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Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 31, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message in CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. I see when I was eleven when I deal with this afternoon at the hardware is probably many of you guess the deal with the issue of women's ordination and deal with it from a different perspective then usually it is doubtless some of you might know that I wrote a small book sixty four pages when victims ordination issue was on in the forefront into unions the Columbia Union and the Pacific Union and so I felt it was necessary to write a small book anyway and I express what I feel to be the true issues involved and that book is available at the secrets unsealed was it's called reflections on women's ordination I wanted to share today is not in the book is this one paragraph or hint at what really talk about I presently I am finishing a second book about the same size as the first one dealing with some additional issues having to do with obvious conflict that exists presently in the evidence church with them information based on things that occurred since I built the first book so I'm it also gave posted and I you you will receive information if you give us your e-mail on non- VA second book that will come out as well as I were going to also be producing to one hour presentations on DVD on this issue of which this what this afternoon is one of the two so that's out there and I will get right into our study by the heaven we know that you have called the remnant church to finish your works the power of the Holy Spirit Satan knows that as well Satan knows that if he can unite his army and he can divide yours 's victory is a short but we know that is not going to be that way we know that you are going to your truth is going to bring about a shaking and then there's going to be a remnant left that will give a united front against Satan and his kingdom and we just ask that you will help us to understand the issues involved in what wilderness study today that he will help us to understand the importance of the study and that you will help us to take a stand for what is taught in your holy Word and is taught in the spirit of prophecy we thank you Lord for the promise of your presence and we know you will be here because we asked this in the precious name of Jesus a man I like to begin this afternoon by formulating to questions question number one is this if possible for two persons to be ontologically equal in all regards ontologically means as beings okay it means it will value equal stature our status on what I use that word off frequently so I want to define what it means is it possible for two persons to be ontologically equal in all regards yet to have and have the same abilities and capacities and yet to fully no holes in ministry that's our first question is impossible for them to individuals to be ontologically equal that is invaluable in stature in the sight of God and have the same abilities and have the same capacities and yet have different told us in ministry the second question is this is it possible for two people to be able and yet have one being in subjection to the other Minnesota second question is it possible for two people to be equal ontologically equal and yet have one the subject or subordinate to the other now I'd like to begin by reading a statement by two Christian women authors who say that it is impossible to believe that two beans can be equal and yet have one subordinate to the other this is a quotation that comes from Lisa 's guns on the and Nancy Hardesty the book is called all were meant to be a biblical approach to women's liberation page one hundred and ten and got basically what to say and night like to just the read this statement is this many Christians thus speak of a wireless being equal to her husband in personhood but subordinate in function however this is just playing word games and is a contradiction in terms equality and subordination are contradictions sawyer understanding what they're saying that it's impossible that the people who are equal and have one we yell subordination to the other not much of the discussion on women's ordination centers on a study of certain biblical passages or texts and unfortunately that buzzword in favor and those war against women's ordination use the same text but they interpret the text in totally opposite weights how can join groups of individuals take the same passages and interpret them so differently now in recent years some Seventh-day Adventist scholars have stated that in God 's original plan for Adam and Eve before sin there was no subordination in other words Adam and Eve were absolutely equal ontologically and they were also equal in their roles but that after sin for for reasons that have to do with the fall God told the woman that she was to be support the wife to be subordinate to the husband but this arrangement only lasted until Jesus died on the cross then when Jesus died on the cross the subordination of wives to their husbands disappeared and once again it was like at creation absolutely equal not only in stature and status but also in roles or functions there has been a scholar 's work were saying this today now in the present case and I want to make this afternoon we are going to go beyond the realm of interpreting texts not that it's not important to interpret Bible text that is an important endeavor but will take it ought to a higher level at the bigger picture than just analyzing individual final passages or Bible versus and once again I would like to formulate the two questions that were going to attempt to answer in our study this afternoon the question the first question is is it possible for two persons to be equal to be involved in ministry to process the same abilities and yet have different roles in the second question is is that possible for two persons to be well as beings and yet to have one be in submission to the other understanding that the questions being still questions all the discussion revolves around these two questions if you can have these two questions answered correctly I believe that the issue could be resolved now this afternoon we are going to study the most intimate relationship in the universe were going to study the relationship that exists between God the father and his son Jesus