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Pacific Union ASI Plenary Meeting, Part 2

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written



  • April 27, 2012
    6:00 PM
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father in heaven thank you that we can come to you tonight in the name of Jesus we confidently your father I hope we come with enough humility to recognize that you are gone and the only legal as clay in the hands of the pasta tonight I pretty would mold dust mold now sold online God take my words and moldy amendment and made make something out of them that will touch hearts and minds exact moment you would will be in spite of what I say I love those moments when people say all I heard the preacher say this when the preacher didn't even say that the Holy Spirit just one of the world in the right way so we'll always speaking that I pray that you take occasion either really reach us and bless us and encourage us we know time is short when Jesus is coming back soon we are encouraged by that we all feel blessing we thank you for the privilege of knowing you and the instruments in your hands lead us now we are skewed in the name of Jesus Christ please join me in saying a man my mail love Bill is a suitable time not one of these punches on at me like that in Britain Hunter is again again even what I want from my dad like that would be anomalous Isobel Knowles is the lesson fifteen years old voice broke gambling is one of the animals who wages on on the sporting events really pulls racist typically but not that was a Super Bowl to assume the cannula he typically runs around two million dollars a year from January when he gambles is like desperately want again was he handles large sums of money often not always all more than most people would make any year is nothing for this to gamble a hundred or two hundred or three hundred four thousand and eighty one hit is on a sporting event is ancillary laws will normally he has an office setting those students will be goes to a betting shop of some kind in Britain but that he was working from home working from home at a sporting event include visitation it was a tennis match being played in Poland and the game was being played between the Willows novel plan at the time I believe this was two thousand seven will syllable in July that income and he was playing the world number eighty seven player and often time they file Cy Young long way to assign a long way know all is number eighty seven and my bill is going in is is looking at this tennis match and he's wondering where these again will not know in Britain Tennyson this might strike you surprisingly surprisingly little bit tennis is not number three again fossils racing second soccer soccer soccer football Philip McInnes tennis approval so Manuel is sitting looking at the computer these looking at this genocide happening of this is our way of anything being it doesn't have to be in every time you see something that is looking and he notices something I know this is not a race was unaware surrounding a central visit with a high funny and strange things can happen no question but novel coming on the four versus number eighty seven already seven shots this is the eighty seven and ranked player in the world and against the hospital before letting go the library they don't play very well and bruises are the first to say something strange is happening early in the day that Intel is off to a somewhat him and I told him machinery in this maybe I should read a little more closely but I think it was I dangling at his gambling website they can tell how much money maybe not in the old how old ruble amount but they can tell how much money is being wagered on a certain team or individual at least while I was watching what was going on he noticed that someone somewhere was wagering large sums of money on twenty oh eight but you know people have a hunch I guess in the end was again was a little example when you get when Zoe shrugged her shoulders and move on to more money is being disabled is wagered on the way of the game progresses in the wings of the city was leading within six to comfortably ahead in these sums of money are being gambled on the other guy the dealings of the season wait a minute and listen to someone and not only gives a time when they found out later that someone in Russia was gambling three hundred and thirty thousand dollars in a single way to follow me I did all my favorite is voting comfortably three hundred and thirty thousand dollars in states with two hundred and sixty thousand dollars and marketing is a woman with someone using a different screen name behold hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars living wages on all on my site on who I don't know everything is replaces with resurrecting eighties losing my download is it easier to some things going on and so he said clearly somebody will use that Arroyo is going to win this game to be gone on a computer and wages also was sixty thousand and sixty thousand dollars and only when six thousand dollars may six thousand dollars profit you will die soon so we heavily in the ring outside what was favorite 's handling Cabell is doing this in a smash that Mister Galactica and when is sixty thousand dollars and watched the news again hitting a house one will love while also one one one old way will get a Olson Joomla! community he views to those of the genocide of the tennis Stadium in Jesus and he calls the trainer of the penetrator rod this will follow my foot was the only job that they not had a losing one options in question is not an issue is not as stress fracture strength and how Cody will the game was called off when you know what I mean it wasn't cold and silently a regular exhibit in the world will unreasonable player in the world because of an immovable player in the world had to go on those the stress fracture in his foot the most optimistic man you lost that I know he has held suspicions were raised the debating