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The Purpose of the Gift of Tongues

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 31, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred and ten Washington and other resources and access online at www. URC where I is one dimension you know the title of this seminar is all having to do with it please send with the Pentecost and Don's and so on I we dealt only with Pentecost and the other are six other fees that are very closely related with Pentecost Pentecost is at the very heart of the very center of the Hebrew piece all I mentioned yesterday that if anyone is interested in the full series I get a twelve hour reservation on the Hebrew face the meaning of the Hebrew beats and that's available on CD and MP3 Ides available at our secrets unsealed both would highly recommend that you get that because there's some amazing information there about the fulfillment of a Hebrew face I also there's a very important book that I've written it's called worshiping Satan 's throne it deals with the problems in the area worshiping in the Adventist church at present that's also available in DVD and job if you want to go even more expensive there is saw a series of the sanctuary where I deal with all of the evidence message from the perspective of the sanctuary there's thirty two one-hour presentations and I cover all of the doctors of the evidence church from the perspective of the sanctuary for example there's just one whole sermon on on repentance and confession and faith in Christ as being the conditions for receiving forgiveness of sins so if you are interested come by the secrets unseal both I will be there this afternoon Lord willing it also this evening even if you're not going to purchase anything I'll be there questions of you want to make comments or just say hello or take a picture of either guy why will not promise that your camera won't break but that I would definitely be there for you okay let's not discuss the return to Babel the Baylor on the tower of Babel was a man called Nimrod the name Nimrod means rebellion and the intention of Nimrod was to build a civilization that would be a total and complete rebellion against God he wanted to consolidate everyone inner-city built a tower to the greatness of that society and basically demoralize the world shortly after the flood now God of course were told in Genesis eleven slot was happening and God said I'm not going to allow the whole human race to come together and to rebel against me so that any righteous people that are left will disappear from the earth because basically they all spoke the same language and they were all on the same page and it says in Genesis eleven nothing will be attractive for what they intend to do the real intention of the devil was to totally demoralized the human race and to leave him in the holy line to be assimilated into that culture saw that there would be no holy line for which the Messiah could come devil himself to the Old Testament shown that a series tracking the Genesis code we were a deal with the issue we'll see how I presume you see how the devil is trying to prevent the scene from coming by using different methods some thought saw this and I said I went out I went to solve this problem and so were called at Mabel God gave the builder is the ability to speak that language language is all the nations that they did not speak gibberish again the builders the ability to speak the languages of the nation 's so that they could not be on the same page and communicate with one another and form a united front against the government of God now it is true that it is much more difficult for rebellion to consolidate when you have different cultures and different nations in different languages is regardless life he says I'm going to divide them into cultures and nations and everything that you will have a pocket of regarding your pocket rebellion there but you will not have a united rebellion that's the reason why God gave this get the facts so that sometimes the tower of Babel was to confuse and divide but of course that created a serious problem and that is that on the day of Pentecost you know you have all these nations and it was difficult to show the Gospels of us as also the problem that was causing fatal and under the disciples the ability to speak the languages of the nations so the gospel can be shared now there are only two verses in the Bible that use a combination of three words three keywords let's go to Genesis chapter eleven and verse seven Genesis chapter eleven and verse seven there are three words there they are very very important to mention what they are this is not a speedy let us go down and there confuse their language that's the first one and one is the notice board language is the word gloss side when we get the word was Somalia from Google Somalia means the mail in great means to speak and also means times some will Somalia means to speak and thought and so the first one that I was the notice is less confused their language their balsa that they may not understand that another keyword understand it's a great word cool to hear but here with understanding knows less confused their language their gloss that they may not understand a cool one another's speech that's a third word speech towards speech is the word for me where we get the word megaphone from the same and so basically what happened at the tower of Babel was then got confused their language so that no one could understand there speech so the purpose and Babel was to confuse to divide so that rebellion could not consolidate it God brings the golf and solve that problem the Pentagon is on the breath because of Pentecost the purpose was to unite and I was to communicate swept across what I did the regular wedding event that they now those same three words in a different language but they're also used in first Corinthians chapter fourteen and verse two the only other person in what is also three words which are language understanding and speech hearing apostle Paul says for he who speaks that's the word for me know when I mentioned the Genesis eleven uses the word a cool and funny you need to understand that it's in the Greek translation of the Old Testament is invisible was written he by making the connection in the same language old and New Testament as it says for he who speaks