Christ and where to show that this relationship between God the father and his son Jesus Christ is the pattern for human relationships more specifically for the relationship between husbands and why it's solving to determine the relationship between God the father God the son and how they relate to each other will be able to understand God 's plan for how husbands and wives should relate to each other now it is agreed upon virtually by all theologians unless they are Jehovah's Witnesses that the father and the son are ontologically equal each of them is eternal omnipotent omniscient on present and morally perfect it outlines the father and the son are equal as beings the Bible makes is very clear let's read a couple of Bible verses and then we will read some clear statements from the spirit of prophecy John one and verses one to three is the first text where I want to show that God the father the son are equal there ontologically equal one is not inferior to the other because much of the discussion on women's ordination is like this if you believe that that when that wives are supposed to be subordinate on a supposed be subject to their husbands they believe that whites are inferior to their husbands that's a false issue the question is can they be equal and still have one insubordination to the other and I believe that as we examine the Guardian the answer is absolutely yes let's noticed John one versus one to three in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God who is alert Jesus is the father God is the sun are they ontologically equal absolutely they are equal not us Philippians chapter two and verses five and six on the same point that the father and the son are ontologically equal access there here the apostle Paul of course is speaking about the condition of Christ before his incarnation and also at his incarnation he says have this mind among yourselves which is yours in Christ Jesus who though he was in the form of God now that sounds kind of strange to us you know we so well he was is the form of going will we understand that the great one Marseille which is usually what is presently informed means the stuff on a substance that composes someone in the emphasis is with important more fraying or the word form I'm going to meetings and then Jesus is composed of this ongoing inability is this on the substance of God is substantially done if you please says have this mind among yourselves which is yours in Christ Jesus who the he was in the form of God was composed of the scenario substance or the very stuff that makes God God it says now Moses did not count what you quality with God as a thing to be grasped no as Jesus did not hunt hang on to his equality with God but was he will withdraw yes you and say that he did what he did hang on to his equality with God unless he was equal with God and some aspects makes it very clear that before Jesus came to this earth he was in the form of body was composed of the very substance of the very stuff that opposes God but he did not consider this a quality with God as something to be grasped or something to be fun to not to be relinquished now I want to read some statements from the writings of Ellen White or she describes the eight quality of the father and the son they are ontologically equal as be the first statement is found in the book God 's amazing grace page four hundred page forty two here are the Lord 's servant in harmony with the two texts that we just ran and their others in the New Testament as well Jesus said why law is as sacred as God himself only one equal with God could make atonement for its transgression only when what he will with God could make atonement for expense question in the device over the faith I live by page forty six Ellen White states categorically James us was equal with God infinite and omnipotent Thursday that have the same attributes of God using the use of the same stuff and at the same nature the same powers the same character as the father also on page forty six Ellen White says this and this is powerful she says Christ was God is essentially prevents the word morphing that we were Doctor Lexi yelled to say that that he was in in his essence were essentially means in his absence Christ was not essentially and in the high fashion he was with God from all eternity gone over all blessed for evermore the Lord Jesus Christ the divine son of God existed from eternity a distinct person yet one with the father he was the surpassing glory of heaven he was the commander of the heavenly intelligences and the adoring outreach of the Angels was received by him as he is right so I asked once again the question are the father and the son equal yes they are absolutely equal now as their intimate relationship between the father the son yes in fact I'm going to miss him characteristics now where the relationship between the father and the son is described in terminology very similar to the terminology of marriage because the relationship between husbands and wives is illustrated by the relationship between the father and son now usually we think of marriage in terms of sex were talking now here about marriage in terms of relationship were not dealing with the sexual issue in marriage the father and the son have a relationship which is the pattern for the relationship that should exist between husbands and wives in marriage now the first thing that I want us to know us about the relationship between the father and the son is that they have on intimate relationship let's go once again to John chapter one and verse one and let's notice is a very important preposition that we have here in John one and verse one and in the translation you don't catch the nuance of the preposition but in the Greek you do catch that nuance it says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God now that word with that preposition is the preposition costs basically it means not as but it means being with someone and having most importance someone noticed that simply you are here and I'm here know but it's one person gravitating towards another there's another prepositioning great which simply says that I I am with you but this one is not that preposition this preposition means that one was moving a whole word the others in fellowship and that preposition is used for this is the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and that's repeating he was in