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He's Working All Around You

Heidi Carpenter



  • December 29, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. URC where will I I I we went crazy I think you for all the things that you live learn we are full of gratitude today and we are thankful for the way they are able to lead a dry into closer and closer relationships with you largely afraid that your presence of the hearing hard line as a Sharon one another as we share from the front that this person shares light individually I later had the flu this year in particular we think he is such a privilege to be here and I'll introduce him you can works actually in the Michigan conference and he's the director there items how mad he was even if they are people so and it's a manifestly overflows are from ten of an ammonium blessing for you to share his sessions with all of my just as we talk a lot tonight I know he loves inside of your little boy can affect how to share my testimony omissions inclusion and purpose and that that is something that we desire freedom take away from the seminar however some of the conclusions you will need to come to your own there's a lot of purpose allotted ideas and things that will come in this will be a PowerPoint presentation that gives you the do 's and don'ts for sharing your testimony I much broader and bigger than my answer to the think about and to pray through in your minds eye each time will have opportunities in the middle of the session I whichever ones are able to come to him while in the middle of every session where we break off think about I had testimony because there's nothing annual get to share personally think a little but more in your own life or the things do you think I'm doing around you and the more lonely share this winter again here and here the more lonely shadows testimonies of what I'm doing and one lonely night God works around the easier and easier and felt were looking for is that but in many ways how to share your testimony and from the very foundation I like to bring harm our mind to the conclusion that it's not ours it's really gone and let me think about that it's what God is doing in our lives it's not anything the URI review of the testimony that we have to share what we see him doing other people 's lives we must give him glory because he does it all about you and his work in our lives and in our heart on it amazing to see how God works all salad of my own personal testimony before we going to today but today I got a network how around you and the amazing way that God works in people 's lives in the morning when we recognize no more were able to then share with other people what we see God doing and it always amazes me to think about how God can take and eight years to run into a Bible believing Christian I have enough friends in my life and even close family members who have gone down that road and yet somehow a racket with you through a series of events and come back to God and it benefits only you know unseen hole has been drawing important and it also amazes me how maybe a year in a Al health herself and teenager friends and can become a missionary and want to go serve God and do not go there conversely how in the world does that God is life like that early in our client is unable to be much different I'm shipping ten because we both had different experiences in life but nonetheless it's the way that God has been working in such a powerful way at criminal of the year every single one in the room because I know the fact that overall caregiving and psychotic somehow someway in working lines and for me it wasn't necessarily a life as he now whenever drugs alcohol and and debauchery or whatever's coming back to God but will the different aggro I cushion home in Kansas far away from where I live now in Southern California and big-city totally different dropping by and spending quite the experience to see how God is led growing up in anonymous on my data was exiled elder in our church and so everyone should have looked it our family you now and is almost like a PK type experience in our area is looking here expecting you to be perfect insulators away and an I remember going to church and in our getting involved in front of school always memory verse in always being the star he now because I knew it every week in either of and I know nothing about anywhere they it is amazing on during high school I got involved with a relationship that started reading away from God and I is amazing how how interacting with other people can end up taking down hills virtually about what happened to me the relations are definitely was another spiritual nature and even though my boyfriend was in the insurance I generally haven't even really give this is not on his own and it was it was amazing to see how the more a more timely twenty ten in one more time I didn't desire to spend with God and my parents at the time were praying for me I still remember during it during my no junior high high school years my my parents were so frustrated with seeing the past but I was taking in life and Ireland were going upstairs I saw was what you would consider rebellious teenager at a time I remember going upstairs and and of their time on something she was up and around I heard her that she was talking to someone inside of the inside of the room but I knew that no one was home and I was aborted after question I fed you not just know we really quick and feel what she's really doing in your arms and the door was being and the morn why was then I realized that my mother married and she's she's trying to to like Marie Hatter hardly learned green friendly back to euro and all of two thousand and that point I can tell you honestly my first initial reaction was fit to be angry only how dare you pray for me anyway in the blank and the very next thought was why