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Church Authority, Part I

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 29, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred and ten Washington and other resources and access online at www. URC where I sold unless the just for fun let's see where some of you are from see anybody from Washington state here a while gray one two three four view anybody you yet from California here are I said anybody east of the Cascades okay good I leave for Michigan are a good for Michigan to so L Ross Naiman is here is on the still director and he's sitting right appear and he's promised to help me with this so we are he made his job in your anytime he has permission to do that and I want to conduct his classes would be a little bit awkward because if you ask questions and use the microphone of you I have been on the same frequency only seventy two much of a problem I really will make this more class and not just a lecture on kind of a thing I do have two slides here they were looking for performing and I don't have that yet I may pull this down here so I can can get up there think I would do that Royce and see if we can just pull this down here right and just maybe sit on the corner they can get to it change it somehow click or younger try to find our I got good glands shut those doors and yet you get one I'm open sure five hour rain how many of you have a church manual and sue him know I was once enough you have went home is one of you have want to own one I asked the church manual behind the Bible is for process and court document we have in the church and is a big reason for that that is because it what is what guides the church and keeps a piece of church and I think the devil hates the church manual almost as much as his models for profs at one statement of all right lets our heads were going it started our heavenly father thank you for this time together and we pray that you will be our helper and our teacher that will be able to come out here with the right kinds of concepts that needs to be able to minister more effectively in Jesus name amen authorities and ugly word in our world today MRI given a like authority and that's because authorities been abused and misused and a simple world and many times of that happens okay he 's picks me up there if you if you go to the NPR have this so I got stuff up on the screen for your number how the whole church manual out there obviously does we would have time to cover the entire church manual but the first part of the Church manual starts out has to question why a church manual one of the big debates in the early Evans church was whether we should have organization why do you think that people in the early evidence church did not want organization in fact they resisted it for all you've got one less you are right terrific I see this hellebore and all okay we do stay with this are the right moves me ahead yeah it ain't you guys want beyond the call of duty thank you so much for sharing I so why why we have what we need a church matter why were some why was this so much resistance in the early church against the church manual why don't I get yes yes wrong and that I think that did survive the thing is yes right yeah and that's a good one like that microphone did you put that I set up here back there was malevolent conduct this class not have a question answer the end of the try to get some comments and made your questions with the long settled in this nicely handled small groups of ease of whole roomful to be very very difficult to do that all right well the same frequency right here okay second handbook focusing on all okay all right well this movie and restlessly we can do this okay let's another reason that they did not want to do that is a many of them have been kicked out of their churches over the coming of Christ eighteen forty four all the time thing they had just been really abused by Church authority and because of that they they were very reluctantly looked like Babylon as far as they were concerned that the Roman Catholic Church is Roman Catholic Church organized to a T not a different system I'll talk about the different systems of organization why we have the organization we have backup plan is a great deal of ignorance today about why some of them is how organization will give that little bit more but that there was a good resistance to it so are you sure you a few things and why we have a church manual and why is it so it's important for small Gaza God of order and you might enter the text on that one in eight eight that's right he's not the author of confusion but he's the author of order number and ask your question why why does a person die okay yes results in death as true as it's not bad answer but is not the answer really looking for an lot and just what is talked about his disorder when the body and Paul uses the same kind of thing when the body becomes this organized than what is a result is death so you might say in another sense that organization 's life another words the universe has life in because the universe is organized and so God saw anything that is going to have any kind of life to it is going have to have organization at some point but organization can be abused can be abused in the evidence church the answer is yes we'll talk about some of those abuses and I and what do we do about what we see some of those kinds of abuses with organization and yet dispense with it is still why is the guy and the mission dies and everything dies just like your car I was driving the upper Peninsula several years ago when we yet I had a Buick and that we had inherited and really nice le Carre liked it and all the sudden somewhere fifteen or twenty miles from Saint Ignatz and the big bridge divided into Michigan and the some of us know about the mighty Mac at any rate the thing just quit just no sign of trouble no warning just wet out I was strange that I had to get