the beginning with God once again the preposition he was gravitating towards God is like they are they are like a magnet attracting to one another not in the book the faith I live by page forty six Allen White amplifies this idea of the intimate fellowship movement towards one another that existed between the father and the son she says in the faith page forty six in speaking of his preexistence of Christ carries the mind back through date left agents he assures us that there was never a time when he was not in close fellowship with internal how far diseases will not very bad I wasn't not know what part of never was a time don't you understand there never was a time when he was not in close fellowship close fellowship with a journal not others and there was this fellowship is into machine if you please between the father and the son from eternity don't you know that the Bible also describes the father and the son as one is the term that is used in marriage absolutely listless John chapter ten John chapter ten and verse thirty and of course this flew on the Joe's for a loop when they heard Jesus say as they really got mad because they know that Jesus was claiming to be in every sense of the word it says there in John chapter ten in verse thirty Jesus is speaking I and my father are one of anyone running to him full in our one millimeters use actual marriage to our one absolutely nonlinear rages on statements from the limelight sons and daughters of God page two hundred and eighty six sons and daughters of God page two hundred and eighty six she says in mind in purpose in character they are one but not in person see how clear she is in the device about the upward look page one hundred and fifty three Jesus Christ is one with the father but God and Christ are two distinct personages marriage the husband and wife are no longer to but they are one and yet they are to the father and the son are spoken of as being one that they are really one they are really too but they are one in terms of unity in terms of intimate fellowship was another interesting characteristic about the father and the son Noel White says that that Eve was Adam 's other self elephant feet he saw Adam John fourteen versus eight and nine John fourteen versus eight and nine here Jesus is speaking about his relationship with his father and he says they are the fellow will actually develop testing and first Lord show us the father and it is sufficient for us Jesus said to him I have been with you so long and yet you have not known me develop he who has seen maybe has seen the father how so how can you say so us what so was the father 's will and rescue there is Jesus the farmers oversell yes he has is the wife the husband of himself after the spirit of prophecy tells us in the book addressing problems now let me read you a mind-boggling statement that shows how Internet is a relationship between the father and the son and how the sun is simply the honorable expression of the fathers my last statement is found in the book that I may know him page thirty eight and I may know him page thirty eight this is an amazing statement Ellen White says what speech is to thought salt is Christ the invisible father he is the manifestation of the father and is called the Word of God in other words when LYS saying is that the father and Jesus says what the author thinks he has the expression of the thoughts of God that's how intimate he is with the father in other words he is as the father 's other self the fathers honorable so if you please another interesting characteristic that soils how the relationship between father and son is similar to the relationship in marriage is that were told in Hebrews one and verse three that the son is the radiance of the father 's glory you know what the apostle Paul says about about though the wife she is the glory of her husband he says in first Corinthians by using all the similarity between marriage and the relationship between the father this game is one first three rating from the any of the NIV possible will not let him tell you something about Bible versions we have to be practical with Bible versions I believe that the best manuscript trail is the Texas results don't get me wrong I believe that that's the best manuscript rail but I don't believe that the King James translation is always the best translation of the manuscript Graham I understand in the station the King James translation is not uninspired translation was inspired as the manuscripts from which the translation comes in sometimes the King James Miss translates and there are mistakes of the Texas receptors as well the Texas receptors is not absolutely perfect it depends on hundreds of manuscripts that were examined by restaurants so so there's nothing wrong with using modern versions as long as they don't contradict other portions of Scripture they don't contradict the theology of the general theological picture of Scripture given example in acts chapter two Peter in his sermon says sixteen he says you will not leave my soul in hell nor will you allow your holy one see corruption at the King James that creates a whole big problem to us as an because people think CSS is Saul went down you will not leave my soul in hell did all the NIV translates a in good style it says you will not leave me in the grave knowledge is the place the best translation is the NIV now I'm not endorsing wholesale behind me because the NIV has its own problems at least thanks how it changes words I'm not denying that what I'm saying is that we have to be practical in our use of Bible versions because there are some minor versions that are valuable but we need to make sure that they are in harmony with the manuscript rail now having said that I'm reading from the NIV Hebrews one verse three it says here the son is the radiance of God 's glory I like the wife is the glory of the husband you can read that verse Corinthians the son is the radiance of God 's glory and the exact representation of his being sustaining all things by his powerful word Matthew does the father loves the son like the husband is the love the white John chapter five in verse twenty John chapter five and verse twenty it says for the father loves the son and shows him all things that he himself does Cindy assume intimacy again shows that all things that he himself does and he will show him greater works than these that you may marvel and