that is the word for a in a hung that's the word glove slap is not speaking to men but to God for not one that are cool no one walked no one understands him however in the spirit he speaks mysteries mysteries to whom mysteries to those that are listening and and some people say see speak in a mysterious language because it's speaking mysteries will no say in the apostle Paul uses the word mystery competes could speak about the history of the preaching of the gospel mysteries the gospel that was hidden from ages past and now was revealed so just the word histories doesn't mean that this is some type of esoteric language that only the speaker understands no it is simply the apostle Paul is saying he was spent in a tongue does not speak to men but to God because those that are listening don't really want don't really understand now what was happening in the church of Corinth that the church of Corinth instead of following the path of the book of acts was wanting to go back where was going going back to Babel is built upon signing the purpose of communication the gift of tongues was to prevent communication they are in color now I'd like us to go to the book of Revelation where we find the final fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis chapter is a little bit in time back sure this economy similar in many ways to the first battle is a whole world I want to come together again heard of globalism the New World order United Nations bear wanting to bring the whole world together in fact their final intention is to get rid of the of the system of individual nations and establish a World Wide Web in rebellion against God that's the invention the purpose of course LA makes it clear that Protestants and Roman Catholics and world things will see an disunion a way in which the millennium of peace can be introduced on planet Earth things will get worse and worse and worse and so as has happened in history they'll say now you know were all coming together what is happening there's a divisive people and because they are not in harmony with his union and insist on keeping a different day I love you are aware of what's happening in Europe during the pushing for a son-in-law and begins of course like a simple Sunday for the fountain of the sycophancy will was was was a secular Sunday the was not it was a similar holiday by Brandon three thirty six just a few years later and more into a religious observance commanded by the church and so sounded awesome always morph it from several institutions to religious institutions and so you have in Revelation a repetition of what happened at the tower of Babel we have to study what happened at the PowerPoint you know bought established different languages to establish different nations of different cultures so that evil could not consolidate but at the time even having different nations with different cultures and different languages the world will come together after God has divided the nations political to the book of Revelation and pursue what is what happened when an time than now as some of the cabinets we believe in a triune Godhead this is a doctrine that is being attacked vehemently by some people in the church unfortunately because this paragraph seems clear that all three are divine and all three are person 's that does not mean that we had three gods it means that we have one God composed of three persons is a well how is it possible that one plus one plus one equals one it's very simple the Bible says that when a man and a woman get married they are no longer to bear one interesting well my wife here by the highest husband and wife I see there husband-and-wife you know what I'm seeing only one of you there but not long seeing double one IMHO yes there are sons but that could be united see in the Bible the word one as it applies to God refers to unique team unity what if Jesus prayed I want these disciples all to be one but there were twelve and I will test all the people are one but it were many people as .net don't get all caught up in this that if you believe that God is three hundred and then you can believe in because there is one God but that God is composed of three persons in this afternoon when talking about about the Trinity and that he is a Trinity to talk about another problem that we're facing now the church no as that God is trying to now holds the absolute ruler and king in this relationship of the three persons of the .net God the father is the ruler analyte identifies him as the team and the Bible describes him in Revelation as the one who is an wise any oh right that's the way that he is described in Revelation chapter one analysis of the same the father is the absolute ruler the King is one who is wise and has become but will delegate his authority to the sun right have you ever read Matthew twenty eight even after the incarnation what does Jesus say authority is unto me in heaven and on earth who gives it to his disciples how he receives his authority from whom God the father Jesus received authority from his father to come to this Earth in this after Jesus receives authority from his father because he said several times and speaks by the authority of his father he had a three and half year ministry at the others three and have your ministry he received a mortal but when he resurrected his mortal was cute in the whole world heard the gospel and responded to the interest that psycho ring a bell about some other power that is that is actually conquer fifty the role of the sun incidentally when Revelation thirteen says that the beast has a deadly wound is the identical expression in Greek that is used in Revelation chapter five where it's based on lab will have been slain identical in Greek but Jesus says that any transit Authority Google he delegates his authority the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit operates in the name of Jesus and on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit is poured out fire comes down from heaven and the disciples receive power from the fire that descends from heaven and to share the gospel with power and as a result thousands upon thousands follow the letter prevention adventure now doesn't and will have a counterfeit community get to the list pursue that it's babbling by the way his counterfeit trinity is a Trinity of Babylon of Revelation chapter sixteen verse nineteen