agency agreement will be in well because the atmosphere between the two units was cold they do what was going on in the signal went on saying the game is rigged women say that we don't know what we say is that he is not fair and so on relations no thing and so they did something that had never before in the sustainability nation without paying out anything on this understanding because there's something going on Mister detonators and I know all I know you know how to throw a game I mean I don't you know that in the last three to five off the ground this is actually ongoing Muslim is this a stress factor come on Vincent Peeples and I will stranger things about twenty not negatively get into leaving the players ranked in the top thirty in the world and we know that he made was in the finals of the woods of cilostazol is the belt was right something 's going on out of your mind with the message of the twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four you know nothing about each other twenty four and you will be surprised by anything we really message and twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four and when you get it looking about the Phillies early thirties Matthew twenty four and was thirty two twenty four was thirty two and this is where Jesus speaks of your reading on my blank mind is already in message of twenty four facility to download it parable of the figtree Jesus said when his brunches your gender and political leaves you know that summer is nigh so likewise seen when you shall see all these things know that it is me even at my old friend I welcome all around and go and I had and that is something going on when you say I am certain you can read through the signs of the times as the Vikings is in chapter twenty call in his foot and will benefit unless a different senior citizens out of your all right administration which strangely struggle with the end of the United States and you have the project not that we win from but even his check all losses just horrible I was a boy I ever had this crazy stuff going on around the world revolutions and rising political changes in the and so it has also been going on in fact I believe the last seven and a invisible people is not alone at the political landscape and say this thing going on you just have to know that there is something going on we think about the signs of the times to design the shape will take the earthquakes are not once is everything regardless of what you don't release and it will do the Windows reasons I believe Jesus is coming that is he notes a review of commitment I believe I believe the science is that what we say you visualize all lost moreover there are a lot who is injured in unison on the whole island sixty series is something in California and it made the news when you notice there was an earthquake in Orange County so it wasn't an everyday there was an earthquake in Orange County this one was significant it must be noted that is no lives lost it when the rise there was nothing crazy along the streets but this one was different because it was the fuss is quite a awful lot that is going only fourteen years ago website is the other side of the shady places that in Michigan before his is seeking sole things going on Jesus is coming back soon to anyone with me he was the one in Hebrews chapter one will see what Jesus said or wrote to the Hebrews about this Hebrews chapter one verse ten and that he was once invaluable in the beginning hast laid the foundations of your that happens all the works off-line hands they shall perish without remain as in all shall wax at I really do it it is love you is what sold as uncommon as you shall mouthful on a radiation out being changed friends saw been going on it was so interesting to me is emitted in the repair long-awaited news website notably over the summer when the Central Valley Nevada California County of these unit of the N/A said the headline is going to the relevance of serious immediacy the headline is bad calories and losing his way of saying California's dairy beef industries and I thought you think in that excel at I know you know I don't know that a lot of people would like this don't know but what I do know is that is more or less around when you hear about in a final friend of mine died at the scene JD variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease didn't make the news no what it was all a resume they got rid of them as quickly as they could get everything that was using such a hill was incinerated as she slipped on the mattress the building was the riddle strategy will let friends about what I say Fred and remembering all the friends and we would go every day you I wonder I wonder about this they found one with a label in finding out is that something is going on something 's going on we know what it was and gently we can just about here the chariot is rumbling in the distance Jesus is coming back soon and if something going on no not just I don't easily about healthy humans is not helping you know that on another unit on this is the railroad USA has has been penalized I like to tell you eight is a lawsuit is an awesome three million dollars most of the people who may not tell a someone soon amazing this is not healthy at all and they talk about the nutritional value of not telling unintelligible as someone tested and they discovered is not helping anyone in their advertising three million dollars penalty is a class-action lawsuit you can participate in the money somehow if you do not tell the consumer UK however one of the conditions is that you need to be willing to that you cannot read a nutrition label on the job I don't think that the facilities and amenities is always right there's something going on ladies and gentlemen there's something going on but he is what's interesting is I believe in God 's people say when maybe a preacher or writer somebody told that earthquakes and signs and rules and diseases whatever they say you can't lead on any of that you