so the father loves the son of the father and the son know each other and him are read in Scripture where the word know is used for the most intimate relationship of the sexual relationship says that Adam knew his wife not talking about sex it's talking about intimacy no only someone in and out balancing us how this terminal what is used by Jesus to describe the relationship between him and his father for not talking primarily about sex is not talking about sex here but about intimacy North John chapter ten in verse fifteen Jesus says as the father knows me even so I know the father and I lay down my life for the sheep I got to the picture once again be idea of what the idea of intimacy no is used to describe intimate relationship between being a let me ask you this everything that belong to the father belong also to Jesus yes this everything that belongs to the husband belong also to the white absolutely no as John chapter sixteen in verse fifteen John chapter sixteen in verse fifteen it says here all things that the father has are mine therefore I said that he will take of mine and declare it to you so that I have all things in common like in a marriage in society not prenuptial agreements here because I have everything in common not a husband and a wife usually when they get married they want to have children yet so did the fatherless and get the government said let's have children yet not by procreation but by what you said and saw the father through the son creates children that true of marriage as well are you saying here that the relationship between the father and the son is very similar to the relationship between husband why is so what would be the best illustration of the relationship that should exist between husbands and wives the best illustration is the relationship between the father and son I've absolutely they are absolutely but now let me ask you a question is the son subject to stop yes or no yes all but only only after sin but first let revelation for verse eleven Revelation chapter four in verse eleven we already read this a couple of days ago when our first session together hears of speaking at you this is a song that is being sung in honor of the creator God the father and the heavenly beings the twenty four elders and the four living creatures are singing you are worthy old Lord Jesus receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and nonetheless you created all things and then what does that say and buy your way out they were existed and were created course will was creation it was God the father 's will but how the father the task of creation he did it through Jesus Christ Jesus took orders from his father let's read several verses from Scripture first Corinthians chapter eight in verse six first Corinthians chapter eight and verse six listen carefully to this yet for us there is one God the father on home are all things is very the picture clear as for us there is one God the father of home are all things and we for him and one Lord Jesus Christ known as carefully whom are all things and through whom we live saw the father pages as well how through his son his son does the bidding of the father in creation even though he is will was left but not us Colossians chapter one verse sixteen same idea coming through that the sun executes the will of the father he takes RS from his father Amon before sin came into the universe Colossians one verse sixteen it says therefore by him this is big about Jesus for by him all things were created that are in heaven and that are onerous visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers this apparently now all things were created how through and and for him sonnet on the father create he created through Jesus now that's not us one final text here that deals with how the sun executes the will of his father Hebrews one verses one and two Hebrews one verses one and two this is so explicit that nobody need misunderstand it says fear God this is the father who went various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets as in these last days spoken to us by his son so God is the father right any speaking in these last days through whom by his son whom he asked to get air all things so also he made the world 's who made the worlds God the father how do we do it through Jesus Christ let me ask you this was Jesus Michael before sin came into the universe of course he wants he was Michael the Archangel before sin came into the universe is a world where does it say that incident Gina me ask you what was Lucifer what led to Lucifer 's rebellion or the jealous of he was unhappy with the position that God given him he did not want to be subordinate he became insubordinate to the position that God gave you he wanted to hire position and power that that's being in the ring about interesting and so he became jealous of Christ is Jesus was already the commander of the Angels because with all the Revelation twelve if you go with me Revelation chapter twelve versus seventy nine and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels he just was already in the commander of the Angels and yet he was gone yet says Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail was a place found for them in heaven in the longer saw the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the devil and Satan sees the whole world he was asked of the earth and his angels were cast out with him was Jay's already Michael the commander of the angel host before sin came into this world actually be for sending in the universe absolutely now let me read you some enlightening statements from Ellen White about how Jesus was subordinate to his father even in eternity and yet equal with this one the book lift him up page eighteen Ellen White makes this remark the father he gets all the angels together to explain the position of Jesus says the father then made known then it was ordained by himself that Christ his son should be equal with himself saw that wherever was the presence of his son it was as he is on presence the word on this son was to be opening as well as the word of the father gives assignment listen carefully she had invested with authority to command the heavenly host especially was his son to work in union with himself in the anticipated creation of years and every living thing that should exist upon the earth his son would carry out as well and purposes whose