Revelation chapter sixteen verse nineteen see the great city Babylon is composed of three parts it's as while the great city was divided into three parts the cities of the nations fell and great battle and what's the name of the city great battle and was remembered before God to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath only parses Madeleine have three know what articles three parts verse thirteen just a few verses farther above verse nineteen it says I saw three unclean spirits like all 's coming out of my house on the Dragon and on the mouse on the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet that will have three parts what are the three parts the Dragon the beast and the false prophet incidentally these have been introduced before the book of Revelation because in Revelation twelve you have the Dragon in the first ten verses of Revelation thirteen of the beast and in the last half of Revelation thirteen you have the false prophet the lab the beast that has two horns like a lamb and following some other words the devil also operates in three colors the purpose of this threefold union first party for they are spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and the whole world what is the purpose to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty the purpose is to gather the world in rebellion against God so does the devil have a count of the Trinity who in this relationship has the absolute power who is the ruler of the king of this arrangement it is the drag funeral of the Dragon is described in Revelation as the one who is was and is to come in Revelation chapter seventy is the absolute ruler the one that calls the shots but nastiness delegate his authority to another power yes you find a Revelation thirteen so is writing in the Buddhist is Satan 's power and great authority so like a father delegate his authority to assign the Dragon delegate his authority to the beast and then please has a ministry that last how long three and a half years time kinds in the divine and after its ministry of three and a half years what does it receive it receives a deadly wound but prophecy says that if anyone will be whacked will be handled and illustrated gospel to the wireless in the whole world will wonder after the patient just like when the Gospel was preached all world wondered after Jesus I goes counterfeiting the work of God 's truth but there's one power that still remain you see there is a helper on the beef and was the beef helper W 's helper is a false prophet who speaks for the beef like the Holy Spirit speaks for Christ and live in the book of acts the Holy Spirit which is sent by Jesus makes fire descend from heaven in the sight of men the false prophet your descent from heaven in the sight of men Revelation chapter thirteen in first thirteen says that the false prophet brings fire down from heaven the sight of me say that speaking about literal fire was our literal fire on the day of Pentecost and yes I will persuade the people now that something exceptional is happening absolutely either not be literal tons of fire at the end selected messages volume two page fifty four Ellen White says this Satan will work Louise agents wonder who those could be saved I will work through his agents who have departed from the faith to bring fire down from heaven in the sight of men but revival of the Holy Spirit bringing fire down from heaven and assignment to persuade human beings that this is of God using how could this really happen several years ago I was in southern Arizona preaching in one evening after the service I turned on the television was a Friday night but I turned it on the TBN religious channel like to keep up with what's happening in the Protestant world and there was Paul Crouch president and founder of deviant and he was interviewing anything this is November thirteen two thousand and one and basically Paul Crouch was asking many him how he became a preacher and then he was explaining that you know he's a Palestinian that he had he began having dream visions and he saw himself in these dreams and visions preaching in great stadiums with thousands of people you can send these words and there was so impressive that I stayed up you know they rebroadcast this program I didn't have any paper banner anything you know when I first lies that I got right is down so the program was going to be presented by Jan at one o'clock in the morning as I guess they are and I wrote down the words that he spoke wistfully sent in the last twelve months I have been having some no dreams and visions some amazing dream I have been seeing fire I have seen myself in stadiums where to draw fire was falling from heaven the glory of God is about to reveal it being revealed visibly and then he referred to the experience of technical as proof the experience of Elijah and Mount caramel and the pillar of fire that led Israel through the wilderness false revival of the Holy Spirit led by a counterfeit trinity or counterfeit audit and incidentally fault you know there are three angels that speak for the Godhead the demo also has three angels are called three evil spirits and they come out of the mouth you're usually we say that though the dragon represents Satan Spiritualism and we say that the beast represents the Roman Catholic papacy and the false prophet represents apostate Protestantism I agree with with our traditional interpretation of saying that the beast is the papacy and the false prophet or the beast with land like horns represents apostate Protestantism I does represent Satan and a represents the civil powers through whom Satan works other than Dragon represents the symbol or secular powers of the words they are the ones that have the rulership of the authority the political authority shouting on Ellen White and testimonies the minister says and says rulers and governors has placed upon themselves the name of antichrist and are represented by the drag and we don't we say that the Dragon that stood next to the woman to divide a child represents the wrong whispers represents wrong the civil power wrong absolutely actually all three are controlled by spiritualism the Dragon is not spiritualism all three are controlled because the evil spirits like frogs come out of the mouths of all three so what you have is a unity of the secular powers of the world the political powers of the