is she praying and I know for a water and applied my whole life the minute seems now I am growing up even in a Christian home it was deleted for me during my time I get whatever you want to call it rebellion in mind and heart from God there were things I would do that with the oldest in your blink in part to add to my testimony is like to think that you know and had through through those three years that my parents really paid for main gondola my heart and you have anyone in this room that's praying for testimonials not yet realized maybe you have family or friends that you've been praying for any other testimony undone don't stop praying because God answers prayer I remember one day going to sleep completely I completely love with this guy waking up the next morning and having fully no feeling in my heart for him whatsoever with any other for about three years or so and I'll waking up and realizing that you now I have no feeling for him I went to school he tried to give me a hot analysis like I qualified in second hand in mine and I said I had a policy you but thank you anymore and you know what from not going on and that the breakaway that immature high school breakup of course but nonetheless it led me to I went home that night and I was so fed up with human relationships because he got really mad and then really immature thinking out because I broke up with him and I remember collapsing on my bed and saying Lord if you can do something with my life and if you want to use me go for an and I was mean no pastor asking you to make a decision you now elevated her to the quite amount of room and no one of course and that decision but I made the decision of not going on I I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that the Lord has taken me through and into as a result of making concise best choice in the world and the experience all began with reading this book I started by reading it ten minutes a day I think it's funny how he given ten minutes out of twenty four hours but nonetheless I started with ten minutes and when it was nice France with God I really started to help me understand who he was and he is taking a course to thinking all over the world for so many different places to do mission work and I had to be drawn into a closer relationship with him but again when I look back and everything is not guided by maybe eight or nine years and yet the testimony hasn't stopped I think one misconception that we can often have about testimony is that it's one experience or is one turning point but I don't believe that and I hope I hope that those of us in this room can take that as one of the purposes welcome everyone were so many of you here more and more people are settling in welcome welcome anything that a few of your tutors for I know the boring kind enough to fit in the Pharaoh 's business here you're welcome identity and to I hope anonymous have the misconception that a testimony is something that is just an event because of testimony in the lifestyle and defendant continues for minutes to continue to grow iron were telling a friend of one I heard her share her testimony over and over again and it would always stop at the same points and often I started to worry for her I said you know that there is something else that you do during your life that you are in the past six months now what about the past year and so I know that it's actually been that way for me the testimony has continued to grow and that is the only way that economic magnet in our experience but it's amazing to see how God works I believe that God is at work all around he is at work in the lives of the wildlife through I know we cannot necessarily see everything that he is doing but we can see they are facts that has work upon heart and if possible to see if profligacy got work on it's really it really all sides of God testimony before you talk a lot of her back how to share it what to leave and what to leave out it would all have to start with the realization by the testimony starts with God with what he does in your life and what he doesn't analyze hallucinogens a few verses in the morning and do something as far as participation of concern but if you want to go to my chapter four in your bylaws again give revival with you my chapter four really just a few verses against the conquest of the theme that the Bible shares about God working all around us and then we'll do something together and as a participation type activity my chapter four will looking at verse twenty six and I is that he believed tonight Mark chapter four verse twenty six it says the kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground and should sleep by night and rise by day and the seed should sprout and grow he himself does not know how for the earth yields crops by itself first the blade then the head after that the full grain in the head I love to think of a testimony is simply a line of seeds that God places in someone's life when you really think about it it is God planting fields maybe it's the seed of thought maybe it's something that you read on a billboard maybe it can be right you experience but it is all these different seeds that God is planting and it says are here the phone this planting insight he himself is not now what heroes know how engrossed right and that not one of the biggest reality that I've had when it comes to knowing and understanding God work all around me the first thing and I can't understand I don't know how it grows I don't know how some of life can be drawn and change so completely all I know is that somehow a growth of others another principle just like that of wrinkly VSC is if you go there really quick Ecclesiastes take a couple of verses here in Ecclesiastes verse eleven and verse five countries eleven verse five and this one gives the same principle of God works and how it's something that we really