out and actually broken and share and just don't done that's what happens if as this is no more movement same thing with an organization or if you have a mission organization you're going to have even even a dime just bought one order in one sense his life okay I is achieved this is a quote not the Church manual that is achieved through principles and regulations were principles and regulations the rules by which we gotten ourselves to live by my right the rule is if you want healthy teeth you you brush your teeth your really healthy teeth you give lots is our rule or principle you think it is as principal hygiene the application is a toothbrush dental floss so that the church is the same way to cheaply principles and regulations that guide the church this is what uses the word church in the Church manual the big C is talking about the church and its big cents supplement your local individual church would be true for that assignment your church and the church in a big sense is achieved through principles of regulation by the church of internal operation all operations and in the fulfillment of its mission to the world 's needs it needs order rule and discipline and that's what eventually got it a church manual let's let's see here what in eighteen seventy five will quit history here in eighteen seventy five don't like pointed out this is Church of God is in constant peril when I asked why things he can destroy the people of God well we know that and one man's my old and one man's judgment is not sufficient to be dropped by the way who was the most important mind about that time while the sixties any findings why is this at this point I'm I'm not sure whether to the person is that they were there were three people basically that were wanting the abolition church and she said this is a consolidation of power and that in the testimonies get getting more strange it and that this has to be changed so you can't just have one person 's judgment is not sufficient to be what's the word trusted him I would give you an example that in modern times with another Sabbath keeping church yeah worldwide Church of God was basically a one-man rule saying he died the person that took his place when into apostasy over the Sabbath and the whole thing imploded you think that that would like to do that with the Evans church he hates his church and do anything to destroy this church and possibly bingo seals on its saucepan and Chrysler have as follows brought together in church capacity how would be brought together observing order yup they're just some spree spirits today that site all men let's just get together on it with Jesus is always that just get together and have a have a you know but you really can't function in fellowship that way and maybe you had Christmas gatherings at your homes some of you most of us probably did a nasty request was there any organization that women that if you didn't think Sawyer wasn't like we got it want to ensure when we set all you know I just want to know all the organization now everyone had a wonderful time yes my wife who put together Christmas brunch for Mark are kids who came in those a lot of organization and I was her helper kind but is anything you need me to do well you could do this little a few things what does organizational egos into any kind of fellowship you want good fellowship for your your Thanksgiving events your family events you have to have organization to make it successful even though you may not call it that sometimes so to come together in fellowship and church capacity wants us to do that you will just observe order having rules Lula know that the dirty word that gives on a rules unlikely challenge people can you live without rules some people think they can and they make a mess of their life if they do that eat was that yesterday link they are the rule that's the problem and then I can make up amount which they are about themselves and so there confused mess yes Levi M try this if there's no rules I then there is going to be no law if there's new law there is no organized obedience in addition obedience and to you and say because Wade is an all right let's the Cisco right back here having rules and this one at all subject to one another now there's that other part there is a oceanic and Christian organization that is unique on when we'll talk about a little bit about the authority of the church but this authority is held in a different way than the world does Jesus looked his own disciples were constantly jockeying for position and he said to them you don't get it these are my words is you don't get it because that's what the Gentiles do it may have there their big men that have the big chief and everybody else doubt down is you don't understand something when it is in and God 's organization in God 's organization we are all servants while in the yell the greatest leader will be the greatest servant you know why Jesus will be the most exalted being in the universe is because he became the greatest servant so there's this attention so somehow we can read this first part about having rules of order and discipline and forget the second part is just as important all subject to one another as the main others better than themselves there is the cheap one I have a friend Doctor Leroy Moore under Doctor Leroy Moore is if you haven't read his books year eight use our camp meeting he held a class on the power of humility in front have more influence marketing meeting a lot of wonderful things going on there than anything else he's also got a book out called culture wars and he has two thousand boxing gloves and the front cover if you haven't read that you missed something in that particular book he talks about truth being elliptical and not just a center circle another words in time some people think the truth is just a circle with one dot in the middle of it and he says usually most the time I it is an elliptical circle like this has to not