarettes and is for my mom is brand-new from her aunt and then I would do things when you're weirded to do something that you never thought you would do right out of the boat and into the outside of the grocery store and only old ashtray full of dirty old cigarette from somebody else and installed slipping through my fingers and so what I was too young to buy MCI dim sum while the blaming so what is happening was after a while see us all into me became it became semi- associated with stress meaning any time money and stress I would think I need a cigarette right results anytime the reasonable situation paint sacred by any commonsense idea cigarette anytime however one of the one twenty cigarette warehousing ready for bed I need a cigarette one of the noted that and so are always losing your mind on the car I need a cigarette so I become addicted certain things certain habits were connected with smoking in my life for instance like I said as example stress anytime under stress I now need a cigarette so what was happening was when stressed Damien cigarette came to my mind and when it began to be getting to happen was those things that have been firing together began to walk where significant became physically a part of who I was to follow means we buy our habits begin to actually work change our habits don't just change us spiritually or emotionally they do those things yes but our habits whether good or bad change us physically MSS meeting are three ways are literally being rearranged and changed physically when we stopped and bad habits that make sense yes or no so as we are still so now I'll stress and my mind goes cigarettes cigarettes just figure getting in the car cigarette been waking up cigarette everything was beginning to be connected with cigarettes in my mind so these are the things that are not firing together now began to wire together so we see that these is something actually happens with our grains became to be transformed they are transform either for good or bad but I want to think about this with the scientists and also discovered was the same monkeys who had their fingers sewn together and he came in with their scalpel and ended up separating those two fingers as they separated them the fingers are now once again moved separately by debugging is a song together the stock I can only do this but if I split them apart I can now begin to do that what happened was a member there were two rainouts when he sold the fingers together ominously stated that the map of the brain in two parts and two functions were separated then when they sold them together they became one but they discovered that when he severed fingers apart again they discover that one thing I become became to and so they came up with the terminology those things that fire apart why are part so those things that fire together wire together in the signifier apart while I give you an example nothing about itself for years I had been smoking cigarettes for years I was addicted as I tried to quit over and over I tried the Nicorette gum and he was kind of expensive in my thoughtless man if I had money just to the south the rest of my life doesn't have as many have side effects right and is not a good idea right but that was my mindset at the time to know the truth I do know how health message I really need to stop but the point being so so what is not happening must I would try to quit I was driving on the road and on cost of cigarettes and throw out the window and I was never consulted and that I would probably go buy another pack of cigarettes with a very next you thinking you shouldn't litter right action is doing anything I could to get rid of the cigarettes I couldn't do it and actually I didn't mind that I was able to quit smoking at any time thank you very good at it I could quit smoking it anytime I wanted to and then I could just begin chewing tobacco literally I'm go back and forth and chewing tobacco smoking when my team with Sergeant I would go back to smoking my lungs would be hurting I would go back to what happens many times I see people like in AA and AAA in these times men have gone from being alcoholics to crazy caffeine drinkers and chain smokers so basically loving honestly what will one addiction and just transported somewhere else meaning they haven't actually been totally transformed God doesn't want us to share one addiction to another negative addiction is any sense gone actually wants to give us the absolute victory he wants to make us victorious in a slightly less awesome versus hunting knife and previous effort to verse fourteen a spirit of God which always causes us to triumph in Christ since it is only the always cause us to triumph in Christ we trusting soul thing about this room so I want to quit smoking I'm trying to try my field and I feel because that which has been firing together stress and cigarettes stress and sickness is physically a part of who I am it is unified in my brain but imagine this with me from I know that okay now I'm wanting to quit smoking and I began to learn about the word of God and I immediately learn what the Bible said in second Peter chapter one where my heart given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these findings promises you might become partakers of the divine nature having a state of corruption that is in the world through lots of attacks has gone to make you victorious God can help you overcome the loss the flash Lisa how can you do it through his recent promises that he is feeling left out so imagine if I want to quit I want to quit smoking but