can't understand verse five as you do not know what is the way of the wind or how the bones grow in the world of Hercules a child so you do not know the works of God who makes everything is very similar to Ecclesiastes chapter three in verse eleven just a few pages back in your viable where it says that is a very classic verse he has made everything beautiful in its time also he has put eternity in their hearts except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end up on my favorite verses in the Bible to realize that God has a plan from beginning to and in your life and mine in my he has a plan when you really think about that that's powerful God has a plan for your life from beginning and end no one can figure out because it's the way God works the fact that God is at work all around us is amazing I will do something together as an activity will see some of the and I were thinking grandson maybe like three little clusters of three are for sleeping cuddled together our intra- paper on and with this paper and if anyone even finally have it depends I will take some time to think about three instances where you see God at work around you maybe you know in your own hometown with your own friends that can idea take some time to recognize the working of God around you know what would be three testimonies if you are called on the spot right now to share three things that you see God doing around you what would they be and then also after thinking of three and something that you see around you I think of one's one instance of where you see God working in your own life and you can tell that he is doing something inside of you I think one of the things that sometimes can keep us ensuring customizes having open I think where and we need to condition our brain the fact to see him doing things and so that we can do that and then after you think a lot of time on your own I like you to think of one he won a share with your little huddle of three or four of season each shared one of those testimonies with them because it is very encouraging to share this and then think about one person out there that you want to share with you today as well with anyone that you can share this morning 's way so think about your three or four and release notes and paper anyone need a patent by the way they are the one theory regime and its native had and can will bring it to you can will bring you append you and you are is is that anyone and everyone in the paper I needed why go with your brain and think about it anyone is in favor anyone else eleven nine yes two now and then I think I next visit eleven the O with three if three instances you are you sure three instances of where you see God at work around you that you would share with someone right now reading the anger I get engrossed in a seriously I now anywhere how you have about an hour north it will take the final so that I see you can start thinking about it on your own awareness three hundred and were you really do see God at work around you spot them and then also one reason he got at work in your own life and I I hope that everyone comes up with one own daughter that work all around you and there's so many testimonies and consent let's start by just thinking maybe individually into thinking time in silence individually what those might need and then share with your little huddle of three or four and we may even have since ended share someone but you want to share with the whole group this is testimony to their testimony session so every time I have a little time like that or we can think and participate to have as customers they would like to share and look to read this in a thirty second Thessalonians that more than one person can share but it has me where you've seen out at work around you if this is a no one is raising I like around you greatly on one hand and one that often does is a mighty north of the same simultaneously I okay and physically late one night when I go home and at any given short of the beginning that I don't think so I feel like there's just too long to the IU in one hundred and I've seen about five people that I can name just know last few months just show up at church one was a meeting of without some of the committed door when the couple specific leads to started studying the Bible and researchers the Internet and discover that the Sabbath was Exxon seventh day and just when we first met on the seventh day while I've got latest market right amen but if I gone back is the largest allotment was like considering his alcoholic and the customer visitor one beer and he's been praying more and he wants conducting church is having trouble over here that it came up and I wanted it back all I many missed as a pain and I got in his university and of course at the seventieth initiative is seen by the time the snow walk on campus you cannot around in the past everyone knows about God or essence a relationship with him but don't for the movement the majority that's sure but not everyone and I been talking to this guy and not weaving to be getting often as someone needs is the glue and load pass me just talk about so mother little details in which guys working life we started at his whole countenance change was just working life he says smiling and can contain his joy so I is interesting to see how some of these if I find are really air gone at work bringing people to a deeper experience of salvation right when you think of God at work what is the ultimate goal anyways right thumb and hear a lot of testimonies that are gone leaving someone toward the closer experience with him greatly from Lola Ulysse sent there in the grocery on we threw burden for the Holy Spirit there is and I one day we're praying and there was a guy that had severe pain in his lower joints so she sneaks for like replacing you you healed as we start putting facility we lay our