never held internship if I give you example run out life marriage are men like women are women like men but even though there are different in many ways it is that cooperation that held in tension that makes the whole wonderful place that it is and say what I mean by that yeah but there is a loser is like long grace you can't do away with law you can do away with grace is not fifty percent of one or fitness of the other is the way they worked to gather in order to effect our salvation into Outlook the other so this is one of those things we have that tension we have order rules and discipline but then you have the other side of that one is being studied one another staining others better than themselves and I hope you get that picture because that picture is going to come all the way through our church manual I think in a beautiful way sometimes it confuses people in the composition that Holden and Elvis Lehman holds his arm is still director people can't possibly just one is to fix it you know it's almost like some people think some people are everybody think that somehow worked he 's an and if we just give the order it will be done and the world at the world the church doesn't work that way that we have influence is no question about that all you have influenced but there are theirs processes are deducted okay let's go on here's eighteen eighty two still do we still don't have a church manual in nineteen eighty two the JC session voting to prepare a set of instructions juicy session those phases meeting every year like I give you a feel for the oh was that you prepare a set of instructions for church officers to be presented in the review and Herald out our contract form and that happened in eighteen eighty three interestingly enough when you lay the JC session rejected a church manual fearing it would formalize the church others will be interesting is why they rejected here's the quote for allows the church and take from its pastors their individual freedom to deal with matters of order as they desired so tell me what's going on here I think I think I know what's going on here and but it's a process but they're afraid of is that it will make it so that the pastors say or do as they feel they can go as a conscience dictates what is what's happening again assured that if this point is kind of Congregational and kind of not and we're trying it's like the early church the early church not have all of his organization putting the place where it started but as it grew in numbers and influence then you have to add organization layers that are yet at organization components do it same thing is happening the early evidence church organizational components are not coming together all at once pastors are in charge of ministers in charge of these churches and they want be in charge of the church that church they haven't so there will concerned about that it might mess up their work nineteen oh seven so were quite a few years down the pipe here ninety three nineteen oh three were twenty twenty four years later escorted that Jay and Loughborough published a book entitled the church 's organization order and discipline this was the forerunner of our present church manual and a covered a lot of the kinds of things we have in our church manual on today nineteen thirty one lower still another what twenty some years the GC committee finally both the church manual the GC committee voted to publish a church manual J L McCain twice that Michael Haney the good Scottish name later present of the gel conference prepared the manuscript it was published in nineteen thirty two is a nineteen thirty two we are a first church manual but there's a process is been growing the church is growing its institutions are growing overseas is growing and they just got to have something to guide the church the opening sentence of that first addition is important and here's the here's the opening sentence of that first addition it is becoming increasingly evident of the word increasingly evident that a manual on church government is needed to set forth and preserve our denominational practice and polity I learned on this word preserve this is again coming for the church manual page eighteen note the word preserve this was no attempt decidedly create a impose upon the church a whole pattern of church governance rather it was an endeavor the first preserve all the good actions and been taken through the years and then add rules required by the church 's increasing growth and complexity is the Avenue 's church a complex organization ever think about this church and what's accomplishing and what it's doing it's just absolutely amazing there's no church like it on the face of the earth organized the way that we are organized no church like that I think you have warts and incited and have areas it can fix I am telling you is an amazing thing really when you look at it and it's big picture okay let's talk about the authority of the Church manual the church manual has this function and will go to them here it describes the operations of the functions of local churches is that affect anybody in this room all of us so how are local church functions is important to everyone unless I want to say this and then maybe misunderstood that that's the way it is one of our challenges in the Western world is our neglect of the Church manual we are we are so hauling to the fact that each one of us has individual freedom thank God for individual freedom that we have such independence that we change under the fact that there is a church manual that would actually dive the operations of a local church and because of that many people today laugh at the church manual sometimes even though those of us who are ministers don't pay it much attention until we have a mess and then we call the church manual to deliver us usually you can prevent messes if we will follow the churchmen get into how do the nominating committee process and a rarity by make