my flat is a part of physically applying so now I quit again and imagine how went when the temptation comes let him stress and so as a part physically of wine my brain immediately turns to cigarettes but then I realized no not only a first radius after three bath home in first Corinthians chapter six that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit upon one's dwelling so I remember no one who sang your word says that my body is an example of the Holy Spirit you want to dwell in the inaction on the file the Temple of the father you also told me first review chapter ten verse thirteen there is no temptation taken you but such as common man honestly will not allow you to be tempted above you are able to wield with the temptation also make a way to escape into mediocre father I thank you that you are giving me the victory so notice notice of its access these we just saw that we should we should put off the old man so from the cigarettes away and I need to be renewed in the spirit of my mind my mind lately is because often no temptation comes up my brain immediately cynical to the cigarettes but then I go instead to what the word of God is unknowable born of God the Bible is feeling my mind now it let's say I have first aid the temptation to smoke comes and I wanted Osbournes a God who promised only latest date action filed in a humane way to escape up in and I don't smoke right now in the the constantly temptation comes again unstressed those two segments and I think fatherhood to promise the promise of delivering his second Corinthians chapter ember format that you can bring every thought into captivity father using anything real Vanessa Upshaw singing is so the second time settling the cigarettes the old now it's been bypassed in the new about going to the word of God and the third time safely happened cigarettes and now it will learn about now imagine that happens a thousand times a thousand times the temptation comes I guess loving is a change in my brain what is happening over time is that my brain those things are firing together begins where to get it so after a while stress instead of turning into health destroying how was stressed wifely helming a fleet of an gas law as that is happening our brains are physically physically being changed this makes sense as a no gone tells us time and again in the Scriptures whether the Ephesians four verse twenty three being renewed in the spirit of your mind Romans twelve verse two be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind the Bible time and time again is telling us if you are going to be changed we transform a final word about changing your mind it was no difficult rest of my favorite quotes it says never forget that thoughts work out actions repeated actions form comics and habits form character many people try to change your character but they can't because they haven't changed the box yes all the things you think about workout actions repeated actions form and how this form character many times you try to change off of your habits with a tendency we need is more readily transformed we need to be transformed by the renewing of our God wants to do exactly that in us and he wants these new habits to soul transforms God 's people last days some people find hard to believe that God made some amazing promises inscription beneath Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve guessing you know that one was a set in there with me relationship to fourteen personal note this is a promise relationship the fourteenth verse twelve some people struggle with this one Eisai 's relationship to fourteen birth club here is the occasions of the saints here are they that keep the law commands of God Hannah think of Jesus as the Bible actually say God 's people are getting to the commandment in the last pages are now estimate is that if it says that we ought to believe right now housing is going to invite Dave God is going to be changing the minds the thought processes of the people will not so much so that their minds are getting turning them in their daily struggles in Loma Linda their daily struggles on planet Earth where ever they live within the trials we go through during the days like today lead us to the Savior instead of leading us to help destroying how next like if we tell destroying how to help overeating health destroying habit of smoking health destroying hundreds of sitting in front of the television all day long whatever it may be instead of these things if we are in in these times of stress or whatever maybe it were learning from ones that gone into his work our brain is being transformed were becoming new creatures I was able to keep the commandments of God and have the feet of Jesus is in our own strength not all is totally my minimize strength of Jesus Christ and the reasonable right here I wrote in the back of my Bible uses this use is we need a constant sense of the ennobling power of pure thoughts the only security for any soul is right-thinking as a man thinks in his heart so is he the power of self restraint strengthens my exercise that was at first seems difficult by constant repetition grows easy when I first began to try to quit smoking it was desperately our desperately but he says that he be the effect of self-control on it as it is says on the power of self-restraint strengthens by exercise the power self-restraint strengthens my exercise that whichever seems difficult by constant repetition Rosie I first tried to quit smoking as it was such a part of me is physically part of my brain will send an inquiry