hands on with the first time nothing happens like a feeling things I know nothing happen if we put a couple more times and he's like yeah I felt like since my legs and he says giving up any walks around a surge of nothing I think there's no pain relates to a God like totally healed it was amazing we had one back in the right writer is trying to match recently we set out a mailer and went and followed up with them he said he had been praying for biblical understanding of biblical knowledge and so showed up begin game of violating known Bible I started reading about two hours a day fell in love with Christ studied with anyone give his heart to God begun our church we belong to turns out his wife was raised in the SDA church and left and she was eighteen balance of forty years later while values baptize and now she's attending church and studying well him coming back in to know who God is through element in the corner at Lakeside got it at work all around him and he is alone for this you do the move looking at and at first like everyone's is unlike Pfizer 's excuse it came like over the past two years I now grown to about fifty kids accruing since it's amazing how many could like learning about Jesus and nine most of them even know Jesus was and now this amazing how many are coming in every week while I offer I pray that our area one more that mirror pinkwater one or two more to the little town in Texas at Tyler and I I might when my score this chair is fast becoming another group of students to a stewardship committee meeting in the city of Tyler and their adults there are speakers and they invite you to secure seventeen -year-old to talk to give testimony about what he had done stewardship in Tyler and he remembered he had started this program could think it was called love under the bridge or something and what they would do was that he is thinking of the idea to feed the homeless a difficult burden there despite one dance often recognize it we could really do something about this and about a month later they started going on Saturday mornings and they would bring the portable griddles and cook pancakes and eggs just view the homeless under the bridge and he just felt in the need to tell them ensure that the people who carries that God loves you when he gets them food and it's really exciting to see young people pick up things inside computer and think that in your community through the community him I thought there my humor is really on a clear think everything about someone easy chair this testimonial estimates you that maybe was able to hear all of these testimonies so encouraging to hear a testimony of the man at regular youth ministry including being used to enjoy see you this year we have five youth that came one-on-one three from Kawai in Texas and that's it we have always litigious and reliving the kitchen sink so that we don't have to might nail chamois can save right hand so that it has been a thinking he will write a taxi with old and include a kitchen sink and the rest of the physical train so if we had to drive all the fifties and boxes of the taxes that is okay we need a advanced event and mentor for me people he said that seven photo is okay can you follow me until we got there and then there's like many school bus pulled up to three husband of your just like any other taxes like that of the ones using the finest by half it is metering to everybody Gideon and let us all so they'll get an aggregate and obtained a regular tax rate NAC that are breaking out everywhere and hands-on amazement at any feud feud that got working but I really do there expecting to either write a long train at the expense of a taxi but it is a simple forty five dollars taxi ride from the airport soon insurance and I meant to mention earlier actually almost take Alan Warren back I meant to mention that earlier in him may not be something days you know I mean five people coming to church randomly dotted powerful big thing that God is doing but the will you all the time that we don't often recognize and being him I think unfortunate because they like to think I'm diabetic like all that was so intentional and really spoke to me he is meeting all of my needs and living in announcing a guys refinancing this powerful self course I was not aware he is taking care of us payment will be one Muslim and betokened little thing you missed appointment I was a small town as well in three patronize small salon there to get a haircut and we had a morning appointment and my dad knew we had a morning a payment so he scheduled his to be there so he could visit with us and we missed our appointment but that gave him additional opportunity to visit with the link of the cuts are hair movies going through major heartache arm with her daughter and the death of the mother in untrained understanding grapple with life and death and to hear my dad share that opportunity kind of our negligence did not make the appointment but the God thing is awesome God is so good when I think about the way that God works all around me I can't help but think of my brother here he was in China and in them there for about eight years I can speak and read and write Mandarin fluently and in all works as an anchor for a TV station there religiously went as a missionary at steeped English and now involved in so many different things but the way that I've seen God work in his life has been amazing over over the span of eight years and just to see him go from so many different extremes even spiritually until one him where he's trained for now will in his life and this morning wanting to live more in line with what God has for him to come it's a complete miracle if you would no hand on to note that the athletes train for now and simply because is God being at work thank you all for sharing that and another daughter that working your life as well only get one last