will and purposes the fathers and sons would carry out his will and purpose has but would do nothing of himself alone the father 's will would be fulfilled in him was a son subject to the father and eternity did he do with the father asked him to do yesterday now allow me to read another interesting statement this one we find in Baker act and profits on the page your patrons and puppets page thirty six is a powerful statement as well as I first started spreading rumors all across Kevin and the Angels were taking sides eventually the father have been had to convoke a special meeting says the King of the universe Solomon the heavenly host before him then it presents you might set forth the position of his son and saw the relation he sustained while created being the son of God shared the father 's will and the glory of the eternal self existent one encircled both with a quote absolutely about the phone was oblivious about the phone gathered the holy angels unmask unnumbered throng ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands the most exalted angels as ministers and subjects rejoicing in the light that failed upon them from the presence of the DVD for the assembled inhabitants of heaven the team was that referring to the father the king declared that none but Christ the only begotten of God could fully enter into his purposes and to him it was committed to execute the mighty councils of his will as well which is going to execute in eternity his father 's new she continues saying the son of God the son of God had wrought the father 's will in the creation of all the host of heaven and to him as well as to God there are major and allegiance would do scenario the idea of the Sunday was Father's Day and yet saying that he deserved that automates that was given to the father see you same price was failed to exercise divine power in the creation of the earth and its inhabitants with but in all this he would not seek power or exultation for himself contrary to God 's plan but would exalt the father 's glory and execute execute hands purposes of beneficence and left foot and Jesus lifted Lord by an eternity the father who was well into the implement the father so 4G is present what makes you think I should figure four so we should have the same rules you know what our problem is our problem is that we have a head screwed on raw we think that subjection is up when such action is a divine principle Jesus a boy he once called himself will be hung at evil humble himself will be exalted the first shall be last and last first you think that this whole idea of fighting for position for the gun is not called to is a manifestation similar to what happened the very beginning of human history one more statement signs of the times October twenty four nineteen oh six LOI says it is a mystery that what he will with the Journal father was want a quality journal fodder since so I'll base himself as to suffer the cruel cross two runs some analysis of this and it is a ministry that God so loved this and asked him for his son to make this a great place as to what slope is either taking orders from from his father so that makes him a very upside is the identical role as the father no very well that they have different roles the sun is equally subject to his father to his father 's will is a fun with that so why are people in the church fine with that now now some people say well okay what is the subject of his father was Jesus able to his father while he was on earth was he still got and it was a subject of his father while he was on earth absolutely bananas the fatherless and both involved in ministry lodges on earth now live an identical ministries or do they have different roles Vancouver roles but they were what they were equal but they had different roles of arranges and statements from the spirit of prophecy spare prophecy volume two page one sixty four speak about Jesus while he was on earth she she says Jesus claimed it all rights with God is not about equal rights and eight all rights are husbands and wives and four for women who want to be ordained pastors object equal rights says Jesus claimed equal rights in doing a what do you say and of the same character with that which engaged his father in heaven and yet we remember that Jesus said my father is greater than a Jesus was always willing to take second place even though Jesus was equal with his father who was well did Jesus do while he was on earth notice John chapter five in verse thirty Jesus said I can't help myself do nothing as I hear I judge in my judgment is righteous because I do not see my way out but the will of the father who sent me to continue living on earth as he had lived in heaven absolutely John six verse thirty eight Jesus says for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of Kim who sent me to get his father 's with I think and not only does his father 's will while he is on the earth designer pages twenty two and twenty three is a magnificent statement unknown white she says he might have retained the glory of heaven you said I demand my rights I demand my possession after all I am equal wattage die because of the father he might have retained the glory of heaven and the armies of the Angels but he child's to get back the sector into the father 's hands and to step down from the throne of the universe that you might bring light to the benighted and life to the perishing did Jesus live to bring glory to his father the grass I hate to equality with God something to be grasped him his right in the San Jose quality and safe I was a mess with the same role as the father absolutely not he humbled himself not as Philippians chapter two verses five through eight Philippians chapter two verses five through eight let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus so is the plan of Jesus the same plan for us that's a cause arguing here the same let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider equality did not consider equality with God something to be dry but made himself of what made himself of no reputation is a choice taking the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross Jesus did not fight for a higher position he did not fight to retain his higher position Jesus Christ was willing to be sent because he knew that the first would be last in the last first the Son of Man came not to be served but to starve and to give his life