world with the Roman Catholic papacy and the apostate Protestantism as a triple union at the end incidentally ingested through to go one step further in this event Revelation chapter nineteen you find this threefold union again you know when Jesus is coming on the white horse at his second coming it says there I saw the beast I saw the kings of the earth the beast and the false prophet standing to fight against the one who was on the white horse is interesting that you would say the kings of the earth the beast and the false prophet so the kings of the earth represent they represent the kings of the earth this is a mirror of these and the false prophet kings of the earth would be the Dragon the beast the course of the beast and the false prophet is not being that rises from the Earth but I guess it wasn't that uses the kings of the cause behind the site and worse he spoke about using the shadow ruler is the political powers the kings of the earth but when you get a chapter twenty the power behind the power says that Dragon is about four thousand years the Dragon uses the kings of your book excitedly on the strictly industry volume is undoubtedly a great counterfeit revival at the end of the normal certainly it's size around the genuine revival yell in Atlanta and Wilson in his inaugural sermon said that what we need most the theme of his presidency is revival the Reformation I think that's the thing that needed to be chosen and I believe that the Lord has raised up Elder Wilson for a crime such as this and we need to pray for him and for those that surround him because he has to face unbelievable pressures and cry I don't even want to imagine what it's like to be president of the General conference now is called for revival of information the true and original couple statement from Illinois this is revealed Harold March twenty two eighteen eighty seven she says a revival of true godliness among us this is great and most urgent of all our needs to see this should be our first work schedule what is that our greatest the most urgent of all knew that should be our first work in a revival of true godliness now if if if there is a revival of true godliness there must be a want a false revival of full sloppiness know what is revived when they reach another statement from Elimite review mail server twenty five nineteen oh two review and Herald February twenty five nineteen oh two listen to what she says this is a powerful statement she says a revival and a Reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit now revival and reformation are two different things different but not separable she did the same revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life which means in your spiritual yet spiritually definitely revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a understanding of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death know somebody yesterday was asking whether the three phrases that Ella Weitz uses there in the quotation and desire ranges where it says you know the sons of God the representative of the world set of the three phrases that are saying basically the same thing in different words whether maybe those are three different groups and down really when these expressions are separated by commas it's simply an applicant if the same group that is described in three different ways I here's another example from our point of this phenomenon Lindsay says here that refile signifies a renewal of spiritual life and questioning what is quickening me getting life right at any of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection brings America that those are three ways of saying the same thing right then she says the threat is real life so what is revival it means that your spiritual event and what happens you come to Christ and to revive the Nazis wanted to find Reformation she says Reformation signifies a real organization and change notice of a change in ideas and theories where do we have ideas and theories in our thinking and I like to say that that Reformation signifies a reorganization of a change in our thinking in our ideas and theories and then she says habits and practices that behavior but a reformation means a change in our way of thinking and our way of acting then she says Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival spirit revival and Reformation act as their deliverer appointed work and in doing this work they must let there's a lot of talk in the Christian world today about revival but there's not much talk about Reformation in an abandoned church is a lot of talk about revival but there's not a lot of talk about Reformation only say this revival without Reformation is nearing emotionalism the Reformation without revival is legalism but if you're driving on icy road in the winter and it's time we separate what steps would you rather fall into the ditch are the rankings it doesn't matter which did you fall into establishing a record of fully well that is my if we emphasize Reformation Google transit high-handed home is the way and people you know if they're not revived it doesn't care if we save already live music and dancing in the aisles of having a good time just saying hallelujah and praise the Lord but no change of life is my with the devil fears is when we resurrect the spiritual life and then life changes in their proper order then the different finals because he knows that this is the real beauty of but you know what the devil 's revivalism to be like the Babel revival but counterfeit revival great controversy for sixty three percent because now this idea that we have to import into the administered on the practices of the Christian churches so that we can go to evangelism I can use the music in worship like them I message has its own power and it's a message that some power that some people are looking for a nasty individual an individual could get off a shot of adrenaline how long does it last you throw kerosene on the fire how long does it last those who shakes all modern revivals I like Ellen White speaks about this is as popular revivals are too often carried by appeals to the imagination by exciting the emotions by gratifying the love for what is new and sparkling listen carefully converts thus gained have little desire to listen to Bible truth little bit interest in the testimony of prophets and apostles unless a religious