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God Working in Me

Heidi Carpenter Ken Micheff



  • December 30, 2012
    9:45 AM
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to this is a you see what I see two thousand twelve hundred or so in other resources and sent us online at www. UIC with Ali Linda Magallanes here this morning I blessing Ted can be altogether we as blacks and more English yeah I was powerful upon third through the year I just went about again it's is always a blessing to reevaluate motives in written and established purifying cleanse everything inside of us my name is Heidi ran I'm from Southern California and I won't see the essence of being fully a part of this session can I hear is from Michigan and aware we actually does mad because of doing the seminar that the blessing we will to do it together I share with you or enemy going off and on but it's how to share your testimony omissions inclusions and purpose a lot of these conclusions you want to draw for yourself from the different parts that we had thought he may be found later than yesterday vitamin B in on five minutes Lee went silent what not to say how to say it is more in the big principal idea of what what is God doing in your life giving glory to him and yesterday were talking about how I dot is working all around us are homogeneous team yesterday there were a few okay awesome sleep I gone truly is at work all around us if it is open her eyes and nicely looks for it and see it we can give him glory so many times and by keeping our eyes open and so today were any be going into a little bag more of that experience but before we do let's just say word of prayer and asset of I can't say I think I'm today session father was really one or praise you for the way they are able to work thank you for even working in our lives this morning in her own personal time with you thank you for working allies Susan B devotional our interactions with others and father we don't want you to stop we don't latest breaking hearts in our lives and we acclaim Philippians one six today Ellie can be confident that he who has begun a good work in us will be faithful to complete it and tell the day of Jesus Christ Lord we ask for you to continue that work that you have begun and we pray for your spirit here today in our individual hearts and minds that we would surely be led by you into a deeper understanding of how to share the testimony you've given us with others Lord that we might truly share because you are compelled by having something so good that we can keep it in my blasts can as he shares please anoint him with your Holy Spirit in Jesus precious Mimi before I begin to turn around and just smile at somebody and pendulum a high five you go to get somebody I find that share your name with somebody in your name when one person in fact and I don't share your name right now I got somebody's name tag read I just pick up their name tag and read it okay if you can't pronounce him ask him how those of you that are him back row as we common hotspot because it year in the church and you're inviting people that are are not Seventh-day Adventists are are not of any faith at all and they would call me at church they are not wanted and sit on the front row it would be doing the essay so let the backsliders have the back okay let people that are of just the hearing of the faith of the word of God the Holy Spirit is sparked their interest and bring left them feel as comfortable as they can think about what it's like to be new in the faith while we have asked the Holy Spirit to be here I am convinced that God is going to bless us today in fact one lady here had a dream and said that God told her to come here today so I don't know what God wants the video I'm only an instrument Heidi 's only an instrument but we realized from yesterday that our testimony is invaluable that it could actually mean the salvation of someone else that you can build a whole and somebody else I was going to think about that for a minute to generate hope went when people are around you who they walk away and say wow way every rounding out on the better off by being around he smiled to me he ministers to my heart I'm I want to be a better person when I'm around him he encourages me and I noticed that when I'm negative Burma critical to the site in he doesn't answer that conversation he directs that a different way while you have it him reassess there but you know what he probably welded me he's just a center like classes in the you know how you hammer then negativity and he ever been a part of encouraging costs discouraging than you ever thought about your presence having dipped towards someone from it I am sad to say I I've done this I'm here standing with Heidi as a center saved by grace and as early as I can remember I've been self and a lot if the devil would go on vacation for two weeks I'm still need lots I still only has center Ya don't say the devil made you doing and make you do anything you are born selfish as early as I can remember sneaking over to my neighbors house and watching television and my parents didn't know what you know and and and and and glistening the Westerns and then when I got hauled what is he doing where you learn to act like he had a gun in his hand and shooting his brother and his sisters we learned that why three years amazed that I see somebody like a cigarette and I I want one less cool like that good appetite I'm willing to do it and I put it in my mouth and my moms looking in I said all this is that I know that some I remember when I was in high school the senior why did I I I I I share a testimony