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The Meaning of Faith

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • June 14, 2003
    5:00 PM
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what are your story of live birth no let's will not true of one of my best days Cold War never had iceberg instead of me as working with the sister of the illustrious Adam Ramsden I suppose might be in the audience is is and back in the black tie is pretty silly man I guess the cistern and master in this day we are working in Maine and one the first phase we met let the peace of a storm was so interested in this book is just so cool you are you laughingly told her sound address New Delhi that because the courts are reluctant to write and she said some like seventy interest so we talk remain friendly papers about they went on down the road and there was a white farmhouse in inside an old man old woman they came out and they told us about I forget all the details about this make them up some not Jupiter and the moon and aligning unit and the people and the information and secrets and we need to know about some of the stuff and we thought that was interesting we canceled about the controversy went on down the road and there is a man who was trying to sell his house and at weekends among the great controversies that if we advise healthy viable we could do it straight talk about what further down the road and that there was a solitary annex the cemetery was an old man working outside I should notice an old I will not clarify that's only compared to the person before him is probably in his early fifties but there was nothing rather than adult working outside in his garden and we we showing him three blocks and he began to cry because you have children who had left the Christianity he was a faithful Christian and felt so bad and we saw us young people who are working for God of his brother 's heart and any bottles three message books from us hands-on and somewhere around then it was time to eat to have the right let them because we ate in the cemetery photos are great places to eat there quiet everybody sleeping and you can just enjoy yourself and as an so wait we ate there are we had packed lunches and next-door the cemetery was another house we went over there and the lady invited us in it turned out that she was one of the daughters of the man with the meeting on the other side but she wasn't as hardhearted as you thought you should looking above she chose to buy the great controversy not we went down the road we came up to another house a lot a house in Maine are white and this one was to and on inside you can hear this deep beautiful voice of Alexander scored reading the Bible your heard that voice before you know this is a beautiful door right amount opens the door are doing instead I'm not interested in another room and down the road we got to a place where there is outside there was a family reunion everyone is all over the place and how you find out if you're trying to sell you a canvas if you're going to people and ask who is the owner everyone becomes liars and if they get the joke and they all pointed each other like that and never they start cracking up laughing their express the physical quarter very one of the popular has expressed that they one we want to tell you that the power prohibited with groups they went of revenue after the owner widen the lap and we just pick up undulating canvasser right there that I like that's when this one this was you pick me nothing but an series which is in heaven and said listen would you get in your car follow me and I'll drive home and get the money there it ensures that you forgot a chronic poverty go backward coupled to go to the White House on his corpulent regions when find that money cannot buy the books we went on down the road and where are we in the next as it went to was a trailer inside the trailer was a man middle Asian buyers inside me want to show what this guy got a really special gone and so Ms. Sonia Gandhi and you end and I took an interest in his done and so he was happy and then he told us about the black helicopters to genomic molecular doctors I saw one of them yesterday and uses statement of maneuver that was doing this guy probably working for some Russian agency trying to get us digit I forgot we had a Russian artist men had a video on the black helicopters he wants to see the video and molecular conquers so he put it into a top forty seconds of an anti-Catholic controversy and he bought it and so we're ready to leave and he said that we may also charge for most of the outages at rally I know a man who used to be a something on Venice and was a friend of his against the Russians how to get there but without will be much with him eventually as warehouses around on the road and there was this voice notes that the White House is probably the cheapest patent area and that we and inside there was a man or woman who are totally sexual and have any interest in religion barefoot and about anyway week we got to get my happiness and that's a good thing for people and we came out little further down the road with beautiful log cabin another site it wasn't white and the refusal lawn in front of its but there is no driveway to get the log cabin I don't know if they skied and state all summer a lot but there is no driveway but were in a big hurry ends this might not be smart room right across the lawn and it was a use law to Kansas walk across that provide up to a friend outside knocked the door the lady came out about three books we got back the Conroe law back out at the end then I got and I'm a sort of skipping some of the house saris wait wait we got out and it was getting close to die without you we really ought to go visit the advertisement before it's too late so we drove all directions it was offered with the money got to his house when not in the door and the lady came and he wasn't home his wife was home and she invited us and we can miss her on our books and just less electric controversy master she was one of them she said she'd never seen before and to think that maybe they had monotonous for electoral joined the church and leave a ship on our very last great composite because there's in my mind I'm a regular details are impossible to vulture I approach with type and suspect at the yes that's right she got the last great Congress and on and since you said that across the street was the given a Bible study at the trailer across the street without we like to go back to him