example in the Bible and how God works with us and Mrs. found in Isaiah chapter five Isaiah chapter five we looking at the first verse one of the concepts have found God at work is how he's able to do this so continuously and and tell it and tell there is nothing less that he could deal him and him in Isaiah chapter five verse one we pick up the story it's an analogy I guess you can say God working with Israel and for those of you have read it before I believe it will be a blessing again it says in verse one now let me seem to my well beloved a song of my beloved regarding his vineyard my well beloved as a vineyard on a very fruitful hill he dug it out and cleared out its stones and planted it with the choicest vine he built a tower in its myth and also made a winepress in it so he expected it to bring forth good rates but it brought forth wild now and now inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah Johns please between me and my vineyard what more could of been done to my vineyard but I have not done in it why then when I expected it to bring forth good grades did it bring forth wild him this is certainly an aspect of God 's heart in relation to how he works with people and if it's clear here that he dogged off the earth the fruitful he'll be cleared out all the stones had has been done into your heart as he cleared out stones in your life is a clear house on the lives of other people on this as this is his desire phrase okay he built a tower in its next e-mail winepress in it he he added so much in the expected something so going to come out of it and yet I love the statement that he says in verse four what more could have been done to my vineyard then I have not done and it I believe that at the end of the day the picture of God 's working around us he will he will be able to say there's nothing more likely he'll be able to say that at the end of the day is nothing more I could have done to draw them to myself is nothing more I could of done in their life to show them how much I love them and valued them and crazy guy that we serve someone's shoe can actually say that legitimately amen that we have a God hears a who is literally in a pull out all the stops to work in our lives and this is just the beginning of a lot of different sessions that will be sharing and sharing with whoever comes by our goal and Freire for both advice is that this will really be about God 's work in the lives of people because it is truly what he does not what we do you how to share testimony it could be a lot of bullet points of different things I've know what to say what not to say but really if we if were able to get that one thing first and foremost in our minds that this is about him and what he is doing it seems a lot of things have ever had some ensure testimony review that was shared with home I found my self-righteousness and pride that hard feelings than they are to be completely honest I never had a testimony like that then it bring glory to God you know what her a testimony simplicity to bring glory to the one who is been working and if there's anything you can take away from the session and it said to him it the words and always at least be that sometimes don't bring glory to him when we share those testimonies and top list of links Christ and his work all around us his work all around us we need to pray for open eyes I think of the story a light shot his bear with his servant in second Kings and the Syrian armies are surrounding them and I'm not ready to close in on them and the servant is scared because he thinks that they're not ready to be overtaken and yet Elisha prays and he says Lord open his eyes taking the city and all the sudden his eyes are open and he sees thousands of angels and chariots and armies that are working in many ways that's what we need to pray for that I will be opened to the working of God around us our eyes lock should be able to see and that our lives full constantly be telling of his goodness and as soon as you see it tell someone about it for years we can hold these things in there is a reason why God gives us eyes and ears to hear and understand and my prayer is that each of us that the Lord will open our eyes to see the things that he is doing all around us and let's just say some time in the same groups to pray that God will get his open eyes to the working of him all around us and not also as we share testimonies they will surely bring glory to him that a loveless him as the one who is working on any testimony statistics and repair all close out at the end of the cases retrain your groups that you show your testimonies with and publishes praise God for what he found as well father and husband Clyde we thank you for how you are at work in our lives and in the lives of those around us father when I go to sleep at night always think about how I get some rest may you continue to work and labor so grateful for what you do for a I think you for him the promise in Hebrews versus the other lives to make intercession for us there's nothing that you don't live for other than to take your seed on our behalf and to work work in us and for us your ultimate goal is our salvation and we are feces hits that your dedication to save humanity and large we ask for open eyes and a human save scale take off the skills learned and are sometimes very let colonists not be able to really see what you are doing and we constantly encouraged us and others in the fight against my face knowing that you are working hard and learn we desire to review on the chlorine on your hands you will a a this message in the morning I found my seat to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist you are a literal number is a high return on an recent revisions in the downloader does other resources visit us online at UNC when you have a I


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