stifled my test guys when I was him years earlier I was baptized I given my life to Jesus and I was at it Anna and I was baptized no way and then just a couple years after that the devil he knows that you are testable what God has done in your life what God is doing in your life is so powerful that it can get someone else whole and the tingle of God gives you so say yes that he wants to do everything you can despite what tools would you share your dreams with girls that you're really weird I don't ever get a date if you share your faith your never have friends everyone in your schools going to make fun of you and you stand up for her what you felt was right everybody else is saying Sparky I sat in Jones and you and you don't go along and you and you don't want to hear what everybody else is where you mean by this evening to buy that you need to look in this way but I weigh showing different in internetwork in AA if you look weird if you stand out the long wants to become no one wants anything one of no one wants to be called out CEO why coming in and sitting down and just think comfortable and and and what may be comfortable saying is just hovering around this whispering in our head I don't him on the don't go to that altar call go one Outlook will they don't know and when I went away to boarding academy when I was working six hundred miles away from my house a couple years after I been baptized I I got to boarding Academy and I remember the first night and you know it are our family I was was raised a loving family kind home my parents loved Jesus I have three sisters that spread the gospel all over and write cooking books sitting in there on three ABN and they just do all kinds of stuff and and and and you know I've had godly influences in my life but Satan is in the business like a roaring lion seeking whom he may do as you realize that Satan is studying the defects of your character since your birth and he's trying to find a way in which he can slip op Hezbollah air John eight forty four tells us that he's the father of all lies we can believe in we can trust I was there getting ready to go to bed and we usually had our first that no one was prior house like these guys are holding me what's in addition I say hey guys I would do private restrainer around this is a small Academy never forget that night laying on my back when the lights were out and praying God is I know worship and I love you I wanted in my life morning I went to the cafeteria was I was a freshman I was young I was happy Satan my testimony can do in other people 's lives and I wonder that cafeteria will forget you guys I got my train I sat down and your people I didn't know myself I'd trade out and had in my custom was to have a blessing I looked around and no one else no one else was was was praying kind we know what to let go and it invites Friday I told that person to make money mean this person to elaborate me I don't want to be last at and here's what I did was he your Lord and please bless all help with the nourish and strengthen my rub my eyes and pretend that I was just getting this morning the night off the nights rest off I prayed and had my blessing I develop a more times until finally I had to make a choice I either had to quit being a Christian quit being a hypocrite RV a Christian and not worry about what anybody thought I wish I could tell you I chose that I did it was the law I pray for a year now and then testimony times I've never been comfortable with people sharing their testimony and for fifty minutes telling how worldly they were and how much they involve themselves in the world and then ten minutes before its time this last but I've given my heart disease Helen I was a young person and we had those people come to speak before me how's like you had you in my you and say you had in on the excitement you a frail UN girls why would you like and I is when you're all when you can't have any fun when you when you can't do anything else that's really what I thought after some time in BC after some time away from Jesus after your test testimony of stifled you can't see clearly you distorted because you're not using the Bible to guide you here using your own understanding your own using your own wisdom you hear your putting yourself in the place of God and your allowing yourself to fit the term in his right and who's wrong you eat eat you understand what I mean is I want you to get in groups were quick to skin and groups report and share with somebody one experience in which you denied Christ which would you are the this study for your testimony where is that is within the meal is in a restaurant is living keeping the Sabbath where is where they struggle for you right now want get together and be vulnerable around what we don't and don't exclude anyone come on and twenty one seconds Kenya related guys I mean Satan is doing everything he can to try to stifle our testimony he's throwing all kinds of temptations our way is any can you relate when you start to talk among each other you realize while I'm not in this alone it doesn't have to be the it doesn't have to be the same way in which he tried to stifle me he studies the effects of your character and his thinking where are you we where you week and you know if you can stifle your testimony while you know how many people that I influence for Ron in the years that I have not been following Christ I had left the Lord amen and back home several schools feel usually their recruiting students several schools thought that I should go to another school you know what we don't want you here you need some black valves and in awe as a result