theater it had been wired together so when I first began my God 's grace he began to change my heart and help me flee to him at times of stress it was difficult just like access right thoughts are difficult right actions aren't easy to the right fonts are taking place for what it is saying is that my constant exercise by trying over and wanting to learn over and over and over the word intelligence by constant repetition intervals easy now that I think about cigarettes all the time almost absolutely never now I see you are there other things in my life and I'm still still learning to wrestle with and find it absolutely isn't rolling as someone continues to grow I think the reason the Savior Jesus Christ but the reality is is is not as if what the general thought is he gets a young homosexual to give up because he tried for a while to find victory and he finally just skip it I tried creating an work so the government tries to do is to guess the state in a life of its top and it is always getting the stuff I want to play for the rest of my life I wanted one of his constant battle but the reality is that temptation of the cigarettes the Bible tells us in James chapter four it's also submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you John John I thought he will draw nigh to you is assuming yourself a lot and he will and example will flee from you right so what we do is we constantly delist my time in my repetition will finally go easy certain temptations will be in wheel results strengthen that we find victory through Jesus Christ listen to this quote that one last legislature one is my character and personality page two eighty five here is from another book called Gospel workers before speaking of ministers but I believe the application could apply to any of us this is beta now watch and pray lest they enter into temptation if they won't watch it would become acquainted with their weak points where they are most likely to be assailed by temptation with watchfulness in prayer their weakest points can be sold gardening asked to become their strongest points and they can encounter temptation without being overcome in OSS I like to do it I like to see his thinking think for a moment what it what is your absolute absolute worst conclusion that you personally struggle is only different in the individual setting next to you for what is a temptation that you struggle with more than than anything else and you'll need to tell anybody anything can't think of anything it's time for him and now probably anyway are the same as you really have reached perfection I'll bet that's not the case you nine minimal less so on so okay this access to your worse problem the worst temptation you were struggling to deal what is says is just a watchful in prayer we just point the finger came up with your weakest point can be so hard it has to become you are strongest point I just say I can hear you the victory over lost any of the victory over cigarette cream in the victory over over over eating according to the victory over grief it says it is making that point is something that you are you a whiner like crazy but I held the is says that he can want to Jamaica for your strongest point that he can give you the victory now I don't want I will likely make you think of the flashes and Araiza into weird war are the flesh is with us the temptations will come to use us as a human being was tempted at all points like as we are yet without sin and Jesus Ricci had he was he became a human being right and just that that was going to attempt us our class is going to tempt us of God 's people can find that her watchfulness and prayer their weakest points can be so hard asked to become their strongest point imagine living in your life that you hate about yourself this temptation are struggling now imagine that becoming the strongest point of who you are with you like that just to know to me sounds amazing both levels things I've ever read my whole life not only God can by making victorious seated figure biggest struggles your biggest victory God wants to do this for us he wants us to be trans- want healing of our minds I don't only be disappointed I just noticed several good ones in the back my Bible and this can share with you one more field line check this out anybody read the book children's progress in children's progress I talk about the progress this morning to check itself the original is this version is the original I'm only I'd only have the original version and if I hurt I had the audio version and it is an allegory is a story regarding Christian is written in the sixteen hundreds by John Bunyan is a story of an anti-Christian who is on our glorious story of this man who was walking to the celestial city analyses want enables all these trials and tribulations and asses walking the celestial city at one point he's walking through the VA Valley of the shadow that enhances off into the valley of the shadow of death e.g. comes out and it isn't it's an illustration it's not it's not a true event is a summary is not getting it's an illustration of a Christian is walking along and feeling comes over and whispers in his ears in the text says it whispered into his ears reinvest blasphemies that Christian perceived pain from his own heart and Christians at all on how I think these terrible things how can I think these things against my car last evening my God my Savior like this and so what ends up happening he perceives that this temptation nineteen from the main enemy came from his own heart now invoking on some event patients come