so we went across the north and he wonder again about the fate of this couple invited us in and we began to on the canvas them on the books and done we didn't have anymore or controversies we showed them the hour of his library now they can order that one of the repost they were good-looking or might looking I think based on the Bible reference Library and they wanted to buy it but they didn't feel like they had the money but this man who we've been told he's been out Vanessa sitting there looking so long and sullen and not looking at us in either of his head down the whole time we're talking and Baile said that they couldn't do everything we suggest maybe that we can go outside and pray because they want to wait a few days to decide and they can they can sit there and pray and talk to accept whatever decision I had to get through when outside and we pray earnestly in the Oslo Pass grants are now well past QuickTime there in their and their terrain response after a few minutes they open the door and not for us to come in as they write as soon as we walked in that manner began to see especially walked out and would not meet our days your enemy the court look at we sat down and they said are you Seventh-day Adventists suggest you I said is the woman who wrote these books a profit these aren't you concerned that it was going on inside the house schedule while we were outside I said given by negative in the Bible study on the gifts of the Spirit of prophecy in the end of that bought the conflict of interest report probably went home to find his wife and just buffered on I love working for God is a very great pleasure vitals the first John chapter five and verse four first John chapter five verse four I come back in two weeks until you another one of my favorite days I've had some really enjoyable days this work for whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world that the conveyance is even even our faith even our faith this would be unnecessary to say like this that faith leads to victory it's a mistake because it's an understatement a is the victory with that but again in the field when you're working for those who are canvassing in the field when you're working and you talk and act as if the word of God is true that talking and not acting that faith is itself the victory not what comes as a result of faith not removing of the mountain or the other miracle those are not the victory the victory is the faith itself and the nice thing about this is that you can win every day that brought against you can hear you when tomorrow if you exercise faith you went already knew when you don't lose any days that you exercise faith in your Bibles to Matthew Chapter four in verse four Matthew four verse four but he answered and said it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God two other passages of some selected at least the King James version Luke four four sons were similar to that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God when you find other passages in the back and in Hebrews and Romans the say the just shall live by my faith listen these two senses they just live by faith man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God either there are two ways to live or else they is living by every word that proceeds mouth of God that make any mathematical sense any of you are moderately mathematically inclined faith what is faith I just put those things together is for a simple domain faith is living by every word that proceeds the mouth of God that matches every passage I find about anywhere in Scripture faith is living is talking and acting as if God 's word is true then what does faith look like that depends on what part of the word of God Faith is considered if faith is considering a commandment that lives as if that commandment is the word of God but it looks exactly like obedience and faith is considering a warning that they looks precisely like preparation if France is considering in the word of God something that says that we are sinful or not all have sent then France looks like a fashion when France is considering them that the facts of Scripture the bank looks like an opinion it looks like a doctor when faith is considering Calvary and looks very much like repentance and love I could say I thought another simple way it's not that were saved sometimes by repentance and sometimes by love and sometimes by obedience know those things are manifestations of a very simple single principle it is living by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God let in the word of God dwell in you richly been born not of Christ will see but by the word of God that lives and abides forever then the word of God live inside of you so love and repentance and confession and obedience and preparation and all these things even joy because the Bible talks about heaven when you consider that what is faith look like misreading them the Bible says about heaven I still enjoy these things are manifestations of faith they is not an opinion faith is that doing said thought differently he was eleven summarize briefly the building of the boat his faith believing from your home country 's fate the rejecting the pleasures of sin is faith the offering up your only son his face made is the doing part because faith is living by every word the word that the flood of coming to work fast offer your son word says get out your kindred what if they paint is living by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God than when you live by the word of God that is paid and what else to be just recited with my faith is the basis of victory so we when we live by every word of God then we can with your Bibles to Romans chapter four Romans chapter four are looking at verse seventeen the last primary most awkwardly worded middle of the sentence verses in the Bible Romans four seventeen plus that in the last half of said God who gives life to the dead and calls calls those things that which do not exist as though they did not do quick and the dead and calls those things are not as though they were in simple English we can pull two sizes under one God makes that there's alive what is I think I does it almost say he tells Phipps was a say in cost things are not as though they were he speaks of things and speaks of them away that they are not why isn't that a lie the Bible says God can't lie because God 's word has creative power there is it such a difference between the word of man and the word of God that it's hard to think of them in the same one