can't believe that the leader of weight since way back in October that people inside the camp you write about those folks second the injuries reason in the last things that we saw this coming saw this coming walking up to the robust as we say one what about the promise of his coming what all things are just carried on as they allegedly read that second be rejected three Scott is using I look at what's going on in the world and I'm convinced like Ma Bell was watching the tennis match and the gambling action that is something going on you what's taking place in politics I mean this is an interesting interesting and ugly too interesting and ugly not to anyone's policies on this talking about the political gains existing ongoing I don't know when we know you but it's pretty ugly now they know it is not a lot of civility in our schools fascinating time in which we live a fascinating time to be alive but anyhow that we keep moving forward Scotland's is something going on as I look in the world I think there's something going on in the same as too as I look around in the insurance I have to say that I believe there's something going on I know that some of this is uncomfortable and I don't want to send them to make discomfited many people too often I find it regrettable that we even need to be talking the creation evolution in action and the regret in people with minds will be free to think people studying these things want to study the hollow potential children both sides of the equation of householder principles and missiles and other countries in Isaiah we need to give the other side so they know the other side window as he is the jersey is the theory that development without there are either present like that because the truth is what God says as he is the reason you have using the language as I said I can see some value in it I find it regrettable that we had had a conversation in the beginning God created the heaven of the unknown is what you said about that it's as plain as the nose on my face you can't do is what the Bible says about this statement and then a few years ago there was a phenomenally came along and not people and what went when debating about whether there was a Trinity will not visit Trinity nine goes into it it's a very clear to me in the Bible it wasn't clear to me and I'm like a table I believe I believe in going when I came in one moment it just teaches about it believes is in the Bible about a blindly vintage is this what we stand on this one we then someone came along I delivered us in the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit is for thought of thought emanating is something that those are a lot of false the only thing that was in the dominant and how many times did Jesus talk about he DVD be these a simple questions want to buy what will I say a man is some being going on in the shot I talk about instability and political discourse have you back to message boards lately I think what message boards came along and people can say ugly things without anybody having to see the whites of their eyes that's when we lost civility mountains and whatever I want and hide behind a screen name and I could be mean enough to be modeling and I could be only another general conference president and he is even though it was the only other conference president I thought about done with as mean as I want to be something going on in the church ladies and gentlemen I am convinced that a little bit about my experiences with them as they enter this in the early nineteen nineties before I written great controversy I called the operator I found a similar attitude I was in funny enough enough social day is twelve thousand miles from where I was born I don't usually see someone who lose my brother was it wasn't the university lecturer and this was one of the students isolating this will run well from the face of someone familiar you know my brother with my friends already well I see you only these people in the kind of free DVR space and I think they are understanding usually when you similarly do not have much opportunistic but only slightly likely to have as an unreliable elaborate a great controversy and an you think that's okay because I had his brother was an innocent he wouldn't do anything that she sure has sure it's okay all right if you say so and should we go out and regions Riordan on a pizza place present and somehow what I have a piece on his irregular open to Jesus all have all had a hand lesson one and relocating my soul you worry that she said well you think that it is immediately north of England wasn't shooting on the divisiveness of the United and she reads and i.e. on your machine she leaned in the lift on doing is you was part of me theological it was probably true I didn't have a clue what theologically made in energy modeling she probably legally politically as well but I'm telling the lifestyle she leaned the scene of time before my sister was in the fitness and it was now not he will that Mister Jesus says to check copyright and the than his lovely language of the judge of renown in the black and I said when she had a husband who was not a Christian and he did much appreciate what I say not a Christian I'm not a Christian he was a religious man from another that he didn't much like the idea of living a Christian and he would let her know every now and advise on the right she's coming the judge is going to show she's coming on the right day is didn't seem right to me I was having some questions that will send ahead and then in the end of the Sabbath school teacher Leah in the living room and and this is an individual of the things one was was a Brazilian I and the Brazilian guy had a little Brazilian wife but he also had a little English girlfriend and still life the church is the right as this is a sad lesson and they write to me based on when it's time to send mail saying in the notice of the Bible is a happy set everything must be right sentencing right and his friend I like the drawing