fun of why in the world do we have an organizing committee and the organizing committee elects the nominating committee the nominating committee the non- as officers and that only comes with one of me that organizing are not meant to you today while union organizing committee but I will tell you before when I saw him back here with a question and because the tape make sure that we try to get this on the on the tape so I'm just saying I was in a meeting with time with some African-American pastors who take care to church manual in every case with him because always been called on the carpet amongst her own church members in in my world as a pastor I don't get that ever my churchgoers could care less about the Church manual in general you said it better myself and and that is the that is a fundamental problem I think in the Western world and we need to start educating our members the value of that church manual and they ought to hold us accountable to the ship now hold me accountable to the rest of us so that we operate in a good way all right let's go ahead here on that some first thing that it does it describes the operation of a local church is the relationship to each other is important for local churches how relationships to each other if Amana wife have a relationship a marriage there is organization to that marriage if local churches grab relationship to organize to educate that relationship in the right all right I first the church is understanding the Christian life and church governance on number two also expresses the church 's understanding of the Christian life what is included in the Christian life here's another thing people don't why they don't like a thing called church lifestyle standards oh my irregularly interesting to so why quick I think it is amazing when you when you raise that issue there are people that just icing red I mean they think they just they just can't understand I want to get into some of that fear and were not talk about lifestyle standards and how they fit with in the life of the church of the Church manual does it so these are two areas first of the operation functions probably relate to one another and never to the church 's understanding of Christian life church governance and discipline church and many of you just love the subject of church discipline I didn't think he would raise many hands that went by me tell you something get it with him to get into church discipline in this class hotel you that no church can survive and carry its mission without appropriate church discipline yet she descended the inappropriate church Disney would run smoother and less negative will talk about all of that and that will get very very interesting believe me all right let's go on to run out here all yeah I would finish the Celtics visitors understood for July church government and discipline based on biblical principles and the authority of a duly assembled GC sessions we talked a little bit more about these assembled general conference sessions the church manual is divided into types of material and how it should know this number one the content of each chapter is what kind of value world why I was underlying that that that is what makes us what we are we are not kept together by a pope we are not kept together by fantastic speakers we are not kept together by marvelous charismatic personalities I'd say knowledge and label we are kept together as a church by principles and rules we all got quiet and towards that we are not wearing kept together by Hollis now I grew up in a place at Eli from North Carolina here I'm the only one of you this opossum some North Carolina evil here that's one most beautiful states in the in the union but they have more Baptists down there than they have people and and you know everything about madness he thought but independent-minded they are very very independent minded it there looked one way they had church growth there's a Baptist church on every corner and I kid you not mean it's a big deal and one way they they get that done is they get into a fight and in a split and if you know the rest the story of the average church however is kept together by policy is church manuals what keeps us together for a guy disk and protects our unity and is unity important I just read that one of the ways that God 's expression of his character and manifested to the world is which church is unified at the fastening statement can you be that the right office radical all right recognizing the need okay all you go back to number one with constant pain in that church manual worldwide value the content of each chapters worldwide value I forgot as well as North America etc. and is applicable to every church organization how many church organizations anybody left out there whatever means every olive congregation and members of the local church all that apply to the content of each chapter now number to our notes in the back of it is a more recent development and they did it for good reason and in two thousand Joan General conference recognizing the need for variations in some sections if you go back and read the note to see what it's doing is not making a different set of rules it just saying this is the way some different places some nuances and differences the need for variations in some sections additional explanatory material presented as guidance and example appears as notes at the in the Church manual after manual page eighteen okay how are changes made in the Church manual that's another way the church manual unlike Scripture can be changed and how do we change it and we change him and him is going to give you that how that's done here is while the Church manual still with me everybody okay now boring event yet as we get really interesting or done if a local church conference or union wishes to propose a church manual revision notice local churches involved in that that means a local church can propose a revision in the Church manual and