service has something of a sensational character it has no attractions for them a message which appeals to the eye and reason awakens no response the plane warnings of God 's word relating directly to their eternal interests are unheeded I especially like that expression a message which appeals to the on impassioned reason what does no whitening bikes on impassioned reason she simply means a message that appeals to your brain it needs to reach your heart don't get me wrong but it has to go through your brain to your heart not directly to the heart is a statement from Alan whitewash explains what I'm impassioned reason is to speaking about courtship it's found in evidence on page seventy she says there is any subject that should be considered with calm reason and I'm impassioned judgment is the subject of marriage him following reason and ambassador to think don't let your emotions get involved with your right I always tell young people listen that will hopefully your brain to your heart be listening to the jig of you saying if abnormal Bible is leader of the counselor is before taking a step that binds persons together but the prevailing sentiment is that in this matter the feelings are to be the guy and into any cases lovesick sentimentalism takes the helm and guides to certain room is here the figures show less intelligence than on any other subject it is clear that they refused to being reason the question of marriage seems to have a being seen power over them they do not submit themselves to God their sentences are in change and they move forward in secretiveness as if fearful that their plans would be interfered with with some were interfered with by some again as I want to move out and passing judgment reason any of these days you know the churches got all caught up in music music is swallowed up the message abandoned churches were been invited to speak in the prayer service last an hour and fifteen minutes and then they say I did not year next you have fifteen minutes manager 's always been a message center a principle and then will always be so let me ask you what to earn great apostasy before Israel entered the promised land and you know what apostasy does not transpire overnight it is a prolonged and almost imperceptible process it begins with seemingly small compromises and then it snowballs into open rebellion against God that's what happened with some religious statement from Elimite about solid profits and gains page fifty five she says so gradual was Solomon 's apostasy that before he was aware of it he had wandered far from God almost imperceptibly notice that the expressions use almost imperceptibly he began to trust less and less in divine guidance and blessing and to put confidence in his own strength little by little he withheld from gone back on swerving obedience which was to make Israel a peculiar people and he conformed more and more closely to the customs of the surrounding nations thought is apostasy coming to the church that comes into the church slowly imperceptibly by making small confessions guys kind of mathematical small concessions he wants the church to experience revival that will lead to a change in behavior would change in the life the change in the life does not save us as an evidence that we have been saved if the flu pros and in between not wanting to step on toes financiers and an example of this slow imperceptible slide away from God 's plan is found in the use of the wedding ring I'm not condemning anybody here everybody has their modem I'm not exactly the motive of your heart I just want to give you little bit of history North American division made a request that church members be allowed to use a wedding ring and the argument was that the culture required now I want to read what only had to say about this she once wrote to some missionaries that went to Australia American missionaries and went to Australia who felt that over there they needed to put on a wedding ring because culture demand which involves what you sent I feel deeply business customers Mrs. one eighty one eighty one Jesus I feel deeply over this leavening process which seems to be going on among us in the conformity to custom and fashion leavening process does not work instantaneously word slowly she continues saying not one penny should be spent for circlet of gold to testify that we are married in countries where the customer is imperative what is imperative law we have no burden to condemn those who had their marriage rate let them wear it if they can do so conscientiously and she says that she's North American but let not our missionaries feel that the where the wearing of the ring will increase their influence one shot or two I don't believe it's necessary North America bureaus was number one one I never had anybody made a pass at me as you think you can understand that him to the underlying because from the get-go I let people Mary by my behavior there's no doubts whatsoever about the fact that Mary because I act married folks live in does not work quickly inwards slowly silently almost imperceptibly know what has happened as a result of this slang and small change that was made in the North American division you know what's happened against the Internet of churches today the church is full of engagement rings graduation rings ornamental rings earrings bracelets necklaces etc. because once the door is opened a crack the door is not now recent years administered in the so-called developed countries have embraced all sorts of practices that are at odds with the principles of God 's holy word all in the name of culture another name for culture is everybody's doing in some examples contemporary musical styles have been made a matter of culture places on jewelry and a modest dress has been made or sanctified by appeal to culture worship styles are embraced in the name of culture entertainment choices are justified on the basis of culture drink the wine with meals is condoned because of culture competitive sports in our schools is attributed to the practice of culture and Black Sabbath observance can be traced to the influence of culture and listen carefully before you can make an appeal to culture to justify many other things are happening that are leaving us could not experience true revival of information in order to justify those things you have to neutralize the testimony of