within legal dwindling life he was watching the roads on what you will get lots sender Monday May the first thing is missing right Molina behind in the nick made out of Iraq on what's gone on in Oregon that is going on around here on Monday discouraged and disheartened by this office I might've discouraged by the sinners I might've discouraged by the naysayers on lighting up the sky was my critics when I got discouraged by this stuff I still than a somewhere I really was and in the Dragon was on what a sister going away to my window and I think now it only is finding the right place in the annals job may be like the RIAA things are going as they should do is going on around you this but the music is there something going on around me I started open my eyes and I looked around and I look around and him to from the highest levels in the Jewish is receiving a hole in the center and at a animal Miami is very similar to those in Colorado final and reclamation nonmonotonic hero of any church leader and I doubt that any Jewish leaders absolutely but hang on we'll was living in 's last thing you want to hear George Lisle believe it as we did is reflecting Christ revival of reclamation just another way of saying we need to be reflecting Christ is all that is called job in Christ that business today let people know that you will did Jesus and Jesus belongs to you that he is in a seriously nothing that I see is and doesn't not a lady over there was not used to it seriously you might write you to buy you an experienced reclamation of something going on around you can use a man and I'm glad that there's something going on around you I look around the world the revelatory religion is to hear about the numbers of any of the people leave and it makes me glad I'm glad I'm glad all is the story behind the story when it comes than I was always in one country cannot tell you which is a little job number to find out how is the layout of the city where the country and the percentages was huge as to make it other was restored was used within a license for how this is amazing I was in an average onset of a singular reason the judge in town and we were in June obligations together and I was otherwise meeting with an imposter in the country I looked at them and him running the hell is that as they were in the country and I think this doesn't seem to add up and shortly want at whatever the official number one was just a story on what was I and I have a new Middle East division is plenty million a year into the unity here in five years a life-saving reasonable diligence moment numbers as a visible in the unappetizing as you can about as little as one of the will gives you what you will and is a thinkable houses just to be fatal to the work related duties as Pentagon really increase around the world and I see that the judge I see the numbers look around the judge NCAA people being trained knowledgeable you remember a time in the history of the judges with a little training opportunities available to laypeople do you I don't like the rounds in the joints lungs many all and I don't think there was a time who graduate in the numbers about how many people joined the judge in the last ten years and it's an enormous vicinity in office and say as judges in Albany and I said all everyday all average age in the People's this is where all all all all business possesses the Holy Spirit will use all people it is young people out of Galilee on this planet will you are judging you see below rehearing denied here he is I convicted all around the country all year long holiday God is at work you know God is looking awfully on when I was in a studio the president of the student 's programs have been around long hadn't be around that long and you want to stop and think about how many students go every summer and selling nationals and then and then design pages and then out on the books children's books and that message goes in multiple to look at the last twenty years in helping hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them in the beginning is really a you know what whites in the last days many people will will will will trace the conclusion that you contact when a missionary publications and all you will develop every women was it really right will not listen and there is something all along the savings six second Kings chapter six in May is something going on around the great things going on around here second Kings just the six you look at the signs and you say there must be something going on around me he second Kings chapter six verse thirteen he's a villain spyware he is an amazing invention he was told and singing oldies and open the king of Syria talking here so they can get serious and he was already like horses and chariots and a great host of McCain by lion and compass the city about and when the son of the man of God was risen early and gone full behold and host compassed the city goes with horses and chariots what do you think it is good for the coverage of the syllabus filled him with dread and a subset of them alas monster how shall we do that eons if you are not formulated to be with us all more than a that be within giving you these people say that churches aging getting old when you reach the young and don't worry saying that is no issue unless either that's another consequence a lot safer than Portland's of the same domain was not going to finish that is you hear people saying that when a baptizing people around the world 's Boston Globe population is growing unit neonatal critical sometimes you are right I hate you a price for the life of reason as an administrator or a mental rut for committee of someone he wants to hold you back like that when sometimes you will is met with difficulty sometimes the monies not be sometimes the supports d a sometimes it's not the does you wrong when you write and you know the neon and NNN and I field manual and press fully using the front I'm not getting anyone to pray and be a family of amendment responding