of that that that that battle that is what we know not spending time in God 's word not going to God and say God really struggling here how we I was more worried about what my friends are are are are are making friend and I was being told every day listen God 's word is for old people there is it's not for you right now this is an exciting it isn't fun you need to do this you need to do that yet and so I tried everything okay with store and and and I did it and I'm not going to go into all of the ins and outs and give the devil credit at all garbage it doesn't matter if you're sitting in which research and your Maple Seventh-day Adventist in attendance but you don't share your testimony here on the same boat as I was then I mean I don't care enough to join in your hand are you have a a a a Sabbath school cordially during this session will follow in your allowing self to guide your life instead so you know I would be about what when Jesus is about and it took me a long road and I remember you guys was in my bathroom one day I went in there because you know my parents would call me and I didn't want to talk to him I was married I was the Christian and mime my wife it's a dance of some excuse I don't blame because they would say stuff like I'm praying refund face off like I know your mother and I love you and any that I will stop when I highlight it but what I was so tired of conviction I went I would get get to the point where I didn't want to watch the news I didn't want to hear anything I was it was like God was taking place in the world away from me and it wasn't as smart as he is to me but still you guys when Jesus paid the penalty for our service salvation is at the cost sometimes we tell people salvation is free it's a gift of God and that's partially true but it's not entirely true we we water down the message with Matt salvation costs the bearing of Jesus Christ in our next session were going to go into the costs and are you willing to believe for Christ are you willing to sacrifice for Christ because salvation in order to be able to Tipton did to win our salvation Jesus had to pay the price and what is the panel percent say when I was going through some of my struggles with I was in a situation where I knew I was die I'd put some things in my body I got to the point where I just didn't want to hear the voice anymore out by our number going to my background and an idea and there was this thing that was like I hi again I don't want to die I know that if I die I'm lost but I don't want to I don't want to be saved and change I want to say but I don't want to change it so I went to the bathroom and I was trying to stick my finger down my throat as for a lot because of all of the stuff that I put in there and I knew I was getting in my life and I couldn't throw I couldn't get rid of it I went to the sink and I enjoy trying all kinds of water trying to the load and then I said I went to the bathroom again and try to throw up I couldn't a lot and I lay down on my bathroom floor never forget there's very few people like me and told six late on the bathroom floor I I was just out of guy I looked up I had a vision of Christ I'll never forget the kind of expression 's face it wasn't of condemnation it wasn't we all give that love them unit measured up to my expectations agape love Jesus is unconditional love coming from a AA eight Todd that actually paying the price for license there's a difference here now is a there's a difference Jesus who actually paid the price for your him who was lying on a bathroom floor matinee gig on earth that he had created any alt 's outstretched arms and cursing around town willingly lifestyle allows spikes to be driven through his mail and his his his hands and speak he looks at me and he 's like you give me would you let me say I will never forget hearing this can I can't do anything else this is my last opportunity and he starts the leave and are looking up and I cry I think God is if you can safely give you my life I'll go anywhere you want me to go and I'll do anything you want me to do I'm a certified welder Hyman construction I run with it a rough group we work seven days a week twelve hours a day we build things we working at power plants that shops working for Exxon and doing all kind of putting the pipelines and building things in and I had no idea what I was getting into but you know what Jesus wants all of you are not of the season jealous God and he says Yanni you think about this you think about this which one of you would would come into this room and say I know work I know are married but you know there is a woman over there that am really attracted to would you pretend that were not married girls would you be okay with that when it was a boyfriend you don't know cannot and he said hey listen remortgaging lysates and I really really like you and if I can't find anyone else I will marry you but for a friend for this do I say I look around with our guilt and yet we do it to Christ on the we do it to Jesus all leases can now unconditional surrender are my terms I do say you I can give your wife that you could never have doing all this other stuff I do I can fulfill your wants I didn't know here means to us I thought that I could never live without sports not align item on plain recreation but I don't have any desire to watch competitive sport in the lease and sports with my God when I was a nice I have no desire for the guys Jesus the power of the gospel and when it comes in your life it changes you it can change your habit because I want to ask you this what is more important for gentleness God 's power to burn down our God 