from your own flesh and heart yes but they're all the temptations that could come from the devil himself you'll know which is which I don't know the difference when temptation comes it feels always like it comes from where your own car but check this quote out second manuscript releases three forty four those who are tempted I would say do not for a moment a knowledge of Satan 's temptations as being in harmony with your own mind now for being not only a knowledge the ten stations are the same thing as being in harmony with your own mind turned from them as you would from the adversary himself with any way to temptation arises in your heart you don't know if if if a demon whispered in your ear or if your heart itself is designed several I know that some of the sin over and over blessing or shine overcome sin and temptation from dynamite you don't know if it came from the devil himself from your own heart you don't know the what all you do know is that it says to those working I would say for a moment analysis Satan 's temptations is being harmed in harmony with your own mind and want no matter what temptation classes into your mind what happens is they don't want to take any money since then I haven't I haven't done this in any year and how can I think that again and I haven't changed at all all this is terrible and when you think about the temptation over and over and over in that temptation becomes your own becomes a part of who you are instead of like SS turn away from them as you would from the adversary himself when attempting to immediately flee to work on he's given us he promises to find victory in his letter the award as you promised you promised in your victory involving regular bring every thought into captivity to set a renewal in the spirit of your mind 's anatomy transformed by the renewing of my life I help my mind to stay upon you and not upon my flesh not confrontation inasmuch trusting in clinging to his work we find victory through Jesus Christ as it says in first Corinthians fifty seven fifty eight but thanks be to God which giveth us three through our Lord Jesus Christ therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast unmovable always on founding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord God promises victory my friend the model also says in Hebrews chapter four verse two speaking of believers assess for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them as well as untreated groups exhibit the word preached did not profit them not being mixed with faith in them that heard Windows temptations come in the running for the word of God we actually have to have faith in the promise not just saying it like it's a magic trick that actually saying father you promised you promise that you can bring my mind you can bring victory into my mind to bring my mind in captivity Jesus Christ I don't feel like father but is not about what I feel it's about what you said stressing what you said I'm trusting what you promise father can we trust his word it's just nice to be the bond which is awesome body who promised victory and trusting in you enclosing this'll seem very simple this is not some kind of grand testimony of this great victory that I had was a very small victory but it was a transformation of unity place in my life a few years ago my wife and I were working doing some major work on Oregon and we were actually were married yet we run out your bike we are doing Bible work together and we're driving out to Bible study acts British lady would come to the states nevertheless we are we're driving the Bible study and leader on a women's Bible study off the you were from obviously is no snow slippery water is not slippery in Chicago waiting out here when he gives what health siding it's like I'm trying now we I believe that I believe that actually really good segment be careful with rain and I'm thinking rain when envisioning all more when it rains it is working with I see her smiling and unless you were driving on the road and it had maybe just to the ground was wet and we can run a corner in the car began to fishtail and body was riding in a begin officially also see John McCracken Gil McGregor necessitating the opposite way you began to sink further the opposite way and I'm how many times Apple finally and house the passenger seat the car began ceiling sideways on the road praise the Lord there is no oncoming traffic we would've been killed because we went across into the office of the oncoming lane and there was this it was literally was large metal mailbox that we were no heading straight towards and I saw it coming I knew it was in a smashing it is as as I was looking at I put my arm up to block any business can smash the window that you are looking out and assess acid coming in working with moving I think we're going around with a fast my wife and I have different ideas on how fast we are going so I will say how fast I think banana last week we were coming down what I'm going sideways this way looking at this meal but I do like this literally I thought as raucous as soon as this the last thought that went through my mind was these is going to hurt and she hit a plastic glass into my arm into my you know year 's open houses and leaving all a big hit the airbag and bounce off and made my head bleed on the other side so I I was like halfway no bearing eyes and pain in an win-win finally the dust is settling literally sloganeering air bags came out I suggest the carcass was also thinking of his blow you know whatever insults I think I might jump out the window