you work this evening the appraisal will see what he was seen in children hearing focusing this is a wonderful holiday failure about this happens and is one of two judges like that not many another want to sometimes one thing if you want to be discouraged and sometimes busy lately and not for USC he would leave you this but will ask something we glean from this story here when Elisha speaks Jerusalem's eastern Yunnan fall in the loss on law mandating that we would read an unlicensed prayed and sang this long freebie openly drew the eyes that he may see friends when you're working alone in his discard with your member chosen as the Scotland will question the truth under this government this is a message for you I pray for you network I'll let on that bus is I that he mostly may see you now I is our open we won't know that in that anyone us all more than the unity within legal as Jesus and you is always a majority is always talking the vision and Jesus is all success in your ministry when you are marching for in the footsteps of Jesus always resources when you consider the results to be the Holy Spirit one will as always how and because they lost a moment later he was named in the you will open the eyes of the amenities for the whole will will follow losses and chariots of fire around him you like you and you know I will be another veil was drawn that we see in the other dimension what evening we see you tonight beginning to his own place while using one to how many all along now it is as exhilarating as we need arthritis yes we should view in the right place and we are on the wrong team right place writing that Elizabeth is coming up it wasn't in the right place on the right the wheel while we proven the truth and we can be right wing diseases is living his life in us confident that God is working in the week before you visit about what's going on which is a legal raising up to the other peoples with the things I can't even name the nation everything that's taking place but God is doing great great great great and I'm thankful I'm not a judge administrator by running this with kindness and love to do another administration among position but I say what we has some serious issues that church leaders are wrestling with right now seriously and as I look forward and see some agitation that's taking place in his use that as a word not as an accusation that I want to have a church administrator directly way through this and leave the judging to judge to get around wins the pot I just wonder I just wonder if it's humanly possible I don't think it is I don't divinely possible but I noticed a few crashes of the system to let you know what they assimilate it he would fill in single day you open are either right angels vitamin chariots of fire around without God is always going to be with his people in Hilo Hawaii in Christ you know that Christ will I continue to all the confidence we need is not run is selling Dell and all arrived let's talk about another placement is something going on this something along the world is something going on the church computer to the Hebrews you read that there's something going on ahead letter Hebrews chapter eight by Jocelyn Law these wounds now the things which we have spoken this is the sum I just love these next six words we have a size and high priest is going on we have such an high priest centered on the right hand of the throat of the Majesty in the heavens old now you know I probably shouldn't like the stories are so good I will read of as a contingent of six second injector six because the very fascinating story that precedes the one that we can look at where the settlement was all worried thoughts and bought opened his eyes any swollen chariots and the Angels is something that brought that all the new Siri went up because he was frustrated with election sinking six and was a visiting and Syria will against Israel and Council will deserve the same in such and such a place shall be my cat the medical center under the king of Israel saying the win and do not allow such a place full of air the Syrians are come down the king of Israel sent me into the playoffs into the place which the medical I told him and warned him of anything in there not once nor twice so this was happening repeatedly how management an ideal viewer in opposing military leader drinking he wanted a template every time you plan ahead hero to someone comes along and how the world is at their full operating in Syria was sore troubled for this thing you call the service he said MRI will you not showing which of us is for the king of Israel arbitrator in life what a find out who is just tell me because there's no edit what's happening should be happening in one of his servants in the modern mode of King but Elisha the prophet that he is in Israel this map tells the King of Israel the wounds that you speak in your bedchamber you see while the king of Syria men hobbled on people the God of heaven was keeping the lines of communication open between himself and the people through the prophet know if I could get off in another direction he with some justification I think you'd be quite amenable to that talk about the great importance of us listening to the voice of the prophet would you say that no question about a month ago down the road I would than we can have been keeping social you see the Bible say 's we had such an high priest is going on behind the scenes just like always communicating with the property gone is any grace and communication and blessing from heaven to us tonight God is in touch with what's going on with his people God is acquainted with the difficulties we face equated it would be all those of the challenges within and without the statements he's going with all of that but he promises us guidance extends less blessing he reaches out to what he communicated to us that he has given us a lively is given to us the spirit of prophecy it we would not listen and hear and be instructed when you have such an high priest