's power to change because when I was a candidate I thought that it was all about forgiveness I would steal diamonds out of my mom 's investment jar I felt bad about it first time the second time I don't tattletale but about the time I wasn't really as bad I'm reunited I think I'm with you forgive me that when you forgive me would you forgive me see it's not just for us that we need it's God 's power to change our DNA are like I don't want to steal anymore you guys are safe around me and I'll see you later while it values and say is everybody safe around you are you are you people that can give hope you people that you can get easy this afternoon were going to go door-to-door were going to be knocking on homes I wanted to share something with you that is just incredible it's found in the testimonies to the church a page sixteen it says for many years Warners from all lands of been coming to our shores until America's population is largely foreign or large cities are practically foreign cities there is a prominence in this Pentecost experience is to be repeated below also it is God 's purpose that men from every nation under the heavens that have gathered here so here the last message of mercy and carry it back to their friends and neighbors that in order to reach the borders of our cities house to house work must be done with the periodicals and books which are printed in their own language they must hear Amanda speak in their own him on the board endorsed his sermons are to proclaim the message of salvation that can enable you this afternoon how many of your going I want to encourage you to go when I gave my life to Jesus on the bathroom floor I had no idea what I was getting I had no idea I would be a pastor I wanted to own my own business I wanted to lobby out all over the ground welding I mean I was driven I mean I I I did all kinds of things do destroy my body but I was driven seven days a week twelve hours a day I know so many nights I wouldn't get to bed till three in the morning I get up at five in the morning and do it all over again I was risen I wanted to be the best at an early age I was the youngest welder on our job on our crew and the highest paid I go anywhere I worked three hundred feet up in the air we play chase on the iron when we were waiting for art materials to get their window and jumping on on the iron sliding down beams it's just crazy that you know what when God gets in your when he gets a hold of your heart you know he takes that the energy he takes whatever you have any sense out of Jeremy required of a character in a very introverted I was using data testimony can be powerful for me just tell people what I can do just tell people what I have done for you break up in just a minute and and and take just a few seconds Sharon really quick I'm just one thing that God has done for you just this weekend so far I once think share with somebody saying that God is not behold older guys look around some of your just star gazed this will right now you guys Heidi is going on around the round and she is going to get volunteers that will share with somebody how someone else in this room gave you hope in their testimonial in some way just in this room now so you're not raising your hand and saying I gave somebody opened without your raise their hands and eight this guy right here I've never met before in my life just said something that I want to share is there one year I am arguing I was speaking with a group of young people here comes to the Mrs. are concerned for two minutes of first end they just gave me a simple sentence money but how on the bus I hear the Lord gave them no bombs no trouble status Kenyan with a smooth provided none day I'm always excited something huge in the website from him as I came in the room is thinking them is about testimonies and sometimes it is an attempt by the amazing and fantastic the city does but I do simple things the mode you get the most safe ride this was a president asking him and one out but no one felt called upon the Atlanta area and get how you work out the house just a car on how pretty much done on the appeal to how it am whose talk to me directly and the site with you directly but directly to the zone Saturday night my devotion like was kind of trashy and on playing around no sleeping naturally got in on yes it had a wonderful devotion and I was feeling good number yeah got this I got this and this morning I had to motion no I didn't like and even program up to them I prayed after breakfast is about the number one and then when he gave his appeal not stalking me directly and him encouraging greater year ago and now praise God and they all give you hope that it all and we need to go on because you need more Hopi calendar I remember you guys when I gave my life to Jesus and I went back I I started two okay I started really struggle than because my friends would call me on the phone I didn't want to talk to I would drive and normally I would go into places and we would have I would associate in areas where we when we drink something that once was the drink in those kind of establishments and I had passed environments in my truck and and all of a sudden I I I I was doing the same thing that I did when I was fourteen and the spirit Lord spoke to me one day nieces can do you love me he says are you ashamed of me unlike two hundred and the guys I hello Don I'm not machine so I asked Jesus to come into my life and that's when I started to read the Bible and the spirit of prophecy as I had hair down here I went in the church for the first time and people moved out of the way and people that is some of the older