and it never occurred to me to open the doors get out I don't know if I him a little dramatic I guess but so I think I'm disbelieving you know it feels like it's raining more because the blood is dripping out of college was warm rain and finally looks at me and in blood is coming out my ears and she thought leader some internal management was that it was us a glass that it shot in the year you don't and she actually one story short she had internal bleeding eyes actually and had has laser surgery her eyes never left eye I began to think about after it was all said and done I thought about my last thoughts like if I would've died right there the last sign Santa Cruz 's existence would've been these is going to hurt anyone I should like to know you will enjoy eternity with your last thoughts this is going to hurt it sounds funny when I thought I really was I thought this was how like this and the reason I thought that because I was protecting myself I then learned in life various situations when I was younger protect myself never started auditioning to carry yourself and so it was a part of my character to not turn to God or anybody else for health and in all files concerns itself and see how I can get on and I have my wife I think I said you say a prayer thing a few prays a lot I can use a prayer when we are getting in the accident and mind you she didn't have time for likely you know supplication Thanksgiving and in all adoration I said enough times that it was it was a split second but all she had time to do was to say she has set like help us that's all she can get out when she said that little prayer in anything I do is I realized I trust himself in the greatest trials of life and not bothered beside library trusting God with me you know really snow stressors under stressors all situations is on the right word but difficult times reveal the character I don't create a character they reveal a character you have to throw back trust in myself so I can say this I guess since I learned that in the small situations as a prayer in a little system of laissez-faire and now I've been in situations where answering into a car accident are about to get into a car accident is a simple thing but while it's happening the first on my mind now is more help us and that is such a small testimony but it is the small things in the thoughts because sauce work out actions repeated actions form habits and habits form character the things that fire together begin to wire together and God wants to take you into small things he wants the new victory in the small things he wants your mind to in difficult circumstances not to think this is her out and I see myself I stress I need a cigarette he wants to acquire in wire together these new thoughts and victories into your life all trials in all stressors you run to the Savior Jesus Christ Manassas now that everyone would bow their head while all his rebound in all eyes are closed maybe there's someone here this evening who is saying you know I I realize that the community someone who knows maybe someone was molested in their thoughts every time you hear the word uncle they think you know the agency or even hear about an uncle thinking terrible paucity negative emotions because what has happened that which is fire together wire together now there's these terrible emotions connected with maybe to someone who struggled with an addiction you think you are not here not here to somebody struggling with addiction absolutely there may be someone who struggled with addiction your stress causes you to turn to lateral caffeine cigarettes alcohol whatever it is even struggling with things in your running to ourselves you think your problems meetings or someone else is been struggling with anger someone's been struggling with and read someone's been struggling with lost in this evening Jesus is saying I want to give you victory through my work you realize you need help promises claiming you need to have inspected and cleaned them in times of temptation maybe there's someone here this evening wants to raise their hands and Jesus I know I've been struggling I know something 's been firing together in wiring and together they don't want to be a part of my life I want to start a new pathway with Eugene 's is a someone who would like to raise her innocent Jesus I know there's something in my life I need victory over in law had about all eyes are close among raises her hand is now God bless you God bless you God bless you for someone else who says Jesus I need victory in my life is there one more person who seeing Jesus or some scene I'm struggling with razor hand just now God bless you father were seeking victory through Jesus we recognize it is not in our own strength for we have we recognize the promises in Philippians chapter four verse thirteen for I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me the strength comes from Jesus father we pray you transform our brain that we would mean removing in our minds it would be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ not be safely realized becoming a better person doesn't save us were seated alone by grace through faith then righteousness is of God is a righteousness of faith as he says in Philippians and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith father our righteousness is as filthy rags we want to find victory because you have saved us money transfer longer means changes in our minds in our rayon or to the media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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