not washing over annoying policy little bit we had such an high priest is something going on you look around the world is something going on there's something going on there just is politically religiously in the city doesn't surprises anymore nothing is easy to become doubtful that is seems to be a new announcement every diary straight every week or every month that leaves us as a you know what will our interpretation of prophecy is right on nothing to suggest that meaning wrong about any of this this something along that in the world is something going on religiously is something going on politically we got an economy that is fixed but it's held together with tape and then and Days Inn exudes smoke and mirrors now that you know I wanted automaking prophecies about the economy because as soon as I do the reason Mac turnaround some crazy turnaround things will look good but we know based on what we can see that the world is in a perilous state financially financially religiously politically environmental he well knew that as as the writer of Hebrews and waxing old I think I'll is no question about that we look around the church and was able dollars and things of that in life that make us glad that God has placed administrators with broad shoulders right where you go to the shoulders of the knees and then the hands together in them and the prayer that in the hot utilizing wood around the world something 's going on I look around the children see something 's going on and will call doing amazing things but nonetheless nearly as old as what's going on when World War II because in heaven there's something going on there is something going on we had such an high priest we believe that we are living in the sun of heaven 's final judgment there is awarded taking place now we bought looks over the books of record and what it says it will this man he chose Jesus we will recognize this this one did not choose Jesus let the record show that that's the choice he made investigative judgment taking place little to it than that as well you know the reason call raises of his church was so that there would be a people when Jesus returns with something in before hitting other than the mark of the beast the reason God raise up this judge was so that the preachers good as we used to say preached out a remnant the reason the race that this church is so that we could take a violent hands and share with people everywhere the three Angels messages knowing that means all messages that will produce a generation or group of people all in the last days and who are reflecting Christ and offer us do that we need to know that we have a high priest there's something going on out there there's something going on around here but the good news is the really good news is there's something going on on the Hebrews for those fourteen season being that we had a great high priest that is costing the heavens Jesus the son of God let us hold fast our profession when you know a high priest is on your side is for you and not against you you've got something that you would hold five two hold fast when you know that you believe something that is true and online you can hold fast when you know that in the event that just doesn't call the essence of the gospel is Christ being you the hope of glory you can hold off today with you and you can get on your knees and you can price a thought you had promised to live your life in medium now that you keep your promise poles and the like which I know the flesh I live by the faith of the sum of all who love me and gave himself for me within the human we can pray when the poor and possible exit you told me that his visits Christianity is not working in Ubuntu willing to do of his good legible I can't straighten out myself and my country when Jesus is living his life within me name of when you understand and gone once gone I will want to see your permission to be able to come in your life thank you and really that's all you'll imagine what durability you commission to strengthen the commission 's strength will be made up of it being your witness is not a wonderful thing that will call wants to do in my life I don't like it just let us atheist or not often enough I will not frustrate the grace of God we do not have a high priest and cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but he was an old points tempted like as we are yet without sin therefore based on what we have just considered the lead us boldly to the throne of grace this is something going on out there so that we can obtain mercy and grace to help in time of need there is something going on out there Jesus is receiving out free as any is sponsoring a reprint from the scene by giving us message his reprint of grace by extending to us grace is reported for his presence by filling us even more every prayer for his spirit by sending the Holy Spirit with power into our lives fans something is going on tonight in the world yes yes we can read Matthew twenty four in the church yes our eyes are lies lies we can see the polarizing online admitting we can see that we can see fracturing we can see us we wish you can see God working in great white wooden cigar raising olives we can go on and working in ministries we can not losing people we can see God doing amazing things there's something going on for the best usable is something going on up in what you hear tonight with you pray what Jesus is still a high priest is just a question of whether regional high priest what you care on Jesus is still Singapore 's following my blog my blog once completed you were the Euphrates will not there was gracefully handle insufficient in the community you so that you would never be the same again so that you reflect Christ that's how welcome these last days what does that cost millions that means doing not just to be involved in ministry that means doing me in his final Jesus will come back and there will be a group of people who are reflecting Christ Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one