of them the sound waves and the other is power they're so different these two things man's word is descriptive in God 's word is creative self I say that the ceiling is great I live but if God says the feeling is great the feeling becomes green God can speak of things that are not as though they were and not lie because his work was fifty five his word leaves an almost childlike if a person is that it goes on a mission and it does not return to him and tell it accomplishes the thing that he subject to the instruments four seventeen God makes that there's alive and he speaks of things are not as though they are verse eighteen speaking of Abraham who contrary to hope Berg who against hope believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations and simpler English when did Abraham believe when it seemed hopeless recall quarters this is so utterly practical when is the time to believe if you want to be the child of father Abraham when it seems hopeless God will delight in your express this summer to put you in the very situations that seem to you that can't nothing good can happen there if you think you can sell them know once home then you will be put on a street where everyone is gone except for the mailman putting that and he will bite eleven book site if you will try and believe Abraham believed when it seems hopeless who against all believe and hope that he might become the father may nation 's net asset according to that which was spoken so shall thy seed be if you want to have power in doing God 's work is going to have to be according to that which was spoken because it is not living according to every opinion you have about God to understand medicine faith is led written by every word of God you have your corporate ministry there are promises in there that will change the world if you live as if they're true if I can give an illustration of the difference I like you to imagine for a minute that you are an Israelite young man and you see the waters part and Moses says go forward and I've come to understand molecular recently to the waters were not thirty feet deep sound to me like they were several hundred feet deep in your heart to go throw it now why would you do it because God speaks through Moses and so God said and so you believe that God has power to hold those walls of water up and you go through one dryland you have faith because God said go through and now imagine that you are an Egyptian young man you come onto the symbols of water jubilee of the Pentagon of power to hold both walls up yes you do you believe there to stay up yes you do is if they know it is not because God did not say you are to go through the city but it is something you do with the word of God the illustration that we use sometimes because it's fun for us to do it but it the first of the chair that we have faith and shares his bogus no one ever did have a furniture faith is something you do with the word of God made his living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God the chair maybe you could have some sort of semblance of faith than it but you can't have faith that God will do somebody hasn't promised to do so you know is promised a difficult course is promised to speak the amount is promised to in your word Henry has promised that handles will draw near his promise to make impressions and just the ones needed is promised to be your chief instructor in the end there are a hundred promises netbook that are amazing but you must find them because they do something you do with those promises and you and it is not faith for everyone is churchly listless point it is not based just to believe that God is going to help you and that is going to fix your problems that is a faith that is living by every imagination to come up into your mind you understand what I mean by that faith is something you do with the word of God is taking that word living by that word in faith itself is the victory verse nineteen and being and not being weak in faith he did not consider his own body now dad being about a hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's will there were some things that Abraham did not consider one of the claims was his own weakness for many people in this work and doing evangelism in general when they come to do the work one thing that they must over consider is their own weakness if God wasn't helping you this be a significant thing to consider you would need to figure out whether you have strengths for the task but if God has said that you're going to have a child it does not matter whether you are too weak to have a child now will tell for the understand the logic of Abraham and the copper work what if you are not gifted with speech and God says something to you like you said to Moses who made man's mouth go and I will be with your mouth and teaching what you shall say faith does not consider strong faith does not consider it's only something else remember thinking that Abraham did not consider it was Sarah Sarah was a circumstance outside of his control what did she do when she heard that she would have a baby she did not believe unbelief stops the power of God and Abraham very much could have reasoned as we do that although she had faith yet his wife did not have faith and so it was a no-no work out because they both have something to house the work we do then called ordering when they think the people relearn online is because they are not interested or not spiritual they are not there now they are not sure I am but they're not but that's what little faith thinks about Abraham did not consider his own weakness well-to-do not consider the dentist the service will he did not think white why would he ignore such as such a significant Venezuela because God had promised and when you will stand on a promise of God hears of an amazing promise God said I will be with you always even unto the end of the world and how you live according to that then you say in your mind I will not fail to become discouraged I believe I promise and then a compliment she says God will give a most wonderful experience to those who will say I believe I promise I will not fail to become discouraged the speaker that promise if you talk and act as if that that pain is true it doesn't matter what the people have thought are not far like you're not like it can't matter because God 's word is created how there's proven that because there are some people who have absolute consistency matter where they work since Judah said prove verse twenty Abraham