I have seen local churches that have an impact on the Church manual and my give process so been adjusted using how that happens it should submit the proposal to the next constituent level for the local churches the local conference local conference the Union and the I was General conference or division of the General conference and that's diverse odd counsel and study if that level approves the proposal is amidst the suggestion revision to the next level for additional evaluation if the various levels approved the proposal eventually comes the GC church manual committee which considers all recommendations if the church manual audit committee approves its revision prepare for presentation at annual Council and/or the Jeep seat session I and the revision notes fall same procedure with the exception of the IGC executive committee often known as annual council can vote those changes in the notes I give you an example of that and and North America before the last to a conference session two thousand ten we had a crisis North America on and we still have a crisis on the whole issue of evolution being taught in higher education and I'm not trying to get into that particular subject a per se but on it there started coming out an outcry in our conference was not the only confident that Woodard star committees did vote and send a recommendation to the general conference asking for certain things to happen on the floor of the General conference and we had a nice reply back saying no they were on the review that the really good to another the process interestingly enough they ended up doing what we actually ask I'm sure we're not the only voice in that sum up trying to take credit for anything here but actually ended up voting a statement on the floor the general conference that back our position and clarify any misunderstandings as to where we stood on a six-day literal creation of the earth and that in our position on that I also crack password higher education support to to sponsor and teach that and it also oh said that they wanted to Vioxx also did the action between that general conference and the next general conference they're going to revise number six and they're going to make it more clear as to what we need to talk about creation so does not movie anybody that can play games but most of us thought we read six million and misunderstanding that we thought it said but some other people evidently thought that it gave them license to actually introduce what the people call today theistic evolution and iPods I still don't see it but at any rate by the time the next usage gets done that is going to have refined in the meantime we have a juicy action that covers us saying this is what we believe and what we mean by this and I I knew it would be a slamdunk I mean I don't think I couldn't sequence I can see everything but I couldn't see the half a dozen hands against it at the GC session it was overwhelming some people said over twenty five people against it well I still of the changing things and huge support of that so you can have an impact on conference local church remember the local church you can have an impact if you voice the need in your local church approves it is a process so you can have an impact on it it is not fast is not where it's not going to change overnight I tell people yet be patient the church things don't just change the way we govern the church doesn't just change overnight okay and this is very interesting it shows you how serious they take the church manual and digital conversation worldwide even though sometimes a Western world is not taken is Sirius nearly serves it should be noticed this non- substantiate of editorial changes are reported to an annual counsel is easy which may him approval however if one third of the Greenwood on the notes now to talk about the chapters the chapters has to do GC session any change estimate a juicy session we talk about the notes in the back however if one third of the group determines there is not not even near a majority but if you have a flirt of the group determines that the recommendations substantially alters the meaning that goes to the GC session in the notes that's how serious they may take it out say this for the church manual is not designed to cover every facet of every part of church life every once a while we have people come up to us and they'll say Elder 's name and what we do here and he looks in the Church manual races applying paint to cover that and so we give it some counsel about works then they're happy and we're happy if we can't come to a solution and we go to union and even to the division ass enforcing clarification for some help is never meant to cover every nuance of life another words you can have a policeman you can keep the peace of the nation having the police on every corner of the street you have to have some reasonableness of happiness and willingness to work with one another to to figure out things that we don't necessarily cover the church manual all right the Church of God is the body of Christ and this comes in church manual page twenty two and I I love the statements a wonderful statement because it begins to give us the big picture of what the average church is to become it is God 's purpose together out of people from the far corners of the earth and to bind them into one body the body of Christ that is the destiny of the Seventh-day Adventist church that will not be defeated when Jesus comes that's the kind of church is going to take from this earth in the new use sometimes I hear people Western world I complain about all that money we send the General conference I think I'm so happy right we write a check to the gel conference that you have establish so happy to write that check you know why because I believe in this when you give your time and a portion of that time has an impact around the world keeping the church together giving his mission going on whether this will rejoice back