the move was alight with his glory is that I have visitors we probably say law were not quite but we believe that Jesus is coming soon and we think he is good when I get irritable hiring we have a high priest is ready to pour out a spirit rated four out of West and ready to be more grace than you've ever experienced before I believe we are on the cusp of seeing the spirit of God do things that I just don't amaze us in the world in the church and in our lives with everything you look for to deny annual ministry on everything to avoid being your children you have everything to look forward to the annual conference in your union in your academic institution in the hospital being he will illustrate you have everything to look forward to because we have such an high priest right to save your mighty God you know it was in the Internet a few years ago and I to know what you people told me I want to see in them a lot I'm not really much of the movie once you done in the movies on tomorrow night I'll be yellow what illness that they exalt me want to watch this loving John it's about New Zealand as well that's a step in the right direction is not just about his feelings about New Zealand and so I was familiar the net is full in this invoice and it had Damon and Morgan Freeman and Morgan Freeman was playing the bottom Nelson Mondello you know and not really nineteen ninety one about nineteen ninety upon night ended in South Africa Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa and and O'Reilly will call was going to be played in South Africa and some unknowable in this theology to as the movie goes to try to try to unite the nation on and on the next and what happened in the display of the species and so on when you know the final of the rugby World Cup is replayed between South Africa and New Zealand traditionally the two most powerful rugby nations in the world one New Zealand would be number one in the setting of the Netherlands is a Salesian genes are all are applying the Final Fantasy video because South Africa's been in the rugby will visit a lot I than what is listed in the end and sanctions eleven now Senator is back in the place in the final who would've thought in New Zealand on the easier with an eye single to win we would note from this elimination in the world rank number one we were assured would do with a woman as well was confident and we lost and we lost it wasn't good for New Zealand writers out there right on the water century that back in the world soul now and in the world was embracing sound like that for a number of years and was a great victory to you the truth of the matter is what I want to do that but a it wasn't the claimant and him and we would know we would been easier lost and so the story was about the movie was about how after apartheid this is rugby game really wasn't a big deal the South African won the rugby World Cup and he will send you you will and I said now is not exempt biological the eyes of conservatives but nominally physiologic I think not anyone is a great story I think that is what you wanted I said I know Halloween is I know how to find anything that will not allow that thing is right I see that the meta- I know how it is nobody's great human interest story that is and I is a story about a nation than I said I know nowadays how to need to see a auto known whether it's really are the GUI to know what I know J I will know what that movie as long as I live and I'll tell you why but I know how it is I will always have confidence in what God has set out to do on this is my will always have confidence in the ultimate future of God 's church I will always have confidence in the mission that God has laid upon us as a people you know why because I read the Bible and I know how it is I know how it is there something going on in the world tonight Minnesota along the judge forgot it lots of good always been the case it's always something new nothing new though in case there's something going on in heaven we has such an high priest is something going on we can be confident in the night if we moved in the story because we know how dreams be encouraged for a manual field ministry be encouraged friend in your local church the encouraged friend in what it project God has laid on your hot being encouraged tonight a friend digging your wall with your Savior Jesus the best is yet to come talk to have people reflecting Christ sealed with the seal of God ready to go home one day soon we can be encouraged tonight we know how this thing is what you say let us pray the father in heaven we thank you tonight in the name of Jesus there's something going on in all of us encouragement as we know and outings we know how it ends open our eyes as you did the seven of Elisha and help us to see beyond our challenges beyond our restrictions beyond illustrations and circumstances beyond our defects help us to see beyond that open our eyes and let us even as angels there are angels chariots of fire twenty thank you Lord that at other storing certain King six reveals to us that you watch and you know when you see you willing to communicate and make it known you will then extend your grace thank you tonight and while we are here we have such a high priest to whom we can come and find mercy and grace to help in a time of need more divisive in a time of need this is it is now there is a will to reach there is six-point something billion people on this and so very few of us the needs are great but we believe that greater is he who is in you than he that is in the world bless us Lord give us confidence that while there is something going on around here we had a great high priest who ever lives to make intercession for us we go to go to places tonight confident because we know how it ends after this we thank and we train and I are in this media was brought by audio parents or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universal thought or


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