did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but withdrawn in faith giving glory to God how is it that you I think they doesn't say waiver the consensus of stumble he stumbled not the promise of God through unbelief that we read there staggered staggered not at the promise how you stagger it a promise you don't believe when you find a promise that God will speak through you that God will give you all the capabilities that you need that is not your capabilities of your success but what God can do for you you find his amazing promises if you believe them then there are power what if you would talk and act as if they're not true then this strongly becomes the head of the corner you trip over and it questions you the promises of God are like that you either stop on down or they do UN read about that in the Bible faith steps on the promises that talks price and look at this keep your finger here unless you do someone find again to look at Psalms a hundred and sixteen Psalm one hundred and sixteen are looking at verse ten Psalm one sixteen ten I believe therefore I spoke I think most of us reading Psalm one sixteen in the context would actually not really notice that first-half numbers we would totally message and gain nothing from it nor we make a note in her journal about it but a second Corinthians chapter four verse thirty Corinthians chapter four in verse thirteen we've just reconciled once that I believed and therefore have I spoken second Corinthians chapter four verse thirteen and since we have the same spirit of faith according to what is written I believed and therefore I spoke that we also believe and therefore one is the spirit of faith the spirit of faith is to speak what you believe if you really believe that the speaker you believe that Jesus is coming soon if you believe it only that an opinion if you have faith you will face exhibits itself we talk and act as if the word of God is true so Abraham could have kept it to himself this idea that he was going to have a child Abraham staggered not at the promise of God from belief of the strong in faith giving glory to God look at Romans Romans chapter four verse twenty one and being fully persuaded and being fully persuaded that what he promised he was able also to perform in verse twenty two and therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness what is that it numbers right faith which is the victory that so well they read the victory is a victory in itself is counted for righteousness the mission statement limits if I can express it to you or you can hear the stock put together when you live as if the word of God is true that is they then God says you are righteous but God 's word is not like your work your word is descriptive and if you say someone is righteous in there that's true where that's false that when God system is righteous though it is volatile he says it yet his word goes on and it does not return to him until it is true that's the power of faith faith causes God to say that we are righteous though it's not true at all yet it is true as God speaks of things are not as though they were and his word makes it so look at the next verse twenty three North was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him that's when imputed meets if I give you a thousand dollars I impart to you riches if I say you are rich I impute to your riches so when humans impute things to you is pretty meaningless the makers has to either said if you'd is calling for speaking as but when God imputes to see there something more to it that got been imputed as a whole lot different as in parking because of the nature of his words when God said something if someone is righteous that imputing causes and in part it was written verse twenty four but also for us it shall be imputed to us to believe in him who raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead I summarize always thought the minimum futures have been entirely unrelated perhaps they may be will become more concrete in your experience faith is not an opinion it is a choice to live by every word that proceeds the mouth of God so what if you don't have faith what should you do about it half-baked faith is a choice you can do it when you live by the word of God that living is faith when you live by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God that is living for when you live by some workers into the mouth of God I don't know what it is all but made his living by every word that proceeds the mouth of God and so what is that look like they looks like obedience it looks like humility it looks like love it looks like confession it looks like repentance all of those things are manifestations of living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God when we do that God says about us that we are righteous no it isn't so by his word goes on a mission to make its way become righteous faith the real thing when it comes to the word of God it lists by that word irrespective of many things irrespective of its own weakness irrespective of its past experiences irrespective of the things that can't help it doesn't consider any of those things because God said and that's sufficient to believe that God what he promised he is able also to lecture number two printed Bibles to Proverbs chapter twenty eight Robert Chapter twenty eight verse one the wicked flee part twenty eight verse one this is a two-minute lecture the wicked flee when no one is chasing them but the righteous are bold as a lion or the righteous the ones that God says our righteous the ones exercise faith people exercise Bulova line imagine the lives of certain extent because God promised I will be with your mouth God promised to speak for us he promised to be with us always he promised to give us efficiency because God made a promise to us righteous people are the ones who live as if those things are true and so they are bold this is an extremely important sales technique the people who do well in this work are not the ones who feel bold they're the ones who act bold it is not essential to feel both tobacco I know it also essential is to do when you see the person looking at you to go talk to them requires some boldness when you see a large group of people to go talk to them require some boldness the people who dwell in this work are the ones who exercised by is not that they're just pretty sure that the young enough to have kids that God promised and so they go straight the wicked don't have any sort of assurance like that and just keep in your mind you want