I say this because you know what you wanted to go to the General conference and now in other some complaints sometimes that the North American division option users the division on some divisions get outvoted on whatever they issue might be there some complaining that say is that all you know is when you know what you wanted then we want church from all of the Duke did we start this thing just someone division could control everybody else in that while we sent our missionaries at great cost and sacrifice is about one of the graves apricot and a Asia of our missionaries sometimes they are there little kids from years ago I met a young beautiful young couple had two children they just lost one little two -year-old boy and a country where malaria was horrible I sit there and stood there with them and are you what to say about the sacrifice they had made it really bothers me when I hear people complain about the fact that we now have one world church in the world church is in charge it bothers me when I hear people so well we just ought to go our own way what is contrary to Christ himself I testify to my brother now this is that I was judgmental page twenty two this is islandwide testimonies number of ministers page fifteen I testify to my brother and sisters that the church of Christ in feeble and effective is it may be I would say the conference that I serve they haven't enfeebled and effective conference president they did I don't think that we have a church that we can say that about every church that we have a wonderful churches and wireless churches brought but we all are in feeble and effective are we not but notice this next part it's amazing I testify my brothers and sisters that the church of Christ in feeble and effective as it may be is the only object on earth on which he Lord bestows his what's the next word supreme regard insight in regard to other things and other institutions but the only thing that he gets his subprime regard to is his church on her down ever ever take the church of the living God widely defective and enfeebled though it may be either the privileged if something happens I don't think we understand the pleasure that we have a Seventh-day Adventist havoc pleasure in this church I praise God for now here's a warning from the same chapter you could take that last one and people would say okay whenever the church says that salute and on the you could go down the road of Catholicism and in the Roman church they do not book me this it's a compound carrying system so there's there's all for letting given to the church that authority is qualified by this is in defiance of his testimonies eight sixteen seventeen teslas ministers page sixteen seventeen and it's also in the Church manual page twenty three twenty four quoting if in defiance of God 's arrangements the world be allowed to influence our decisions or our actions the purpose of God is defeated I was stopped right there and say what is it that guards the goodness of the church it is the commitment and understanding of its members and its ministers don't teach like they're supposed to the new amendments will help to render the church unfaithful at simple still with me however spacious art and other words how reasonable however attractive or whatever it is the pretext in the church waiver here there is written against her in the books of heaven of the trail of the most sacred trust and treachery to the kingdom of Christ is pretty strong language if you want to read a very fascinating chapter you want to read volume eight I think the chapter call found wanting shall we be found wanting and the picture in there is that the Seventh-day Adventist church will be weighed in the balances of the sanctuary the picture from that one deteriorates and then Indians with how aren't you glad for that I think most people save no doubt my predicts a shaking in the evidence church like I have think that that is the profits are never wrong but the chapter that is talking about in with saying that their returns a spirit to the church these are my working report yourself this turns a spirit of intercessory prayer and that God returns and heels his church is not good news so the church is looking for no matter what difficulties we get into the church is going to come out of this I believe by the power of God but we all have a part to play in that so that's it that's a pretty a pretty strong statement she says the church the church is firmly and decidedly to hold her principles before the whole heavenly universe and the king of the world the church is firmly and decisively to hold her principles were our principles whether containing a church manual and will talk about those I said something to join us Linda talk about is getting the week and with that that means that okay organization authority somehow events the thought as we near the close of time every child of God will act independently of any religious organization but I have been instructed by the Lord I'm glad to split the Samara that this work there is no such thing is Everyman being independent and delivers a nice allowing you know when the Lord before the Lord Collins is on a miniconference is not a heavy water needs a yelp it cannot have a conference a longer not have the churches on to be there so you are able to have a telephone to get done so you have no way to stay organized is lower to stay organized way I go to do that as it will this is a problem that in your theory in your theory discounts the Holy Spirit and the last time I checked in the book of acts if God wanted somebody to be moved somewhere the Holy Spirit just pick him up and move it out that is what is the truth a lesson I don't you bring in a distant is the second the whole thing is being set up right now for the market of the cement I don't think avenues even understand what's hanging over our heads out that we understand we were headed you know I praise God for the Constitution states that