people they looked at me and they said that what are you doing manually dynamic I do the same thing in my life I know my reputation as one when I was always Jesus on all of Jesus but when I was almost self I was almost self and so thank you good and so you don't you guys I was sitting here and I'll care when why do I remember two men come over to my house and they sat down and had an end the couch and my wife and I were there for our friends and hang them all never forget this they said hey a regaining my nickname everybody had a nickname for sharing with you what that was but they say the devil has sent us here to get you to come back I was struggling his arms and wet well over my head when I was mute when you give when you give away your testimony when you deny the power of God in your life when you when you no longer recognize him or value him as having authority over your life the devil is very real and you get involved in things that you should my wife she gets up and leaves the room she doesn't know what to make of all this either I said I'm sorry guys but not to go back I don't care what it cost me I've given my life to change when I made that very know what else to do I still hung around the same guys only I just didn't do the same thing a lot for it at first I was on a ceiling for flip-flop flag football team and I still play with those guys anybody know what to do I came to Johnson and people see what you doing here but I wasn't going to church now because I was trying to go to happen so that I wouldn't burn in hell I was going to church because you know Jesus as my Savior and he meant everything to me and I wanted his and I want to share Jesus with everybody and how to do it yet but I'm on billing at an annual that made me around and joins an impassive and somebody else think that so-and-so died I keep on saying I don't want they might make banks can you anymore guys I started to take literature I read my Bible and agreed and and and and and I put literature in my lunch and I put happiness digest was his steps to Christ and I would I was a welder and so I'm welding pipe welding and then while my helper is grinding that pipe I pull this happiness digest out and I have my foot up when I'm reading this and as you share your faith as you say yes the guide you'll begin to developing here to hear the Holy Spirit Satan knows this and as you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and your faithful and even though your dentist be pressured at all this is awkward it can be terrible on you to go door knocking door-to-door today duets because Jesus will be there with you and you know why Satan is going around for a while but after a while he is now this are you talking about Jesus and the power of God is his right a guide by the idea of meeting you and always draws I'm doing right now can is given his life for me the guy and you see I'm intended now open here for the Lord to give to do his will and there was this man was in my area now where there's four thousand men on the job huge powerplant building power plants and I'm just a huge construction area and there's nannies cost of any swear and I'm now saying God how can I witnessed to him because I don't think I'm better than him I used to do the same thing and sometimes landlord how can I help him I share about your love how can I share with him and God just is just dissuading them if not you'll develop an ear to hear God doesn't call us to be obnoxious Christian he doesn't say a receive net tattoos now I dry while white a minute I saw that you know this is wrong and grasses to be a Max S God says is a tentative man you see all my skies I got a lot more than you how we guess what I'm over fifty I send a lot more than you using on my compassion you see when I see I'm a sinner now I'm trying to Holy Spirit just as required he's telling dirty jokes he's telling not laughing what I'm trying to be nice I don't want to say one day I'm welding here and reading I'm reading this book and I'm I him mine was a loyal can you tell me when to be aware for two weeks God would let me say anything and one day he comes up from behind me asked me on the shoulder and says he and the spirit of the Lord says now 's the time to and hot guys I don't know what I did as I I didn't assess all this book is awesome need here is what is more what is awesome to a dirty minded guy is only not at night and I look to Jesus I look like as I know it's a lot better he's like what can be better than a perfect pornographic magazines and I pointed to him I said this is all about Jesus and how about his love for us to guide for and how is he is willing to say this and his mouth just went all guys turned around and he said on the Christian in my mouth started when him and him as well he says let on the backslider is as if they would like one of these books I got you went home and he read he never swore around me again he never swore around arc through again guys I don't I'm called to catch fish I'm not called the clean and so he came back to Mimi said hey he said I started going to church again and I wanted to say all I hope it's a seventh administered I hope you're keeping the Sabbath Changi just said be quiet this appraisal will are you in charge came back to me again recent work I get one those books I'm just been amazed we got him one hundred of those books and he passed out one hundred happiness digestion called half steps to Christ to all the members of that year high these can wrap up a little orange even working in you how seemingly continue using a limited time before before we completely wrap up with Ashley when does this consumer