the Spirit of prophecy now you don't want to openly denied the spirit of prophecy but you have to neutralize it somewhere because it only speaks to all of these issues clearly soul the argument that is used is that these practices that Ellen White frowns upon she was speaking to a puritanical and Victorian age and that she do what she says is no longer applicable to a culture that has come of age in this way the authority of the spirit of prophecy and the writings of Paul and Peter I might say has been made of none effect they had not been opening the night him on the effect by saying the gun lying there and not here let me read you from Ellen White volume ten manuscript releases page three ten Ellen White says the very last deception of Satan will be to make up one effect modulus eighty nine is to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God when there is no vision the people perish Satan will work in genius in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's remnant people in the traditional we have seen and now the pressures of the feminist media culture have limits described for women's ordination in the name of equality justice and mercy and saying that the reason why some of us are opposed to women's ordination is because we are discriminating and we exhibit male bigotry where will the processor if we look at what's happened other churches it will end with the ordination of gay pastors in the name of the quality mercy and justice is being used how long will it be until the media barrage against creationism will lead us to give in and say okay you know man came into existence by evolution said I could never happen never say never you see what we make small concessions folks it opens the door and opened the floodgates to the point where we lose our identity is going to be more like the end him the question has God called us to reflect culture and be slaves of culture or has gone transform transform culture that's a reason for the existence of Gbytes he we we say were supposed to go out and share the message that the gospel not only revive us the gospel changes us makes us different when I finished my reading great controversy for sixty four as atenolol but the true revival is right around the corner you got so what is even available with CNET today is going to bring about a comment that we as one of White says notwithstanding the widespread declines of vacant by healthy piety there are true followers of Christ in these churches most of the people on the other churches she says this before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of God such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times I'm a silver lining for right she says the speed and power of God will be poured out upon his children and now knows what can happen at that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted love for God and his word maybe both ministers and people will gladly accept those great truths of liberty most of the music and always other things these great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare people for the Lord 's second coming in this the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work and be far but time off such of the time of such a movement shall come he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit so what comes first the January and an account effect of first account of it and then again and in the genuine believer seen the conflict today she continues saying in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that gone special blessing this point there will be a manner they will be manifest what is thought to be a great religious interest altar tombs will exalt that God is working marvelously for when the work is that of another speaker under a religious guys Satan will seek to expand his influence over the Christian work of God will have a faithful remnant is not only right now when the shaking and we haven't seen anything yet compared with what's coming shaking in the church but this is God 's church we need to hang in here we need to speak up we did support the church is offering we need to be faithful we can't remain silent sometimes as I will know not to say anything because if I say something to cause strife and we want unity we do what's right we see things that are wrong we need to speak up in lovingkindness and tried to find change things that go to church so false I hope and pray that all of us will be involved in this great movement we were living in the last moments of thought and I believe folks that we are in the last minute timed all of the signs point to it outside the church inside the church now is the time for us to dedicate ourselves without reservation and revival in our lives of revival that leads to a change in her life and thought the world can see the difference no way that people know that avocado trees in our country is it because it produces up to by its fruit you know the throat is the result the firm does not make the avocado tree in a country but because the avocado tree and an avocado tree and sometimes were not saved by our lifestyle but when we are saved on lifestyle change our musical taste will change what we eat will change how we dress will change how we worship will change the kind of music we listen to what the programs a watch on television will change everything on the new change because of commitment to Christ let us pray father in heaven we thank you for the time we've been able to spend together we realize that there's been a be a great false Pentecost we can see it now Great Falls Pentecost caused by the comment at Trinity College the three angels message were thankful that you have promised that the truth is right around the corner and we want to be part of that one up from that desperately zip will be to proclaim your truth in a world that is almost totally hard and be done we asked Lord that you will use us even gives a true conversion experience in the change in an error him him with us this morning submit a request for all of the activities he was thinking I do not have a in a this message was regarding I found you in my seeing you I see the supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems high I went in and I and I send you a downloader does other resources visit us online at UNC when you were as a rule and I


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