for the great freedoms we are supposed to have but I is the government today is reading probably all of your e-mails my computer on your phone calls you will not make a phone call out of the country they probably don't read or listen to how this is a very powerful computers and they they are set up and he even Google ever seen when we go on Google it pops up on the right hand corner says Rick Google recording recording every move you make and he'll think of falling on your smart phones lines on right now so I know where I'm at this is not heard people say all why Warren if you're not doing anything wrong this visible sidetrip to religious liberty if you're not doing anything wrong why worry about it and my responses you think everybody in government is nice if you think everybody and government is wonderful I mean just look at history the reason United States set itself up for some privacy was because you couldn't trust everybody in government now we have a wonderful one large government is great principles on glad to be an American aren't you most of us in this room probably are and were great for the principles but things because of all the stuff that's going on we have changes in the way people think and today believe it or not there all the books that the government decides to declare you an enemy of the state can pick you up you would disappear into the CIA good blog and they never have to let you surface again was on the books right now got not the subject little bit no one try to tell you is this that despite everything that can be put the church will not read will not become disorganized after the amazing and and the picture is that the Lord Jesus himself comes down and actually leaves his church and she said that the nothing like it on the earth when Christ is leaving his church and an out and away like he's never done before and you got the rekindling of persecution but that combination will be amazing wonder to the world so you have you had a comment here you and your family to talk the statements which are quoting there is also an volume nine of the testimonies page two fifty two fifty eight and the significance of that state this letter was delivered before the General conference session of nineteen oh nine Ellen White delivered that statement in that context and why is that significant because there are those who mistakenly believe that in nineteen oh three the General conference structure that was adopted the centralized structure we have the day supposedly was contrary to the Council of Ellen White some of you are probably heard that that theory and the idea being that at that particular point Advent is an supposedly when an organizational apostasy and God was no longer speaking to the church organization in that statement which is titled the spirit of independence by the way and volume nine of the testimonies page two fifty seven to two sixty one she reiterates the fact that the General conference in session is the highest authority and that it's it it's actions are to be respected and that there is to be no breaking down of the lines of divinely established authority so that clearly indicates the structure we have the day bears the superscription of the Lord yes and then said that brings me to another point that maybe is a good time running out right this very moment why is it why is it that we have the church government on organization we have I'm on answer the question this way and I hope you won't forget this your your theology gives rise to your mission with me and your mission gives rise to your church organization say not my dear dear friends or where I grew up and have many friends relatives and their none of those church is I have a vision of Revelation chapter fourteen every nation tribe kindred tongue and people you talk the Seventh-day Adventist and they will tell you they have they understand that we are called to give a message to every tribe nation and tongue and people violate the Sabbath morning both of those sermons as morning here are the early something you heard the Sabbath sermon on your praise God we got preaching like that going on you have an assured I was a very powerful preaching I praise God for it but so that's why we have we have to have a worldwide organization if we carry out our mission to get all the world every tribe nation kindred and tongue and people and that mission has because of our theology understanding that the gospel has to go to the entire world now when you say okay we have a worldwide mission then what form of church government and we take what you've only got about three choices for church government the first choice I'll talk about is the Roman Catholic model and that's a monarchy system the evidence would never accept that why would we never accept it because of the because of the Bible my right we talked about earlier what Jesus said to his own disciples were trying to set up a pope system down his back and he had to help straighten them out there its Adam Russell never accept that you can't be a Congregational system because our Congregational system will not get your vehicle by which you could go into all the world right you can't drive that truck and all the world so the only one exam left is a representative form of church government and that's what we have now was that a certain meeting very important meeting some years ago that I will not identify with not identify individual but this particular individual the quite time but I just leave it has a lot of influence but that way not regional conference not map module officer but he laid been given privilege disputes a lot of people and he started out making fun of the evidence church he started out life I gave the title of the sermon he remembered then you know that was fun not to do that but Jordan basically making fun of the evidence church and start making fun of its layers of organization I've heard this many many places people say why do we have to have