ransom for many in the book and what is TJ age on that I may know him page sixty L White says Christ was one with the father C there is the quality yet when sin entered our world through Adam 's transgression he was willing to step down for the exaltation of one was equal with God who dwelt a black unapproachable by humanity saw full of glory that no man could behold his face in it and submit to insult Michael Reese suffering pain and death in or the claims of the movable long block and make a way of escape for the transgressor by his death and righteousness now listen carefully this was the work which his father gave him to do what it is ability to his father told him to do and also accept Christ rely wholly upon his marriage are maybe adopted sons and daughters of God are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ here's another one January eighth eighteen eighty signs of the times Jesus Christ taught that all true goodness and greatness of character all peace and joy in the soul must come through perfect and entire submission to his father 's will which is the highest law of duty what does you say is is true goodness and greatness of character entire submission all I thought submission was bad the entire submission to his father 's will which is the highest law including the lessons connected with their great commission which they were to put to practical use were given to the disciples upon this occasion they were to carry the light of truth to the world is another statement in all things he brought his wishes into strict obedience to his mission he glorified his life by everything is carefully in its subordinate to the will of his father you know that even while Jesus was in the tomb Jesus would never come forth from the tomb and that his father had given him permission to do so now when he came to me came out with a life that was within himself but his father gave him permission to do him his life in this remarkable statement the Faisalabad page fifty LOI says he will die for the sins of the world was to remain in the film the allotted time he was in that stony prison the prison house as a prisoner of divine justice he was responsible to the judge of the universe he was bearing the sins of the world and his father only reason I okay so he was subject to his folly would equal with the father but subject to his father during his ministry in earth but after he went back to heaven he claimed his right again you think that after what you want but Evan was equal with his father in the same capacities and abilities of his father was a still involved in ministry like his father was involved in ministry of course so the issue is not a quality ability your ministry but rather roles or functions now let me share with you some information here that indicates that after Jesus went to heaven he was still subject was fun judging isn't that John seventeen verse four Google police quickly John seventeen verse four this is the prayer of Jesus to his father and he says and now O father glorify me what is he saying father glorify me together with yourself with the glory which I had with you before the world was was that glorifies Christ upon his ascension to heaven his father if you read Psalm one hundred and ten verse one the father says son thou at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool is demanding Jesus sent his right hand as when the hottest game on the promise of the Holy Spirit was gamma monophyletic Jesus son of Jesus given to us asked to verse thirty three says therefore being exalted to the right hand of God and having received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit received from home from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit report out this which you now see and hear bonus second Corinthians eleven in verse three this is a magnificent thing it says but I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ the head of woman is man and the hand of Christ is God busy as I have a problem with the hand about with this had been done the problem with that is another problem with her guys off this should not have any reservations about Christ the man of the man but we do have reservations when it says that the head of a woman is but if you believe that the children inevitably the third would also write nonetheless Matthew twenty eight and verse eighteen Matthew chapter twenty eight and verse eighty this is the commission that Jesus gives to his disciples and is a very poor little detail here it says and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been to me in heaven and earth sewing to resurrect bargaining is authority for from his father this book is chapter two verses nine to eleven Philippians chapter two verses nine to eleven after Jesus humbles himself takes the form of a servant even always equal with God is not concentric consider equality with God something to be hung on him he faces himself because the form of a sermon he dies the bathroom across and now Jesus resurrect any a sense is that glorifies him and gives him a name that is above every name the Jesus go back and say okay and here give me my rights back no not at Philippians chapter two verses nine to eleven therefore God has also highly exalted him him the father and given him the name which is above every name that the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those in heaven animals on earth and of those under the earth and doesn't carefully and that every child should confess that Jesus Christ is low to the glory of God the father financed to the father his son equal before sent the son subject of the father 's will before sent so I make them imperative different ministries different roles in different roles but the sun subject to the will of the so that possible to be equal and yet have one be subject to the other we don't want that to happen in human relationships what just happened in regard of the God it is the example I found myself when Jesus went back to heaven he is able to his father and you don't only he is given a name that is above every name but are you sure that Jesus is going to be subject to his father throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity that is the subject himself to his father forever is a bad name Jesus is going to be subject and the father is the him of going for Alaska first Corinthians chapter fifteen in verses twenty four through twenty