visit the sessions cousins or next year okay ten twenty ten on five and a blessing to hear how God is working on Second Life the way that he is worth in your life is no less amazing keep that in mind the way that he is working on transporting your life is no less amazing and the experiences that that each of us have had their phenomenal because of what God can do and only as a sometime I really quickly with your little groups again and see if you can or felt comfortable shares share one of those experiences where I guess you could say it would be if you can share your personal testimony and thirty second ten minute at the importance of you learn how to say that you will have experiences in on a plane where someone wants you right away while you come to know Jesus what he is saying our first thirty seconds to help them understand that you really know him you love him he's on something and I know that I was valuable to me when someone needed to turn to my friend and sale of up okay yeah him on fighting hourly volume of process while letting allowed by viewers as possible question maybe you're on a plane and someone asks you a you come to know Jesus what would you say was for a second or two whenever feasible channel and you get is a prayer that I pray that help me every day the Lord is not intelligent enough to tell how to start a conversation in our house and know how to share my faith but I want to be in your presence and so I want to know when I was sitting at an elevator you know working three hundred feet up in the air a couple hundred years and come up to me and I have all my tools in my holders around me and were going to another job and a guy comes up to me as a personal crisis but is it Mister to I realize this but I carry a pack of tracks and I just lie there for an exit from the smoke and of the Spirit awards it can easily and if you develop this afternoon and voice of God and as I said all I got some better than resulting graduate is not invited to join any type of the opposite salvation and madness is all about how God 's power to save us from the fact stop through her he's like I will and will easily take that guy I'll know in my opportunities here and scroll your favorite nation there is a guide you can have an adventure in search are just letting him in reference to God in your life is amazing to know this is not about content but just not being afraid to say all while God is so good in the middle and whatever you're doing to him here you'll start seeing jornada that were counted in the lives Google just unload on you timeliness on Long Island NY couple of sessions following but they sometimes share out with each other if someone ask you how did you meet Jesus how is he sure that in a short time as a rafters of some of the revolutionary Internet everyone she considered it it imposes ornamented negative five and now on anywhere here I decided to evening free viewing on Friday evening when as wrong as the sharing based off of the passage in Houston a few days off in first on one first years of the first on one really stand out to me and you not as as you've been listening to the testimonies of others and how they would share some weighing of the time of Jesus is thinking about it appears someone asked me on really the experience of Jesus is just a deepening swing at him the timing and experience of Christ is where every time you encounter him you love him more and he's so come say hi he becomes more amazing than anything in the world and I think of that I thought the race and finished on talking something that we've heard the two seen with as he looked upon in our hands have handled and when I think about testimony and just listening to much attention I love it more you know he's handled Jesus right and when we think about what we'll do what we have to share all we really have to share is those moments in which we've handled and experience him so deeply that we can't help but share Jesus him me him ally Graham going to charge and I'm enough of early humans and interns Ms. Landau lands since I sounds even as this one day when I was reading a passage in it hit me instruct me and Jesus became real you know realizing how real people as we share with other people that when they see us as we share it so genuine and so real that that even if it sorts and it's not some dramatic thing they know about it Kies working in offices all about military is a close on the little break in inside our third session but thank you for sharing with each other thank you for being vulnerable thank you for letting Jesus working you can continue to do so and having me think you thank you so much again I can't I can't not think you for the way that you weren't in my life already it is so overwhelming and think about all the things he done and I know that this room is full of hearts who all feel the same way learn to read and we simply desire to know and love you more we want this relationship in this testimony in this you working interest to change us and use us and that the listening to the Holy Spirit in our ear we want that to become more and more clear father please continue to work in me working on and made the testimony that we bear the one other real connection and are reeling us in everything he's ever not only to recognize that having power is a infinitesimal in pussy I must him for a early morning I found you that you are seeing he was supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems why I went in I'm writing this I write soon as I downloaded versus other resources visit us online he Wednesday when a a and I


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