a local conference and the local union and the division and the general conference Wiley have to have that were wasting lots of money anonymous believability wasting money by the grace of God why do we have to do that but maybe some of this room that had genuine thoughts about that at some point I had thoughts about that early on so I got my eyes open globe let me just step back and talk about the United States government on several years ago some years ago we had a crisis that for the first time a least that we can remember we could not we didn't know who the next president of the United States was because it was all hung up member that I'm not yeah I'm not going to the politics am not into politics I don't care what side of fence you vote on I do love this great nation of ours but I'm using illustration work for some weeks we did not know who the next president United States member that so did the nation fall apart we call out the National Guard copy Army now why Carlson we end this nation understand representative former church of government and we have institutions of democracy what are the institutions of democracy while the issues of democracy is the local city is organized they have their own leadership in Iraq the local county is organize MRI if you live in Michigan you don't believe they're not there organized and you won't see the roads getting cleared week we law organization because it snows the salt trucks come out and scrapers come out and they do with a lot of efficiency so it's organized so the local local towns not to fall apart the local counties not informed about the states on the state to organize the habit on government so the distasteful the states didn't fall apart the federal girls have a little bit of trouble trying to get words coming out but everything else just kept working because we had institutions of democracy not tell you try to put up that against other nations I will not name right now to try to switch from dictatorship into some kind democracy and the least little thing will upset them because they do not have institutions of a democracy the same way in the seventh answers went worldwide church which urges all of the worlds economic of the different languages with all kinds of institutions educational institutions you name that an and this person was saying that we had too many layers of organization and I said to myself why will the same number of layers as United States government and it basically has one language I know Spanish it that simple warranted but will basically function one language understanding and and were geographically all of the world percent don't control the rest the world the Seventh-day Adventist church has limited its organization it has local local church is your local church organize a man using you have local conference is a local conference organized should be a man and then you have a union of conferences is that organized yes that's the building blocks away the general conference and regional conference thanks it doesn't think this is mainly my concern about the publishers Americans were not local church book but that's not what it means when the general conference they said things and blocks of conferences and unions as the building blocks the General conference and then the next layer organization is in some eyes and get this one wrong maybe the next light is a general conference not divisions revisions are part and parcel of the General conference so we have four layers probably the present of the North American division is not appointed by constituency of North American division is appointed by the same general conference nominating committee and session that appoints the president of the General and they operate under the as extended arm of the General conference so if you go to Asia or Africa there's a division office there but actually the General conference presence in those territories so we act we have four layers of a church government just as the on states government has four layers and that's why this church one reason why the church works by large pretty well all right so any way yes please yeah Mister oh yeah one two minutes maybe less than that you're not going to listen almost forgot the time so we're finished write up here let's see organizational party representative or church government Arkansas one oh that really good job conference the highest authority under the Bible oh I be a great place to start tomorrow and where to have some way to get a lot of things here and I hope you'll come to have a churchman to bring along with you if you get a line bubble I'll think it they charge anything for think they can might be free is free and you want to get it on your iPhone brain longing you can follow and see from being the right things done but this is a most important subject how please let me become more important for us as we club as we near the end of time it was ever a day and age when as Seventh-day Adventist we need to press together and pressed together under the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ the Scripture that time has certainly arrived and we giving God that he set the stage for that kind of cooperation with the spiritual forefathers and mothers that we've had in the passive praise God for the think the Lord for you are you being here today I think I'm not close a masculine sniper Ira comments is still director of your heart closing prayers we all stand please father in heaven we thank you for being with us today and we are truly grateful for the fact you another understanding of Scripture is standing as a train to continue this at this time sent to bless the rest is a a a this message was reported as a I will see what the supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems by a literate in a fire and I sent in the downloader does other resources and visit us online on Wednesday Wednesday when a a true I


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