eight wanted a notice that even in eternity future son will be subject was fun and unit equal response it says here then comes the end when he delivers the kingdom to God the father laziness cognitive these guys deliver the kingdom to home to God the father when he puts an end to all rule and all authority and power for he must reign till he has put all enemies under his feet the last enemy that will be destroyed is death for he has put all things under his feet the father has put everything under the feet of Jesus but not lots but when he says all things are put under him it is evident that he will be all things under him if accepted is that registry website when it says everything is underdosing of Jesus is there an exception yes who was the exception God the father Northwest continues in verse twenty eight now when all things are made subject to peer then the son himself will also be subject to him who put all things under him that God may be all in all would Jesus be subject to his father throughout eternity so a subjection of the happening listen carefully it also makes it clear he says husbands love your wives sisters wives wives be subject to your house that's the creation order of it doesn't mean that that otherwise have to be subject to the whims of the husband and the husbands must be up on his life and she supposed to undo everything even if it's contrary to God 's will not man has abused his position that's cause the reaction but the fact that there's a reaction to something that is done improperly it doesn't mean that it's not still God 's plan that the Heisman love the life and the polite in of the husband gets himself fully and completely to the life but one must have a very big problem with being subject right so that's what split open answer is it's still God 's plan the church also that the man be they fit in the church as he is ahead in the home Ellen White makes that connection very clear when she gives a list of qualifications for the elder and for the bishop she says he needs to be the husband of one wife she is using the Holm as an example of what you exist in the church and even go so far as the site is if this man is not able to govern his children how is he going to govern the church of God is to say that the relationship that exists between husbands and wives in in the home should translate into spiritual leadership of the man in the church and yet today there are those who want everything to be absolutely Anglican area people say the only difference between men and women is a biological difference but have the same rules and that's why our society is so messed up because women think that they have to compete with him will and in the process they have lost their femininity that special quality that God gave the women that no man could ever have because there's this idea that has been proliferated by the media the paranormal distinctions but God has made it very clear that there are role distinctions the man was created to be far in the woman was created to be the one in finance on a very common for people safe I do not like Hillary Clinton said also you want me to go home and make cookies that's the extent to which its women conceive of motherhood today LH says that mothers have unwashed print function then I spent a man because you're bringing up your children and apparent log to the return of internally with a large in the second book that I'm running now has some amazing quotations from the white about the role of women in your revocable patients the medium was a boy did she ever live in the stone age but she's right because what you say is biblical we are still people in the Bible we are not a people of culture we not people that do what the media says was supposed to do we do what God 's word says that were supposed as of this whole issue folks is noninitial of whether men and women are equal because they are SB ontologically is not an issue of whether men and women have capabilities and capacities because both of them do that's not an issue of whether are him astray because both men and women have a ministry the issue is not equality the issue is not ministry the issue is not capacity the issue is what role has not established for husbands and wives and four leaders of the church what does God 's answer to these days you know what's happening in the church just about finish what's happening in the church is there's all kinds of cultural arguments are offered to have the ordination of women and women pastors of the church but there are no biblical arguments no spirit of prophecy arguments we are people of the book and we need to go by the book and not by my culture dictates are what society wants or what the media wants to happen in Ontario folks that what's going to happen is Mark my words happening of the churches that in the course of time once you open the door a crack to this issue of women being ordained as pastor 's the next step is to ordain gay pastors it's coming and then the next step you look at the liberal churches today all these liberal mainline churches the next step will be to deny that the world was created in six literal days and eventually you will end up disbelieving the testimony of the Bible in the spirit of prophecy practically everything don't let it happen standby the book let's pray father in heaven we thank you for giving us glimpses in your holy Word of the relationship between the father and the son all that is the perfect pattern for relationships and marriage and in the church you want us to be willing to set our softer side and just sort not strive for a position of power and name but simply to fill the role that you have created for us we thank you father for the privilege of being here and UIC as that was we returned to our homes into our churches that through the power of your Holy Spirit you will help us to speak up in the about these things help us Lord to be united such as never before help us to get the devil United front is your him thank you father for antimatter and seven million in December and is all the activities that take wings culminating during our prayer Jesus had even a him this message was reported as you are seeing to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems in and I and Christ centered Christian and downloaded urges other resources visit us online at UNC when a a a a I


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