to act as if God 's word is true lecture three in your Bibles to Exodus chapter twenty after this chapter twenty we recognize that at this point it does not contain the law of God what I mean is that the law of God is eternal and it existed a million years ago a million years ago Linux commands we find elements like this idols of things in the heaven above and the earth beneath and the waters under the earth were there any fans in the earth beneath the laws of the earth the million years ago there were refined in their veins like it service that ought to keep the Sabbath holy within our gates we find that speaking about third and fourth generations of people where their third and fourth generations part of the patient with her we think not because angels neither marry nor are given in marriage we find in their honor your father and your mother unless you want to go for some strange type of theology there were mothers prior to the trace of this world you see that the ten Commandments are not to love God and not covet your neighbors wife of your falling on saying right now the ten Commandments are an application of the law of God to a very specific situation the human one after they are there are ten eternal principles that are as unchangeable as God himself the always existed in the ten Commandments are to them that the ten Commandments are those principles applied to us I felt under the law of God is exceeding broad and the and the ten Commandments as their express we have to to dig into them to find really all the application of that and this is why we believe that eating dead pigs is a bad idea because the campuses thou shall not kill a million years before no one had died before he was able was the first step in the history of the universe of intelligent being is quite a traumatic thing sure this universe the death of able to entice right of a rational being before that and you had other such things without the fourth commandment what principle was there was there a seventh day a million years ago is the Sabbath as old as eternity to say that it's not is not denial of the ten Commandments and more than the other pencil to draw out there is the principle behind Sabbath not all suggest you what it is for you to consider and study in the fourth commandment God is the creator and he creates seven days and he invests the seventh date with meaning and purpose he sanctifies it he sets it apart as holy what gives them the right to do that the fact that he is the creator there's something profound in that idea that the one who creates us has a right to define our purpose and our meaning the creator is the only one picnic creator of something is only one who can say what it was made the maker since July the seventh all went to one who makes something can authoritatively say the purpose and creation in God alone has the authority to invest his creation with purpose so when he invested the Sabbath with meaning and purpose by honoring the purpose and meaning of the seventh day we acknowledge God 's authority to give meaning to his creation and God just as he set aside just as he set aside the Sabbath is holy he sets aside his people for himself to be old why is the Sabbath a sign of sanctification because the Sabbath is the law of God says that the creator has the right to define purpose and meaning of his creation he has a right to tell you what you're for what you are made for what you exist for you don't have a right to define your own purpose you can use a hammer for a lot of things it was made for something and you are like that you were made for something God alone can define your purpose there are two types of holiness and the Sabbath there is the holiness that describes its purpose and there is a Holiness the concentrate Jeanette according to its purpose and I can say that with illustration a hammer the hammer was made to hit nails and it should be used to hit nails the fins are not precisely the same as megahit nails the matter what you do with it and misused hit nails it's being used appropriately as the Sabbath holy regardless the sum of this holy regardless of what you do with that but the commandment is keep it holy why because it should be used according to its purpose it has its purpose regardless of how we use it but it must be used appropriately to be lawful be lawful you are like the Sabbath you have a purpose you have your purpose regardless of whether or not your use that way but are only sanctified in the fact that really counts when you keep yourself forgotten purpose got people art set-aside is wholly regardless of how they treat themselves but they can defile themselves by not treating themselves with the respective holiness that they been vested with by the one who had a right to make them that way I could summarize the whole plot of close with it the Sabbath is an illustration of what God has a right to do with us for all eternity God has had a law that said that he has a right to define the purpose and place of his creation he defined the purpose of place of every trade to be and he gave them not all the same place some were given more exalted stations and others so the Sabbath was given a more exalted station on Friday Lucifer was given a more exalted station any other God had a purpose sound that the Sabbath was the law the partial lot was violated by Lucifer first when he was not satisfied with the position he was treated for do not like Lucifer set about to find your own purpose but to make yourself first and find out God 's purpose for you it's what you are made for and if you'll do that you'll find that the talents and abilities and skills that he is given you will just dumb Nash with what needs to be done you define your own purpose you can do something that's it is a dust creation of yourself on the right of God is recruited to find what you are for the lot to learn from one of steel for a closing prayer our father in heaven I'd knowledge before this group that you have a right to say what we are for that you are holy and just determining our purpose as our Creator I ask for those here who will be knocking doors this week that you would give them the boldness of your lions that you would find for them the promises could be a stability and experience that you would live through them by the word of God lives in the bites for back pain are promised that the faith itself when exercised is the victory we ask that property fulfilled the claimant in the name of Jesus and


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